SpamapSpatdk-lap: for those people, piwik works00:10
jn_It would appear there are some time interval, if a user visit my site with 10 minutes in-between only the first visit is added to the visit statistic's, while BW etc. is updated.  Must be a parameter somewhere ?00:10
SpamapSpatdk-lap: I understand that desire, I refuse to give google my MX for instance. ;)00:10
SpamapSjn_: probably caching00:10
jn_I'am manually manipulating the access log00:11
jn_http://awstats.sourceforge.net/docs/awstats_glossary.html if you read under "visits" I think an hour is the time interval. Seems strange to me though00:13
jn_I should read official documentation more often -_-00:14
lickalotthello all!  I've just rebuild my server and threw 12.10 on it.  When i do a uname-a i get (whats expected) the name of the rig that I chose during installation.  Consequently it's the same name prior to the rebuild.  i've set it up as an samba server (like before) but the hostname isn't being resolved.  i can only \\<IPADDRESS> to access it.  what can i do so that the hostname is recognized?00:15
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SpamapSlickalott: is nmbd running?00:25
lickalottnmbd -D00:26
lickalottrestart it?00:26
lickalotti also have nscd running00:26
SpamapSlickalott: nscd doesn't mean anything. you can try restarting nmbd00:37
lickalotti'm sorry...my client dc'd.  If anyone responded can you please re paste it for me00:57
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS> [12/29/12 19:37:10] lickalott: nscd doesn't mean anything. you can try restarting nmbd00:58
lickalottahh..thank you!00:59
lickalottI've done that.00:59
lickalotthere's the weird thing...  I have a batch file that mounts the nfs shares using the hostname  but I can't get to the /servername by itself01:00
lickalottSpamapS, i'm just gonna go with the script to auto mount.  seems to work with the path.  I may keep diggin but i'm happy for now.  Thanks for the assit!01:06
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qman__Where's the best document on setting up openstack on ubuntu? I've tried it twice now with poor results. The main problem is I only have one server, I just want the tools and system to add more later. And I don't want devstack, I want something designed for production.02:10
pmatulisqman__: openstack for production would not have just one physical machine so what you're saying doesn't make much sense02:23
qman__what I mean by that is02:24
qman__I don't want some cheap hack that can't be patched and maintained02:24
qman__which is what devstack is02:24
qman__I want to use updateable, serviceable packages02:24
pmatulisi've never used devstack so it's hard for me to comment.  it doesn't use regular packages?02:26
qman__it uses some, but most of it is just a big messy download into /opt02:27
pmatulisi put o/s on one machine using some instructions i found on the net.  i forget where.  seems to work02:27
mikaldevstack is aimed at developers testing code changes, its really not intended for deployers at all02:27
mikalqman__: you should be just able to setup each component from packages on the single machine02:28
qman__I tried devstack first and it was a huge mess and didn't work, so I tried again following a guide on openstack's site, but that didn't work either02:28
mikalqman__: most of the defaults are reasonable in the packages. The most obvious thing to look at is that some of the packages default to sqlite databases, which wouldn't be a good choice if you intend to grow the deployment02:28
qman__yeah, I hate sqlite02:29
qman__the guide I followed was missing pieces of information I had to google for02:29
qman__and I never did get it working in the end02:29
qman__so I was hoping someone else has a better one, I found this which looks more promising: http://docs.openstack.org/folsom/basic-install/content/02:30
qman__but I'd obviously have to modify it for one server02:30
pmatulison my todo list is to script-install the thing.  there is an absurd amount of commands to issue02:31
mikalpmatulis: I think you'll find most configuration management vendors have already done that02:32
mikalThere's existing puppet / chef / juju configs02:32
qman__the main problem is that, since I've never used it before, I don't know what all the pieces specifically do and how the interact02:33
qman__so when it's broken, it's just broken02:33
pmatulismikal: ah yes, juju.  saw it done.  problem is, you need to understand it first if you intend to maintain it02:33
mikalqman__: well... that's a much easier question to answer with specifics02:33
mikalqman__: if you have specific error messages, or questions, then that would be easier02:33
qman__I got the last one to the point where it was giving me some weird error page in a web browser, that google had no help for02:34
mikal(Although https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuCloudInfrastructure is a reasonable guide)02:34
qman__I was at the point where everything was installed and I was trying to get a VM started up02:34
mikalOk, that sounds like a horizon problem02:34
mikalHorizon isn't _required_ for a working deployment though02:35
mikalInstall keystone / glance and nova first02:35
pmatulisqman__: i suggest using cli before horizon02:35
mikalThen fancy it up02:35
qman__I had all the other parts in (I think) and I couldn't get the CLI to load a VM02:35
qman__so I tried to install horizon and that didn't work02:35
qman__I had glance and nova and keystone02:35
mikalqman__: when that happens, the contents of /var/log/nova/nova-*.log is the place to be02:35
mikalAnyways, I'd start from scratch. Install glance and keystone. Get those working. Then install nova and get it working.02:36
qman__yeah, I'm going to02:36
qman__thanks for that link, I'll try that first02:36
mikalWell, I now realize that link requires maas / juju, so it requires buying into that methodology02:37
mikalIf that doesn't work, you should just be able to install the packages and then configure them02:37
qman__well, this time I have a whole day to work on it and physical access to the server, so I can start over if things get completely effed02:38
mikalGood luck then02:38
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qman__any known bugs with UEFI causing networking to not work? I'm trying to install from a flash drive because my USB-IDE adapter connected to a CD drive won't boot with the board, and it boots but it won't get a DHCP lease and won't communicate when there's a static IP05:39
qman__and I put in an old 10/100 card to make sure it wasn't just the onboard card05:39
SkaagI just upgraded to Precise from Lucid, the machine booted and reached the login prompt, but looks like both the network is down and somehow screwed, and pam is also screwed since I can't login... what might be causing this?06:14
patdk-lapwho knows06:16
patdk-lapcould make guesses all day, but we can't see inside your server from this side of irc06:16
SkaagI can't either :-)06:32
Skaagmy plan is to ask a friend to go there, boot from the CD and run a rescue06:32
strixbghi all11:20
strixbgI have network config problem with Ubuntu server 12.04 guest in virtual box: RTNETLINK answers: File exists11:24
strixbgFailed to bring up eth0., when trying to restart networking11:24
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samba35RoyK: hi13:15
Guest53336i'm just testing lxc on 12.10. How can I configure it to a simple bridge without NAT and DHCP and stuff?13:20
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1039598 in krb5 (main) "dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103959813:37
RoyKsamba35: hi13:38
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samba35how r u13:45
RoyKhttp://what-if.xkcd.com/25/ <-- flire14:16
RoyKwrong channel14:16
uvirtbot`New bug: #918791 in qemu-kvm "qemu-kvm dies when using vmvga driver and unity in the guest" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91879114:26
Joe1301anyone good at setting up dns I have 3 domains on a ispconfig server I have 2 of them resolve but the 1 domain that is attached to the server name will not resolve....Anyone can help?16:58
Joe1301the domain is joepros.com16:59
SpamapSJoe1301: the root servers think joepros.com has its name servers at
SpamapSJoe1301: but doesn't reply to queries about joepros.com17:11
SpamapSJoe1301: it can take up to 3 days for changes to propagate fully due to caching17:12
SpamapSJoe1301: though the root servers usually are all up to date much quicker than that17:13
SpamapSJoe1301: so once you change your dns server IP's at the registrar, you can monitor the root servers by doing 'dig joepros.com @k.gtld-servers.net ns'17:13
Joe1301yes thats the correct ip of the serverer....the server name is ws1.joepros.com I have a joepros.com zone with a record of ws1... I had it resolving yesterday for about 8 hours then it crashed17:13
Rar9can someone help with dpkg : warning: there´s no installed package matchine nginx:amd6417:13
SpamapSJoe1301: note that k.gtld-servers.net can be a-l .. I just chose k randomly17:13
andolJoe1301: Also, pointing ns1. and ns2. to the same ip kind of defeats the whole purpose.17:15
TheLordOfTimeRar9, did you install nginx?17:15
SpamapSRar9: probably a confused dpkg. perhaps try backing up the configs (all in /etc/nginx IIRC) and then installing the package manually (apt-get download nginx:amd64 ; dpkg -i nginx_*_amd64.deb)17:16
Rar9no I didn´t but I believe it cam with the Plesk Iso that I installed17:16
Rar9plesk 1117:16
Joe1301well godaddy wants 2 nameservers and I have only 1 ip17:16
SpamapSJoe1301: you should really find another server to be your #2. It *sucks* to not have DNS. :)17:16
SpamapSJoe1301: I've been using twisted4life for a few years, they're fine17:16
TheLordOfTimeRar9, eww plesk.17:17
SpamapSJoe1301: also, even better, why not just let professionals run your DNS?17:17
Rar9yes :-)17:17
TheLordOfTimeRar9, sudo apt-get install nginx-full17:17
TheLordOfTimedo that17:17
SpamapSJoe1301: godaddy's hosted DNS (which is free) is fine for all but the most demanding needs.17:17
maswanIf you want to run your own DNS, I strongly recommend reading DNS&Bind17:18
Rar9TheLordOfTime:  nginx-full : Depends: nginx-common (= 1.1.19-1ubuntu0.1) but it is not going to be installed17:18
Rar9E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).17:18
TheLordOfTimeRar9, your system is screwy17:18
TheLordOfTimedid i mention plesk needs to die?17:18
TheLordOfTimeRar9, sudo apt-get install nginx-full nginx-common17:19
* SpamapS actually prefers djbdns personally.. but has given in to the fact that BIND will always dominate :-P17:19
Joe1301godaddy only does dns with hosting Im not hosting17:19
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: plesk makes a lot of money for a lot of people. :p17:19
Rar9E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:19
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, you're saying GUI management of a server is decent?17:19
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, you and i need to argue in -offtopic about that then.17:19
SpamapSJoe1301: I have free DNS from godaddy and all I did was register the domain17:19
TheLordOfTimeRar9, pastebin the full output17:20
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: yes I'm saying GUI management of a server when it enables you to charge money and make a living, is excellent.17:20
TheLordOfTimejust giving me the error line sucks.17:20
TheLordOfTimes/sucks/isnt useful/17:20
* TheLordOfTime yawns17:20
TheLordOfTimei need coffee.17:20
* TheLordOfTime shall return17:20
Joe1301hmm Ill look into it17:21
Rar9TheLordOfTime http://pastebin.com/QFJ1dPTp17:21
TheLordOfTimethe hell is that17:21
qman__plesk breaking his system17:22
qman__because plesk is garbage17:22
TheLordOfTimewhat qman__ said17:22
TheLordOfTimethat's not even OFFICIAL17:22
TheLordOfTimeplesk broke it, dude.17:23
qman__they don't even try to fit within the structure of the operating system17:23
TheLordOfTimeRar9, plesk broke it, man, i can't help you with that one.17:23
TheLordOfTime... although i can fix this php5 FTBFS on my local builders.  that's the sixth time this week...  *diverts attention*17:24
SpamapSyeah if you're using plesk, you're using plesk's software, not Ubuntu's17:24
Rar9TheLordOfTime thanks :_(17:24
TheLordOfTimeand we can't help you there17:24
samba35RoyK: hi18:10
RoyKwhat's up?18:36
samba35how to use dmg to iso getting error ERROR: Inflation failed18:37
jeeves_mosswhat is the best way to externally log for routers?  I would like to set up a syslog server on a Linux box.18:41
patdk-lapheh? isn't that the best way?18:50
patdk-lapjust configure rsyslog to listen on udp (and maybe tcp), and then have your routers/firewalls/... stream to it18:50
samba35RoyK: r u there ?18:50
samba35or any idea on18:50
patdk-lappersonally that is what I do, but in my case rsyslog streams into mysql, and I use a webinterface to search/view it, also several scripts monitor it for stuff, like dos/attacks/...18:51
RoyK!ask | samba3518:51
ubottusamba35: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:51
qman__speaking of that, is there a good tool for viewing syslogs like that? every time I've set up syslog to one place it always gets too messy to be useful18:51
patdk-lapqman, splunk? logzilla? I'm not sure of any current free ones18:52
patdk-lapphp-syslog-ng was free, but it's old now, and not really performance friendly18:53
samba35when i tryed to convert dmg (apple) image to iso with dmg2img it give me error  "Error:inflation failed "18:53
qman__hmm, apparently php-syslog-ng became logzilla18:54
qman__this one looks alright: http://demo.phplogcon.org/index.php?filter=&search=Search&highlight=18:58
patdk-lapnot sure I have seen that one18:58
patdk-laplooks alittle raw19:01
RoyKqman__: seems virtualbox eats thos dmg's nicely without conversion19:02
patdk-lapsamba35 you mean19:02
RoyKyes, I do19:02
RoyKbut it sent me into an EFI console and failed to install19:04
phillwa very quick n00b question, if I may.. Why when updating a ubuntu server do I get the message that the linux-header-server, linux-image-server and linux-server are being held back?19:11
patdk-lapcause your not updating them :)19:13
patdk-lapupgrade only upgrades things that don't bring in new packages19:14
patdk-lapthose are new, so they are held back19:14
patdk-lapdist-upgrade brings in new stuff19:14
phillwpatdk-lap: So, as I'm running an 12.04 LTS server, it is pointing out that there is a 12.10 version available?19:15
patdk-lapphillw, just ignore that, unless you want 12.1019:15
phillwpatdk-lap: the people to whom the VM belongs (Tor) have asked it to run on 12.04 LTS :)19:16
phillwthanks for explaining :)19:17
qman__yeah, dist-upgrade is not a release upgrade19:18
TheLordOfTimephillw, you can always force those three to install, either with dist-upgrade or specifying sudo apt-get install [packges]19:19
TheLordOfTimeif it pulls in new packages though it holds back19:19
phillwTheLordOfTime: is there a gain to grabbing the kernel upgrades? I am allowed to reboot the Tor VM when it needs it, but as with servers.... I do prefer 'uptime'.19:31
patdk-lapuptime is highly overrated19:32
patdk-lapinstalling new kernels most of the time means patching root escalation issues19:32
patdk-lapso normally something you want to do19:32
phillwpatdk-lap: Oooh, when you have a server with hundreds of users, such as an znc-bouncer... they prefer uptime :P19:33
TheLordOfTimephillw, i don't bother updating the kernel on systems that need to be online.19:33
TheLordOfTimephillw, you know which system i'm talking about :P19:33
phillwTheLordOfTime: ^^ :P19:34
patdk-lapif there is no way a user can run code on the system, and your services are secure19:34
patdk-lapbut if the user can get their code to run on the system, I would be more paranoid of updating the kernel and libs19:35
qman__ksplice uptrack19:46
qman__no compromise, stay up and update at the same time19:46
phillwqman__: thanks, I'll have a look into that :)19:50
qman__oracle ruined the website but it's still free for ubuntu and fedora19:51
phillwqman__: I'm just reading the wiki page. Indeed oracle are trying moneterise a free system that is part of the system :) Next up, they'll be offerring paid for support for MySQL :D19:54
patdk-lapmysql has always offered payed support for mysql20:03
RoyKmysql is like "I want to be a RDBMS"20:04
RoyKpostgresql is a bit better ;)20:04
patdk-laproyk, use oracle sql instead then20:13
RoyKheh - oracle costs a wee bit more20:19
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jeeves_mosshow do I setup syslog so I can log my external routers, etc?20:47
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patdk-lapjeeves_moss, dunno, what syslog do you use?20:51
patdk-lapand did you attempt to read it's manual?20:51
RoyKjeeves_moss: modify /etc/rsyslog.conf to listen20:57
RoyKthen your routers can log to t20:57
RoyKthen your routers can log to it20:57
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