mrgtali1234, done. The one selected is x.org00:07
ali1234ok, that's the open source driver. it is often not very good :(00:08
mrgtali1234,  ah.. okay00:08
mrgtali1234, so should I select the other one?00:08
ali1234you probably want nvidia-experimental-310 if you are gaming00:09
ali1234it gives a performance boost over the nvidia-current00:09
ali1234but before you do anything you need to know how to recover from display failure00:09
mrgtali1234, okay00:11
ali1234well, i don't know how to do it on 12.10 because once again everything has been changed :(00:12
ali1234oh also you might need to install linux-headers-generic before installing the nvidia driver if that bug hasn't been fixed00:13
mrgtali1234, I hate Linux sometimes00:16
mrgtali1234, i think i'll leave it for tonight. thanks for the help00:18
ali1234does anyone have super brothers: sword & sworcery flac sound track? eg if you got it on humble bundle, you can download the sound track00:22
ali1234https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gstreamer0.10/+bug/1094581 if you do00:23
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1094581 in gstreamer0.10 (Ubuntu) "playback freezing with flac files" [Undecided,New]00:23
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ali1234hmm... scotch egg00:45
ali1234two scotch eggs in fact00:50
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daftykinsthat's a novel nick05:26
daftykinsalso hi05:26
daftykinswas it something i said :(05:35
directhexyou're clearly very offensive, daftykins06:30
daftykinsguess so :(06:30
directhexmornin'! you're up early06:30
daftykinsmorn :) yeah couldn't sleep06:30
daftykinsgotta look at that RAID with 4 of 8 disks gone funny today :)06:31
daftykinsgood lord Windows graphics drivers are insane these days06:31
daftykins170MB+ intel, 200MB+ nvidia06:31
daftykins(for an optimus laptop)06:31
directhexwonder how much of that is bundled deps06:32
directhexand how much is docs06:32
daftykinstoo true06:32
daftykinsi'm mostly updating 'cause i don't like seeing Windows Update offer them...06:32
directhexi mind windows update offering drivers, i don't mind steam offering them06:33
daftykinsSteam was a bit in-your-face about them last time i saw prompts06:33
directhexmaybe because i know the steam updates are legit upstream, and windows update drivers traditionally were "oops, did we forget opengl support? oops!"06:33
directhex"have some extra direct3d, it's much more tasty"06:34
daftykinsthat's my feeling, though it seems they're being good nowadays (possibly, i base this on nothing)06:34
directhexi think windows update is capable of just using upstream .exe installers - it does for MS keyboards/mice06:35
directhexbut i have distrust now06:35
directhexwhose fault is that distrust? MS!06:35
daftykinsthat must be why so much junk appears if you allow its' Logitech entry :D06:35
directhexi need a new kb&m06:35
daftykinsdirecthex: back to the grind today?06:35
directhexback on the 2nd06:36
directhexfeeling full of thai food, wondered if doing some exercise would help06:39
directhexthen got distracted by shiny computertron filled with fun things like orgies.06:40
daftykinslate night?06:41
directhexthe opposite! went to bed at about half nine, slept solid until the baby woke for a feed at half five06:41
directhexargh pins & needles argh06:50
daftykinshrmm i sense now is a good time to hunt down more Christmas supplies06:50
Azelphurhehe, I've been up all night playing detective :P06:52
Azelphurhunting down a scammer, which I have reason to believe lives within walking distance of me06:53
daftykinswhat kind Azelphur?06:54
Azelphurthe bitcoin kind :p06:54
Azelphurhe's been being naughty on the forums, and today on IRC he created an account with an extremely similar name to me, with what I can only assume is a goal of scamming people :p06:55
daftykinswellity wellity06:56
daftykinsalways someone out there trying to ruin someone elses day06:56
Azelphurthey say he's stolen upwards of £700 and legged it off the forums, now it seems like he's trying to pull a similar stunt on IRC, so I'm hunting :p06:57
daftykinswell, keep safe06:57
daftykinscould be an absolute nutcase!06:58
AzelphurI'm just interested in passing the info on to the victims so they can set the police on him, that's good enough for me06:58
daftykinsalways seems to happen when you're without tubes, eh?06:58
Azelphurindeed :P06:58
daftykinsbeer and sleep vs. stay up, hrmm06:59
daftykinsthat old chestnut.06:59
shingdayhoany of you used Arch linux before07:39
daftykinsah you return07:39
daftykinsnot me personally07:39
shingdayhofair enough07:39
shingdayhoyou okay dude07:39
daftykinsyeah not bad thanks, yourself?07:40
shingdayhoyeah not too bad dude, you doing an all nighter haha?07:40
daftykinstried to sleep, failed :)07:40
shingdayhohaha, i just didnt bother xD07:41
daftykins^_^ i used to do that, i get too weird the day after :>07:41
daftykinsplus i love sleep07:41
popeyi tried arch once07:46
popeythe installer was made from ground up crack, so I gave up07:47
shingdayhoyeah same, its very hard haha07:47
shingdayhoive tried like twice now, if one thing goes wrong you have to start over, its very difficult haha07:48
shingdayhoand meh be right, and me same, yesterday i slept for like 14 hours :|07:48
daftykinswhat things are wrong do you think?07:51
shingdayhowell I follow the instructions, but its always when setting up the hard drive I always mess it up haha07:55
shingdayhofirst time I got an error installing the GRUB BIOS07:55
shingdayhosecond I got an error when making a change to some file ( I cant remember what) and i got a super block error07:56
shingdayhomight give it a few hours and try again then and see how I get on!07:56
daftykinsah, sounds like partitioning woes07:57
shingdayhoas you need to build from the ground up you have to set keyboard, partition then create a Logocal volume management, resize and then shrink, then you need to link it to a volume group then make a change to a file, again I cant remember what exactly but then it fails07:59
daftykinsassuming you want LVM? :)07:59
shingdayhowell im pretty new to Arch so I was just following the instructions, didnt want to mess around with stuff I was entirely sure how to set up haha!07:59
shingdayhoyou been upto much this evening .. or should I say morning lol08:01
daftykinsSSD firmware update in my laptop, graphics driver update, just picked a pretty new wallpaper for my desktop XD08:01
daftykinsso not particularly :>08:02
daftykinsdebating either trying to grab an hour or two more sleep, before heading to someones house for some work08:02
shingdayhonice, Ive just upgraded my PC with an SSD, there so fast, contemplating getting one for my laptop too ... and funny you should say that as I have too! and meh, if i sleep it has to be for atleast 7-8 hours if i have/try get 1-2 hours i always over sleep lol08:04
daftykinsgotta keep those firmwares current!08:04
daftykinslaptop had just exhibited the bug where the SSD isn't detected on the SATA port for a while08:05
daftykinscrucial m4, with the 010G? firmware08:05
daftykinssomething like that version anywho08:05
shingdayhooh dear, well atleast its fixed!08:07
shingdayhoyou ever heard of TOR - hidden services?08:08
daftykinsthe onion router, yeah08:08
shingdayhoyou ever used it?08:09
shingdayhomy friend was telling me about it08:09
daftykinsi did once to allow Pandora to work, since it is/was locked down to US only08:09
daftykinsmmm depends what you want to use it for08:09
daftykinsit's not perfect, anyone can setup an 'endpoint' and start sniffing your traffic at the egress point08:10
daftykinsPandora was a music streaming + recommendation service08:10
shingdayhooh right fair enough, yeah I suppose, my friend was telling me how hackers use it and post their unblock codes for viruses they write n stuff like that, but its hugely illegal becuase the data is anonymous08:11
daftykinsi'd imagine a lot of bad stuff could use it ja!08:12
shingdayhoyeah ... ive also heard lots about that ...08:12
shingdayhonot stuff you want to or should dable with08:13
daftykinsi suspect you have to be a certain kind of person to enjoy wrecking someones day08:15
shingdayhoyeah lol08:15
shingdayhowhere abouts you from anyway bud?08:16
daftykinsGuernsey :)08:17
daftykinsand you?08:17
daftykinsmy parents rave about that place08:19
shingdayhoreally haha?08:19
daftykinsi figure it's just grew-up-and-raised-kids-trapped-on-an-island-for-years syndrome08:19
shingdayhoyeah, just looked its near jersey, ive got some friends there, must have a small population there xD08:20
daftykins65-70,000 :)08:20
shingdayhothats a lot more than I thought08:22
daftykinsit's pretty built-up as islands go08:22
shingdayhojersey doesnt have that much, I dont think ^o)08:22
daftykinsit's bigger, so a bit more :) that rock is like little-England08:23
daftykinsmine's like - the traditional experience (i.e. only thing to do is sea related or go to pubs :) )08:23
shingdayhoI would have thought like 10,000 max for an island that small and well that sounds like a win win situation :P08:23
daftykinsif the femmes weren't all seemingly nuts i'd agree :D08:24
shingdayhosorry about that I closed lid and it turned off xD08:40
daftykinswhoops :D08:40
daftykinsdefault power management options for the lose08:40
shingdayhoyeah haha08:43
daftykinsstill makes me giggle that you have to install third party software or 'hack' to stop Macs from sleeping when you close the lid08:45
daftykinsi can think of few more irritating actions laptops can make on their own08:45
shingdayholol really??08:46
shingdayhomacs are crap, ive never liked them08:46
daftykinsyep :) not in their settings at all08:46
daftykinswell, tbf there have been two OS releases since i last checked08:47
daftykinsgotta do an SSD upgrade on a friend of a friends macbook pro soon :>08:47
popeyi switched my mbp to ssd08:48
popeythe inside of a mbp is a beautiful thing08:49
daftykinsjust need to look for my T608:49
daftykinspopey: do you keep OS X on?08:49
daftykinswell, i'm assuming you put Ubuntu on08:49
daftykinsmacbook pro08:50
popeyit used to be mine, but I switched to a thinkpad08:50
popeygave the mbp to wifey, and put osx back on it08:50
popeyit basically only gets used for facebook and surfing08:50
shingdayhothats what generally every normal person does "social networking" lol08:50
daftykinspopey: aww08:51
daftykinsshingdayho: ugh don't remind me ;)08:51
shingdayhoi wont :P08:57
daftykinshrmm might be time to consider it a day after all09:07
daftykinsugh don't appear to own a T6 driver10:00
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:07
brobostigono/ MartijnVdS10:07
brobostigonheya daftykins10:07
daftykinsgm indeed10:10
directhexback to gameos for directhex10:32
daftykinsanyone recommend a UK hosting provider? would be handy if they dealt with .gg domains10:45
daftykinswebsite only10:45
daftykinsgotta head off, i'll have an away log on highlight11:00
dwatkinsdaftykins: I can't vouch for their quality, but this company are pretty cheap: http://annualvps.com/11:12
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kvarleyDoes anybody know of an open-source account management system? (Preferably PHP + MySQL) I'm looking to add incoming / outgoing payments and attach images to those transactions13:57
daubersI've come to the conclusion that I must be getting old. Christmas this year consisted of new slippers, gardening books and garden centre vouchers15:24
dogmatic69daubers: dodged the socks then?15:31
KrimZonDoes anyone know a workaround for laggy volume controls in ubuntu 12.04? When I press the multimedia keys on my eee pc to change volume there's a 5 second delay as though a small application is being loaded just to change volume.15:39
daubersdogmatic69: Apparently so!15:41
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AlanBellhttps://extensions.gnome.org/extension/564/amazon-shopping/ \o/21:27
czajkowskiAlanBell: and on github21:36
AlanBellczajkowski: yeah, most of that stuff is on github I could have put it on Launchpad but github renders readme files21:37
AlanBellkiller feature for me21:38
MartijnVdSwoohoo, hacked Aq's svg/javascript thingy :)21:41
MartijnVdSHis: http://kryogenix.org/days/2012/12/30/simple-svg-sparklines21:41
MartijnVdSMine: http://wolk.vandestreek.net/~martijn/sparkline.html21:41
MartijnVdSin case you need sparklines :)21:43
AlanBellvery nice21:47
MartijnVdSI have some ideas on how to use it at work :)21:48
czajkowskigord_: you alive! or have the cats eaten you and your crazy sweets21:55
dwatkinsin case anyone else was wondering, you can change the colour of the GNU Screen hardstatus/caption information within a script, I just answered a question on here 3.5 years after it was posed... http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/16429/how-can-you-change-the-gnu-screen-status-line-based-on-hostname/59892#5989222:10
shingdayhothats out of my depth of understanding as im fairly new to linux haha22:17
shingdayhodo any of you know the default process which handles the mouse22:26
shingdayhospecifically a laptop mouse?22:27
AlanBella touchpad you mean?22:27
AlanBellspecifically which laptop?22:27
shingdayhoAdvent Monza N322:27
shingdayhoand yes touchpad sorry22:27
AlanBellnot seeing anything specific for that one22:33
AlanBellshingdayho: have a read of this http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5290024&postcount=122:35
shingdayhoill have a look now :)22:35
shingdayhovery interesting, as im new to linux do you have any hints or tips or good websites to learn about linux and its capabilities etc22:36
AlanBelland maybe try adding i8042.noloop=1 to your boot parameters, you can do that by holding shift as you boot to get to the grub screen then I think e to edit the command line, then type i8042.noloop=1 then enter a few times to boot with that once22:37
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KrimZondoes anyone here use a midi editor in ubuntu 12.04?22:49
shingdayhocant say i do :/22:52
KrimZonI can't seem to find one that will play sound22:52
KrimZonwell... import a .mid, let me edit it and then play it22:53
KrimZondino and ardour fail at loading, rosegarden won't make any sound no matter how hard I hook it up to timidity22:54
KrimZonrosegarden also goes mental in unity trying to do stupid stuff with the window22:55
KrimZonaha, Muse behaves - and it can play midi without requiring Jack23:02
celestehhello, i just put 12.0.4 on my lenovo touch pad and was having major issues with ghost touches making the computer nearly unusable. I found a web page that claims to have the solution to the problem. it calls for fetching a tool via bzr, but bzr says it's an invalid url:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch/Calibration/Ntrig23:09
Azelphuranyone know a good mass renaming tool?23:21
AlanBellcelesteh: https://code.launchpad.net/~oif-team/oif/ntrig-calibrator23:34
AlanBelltry bzr branch lp:~oif-team/oif/ntrig-calibrator23:34
penguin42Azelphur: What do you want to rename to what?23:36
AlanBellutouch got renamed everywhere a while back23:37
celestehta, alanbell23:37
Azelphurvideo filenames in format Blah 1x2 to Blah S01E0223:37
penguin42Azelphur: So there all named blah.1x2 ?23:38
penguin42Azelphur: Oh that's EASY23:38
AzelphurI've been using pyrenamer up until now but it's not capable of recognising numbers23:38
penguin42Azelphur: for NAME in *.1x2; do  BASE=`basename $NAME`; mv $NAME $BASE.S01E02; done23:38
penguin42Azelphur: ;'s might be in the wrong place23:38
Azelphurlol, uhh23:39
penguin42not quite23:39
Azelphuryea, I didn't think that was right23:39
penguin42BASE=`basename .1x2`23:39
penguin42no let me rewrite that line23:39
Azelphuryour hardcoding the season and episode numbers, that makes no sense23:39
penguin42for NAME in *.1x2; do BASE=`basename $NAME .1x2`; mv $NAME $BASE.S01E02; done23:39
penguin42Azelphur: Oh, you mean they aren't all .1x2 ?23:39
Azelphurindeed, that was an example23:40
penguin42ok, try again - give me an example and state the *actual* format23:40
Azelphurpenguin42: I did, that's the format, if you go and read up on metadata, that's the examples they give you xD23:40
penguin42right, so it could be foo.3x6 that should become foo.S03E06 ?23:41
Azelphurbut,I don't want a one off script23:41
AzelphurI do a lot of renaming, I want a tool to make life easier23:41
penguin42hohum, I'd call the tool the previous script that you only have to make a tiny tweek to23:41
penguin42Azelphur: It should be doable with a shell script that can take a pair of regexp's23:52
Azelphurkrename does all the things :)23:52

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