len-dtzequence, I think that more than installing a new theme there needs to be some way of setting it as default.00:51
Lumpymerry christmas len and room00:58
len-dtLumpy, Happy Christmas to you too... for whats left of it. In lots of places it is already the 26th00:59
Lumpyhow was yours?01:01
len-dtIt has been good. much better than I thought. I have been so wiped out from work I have not had the energy to prepare.01:02
len-dtbut it turned out great anyway.01:02
Lumpygood to hear01:02
len-dtI deliver mail for a living so this has been the busiest two weeks for me.01:04
len-dtWe have had some people retire/transfer out, so we have been short of people and had forced over time.01:05
len-dtmy knees and ankles have not been taking it well01:05
Lumpyhow many miles a day do you end up walking?01:05
len-dt12 to 1501:05
Lumpythat will keep you alive a long time mate01:06
* Lumpy tries to get in at least 3 a day01:06
len-dtWe go quick as we don't get paid by the hour01:06
len-dtSo when I finish I can go home01:07
Lumpymeanwhile i do it as a break from the at-home grind01:13
zequencefrei0r? Anyone use it?10:22
len-1304It seems to be included in my 13.04 by default.16:09
len-1304zequence, ^16:09
len-1304Also, recordmydesktop that used to be included in 12.04 is missing.16:09
len-1304it is quite small so I think I will just add it back.16:10
zequencelen-1304: Ah, good16:10
len-1304It is a desktop video recorder16:10
len-1304I will also add the gui for it (also quite small) so people can see it.16:11
len-1304zequence, we should be looking at things that are included in ubuntu by default, that we want to include and add them as depends so if ubuntu stops including them (due to size?) we will still have them.16:12
zequencelen-1304: I don't think we have "Ubuntu" stuff, other than ubuntu-minimal, do we?16:14
len-1304Ya, but it must have been where recordmydesktop came from in 12.0416:14
zequenceubuntu-minimal is just the basic gnu tools, when you install without a desktop16:15
len-1304Unless it was a dep for another app we have/had16:15
len-1304Tis the day for spam :P16:16
zequenceOur sources aren't affected by either Ubuntu or Xubuntu directly, I hope16:16
zequenceI have no idea about the XFCE setup16:17
zequenceSo, maybe something to do with that?16:17
len-1304I'm trying to remember what we use on our live iso as a base. I thought there was a desktop-minimal or something like that.16:18
zequenceI think we should add kdenlive to seeds16:19
len-1304Lots of libs. But if it does things well... sure.16:20
len-1304I think Scott was thinking of adding it.16:20
zequenceIt seems to be the best choice for video editing anyway16:21
len-1304There have beena number of people who have requested it for sure... or maybe the same person more than once :)16:21
len-1304Do you want me to add it when I add recordmydesktop?16:22
len-1304zequence, ^^16:22
zequencelen-1304: Sure :)16:26
len-1304Added to my list.16:26
len-1304zequence, I am thinking that our wording about upgrading from gnome based studio to xfce based Studio should be worded stronger... Something about bug reports will not be pursued.16:28
zequencelen-1304: I can't tell what the problems are there, and if our setup is lacking something16:29
len-1304Whats google+ ? Why does Scott want me to join?16:30
* len-1304 wonders what is wrong with email?16:31
zequenceIt's googles social service16:31
len-1304I already don't want facebook... maybe I will ingore this one too.16:31
len-1304I get too much spam already just from what I already do.16:32
zequencelen-1304: We do have a Ubuntu Studio "page", and a Ubuntu Studio "community" there. The "page" will be used for posting news, while  the "community" part is much like a mail list, where anyone can post and ask questions16:32
zequenceNot much activity yet. There was one looking for a video editor, and found kdenlive to be good :)16:33
zequenceI use g+ as a news channel16:34
zequenceThere are pages for most nix* stuff there16:34
zequenceNot very fast on older machines though16:34
len-1304I spend too much time already, but I should join the ubuntustudio mailing list.16:36
len-1304Anyway, breakfast time here...16:39
zequenceI've spent a couple of days studying kernel maintenance16:41
zequenceReading through the debian/rules file right now16:41
zequenceOnce you start trying to understand one piece of the puzzle, it often seems you have to go through the entire puzzle16:42
zequenceNot a bad thing in the end, just takes time..16:42
zequenceWonder when it might become time to consider arm arch16:52
zequenceI'm buying a Raspberry shortly. Fun to see what you can do with it16:53
micahglen-1304: sorry for the delay, uploading the icon theme now17:04
micahglen-1304: do you realize that kdenlive will pull in a bunch of KDE stuff and balloon your ISO?17:51
Len-nbmicahg, yes, there have been anumber of people asking for it including Scott and zequence 17:55
Len-nbmicahg, are you doing -settings right now?17:56
micahgLen-nb: ok, you have the space on the DVD, just wanted to make sure you're aware, yeah, was about to look at settings, I made a few lintian fixes to icon-theme before uploading17:57
Len-nbI have a small change to do on setting to go with recordmy desktop Can I do that?17:57
Len-nbmicahg, done17:59
Len-nb-settings is ready to go.18:01
micahgLen-nb: ok, -icon-theme still needs a copyright file fix, should I file a bug?18:02
Len-nbOK, what is the problem?18:02
micahgunversioned GPL listed18:02
micahgdoesn't have to be now, can be later18:03
Len-nbOk, I thought we were all CC18:03
micahgpackaging was licensed under the GPL18:03
Len-nbYa , it may take some research18:03
micahgok, no rush18:03
Len-nbI do need to know if it has been released as is though.18:04
micahgyeah, i thought i pushed everything up18:04
Len-nbGood. Ya it looked ok to me.18:05
Len-nbJust wanted to make sure I should be testing it tomorrow on the iso18:05
micahgwell, it'll probably be thursday's ISO before everything is on18:09
micahgshould I upload the -meta as well18:09
* micahg will be back on later18:10
len-1304Not a problem, I am not in a hurry. I assume the seeds will end up on the ISO even before the meta is up loaded.18:13
* len-1304 is rebooting18:13
Len-nbgave up on unity on my wife's computer... lets try xubuntu 12.1019:52

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