holsteinauburtic: cheers! ...if you want, you can use tab complete in here... you can type hol and hit tab.. that will complete my nick.. you can type sol and tab and complete solarix1578.. *or* discover that the user has already left the channel00:00
auburticholstein: right, discover? how?00:09
holsteinauburtic: by typing "sol" and hitting tab and seeing that the nick does *not* complete, thus meaning the user is gone.. no worries, im just trying to save you some time. glad to have folks helping out00:12
auburticooooo I see00:13
auburticI'm tired00:13
auburticszczur - stlsaint - Sentynel - schmidtm - SAKKE_ -00:13
auburticthx for helping crippled people00:14
holsteinauburtic: also, i wouldnt ping randomly other users00:14
auburtic^ does the above thing ping them?00:15
auburticor it need ":"00:15
auburticlol sorry to the *s*'s00:15
holsteinyup.. again, no worries... /join the #lubuntu-offtopic channel and we can discuss more00:15
auburticyep maybe later00:16
RirishiIs it possible to get the ubuntu terminal in lubuntu?01:31
auburticRirishi: whats wrong with LXTerminal?01:33
RirishiI don't like the look :p01:33
Ririshioh wow i can customize it xD01:34
RirishiI'm sorry, I'll take a look at that first, then :D01:34
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RirishiI can't get the colors like the ubuntu terminal xD01:47
RirishiAny suggestions on stuff I've got to have?01:49
Ririshiuhh.. the taskbar stopped responding and is now gone..01:54
Ririshiwhat to do? >.<01:54
RirishiI've got one terminal opened01:54
Ririshiand this chromium browser..01:54
RirishiSomeone here?01:55
auburticright-click > preference > bg color01:56
Ririshiand then?01:57
auburticanyway lubuntu is not for customization, is you want that use ubuntu01:57
RirishiI was like: lubuntu is light so i'll use that..01:58
Ririshibecause this netbook isn't that good ;p01:58
inductiveloadRirishi: you can set fore and background color in lxterminal01:58
inductiveloaddo what auburtic said: the foreground color is your text and the background is your background01:59
RirishiI know :D did you read my other problem? :p02:00
RirishiMy taskbar is gone, as the preferences window stopped working..02:00
auburticman if I set my nicj to "i" I would get pinged everytime no?02:00
inductiveloadctrl-alt-t to get a terminal02:03
inductiveloadthen "lxpanel --profile Lubuntu &"02:04
inductiveloadthat should get your taskbar back02:04
Ririshias soon as i close that terminal, the bar disappears again..02:06
inductiveload"disown lxpanel" after the first command02:07
Ririshithank you :D02:10
inductiveloadnp :-)02:11
RirishiEven more questions :p Is it possible to make chromium automatically scroll when I'm on freenode IRC? Because it's very annoying to scroll everytime I or someone else says something02:13
inductiveloadwhy not use pidgin?02:14
Ririshiidk xD didn't think of that :D02:15
Ririshiinstalling ubuntu-desktop takes a long time lol02:16
RirishiJust installing, then thinking I don't like it lolz02:16
Ririshierr.. i started pidgin, but the windows are grey? lol02:17
inductiveloadRirishi: have to added an irc account?02:21
inductiveload* you02:22
RirishiI started it for the first time.. and the buddy list and the accounts windows are both grey..02:22
inductiveloadand can you add an account?02:23
RirishiI don't think so.. nothing but greyness in there..02:23
inductiveloadno menubar?02:24
Ririshilol it's been running for about 10 mins and now "ubuntu" says that it has closed unexpectedly..02:25
Ririshiok it says welcome to pidgin now :D02:27
Ririshithe password is server password or the pass of my username?02:28
inductiveloadthe password is the password you use to identify yourelf to the IRC services02:28
inductiveloadif you don't identify, then you don't need it02:28
Ririshiok ill quit here02:29
Ririshithen ill come online via pidgin02:29
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inductiveloadRirishi: hello again02:31
RirishiI closed pidgin accidentally lol02:32
RirishiWait Imma relog on my laptop02:33
RirishiI accidentally removed the power  button from the taskbar.. is there a way to get it back? ^-^ I shouldn't mess with this so much >.<03:35
devlosRirishi- right click the panel, select 'panel settings', select 'panel applets', select the bottom 'Application launch bar', and then edit, if no application launch bar then make a new one and edit, and add shut down or logout from system tools dropdown.03:47
Ririshimy sound was turned down and i was busy04:33
Ririshiwho told me to take the shutdown or logout from the system tools thing?04:41
Ririshiit doesn't show up04:42
RirishiI've got a S3 Chrome9 HC iGP in my netbook. Are there any special drivers for those things? And when searching for drivers, where should I search?06:05
mystdarengo to preferences-> additional drivers and extra drivers should show up06:06
mystdarenand go to their website and see if they have linux drivers as well if that doesn't work06:06
Ririshierr.. additional drivers doesn't show up in menu > preferences > ...06:07
Noskcajwhy are all the "penguin"/pre-installed games described as solitare by the software centers?07:25
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RirishiI've got a HP Mini 2133 and I'm trying to install the VIA drivers for the Chrome9 HC IGP it has on Lubuntu 12.10. I downloaded the tgz file and used tar and I'm trying to run vinstall, but I get an error. make.log tells me it's got an error 1 and then an error 2.. Help would be greatly appreciated.11:01
fennngHow to quit X from lubuntu11:30
fennngHelp! How to quit X? anything like killall gdm in ubuntu?11:30
poqHi guys11:49
poqWant to update packages in UCK for Lubuntu 12.04 LTS and get some errors => http://paste.kde.org/633668/ What could be a reason?11:50
ctrlzhi! is this the right chat for help about lubuntu?13:11
norttictrlz: what is your problem?13:30
ctrlzSkype webcam is upside down. I use Lubuntu 12.10 x64 on asus u36sd13:42
ctrlzalready tried this with no success https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Asus_U36SD#Webcam_issue13:43
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mohsen_hello :)19:26
mohsen_is there anyone ?19:26
holsteinmohsen_: sure.. just ask and if one of the volunteers can help, they will19:27
mohsen_i've completed the Arabic translation of pcmanfm , where can i submit it?19:27
holsteinmohsen_: not sure.. i would /join #lubuntu-offtopic and the mailing lists for lubuntu, maybe lxde and the pcmanfm team and/or debian.. try submitting upstream19:29
mohsen_i mailed lxde mailing lists but nobody reply :(19:31
mohsen_also pootle site is down19:31
mohsen_can you help me please :D i don't know how to submit upstream19:33
holsteinmohsen_: i wont be able to help you submit it anywhere.. i would give the lxde team a week+ to respond19:34
holsteini would try contacting someone involved in debian19:34
mohsen_ok ^_^19:34
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jarnosWhen I resume from suspend, I see some text in screen for short time. Is that stored in some log file?20:00
holsteinjarnos: i see text like that, and im not worried.. are you wanting to troubleshoot it as an error?20:02
jarnosholstein, I suspect that it is related to USB DVB-T tuner not working after resume (until reconnected).20:05
holsteinjarnos: i dont have that. i just have a netbook... you can unplug the device, and wake it and see20:06
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MangoBoyHi. im thinking of upgrading from 11.04 to 12.04 lts what problems can i expect and will all my programs still be there after i upgrade trough update manager20:42
holsteinMangoBoy: i would reinstall..20:50
holsteinMangoBoy: depends n the programs.. shouldnt be a big deal20:50
MangoBoyholstein,  Why reinstall?20:51
holsteinMangoBoy: its a preference20:51
holsteinMangoBoy: you cant upgrade from 11.04 to 12.0420:51
MangoBoyI have so lot of programs so it would take to looong / no?20:52
holsteinyou upgrade 11.10 to 11.10 to 12.04.. in that amount of time, i could probably install 12.04 fresh 5 or 6 times20:52
TheLordOfTimeholstein, he can upgrade to 11.10 and have that for another 4 months.20:55
TheLordOfTimethen decide to reinstall/upgrade.20:55
TheLordOfTimethat's what i'd recommend at least in the immediate20:56
TheLordOfTimeand then download/test a 12.04 live disk or something20:57
MangoBoyOk it said upgrade to ubuntu 12.04 LTS in the update manager so i should probably don't use that button :) but how do i update to 11.10 simplest way?21:01
TheLordOfTimeit says "Ubuntu" but it means Lubuntu :p21:01
TheLordOfTimeshouldn't do-release-upgrade via terminal put him on 11.10...?21:02
MangoBoyit says 12.04 LTS21:02
MangoBoy11.10 is what i want now, just to be inside suported :)21:03
MangoBoyTheLordOfTime, So it will not kick me of to latest release?21:07
MangoBoyI meen it does't21:09
MangoBoyinstall all programs anew does it?21:10
holsteini *always* fresh install21:14
TheLordOfTimei'm not sure, but i usually fresh install21:25
holsteini like to test the live CD21:26
MangoBoyis there a way to dump a list of all programs installed that one can use to reinstall al of them after a fresh install21:29
leandrosansilvaHello to all. I'm installing lubuntu 12.10 32-bit on a Duron 1500 machine and I'm having problems with the graphical installer. After some time, it closes and, when I execute ubiquity on terminal to see what makes it crash, it prints a message "Ilegal instruction"21:30
leandrosansilvais it possible to use the old terminal-based installer?21:30
leandrosansilvathose one which was available from "alternate" cd?21:31
holsteinhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/12.04/release/ lists alterantes21:33
leandrosansilvaok, in this case I have to download another image, etc. I'd like to know if it's possible to call that installer from the terminal. Something like ubiquity --frontend=terminal21:34
leandrosansilvabecause I don't know if the crash I get is because of the graphical installer21:34
leandrosansilvaI tried to search for similar problems in the internet, but I couldn't find anything useful21:35
leandrosansilvaso I don't know if tthis is a problem in ubiquity or in my machine21:38
holsteinleandrosansilva: how does the live CD work on your hardware?21:39
leandrosansilvayes, it does21:42
leandrosansilvaI'm using the 12.10 livecd21:43
leandrosansilvain fact from a usb flash drive21:43
leandrosansilvabut the installer crashes in a specific point of the instalation21:43
leandrosansilvait as soon the slide show starts21:43
leandrosansilvaafter some seconcs, in fact21:43
holsteini would test the installation media, and the hard drive and the ram21:46
leandrosansilvaok, that's a possibility21:48
leandrosansilvaI'll try this21:48
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Noskcajwho runs the lubuntudesktop twitter page, it has only had 5 posts this year?23:54
holsteinNoskcaj: it should say who the maintainer is.. maybe message them via twitter and volunteer to help if thats what you are suggesting23:55
Noskcajholstein, pretty much, i will find the maintainer thing now, @lubuntulinux has a heap more tweats23:56
Noskcajit doesn't say, and since all of it's older posts (it was active till august) are labeled "lubuntu screencast" it might be a bot23:57
holsteincould be23:58

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