JanCCheri703: open side is on the left of the connector here (at least on the front panel, I didn't check the back panel as that would require me to shut down the PC and do a lot of work disconnecting/reconnecting cables etc.)21:38
Cheri703JanC: thanks21:38
Cheri703I think I've worked out a way that I won't have to worry about it much21:39
Cheri703I was going to be attaching something to the side of a usb device, and worried about interference21:39
Cheri703but I think I can attach to the end instead21:39
JanCI'm a bit curious about why you needed that?  ☺21:39
Cheri703getting ready to assemble a necklace from a microSD usb adapter.21:39
JanCI doubt interference is very relevant there, the connectors are on the inside21:40
Cheri703interference re: running into sides/other things plugged in21:40
JanCthe data lines are between the 2 "blocked sides"21:41
Cheri703I know21:41
JanCso the distance is the same to either side21:41
Cheri703I mean as far as if I have something sticking off the side of the outside, if I have it on the "top" as it is plugged in one way, it would be on the "bottom" as it is plugged in another way. depending on which way it is, some computers have a lip or other things plugged in on one side or the other21:42
Cheri703(also totally didn't realize I'd posted this in -project, had meant to put it in the normal room, whoops)21:42
JanCah, you mean physical interference, not electrical21:43
JanCsorry, I did have some issues with electrical interference between USB connectors & other connectors at the back of my PC  ☺21:44
JanCso that was the first thing I thought about21:45
Cheri703ah, ok21:45
JanCmy on-board ethernet gets all wonky (1 Gbit ethernet degrading to 10 Mbit) when I have all (or maybe certain?) USB ports in use21:47
JanCfortunately PCIE ethernet adapters are cheap  ☺21:48
Cheri703heh, yeah21:49
Cheri703I have to go test some epoxy, but thanks for the input!21:50

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