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* TheLordOfTime yawns17:14
TheLordOfTimebleh more bugs landed on my plate :/17:14
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Learn to run faster?18:25
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, i should :P19:09
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, regarding your question yesterday, if you've reported to Debian and Upstream, and filed a patch for Ubuntu, just wait, i think it needs fixing in Debian first, or upstream.19:10
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, and given this is Universe, is upstream even alive?19:10
TheLordOfTimedoesn't look like its been updated since Lucid.19:10
TheLordOfTimeand packages.qa.debian shows its not been updated since 2k9 either: http://packages.qa.debian.org/t/tcpick.html19:12
penguin42TheLordOfTime: No I think upstream is pretty dead19:26
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, i doubt this'll be fixed in Debian, then, you may want to talk to -MOTU and see if they would work with an ubuntu-only patch19:28
TheLordOfTime(divergence from upstream)19:28
TheLordOfTimesince its in Universe, they'd have better insight19:29
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Probably the best thing is to kill it in debian, but are people using it - remember it only breaks for Debian19:30
penguin42for Ubuntu19:30
TheLordOfTimedo people in Ubuntu still use it?19:30
penguin42we got bug reports for it19:30
TheLordOfTimealso,  how "broken"  is it?19:30
TheLordOfTimeand why don't people actually bother using the STANDARD packet tracers :/19:31
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, there may be bugs, but the majority of them are *old*19:31
penguin42TheLordOfTime: We have two bug reports for it, one of which is the one I patched; the other oene is locked and I can see a fix for it, but it is a bit grim19:31
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Well they're not old, the oneI fixed was dated this month - bug 108653419:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 1086534 in tcpick (Ubuntu) "*** buffer overflow detected ***: tcpick terminated with -t arg" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108653419:32
TheLordOfTimedon't reference this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tcpick/+bug/289976  (its hardy)19:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 289976 in tcpick (Ubuntu) "Segmentation fault on tcpick with fragmented IP packets" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:32
TheLordOfTime(hardy's pretty old)19:32
penguin42and bug 1026902 was July19:32
TheLordOfTimewe may want to poke motu about it19:33
TheLordOfTimesee what they say19:33
TheLordOfTimei'm usually hesitant to say a package needs purging, but if its dead and debian's bugs arent getting fixed either...19:33
TheLordOfTimethat's in Debian, not Ubuntu19:34
TheLordOfTimewe need a tracker for Ubuntu :P19:34
penguin42oh interesting they have a link to packages that also show the ubuntu bugs19:35
penguin42I think I'll mail the debian package maintainer - although it's a little less than a month ago so shouldn't push too hard19:36
* penguin42 needs to extract some life from some debian-multimedia guys as well19:38
TheLordOfTimenot sure the email address routes anywhere19:38
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TheLordOfTimepenguin42, according to Debian BTS, the maintainer field routes to a .com.mx23:41
TheLordOfTimenot sure that's a valid domain?23:41
TheLordOfTime(something actually says something though)23:41
penguin42why, it's just commerce in Mexico23:41
TheLordOfTimeseems to not resolve from here.23:46
* TheLordOfTime shrugs again23:46
* penguin42 could do an mx resolve on it23:52
TheLordOfTimewell my dns is a little wonky today23:53
TheLordOfTimeso maybe that's the issue23:53
TheLordOfTimemight be a good idea to poke the maintainer though23:53
TheLordOfTime(and sorry for randomdisappearanceact :P)23:54
penguin42already did23:55
TheLordOfTimegood :)23:56
TheLordOfTimeoh and THERE'S the oidentd bug i was looking for23:56
TheLordOfTimehow come it took 12 hours to be filed :/23:56
TheLordOfTimehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1094773  <-- took 12 hours between ubuntu-bug on affected system and it showing  up on LP23:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 1094773 in oidentd (Ubuntu) "oidentd spawns a new process for all new connections unless -l [number] defined" [Undecided,New]23:56
TheLordOfTimewonder if its net is lagging horridly23:57
* TheLordOfTime runs networking checks23:57
penguin42odd, doesn't u-b normally do it there and then?23:57
TheLordOfTimewhich is why i'm confuzled and amazed it took that long23:58

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