MikeH1Hoping someone can tell me how to remove the disk lock on my laptop. I have others who use the machine and I don't want them to have the passphrase00:32
holsteinMikeH1: sure... what disk lock are you talking about?00:40
MikeH1sda5 CryptSetup?00:41
holsteinMikeH1: sda5 is specific to your machine00:41
holsteinMikeH1: what type of crypt? thats encryption, correct?00:42
holsteinhow did you set it up?00:42
MikeH1during 12.10 setup the installation asked if I wanted to.00:42
MikeH1Now I want to turn the laptop over to my brother and don't want to give him the password00:43
holsteinMikeH1: asked if you wanted to what?00:44
holsteinMikeH1: what would i so? just reinstall00:44
MikeH1To encrypt the disk00:44
holsteinif you want to "turn it over".. reinstallation should take about 10 minutes00:44
holsteinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/203257/i-want-to-disable-full-disk-encrypt-as-it-annoys-me-to-key-for-every-login-witho is one you could follow00:46
holsteinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/4950/how-to-stop-using-built-in-home-directory-encryption maybe00:46
MikeH1Thank you01:26
WezelHello all. For some reason the header of my layers window in gimp has disappeared. Almost like the header is above the screen resolution and the pointer can't reach it. Basically I can't close, minimize, move or resize it. I'm using LXDE desktop with lubuntu installed. I know its gotta be a simple solution but for the life of me I can't figure it out. Here's a screen shot https://www.digitalhive.org/digiimg/images/3378091699282511:41
Wezelsorry link https://www.digitalhive.org/digiimg/images/33780916992825925794.png11:42
xiaoyWezel, ask in #gimp11:50
Wezelok thanks11:51
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genupulaswhy we have to remove postfix to install sendmail ?15:58
xiaoygenupulas, http://www.geekboards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=593   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141920416:14
genupulasxiaoy:  Thanks , I will look niw16:15
genupulasxiaoy:  Its not giving the reason why it have to remove another to install one .16:26
xiaoygenupulas, both are  SMTP daemon, what else do you need to know...16:29
genupulasso thats why its accepting only one ?16:30
xiaoythey both open the same port to the rest of the world, you only get one guy do one job16:31
genupulasxiaoy:  Ok so i think i need to google to find difference between them .16:31
genupulasxiaoy:  yeah got it ,16:31
genupulasxiaoy:  Thank you .16:32
Joe1301anyone good at setting up dns I have 3 domains on a ispconfig server I have 2 of them resolve but the 1 domain that is attached to the server name will not resolve....Anyone can help?16:41
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