Ubikgotta love uverse :P01:11
netritioushello Vee118:22
Vee1Oh, hello!18:22
netritiousVee1: new to ubuntu or long time user?18:31
netritiousah good! people still install ubuntu :)18:32
cyberangerhey netritious18:34
netritioussup cyberanger18:34
netritiousholidays good to you this year cyberanger?18:35
cyberangernot much man, installed quantal last night, and alsa seems to either be broken, or I gotta do something new to get it going18:35
cyberanger(side note, I did a cli install, after a few tries added lubuntu packages)18:36
cyberangernetritious: oh, I had a very merry christmas, but I'm going to have a lousy new years in comparison18:36
netritiousthink I'll stick to LTS as usual. packages get stale, but stable, and security updates seem to keep flowing.18:37
netritiouscyberanger: why a lousy new years?18:37
netritiouslemme guess, you spent all your money and gave everything away b/c you thought the world would end 122112? :D18:37
cyberangerI know night shift on the one holiday where people try to stay up till new years will keep me unusually busy18:37
cyberangerand due to the traffic at walmart, I'll have the extra task of pretending to be a cart pusher too18:38
netritiousack...not as fun as it could be for sure18:38
cyberangerand in comparison, I had christmas eve as a Sal. Army bell ringer, and then I was off until friday night, off last night18:40
cyberangernow I work tonight until thursday morning18:40
netritiousgotta pay the bills, right?18:40
netritiouscyberanger: I've been reading up on TinyCore...pretty neat.18:41
cyberangerso that comparison really matters, It was a bad week before christmas, then barely there christmas week (I had an extra day off compared to most) and then two weeks that typically are big retail weeks (that's why our retail calendar has 2012 going into the middle of january)18:42
cyberangeryeah, but there are better ways to get them paid, and soon I'll be taking them18:43
cyberangeryeah, tinycore seems to be a great cross between openwrt & gentoo18:43
Vee1netritious: Sorry, I spaced out! Yeah, people still install ubuntu. I'm still trying to figure things out, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.18:43
cyberangersmall & compact, leaving you in total control18:44
cyberangerhey Vee118:44
netritiousexactly cyberanger18:44
Vee1Hello, cyberanger18:45
netritiousnp Vee1 :)18:45
netritiouscyberanger: installed tomato a few days ago...shibby version....works well on asus RT-N1618:45
netritiousVee1: I'm assuming you came from windows?18:46
Vee1netritious: Yes, I did.18:46
cyberangernice, I always liked tomato, seems there's been something lately that keeps me running dd-wrt or openwrt for myself18:46
cyberangerbut I still maintain a router for family with tomato, dead simple web-ui, but still has the higher end features18:47
cyberangernetritious: finally ran into a mac user that left for linux18:48
netritiouswow...that's rare cyberanger18:48
cyberangeryeah, between knoppix & his wallet, he realized linux was the better deal18:49
cyberangerhe thought he needed a newer machine, tried knoppix out of curousity (says he used live discs before, for work, but just ubcd & f-secure's rescue disc, stuff like that)18:50
netritiousapple designs some good hardware platforms, but I am no fan of mac osx18:51
netritiousI like mice with more than one button. my current mouse has 6 buttons, and I use them all18:51
cyberangerthat showed him that he didn't need to rush buying a new one, and it didn't need to be a more expensive mac, he just got a new lenovo with more hdd space and asked me what I run18:51
cyberangerso I guess he'll be trying kubuntu or debian with kde shortly18:51
cyberangerlol, I still don't like mice18:51
netritiousI guess it came from factory with winders :/18:52
cyberangeractually, ordered from the business end, no OS18:52
netritiousoh even better18:52
* netritious still runs windows18:52
netritiousbut I run a little of everything18:53
netritious'cept mac osx LOL18:53
cyberangerI threw Windows XP in a VM this week, had something moonlight didn't want to play, so I played it with silverlight & figure that out this week18:53
cyberangerI've run osx, but I've just gotten so used to having terminals out, the GUI isn't a feature to me18:54
cyberangerI have wound up running openbox more than I used to (I used to just run off a tty or two, then fire up the gui as needed)18:55
cyberangerbut really it's just for firefox, youtube videos & whatnot, and terminator is nicer than a bare tty18:56
cyberangernetritious: what do you favor these days, debian, ubuntu, kde, unity?18:56
netritiousanything debian based18:58
netritiousI prefer desktop because for a lot of things it's just faster for me18:59
netritiousbut I'm more than comfortable at the command line ;)18:59
cyberangernetritious: KDE, Gnome 3, XFCE18:59
netritiouseh they are all the same to me to be honest.18:59
cyberangertried LXDE yet?19:00
netritiousit's the programs installed that make a difference to me. right now I have gnome3 and unity19:00
netritiousa long time ago19:00
netritiousI've tried them all lol19:00
netritiousKDE seems "klunky" to me.19:00
netritiouscan't really put my finger on it, just the best description I have for it.19:01
cyberangerand yeah, I think that's why I went with Openbox, since it's grabbing & setting up everything, choosing what I want for a taskbar (tint2) wallpaper (nitrogen)19:01
cyberangerI mean, it's really that simplicity + flexability, everything else feels too much like a kit19:02
netritiousunity is pretty good, but I like traditional menus, not that lens crap, so end up using gnome alot19:02
cyberangerLXDE has come aways, really feels nice19:02
cyberangeryeah, unity is why (without really realizing it) I hadn't tried anything newer than maverick till this week (however, I've had customers whose servers were on LTS & will be migrated after the new year)19:04
netritiousI've also been researching voice input....not to much, but a little.19:04
netritiouson winders it's easy.19:05
netritiousand it works pretty dang well I might add.19:05
cyberangeryeah, festival is nice for tts, but I can't say I've tried any voice recognition on linux19:06
cyberangerI used dragon naturally speaking in 2003, worked extremely well, some of my classmates wouldn't have gotten as far in class without it19:07
netritiouscyberanger: I upgrade 8.04 -> 10.04 -> 12.04 in less than a day. works fine. (server, not desktop)19:07
cyberangersame here, except 10.04 -> testing or sid (depending on server) but customers I clone, stick on a VM or a dev VPS, then verify first19:08
cyberangeruptime matters19:08
netritiousyeah, dragon products are good.19:08
netritiousyeah, uptime is good.19:08
netritiousspeaking of uptime...I HATE COMCAST. But, whatever.19:09
cyberangerusually it's no big deal, but I stagger it two months to let others find bugs, then move it, nobody requested a faster migration this time, and between IT stuff, wal-mart & bell ringing, I decided early january was better than fighting one more project in bell ringing season19:09
netritiousFour-five hours just this morning. No warning. No notifications. And this is business class? pfft.19:09
netritiousyeah, good to plan ahead.19:10
cyberangeryeah, and I moved from charter in cleveland to comcast in athens (not a comcast customer yet, but it'll probally happen if I don't move first)19:11
cyberangernot planning on letting comcast be my only connection though19:11
netritiousit's not my only connection. ;)19:11
netritiousbut the other is basic basic basic dsl. waiting on ethernet over copper to come to my neighborhood.19:12
cyberangeryeah, but your still running stuff from home right? this is a potential consumer customer saying that about them ;-)19:13
netritiousmy stuff is for customers, but it's dev. so the context is different, sure. customer's production sites are all on aws now.19:14
netritiousI also have a business account with host gator. good for testing.19:14
cyberangerwhearas, I keep stuff in Linode, I have an arrangement with a Chattanooga & a Nashville data center, gets me a discount for colo, but I've not yet done that19:16
cyberangerso anything here can stay celluar even, since I can snag a linode VPS or an ec2 to test with too easily19:17
cyberangerbut I do want more bandwidth & a static IP ideally19:17
cyberangerso I will likely wind up on at least dsl sson19:18
cyberangererr soon*19:18
netritiousyeah, bandwidth is good.19:19
cyberangerwell, it's actually the static IP I'm really after, I can't run dns off dynamic without a workaround that's messy19:21
cyberangerbut bandwidth will be nice too19:21
netritiousfree static for a year with aws?19:35
cyberangerwell, I can't have aws into my home19:37
cyberangerI've got plenty of static ip's via linode & peer1, it's just not to the apartment19:38
netritiouswhy do you want to run dns at your home?19:38
netritious*a dns server19:38
netritiousa dns forwarder I get, and pretty sure you use one being /all up in some networking/ lol19:40
cyberangerwell, between the authoritive server (I can run that on dynamic, but it's messy) and running some opennic t2 servers already19:46
cyberangerthe t1 server is the only thing I'm not currently running, and I want to run that one at home19:46
cyberangerand that needs to be static ideally19:47
cyberangerthen just the fact that it's a bigger hassle to get than it is to keep, if I'm setting up new service, might as well19:55
cyberangernetritious: there is some other advantages, but I'm looking at it as that, getting it is the hardest part, cost isn't much of an increase, and it avoids a sloppy workaround for dns nameservers20:19

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