MarkDudeHello peoples,00:11
akkhiya MarkDude00:12
* MarkDude is having a Pi event at his place tomorrow. Also with a BBQ00:12
MarkDudehello akk00:12
akkAlas 450 miles is too far for me to go for a Pi event, but maybe next time00:14
akkbut I'm hacking on pi code right now!00:14
MarkDudeRight on00:15
MarkDudeWe want to do this regularly00:15
MarkDudeAlso, keep an eye out for useful computer/laptop parts. Partimus haas some needs00:15
* MarkDude just had a machine donated to help Philippines venture (non-Partimus related)00:16
akkI have a desktop I want to give to Partimus, but haven't been able to sync up with pleia2 yet.00:17
akkIt's sitting in my garage.00:17
pleia2pennsylvania is cold, I want to go home :)06:07
philipballew39 here right now pleia206:56
pleia234 here06:57
pleia2ah, 32 now :) accounts for how it's flurrying06:58
pleia2I brought proper winter clothes though, so I'm good06:59
philipballewthe clothes you never wear in the city I guess07:01
philipballewglad to see the bot is doing good07:06
MarkDudePi day today18:46
akkIn the sense of the BBQ, you mean? (after staring at the date for a bit trying to find pi in it :)18:47
MarkDudeWell working with Pis and arm in general18:48
MarkDudeWhile I do some bbq for those doing more technical stuff18:48
akkI'll test my pi program that I wrote yesterday in honor of your BBQ.18:49
akk(I wrote it on my normal linux machine, haven't tried it on the pi yet.)18:49
MarkDudeThat works :)18:49
akkThat's a nice thing about the pi, you can test most things on any linux box.18:49
MarkDudeno doubt18:50

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