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Kilosmorning all06:59
Cantidewb Kilos 10:06
Kiloshi Cantide ty10:06
CantideCanStudy is AWOL10:06
Cantidebut now i don't know what to do with myself10:07
Cantideit's also too hot to do anything -.-10:08
Kilosyeah is a bit warm today10:08
Cantidei could a) clean my room b) do some programming c) do nothing10:08
Cantideright now i am doing c :)10:08
WrazLast night i got abit too drunk10:29
Wrazi woke up10:29
Wrazi shouldnt of driven hom in that state10:29
Wraznow i have to get a new tyre10:29
WrazI dont remember much.10:30
WrazI think it was a good night though.10:30
Wrazbut I really should not drink that much. ;-)10:30
WrazI was kind of sad last night though, so i needed cheering up.10:31
WrazI think i spent like 120 ounds too10:31
Wrazmeh :)10:31
charl_good afternoon16:22
charl_Maaz: coffee on16:22
* Maaz puts the kettle on16:22
Kiloshi charl_ 16:22
KilosMaaz, coffee please16:22
MaazKilos: Sure16:22
KilosMaaz, large16:22
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos16:22
charl_hi Kilos 16:23
charl_lol a beer mug full of coffee16:23
charl_i tried out my new coffee machine today but i forgot to buy coffee pads yesterday so i just did a "test run" with some clean water16:24
charl_coffee filters i mean16:24
Kilosdid you enjoy it16:24
charl_lol no the clean water i just threw away16:25
charl_but it's a good idea to wear the machine in because a lot of it is a type of plastic16:26
Kiloswhat a waste you shoulda added some sugar and instant coffee16:26
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!16:26
KilosMaaz, ty16:26
MaazYou are welcome Kilos16:26
charl_lol no instant coffee is gross16:26
charl_Maaz: thanks16:26
Maazcharl_: No problem16:26
charl_i actually have a nice pot though, it's not a glass pot but a thermoflask type pot16:27
charl_so it keeps the coffee warm for a long time16:27
Kilosah 16:27
charl_i can make a few cups at a time and enjoy it during the morning16:27
charl_up until thus far i've been using senseo which is a coffee pad system16:28
charl_but i don't like the coffee that comes in the pads16:28
charl_it's not good coffee16:28
charl_it's handy though because you can make fresh coffee one cup at a time16:28
Kilosdont you get nescafee classic and gold there16:29
Kilosthats lekker instant coffee16:29
charl_yes we get nescafe but it's gross16:29
charl_or i don't like it, in any case16:29
Kilosnot the cheap one man16:29
charl_dunno i've tried a few ones but they all seem to be pretty bad16:30
charl_there is actually one nescafe product which isn't too bad16:30
charl_it's called dolce gusto16:30
charl_you have to buy these little cups and a special machine16:31
Kiloswe get ricoffy which is better than any other brand and then the expensive ones that are just as good as perculated without the hassle16:31
charl_but they are rather expensive - for about 10 you pay 3 euro16:31
charl_actually i guess 0.30 cent per cup isn't that bad if you don't drink too much coffee16:32
charl_thing i don't like about instant coffee is they usually throw sugars and other nonsense in there as well16:33
charl_so you end up drinking a brew of artificial ingredients16:33
charl_maltodextrin and what else16:33
Kilosoh no we get coffee in glass bottles or tins the cheaper brands16:33
Kilosza still has advantages over you euro peeps16:34
charl_in south africa i used to buy bags of coffee the same as here but it was quite expensive down there16:35
charl_i would pay 2x as much for the same amount of coffee than what i do here16:35
charl_just usual filter coffee i mean16:35
Kilosgood coffee is expensive here16:35
charl_yeah i wonder why that is, considering africa makes some of the best coffee :)16:36
charl_when i used to visit kenya i used to drink really good kenyan coffee and it's cheap there16:36
charl_but if you buy it anywhere else in the world it's some of the most expensive stuff16:36
charl_the tea is also extremely good in kenya16:36
Kilosya up there they grow the stuff, not here16:36
charl_yeah south africa has wine and hop16:36
charl_grapes and hop i mean16:37
charl_ok dinner time for me16:39
superflyif I'm making real coffee, I grind the beans myself. ground coffee from the shops is stale16:39
Kilosbecause it just stands there because of the price superfly 16:40
Kilosonly cheap stuff moves16:40
superflyKilos: it's stale after an hour16:41
Kilosand you drink it16:41
Kilosi even enjoy ricoffy now and again16:47
Kiloshey Squirm 17:17
superflyKilos: I drink ricoffy most of the time, real coffee is very expensive17:20
Kilosah ricoffy is nice too17:21
Kilosanother nice one was encore but also got epensive17:22
Kilossuperfly, is there a way to resolve that conflict. i still get that same output17:29
Kiloswill uncommenting that line let one change it17:30
Kiloshey magespawn i can ssh the server17:30
Kiloscan install etc from here but in cli only. spose thats right17:31
superflyKilos: did you restart your networking like I told you to?17:32
Kilosyessir but from the server17:32
Kilosdont work from here17:32
Kilosalso rebooted17:32
superflyI told you, you have to run it on the server - it won't work from ssh17:33
Kilosyip i did it17:34
superflydid you save that file like I told you to?17:34
Kilosbut still no internet17:34
Kilosthe nano one?17:34
superflyKilos: you have internet, you just don't have DNS 17:34
Kilosctrl o enter yes17:35
superflyKilos: did you do it on the right computer?17:35
Kilosoh my17:36
Squirmanother nice day at the dam :)17:36
Kiloscant find that command now. superfly  was it sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf ?17:40
Kilosor another file17:41
Kilosi know in nm i did the in dns17:42
superflysudo nano /etc/network/interfaces 17:42
Kiloson this pc hey?17:43
superflyno on the server17:43
Kilosok i go see ty17:43
charl_ok back17:44
charl_superfly: that's a good idea generally speaking but i rarely have that much time in the morning ;)17:44
charl_maybe over a weekend or so17:44
charl_but during the week i just buy it pre-ground17:44
Kilosyeah i did it there superfly 17:45
Kilos now i did sudo ifdown eth1 and sudo ifup eth1 on the server17:50
superflyKilos: did it change anything?17:58
Kilosi dont know what to look for. superfly 17:59
Kilosit can still ping
* smile2013 pings Kilos18:00
Kilossmile2013, pong18:00
Kilosbut cant ping www.google.com18:01
Kilosunknown host www.google.com18:01
smile2013Kilos: your DNS doesn't work :p18:02
* Kilos cries18:02
Kilosdunno if i must ssh from here first18:02
smile2013I don't know too18:06
Kilosits a prob that can only be sorted by very clever peeps18:07
Kilosexperienced peeps18:07
magespawnHey Kilos18:10
Kiloshey magespawn 18:10
charl_hi smile2013 18:10
charl_how's it going?18:10
magespawnStill struggling with the dns18:11
magespawnHey charl_  smile201318:11
charl_hi magespawn 18:12
smile2013hi charl_ & magespawn :)18:12
smile2013charl_: fine :D18:13
smile2013you? :)18:13
Kilosyeah magespawn 18:13
charl_can't complain thanks18:13
* smile2013 neither can18:13
charl_the fireworks are cracking outside but it's very silent compared to last year18:13
Kilosi can actually install from here if i put the cd in there and cli from here18:13
charl_we have an incredible south-westerly wind here though18:13
charl_and it's raining18:13
smile2013I was able to shrink the installer size from 6,5 to 5,5 megabyte :)18:13
smile2013Removed some unneeded features :p18:14
charl_installer of?18:14
smile2013a custom chatzilla version :D18:15
smile2013specially made for #hugsmile :)18:15
smile2013autojoins the channel :p18:15
smile2013and hides some components of chatzilla18:15
smile2013to simplify its interface for newbies 18:15
charl_sounds cool18:15
smile2013charl_: I will be soon releasing 3.0 :)18:16
charl_i have been working on something irc related myself for a while just for fun18:18
smile2013only for windows :'(18:18
smile2013but should run on wine fine :)18:18
charl_a bot that gathers information about any given url and sends a message back to the channel18:18
smile2013cool. :p18:19
charl_the latest code is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1479505/18:19
charl_they have something similar in #ubuntu-de18:19
smile2013like maaz? :p18:20
Kilosan ibid?18:20
charl_nah very different18:20
charl_maaz is more general purpose18:20
KilosMaaz, is a cool bot18:21
MaazKilos: Excuse me?18:21
charl_maaz makes us coffee :)18:21
Maazcharl_: *blink*18:21
charl_he's the maid of this channel18:21
charl_or perhaps the butler :)18:21
charl_Maaz: you're our butler right?18:21
Maazcharl_: *blink*18:21
smile2013charl_: he confirms :p18:21
KilosMaaz, is a cool bot18:21
MaazOh I know!18:21
smile2013if this world runs out of lovers, we still have each other, Maaz :)18:22
smile2013he ignores me :p18:22
smile2013(..searching.. no pattern found in databases -> blink?)18:22
Kilostell him you love him18:22
smile2013Maaz: I still love you18:23
Maazsmile2013: Excuse me?18:23
Kilosnot still man18:23
smile2013Maaz: Do you want to marry me? :D18:23
Maazsmile2013: Excuse me?18:23
smile2013Maaz: I love you18:23
Maazsmile2013 Don't embarrass youself. You aren't a cyber chick18:23
smile2013do you love Maaz too, Kilos ? :p18:23
Kilosyeah he has helped me often because i hate googling18:24
* smile2013 does !g keyword if he wants to google something18:25
charl_the temperature of the climate in this channel has just risen with 5 degrees :)18:25
smile2013My default search engine is duckduckgo :)18:25
smile2013charl_: cool. How warm is it here now? :)18:25
charl_if it's a south african channel probably 40 now :)18:26
Kiloswe were 33°c today and its just started storming18:27
Kilosbut not cooled down yet18:28
charl_when it gets 30 here i almost feel like dying :)18:28
charl_i run into the forest, there it's nice and cool18:28
charl_i used to live right on the edge of the forest, now it's a bit further away18:29
Kilosthere by mage they often have 40°c and up some18:29
smile2013charl_: too hot ;)18:29
charl_you wanna kill me :)18:32
charl_actually i have had that before in botswana18:32
charl_but the benefit is it is very dry in the desert18:32
smile2013http://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rekonq&diff=34183926&oldid=33978752 :)18:34
charl_i need to move back to kde18:40
charl_i keep getting crashes in gnome318:40
charl_i held out for long enough but am getting tired now18:40
charl_it's a pity because outside of stability issues gnome3 is pretty cool18:40
smile2013charl_: you use GNOME 3? :o18:44
smile2013I gave up once I knew about it xD18:45
smile2013I was on LXDE at that time18:45
smile2013I just changed to Enlightenment and that's where I'm still today. :)18:45
Squirmusing xfce on my netbook(not bad) and just mint mate on my desktop and work machine18:47
Squirmwell, xubuntu on my netbook18:47
charl_i've tried lxde and generally speaking it's quite nice18:48
charl_i didn't like the terminal emulator though18:48
charl_i think it didn't have enough keyboard shortcuts18:48
charl_but the benefit of using linux is that you can easily switch out different components if you want18:48
Squirmit was a little lightweight for me, but I understand it does it's job well18:48
Squirmsakura isn't a bad emulator18:48
charl_so for example you could just switch out lxde's terminal emulator with xfce's18:48
charl_sakura... can't say i've used it18:49
charl_sounds like a japanese name18:49
smile2013charl_: I like lxterminal, just because it's so minimal :p18:51
smile2013I disliked the tab feature, however18:51
smile2013and I've just hidden it :p18:52
Squirmto each their own - when it comes to linux18:52
charl_yeah exactly, the tabs didn't work well for me, but if i remember correctly there were more18:52
charl_Squirm: yeah that's why i like linux18:53
smile2013charl_: do you speak Afrikaans good enough? :p18:54
* Squirm runs18:54
smile2013Squirm: :o18:55
magespawnman that took awhile to connect properly19:11
Kiloswb magespawn 19:11
magespawnKilos did you get the dns sorted?19:12
Kilosnope magespawn 19:12
Kilosstill dont work19:12
Kiloswhat i dont savvy is why19:13
Kiloswhy can it ping but not www.google.com or co.za19:13
magespawnit can ping an ip but not the address because dns takes the word address and translates it into the ip number for the computer19:14
magespawnhold on a second19:14
magespawntry to ping
* Kilos holds19:16
Kilosmagespawn, i can ping it from here with ssh runing19:18
Squirmseems to be a dns thing19:18
Squirmif you can ping an IP and not a domain name, I blame dns19:19
Kilosso i see slowP4 in cli not P4 which is this one19:19
magespawndefinately dns like superfly said, but why is the question.19:19
Kilosya but the fly got me to set dns servers to and in nm19:19
Kilosso i dunno19:20
SquirmKilos: I know you've been through this, what what was in resolv.conf?19:20
Kilosbut i still get that resolv.conf error19:20
superflySquirm: ^^19:20
magespawncharl_: i just read the logs about your bot program19:21
Kilosty superfly i woulda had to run it again to see19:21
magespawnare going to open source it?19:21
magespawnbut that is a loop back address19:21
superflymagespawn: yes19:22
superflyKilos: what is eth0 if you have eth1 ?19:22
Squirmsuperfly: wouldn't "nameserver" in resolv.conf work?19:22
Kilosthis nm shows as eth0 but any command with eth0 doesnt work19:23
superflySquirm: not if it is overwritten every time a nic changes19:23
superflyKilos: forget the computer you're on, it has no problems19:23
superflyKilos: don't even compare the two, cause that's where you start getting confused19:23
Kilosoh isnt it this nm thats doing wrong things19:23
superflyKilos: who said it was?19:24
Kilosit used to show mac address but empty now too19:24
Kiloswell thats where i set ips and so isnt it19:24
Kilosand the server needs to follow whats setup in this nm19:25
Kilosso they are linked to the prob, not so?19:26
Squirmsuperfly: if the interface is set to dhcp, maybe it writes over the resolv.conf?19:27
superflySquirm: it isn't19:27
superflyit's hard-coded19:27
superflyKilos: since when does the server have to know what's in your computer's NM?19:28
Kiloswell it has to be forwarded with nat through
Kilosnot so19:28
superflyKilos: that has nothing to do with NM19:29
Squirmsuperfly: I don't know if you can edit the /etc/resolv.conf, maybe you have to edit something like /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head19:29
SquirmI seem to remember having to do that on my ltsp clients19:29
superflySquirm: apparently if you just set the dns-nameservers value in /etc/network/interfaces under the correct interface, it will set resolv.conf19:30
smile2013see ya! :D19:30
smile2013thanks for helping, Kilos :)19:30
Kilostoods smile2013 19:30
Squirmbye smile2013 19:30
superflyKilos: in ssh, cat /etc/network/interfaces and then copy and paste the text from your terminal into pastebin19:30
smile2013good night, Squirm & Kilos & super19:30
superflynight smile201319:31
smile2013thanks :)19:31
charl_magespawn: it's just a little script but as far as i'm concerned it's public property19:33
charl_public domain i mean19:33
magespawni just thought it might be good to involve others19:33
charl_magespawn: if somebody wants to, i think it would be a great idea to create a proper project out of it19:34
charl_magespawn: but i don't just want to create yet another one-man project19:35
magespawni see19:35
charl_magespawn: it could be interesting, i had some ideas of scraping for microformats etc as well19:35
magespawnwhat language are you writing in?19:35
charl_just java at the moment19:35
charl_i use some libraries like jsoup that are also java so it's the easiest19:36
Kilossuperfly, http://slexy.org/view/s2EFjMIOp719:36
superflyKilos: I saw that, it looks fine19:36
magespawni unfortunately do not know that much yet i am just learning python19:36
Squirmi see it would only work with resolvconf19:37
SquirmI coded mine into the /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head19:37
Squirmso when it updates, it updates with the head and the base. so no matter what the other nameservers are, it'll always be there19:37
Kiloshehe when the server screen goes off everytime i wiggle the mouse then only twig its keyboard only19:39
charl_nn all19:40
Kilosnight charl_ 19:40
magespawnas an side question, where would a wireless network connection show u?19:41
Squirmmagespawn: /etc/network/interface19:41
Squirmthough on my netbook it isn't19:42
Squirmmaybe nm takes over completely19:42
Squirmmy ethernet port doesn;t show either19:43
* Squirm blames nm19:43
Squirmmagespawn: mine looks the same. see, no ethernet19:43
KilosSquirm, its interfaces19:43
Squirmso I blame nm19:43
SquirmKilos: it gets set there if you don't have a network manager19:44
Kilosoh my19:44
Kilosnever ends19:44
Squirmwhich is what you're doing on your server19:44
superflySquirm: network manager does not exist on the server, so it has nothing to do with the problem19:44
magespawnnetwork manager only in the gui?19:44
Squirmsuperfly: not saying it does, I know it isn't the issue. just answering magespawn 19:45
superflymagespawn: on desktop systems network manager controls the interfaces19:45
magespawnahh right that is why the difference19:46
SquirmKilos: in ssh, please give this a try19:47
Squirmecho "nameserver" >> /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head19:47
Squirmthen restart networking19:48
superflySquirm: that won't work19:48
magespawnthis is from my server http://slexy.org/view/s20X8qEzZg19:48
Squirmsuperfly: why's that?19:48
superflySquirm: he's not root19:48
Kilosi went root superfly 19:48
superflymagespawn: your eth1 interface is configured to use DHCP19:49
superflyKilos: bad idea19:49
superflyalways sudo19:49
Kilosthose other 3 commands only work from root19:49
magespawnindeed it is superfly from the adsl router19:49
Kilosyou member those other 3?19:49
magespawnis also takes the dns from there19:49
Kilosiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o ppp+ -j MASQUERADE19:50
Kiloslike that sudo dont work19:50
superflyKilos: right, the ones you use because you removed the firewall software ... let's leave it at that19:51
SquirmKilos: then, sudo nano /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head19:52
Kiloscan ping www.google.com from ssh19:52
Squirmand add19:52
Squirmif you ran that echo command, it'd do the same thing19:53
Squirmbut wait19:53
Squirmif you can ping google19:53
Squirmthen you don't need to do anything else19:53
Kilosi did the echo one19:53
Kiloslemme try update19:53
Kilosyay no more something wicked happening19:54
Squirmthe head and base file in the resolvconf dir always get added to the /etc/resolv.conf19:54
Squirmso it's basically a resolvconf workaround19:55
SquirmI don't think I like resolvconf19:55
Kilosthis is so lekker runing update from here on other pc19:55
Squirmssh ftw19:55
Kilosnow i can make that a mail server too hey?19:55
SquirmI use ssh and sftp everyday19:55
magespawnnot such a good idea that 19:56
SquirmI wouldn't suggest running a mailserver on 3G :P19:56
Squirmcause if your 3G is off, mail won't be delivered19:57
Kilosoh ya i see19:57
Kilosnot like gmail stores them till evo fetches19:57
Kilosty superfly Squirm i very happy now19:57
Squirmso if I send you an email and my server can;t contact yours, it'll be undelivered19:58
Squirmwe recently got a dyndns mail backup account19:58
Squirmstupid power/internet issues we have at work...19:58
Squirmhosting your own servers can be a bit of a pain19:59
Squirm(when the environment can be unstable)19:59
Kilosso this whole prob was around the resolvconf thing20:00
Squirmtwice this year, we've had 4/5 days without electricity20:00
Squirmthat means no email is delivered, website is down20:00
Kiloswhy do they make it to that other ip20:00
SquirmKilos: I think it was resolvconf20:00
Squirmout of airtime20:01
Kilosthe fly said so days ago20:01
Squirmand it's the 30th :/20:01
Kilosaw and you gotta wait till the first20:01
Kilosgo swimming all day tomorrow20:02
Kilosand night20:02
* Squirm just tops up with R1220:03
Kilosgood lad20:03
magespawnif i do ifconfig -a i get a list of interfaces20:03
magespawnwhat is pan020:03
Squirmwell, I know pan stands for personal are network20:03
Squirmiirc, something like bluetooth20:04
magespawnahh yes the bluetooth20:04
magespawnthat is why the other laptop does not have it20:04
Kilosaw i gotta go turn off the cdrom there now20:06
Kilosin sources20:06
SquirmKilos: put a # in front of the lines in /etc/apt/sources.list20:07
Kilosok ty Squirm 20:07
Squirmso don't delete the lines, you might want to use them later20:07
SquirmI think it's time for a cold shower - then bed20:07
Kilosok it actually complained that it was looking at cdrom twice20:07
Kilosnight Squirm sleep tight20:08
magespawnnight Squirm20:08
Squirmmight be back in 1020:08
magespawnthats cool too20:08
Kilosi could also use that cdrom to install a gui or any software from ubuntu there too methinks20:09
* Kilos waits for bombs20:10
SquirmKilos: if you put an ubuntu desktop cd in, you could20:10
Kilosvery cool idea that20:10
Kilosbut lemme get used to playing with another pc from here first20:11
Squirmif it's the same release20:11
Kilosya i havent gone  12.10 anywhere yet20:11
Squirmaptoncd is quite nice20:11
Squirmhaven't used it for a few years though20:11
Kilosdont work anymore20:11
Kilosworked well on maverick. opened in synaptic20:12
Kiloshere it doesnt anymore20:12
Squirmoh yes, shower20:12
Kilosyou gotta go to each package and use gdebi20:12
magespawnKilos if you can ssh into the server machine then you can run it from this machine20:12
magespawnno need for a gui20:13
Kilosi have just run sudo apt-get update from here magespawn 20:13
Kilosvery cool20:13
Kiloscan throw away that screen and mouse20:13
Kilosdo you ever need to ssh from there20:14
magespawnwell there are somethings that can only be done on that machine like if ifup and ifdown20:14
Kilosbut i can give it a tiny old screen hey?20:15
Kilosfrom my old 48620:15
Kilositys only cli20:15
Kilosthen i can start working on ians pc with the server screen20:17
Kiloscan you ssh to winsucks pcs too20:18
magespawnKilos you there?20:20
Kiloswb mrs_fly superfly magespawn 20:20
superflygee, thanks Freenode20:20
Kilossimeon, too20:20
Kilos70 packages to upgrade magespawn 20:20
KilosNeed to get 259 kB/97,0 MB of archives.20:21
Kilosi love rsync of archives20:21
Kilossaves a fortune in airtime20:22
KilosInstalling new version of config file /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/000resolvconf ...20:26
KilosInstalling new version of config file /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/000resolvconf ...20:26
Kilosmaybe my probs were because it wasnt updated yet20:27
Kilosi must be like smile now and send hugs to superfly Squirm and magespawn 20:28
Kilosthanks so much guys20:28
magespawnnp just chatting and learning20:31
Kilosya but to me its worth so much20:31
magespawnKilos you want to try something else?20:31
Kiloshope i dont have to bother the fly20:32
magespawncan you ping gnc.no-ip.biz?20:32
Kilosfrom server?20:32
magespawnfrom either machine20:32
Kilosoh ya i forget ssh20:32
superflymagespawn: I use afraid.org20:33
Kilosdoesnt look like it20:33
magespawnare they good superfly?20:33
superflymagespawn: forgot what I used to set it to work automatically (maybe it's part of Arno's, I can't remember)20:33
superflymagespawn: from what I've heard, yes20:34
superflymagespawn: and then you use cnames like crazy20:34
magespawntry from the desktop Kilos20:34
Squirmso much better20:35
Kilos64 bytes from 41-133-67-185.dsl.mweb.co.za ( icmp_req=4 ttl=53 time=156 ms20:35
Kilosworks fro  here20:35
Kilossee now we start again. why not from server too20:35
magespawnwhat is your email? msdomdonner@gmail.com?20:35
magespawnokay sending you a mail20:36
magespawncheck the email20:37
magespawn"ssh kilos@gnc.no-ip.biz"20:38
magespawnsuperfly i got the ddclient to work20:40
Squirmhah! sun never got a hold of me today, spf40 did the trick :) along with shade20:41
Kilosmagespawn, Permission denied (publickey,password).20:41
magespawncool Squirm20:41
Kilosit ran that keything again and i typed yes20:41
magespawnshould allow you access with the password in the email20:41
Kilosdont accept password20:41
magespawnhmmm maybe did something wrong then20:42
Kiloscool its not just me20:42
Squirmproblem with mobile internet, is I could never ssh into the box behind it20:42
Kilosexplain that nicely Squirm 20:43
Kilosyou mean via internet20:44
Squirmas an example. I probably won't be able to ssh into your pc20:44
Squirmvia the net20:44
superflyAnyone seen adverts for a movie called "Adventures in Zambezia" ?20:44
Squirmsuperfly: no20:45
Kiloson idiot boxes superfly ?20:45
superflyKilos: in cinema, it came out on Friday20:45
Kilosoh still new20:45
superflyactually old -_-20:45
* superfly has been waiting for more than a year to see it20:46
Kilosnot on tv yet i mean20:46
superflyKilos: no, nowhere near TV yet20:46
Kiloswill be on mnet soon i think20:46
Kilosthey get it first20:46
superflyKilos: only once Sony has released the rights20:46
magespawnSquirm you would some how need to forward the port20:46
magespawnnot sure how/if possible on a dongle20:47
Kilosi can give you  lotsa info on that Squirm 20:47
Squirmmagespawn: yep. and you can;t exactly ask your mobile provider to do that for you20:47
superflyKilos: it's a movie that some of my friends made20:47
Squirmmagespawn: it's on the providers side. you kind of connect to their router20:47
Kilosabout superfly ?20:47
superflySquirm: ssh out or ssh in?20:47
Squirmsuperfly: in20:47
superflyKilos: a hawk named Kai who goes to live in a bird city called Zambezia20:47
magespawnmight be able to if you had a mobile router20:47
superflySquirm: which SP?20:48
superflySquirm: you need to register for the Unrestricted APN20:48
Squirmdoes it cost?20:48
superflyno, you just need to sign an application form and fax or e-mail it back to them20:49
Squirmthat's quite cool. don't really have need of it anymore. but that's useful info20:49
Kilosyou fone them to do that superfly ?20:49
superflymore of an indemnity form than an application form...20:49
Kilosill ask 8ta tomorrow20:49
Kilosif i member. its way past my bedtime but was a successful day so im happy20:51
Kilosmagespawn, you fixed it yet?20:51
Squirmah, 11 already20:52
magespawnno yet Kilos20:52
Squirmforgot to go to bed early20:52
Kilosoh maybe i gotta get unrestricted first20:52
Squirmmight not sleep tomorrow night20:52
Kiloslol @ Squirm 20:52
Squirmnight all20:53
Kilosnight Squirm 20:54
Kilossleep tight20:54
Kiloswhew bad end to year we min here20:59
Kilostoo many peeps on holiday21:00
inetproKilos: wat's fout?21:02
Kilosek kan server ssh en updtae/upgrade21:02
Kilosnaand boetie21:02
Kilosniks fout nie21:02
inetprogoeie dag oom21:03
Kiloswas n resolvconf prob21:03
magespawntry now Kilos21:04
inetproKilos: maar dit is 23:04 en jy steeds wakker21:04
Kilosja man ek is te bly om te slaap21:05
magespawnhey inetpro21:05
inetprogood morning magespawn21:05
magespawnyou somewhere else?21:06
inetpromagespawn: no not really21:06
KilosPermission denied, please try again.21:06
Kiloshe just sleeps and works funny hours magespawn 21:06
magespawnhmm wonder what is not right21:06
* inetpro just woke up in the #ubuntu-za house21:06
magespawni see21:07
Kiloswaits till family is asleep then sneaks to pc21:07
inetproKilos: exactly21:07
Kiloswith sound off21:08
magespawnKilos looks like the experiment will have to wait till tomorrow 21:10
magespawnlike most ppl with family21:11
magespawni need to restart my ssh server which is a bit hard to do over ssh21:13
Kilosnp magespawn 21:14
Kilosgood idea to sleep some methinks21:14
Kilosnight all of you and ty again21:14
magespawnnight Kilos21:14
magespawni am also off, night all21:18
superflyLadies and gents, I think it is time for my afternoon nap. Good day to you all.22:08

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