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Noskcajhave the upgrade iso tests frozen? they are still on 2012122806:04
Noskcaji have found a bug in alternate, it thinks broken hill has it's own timezone06:46
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Noskcaji am making a wiki page to list the oversized images and their status. any tips or objections?20:01
stgraberNoskcaj: are you aware that all the product managers already receive an automated daily e-mail about those?20:11
Noskcajstgraber, no, but therefor the page is near pointless, i shall remove it20:13
stgraberNoskcaj: right. oversizedness is detected at a lot of different points, most of which send us e-mail already.20:15
stgraberNoskcaj: the build server notices at build time and flags the images on cdimage.ubuntu.com and on iso.qa.ubuntu.com (as a build comment), then Jenkins also has a test for it (which sends notifications to Canonical QA at least) and if none of that was noticed, we get the daily summary by e-mail :)20:15
Noskcajstgraber, ok, thanks for the info20:17
Noskcajphillw, on the topic of oversized images, has anything happened to the lubuntu-desktop-ppc while i was away20:18
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Noskcajcan someone confirm bug 108740921:53
ubot5bug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "*buntu dailys take 3 minutes to get to the next screen if install mp3 is selected." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108740921:53
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Noskcajanyone online? the kubuntu oem testcase needs updates23:35
Noskcajplz respond23:35

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