thompai used the ubuntu to ubuntu studio upgrade method but missing studio login screen as well as volume control in panel. also windows theme is wrong00:51
bjoeI done this in ubuntustudio https://soundcloud.com/simp10plus/simp10plus13eighths-4bassnbeat00:54
len-dtthompa, There are some things in /etc that will not be upgraded by installing packages. The themes may be there, but the setting to select the theme would not be.00:56
bjoei just installed 12.10 on sda1 and think i shoulda left  where to install the boot loader to sda instead of changeing it to sda1 because it boots up into  grub rescue00:56
len-dtthompa, have you installed ubuntustudio-default-settings?00:57
thompalen-dt, yea I figured. I am following this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu00:57
bjoei dont know what would be faster, figuring out how to fix or installing again00:57
thompaI cant move my files to windows partition cause its too full so reinstall not option00:58
thompalen-dt, my terminal has no prompt either now00:58
thompaI think i need to reinstall ubuntu-desktop first00:58
thompalen-dt, there is no package called ubuntustudio-default settings00:59
bjoereinstalling is what I have chose to do01:00
thompalen-dt, nevermind i found it01:00
thompabjoe, for what01:00
thompayou should not have to reinstall01:00
len-dtthompa, I have personally never tried switching from vanilla to studio. So I am just trying to figure out what packages are all there.01:00
bjoeto get grub to boot the correct partition01:01
bjoetoo late i allready started reinstalling01:01
len-dtbjoe, switching the place grub is installed is not that hard.01:01
thompaI think studio uses some xcfe stuff and i may have purged that too.01:02
thompabjoe, is it the orger you want to change?01:02
bjoelen-dt, getting me to figure out how to do it seems impossible i dont understand grub01:02
len-dtYa, I can figure out the command, but the next time a new kernel comes in I am not sure it would stick.01:03
thompabjoe, http://www.unixmen.com/grub-customizer-2-5-5-is-available-customize-grubburg-from-a-gui-interface/01:04
thompathats the gui link. you can also do a grub reinstall01:05
bjoethanks, I would have to reenter all the networking stuff to get online .01:05
bjoei'm in the install now. I want sda1 to be where I install  ubuntustudio and i could care less about booting  sda2 or sda301:06
thompaoh at the install ok01:07
thompajust do a custom install. the last option01:07
bjoeso do i select /dev/sda  as the place for the bootloader and then change /dev/sda1 to mount at /01:08
thompathere you can see the sds. delete or format sda1 and recreate01:08
bjoei'm at the custom install01:08
thompayou got it01:08
bjoewhat about the bootloader? last time i selected sda1 as where the bootloader goes and added the bootflag01:09
thompaleave the bootloader default i think its sda01:09
thompait should be sda i think01:09
bjoeok i did have grub bouncing around all over the place before with windows and a couplea linux partitions01:10
bjoethe boot flag was on the ntfs partition sda2 before should I change that back?01:11
bjoei guess it doesn't matter01:12
thompait does01:12
bjoewhich partition does the boot flag need to be on?01:13
thompantfs will be detected so it should be sda01:13
bjoeok i think if i leave sda as where the bootloader goes it should figure it out01:13
thompaif you go back a step what is the default?01:13
thompayou got it01:14
thompadont mess with it01:14
thompaonly format sda1 of course /01:14
bjoeyes copying files now01:14
thompaall the other stuff will be detected.01:14
thompawell good luck01:14
thompathe ubuntustudio desktop meta package seems to be missing files. i am going to have to install all of it piece by piece01:17
bjoecool it doesn't matter about the other partitions booting. the registry is screwed from some old trojan on windows and i got  my kernel and video adapter out of version sync  on the ubuntu. it's quicker to start over  but i have data opn both the other partitionsd that needs to be kept01:17
thompaya you can pull that data over from studio01:17
thompait will mount the others01:18
bjoethank goodness.01:18
bjoeI'm hoping I can use the other ubuntu partition as a home mount point and just erase all the stuff i dont need01:19
bjoethompa what are you doing ?01:20
thompawell that you could have assigned at the install01:20
thompai have an old ubuntu system converting to ubuntustudio. It wont change the themes and missing stuff01:21
bjoeI can do that from gparted too cant I01:21
bjoeI had that happen once with gnome lost all the themes except the whited out one01:21
thompait will have created /home already on sda101:21
thompaI think ubuntu unity crap did something01:22
thompayou could use the extra partition as storage.01:22
thompajust leave your home call the other one data or backup or video01:23
thompasomething like that.01:23
thompayou have some work cut out if you change /home i think. i cant remember01:24
bjoedon't you have to change to like xfce window manager or something to get the ubuntustudio theme?01:24
bjoeopenbox is good to use with old systems01:24
thompayea it uses a bit of both01:24
thompai purged xcfe and them wont come back . it should with ubuntustudio install01:25
bjoei don't know how to add entries into the logon thing but that would be the way to go like clone your xfce, gnome, cairo or whatever and then do openbox -replace01:25
thompathats a cool idea.01:26
thompamy machine is pretty fast. 8 processors with nvidia01:26
thompator is it 6 sorry01:26
bjoei guess you dont need openbox haha01:26
thompasomething in the default install is not pulling in or replacing ubuntu01:27
bjoemine is configuring boot loader01:27
bjoerunningf update-grub that is probably what i shoulda done but i think mine loaded grub1 or something01:28
thompai found the quantal list of packages for studio so will have to just check all those01:28
bjoedid you upgrade to quantal?01:29
thompai think you did the right thing01:29
bjoei tried that from a terminal with my messed up 12.04 and it wouldn't upgrade. I was stuck in every direction I tried01:29
thompaubuntu made a mistake with the rythmbox autoplay feature. I cant ever find it and if volume control is missing you got to reopen it01:31
thompaits a left over from unity and studio should dump this01:31
bjoei've not ever run it01:31
thompawhat do you use for making music?01:32
bjoei mostly use pure data. i have been wanting to find a good midi sequencer but my pure data patch is so big it takes all the processing power that my desktop has01:32
bjoei think that non sequencer might work. qtractor and muse are great but they crash a lot01:33
thompaardour crashes often here01:34
bjoeyes it booted01:34
thompabut its fun because there are lots of programs to choose from01:34
bjoeardour worked great for me just recording tracks01:34
thompaI meant openshot crashes01:35
bjoethey were supposed to add midi but I didnht see it last time i looked01:35
thompai was making a music video01:35
bjoeopenshot did have some bad crashes for me too01:35
thompaim stumped. I dont have the greybird style available. also no seperate menu entries for audio prod and so on01:37
thompaim going to try a reboot after this. good luck bjoe01:38
bjoecool   thanks01:39
bjoegood luck to you too01:39
thompabjoe, i found the culprit. The studio meta package is not installing studio menu. I should file a bug01:42
Len-nbThe studio meta package should not have the menu in it.01:43
thompawhat about studio settings?01:43
Len-nbThat is in the ubuntustudio-default-settings package01:43
thompadid not install from there01:44
Len-nbIt will only show if you have the ubuntustudio session though.01:44
Len-nbIt will not show on a plain xfce install.01:44
thompaoh so maybe thats why no login splash01:44
Len-nbor xfce session01:44
thompathats where im at. I went back and followed the help page instructions but it wont work01:45
Len-nbThe login screen is lightdm.01:45
thompacool. Thanks01:45
Len-nbSo lightdm would have to be setup to use the US theme.01:46
thompaI think I went from ubuntu to xfce some time ago then studio01:46
thompabut there is no command for ubuntustudio install01:46
thompai just installed studio menu and it unistalled the settings01:47
Len-nbthe ubuntustudio-menu package is not up to date.01:48
thompaThe following packages will be REMOVED: ubuntustudio-default-settings if I do studio menu01:48
Len-nbIt was for adding the menu to a gnome desktop... which is no longer used by anyone.01:49
thompaany idea how to get to a ubuntustudio setup default01:49
Len-nbI have always installed from ISO. I have not done the install from vanilla/whatever switch to studio.01:50
Len-nbThe idea is that the desktop of choice is installed and then the studio metas are used to install studio apps while keeping the desktop the same as install01:51
thompathat would explain my problem. I should be able to go back to a basic ubuntu and install from here at least01:51
Len-nbThings have kind of gone sideways since about 11.1001:52
thompaLen-nb, thats very interesting thanks.01:52
thompai am going to try and fix it without reinstalling01:52
Len-nbIt should be possible.01:52
thompaI have had ubuntu on this for a couple years01:53
thompaI think I need to reinstall some settings like gdm01:53
Len-nbWe don't use GDM anymore.01:53
thompaoh great01:53
Len-nbThe ubuntu standard is lightdm now.01:53
Len-nbI think all the ubuntus use that.01:54
thompathats right i remember that now01:54
bjoei think it's working great01:54
thompaI was running debian stable before that01:55
bjoe i can run my patch at least. just gotta either copy over the iem filters or grab the source and install them01:55
Len-nbgnome2 is no longer being supported01:55
bjoelooks like the only thing that is missing from a default install is the filters01:55
thompais the greybird style part of xcfe? I guess I should install that first01:56
Len-nbUnity as a desktop is ok for consumer desktop use, but not for a workstation like studio.01:56
Len-nbI think greybird is xfce, but I could be wrong.01:56
bjoevideo needs to be changes to 1360x768 in nvidia control panel, jack needs to use sb audigy instead of builtin, and keyoard set to no repeat01:57
Len-nbI know we use it though.01:57
thompaI dont like the music app being part of volume control. If you get a panel problem like i got01:57
Len-nbI can understand.01:57
Len-nbI think it is possible to not show that applet though.01:58
thompacould not find the off switch and music was blasting in school01:58
thompathe problem is that its worse when it runs in xfce like that01:59
Len-nbWhat player are you set up for?01:59
bjoegreybird is the default theme here on a fresh install of studio01:59
Len-nbStudio defaults to audacious01:59
thompayes I got my laptop with studio beside me and am on big pc01:59
thompathey are different :*)02:00
thompathe menus and colrs are too02:00
Len-nbcolours... where I come from.02:00
thompai am going to just install xfce first02:01
thompaLen-nb, me too sometimes02:01
thompaLen-nb, you in UK? chance of snow here in Memphis tonight.02:03
Len-nbCanada, it is 2:03 AM in the UK... I am Vanacouver Island02:04
Len-nbWe had 3-5 inches of snow earlier.02:04
thompaive been there once nice place.02:06
thompaLen-nb, so I am a little confused. is there no meta package that will work?02:06
Len-nbWe've been here about 6 years now02:06
Len-nbIt would take a collection of meta packages I think.02:07
thompasudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntustudio-video02:08
thompasorry thats what the instructions say02:08
thompait may be I have to start from ubuntu and not xfce like i did a while back02:09
thompaIm still not sure why the default menu does not show. There is some setting I need to change from02:10
thompai cant remember anymore02:11
thompagtk2 was reinstalled02:12
Len-nbJust taking a look at our seeds... audio-common, audio-plugins, desktop, ffmpeg-common, font-meta, generation, graphics, photography, publishing, recording, video02:12
Len-nbThose are what is in the seeds...02:12
thompaalso some kernel changes after xfce so I should reinstall studio and thats it02:12
Len-nbthen in desktop there is:  ubuntustudio-desktop # metapackage for everything here02:13
Len-nb * (ubuntustudio-default-settings)02:13
Len-nb * (xubuntu-icon-theme)             # to get elementary and elementary-dark icon themes02:13
Len-nb * (ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme)02:13
Len-nb * (ubuntustudio-look)02:13
Len-nb * (ubuntustudio-sounds)02:13
thompait should be in desktop. thanks for the help02:13
Len-nb * (ubuntustudio-wallpapers)02:13
Len-nb * lightdm-gtk-greeter02:13
Len-nb * plymouth-theme-ubuntustudio02:13
thompagtk-greeter is missing02:14
thompathat helps02:14
Len-nbubuntustudio-lightdm-theme would be what sets the login screen.02:14
thompaoh ok02:15
thompaLen-nb, --reinstall of xfce4 then studio settings and --reinstall studio desktop worked02:21
thompaI have my menu02:21
thompaalso terminal finally has a prompt02:21
Len-nbGood, I going to eat now so I am gone for a while.02:21
thompaHave a good holiday02:22
bjoethius thing is working great02:24
thompagood for u. same here02:24
thompaI had to do a --reinstall of packages02:29
thompaI didn't think that mattered anymore02:29
onlyHumani just got a stupid little error from udisk2 and had to unsafely unplug and replug a thumbdrive.   should i file a bug report?06:23
Len-nbonlyHuman, that sounds familiar, there may already be a bug.06:54
onlyHumanwell ill add myself to the affected list thanx06:54
gartralhey everyone, I got an android tablet yesterday for x-mas and I was wondering.. is there *Any* way to use it as a control surface with midi over wifi? and if so, what do i need?10:37
zequencegartral: Don't know if anyone here has done anything with that. You could try #opensourcemusicians or #dataflow (where I know some people have been messing around with arm devices)10:57
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xgoohii all13:00
cfhowlettxgoo: hey there13:04
cfhowlettI saw your query about .mp3 to .ogg conversion13:04
cfhowlettxgoo: ffmpeg -i file.mp3 file.ogg will do it in a hurry13:04
xgooem.. what the mean -i ?13:06
xgoo-i = invert ? isn't it?13:06
cfhowlettxgoo: no the -i would be "input" if my understanding of ffmpeg is correct13:06
xgooi see13:09
cfhowletterr, I tried to send the wiki file but no ...13:10
cfhowlettanyway, the wiki has great documentation13:10
cfhowlettWant the wiki?13:11
xgoosend again.. i loss it :(13:12
cfhowlettI think you have to accept/authorize for the transfer13:13
cfhowlettit's a 19 k html file13:13
xgooi'm read the manual of ffmpeg .. :)13:16
xgooffmpeg is a very fast video and audio converter that can also grab from a live audio/video source.13:25
cfhowlettyep.  it's a nice little swiss army knife.13:25
drmacroHow do I change or add apps to the Applications Menu?19:25
Guest56851app menu -> settings -> main menu19:36
drmacroGuest56851: app menu -> settings -> main menu no "main menu" on mine:-(20:39
Guest56851right click the menu -> properties -> edit menu20:40
len-dtinstall alacart20:40
len-dtSorry alacarte20:41
len-dtdrmacro,  ^^^20:42
drmacroGuest56851: That allows me to change the icon for the Apps menu or it's title20:42
drmacrolen-dt: saw that, figured there was a "native" way to do it.20:43
len-dtIt does less than many people want...20:43
len-dtWell we added alacarte in 12.1020:43
len-dtYou can hand edit the file(s) of course :)20:43
len-dtWhat is it you want to achieve?20:44
drmacrolen-dt: I'm on 12.04, just wanted to add an app, EaglePCB for instance.20:45
Guest56851no option for edit? then yeah your gonna need to sudo apt-get install alacarte20:45
len-dtWhen you install it should show up on it's own... if not the best way is to create a *.desktop file and add it to /usr/share/appliactiona/20:46
drmacrolen-dt Eagle install too dumb...;-)20:47
len-dtIf you use alacarte to do it, you are stuck with it being in an "other apps" menu.20:47
drmacrolen-dt: so what files need editing?20:47
len-dtwhich sub menu should it be a part of?20:47
drmacrolen-dt: since I have other electronics apps there is already an Electronics sub-menu20:49
len-dtWow really? I don't remember that one... I better ask which version of ubuntu you are using20:49
Guest56851damn shes good. one of my information security instructors died and i cant find any information on her on the internet20:50
Guest56851totally the wrong room   >_<20:51
drmacrolen-dt: UBS12.04 with Kicad installed, I think it creates the sub-menu when it installs.20:51
len-dtThere is no eletronics section of the menu since about 11.10 in studio20:51
len-dtwhat is one of the other electronics SW you installed that already shows on the menu called?20:52
drmacrolen-dt: Visolate20:53
len-dttry: ls /usr/share/applications/*visolate*20:53
len-dtyou should see something like visolate.desktop or something.20:54
drmacrolen-dt: aren't the .desktop files the actual launchers?  for instance there is an EaglePCB.desktop in my Desktop folder21:01
Len-nbdrmacro, good you could copy that one in there.21:01
drmacrobut how does that get into the App Menu?21:02
Len-nbby copying it to /usr/share/appliccations/21:08
Len-nbsudo cp -a  EaglePCB.desktop /usr/share/applications/ should do it.21:08
* Len-nb is assuming you are already cd Desktop21:09
Guest56851i still say you should "sudo apt-get install alacarte" to make this easier in the future21:10
drmacrointerestingly, I found the Edit Menu you mentioned earlier...but, after exiting it the Properties tab is grayed out and (after previously installing alacarte...it never showed up in the Apps Menu)21:12
len-dtdrmacro, once your *.desktop file in in /usr/share/applications/ the app should show up on the menu "somewhere".21:15
drmacroso I copied the .desktop file, now EaglePCB shows up under Other. Also, if I go to App Menu>Settings>Main Menu  the Electronics sub-menu doesn't show...21:15
len-dtThe trick is to edit the file till it goes where you want.21:15
len-dt :) Ya I told you alacarte has limitations...21:16
drmacroThe .desktop file? It has nothing that would lead me to believe it controls it's own location in the menu21:17
len-dtIf you edit your *.desktop file you should see a line that says Categories.21:17
len-dtThat line determines where it sits in the menu.21:18
drmacrono Categories line21:18
drmacroI'll look at one from usr/share21:18
len-dtLook at another desktop file for an example.21:18
len-dtPreferably one that goes with the electronics part of the menu.21:19
drmacrook, copied the line from the kicad.desktop to EaglePCB.desktop, works fine. So what creates the categories that App menu displays?21:24
len-dtThere is a system template in /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio/menus21:32
len-dtthere are other menu stubbs in /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/21:33
len-dtwhich is probably where your electronics menu is tacked in.21:34
len-dtthere is also a per user directory ~/.local/share/ where more *.desktop files may sit...21:36
len-dtand ~/.config/menus/21:38
len-dtIt is actually possible to put them in even more places... but those are the standard ones21:39
len-dtalacarte deals with the ones in your home directory only.21:40
Darkness_of_Timehello everybody22:07
Darkness_of_Timedoes anybody here use music applications on ubuntustudio?22:09
zequenceDarkness_of_Time: I'd say that's what most people user Ubuntu Studio for :)22:16
Darkness_of_Timezequence: I would like to ask about software synthesizers, such as (windows) vst instruments22:17
Darkness_of_Timezequence: is there a reliable way to run this type of software on ubuntustudio?22:17
Darkness_of_Timezequence: or... is there any kind of similar software for ubuntu studio?22:18
zequenceDarkness_of_Time: I don't use software instruments much, but I can tell you that there's at least two standard formats for on Linux. dssi and lv2. I think you can also use vst instruments, but how is not something I know. You might find more answers on #opensourcemusicians or #kxstudio (based on Ubuntu, with some vst enabled stuff in it)22:21
Darkness_of_Timezequence: thanks a lot22:22
zequenceThe only softsynth I use is hexter. It's a dssi instrument22:22
zequenceCan be run standalone, or loaded into one of the DAWS that support dssi instruments22:22
zequenceDarkness_of_Time: Hydrogen is a drummachine/sequencer, you might want to check out22:23
Darkness_of_Timezequence: I'm just insterested in orchestral & piano soft synths...22:23
zequencesynths, or samplers?22:24
zequenceThere's linux-sampler, and some sample libs22:24
Darkness_of_Timezequence: this one, can load just soundfonts and gig files22:24
zequencesonatina symphony library, and a couple of piano librariews22:24
Darkness_of_Timezequence: sonatina is a sfz format22:24
Darkness_of_Timezequence: what I mean22:24
zequencelinux-sampler can load sfz too22:25
zequenceI think22:25
Darkness_of_Timezequence: is edirol orchestra, kontakt22:25
Darkness_of_Timemost likely linux-sampler can load sf2, gig and sfz22:25
Darkness_of_TimeI think you're right22:25
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Darkness_of_Timezequence: which soundcard do you have installed in your system? is it necessary to have a good and expensive one?22:34
zequenceDarkness_of_Time: Depends on what you want to do with it. Expensive, no22:37
Darkness_of_Timemidi + audio editing22:38
Darkness_of_Timethis is what I need most22:38
Darkness_of_Timefor example... could I have good performance with a Sound Blaster Live?22:38
zequenceBuilt in audio devices may not be the best for low latency work, but it varies22:38
Darkness_of_Timethis is a really old card22:38
Darkness_of_Timeand... which sound cards have good performance regarding the latency?22:39
zequenceMost pci cards are ok.22:39
Darkness_of_Timesuch as Sound Blaster Live?22:39
Darkness_of_Timeare you sure?22:39
zequenceI can't say. I don't have one22:39
Darkness_of_Timebecause for windows...22:39
Darkness_of_Timethe latency performance22:39
Darkness_of_Timeof this sound card22:39
zequenceWindows is different22:39
Darkness_of_Timeis not very good22:39
Darkness_of_Timereally? so... it's a matter of drivers actually22:40
Darkness_of_TimeI have also a EMU 040422:40
Darkness_of_Timeis is compatible with ubuntustudio?22:40
zequencethe EMU should be good22:40
zequenceIs it a pci device?22:40
Darkness_of_TimeI might try this one22:40
zequenceShould work fine22:40
Darkness_of_Timeit seems22:40
Darkness_of_Timemost likely22:41
Darkness_of_TimeI should try something22:41
Darkness_of_Timeas kxstudio for using my vst plugins22:41
Darkness_of_Timeand install this EMU 040422:41
Darkness_of_Timeas I understand22:41
zequenceDid you try asio4all on Windows with your SB card?22:41
Darkness_of_TimeI didn;t22:41
Darkness_of_TimeI have EMU22:41
Darkness_of_Timeand X-Fi platinum22:42
Darkness_of_TimeI uninstalled22:42
Darkness_of_Timesoundblaster live22:42
Darkness_of_Timemuch time ago22:42
zequenceI would prefer the EMu device anyway22:43
zequenceThe SB is not for audio production22:43
zequenceDarkness_of_Time: Did you install Ubuntu Studio yet?22:44
zequenceIf not, try the live DVD first22:44
zequenceYou can try the applications before installing22:44
Darkness_of_TimeI haven't installed Ubuntu Studio yet22:44
Darkness_of_Timewhat I'm trying to do22:44
Darkness_of_Timethis very moment22:44
Darkness_of_Timeto install it as a virtual machine22:44
zequenceDon't do that22:44
Darkness_of_Timeusing virtualbox22:44
zequenceAudio performance will be very bad22:45
Darkness_of_Timelet me ask you some more questions22:45
Darkness_of_Timemy computer22:45
zequenceEither burn a DVD, or create a bootable usb stick, and try it live, wihtout installing22:45
Darkness_of_Timean AMD 3000+ 64bit with dual core22:45
Darkness_of_Time8 GB ram22:45
Darkness_of_Timeand let's say (I'll install) EMU 040422:46
Darkness_of_Timethis one...22:46
Darkness_of_Timeshould have good performance22:46
zequenceAs long as it's a PC, you'll be fine :)22:46
Darkness_of_Timethanks a lot23:01

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