Guest84742MERRY CHRISTMAS!!00:10
mehhello. I am unable to change the wallpaper... I try changing the image, restarting and nothing happens, staturation and so on don't respond either.00:27
xubuntu377I don't suppose anyone could help me out installing intel graphics drivers on a netbook?02:38
xubuntu377no one? :\02:40
raytrayxubuntu377, not that I can help, but on the off chance. What's the problem with it?02:49
xubuntu377I did a fresh install of Xubuntu, and it installed with a GUI...02:50
xubuntu377then it boots in all text02:50
xubuntu377it's an Acer Aspire One D270-180602:51
xubuntu377using an intel atom and integrated intel graphics, and I think the problem is a lack of video drivers02:51
xubuntu377but i'm not actually sure02:51
unheedingsomething is afoot with my mouse cursor03:55
unheedingit's fine on one monitor03:55
unheedingbut on the other, it appears as a line03:55
unheedingnow it appears as a ghosty double cursor03:59
unheedingat least it's usable03:59
holsteinunheeding: if it were me, i would try as the guest user, or as another test user04:40
jerlihi there...11:26
Makdaamhi, how can I disable an optical drive?11:54
TheSheepMakdaam: "disable"?12:05
TheSheepMakdaam: it's diabled when you are not using it12:06
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MakdaamTheSheep: I would like to disable it permanently but without the gaping hole effect in the side of my laptop12:27
Makdaamit keeps on spinning up when not needed12:28
Makdaamfor example when launching thunar and it checks for mounted media to show in the sidebar12:28
TheSheepMakdaam: just add it to fstab without permissions for your user to mount it12:33
mehI am unable to change to the wallpaper for the desktop. Also, I cannot set the desktop icons or saturation... Would anyone have any suggestions? Is this a Nautilus problem?12:48
mehPerhaps you are busy... but is anyone on the server?12:51
TheSheepmeh: xubuntu doesn't use nautilus, if you have nautilus running, then it takes over the desktop and xubuntu cannot manage it12:55
mehthesheep: do you have any suggestions as to where the problem might be coming from?12:56
mehI had this problem even after uninstalling Nautilus (I uninstalled it because the wallpaper turned blue, whereas now the wallpaper is simply stuck on one image....)12:58
TheSheepmeh: make sure that xfdesktop is running13:00
mnasshi - how to set standart browser for thunderbird - firefox is set in the xubuntu environment - but thunderbird opens websites allways in chrome13:31
TheSheepmnass: check /usr/share/applications/defaults.list for the http default13:37
mnassmust be something with thunderbird13:39
PeyamIm triyng to install xubuntu using usb stick. It shows a blinking line and that's it nothing eler.15:09
Peyamit doesnt show any menu or text when I boot the usb15:09
Peyamwhat am I doing wrong?15:10
TheSheepPeyam: is that a new computer?15:16
TheSheepPeyam: make sure it doesn't have scure boot enabled in bios15:16
PeyamHow do I know that?15:17
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:18
PeyamGridCube: this?15:21
PeyamI want xubuntu not ubuntu15:22
PeyamI 'll seee now15:23
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PeyamIm trying to install xubuntu.16:25
PeyamAnd it gives me this eerro16:26
Peyamboot/grub2/i386/pc/normal.mod not found16:26
PeyamI cant even choose windows.. I have windows 7 beside16:26
ElderDryasDoes the 64 bit version of 12.04.1 contain (by default) multilibs?16:29
maddernickElderDryas: ia32-libs?16:32
ElderDryassorry yes16:32
maddernickIt does not16:33
PhoenixSTFdoes anyone knows how to find the location for the weather Applet?16:35
Peyamin Gnome it is under applications launcher16:36
PhoenixSTFXFCE and its not where it is, it more like how do I put the location for the weather forecast16:36
PhoenixSTFor better yet since the search is not working where can I find the location code?16:37
ss_hazefirefox vs chromium?16:39
PhoenixSTFBlond vs Redhead?16:40
ss_hazewhy not both ? :D16:40
PhoenixSTFthere you go16:40
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mario_hello all, i have one problem, i think that you can help me, i have broken my /usr/share/applications/defaults.list, can anyone send me original default file ?17:13
mario_i have xubuntu 12.1017:13
mario_can anyone help me?17:15
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PhoenixSTFmouse, try installing a virtual machine17:43
PhoenixSTFnone of us has got the default!17:43
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