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Noskcajhow would i put lubuntu on a hiapad hi802?06:45
Noskcajis anyone online who knows?08:28
kulvethe linux-firmware package for Nexus7 includes bcm4330.hcd. Where does that come from? I'm just wondering if that's redistributable..10:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 1075549 in linux-nexus7 (Ubuntu Raring) "please include fw_bcmdhd.bin and bcm4330.hcd in linux-firmware for support of the nexus7" [High,In progress]10:23
asiekierkaone google search10:23
kulveasiekierka: yes and isn't that an open bug?10:24
kulveI don't see it saying it would be OK to add that binary?10:25
infinitykulve: You want linux-firmware-nexus7, I suspect.11:20
kulveinfinity: nope. I want to know why linux-firmware-nexus7 includes bcm4330.hcd12:19
infinityBecause it does...?12:19
infinityWhy is a strange question.12:19
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kulveto me it looks like it's against the license of bcm4330.hcd to redistribute it12:20
infinityOur lawyers disagree on that point.  What's the concern?12:21
kulveI would like to know from where that binary is originally downloaded and I would like to see the license for it. I'm redistributing the linux-firmware-nexus7 myself too and that's why I want to make sure that it's ok to include bcm4330.hcd12:22
infinityIt's clearly not capital-f Free, and the license is non-transferrable.12:22
kulvecould you please point me to the original license?12:23
infinity/usr/share/doc/linux-firmware-nexus7/copyright ?12:23
infinitySame as any other package.12:24
kulveI would like to see the original license, not the one you have added to it12:24
kulvebecause to me it looks like you have made a mistake..12:24
infinityAnd that mistake is...?12:24
kulvethe wrong license12:26
infinityThis is the license we were given.  There are other means of obtaining the firmware that may well come with other licenses.12:26
infinityBut this is the license Canonical has.12:26
infinityDoes that clear it up?12:26
kulvethose binaries are available from google/android but bcm4330.hcd has different license than the rest of the bcm blobs12:26
kulveso you have got the blobs and the license directly from broadcom, google or asus?12:27
infinityFrom BCM, if I recall.12:27
infinityOr, so I was told when I looked into all of this.12:28
kulveok. Then it makes more sense12:28
infinityThis is also the exact same license you're asked to accept on the download from https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/drivers#grouper12:30
infinityI see no extra license for that one specific file, it's all in the BCM bundle under the one license.12:30
kulvewell, I got completely different license when downloading the blobs from developers.google.com12:31
kulveor, not when downloading, but when extracting12:32
infinityI *just* extracted them here.12:32
infinitySame license as in the package.12:32
kulveIn the source package of "linux-firmware-1.95nexus3" I see LICENCE.broadcom_bcm43xx and at least that's different from the one I had to accept when extracting the package. 65 lines in the ubuntu version and 218 lines in the developers.google.com version12:37
infinityErr, you're looking at the PPA stuff, aren't you?12:38
infinitylinux-firmware-nexus7 in the archive in raring is what I'm talking about.12:39
infinityIgnore the PPA junk, it's all going away.12:39
kulvesomebody could update the nexus7 wiki then..12:39
infinityWhich part?12:39
infinityThe installation bits now install raring by default.12:39
infinity"Our PPA contains the new or modified packages used for the 12.10 Ubuntu Nexus7 image."12:40
infinityThe key there is "12.10".  As in, the PPA contains bits for the hacked-up quantal image.12:40
infinityI'll edit anyway.12:41
kulvewell, reading the correct license now. I can't understand why e.g. BCM needs to make so limiting licenses..12:43
infinityIt's not an uncommon license to see for any pseudo-embedded device, really.  We just rarely target them. :/12:44
kulve"[..]for non-commercial use on an Authorized Android Enabled Device and non-commercial redistribution of the Authorized Android Enabled Device Software[..]"12:44
infinityIt's not drastically different from the NVIDIA licenses, except that it demands the device itself be "authorized", which is silly.12:45
kulveit seems that you still need to ask from the user that he has read the license before installing the package?12:48
infinityNot actually true.12:49
kulveI based that on the comment you(?) had written to the changelog..12:50
infinityWe do display our usage notice in certain circumstances (and in the installer thingee, I think?)12:51
infinityBut none of that's actually necessary, just ass-covering. :P12:51
infinityDisplaying the BCM license to the user, however, would be pointless, as it's non-transferrable, so we can't actually re-license to the end user under that license ANYWAY.12:52
infinityWe can give them a usage grant, based on the license giving us that right.12:52
infinity(Which we do implicitly, whether we show them a blurb or not)12:52
kulvewell, I need to figure out how to include that in tu my Mer builds12:56
kulvethanks for the comments12:56
marvin24_is it possible to concatenate a zImage/ramdisk/fdt to uboot, so one has a13:41
marvin24_everything in one image?13:41
marvin24_seems everyone wants to load kernel from some storage or network ...13:42
marvin24_mmh, I just concatenated it all with some padding in between15:00
marvin24_this seems to work15:00
prpplaguejust fyi, the deadline for proposal submissions for ELC-2013 is jan 4th! if you have something interesting, get it submitted! http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/embedded-linux-conference/cfp16:54
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Noskcajhow would i get ubuntu or lubuntu to run on a hiapad hi802?20:20
infinityNoskcaj: You'd need a kernel and a bootloader for it.20:35
infinityNoskcaj: (We don't build or ship one in the archive)20:36
Noskcajinfinity, that's a shame, the main advertisement was that it would run ubuntu, i was going to run testcases on it20:38
infinityNoskcaj: It would run Ubuntu userspace just fine.20:40
infinityProbably even with the Android kernel it ships with.20:41
infinityWould just take a bit of fun on your end to marry the two.20:41
Noskcajinfinity, ok, hopefully someone will make a guide or port for it soon, mine should arrive soon20:52
mrspinxHas anyone lost rom space after reflashing?20:56
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llstarkswhere do i start in porting a qualcomm android device like the galaxy s3 us variant?22:02
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kdllabrathello, I am new to using the pandaboard. I am setting it up to access a webcam. The pandaboard runs ubuntu 12.04. It was working perfectly until I installed OMAP4. Whenever I restrart or shut down and start the machine in a few minutes, the pandaboard does not boot properly. It shows errors such as "thermal_get_slope:Getting slope is not supported for domain gpu" and so on... Is there a way to fix this?23:20

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