lequeu_mmbrownnyc:Yes, i can do it with sed, but i can't find the right syntax00:00
mbrownnycecho "foo bar" | sed s/foo\ //00:01
mbrownnycwill remove the first instance of the string "foo "00:01
mbrownnyclequeu_m: you can use `sed s/foo\ //g` to remove all instances00:02
lequeu_mmbrownnyc: Yes, I know this one, but if i want everything after "foo bar " in the string "Hello foo bar test", I'll get "Hello test", and i just want "test"00:05
lickalottso i can see my shares through a windows box, but it's not authenticating me/allowing me in.00:05
lickalottwould someone mind taking a look at my smb.conf?00:05
TschohannHello, is it possible to install ubuntu with unity to have full-disk-encryption AND btrfs (and user-definable partitions during install) ?00:05
mbrownnyci think grep and sed target full lines00:06
mbrownnycso regardless of the regex you use, they will still match lines00:06
Tschohannsorry I meant ubiquity, not unity :-)00:07
lorddelta1Would squashfs differences contribute to bad ubuntu remix cds? i.e. squashfs-tools 4.2.4 -> 4.2.500:08
lequeu_mmbrownnyc: How can i achieve this so ?00:08
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lvlephSo, every so often when closing XBMC the screen becomes stuck and I have to run skill -KILL user. Once I log back in I get an error that says I need accelerated openGL. Can someone help me debug this?00:09
lvlephTo me it seems that maybe my driver is crashing?00:09
jriblequeu_m: you should say what you actually want to accomplish00:09
lequeu_mjrib: I want, in the string "Hello foobar test", retrieve only the word test, knowing only the word "foobar" (I don't know "Hello")00:11
jriblequeu_m: to what end?  What are you actually trying to do?00:11
mbrownnyclequeu_m: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8101701/grep-characters-before-and-after-match00:12
bekkslequeu_m: grep foobar yourfile.txt | awk '{ print $3; }'00:12
mbrownnyclequeu_m: try .*00:12
lequeu_ma kind of database in shell script, the key would be Hello, the separator foobar and the value test, and I want to retrieve the value using the key00:13
mbrownnycor that :D00:13
lickalotti got it (samba)  disregard00:13
lvlephthat will grab everything after foobar00:13
SnugglesHas anyone here tried netflix on ubuntu 12.10? I have a problem, the video feels like its realy low fps. The sound is good. Anyone else got the same problem?00:13
lvlephbut I don't know the context, so maybe that isn't the solution00:13
jriblequeu_m: use awk or sed then00:13
lequeu_mI can't use awk, with sed i can only manage to remove the separator and i don't find how to remove the "Hello" before00:14
lvlephlequeu_m: in what context are you trying to grab this pattern?00:14
blacklineI've been googling reading about how to get the Unity Launcher at the bottom of the screen. Most articles I found where 1-2 years old and where a little tweaky for something so simple. Is there any simple way of doing this nowadays?00:15
bekkslequeu_m: Why cant you use awk?00:15
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jriblequeu_m: use groups and backreferences.  For example: echo hello foobar test | sed 's/hello foobar \(.*\)/\1/'    .  But yes, why can't you use awk?00:16
malkaunsSnuggles, same problem00:17
lequeu_mI'm not friend with awk :)00:17
lvlephuse perl!00:17
lorddelta1lvleph, I agree, bash is great until you write a couple programs in it and then you wish perl/python had native interpeters...00:18
lvlephI don't ever wish anything about python except for meaningful white space.00:18
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lorddelta1perl especially suffers here...00:19
lvlephgetting rid of*00:19
lorddelta1I have to look up how to run an interpreted session...00:19
lvlephI hate meaningful whitespace00:19
Snugglesmalkauns, you have not found any fix for it get? I think its sad that they cant come up with a version for linux. I mean, they got an app for android. Does android run silverlight?00:20
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lobhateri just cant seem to make myself jump to 12.10 from 12.04. What are your biggest reasons for doing so?00:23
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
SnugglesI dont see any big differences, I run 12.10 on my laptop and 12.04 on my server/media-computer00:24
lobhateryea i am on the same boat, i am running 12.04 on my server and laptop and would only switch on my laptop, too much work to get the server set up the same way. you know00:25
lobhateri am just trying to find some project to get involved with and cant seem to find anything that excites me lately...00:26
kvothetechlobhater: what are you into or what projects do you use but find slightly off00:27
SnugglesDo you want something fun I can recommend setting up Arch, its quite hard at first. But when you got everything running you will love it.00:28
lobhaterVLC is really the only program I use currently that seems to have major bugs.  I have done quite a bit of programming but nothing in that realm.  I am worried I might get in over my head00:29
SnugglesI have not used X-Chat a lot before, is it any setting to turn of messages when people join or leave a channel? I cant find it.00:29
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lobhateryea i started looking at arch, but i kinda came to the conclusion that one I get it perfect it will basically be Ubuntu.  No?00:30
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: no00:30
WhereIsMySpoonarch is much faster and has a lot less bloat00:30
WhereIsMySpooni can *notice* the performance increase00:30
WhereIsMySpooneven without a shiny window manager like xmonad00:31
lobhaterforgive my ignorance but what is so different about it?00:31
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: it doesnt use gnome for a start00:31
SnugglesYou will know where you got your stuff, and what settings you use.00:31
WhereIsMySpoonalso waht snuggles said00:31
nintetsimple scan crashed with all the documents open00:31
lobhateryea all good stuuf00:31
nintetis there a way to get them back?00:31
WhereIsMySpooneverything in arch is custom, you dont get anything you dont need apart from the basics00:31
SnugglesAnd its a rolling distro, means you dont need to upgrade from version 12.04 to 12.10 and so on00:32
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
SnugglesIt is updated all the time00:32
WhereIsMySpoonyea, so it doesnt just *break* after a few releases like ubuntu does <_>00:32
nintetis there a way to get back the scans that were open in simple scan after a crash?>00:32
WhereIsMySpoonsetting it up is the hard part, after that its pretty easy. if you're unsure, do it in a vbox00:32
nintetwe are talking alot of pages here00:33
kn1ghtfr0stIs there a resource to learn how to write bash/00:33
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
lorddelta1kn1ghfr0st: info bash00:33
WhereIsMySpoonkn1ghtfr0st: #bash00:33
lorddelta1plus google00:34
WhereIsMySpoonthere are tonnes of bash tutorials00:34
SnugglesLearn a better script-language instead00:34
Snugglesruby <300:34
WhereIsMySpoonSnuggles: that's not a useful answer00:34
Snugglesor perl00:34
WhereIsMySpoonruby is lovely, i agree00:34
lorddelta1Snuggles: yeah but sometimes you need to know bash00:34
nintetso basically... simple scan is too much of a simple program for you guys00:34
WhereIsMySpoonbut bash is just useful for small progarm scripts00:34
lorddelta1Snuggles: and its easier to write a one liner in bash often00:34
lobhateri am also scared just because i have only used Debian distros for years.  I don't even know what arch is honestly00:34
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: it isnt based on anything00:35
lobhaterbash is priceless, assuming it can do all that you need00:35
SnugglesInstead of apt-get you write pacman. Thats about it... haha00:35
lobhaterjust the kernal, with packages complied on top?00:35
WhereIsMySpoonpackages are pre-compiled, no need to do any compiling like in gentoo00:35
WhereIsMySpoonthough you still can compile from source ofc00:35
SnugglesYou can always compile from source00:36
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
lorddelta1not sure actually what bash is...AFAIK its just another interpreter...but it exists within the system.00:36
lorddelta1The way python/perl never do00:36
WhereIsMySpoonbourne again shell00:36
lorddelta1And ruby00:36
WhereIsMySpoonpython is default in ubuntu00:36
lorddelta1WhereIsMySpoon: Can you Ctl-Alt-T import math? in ubuntu?00:37
lobhaterso can i use VLC on arch?00:37
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: bash is basically the language for the stuff you type into the terminal00:37
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: sure00:37
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: no, thats silly00:37
WhereIsMySpoonthough if you setup your bashrc to auto run python every term, sure00:37
lobhaterwhat media players can be used?00:38
kn1ghtfr0stbash comes from unix that was called sh00:38
WhereIsMySpoonoops sorry, that was meant for lorddelta100:38
WhereIsMySpoonkn1ghtfr0st: ik00:38
Snuggleslobhater, you can use every linux player00:38
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: whichever ones work in linux00:38
lvlephbourne again shell (bash)00:38
lobhaterohhh, you confused me lol00:38
lorddelta1WhereIsMySpoon: ok, and then can you cd directories from the python 'shell'?00:38
WhereIsMySpoonlorddelta1: no, why are you asking this00:38
lorddelta1Just making sure I wasn't missing out on some magic.00:39
lobhateri guess i have quite a bit of reading to do then.  thanks for the insight I might of found my project00:39
lorddelta1It'd be neat if a language other than bash could do that is all.00:39
Snuggleslobhater, good luck then. The manual is really helpful. And their irc-channel.00:40
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: #archlinux is quite chilled00:40
aggiebilllorddelta1: you can change your working directory in python00:40
WhereIsMySpoonthe wiki is extensive00:40
lobhaterthanks Snuggles, WhereisMySpoon, see you guys00:40
WhereIsMySpoonsec lobhater00:40
lvlephlorddelta1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cd_(command)00:40
lorddelta1aggiebill: great, easily?00:40
WhereIsMySpoonlobhater: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Installation_Guide https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB200:41
WhereIsMySpoonthats the wiki pages you need to install it00:41
lorddelta1lvleph: and then does it work cross-platform?00:41
lobhaterthanks, ill check back in later00:41
WhereIsMySpoonnp o/00:41
lvlephthe point is that cd is not bash specific00:41
aggiebilllorddelta1: import os; os.chdir(path)00:41
WhereIsMySpoonwell, cd *is* bash specific as its a bash command00:41
lorddelta1aggiebill: too long00:41
WhereIsMySpoonchanging directories isnt00:41
lorddelta1python; cd dir00:42
lvlephno WhereIsMySpoon it is not00:42
lvlephI used cd in DOS00:42
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
lvlephdefinitely no bash there00:42
WhereIsMySpoonlvleph: .... -_-00:43
WhereIsMySpoonit's a different command with the same name00:43
SnugglesIs anyone here familiar with "spring roo" or "groovy on grails"? I'm programming java at work, and we use spring. I think its very time consuming and does not feel like a modern way of development. I would like to try something new (and fun).00:44
WhereIsMySpoonlvleph: chdir() is the C function which, for example, python and bash use (cd for bash, chdir for python)00:45
WhereIsMySpooncd is the bash implementation of chdir00:45
lvlephcd is shell not bash00:45
lvlephif you are going to be pedantic00:45
Heart^Killerhow do i give full permission to a user equals to root ?00:45
Snowiehowdy all. stuck with an unbootable machine at present. 12.10. system reported full disk even though this was incorrect. restarted and now having trouble even getting packages. fsck seems to hang or do nothing. any suggestions00:46
ricky26lvleph: You appear to be confused.00:46
WhereIsMySpoonlvleph: what? I'm not being pedantic, you're just being wrong00:46
ricky26lvleph: the 'cd' you call in bash, is a bash-internal command00:46
lorddelta1Snuggles: java does force you to slow down and think a bit. Modern seems to be defined as no thinking...00:46
ricky26it executes no external program.00:46
Snowieshould note. basically black screen on normal boot. unableto change to default drivers. safe graphics mode also seems to hang at fsck step00:46
lvlephI am talking about the origins, since he said it was bash specific00:47
ricky26The fact that it shares a name with other programs is merely coincidental.00:47
lvlephif he said it was internal then I wouldn't argue00:47
ricky26(Though it does help with compatability.)00:47
brady2600where is the folder that contains the default wallpapers stored in ubuntu?00:47
kn1ghtfr0stIs there a Channel in irc for computer science?00:47
Snuggleslorddelta1, I belive that if you can do programming more efficent you get more time thinking.00:47
lorddelta1Snuggles: programming is already 10% of coding work00:48
mick__Is anyone here able to help with Ubuntu Studio?00:48
WhereIsMySpoonlvleph: it is bash specific, it was implemented separately from sh cd00:48
lorddelta1reducing it to 5% is more of a relative time savings...00:48
tang87anyone can help me?00:48
Snuggleslorddelta1, not at my work. Haha, much happy hacking going on there.00:48
lorddelta1X_X sounds like a spaghetti code shop. That or you're all brilliant coders who never make mistakes.00:49
SnugglesI would like to slow down and write good code instead, but we got no time...00:49
SnugglesMy project is a mistake00:49
SnugglesMost parts of it00:49
tang87Snuggles: it is never a mistake if you wanted to do that at the time00:50
lvlephSomeone once told me I could have written something more efficiently. I told them I wanted it to work first.00:50
Snugglestang87, true00:50
Snowieis there a good troubleshooting guide for ubuntu no boot00:50
lvlephWhat happens Snowie ?00:50
mick__I would search on Ubuntu forums.00:50
Snowieblack screen on boot. was using experimental driver from ati. now even in recovery cant revert to standard fglrx. i think the issue is actually the fst.00:51
lorddelta1Oh well spaghetti coders ensure a bright future for the rest of us I suppose. =/00:51
lorddelta1Works the first time, works great in version 10...00:51
Snowielorddelta1, until you have to work on their buggy, unreadable, commented code. then you will want to neck yourself00:52
lvlephremove fglrx then reconfigure00:52
lvlephthat is my best advice Snowie00:52
SnugglesSnowie, pretty much my  sittuation00:52
lorddelta1Snowie: then I rewrite the library in something sensible like C/Java :P00:53
Snuggleslorddelta1, but do you do it for free? My boss dont pay me to change things that work...00:53
lvlephSnowie: have you tried ctrl + alt + f1 and seeing what you can do from command line.00:54
lorddelta1If I think I can get something working faster in C/Java, yes, yes I do it 'for free', on the job. Elsewise I flag the calls and abstract them out as much as possible so its easier to remove the dependency later.00:55
iFlipDoes anyone know much about VNC protocol in Linux?00:55
Snowielvleph, dont get that  far. working from command line00:56
lorddelta1Its why the web hasn't broken yet; everything is abstracted from everything else, so we switch around bad code all the time :P00:56
lvlephCan you get to the GRUB menu Snowie ?00:57
lickalotti'm sorry...my client dc'd.  If anyone responded can you please re paste it for me00:57
Snowiecant get to any packges from recovery console00:57
iFlipI have Ubuntu 10.04 and I can connect just fine to other computer through screen sharing on my Mac, but I can't contorl the mouse. I can see tha mouse move for about two second then it stops tracking.00:57
Snowielvl im in recovery console00:57
Snowieip6 address starting fe80 is equivalent 169.x... right?00:58
lvlephSounds weird that you can't get to ctrl+alt+f100:59
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Snuggleslorddelta1, I need to get a better job. This is my first job after university and I really want to learn how to write great code, still I'm stuck in a project where nobody gives a shit. As long as it works. Can you do a quickfix, do it. Does not matter if the code is almost impossible to understand after.00:59
lvlephthat doesn't sound like a XORG problem00:59
Snowielvleph, will try now, not sure how this is any different to recovery console though00:59
lorddelta1Snuggles: write more comments then; that really is the problem with code these days00:59
Snowieand ctrl alt f1 is gui in 12.10, so ctrl alt f2 yeah01:00
lvlephCommandline gives you more things that you can do Snowie01:00
lorddelta1Not that lazy programming languages are bad, just lazy programmers01:00
lvlephfrom command line you can remove fglrx and reconfigure01:00
ohshitgorillasHello there, I'm having an issue installing using 12.10 x64 server or minimal, both have the same issue. When asked for the keyboad layout, the very first step of the installer, either it freezes or the keyboard is unresponsive. Also tried 12.04 minimal installer. Using a USB stick01:00
lvlephmaybe they have added more to recovery console?01:00
Snowielvleph, yeah. as expected though. no joy. dead black screen01:00
ohshitgorillasand also wireless USB/mouse combo (logitech)01:01
lvlephTried a different kernel?01:01
lorddelta1Snuggles: assembly language isn't fun to read either, yet we had these things called comments. if your "fast" language is as unreadable as assembly language...think for a minute about that.01:01
Snowielvleph, that at me?01:01
lvlephroll back to the previous kernel Snowie01:01
Snowiewill try01:01
Magellanicushi everyone01:01
Magellanicushow can i delete some icon from the taskbar on gnome shell01:02
Magellanicus(gnome classic)01:02
bobweaverMagellanicus,  look at dconf-settings01:02
lorddelta1Snuggles: also, sphaggeti programmers legitimately increase the odds that robots will take over; rogue AI will be cause by a bug, not terrorists.01:02
Magellanicussudo dconf-settings?01:02
Snowielvleph, same fault01:02
Snuggleslorddelta1, I dont think "spring roo" (whitch is a framework/console) that helps you write java with spring.01:03
Snuggleslorddelta1, haha01:03
Snowielvleph, lol. yeah01:03
SnugglesWhat did I just writa01:03
Magellanicusany other suggestions?01:03
bobweaverMagellanicus,  do you have dconf-editor installed ?01:03
ohshitgorillasHello there, I'm having an issue installing using 12.10 x64 server or minimal, both have the same issue. When asked for the keyboad layout, the very first step of the installer, either it freezes or the keyboard is unresponsive. Also tried 12.04 minimal installer. Using a USB stick, and wireless USB mouse/keyboard combo01:04
Magellanicushow can i see that?01:04
SnugglesI meant, I do not think quick languages as ruby on rails or spring roo makes you code more dirty01:04
bobweaverMagellanicus,  install with sudo apt-get -y install dconf-tools01:04
lvlephWell, Snowie, if you have a separate home folder just reinstall and move on. Not what you are looking for, but it may be less painful.01:04
lvlephI am sure someone knows how to fix this, but it isn't me.01:04
bobweaverMagellanicus,  then open dconf-editor and find the panel part andd add the app that you do not want to the blacklist01:05
Magellanicusk ty01:05
Snowielvleph, i think the issue is that my home partition is baucked a little. first issue was it reported full even though it wasnt.01:06
lvlephSee what you can do from live disk?01:06
lvlephThe home folder should cause that issue though.01:06
lvlephI don't think anyway.01:07
lvlephI would look at the permissions01:07
mick__ohshitgorillas_ Make sure your USB support in the BIOS is on.01:07
dbrom_I have just reinstalled kubuntu 12.10 and it hangs at the startup window......01:07
ohshitgorillasthanks mick__ I definitely checked that and it's on01:07
Snugglesdbrom I think Kubuntu is a bit buggy overall01:08
Heart^Killerhow do i give full permission to a user equals to root ?01:08
SnugglesTried it for some time, but found it unstable01:08
lorddelta1Woo remix successfull01:08
dbrom_never had this issue before01:08
SnugglesIt feels like the do ubuntu, and then "fixes" kde for it01:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest53927
lorddelta1I learned about more than just ubuntu...but still it would have been faster to use uck I suspect01:09
lorddelta1Time to test with metal01:09
riqdiizPeople don't sleep here!01:09
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest48599
lorddelta1riqdiiz: sleep? Which planet do you come from? Earth? I live on Venus, what do you mean you've never been there..01:10
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enriqok I have 10.04 and I have my live 12.04 iso bootable from grub2, I would like to install 12.04 as dual boot. The problem is that installer wants to unmount sda to create partitions and it cannot because the iso is mounted... how do I install WITHOUT creating partitions during install?01:14
lorddelta1Best location to upload large files these days?01:14
lorddelta1I'll upload my LiveCD if it works...01:14
WhereIsMySpoonlorddelta1: dropbox01:15
riqdiizDowngrade grub to 9.0401:15
lorddelta1...mediafire is offering 50GB free...01:16
riqdiizLorddelta1 try that.01:16
riqdiizGrub 9.04 is homoerectus.01:19
Abu-Nanai have a problem with the wireless connection its very slow,, any help??01:23
riqdiizThey are always wireless ;-)01:27
sym0nanyone here?01:29
OerHekssym0n, just ask your question and find out01:30
jimmyScreen brightness stuck on a Samsung N150 plus running 12.04, any ideas?01:31
RirishiIs it possible to get the ubuntu terminal in lubuntu?01:32
MuphridRirishi: install gnome-termimal01:34
RirishiThank you (:01:34
OerHeksjimmy, there is a PPA with samsung-tools and backlight > https://launchpad.net/~voria/+archive/ppa01:38
provenzanohello is someone here?01:38
provenzanoneed help01:40
OerHeksprovenzano,, just ask your question and find out01:40
provenzanoneed help with aircrack -ng01:41
elferuse gerix01:41
elferunless you're tryin to learn the manual commands etc01:41
provenzanohow to collect the iv's in cap files01:42
provenzanoim using win8 right now and i have aircrack for win with gui wich is easier then command line interface01:43
=== LordOfTime is now known as TheLordOfTime
elferbut we're in unbuntu01:46
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
OerHeksprovenzano, lots of tutorials around, http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=tutorial01:46
=== zmisc is now known as mosh
provenzanoyes but the airdump doesnt work properly01:48
provenzanook thanks anyway :))01:48
elferi think you need a wireless adapter that can operate in promiscuous mode or something01:49
moshelfer: are you referring to monitoring packets?01:52
elferi'm not sure, just aircrack... i heard thats part of the process of ... using those tools01:53
elferi'm not really familiar with that sort of thing01:54
reeverAny ubuntu experts out there?01:54
HamtechpersonExcuse me, but I require some advice on what to do. I am attempting to put 12.04.1 onto my machine and, for the past several hours, it has been stuck trying to configure the boot loader. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to proceed?01:56
RirishiHey. I'm on lubuntu and the task bar stopped working.. I closed it and now it's gone.. How can I restart it? I've got one terminal opened01:56
freshstartcan i chat in skype via terminal?02:03
alien2050Ririshi: What is your windows manager? gnome3? kde? unity?02:03
elferskype via terminal?02:03
Snowiehi all. so into my machine via live usb. disk still reports as full, even though disk utility only reports 500G of 1T. df also reports full. 12.10. any tips to repair this. should also note that recently i goofed on command line. trying to move few hundred M of files in subfolders to current and typed $ mv ./*/* ./* the files were luckily backed up. but how do i repair this.02:04
elferthat would be neat02:04
elferlike an ascii image of the person you are skyping02:04
alien2050gnome : try alt-f2 then type only "r" (the letter)02:04
elfersomeone should code that02:04
Ririshialien2050: ehh.. lubuntu standard? LXDE?02:04
OerHeksRirishi, try " lxpanel " or logout and log back in again02:05
MotoservoOkay, so I gave up on the two methods suggested by the page at Ubuntu on setting up a bootable flash drive. I've burned Ubuntu to a cd and it showed up as an option when rebooting and holding option key. But after choosing the CD it started to boot and i got a black screen with a blinking (big) cursor at top left. Sounds like the drive has been crunching for awhile but 10 minutes have passed. Should I be doing something here?02:05
RirishiOerHeks: thanks :D02:06
Ririshibut i have to keep the terminal opened for that >.<02:07
SnowieMotoservo: burn another if you have one. rule out it might be the disk itself. long time 'crunching' usually means bad read02:07
Ririshiill try relo02:07
OerHeks!nomodeset | Motoservo02:07
ubottuMotoservo: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:07
MotoservoAm I supposed to see a black screen with a cursor though?02:07
Snowiefsck is ok to run on mounted drives right. only fsck2 cannot/shouldnt be run mounted?02:08
MotoservoI forgot to mention I'm on a Mac. I suppose this article still applies?02:09
OerHeksMotoservo, yes, it can help on mac too02:10
RirishiWhat does nomodeset do actually?02:10
OerHeksSnowie, fsck should be run in single user mode, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SystemAdministration/Fsck02:11
SnowieRirishi: i believe it simply loads default, instead of trying to guess your card settings02:11
Ririshisimple, but effective02:12
Ririshiwhy doesn't chromium auto-scroll webchat?02:12
jimmyOerHeks: So I just add that to /etc/sources.list? Which package do I install? Also, is there a way to list all the packages in that repository after I apt-cache update?02:12
OerHeksjimmy, follow the instructions howto add that ppa, after updating you can see the contents in softwarecentre/synaptic, install samsung-backlight ( & tools) should do the trick and reboot i guess02:13
OerHeksi do not own a samsung machine, found it on askubuntu02:14
c_smithjimmy, the easiest way is to do "apt-cache search <package you think it's named>" (yes, without sudo)02:14
c_smithapt-cache is a useful tool02:14
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SnowieOerHeks: so any idea how to get my disk reporting the correct size? even in disk util gui shows 1TBfull at the top, but only 500GB when scanned???02:17
OerHeksSnowie, no idea, you messed it up pretty bad i guess02:19
SnowieOerHeks: :( yup. cheers bud02:19
Jordan_USnowie: You may have run out of inodes if you have a lot of small files.02:20
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
HamtechpersonExcuse me, but I require some advice on what to do. I am attempting to put 12.04.1 onto my machine and, for the past several hours, it has been stuck trying to configure the boot loader. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to proceed?02:21
ohshitgorillasHello there, I'm having an issue installing using 12.10 x64 server or minimal, both have the same issue. When asked for the keyboad layout, the very first step of the installer, either it freezes or the keyboard is unresponsive. Also tried 12.04 minimal installer. I'm using a USB stick or a CD, doesn't matter. Desktop crashes after I hit "continue" for the first time.02:23
DeSianhi all, ve small issue on my iMac with ubuntu 12.4 or any version, everything work fine, but sometime after working with GIMP or blender..etc, gettingg the screen nosy or f**up. it's an driver issue or just Apple tricks to reback the user to MacOSX?02:23
Blue1ohshitgorillas: you did md5sum the download, right?02:23
ohshitgorillasThis is seriously just breaking my spirit and my resolve to continue using linux period02:24
ohshitgorillasBlue1: yeah of course02:24
Chucrute301Hi guys02:24
Chucrute301Anyone know02:24
Chucrute301How to remove a persoon from ignore list?02:24
Blue1ohshitgorillas: what do you choose for the k/b layout?02:25
OerHeks!grubrepair | Hamtechperson, you could try to reinstall grub after you cancel this installation02:25
ubottuHamtechperson, you could try to reinstall grub after you cancel this installation: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:25
Raspootis_Evening. Does Ubuntu 12.10 support mono sound output?02:26
Chucrute301 02:26
ohshitgorillasEnglish, the default. It's a plain US keyboard... keep in mind that after the installer begins, this step is where it locks up so technically I don't get to select it after starting the installation02:26
HamtechpersonI click skip? Then proceed?02:26
Blue1ohshitgorillas: could be bad ram -- does any other os work correctly on your machine?02:26
ohshitgorillasabsolutely. I can boot into the existing Arch installation and everything works perfectly fine02:27
Blue1ohshitgorillas: 12.04 - with unity?  kde?02:27
ohshitgorillasBlue1: 12.10 and 12.04, both server and minimal. Desktop with 12.10 locks up after the screen which asks to download updates while installing and third party software, etc02:28
Blue1ohshitgorillas: I don't know if 12.04 has a safe mode in the live cd - but if so I would try that02:28
DeSianok, no one using ubuntu on mac devices :-)02:29
erncicohshitgorillas, USB stick install or dvd/cd?02:29
ohshitgorillaserncic: both02:29
erncicI see. I've had issues with usb, and a perfect install off a real disk.02:29
Blue1erncic: ditto02:29
ohshitgorillaserncic: I've only tried 12.10 server from the disc, but I'll try minimal or desktop next I suppose02:30
HamtechpersonHow do I cancel an install? is it the skip button?02:30
ohshitgorillasthanks and brb02:30
erncicohshitgorillas, I'd give it a try.. I locked up hard while trying usb.02:30
Blue1ohshitgorillas: I have had no issues with desktop - but then i only played with 12.xx for 1 day.02:30
ohshitgorillasFunny thing is, I installed it a few weeks ago with no problems!02:31
ohshitgorillasThat was desktop, for reference.02:31
Blue1ohshitgorillas: well the mayan apocalypse happened that's why.02:31
ohshitgorillasBlue1: at this point that's my best guess :P02:31
Blue1ohshitgorillas: wish I could offer better answers - but that seems to fit02:32
ohshitgorillasbrb trying minimal then desktop on a cd02:32
Snowieok. so after alot of dramas ive been having, decided to reinstall ubuntu on my machine. 12.04 live usb. can i reinstall the os and just leave /home partition in place?02:32
Raspootis_Anyone know about having mono sound with ubuntu 12.10?02:33
usr13Snowie: Yes02:33
HamtechpersonDid you try a mono output Raspootis?02:34
DeSian! mac02:34
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages02:34
Snowieusr13: cheers. will give that a go now.02:34
Raspootis_Hamtechperson, what do you mean?02:34
kelvinellais there different between ubuntu12.04 iso and ubuntu12.04.1 iso?02:35
HamtechpersonIt could be something in your sound-creating device. Are you using a mono device?02:36
Raspootis_Hamtechperson, I have an amp hooked up, due to lack of a better speaker.02:36
Raspootis_When testing sound, only the left channel is heard02:36
usr13Raspootis_: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/alsa-mono-output-how-to-make-815094/02:37
Snowieusr13: hmm. have a guide for this? only shows single ~1TB partition.02:38
ohshitgorillasWell, installing 12.10 minimal via CD still had the same issue with not recognizing the keyboard. Trying Desktop next... since that had a different error, plus I *know* the mouse works, and because they're using the same USB receiver, I'm hoping that the keyboard will work too...02:40
gurjeetThanks to Ubuntu, now I have to to live with an ethernet cable. WiFi is just unusable on my 12.04 running on Macbook Pro 9,1. :(02:40
jimmyOerHeks: Sorry, drunk, didn't notice the http. Been looking for this fix for awhile, thanks a lot!02:40
ohshitgorillasand then maybe I'll only have to spend a couple of hours stripping it down :P02:40
usr13In that case, you'll need to back up /home and reinstall and move /home/ files back to PC.  You could, howerver, split it up now.  Boot to live CD and create a large partition for /home/ and move to it.  (But just backing up to a USB drive would be easier, and next time just create a /home/ partition for future use.)02:41
tableshow can i see what package a file is a part of?02:41
HamtechpersonTrying to install 12.04.1 as an upgrade to 11.04. Boot loader has been "configuring" for several hours. It failed on my install of 11.04 earlier today (Had the disk, it was the one that was consistently working). Help please?02:41
usr13Snowie: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving02:41
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enneractUh, is there a simpler way for me to get my disks UUIDs into fstab on my no-gui server other than manually transposing them?02:43
Snowieusr13: *sigh* yeah i realised that is where this is heading. last time i tried that i got to about the last step and then dropped the lot. i cried a little02:43
usr13Hamtechperson: What?  upgrade from 12.04 to 11.04?02:43
HamtechpersonUpgrade 11.04 to 12.04.1. Not going down.02:44
usr13Hamtechperson: Oh never mind... but you're still skipping 11.10.  Are you just doing fresh install from CD?02:44
kelvinellacan i install Desktop CD for 64-bit PC (AMD64) computers (standard download) on intel 64bit?02:45
HamtechpersonYes I am. I keep seeing "Buffer I/O Error on device SDA" messages02:46
usr13kelvinella: What?02:47
kelvinellausr13, my laptop is 64 bit system but it is not AMD02:47
tableshow can i see what package a file is a part of?02:47
kelvinellausr13, in ubuntu iso download page i can only find 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD02:47
usr13kelvinella: If you are asking if it's ok to instal 32bit OS on 64bit hardware, yes, that's ok.02:47
enneractkelvinella: that is correct; AMD64 refers to the instruction set, which AMD pioneered, but it is used by all x86-64 processors02:48
enneractits just called AMD64, but you dont need an AMD cpu :)02:48
usr13kelvinella: Oh yea, I see what you are asking now.02:49
Hamtechpersonusr13, any idea of how I can circumvent the issue I'm having?02:49
kelvinellaso ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso           23-Aug-2012 17:13  694M  Desktop CD for 64-bit PC (AMD64) computers (standard download) is ok for i5 CPU??02:49
enneractanyone know a trick to copy UUIDs into /etc/fstab without a mouse02:49
enneractkelvinella: yes02:49
kelvinellait is 64 bit system02:49
usr13Hamtechperson: Just do fresh install of 12.0402:49
HamtechpersonSo, kill the current install and try again?02:50
usr13Hamtechperson:  If that is what youa are doing and are getting I/O failures, check the media for defects.  (BTW, did you run md5sum on the ISO before burhing?)02:51
usr13Hamtechperson: I'm not sure what you are doing.  Can you be specific?02:51
HamtechpersonI can try, at least.02:52
usr13enneract: vim02:53
tang87I have a button, which should show a modal widget, with a form, i was looking at "Dialog" class, but it can't contains "Gtk.Entry"02:53
tang87do you use Gtk?02:53
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usr13enneract: blkid /dev/sda# >blkid.txt ; vim blkid.txt  etc.02:54
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HamtechpersonThis morning, I put 11.04 onto my machine (fresh install, get rid of everything). It failed to load the boot loader. I then went to the 12.04.1 live cd, and installed that as an upgrade to the previous 11.04 install from this morning. It seemed to install fine, but has stalled for the past several hours at the stage of configuring the boot loader. It has been at least 6 hours of "configuring". Whe02:59
Hamtechpersonn the 11.04 installer failed to load the boot loader, it went into a desktop session, wherein it periodically yelled at me that there was an issue with my drive. It used to have XP on it, which was completely wiped as we were going to get rid of the computer before I mentioned I wanted it as a pet project. That ran exceedingly slow as well. What do you think I should do?02:59
jayzon915Stupid quick Question... Is wine 1.5.5 or Wine 1.5.20 newer?03:02
jayzon915k thanks03:03
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enneractIs there any way of finding what physical volume that a directory is located on03:09
cmellmaybe "df" would give you a hint03:10
enneractcmell perfect, thanks03:10
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cmellhello Terry03:17
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
goddardwhat does it mean when a command is present when i type it without using sudo and it exists but when i type sudo it doesn't03:24
cmellwhuch command?03:24
cmellgoddard, which command does that?03:25
cmellGuest28451, I think there is probably a chinese ubuntu channel, but this is the nglish channel03:27
acovrigcan I adjust the display timeout via the cli in ubuntu 12? I'm told gconftool can, but it seems to be an older version of ubuntu03:28
somsip!zh | Guest2845103:28
ubottuGuest28451: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:28
HamtechpersonHow can I kill an install process? I've been stuck trying to configure the Boot loader for at least 6 hours now!03:30
jimmyOerHeks: It works, you're my god damn hero. The kernal upgrade broke the screen brightness thing since I've been out of town. Been squinting for days, thanks so much03:30
belal122what's up guys03:31
goddardcmell: pear03:31
cmellHamtechperson, you can kill processes with the "top" command. each process shown has a number. type "k" and the number of the process you'd like to kill03:31
=== Terry is now known as Guest59013
HamtechpersonI'm not exactly sure how i'd get to a terminal though. I started the install without starting the live session.03:32
Hamtechperson12.04.1, if that helps any.03:33
acovrigHamtechperson: Ctrl+Alt+F1 help?03:33
pingupinguhello guys03:33
Hamtechpersonno, unfortunately03:34
Hamtechpersonwait, something happened!03:34
Jordan_UHamtechperson: ctrl+alt+F1 doesn't bring you to a tty?03:34
goddardhow can i find where a binary is located03:37
HamtechpersonIt did, but not right away03:37
RirishiI accidentally removed the power button from the taskbar in lubuntu.. is there a way to get it back? ^-^ I shouldn't mess with this so much >.<03:37
HamtechpersonNow, if only it would stop writing new data03:37
Jordan_UHamtechperson: Are you seeing error messages being printed to the tty?03:38
cmellgoddard, "whereis cmdname"03:38
HamtechpersonThe refresh is too fast I can't read what the hell it's putting out. I think so though. I've been stuck trying to configure the boot loader on an install since at least 2100 utc.03:40
HamtechpersonI just saw somethin that said Error { utc } or something like that03:41
Hamtechpersonfailed command READ:DMAO03:41
cmellHamtechperson, pull up a second terminal window, the errors wll usually only go to the first03:42
Jordan_UHamtechperson: Try pressing scroll lock to stop the errors. Whatever they are they're probably important.03:42
Jordan_UHamtechperson: (Stop as in stop them from scrolling so that you can read them)03:43
HamtechpersonIt's not working03:43
cmellHamtechperson, a system shutdown will stop all the processes ...03:43
HamtechpersonThere is no window. The entire screen is a terminal03:43
Hamtechperson(I'm not on that machine)03:44
c_smithHamtechperson, that usuually means either a crash happened, or a Kernel Panic happened.03:44
cmelljust type this on the console screen "shutdown -h now"03:44
Hamtechpersonthere's no input linbe03:45
goddardim having some path issues where is the sudo profile located?03:45
goddardfor my binary files03:45
Jordan_Ucmell: Hamtechperson: We're in the middle of an install, I think we should try a few more things before shutting down.03:45
Hamtechpersonjust an endless stream of the same errors with incrementing numbers going up.03:45
Jordan_UHamtechperson: Did scroll lock help?03:45
HamtechpersonNot in the slightest.03:45
cmellHamtechperson, what about "ctrl-c"03:46
Hamtechpersonnope. I think it logged out, but the errors just keep coming.03:47
Jordan_UHamtechperson: Try ctrl+alt+F203:47
Hamtechpersonthey invade the top area03:47
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
HamtechpersonBut they go away. WHat should I try next03:48
cmellso ctrl-c does nothing?03:48
Jordan_Ucmell: No, these are kernel error messages being sent to the tty, not output from a command.03:49
HamtechpersonI think it did something. It said logging out, then the screen went top cursor and the error messages just kept coming03:49
Jordan_UHamtechperson: So after pressing ctlr+alt+F2 can you run commands and see their output?03:50
Hamtechpersongive me a command to try and I'll see...03:50
cmellHamtechperson, interesting result from trying to update the bootloader03:50
HamtechpersonI was trying to update from 11.04 to 12.04.1. It's been it bootloader nonsense for probably 7 or 8 hours now.03:51
cfhowlettHamtechperson: too big a jump.  you cannot go from 11.04 to 12.0403:51
Jordan_UHamtechperson: echo test03:52
cfhowlettHamtechperson: rather let me say, you cannot directly upgrade from 11.04 to 12.0403:52
Hamtechpersonunknown command press h for help03:52
Hamtechpersonlive disk upgrade03:52
Jordan_UHamtechperson: What does "h" output?03:53
Hamtechpersonhelp for interactive commands03:53
cmellHamtechperson, if you can see and type commands, if all else fails you can shutdown the system, but since it was during a major upgrade, it might not be bootable anymore03:53
Hamtechpersonand a new error scroll03:53
cknoxHas anyone seen a ping -c 1 google.com that ping says it took 0 ms, but if you put time in front of it, it takes 5 seconds?03:53
HamtechpersonI can use a disk to recover though, right?03:54
Jordan_Ucknox: If you run "time ping google.com" you'll time outputing the time it takes for ping to *resolve the domain name google.com*, then send an ICMP echo request to that ip, then get a response.03:54
cublinux is a toy..03:55
Jordan_Ucub: This is the Ubuntu support channel. Please stick to productive support related discussion.03:56
Hamtechpersonbuffer I/o error on device sda, logical block 4. At least it's different03:56
Jordan_UHamtechperson: Sounds like you may have a bad hard drive. I wouldn't depend on it for any important data.03:57
cmellHamtechperson, it's lost communication with the hdd. you probably cant shut down the normal way03:57
cknoxJordan_U: the DNS lookup appears to happen right away, if I ping longer, there is literally 5 seconds between each ping response. I don't have this when pinging local systems, it just seems to be remote systems03:57
cmellHamtechperson, the hdd might not be bad, probably the change of drivers did it03:58
HamtechpersonHow do I kill it then?03:58
HamtechpersonIt was just wiped though.03:58
cmellHamtechperson, at this point, you can try the :shutdown -g now" , but if that fails there's only powering off03:59
cknoxhowever, that being said, it definitely appears there's an issue with pinging the domain name03:59
cmellsorry, "shutdown -h now" I meant03:59
Hamtechpersonwell, ctrl alt del said it was going down for reboot... It's better than this nonsense.04:00
scottjmy laptop keyboard stops working after some medium length of time (couple hours maybe). external keyboards keep working, and if I restart X then it resumes working. No errors in syslog or Xorg log, any ideas for what to check?04:01
cmellscottj, power-saver settings?04:02
Jordan_Ucmell: Hamtechperson: There is no "change of drivers", as this is a LiveCD/USB environment, and there is almost certainly something wrong with your hardware. Maybe the drive itself, maybe the cables connecting it, maybe the motherboard.04:02
HamtechpersonWell, the system is going down. It used to be on windows, and ran mollasses slow there, esp. on boot.04:03
cmellJordon_U, if it was working prior to the update, what a coincidence that the hw would fail during the update04:03
scottjcmell: I'll try not using pm-powersave and xfce-power-manager and see if that effects it04:03
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Jordan_U!tab | cmell04:04
ubottucmell: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:04
HamtechpersonWell, my project just got more projecty...04:04
=== Guest62434 is now known as justmeh
cmellHamtechperson, does it still boot?04:05
Jordan_Ucmell: This isn't an "upgrade" in the normal sense of the word, it's an installation from scratch of a newer version of Ubuntu than what Hamtechperson used to have.04:05
Starsheya, i always confused , on crontab m/d/ on scheduling, if i want schedule for 1st day of the month how do i write it ?04:05
HamtechpersonI'm not sure. I don't think so, as I never got a boot loader to install.04:06
HamtechpersonWith 11 or 1204:06
zmanfxHi, I installed ubuntu on my nexus 7 last night. I encountered a problem on first setup when it asks for the users language04:07
zmanfxand time zone04:07
cmellso the boot loader never installed? Might be a bad sector I suppose, or do you have "virus protection" enabled in the bios?04:07
zmanfxbasically, it would accept input from the onscreen keyboard, and then at some point the frame around the setup window would disappear and the text field would stop accepting input04:07
zmanfxon screen keyboard would still show, however, nothing would be taking input from it04:08
Jordan_UHamtechperson: The first thing I would do is boot from the Ubuntu LiveCD again, select "Try Ubuntu before installing", and run GNOME Disk Utility (aka "palimpsest") to check the drive's S.M.A.R.T. status.04:08
HamtechpersonSMART said failing in 11.04.04:08
HamtechpersonThat I did get.04:08
Jordan_UHamtechperson: That would have been a good thing to tell us earlier :)04:09
Jordan_UHamtechperson: Since the drive is failing, you should really get a new drive and install to that.04:09
cfhowlettHamtechperson: bad HDD ...04:09
HamtechpersonI guess I will. I also thought I had put it in a megamessage earlier. I guess not.04:10
zmanfxis there another channel where i should be asking questions about current dev versions of ubuntu ? (13.04) ??04:10
ubottuRaring Ringtail is the codename for Ubuntu 13.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+104:10
cmellno rascally rabbit? :)04:11
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cfhowlettcmell: no beefy miracle either.  go figure ...04:12
HamtechpersonThat would have been Awesome.04:12
amitgHi Guys, I04:12
HamtechpersonBut maybe for W, since that was the pronunciation.04:12
amitgI just can't get my wifi to work on ubuntu 12.0404:13
cmellyeah, wascally wabbit :)04:13
Artemis3Hamtechperson, try low level formating the drive with the util from the manufacturer (usually a dos app)04:13
amitgI have a hp probook 4540s04:13
amitgcan you guys help me set up wifi?\04:14
cfhowlettamitg: did it ever work?  what hardware?04:14
amitgI had 12.10 but it kept getting disconnected04:14
cmellso it sort of worked04:14
amitgI chucked 12.10 and installed 12.04 and now the driver isn't loaded at all04:15
cfhowlettamitg: broadcom?04:15
cmell obviously it's a driver which wasn't included in 12.0404:15
amitgI'm just checking which card is it04:16
amitgat this page http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/ca/en/sm/WF06a/321957-321957-64295-3955552-3955552-5229455.html?dnr=104:16
amitgit lists a lot of things under wireless04:17
cmellamitg, so you never made a note of what 12.10 thought it was or which driver was being used?04:17
amitgi was using Atheros04:18
cmellok, that narrows it down04:18
Hwkillerath9k should work fine however...04:18
hugenumberAttempted  to set a static ip on ubuntu now I can not ping outside of local router, but can ping to other devices connected to it?04:18
cmellhugenumber, you need to set a default gateway manually04:19
dragun0vensure the default gateway and dns settings are also set manually04:19
hugenumberok will do that now04:19
amitgwhat do I do now??04:19
cmellgo get the ath9k driver04:20
amitgI have it04:21
cmellhave you installed it already?04:21
Hwkillerath9k is in the kernel04:21
Hwkillerthere is no "getting it"04:21
cmellwell, since it's not detecting the card, something is wrong with 12.04's module with respect to this particular card04:22
Hwkillertry modprobing it yourself04:22
cmellit might be something simple like the card using an id which was only added in 12.1004:23
amitga 'sudo modprobe ath9k' ?04:23
amitgbut that doesn't work either04:23
Hwkillerwhat does it say04:23
Hwkillerand "lsmod|grep ath" shows nothing?04:23
amitgath9k                 130982  004:24
amitgmac80211              544021  1 ath9k04:24
amitgath9k_common           14053  1 ath9k04:24
amitgath9k_hw              390924  2 ath9k,ath9k_common04:24
amitgath                    23827  3 ath9k,ath9k_common,ath9k_hw04:24
FloodBot1amitg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:24
amitgcfg80211              210454  3 ath9k,mac80211,ath04:24
amitgcompat                 13575  5 ath9k,mac80211,ath9k_common,ath9k_hw,cfg8021104:24
devloshi is there anyway to pause wget?04:24
GitNickHey guys, Having an issue with a laptop touchpad not coming back after resume from sleep (RAM). I've put everything I know in a gist: https://gist.github.com/fa5699c06a20fae5479904:24
Hwkillerath9k is working then04:24
Hwkillerit's another problem04:24
geniuscan anyone tell me04:24
frustratedcan anyone clue me in on the secret code to install java04:25
acovrigdevlos: Ctrl+z04:25
acovrigdevlos: resume: %04:25
geniushow i can install the deskop GUI on ubuntu 12.104:25
malkaunsfrustrated, secret code??04:26
cknoxso I installed something that installed an LDAP server with it. Now all of my authentication takes a minute from when I enter my password. Anyone know what config file is telling it to try ldap?04:26
frustratedyeah its a big mystery04:26
devlosacovrig, thanks, perfect04:26
Hwkilleramitg: what issue are you having? I jumped into the middle of it04:26
malkaunsgenius, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?04:26
acovrigcan I suspend from the cli? I can from the gnome menu, but can't find a command for it.04:26
amitgHwkiller: network unclaimed for wifi04:26
Hwkilleramitg: what do you mean "unclaimed"?04:27
frustratedhow do you get java working in browsers in ubuntu?04:27
amitgethernet works though04:27
Hwkillerfrustrated: you'll want icedtea04:27
geniusmalkauns: i installed the desktop but after installation taskbar and statusbar is not visible for me04:27
amitgunclaimed on doing "lshw -C network"04:27
amitgHwkiller : this is what I get04:28
hugenumberI had gateway set, added a dns ip, now i can ping but nothing comes back04:29
Artemis3frustrated sekrit code: icedtea-plugin04:29
Hwkilleramitg: I don't use lshw04:29
Hwkilleramitg: type "rfkill list"04:29
Hwkiller(not sure if that's installed)04:29
cmellwhat about ifconfig, amitg?04:29
Hwkillerifconfig is deprecated04:29
Hwkiller(use ip a)04:29
amitgrfkill gives this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1477943/04:30
Hwkilleralright... and what happens when you try to connect to a wifi network?04:30
amitgcmell: ip a doesn't show a wlan004:30
amitgCan't connect. it doesn't detect any wifi04:30
acovrignever mind, its pm-suspend04:31
cmellare you sure you've got wifi reception to connect to?04:32
amitgYeah. It works on windows though04:32
cmellmight be 12.04's driver is flacky and got slightly better in 12.10?04:33
amitgOn clicking the network icon on the top right, I don't see any wireless connections04:33
Hwkilleramitg: what about "ip l"04:33
frustratedok now it's telling me "iced tea is out of date"04:33
amitgHwkiller : lo and eth004:34
Hwkilleramitg: are you using lightdm to start your sessions and everything?04:34
frustratedcan anyone solve this case?04:34
amitgHwkiller:  i guess it's the default one04:34
Hwkillerfrustrated: amitg hm04:35
Hwkillerer, not frustrated04:35
amitgBut I am!04:35
Hwkillerfrustrated: what are you trying to load?04:35
Hwkillergot a link?04:35
frustrateda damn java test04:36
Hwkillergot a link?04:36
HwkillerI want to see if mine works04:36
cknoxfrustrated: have you taken a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java?04:37
=== mscurtescu is now known as mariuss
Hwkillerfrustrated: I have no idea. I'm on arch with updated jre and icedtea, and it's still saying that04:38
frustratedcknox: according to that, everything is already installed04:38
frustratedHwkiller: what?04:38
Artemis3frustrated why not try another page04:38
frustratedArtemis3: i have04:38
cknoxfrustrated: personally I try to stay away from Java (of course it doesn't help that we require it at work)04:39
Hwkillerfrustrated: as in, I have the most updated packages and it's saying it's out of date on the webpage04:39
Hwkiller(it's not)04:39
frustratedHwkiller: what can we do04:39
amitgHwkiller: also suggest some next steps for me04:39
Hwkillerfrustrated: I have no idea... honestly04:39
Artemis3frustrated http://javatester.org/version.html04:39
HeKToNhello all04:40
Hwkilleramitg: I've never seen the issue before; i'm not sure what I can do :(04:40
cmellamitg, I suppose you might get the most recent version of the ath9k driver, and make a module from that04:40
HeKToNguys I want to ask you if 600 frames on glxgears is slow - normal or fast ?04:41
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
amitgYep, I'm doing a make and make install04:42
HeKToNanyone please ?04:42
Jordan_UHeKToN: glxfears is not a valid benchmark.04:42
Artemis3HeKToN, meaningless04:42
Hwkilleramitg: I really don't think that's the issue04:42
HeKToNok how can I check properly ?04:43
Hwkillerhow new is your laptop?04:43
Artemis3HeKToN, what card do you have?04:43
amitgHwkiller : yes04:43
amitgHwkiller: one month04:43
Jordan_UHeKToN: Try an actual 3D game.04:43
HeKToN AMD Radeon HD 7500G04:44
HeKToNyeah i just played openarena and nexuiz and it looks fine but it slow on simple processes like youtube for instance04:45
=== eric_504 is now known as ampd
cmellHeKToN, isn't youtube partially dependant on your net speeds?04:45
Artemis3HeKToN, when in youtube, right click to enter flash properties and disable hardware accel, might cure it04:46
HeKToNcmell : thanks I`ll try it04:46
HeKToNArtemis3 : no idea if that is the problem in my case04:46
amitgMehhhh, what the hell is wrong with my ubuntu :/04:47
cmellwhat now?04:47
amitgsame issue04:47
amitgbuilt ath9k04:47
amitgbut it doesn't detect wifi at al04:47
Hwkilleramitg: oh, sorry I hadn't realized it was that knew.04:48
Hwkilleris there a ppa for the mainline kernel anyone?04:48
geniushi can i install gnome desktop enviorment on linux ubuntu server 12.1004:48
Hwkillerto see if he can run 3.7 or 3.6?04:49
Artemis3genius, of course you can, not that you should...04:49
cmellgnome isn't bad04:50
geniusAstemis3: can you give me the command04:50
Artemis3if you are talking gnome3, i believe it involves a ppa, i'll let the experts guide you on that. cmell i was thinking servers don't need a local gui.04:51
Hwkillerno it doesn't04:51
Hwkillergnome-shell/gnome3 is in repos04:51
Hwkiller(unity uses gnome3; the only real difference is that it doesn't use shell)04:52
geniusactually i installed ubuntu-desktop04:52
thufir_in /var/log/X see  Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libextmod.so  does that mean that this is the video driver which is being loaded by 12.04?04:52
geniusbut intallation i am not able to see the taskbar or statusbar of the desktop04:52
Artemis3genius, you might try a simpler gui... one without compositing, such as xfce or lxde.04:53
Hwkillergenius: why?04:53
Hwkillerer, Artemis3 : why?04:53
=== DouglasK is now known as DouglasKAway
thufir_12.04 on hdb runs fine, but 12.10 on hda1 gives "cannot display this video..." which may be due to loading or using the wrong driver.  I want to check that both are using the same driver. how can I know which video driver I'm using currently?04:53
amitgno clue then?04:55
thufir_can someone help me read this log to see whether it's configuration or wrong driver or what?  http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ubuntu.user/26423504:57
NaeblisI've been advised to create a new bug report on Launchpad, this relates to no thumnbail preview and processor usage going up in nautilus. Should I file the bug under nautilus?04:58
far3Well I messed up my partition trying to dual boot windows 7 with ubuntu...now I have only ubuntu :)04:59
donavan01anyone know of a way to squeeze better performance out of an intel integrated graphics card on a laptop05:00
thufir_I have 12.10 installed on hda (I'm booted on hdb); how can I see which video drivers hda 12.10 is using?05:03
daftykinsthufir_: /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:05
thufir_daftykins: what am I looking for?  I know that my video card is an ancient SiS.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1477983/05:06
thufir_Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/sis_drv.so  ?05:06
daftykinsthufir_: line 144, SiS driver05:07
thufir_ok, thanks, I see that.  can I see which driver the 12.10 install is using without booting into 12.10?05:07
daftykinsthufir_: not unless it has a Xorg.0.log in another place nah05:08
thufir_or, do I need to boot into 12.10, crash X, and get that from the log.05:08
daftykinsthufir_: that'd be easiest, can you get to a TTY?05:08
thufir_right. let me look.  I can mount the other har drive and take look. thanks.05:08
Hwkillerhmm.. does SiS have dri drivers?05:09
Hwkillerand does your 12.04 use unity 2d mode?05:09
Jordan_UHwkiller: SiS barely has working 2D linux drivers.05:10
thufir_those are all good questions.  I don't see what problem 12.10 has with my (crummy) hardware wich 12.04 didn't have.05:11
malkaunshow do u change the text color in the top unity panel??05:13
thufir_daftykins: x log from other hard drive:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1477989/   should show crash (seg fault)05:13
daftykinsthufir_: identical driver ic05:15
Hwkiller[   745.444] (EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory05:15
Hwkilleryeah, that might be the problem. not sure why it's not using software rendering though; my guess is that it's crashing b/c of that05:15
thufir_I see that as well.  so that's good.  could it be config then?  it, for all intents and purposes, has to be config, yes?05:16
Hwkillernot... really05:16
thufir_Hwkiller: ok, interesting. pls share your thinking.05:16
Hwkillertry installing a simpler environment (lxde or something) to see if that works05:16
daftykinsthat boot is a lot slower once it gets to the driver loading05:17
thufir_Hwkiller: I tried Xubuntu and, oh, I forget, lightdm(?) and had the same problem.05:17
daftykinsi'm not seeing Hwkiller's paste error anywhere in your 12.0405:17
ese311do you guys now any good dictionary app? like just input the word and it defines the word for me instead of googling the meaning everytime05:17
daftykinsinstead, there's:05:17
daftykins[    24.599] (EE) open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory05:17
thufir_what paste error for 12.04? 12.04 loads fine, the crash is for 12.10...I'm confused.  what's the question?05:18
daftykinsthufir_: yeah the error Hwkiller pasted from your 12.10 log isn't present in the 12.04, it's a curious situation05:18
daftykinsor i'm just blind and can't see it05:18
Hwkillerjust search for (EE)05:18
daftykinsyeah, not there05:19
geniushwkiller: can i use apt-get install xinit for startx desktop05:19
daftykinsboth state DRI is disabled05:19
Hwkillergenius: it's not an issue of starting X05:20
Hwkillernot having dri on an environment requiring opengl is the problem05:20
Hwkillerhowever... not sure why 2d environments don't work either05:20
thufir_daftykins: I'm looking for a paste by Hwkiller but don't see it as yet.  pardon, had some distractions on this end. (home stuff)05:20
Hwkillerso apparently I'm wrong05:20
thufir_[   745.444] (EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory  is this what's the problem??05:21
Hwkillerit's the only error on that log05:21
daftykinssorry got distracted too05:22
thufir_that's significant.  I'm going to google that.  no worries on distracted, time, etc, thanks to both guys for your help.05:22
daftykinsi sense Hwkiller knows more than me on this topic, i'm surprised it's not falling back to unity 2D for you. try forcing boot to that somehow? i don't know how it works05:22
thufir_daftykins: I don't recall the exact software.  it was lightdm(?), a very light manager which I tried as well. same result.  yeah, Iwant to get it to fall back to something less intensive.   can I configure it to do that?05:24
Jordan_Uthufir_: lightdm is the default Desktop Manager in Ubuntu, and a "Desktop Manger" is basically a GUI login screen. You probably want to change your Desktop Environment.05:25
thufir_Jordan_U: yes, I certainly do.  LXDE works fine for 12.04 (I'm using it now).  I selected xubuntu, thought that would be ok.  I can boot into 12.10 and 1.) what do I remove with apt   2.) what do I install?05:26
Jordan_Uthufir_: Could you give a brief summary of your problem?05:27
Artemis3thufir_, you can pick your DE from lightdm as well as others such as gdm and kdm, but you have to install other DEs first05:27
thufir_I'm running 12.04 from hdb,works fine.  I installed 12.10 to hda (I want a clean install) but X will always crash.  I just want some sort of window manager in 12.10.05:28
Artemis3thufir_, you can, as emergency install something like openbox. for more permanent use maybe xfce or lxde05:29
thufir_however, hwkiller suggests, and google "agrees", that the error [   745.444] (EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory   might be causing the crash.05:29
Naeblisany gnome-equivalent for kdirstat?05:29
thufir_Artemis3: but why is x crashing?  [   745.444] (EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory    or can I simply not use xubuntu at all, xubuntu causes the crash?05:30
Artemis3thufir_, sounds like problem with the video card... did you try renaming /etc/X11/xorg.conf to something else (so that there is no xorg.conf?)05:31
thufir_Artemis3: can't be the video card if I'm using said video card from 12.04 on hdb, can it?  or not?05:31
Artemis3thufir_, or maybe not that i think about it, is your user belonging to the proper groups? the problem seems remotely familiar05:31
Artemis3thufir_, very likely software, not hardware issue05:32
Jordan_Uthufir_: And you still get a crash when logging in with an LXDE or Xubuntu session?05:33
thufir_Artemis3: it's a clean install.   http://paste.ubuntu.com/1478017/   I don't think there's an xorg.conf, is there?05:33
Artemis3check just in case thufir_ oh and what card it is again?05:33
Artemis3uh oh...  SIS??? i think you should stick to 12.0405:34
thufir_why?  I need to upgrade for various reasons.05:34
daftykins12.04 is LTS...05:34
CrazyZurferHi, An Icon is appearing on the top bar of ubuntu (a red warning icon) saying that the update information is outdated. How can I fix this?05:35
Artemis3stay with 12.04 and use PPAs for whatever you need updated (except xorg, don't touch xorg, and probably linux-image)05:36
daftykinsCrazyZurfer: run the software updater, or 'sudo apt-get update' in a terminal05:36
Artemis3thufir_, else buy new card :)05:36
thufir_Artemis3: not to be argumentitive, but that doesn't make sense.  the driver is the same for 12.04 and 12.10.05:37
devlosthufir_,  why dont you copy the /dev/dri/card0 from one hard drive to other.05:38
daftykinsthufir_: driver is, but kernel and Xorg aren't.05:38
Artemis3thufir_, that could be the problem, if the driver is the same but xorg has changed...05:38
thufir_devlos: I still haven't figured out what /dev/dri/card0 is.  you mean just copy the file?  I thought it was referring to piece of hardware?05:38
thufir_Artemis3: good point.05:39
Artemis3thufir_, and this DRI business sounds kernel so there, please stick to 12.04 if you want to use a SIS graphics card, for now until you learn an improvement to said drivers have been made.05:39
CrazyZurferdaftykins: I press "show updates option when it appears" and then It says that My system is up to date and the icon is still there05:39
Hwkillerdri refers to the direct rendering infrastructure05:39
Hwkilleri.e., ability to render 3d graphics via openGL05:39
devlosthuffir__ no /dev/dri/card0 is a special file05:40
devloscharicter device05:41
daftykinsCrazyZurfer: is your computer's date+time set correctly?05:41
anashi Guys... I'm new to this can anyone.... can help me out with this05:41
aeon-ltdanas: continue...05:41
thufir_devlos: no such file on 12.04.  maybe that's the problem in a nutshell.  12.10 is looking for additional hardware?05:41
daftykins!ask | anas05:42
ubottuanas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:42
Artemis3i doubt the sis can do any opengl at all unless its mesa doing everything in software05:42
HwkillerI'm surprised it's nto though05:42
thufir_but, can't I turn off opengl?05:42
CrazyZurferdaftkins: Yes, might be not syncronized with the server05:42
Artemis3thufir_, just for kicks, try installing openbox and choose it from lightdm05:43
Artemis3thufir_, if it works, we might now. Unfortunately Xubuntu enables compositing by default05:43
daftykinsCrazyZurfer: i wouldn't worry about it unless you know there are updates out you haven't got.05:43
thufir_Artemis3: ok, thanks guys.  before I go, can I remove xubuntu with apt-get remove xubuntu?05:43
anaswhat to do grub in the boot did'nt work... are there any solutions to solve it.... i had many problems before.....thats why...05:43
Artemis3thufir_, while you can, this will not remove all that long list of packages it installed05:44
aeon-ltdanas: explain more on grub, like you couldn't boot to ubuntu?05:44
CrazyZurferdaftykins: really I don't worry, but I want everything to work as it should :P05:44
thufir_yeah, and I think that long list would be better to get removed. hmm.  thanks.05:44
anasguys can you suggest some coolest apps for ubuntu 12.0405:44
daftykinsCrazyZurfer: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" give any updates to install in a terminal?05:45
aeon-ltdanas: not here, you can poll for 'cool' stuff in the offtopic channel05:45
CrazyZurferdaftkins: ran apt-get update and the icon disappeared, but this morning, the same thing happened05:45
Artemis3thufir_, xubuntu-desktop is a meta-package, it simply depends on many other packages. If you remove it, the packages it depended on will remain installed, they can be removed one by one tho...05:45
anasis ubuntu 12.04 better than ubuntu 12.1005:46
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »05:46
Artemis312.04 is the LTS, think of it as more stable05:46
CrazyZurferdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1478032/05:46
thufir_Artemis3: I know, but for various reasons I need to upgrade.  ruby this, ruby that, depends on this, that and the other thing.05:47
daftykinsCrazyZurfer: ah, looks like you added a PPA for 'deluge' that's down. that'll be why it's prompting05:47
Artemis3thufir_, try the openbox thing05:47
thufir_thanks.  I'm going to clean install, no gui at first. then I'll just install openbox and pray?  then type 'startx'? pray again?05:48
CrazyZurferwhich was the terminal code to disable PPAs?05:48
anasmy virtual box is not running it shows like this..........Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)05:48
anasThe VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing05:48
anas'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'05:48
anasas root. If it is available in your distribution, you should install the DKMS package first. This package keeps track of Linux kernel changes and recompiles the vboxdrv kernel module if necessary.05:48
FloodBot1anas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:48
Artemis3thufir_, hmm in that case, you might just try to put the lubuntu image in a thumb drive and live boot from it05:48
tozahi guys im trying to install the nvidia drivers into ubuntu 12.1005:48
daftykinsCrazyZurfer: not sure, you can manually edit /etc/apt/sources.list though05:49
=== toza is now known as r123
thufir_Artemis3: no thumb drive at the moment, but yes.05:49
Artemis3thufir_, if the live system works, then you can install05:49
devlosthufur_ startx, X xinit, lxdm,kdm,xdm,startxfce,startkde,startlxde all have worked for me at one time or  another, good luck05:49
thufir_can lubuntu fit on a cd maybe?05:49
r123hi guys im trying to install the nvidia drivers into ubuntu 12.10 and the additional drivers tool tells me that its installed but not in use05:49
Artemis3thufir_, well, you can also do ubuntu-minimal, then install the packages you want05:50
aeon-ltdthufir_: yes05:50
thufir_devlos: thx.  I'm writing this down.05:50
Artemis3thufir_, the live cd is a good idea to try05:50
thufir_sigh.  I feel stoopid.  I thought they got rid of the live cd.05:51
anaswhere can i get some gud apps & themes for ubuntu 12.0405:51
Artemis3thufir_, i like thumbdrives more, much much quicker :) but cd should do05:51
Abhijit!offtopic | HeKToN05:51
ubottuHeKToN: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:51
HeKToNsorry guys05:52
HeKToNjust too excited as i just migrated :)05:52
AbhijitHeKToN, welcome to free world.05:52
thufir_Artemis3: thx05:52
r123the freeworld is messing up my nvidia drivers :P05:52
JouvaOk so I just setup my netbook to have a 2nd display. I've now rebooted it with the same display hooked up, the monitor doesn't realize it's plugged in, but the Display settings app is showing up IN that screen so I can't get to it! How do I move that app to the netbook's main screen?05:53
Artemis3r123, the drivers are in the repos05:53
Abhijitr123, its free world. you have the right to correct anything thats wrong!05:53
r123Abhijit: the drivers say installed but not in use also Im just teasing ;)05:53
daftykinsJouva: alt+f6 then cursor keys to move it over05:53
Abhijitr123, I know. I know.05:53
JouvaYeah if I could be sure to give it focus05:53
daftykinsalt-tab? :)05:54
Artemis3r123, launch jockey and activate it (it is called device manager, or something)05:54
JouvaAlso this is no working05:54
r123it says activatedbut not in use Artemis305:54
Abhijitr123, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143395505:54
JouvaI don't think alt-f6 will work when it starts maximized05:54
HeKToNguys please anyone who is competent on AMD processors could you tell me if I made a mistake to buy A6 vision as it seem that even kubuntu 12.10 is kind of slow :(05:56
JouvaYeah it's just not moving05:56
daftykinsJouva: hrmm. i can't recall the minimise keypress sequence off hand. alt+space then <option here>05:56
Artemis3HeKToN, KDE is heavy weight, do you have plenty of ram?05:57
JouvaYeah I don't think these ideas are gonna work05:57
amitgcan anybody help me with my wifi :/05:57
amitgit's a nightmaer05:57
JouvaThis isn't some regular app, this is the settings app05:58
HeKToN6 GB05:58
Artemis3HeKToN, then, how about video drivers?05:58
HeKToNI chose KDE as Gnome is kind of ... you know :) this taskbar on the right is05:58
HeKToNwell I just installed the proprietary ones05:58
Artemis3HeKToN, did you restart when told?05:59
dowdyph0HeKToN KDE Raster mode is a sh#t05:59
daftykinsJouva: ah, doesn't have standard window controls?05:59
HeKToNyeah I did restart but still05:59
HeKToNvery slow on firefox and stuff05:59
JouvaI'm not sure but none of that is working is all I know05:59
HeKToNhowever the games are cool05:59
daftykinsJouva: look up commands that allow an app to start on a given screen06:00
dowdyph0HeKToN recompile a kernel for your microprocessor, set 1GHz timer and kernel RT with preempt patches06:00
HeKToNoh you are talking to very beginner :) any thread on internet please ?06:00
HeKToNstep by step :)06:00
dowdyph0yep w806:00
devlosHeKToN,  kde is heavy, but some things are timed to give a pleasant visuals, which make it seem slow, to me at least06:00
HeKToNdevlos what do you use06:00
OerHeksHeKToN, what nvidia card do you have ?06:01
HeKToNit`s integrated AMD06:01
HeKToNhd 7500G06:01
Jouvadaftykins: That's what I'm here asking for!06:01
JouvaI don't know any and I'm having problems finding them or I wouldn't be here!06:01
HeKToNhd 7500G I`m intel fan but decided to try with samsung notebook series 506:01
justmehHeKToN, that might be a dual gpu?06:02
daftykinsJouva: no need to get heated :P try improving your google fu.06:02
justmehwhat's your exact model?06:02
HeKToNit is yeah ;(06:02
JouvaMy google fu is quite good tyvm06:02
justmehahaha gl06:02
HeKToNoldschool PC :)06:02
justmehi've not attacked one of those yet06:02
justmehby dual i mean of course cpu + dedicated06:02
JouvaIt lead me to compiz, but compiz is being annoying and won't let me set or change anything06:02
JouvaLike nothing. No clicks do anything06:02
HeKToNjustmeh why did you say gl to me06:04
HeKToNis it that bad06:04
HeKToN? :D06:04
Artemis3HeKToN, the A6 seems to be a cpu with gpu inside from amd, i am not sure of the state of driver with that radeon06:04
moon`Is there a way to block all PM's in xchat?06:04
HeKToNthis sound disappointing06:04
Artemis3HeKToN, you could always try a light desktop instead06:05
HeKToNdo you mean e17 stuff06:05
Artemis3HeKToN, that would be a bit too advanced, i suggest you try LXDE06:05
HeKToNI will thank you a lot and again all of the desktop effects are perfect06:06
Artemis3HeKToN, and i do use e1706:06
HeKToNit`s just the firefox particulary slow06:06
HeKToNyeah I tried it before looks good06:06
NoskcajHeKToN, join #xubuntu or #lubuntu06:06
Artemis3the thing is e17 software rendering is top notch, you can use compositing with, or without opengl, you can also disable compositing.06:06
HeKToNartemis it`s weird as e17 works much better on my pc06:08
HeKToNanyway thanks for the help guys06:08
HeKToNtalk to you later06:08
Artemis3HeKToN, it is not weird, as i said, its one of the best06:08
amitgany help with wifi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!106:11
amitgubuntu doesn't detect any wifi06:11
amitgthe drivers aren't getting loaded06:11
amitgwhat should I do>06:11
aggiebillamitg: get a really long ethernet cable - j/k06:12
amitgI have it!06:12
amitgUsing that only :D06:12
amitgBut i need the dayum wifi06:12
francoif i install xfce (sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop), can i uninstall it (and all the dependencies) with "sudo apt-get purge xubuntu-desktop" followed by sudo apt-get autoremove? Or is there more to it?06:13
=== qos|away is now known as qos
iMart1n_iOSHi :), i have a problem for06:24
=== khramtsov_ is now known as khramtsov
psychopathicDo you guys use your cloud ?06:26
iMart1n_iOSHi :), i have a problem for you guys, how would you encrypt a string, or just get an other representation of a string, like hexadecimam, just using shell script basics (echo, sed,...) but without printf, xxd or openssl. I need it to have a clean version of the string ( no special chars...)06:28
psychopathicAnyone here want to see my shellcode ? I can calculate a instant with a bash shell.06:30
psychopathic https://one.ubuntu.com/files/shareoffer/70b695cc-0ea9-44e9-bb2a-f7ddabc697bc/06:31
AbhijitiMart1n_iOS, this is not the right place. go to stackoverflow06:31
AbhijitiMart1n_iOS, you will surely get a very good respnosnse there. also read faq on how to write a good question before posting. (if you are new i.e.)06:32
WeThePeopleneed help with dante06:32
IdleOnepsybnc: 5 minutes ago you asked me to remove a quiet that was placed on you for the exact same random non ubuntu related stuff you are doing now.06:32
IdleOnepsychopathic:  5 minutes ago you asked me to remove a quiet that was placed on you for the exact same random non ubuntu related stuff you are doing now.06:32
IdleOnesorry psybnc06:32
tux-world hi all. my squirrelmail mail server is subject limitted in 24 character :(06:32
WeThePeoplehow do i check to see if dante is running06:32
psychopathicIt is ubuntu one06:33
AbhijitWeThePeople, whats dante?06:33
WeThePeopleabhijit, a socks4-5 program06:33
IdleOnepsychopathic: This is a support channel, not a chat channel. If you want to chat and show off code try #ubuntu-offtopic or perhaps #ubuntuone since it is ubuntuone related.06:33
psychopathicIdleOne, I just want people to see what they can do with ubuntu06:33
psychopathicvery well then06:33
AbhijitWeThePeople, try ps -e | grep dante06:33
AbhijitPsychoholic, you can write a good blog post on this on your own blog. or write to many open source magazines or blogs e.g. omgubuntu or fullcirclemagazine06:34
WeThePeopleabhijit, no output06:34
Abhijitpsychopathic, ^^06:34
AbhijitWeThePeople, then either is not running or its name is not dante06:35
scoopexit´s unbelievable - i have the problem that i cannot browse my the windows shares of my network and this seems to be a problem for years. searching for "can not retrieve share list from server" provides hundreds of unsolved issues: https://launchpad.net/+search?field.text=can+not+retrieve+share+list+from+server06:37
=== sins-_q is now known as sins-
geniusanyone tell me how07:00
geniusi can build source code of citadel on ubuntu07:00
pozhello, i require assistance with turning the screen brightness in ubuntu 12.0407:03
pozcan someone help me?07:03
pozplease and thank you07:03
pozhello, i require assistance with turning the screen brightness in ubuntu 12.0407:05
melvincvI'm on F17. gnome-shell hangs every now and then. I noticed these messages in the system log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1478121/07:07
aeon-ltdpoz: i think that would vary per laptop07:08
pozthere are no settings?07:08
pozmine was fine an hour ago07:09
poznow it is sooo dim07:09
pozi have a brightness button on my laptop keybored but it does not work07:09
OerHeksgenius why build citadel when it is in the repos ?07:11
Muphridpoz: what laptop07:12
pozumm it is an hp07:13
pozone sec07:13
pozhp pavillion07:14
pozhp pavillion dv707:14
pozi think i might know why07:14
pozi took out the battery becuase it does not work and its heavy07:15
bazhang!enter | poz07:15
ubottupoz: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:15
cub!notrolling | bazhang07:15
bazhangcub  don't do that07:15
cubpoz how long has your brightness thingy not worked07:15
pozsince i just turned it on, about 30 mins or so now07:16
cubhas it worked before that?07:16
cubyou could try unplugging it, taking the battery out, giving it like 30 seconds, put it all back together and try again07:17
cubsee if leaving the battery in helps at all07:17
OerHekspoz brightness is somehowe connected with your battery, place it back and see if it works07:17
SaidKLEmine works sometimes and not others, usually depending on if I boot is plugged in or not.07:18
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obxif you guys really want to help out the world help out these two disabled dudes please read and share http://igg.me/p/293180/x/199230007:18
=== Guest94267 is now known as voodoo123
pozbut i am all cozy in bed and the battery is in the other room07:19
cubpoz, try restarting it by removing the power, leaving the power off for 30 seconds, plug back in, see if this helps07:19
cubquestion, poz, you don't mean the on-screen brightness display do you?07:20
aeon-ltdpoz: if ubuntu works anything like windows, there are 2 profiles one for mains only and the other for battery. find it. change it.07:20
cubbecause i have a HP pavillion and when using Linux without the HP software, it did not show the brightness display but it did work07:20
poz"if ubuntu works like windowns" - I thought this was a ubuntu support channel07:21
cubpoz he is right, check under System > Preference > Power Management07:21
pozokay I will try cub07:21
aeon-ltdthings do bridge.07:21
pozno settigns that I can find07:22
pozbrb thought, puttign plug07:22
bazhang!cn | luchao07:22
ubottuluchao: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:22
luchaowhat s your name07:23
bazhangluchao, this is ubuntu support, did you have an ubuntu support question?07:24
poz_cub, worked. thanks a million!07:24
cubyw poz :)07:24
amminiHi there! I'm downloading Ubuntu 12.10 to install my wife's laptop. I hope I'd use Gnome3 in that rather than Unity.07:29
bazhangammini, unity is a shell for gnome 3, perhaps you mean gnome-shell07:29
bazhang!notunity | ammini07:30
ubottuammini: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:30
Noskcajammini, that's not a question but you need to install gnome 3 afterwards07:30
bazhangNoskcaj, thats not correct07:30
Noskcajbazhang, oops07:31
amminibazhang: Noskcaj: Ok. I should have worded my question better. I'd install gnome-shell and tweak it.07:31
bazhangammini, then install tweak tool and go to the gnome extensions site if you wish further customizations07:31
amminiSo, if what I understand is right, gnome-shell would take precedence over unity shell, if both are installed in parallel?07:32
embed-nsammini, no, you select it at logon time.07:32
* ammini is a Fedora user.07:32
bazhangammini, depends what you select at login window07:32
bazhangammini, you can have any number of shells, DE, etc, then select there, such as kde4 (kubuntu) xfce4 (xubuntu) etc07:33
amminibazhang: Thanks. I appreciate the info.07:34
* ammini goes to try unetbootin in Fedora to make a bootable USB Ubuntu media.07:35
embed-nsthey should make unity an option rather than default, its a real p.o.s.07:36
drthodtunity is ass07:39
vtec_i h8 this too lol07:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:40
aLeSD_hi all07:40
aLeSD_what's best ? virtualbox or qemu ?07:41
aLeSD_or are the same ?07:41
embed-nsI've had lots of success with virtualbox, use it daily for work.07:41
bazhangaLeSD_, there is no best. choose whichever suits you07:41
MuphridaLeSD_: qemu has some networking bugs, it doesnt connect to the internet depending on the distro whereas virtualbox does07:42
vtec_in old ubuntu there was an option to check for hardware updates07:43
vtec_there isn't one now in 12.1007:43
vtec_how do i get my video drivers?07:43
Muphridvtec_: it is integrated in software-properties-gtk now07:43
Muphridthey moved from jockey (additional drivers) to there07:43
thufir_hello. I (again) installed 12.10 minimal onto older hardware: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1478160 but x keeps crashing.  Now, this seems to be due to trying to load gl, or something similar.  What can I install that's totally minimal, and will just give me a mouse?07:44
embed-nsxfce is pretty minimal07:44
bazhangthufir_, lubuntu would be ver minimal07:45
bazhangthufir_, there is nothing with "just a mouse"07:45
bazhang!lubuntu | thufir_07:45
ubottuthufir_: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.07:45
vtec_i found it Muphrid  :) thankyou very much07:45
thufir_bazhang: hard to browse, but I'll try that.  after installing the lubuntu package I can enter "startx"?07:46
bazhangthufir_, the package is lubuntu-desktop , it will install a dm so no need for startx07:47
Muphridthufir_: i think you can just reboot and it will open the lxdm login screen07:47
thufir_Muphrid: I'm installing some other packages, so have a few minutes.  can I configure things so that it boots to text mode automatically?07:48
lotuspsychjei have this weird colours on some bootup: http://postimage.org/image/7gyglohct/  but when i reboot few times it vanishes..what could cause this?07:48
thufir_only I've had problems with this old SiS video card, x crashes quite easily on it for 12.10.07:48
Muphridthufir_: just remove lxdm then07:49
Muphridafter installing it07:49
thufir_Muphrid: ok. thanks.07:49
aLeSD_Muphrid, bazhang: does virtualbox use kvm ?07:50
MuphridaLeSD_: no, only qemu07:51
aLeSD_mmm ... Muphrid so. the performances ?07:52
thufir_lynx cannot seem to load https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu for what it's worth.07:52
drthodtwheres cubuntu07:52
MuphridaLeSD_: I dont see any difference in performance in the guest to be honest, but virtualbox makes the host slower07:52
=== Guest is now known as Justasic
bazhangdrthodt, whats that07:53
thufir_Muphrid: I'm reading wikipedia, and it compares lubuntu to xubuntu, but xubuntu caused all sorts of crashes.  also, how does lubuntu differ from lxde?07:55
Muphridthufir_: lubuntu is a distribution which uses lxde as a desktop, xubuntu uses xfce, where did you read it?07:55
bazhangthufir_, lubuntu = lxde +openbox07:55
embed-nsMuphrid, the host performance is not bad at all as long as the vm's allocated memory is tweaked to be as low as possible.07:55
bazhangthufir_, xubuntu is NOT significantly lighter than gnome07:56
bazhangthufir_, Kubuntu  = Kde4    Lubuntu Lxde etc07:56
Muphridembed-ns: I have 2gb memory and always put 768mb on both of them, that was from personal experience only. I believe the dkms module makes it like that07:56
thufir_bazhang: aha, thanks.   is there a "rollback" for apt, so that I can mark a point, install some stuff, then roll back if it doesn't do what what I want.  or do I have to remove each package manually?07:57
Muphridthufir_: unfortunately no07:57
thufir_ok, so lubuntu is just shorthand for lxde.07:57
embed-nsMuphrid, yeah, I experienced same with my last box. But my current box has 6gb, I run a winxp with 1.5gb allocated to it and it runs very smoothly.07:57
bazhangthufir_, you want to make a disk image on 12.10? there is a utility in the app Disks for that07:57
Muphridthufir_: Conary is the only Linux package system which supports rollbacks afaik07:58
thufir_oh, disk image is for rollbacks?07:58
Muphridembed-ns: interesting, so qemu plays betters on more modest hardware07:58
bazhangthufir_,  in which case your "rollback" would be going to that disk image and starting from that07:58
bazhangperhaps you mean removing lubuntu/kubuntu/whatever07:59
embed-nsmuphrid, yes, that has been my experience. Had to go with qemu for stability and performance before, but with current system have no problems at all. And I run a vm 8 hours a day 5 days a week for work. No issues with sufficent ram.07:59
MuphridGot it.08:00
MotoservoArg. After a full day and half of trying to get Ubuntu on a stick for a Mac Dual Boot I finally got it on a bootable CDR. Waited a few hours while it installed and then it spit out the CDR, said it was going to reboot (but didn't actually reboot--just sort of hung after that message), and so I force shut it down. Rebooted with the Option key and Mac OS X is my only option. The flash drive is showing as unreadable.08:01
MotoservoAny suggestions?08:01
embed-nsand virtualbox's seamless mode is so seamless, you forget where your apps are actually coming from :)08:01
thufir_Motoservo: just for my own edification, how did you get it on a bootable cd?08:02
MotoservoUsing the Mac OS X Disk Utility.08:02
crazybrainHow to create new user through shell?08:03
MotoservoThat was a hassle, my drive doesn't work but after many hours wasted trying other solutions I drove to a friend's.08:03
Muphridcrazybrain: adduser user08:05
embed-nssudo adduser user08:05
cubhow to change command sudo to "superdoodoo"08:05
Muphridcub: make an alias in the bash config08:06
cubwheres that08:06
Muphrid"changing" it is risky08:06
Muphridi think it is .bashrc in homefolder08:06
crazybrainactually due to wrong settings of Compiz my whole desktop is blank08:06
embed-nsbetter off creating a script that calls sudo :)08:06
crazybrainI mean nothing is coming on the screen08:07
crazybrainNo unity no upper toolbar08:07
Muphridcrazybrain: perhaps you could log into gnome fallback if lightdm works08:07
crazybrainwhat should i do to retain back the previous settings?08:07
vtec_Muphrid, i dled my video card08:07
vtec_but i think i may have dled the wrong one08:07
vtec_O have08:07
vtec_I have08:07
thufir_would openbox be less intensive then lubunt?08:07
thufir_Motoservo: addusr08:07
Muphridthufir_: yes, lxde is a frontend to openbox08:08
crazybrainshould i create new user???08:08
thufir_crazybrain: addusr08:08
Muphridit adds a desktop on top of it08:08
daftykinscrazybrain: "unity --reset" though this changes your settings08:08
daftykinsoops unity-reset08:08
thufir_Muphrid: thx08:08
crazybrainHow can i do it Muphrid?08:08
samericwhat's the furthest release that's still supported?08:08
thufir_crazybrain: why do you want a new user? never hurts to add one, but why?08:08
samericubuntu, that is08:09
Muphridcrazybrain: i didnt know of this unity --reset parameter, did you try it?08:09
Muphridsameric: 11.1008:09
Muphridwill die in march or april08:09
Muphridor, i think 10.04 will meet the end at the same time08:09
crazybraini messed something in Compiz Manager08:09
Muphridcrazybrain: does lightdm work when you reboot?08:10
crazybraini am using 12.10 btw08:10
crazybrainMuphrid: what is lightdm?08:10
Muphridcrazybrain: the login manager08:11
samericI'm using 12.04 and like it on my desktop for the most part but was just curious as I figured I could have gnome 2 with the same functionality if I wanted from previous releases, and when a new release comes out, burn the iso and test it, which brings me to my next question...08:11
vtec_Muphrid, http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/7322/screenshotfrom201212300.png08:11
vtec_I have the wrong one on don't I08:11
crazybrainMuphrid: i do get login window though08:11
Motoservothufir_: How can addusr help me here?08:12
vtec_Ultimately I'm just trying to remove the choppiness of my gfx08:12
thufir_Motoservo: Pardon, had you mixed up with crazy08:12
samericis there really any difference in upgrading/trying the iso and then installing?08:12
bazhangsameric, for the "classic" look install gnome-panel08:12
Muphridvtec_: thought you were using sis? or was it thufir_08:12
Muphridim confused lol08:12
thufir_I'm on SiS video card.  sux.08:12
Muphridvtec_: what is your problem again? i got lost with so many people asking08:13
samerichow is gnome3 compared to classic and unity?08:13
bazhangsameric, you mean a fresh install vs. a net upgrade?08:13
samericbazhang, yes08:13
bazhangsameric, its all gnome3. just different shells08:13
crazybrainHow can i reset my Compiz Manager?08:13
bazhangsameric, perhaps you mean gnome-shell as opposed to the unity shell08:14
bazhangcrazybrain, compiz --replace does not work ?08:14
samericon that question, yeah08:14
grendal-primehey im still having the worst time with this ntp08:14
thufir_aptitude install lubuntu-core will give me basics?08:14
bazhangthufir_, is that a package?08:14
thufir_bazhang: yes.08:15
vtec_Muphrid, may i PM you about it08:15
crazybrainbazhang: that's command not found08:15
thufir_bazhang: I'm not sure which lubuntu to install. there's no plain lubuntu08:15
Muphridvtec_: ok08:15
bazhangthufir_, perhaps ask in the #lubuntu channel, I am not sure sorry08:15
bazhangthufir_, its lubuntu-desktop08:15
thufir_bazhang: thx08:15
Muphridcrazybrain: you may want to try this, but read the instructions carefully: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/how-to-reset-unity-launcher-icons-or.html08:16
grendal-primemy clock drifts about 30 min a day. now ntpq --peers shows it can get to servers listed..but it seems as though ntpd is just not adjusting the clock08:17
thufir_LOL.  867 packages to install lubuntu-desktop.08:17
thufir_grendal-prime: battery?08:17
grendal-primeits a vm, host is keeping time just fine08:17
grendal-primethe vm is pointing to servers outside the system.08:18
bekksgrendal-prime: stop ntpd, run ntpdate, start ntpd - and your time will be in sync.08:20
grendal-primeya for about a day08:21
grendal-primethen it will be off 30 min in 24 hours08:21
bekksThen run the above commands again.08:21
grendal-primeive tried that..its like ntpd cant adjust the clock, it can see the servers thats not a problem.08:22
embed-nsgrendal-prime, if you set the clock in the vm yourself, and turn off the ntp, does it keep time properly?08:22
bekksThe problem with ntpd is, that it adjusts time pretty slowly.08:22
daxgrendal-prime: which VM?08:22
samericbut yes, I was wondering about the difference between a fresh install vs and upgrade?08:23
grendal-primeembed-ns, umm thats a good question.  I think no cause ..well i setup ntp for some reason...i would assume it was cause it wasnt keeping time.08:23
memandHey guys, I have bumble bee installed and was wondering if it is possible to make the flashplayer in firefox run with the optirun command?08:23
daftykinssameric: well naturally, a clean install would likely work better as it wouldn't have a user's 'used' configuration left08:24
crazybrainMuphrid: it's throwing the error:08:24
crazybrainWARNING: no DISPLAY variable set,setting it to :008:24
crazybrainERROR:the reset option is now deprecated08:24
embed-nsgrendal-prime, what I'm wondering is, is it the ntp thats the issue, or the actual clock itself. I'd try setting it by hand, leave it for 24 hours without ntp, and see if its lost time.08:24
embed-nsgrendal-prime, if it hasn't lost time then focus on ntp as your issue, if it has, focus on the clock itself.08:25
grendal-primeya i would think that it will just use the clock that is available via the host08:25
bekksembed-ns: grendal-prime: the problem is that virtualization does not garantuee a static RTC signal.08:25
embed-nsgrendal-prime, it should yes.08:25
embed-nsbekks, yep, vt emulation is still iffy for some things.08:26
grendal-primebekks,   here is what is confusing.  the clock should be adjusted by ntp after it makes its query to the servers.08:26
bekksembed-ns: Whats "vt emulation"?08:26
embed-nsbekks, Intel VT or AMD-V08:26
grendal-primeim not pointing them to the host im pointing them to ntp servers outside the system and it can see them.08:26
bekksgrendal-prime: As I said, ntpd adjusts time slowly, while ntpdate sets the time even if it is off for a large amount.08:26
grendal-primebekks, i know this.  I have done what you suggested several times.  that is not the fix08:27
grendal-primenot for this anyway08:27
bekksembed-ns: the RTC issue has nothing to do with "vt emulation", since in virtualization, nothing is emulated but virtualized.08:27
crazybrainMuphrid: what should i do now?08:28
bekksgrendal-prime: There is no static fix to be run once. The fix is to run ntpdate in shorter intervals than 24 hours.08:28
grendal-primethat is a really shitty way do resolve that08:28
grendal-primethere is not drift calculated..08:29
Muphridcrazybrain: well, like has been said before, you can install gnome-panel and enter the fallback session through the login manager, or you can add a user and log in from that user, or you could purge compiz and its config files08:29
grendal-primeand your hammering the ntp server at a specific time..imagine if everyone used that method.08:29
bekksgrendal-prime: There is no other way, since, in a vm, you such an unstable time source, it gets off faster than ntpd can adjust it.08:29
bekks*you have08:30
crazybrainMuphrid: which method is better according to you?08:30
bekksgrendal-prime: You could set up your own ntp server on you host to avoid hammering foreign servers.08:30
grendal-primeya..i dont think this is the way to fix this.08:30
Muphridcrazybrain: install gnome-panel and log into it from the login manager08:31
bekksgrendal-prime: Then find another solution. :)08:31
Muphridat least you have a gui to do the rest08:31
grendal-primeother hosts are not experinceing this problem08:31
grendal-primesorry guests on that host that is08:31
bekksgrendal-prime: It is a VM problem, not a host problem.08:31
wupenghi all08:33
crazybrainhey wupeng08:34
wupengi have removed ruby1.8 and ruby-rvm but apt still lists ruby1.8 ruby1.91 and rvm as installed?? what should i do to update apt08:34
crazybrainare you Chinese?08:34
wupengi am08:35
andrewhey i have a question08:35
=== andrew is now known as Guest39661
crazybrainMuphrid: i am adding a new user08:35
Muphridwupeng: did you try sudo apt-get autoremove08:35
mdjsjdqeremove what08:36
crazybrainMuphrid: tell me how to do it through root shell prompt08:36
thufir_wupeng: use rvm08:36
b3njhelp me08:36
samericandrew, not sure if I can help but what is your question?08:36
Guest39661is ubuntu studio supported anymore?08:36
Muphridcrazybrain: i think it is 'adduser newuser' then you 'su newuser' to log into it08:36
thufir_wupeng: remove all system ruby (using apt).  it's just trouble.  join #rvm08:36
wupengthufir i tried to remove them but they wont go08:37
b3njwhen i insert blank dvd-r disc ubuntu says unable to mount blank dvd+r disc, location is already mounted08:37
bekksMuphrid: crazybrain: su - newuser to use the environment of the new user too.08:37
thufir_wupeng: pastebin results.08:37
thufir_mdjsjdqe: ruby..?08:37
b3njwhen i insert blank dvd-r disc ubuntu says unable to mount blank dvd+r disc, location is already mounted08:37
crazybrainMuphrid: it's prompting:     groupadd:cannot lock /etc/group;try again later08:37
Muphridcrazybrain: use with sudo08:38
Muphridsudo adduser newuser08:38
defektb3nj: what is df showing?08:38
thufir_wupeng: ?are you able to remove ruby now?08:38
crazybrainMuphrid: same error08:39
Muphridcrazybrain: sec08:39
b3njdefekt: as if the disc wasn't inserted08:39
Muphridcrazybrain: add the group at the end of the line ie "sudo adduser newuser admin"08:40
wupengi don know how to remove them all some error pop up08:40
b3njwhen i insert blank dvd-r disc ubuntu says unable to mount blank dvd+r disc, location is already mounted08:40
bekksb3nj: A blank medium cannot be mounted.08:40
defektb3nj: I mean open a console/terminal and type "df -h" and see if you see any mounted devices with a cdrom name/path08:40
thufir_wupeng: type this into your console "aptitude remove ruby | pastebinit" and write back what happens.  you may need to first "apt-get install pastebinit"08:41
b3njdefekt:  i do not see them08:41
bekksb3nj: A blank medium cannot be mounted. The error message is just misleading.08:41
thufir_wupeng: are you writing ruby scripts, or are you just using ruby for programming?08:41
GeekBlogTValiens are coming for us08:41
b3njbekks: what should i do?08:41
defektb3nj: what bekks said, a blank medium cannot be mounted, it needs to be formated08:42
bekksb3nj: Do not mount it. Use it for burning something onto it.08:42
crazybrainMuphrid: adduser:The user 'newuser' does not exist08:42
andrew_ 08:42
thufir_crazybrain: use pastebin pls08:42
memandHey guys, I have bumblebee installed and was wondering if it is possible to make the flashplayer in firefox run with the optirun command?08:42
andrew_is ubuntu studio supported anymore?08:43
crazybraindude how can i paste the prompts of the laptop08:43
auronandace!aptitude | thufir_08:43
ubottuthufir_: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.08:43
Muphridcrazybrain: my mistake, its useradd not adduser08:43
crazybraini am trying to fix different computer08:43
bekks!pastebinit | crazybrain08:43
ubottucrazybrain: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com08:43
bekkscrazybrain: Like that ^^08:43
wupengi am using ruby for rails08:43
Muphridcrazybrain: useradd newuser08:43
thufir_!pastebinit | wupeng08:44
ubottuwupeng: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com08:44
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!08:44
GeekBlogTVthe zeta reticulan aliens are here to get us and feed on our brains.08:44
crazybrainMuphrid: useradd:cannot lock /etc/passwd;try again later08:44
bekkscrazybrain: Did you use sudo?08:45
andrew_is ubuntu studio supported anymore can someone answer it please08:45
crazybrainyeah bekks08:45
crazybraini did08:46
crazybrainsudo useradd newuser08:46
GeekBlogTVandrew_, no08:46
bekksandrew_: Which version?08:46
andrew_it's 12.04 lts but i can't get updates for it anymore08:46
bekksandrew_: Dont believe him08:46
thufir_wupeng: did you remove ruby?  pastebin results?08:46
bekksandrew_: "cant get" means what exactly?08:46
Muphridcrazybrain: what if you add the password as a last parameter?08:47
bekksandrew_: What happens when you run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade"?08:47
Muphridsudo useradd newuser newpasswrd08:47
bekksMuphrid: crazybrain: According to the man pages, you cant provide the password as a parameter.08:47
bekksMuphrid: crazybrain: After creating the user, just use "passwd" to set the password.08:47
wupengsome serious errors man08:48
crazybrainbekks: thats the whole problem08:48
crazybraini am not able to create new user08:48
crazybrainit throws me with the same old error everytime08:48
Jordan_Uandrew_: The person who told you "no" was a troll and has been banned. Ubuntu Studio is definitely still supported.08:48
andrew_it just hit the archives of ubuntu08:48
Muphridthats weird08:48
crazybrainit's a gigantic pain in the ass08:48
andrew_oh well i can't get updates on it08:49
bekkscrazybrain: What happens on "useradd mynewuser"?08:49
thufir_wupeng: ok, looking08:49
bekksUsed with sudo.08:49
crazybrainbekks: error: useradd:cannot lock /etc/passwd;try again later08:50
thufir_wupeng: ok, err, don't use rvm from the package manager.  are those paste results from "apt-get remove ruby" OR "apt-get remove rvm"?  you want to do both using sudo.  so: "sudo remove ..." make sense.08:50
bekkscrazybrain: Pastebin the output of "lsb_release -a; uname -a; df -h; mount;" please.08:51
wupengi did apt-get remove ruby08:51
samericwhat's the most critical to backup in ubuntu?08:51
thufir_wupeng: the problem with languages like ruby, java, etc is that the they change faster than the packages are maintained.  so, you have to install them outside the package manager if you're doing development.08:52
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thufir_wupeng: as root?08:52
bekkssameric: There is no generic answer to your question.08:52
thufir_wupeng: or sudo I mean.08:52
thufir_wupeng: one minute.08:52
samericok, so whatever I feel is  important enough to backup basically08:53
thufir_wupeng: pastebin results of "sudo purge remove rvm ruby"08:53
bekkssameric: Everything you dont want to loose is important enough to backup.08:53
crazybrainbekks: i cannot paste the output it coz i am using different computer!!08:53
thufir_wupeng: whoops.  "sudo purge rvm ruby"08:54
crazybrainbut it's showing some weird output08:54
bekkscrazybrain: Then write down that information. It isnt possible to help you without that information. Or just use pastebinit as I told you before.08:54
thufir_I wonder whether this other computer crazybrain is on has internet access. perhaps it does not.08:54
EyesIsMineew pastebin08:54
samericwell, I was wondering about the core of the system or what I might want to backup into the ubuntu one cloud or something, but whatever I feel is important makes sense08:55
Muphridcrazybrain: if you want to make less effort, then I think it easier to download the iso again and reinstall the root partition if you have a separate home partition08:55
bekksthufir_: What is the "purge" command doing...? I dont have it on noone of my buntus.08:55
crazybrainthufir_: correct answer man08:55
thufir_bekks: purge is the same as remove, see man page.  it also removes config files.08:55
samericb3nj, hi08:55
bekksthufir_: There is no "purge" on noone of my ubuntu installations. There is "apt-get purge".08:56
crazybraini will write it down08:56
b3njbekks, how do i format a blank disc if i do not know path to it?08:56
wupengok i think it is ok now, ruby is gone08:56
Muphridpurge wipes everything about that package except the files hidden in your home partition08:56
thufir_crazybrain: you may have to re-install.  however, it should be real dead simple to add user.08:56
bekksb3nj: You dont format it, you use a burning programm like k3b do burn data onto it.08:56
b3njbekks, what if i do not want to burn anything on it?08:57
thufir_wupeng: woot.  ok, pastebin results.  now, to install ruby, join the #rvm channel.   do not install ruby with package manager, do not install rvm with package manager. there is only one, single way to install ruby for development purposes:08:57
Ben64b3nj: if you don't want to put anything on it, why would you want to "format" it08:57
bekksb3nj: Then you dont want to actually use it. You cannot use a blank medium in another way than burning stuff on it.08:57
wupengthank you thufir so much08:57
thufir_bekks: I don't know what to say.  when I read man page for apt-get it has a section on purge...?08:57
thufir_wupeng: np08:58
b3njbekks, i read that it is not mounted because it has no filesystem08:58
bekksthufir_: Then "sudo purge" is totally wrong. "sudo apt-get purge" is what you meant.08:58
bekksb3nj: I told you why it cannot be mounted. I told you twice already.08:58
Ben64b3nj: it has nothing on it, theres nothing to mount :|08:58
bekksb3nj: Burn something onto it, or you simply cannot use that medium in whatsoever manners.08:59
thufir_bekks: you're right.08:59
b3njbekks, what if i create filesystem on the disc?09:00
thufir_wupeng: how goes rvm?09:00
bekksb3nj: Listen: You CANNOT create a filesystem on it without burning things on it. So burn things onto it if you are going to use that medium. You cannot create a "filesystem" on an empty disc.09:01
thufir_b3nj: do you want to put a file today, a file tomorrow,etc?  or, do you want to fill it one go?  some discs you can read/write, some you wan write, but you can add to.  other types of discs you just get one shot to write them.09:02
wupengsudo apt-get --purge remove ruby-rvm09:02
wupengsudo rm -rf /usr/share/ruby-rvm /etc/rvmrc /etc/profile.d/rvm.sh09:02
wupengdoing good09:02
thufir_wupeng: :)09:02
wupengjust installed rvm in the right way09:02
b3njthufir_, the disc is dvd+r09:02
wupengubuntu really should drop their broken packages09:02
thufir_wupeng: gl.  #rvm for rvm questions. or #ruby-lang09:02
bekksb3nj: It doesnt matter. You have to burn things onto it.09:02
b3njbekks, how do i do that with terminal?09:03
thufir_b3nj: I think that +r only gives you one shot.  so, you can only write to that disc once, then it's done.  bekks is asking what you're trying to accomplish.09:03
bekksthufir_: Thats not true. dvd+r just tells you which dvd standard is used. You can burn multisession data on every standard.09:04
* thufir_ is wrong about lotsa stuff. sorry.09:04
bekksb3nj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CdDvd/Burning09:04
Noskcajwho killed #testdrive ?09:05
b3njokay, thanks, thufir_ and bekks09:05
crazybrainbekks: herez the output http://codepad.org/M4IuMcp509:07
C1RiONok so here's the deal09:07
KsMbekks: there is a space in uname -a and lsb_release -a09:08
bekksKsM: I know.09:08
KsMlsb_release-a:command not found09:08
KsMuname-a:command not found09:08
bekkscrazybrain: "lsb_release -a; uname -a; df -h;"09:09
bekkscrazybrain: Please not the whitespaces.09:09
KsMer, meant crazybrain09:09
C1RiONinstalled ubuntu 12.10, run updates, sudden mega bugs causing everything to be slow/buggy, firefox screws up big time, try fix it, find complaints about buggy 12.10, remove ubuntu in rage, feelsbadman09:09
crazybrain1bekks: did you got that?09:09
C1RiONinstalled manjaro (arch fork) now, but i miss my ubuntu09:10
thufir_crazybrain1: weren't you trying to adduser?09:11
crazybrain1i tried i got the error09:11
jman594C1RiON: Dude, I've installed so many times. Some hardware works better than others. My T61 works for shit with Ubuntu, but great with Kubuntu. I have a dv7 that works awesome with Ubuntu...09:11
crazybrain1i tried several times09:12
bekkscrazybrain1: Please run the commands as I gave them to you. Note the whitespaces.09:12
crazybrain1but the same shitty errors09:12
bekkscrazybrain1: "lsb_release-a" is not "lsb_release -" as I told you.09:12
bekkscrazybrain1: "lsb_release-a" is not "lsb_release -a" as I told you.09:12
bekksSo please use the commands as I gave them to you.09:13
crazybrain1then what is it?09:13
C1RiONjman594 yeah but that doesn't make sense, I mean ubuntu should just work09:13
crazybrain1they both are same man09:13
C1RiONi have common hardware, nothing special09:13
C1RiONand still it bugs up09:13
bekkscrazybrain1: They are not. Notice the " " between "e" and "-a". You typed "lsb_release-a". I told you to type "lsb_release -a".09:14
bekkscrazybrain1: So please use the commands as I typed them for you.09:14
thufir_34 minutes left to installing lubuntu-desktop.  assuming it fails again, is there another option which is less "intensive" and easier on old hardware? SiS built-in graphics card which works fine in 12.04 but 12.10 seems to want to run fancy graphics on.09:14
Muphridthufir_: sudo apt-get install openbox09:15
jman594C1RiON: such is linux life. My problem with Ubuntu on the T61 (Thinkpad) is that every time I try to envoke the "start" menu, it locks up. No issues on the dv709:15
Muphridthat is a 2mb download if u have xorg09:15
Muphridbut a little hard to use in default config09:15
thufir_Muphrid: lol, where were you an hour and half ago. ok.  to switch to openbox from the terminal, what's involved in that pls?09:15
crazybrain1bekks:  i am not getting it09:16
jman594C1RiON: also, 12.10 is buggy as hell. I'd use 12.04LTS if I were you09:16
Muphridyou make a .xinitrc09:16
Muphridi dont remember the syntax of it atm09:16
bekkscrazybrain1: "lsb_release-a" -- thats your version.09:16
bekkscrazybrain1: "lsb_release -a" -- thats my version.09:16
bekksDo you see the difference now?09:16
thufir_Muphrid: np.  I'm hoping and praying that it will just automagically work now.09:17
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Noskcajwhat happened to #testdrive09:17
crazybrain1I am using lsb_release-a;uname-a;df-h;mount;09:17
C1RiONjman594 that makes more sense09:17
Muphridthufir_: make a .xinitrc and type "exec openbox" in it09:17
C1RiONhardware shouldn't be a problem09:17
Muphridthen startx09:17
bekkscrazybrain1: And you have to use: lsb_release -a; uname -a; df -h; mount09:17
thufir_crazybrain1: hang in there man,but listen to directions.09:17
bekkscrazybrain1: You omitted the whitespaces.09:18
C1RiONfedora, arch, debian all run on my box, ubuntu 12.04 as well, but 12.10 screws up09:18
Muphridafter you installed it of course09:18
crazybrain1bekks: whitespaces?09:18
bekkscrazybrain1: Yes. Those spaces between words.09:18
HeKToNguys I have a problem with skype sounds09:18
HeKToNit`s cracking09:18
HeKToNanyone has the same issue09:19
bekkscrazybrain1: Otherwiseyouwontseewherewordsendandnewwordstart.09:19
thufir_Muphrid: when you make a .xinitrc, is that where you tell it what graphics "level"?  can you set that manually perhaps?09:19
Muphridthufir_: what do you mean level09:19
crazybrain1got it man09:19
thufir_Muphrid: like, GL, stuff like that.09:19
Muphridit basically means "i want to execute these commands when i run startx"09:20
thufir_ok, and there's no magic way to disable OpenGL (which I think 12.10 wants to run on this hardware, wheras 12.04 was fine not doing so.)09:20
Muphridthufir_: openbox does not use it09:20
thufir_Muphrid: good. thanks.09:21
thufir_HeKToN: I find skype fine.  when I'm downloading stuff, then the sound will be affected.09:21
thufir_or maybe effected? hmm.09:21
C1RiONjakub invasion09:22
HeKToNthufir my one is almost always cracked09:22
thufir_HeKToN: if laptop, try somewhere else?  what does skype test say?  call 123 or something.  maybe it's your connection...all I can offer is "works for me."09:23
crazybrain1bekks: http://codepad.org/C1LOQEKv09:24
crazybrain1complete output09:25
* thufir_ cheers crazybrain109:26
crazybrain1what happened?09:27
goddardthats what happened09:27
crazybrain1stop busting my balls and tell me the solution09:27
memandDoes anyone in here know of a way to make flash player run with a prepended command such as optirun every time it gets called?09:27
goddardmemand: no i use google chrome09:27
thufir_crazybrain1: are trying to adduser?09:28
memandgoddard: Chrome uses flash too?09:28
C1RiON!google flashplayer prepended command ubuntu09:28
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/09:28
crazybrain1yeah i are trying to adduser thufir_09:28
thufir_crazybrain1: can you pastebin results of your pastebin command?  **including** what you type in?09:29
crazybrain1bekks: ??09:29
goddardmemand: google chrome uses a built in version of flash09:29
goddardso no need to fiddle with installing it09:30
goddardbam! it just works09:30
thufir_crazybrain1: "sudo adduser <new_user>", so:  sudo adduser fred            <--should work.  if not, weirdness.09:30
memandgoddard: Oh, that's nice :)09:30
crazybrain1wait a sec09:30
crazybrain1i am giving you the output09:30
thufir_crazybrain1: Np.  I'm waiting 15minutes for this download anyhow :)09:31
thufir_crazybrain1: you MUST include what you type as well.09:31
goddardmemand: ya i was a firefox lover then google announced that....I had to switch cause my nvidia card + adobe = hulk colored people on youtube09:31
memandgoddard: it made stuff green, or was it a metaphor for that it sucked?09:32
goddardno it literally made all people's skin the color green09:33
goddardit was the last release by adobe that supported linux09:33
goddardpeople say they didn't do it on purpose but i know the truth.... they are out to get me09:34
memandgoddard: That is kind of a hilarious bug, the first 5 minutes i guess.09:34
crazybrain1thufir_: http://codepad.org/0eRA3goN09:34
crazybrain1bekks: where are you buddy?09:34
goddardyeah it was cool until you start watching some chicks and you find yourself strangely attracted to reptiles.09:35
thufir_crazybrain1: I have to type that in, few minutes pls.09:35
crazybrain1bekks: ????09:35
memandgoddard: but my "problem" is that since I installed bumblebee I have been getting choppy performance on streaming stuff (because it uses the intell chip insted of the nvidia) and would like to use the nvidia chip just for flash content09:36
tux-worldin crontab : 1/0     *     * * *   root      ls> /home/alachiq/rrr.txt could not running for me,09:36
memandgoddard: what nvidia card do you have btw? I've never heard of that green skin thing before09:36
C1RiONnvidia gtx1800 lizard edition09:37
thufir_crazybrain1: I'm going to guess that the problem is that another user or something is using adduser, and so when you try to use you cannot, of course, simultaneously use it.  so, log out of all accounts and log back in.  else, reboot.  have you tried that yet?09:37
crazybrain1thufir_: i am using the Shell Root Prompt09:38
crazybrain1it's root shell prompt thufir_09:38
thufir_crazybrain1: yes, you are using the shell prompt.but it appears that another user, or the system, is using adduser (my guess).  so, reboot. haveyou tried thatyet?09:38
goddardmemand: 460m09:38
thufir_crazybrain1: incidentally, if you're using the root shell, that's fine, in that case you don't needtouse sudo.09:39
thufir_just to be sure who you are, there is a "whoami" command.09:39
crazybrain1it;s root shell09:39
thufir_crazybrain1: have you rebooted yet?09:39
seliteAfter I get the option to dual boot, and after I select Ubuntu I don't get the OS and I get a screen that says GRUB and there is stuff that I can type in there.09:39
seliteHow do I fix this error.09:39
C1RiONis there a way to hide join/leave messages09:39
crazybrain1thufir_: wait a sec09:41
thufir_C1RiON: in your IRC client.  in finch and pidgin, it's an addon.09:41
thufir_crazybrain1: just so you know, I'm six minutes away from my download, so I might have to reboot myself.  I'll be back if so.09:41
crazybrain1thufir_: i am using shell prompt through recovery mode09:41
thufir_crazybrain1: why???09:41
b3njwhat is changing a partition's system id for?09:42
C1RiONthurfir thanks!09:42
thufir_crazybrain1: I'm going to guess that you can't adduser from recovery mode.09:42
crazybrain1thufir_: shouldnt i?09:42
thufir_I know that you can't add software from recover mode.  (it sucks)09:42
thufir_well, why are you using recovery mode?09:42
b3njwhat changing a partition's system id is for?09:42
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crazybrain1wait a min09:43
seliteC1RiON: The thread does not apply to me, as I have no access to a CD or USB, the only thing that I have access to is my Win7 OS.09:43
* thufir_ cheers selite09:43
kelvinellahi, whats the different between ubuntu restricted extras and xubuntu restricted extras?09:43
b3njthufir_, what changing a partition's system id is for?09:43
thufir_b3nj: I wish I knew.  partitions confuse me.09:44
thufir_that being said, what's the context, b3nj?09:44
selitethufir_: Do I have to reinstall the OS now?09:44
C1RiONselite no09:45
C1RiONthere are tons of ways to fix this09:45
seliteC1RiON: Mention a way.09:45
seliteselite: I am all ears.09:45
seliteC1RiON: Eyes, in this case. xD09:45
C1RiONboot from livecd for example09:45
crazybrain1thufir_: how can i log into root?09:45
thufir_b3nj: can you explain your problem a bit?09:45
crazybrain1its su root right?09:45
b3njthufir_, i am reading a linux book and there is a word about changing partition's system id09:45
thufir_crazybrain1: you don't.  or, you can, but it's better not to.09:46
thufir_crazybrain1: you rebooted?  if so, just try "sudo adduser fred"09:46
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thufir_crzybrain1: also, include output from "whoami" just to be clear what's going on, if htings fail.09:46
crazybrain1thufir_: what should i write in room no?09:47
crazybrain1it's working now man09:47
thufir_b3nj: ohhh, well, without more context I can't say.  what I can offer is that I just select "use LVM" and that fixes my problems :)09:47
crazybrain1thufir_: room no.?09:47
crazybrain1thufir_: it first asked for full name09:47
thufir_crazybrain1: awesome.  most of that is gibberish.  just press enter and it will skip it. sounds like you're all done.09:48
crazybrain1thufir_: then room no.09:48
b3njthufir_, i just want to know what changing partition's system id is for09:48
thufir_crazybrain1: just press enter. or, if you like, put somehting in there. it doesn't matter.09:48
thufir_b3nj: google?  dunno, man. I will say again, LVM fixes most, if not all, partition woes.09:48
b3njthufir_, there is no problem09:48
thufir_b3nj: pardon I can't offer more.09:48
DJJeffbeing a microfail winblows user for many years I got so used to how windows mail and windows live mail work.... I find that evolution and thunderbird just dont quite work for me.... live mail and WINE dont get along do I just use a virtual machine for email?09:49
thufir_crazybrain1: you done?  I'm about to reboot, mebbe09:49
crazybrain1got it mannnnnnnnnnnn09:49
crazybrain1thanks a lot09:49
* thufir_ cheers crazybrain109:49
thufir_of course, I have no idea why you wanted to adduser, but there you are :)09:50
crazybrain1i did itttttttttttttt09:51
thufir_DJJeff: out of curiosity, what's wrong with tbird?09:52
thufir_crazybrain1: awesome :)  you needed to fix a group or privelege problem?09:52
DJJeffits an ok client I cant seem to get it to sync all my hotmail folders09:52
DJJeffand gmail folders09:52
DJJeffand bring my emails from my windows 7 install over to tbird09:52
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=== okawa is now known as okawa1235
thufir_DJJeff: ohhh. there's some weirdness there, I can give pointers if that helps.  however, maybe hotmail doesn't support pop3?09:53
=== matrixfoxtard is now known as matrixfox
crazybrain1i want it to become the admin09:53
DJJeffhotmail I think is propriet software09:53
DJJeffheh I cant even finish that word cause I hate it so much09:53
thufir_DJJeff: yeah, probably the don't want you using a client. hotmail I mean.  google lets you, as does aol.  there's some weirdness with google, of course.  it willdownload ten million messages if you let it.09:54
DJJeffI may need to boot back into win7 to see what protocol it uses09:54
thufir_crazybrain1: I don't know what you mean. you have access to sudo.  that's "admin" right there.09:54
thufir_oh well.09:54
scoopexit´s unbelievable - i have the problem that i cannot browse my the windows shares of my network and this seems to be a problem for years. searching for "can not retrieve share list from server" provides hundreds of unsolved issues: https://launchpad.net/+search?field.text=can+not+retrieve+share+list+from+server09:55
bekksscoopex: Thats because of the massive design failures of SMB.09:55
thufir_bekks: crazybrain was in rescue mode, that's why he couldn't adduser.  he got it.  LOL.09:56
bekksthufir_: He had an read only filesystem, THAT was his problem.09:57
goddardscoopex: what is so unbelievable...windows sucks and they are hard to work with09:57
scoopexbekks: -vvv ? do you have details? how can i solve this? why does is work with wintendo?09:57
thufir_ahhh.  rescue mode is read only?  tht's why I couldn't add packages with it, then.  oddly, rescue mode includes pidgin, whereas regular mode did not. oh well.09:57
bekksscoopex: You cant solve it. And I dont care about windows, and how and why it works or not using windows :)09:57
bekksthufir_: No. His filesystem was read-only.09:58
thufir_what? hmmm, well, I'm confused now.  he said he was in rescue mode, then he rebooted and it was all fixed.  why or how was his system read only?09:58
DJJeffthufir: I will give tbird another shot thanks for advice09:59
thufir_DJJeff: wait one sec.09:59
scoopexbekks: i also do not use windows....i'm currently creating a standad desktop for developers in my company....and they have to use out internal smb-ressources ...10:00
thufir_DJJeff: the problem is that you have go into  all the folders and unselect the "google" directory, because it contains duplicates of all the other folders. if that makes sense...otherwise you're downloading everything twice.10:00
bekksthufir_: We dont know, since I quit that ticket after explaining the difference between " " and "" for a long time. dmesg would have told us what happended.10:00
DJJeffeverytime I startup synaptic package manager.... I just fall in love with linux oh so much more10:00
thufir_bekks: np.10:00
arvind_kHi, I am successfully running a daap server and can browse audio from it.  Are there any video players which can stream video from the daap server.10:00
C1RiONi pissed my pants10:01
C1RiONdaap litterly means retard in my language10:01
DJJeffim shocked google hasn't made a email client X_X10:01
thufir_DJJeff: they did.  it's called "chrome" ;)   there are no ad's in tbird10:02
DJJeffya I have no interest in "chrome"10:02
ole_oz6ohHello friends. My Xchat works here but on an other computer i show only china all is made for danish  whats wrong10:02
arvind_kC1RiON, it is a protocol.10:03
C1RiONnever knew that10:03
C1RiONgoogling asap10:03
ole_oz6ohcan i make something in terminal ?10:03
C1RiONor make10:04
scoopexgoddard: bekks : i also do not like windows...but without a proper smb networking it's hard to use ubuntu in my company...manual mounting works, but browsing is very important for us :-)10:04
C1RiONarvind_k aaah, that's daap10:04
C1RiONi read an article this week about a guy who got wireless streaming between ipod and raspberry pi working10:05
yinyangi'm loving ubuntu :)10:05
thufir_can you use that rasberry pi for media server?10:05
blacklineHi guys. Are there anyone that could try to help me with my Dropbox on Ubuntu 12.10. I've installed the application and Daemon and linked a folder. The problem is that after each reboot Dropbox prompts that the Folder is Missing. I've been googling the issue and from what I see it might have something to do with the other HDD (internal) that the folder is located in. Maybe something I need to ad to fstab? Plz help me out.10:05
goddardscoopex: why do you need windows?10:05
goddardscoopex: if you need windows I am betting your doing it wrong and have a completely different problem10:06
C1RiONthufir yes10:07
matrixfoxI need Windows for Internet Explore, test my website on all browsers10:07
C1RiONmatrixfox IE tab in FireFox?10:07
matrixfoxC1RiON: What about outdated versions?10:08
C1RiONmatrixfox w310:08
matrixfoxwtf does that mean?10:09
thufir_when I install all these packages for lubuntu, does the act of installing them perhaps configure X11 such that now it defaults to running openGL or other stuff that my hardware doesn't support?10:09
C1RiONthe w3 validator10:09
thufir_matrixfox: there's software for that.10:09
goddardmatrixfox: I'm guessing your one of those guys that tries to support IE 6?10:09
C1RiONso, favorite DE?10:11
thufir_C1RiON: whatever doesn't crash X10:12
C1RiONatm everything crashes X (on 12.10)10:12
thufir_it's not just me? it's so frustrating.10:12
hillarymy winff application not working ubuntu 12.0410:12
snqlдарова пацаны пипец некий, кароче установил дрова по с сайта, вроде бы дрова заинсталил, видно на ускорении флеша, но все-равно окна двигаются рывками и нет регулировки оборотов10:12
hillaryhelp me10:13
arvind_k!ask | hillary10:13
ubottuhillary: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:13
arvind_k!ru | snql10:13
ubottusnql: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:13
hillarythe message displayed is :hillary@hillary-ESPRIMO-Mobile:~$ winff10:13
hillary[CRITICAL] os_bar_hide: assertion `OS_IS_BAR (bar)' failed10:13
hillary(winff:5724): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_hide: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed10:13
hillary[CRITICAL] os_bar_set_parent: assertion `OS_IS_BAR (bar)' failed10:13
hillary(winff:5724): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Trying to remove a child that doesn't believe we're it's parent.10:13
hillary(winff:5724): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Trying to remove a child that doesn't believe we're it's parent.10:13
FloodBot1hillary: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:13
arvind_khillary, see !paste10:14
C1RiONthe f was that all about10:14
thufir_she's new.  it's ok.10:14
hillaryi dont understand please10:14
C1RiONi meant the russian part10:14
kelvinellais freenode down today?10:15
thufir_hillary: only one line at a time please, for multiple lines, please use pastebinit10:15
hillarywhen i launch winff i get errors10:15
=== l057c0d3r_ is now known as l057c0d3r
thufir_hillary: pls type "winff | pastebinit"10:15
thufir_assuming that's hw you launch winff10:16
thufir_is "exec openbox" the same as "openbox"?  I'm hoping and praying X won't crash this time.10:17
goddardhillary: try Transmageddon10:17
Jordan_Uthufir_: hillary: "winff 2>&1 | pastebinit" (without the 2>&1 the error messages will probably not make it to pastebinit as they're going to be part of stderr).10:18
arvind_kHi, I am successfully running a daap server and can browse audio from it.  Are there any video players which can stream video from the daap server.10:19
l057c0d3rhow's everyone doing this fine night / morning10:19
hillaryit is launching but not converting10:19
hillarywhen i press convert nothing happens and errors displayed.10:20
crazybrainthufir_: kindly help me solving admin issues10:20
goddardhillary: http://www.linuxrising.org/10:20
bekkshillary: Just use ffmpeg - which is in the repos.10:21
goddardbekks: yeah transmageddon is a front end for ffmpeg and it works good10:21
goddardalso in the repos10:22
goddardmatrixfox: finally read my message huh?10:24
matrixfoxwhat about it goddard?10:24
Muphridhillary: Arista is the most safe GUI converter, goddard: transmageddon is a frontend to gstreamer as is arista10:24
Guestanyone here?10:25
goddardMuphrid: haha keep reading10:25
Guesthas anyone extensively used Ubuntu on a RMBP? Curious as to how Ubuntu deals with high dpi.10:25
bekksgoddard: 1.5k+ people are here. :)10:25
thufir_Muphrid: openbox doesn't start.  lubunut crashes x.  openbox output:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/147843310:26
goddardbekks: and only 4 people are talking :D10:26
Muphridthufir_: what is your .xinitrc?10:26
bekksgoddard: Thats wasnt the question ;)10:26
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thufir_Muphrid: http://paste.ubuntu.com/147844110:27
Muphridthufir_: it should be only "exec openbox"10:28
thufir_that doesn't do anything, exec openbox just brings me to a new tty login10:28
Muphridthen the problem is your card doesnt not play nice with X10:28
thufir_and yet it works fine under ubuntu 12.04 somehow.  how can I make it play nice?  there must a config.10:29
Muphridare you using 12.10?10:29
C1RiONsee, my problem exactly10:29
thufir_yes. clean install.10:29
bekksthufir_: Which hardware is it in detail?10:29
* thufir_ nods to C1RiON10:29
Muphridthey use different versions of X, the 1.12 in quantal repos breaks many things10:30
thufir_bekks:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/147844810:30
thufir_can I keep 12.10, but downgrade X perhaps?10:30
bekksOuch, thats a SiS hardware.10:31
bekksthufir_: For downgrading, you have to use 12.0410:31
Muphridthufir_: yes through a ppa10:31
thufir_yeah, but it's the same driver.  I went throught logs earlier with, perhaps, Muphrid. someone, and it's the same driver.10:31
bekksMuphrid: No. You cant downgrade that easy.10:31
Muphridbekks: actually you can, I did it twice10:32
Muphridto install fglrx-legacy10:32
bekksthufir_: I'd use 12.04 instead 12.10 - when having such problems.10:32
Jordan_Uthufir_: SiS drivers have always been terrible, though support for your particular hardware may have gotten worse in 12.10. I would recommend trying the VESA driver rather than the SiS driver.10:33
thufir_bekks: for various reasons, I'd like to use 12.1010:33
thufir_Jordan_U: ok, thanks.  how do I do that pls.10:33
moon`hey what are some programs I can install that monitors incoming internet traffic, lets say I wanted to see if someone was trying to ddos me?10:33
ngomeshello , i have my vps apache http://xx.xx.xx.xx/mediawiki and i want to make an alias to http://mydomain , what should i read to help me ?10:33
bekksmoon`: iptables and its logging functionality.10:33
Muphridmoon`: snort does that aswell10:34
ubottugianni: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:34
thufir_Muphrid: I couldn't find fglrx-legacy in aptitude10:34
Guestso Ubuntu basically goes to shit at Retina resolution10:34
moon`Muphrid: what would you recommend between the two (no offense bekks )10:34
nashantHi guys. Any reason why I would have a perfectly fine samba transfer rate when copying, but when vlc tries to stream it won't buffer at anywhere near the same speed?10:34
C1RiON.msg ubottu !bot10:35
bekks!list > gianni10:35
ubottugianni, please see my private message10:35
C1RiONeveryone ignore that10:35
hillaryThank you Transmageddon has done good to me. will purge winff10:35
Muphridmoon`: snort is CLI based, iptables is the backend of ufw which is another backend for gufw, snort is more industry standard i'd say10:35
bekkssnort and iptables have nothing in common.10:35
Jordan_Uthufir_: Use this as an Xorg.conf http://paste.debian.net/220294/ (though it will probably not use the full resolution of your display with just this).10:36
moon`Muphrid: what does CLI mean?10:36
bekkssnort is an intrusion detection system, while iptables is a packet filtering engine.10:36
Muphridcommand line interface10:36
thufir_Jordan_U: VESA video drivers show as installed in aptitude.10:36
moon`bekks: so is there an advantage to having both?10:36
thufir_how can I downgrade X to a previous version, pls?10:37
Muphriddoes wireshark do that aswell?10:37
Muphridthufir_: i only know of this ppa https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx10:37
Jordan_Uthufir_: Yes, but they aren't used by default. VESA basically means using your BIOS's built in drivers, which are so terrible that nobody in their right mind would want to use them when native drivers are available. Except that the SiS native drivers are worse.10:37
bekksmoon`: both tools are designed for different purposes.10:38
somsipmoon`: Fail2Ban may be worth looking into also10:38
C1RiONpersonally, i use wireshar or kismet to monitor my network10:38
Muphridbekks: I think Wireshark may be a tool he'd want10:38
Muphridin that case10:38
C1RiONlol @ wireshar10:38
Guestcan I move the unity 'dock' to the bottom of the screen?10:38
somsipGuest: no10:38
Guesti thought linux was about choice?10:39
C1RiONunity is a shell10:39
moon`and what's the difference/advantages of wireshark?10:39
somsipGuest: you can chose not to use Unity ;-) P:osition is hardcoded10:39
Guestthat sounds like oppression10:39
bekksMuphrid: wireshark is designed for a totally different purpose :)10:39
Muphridmoon`: basically, a nice graphical interface with monitoring bars10:39
somsipGuest: clearly you've never been oppressed10:39
Muphridbekks: It is for networking monitoring10:40
C1RiON@Guest no it's not, ubuntu comes with different flavours (lubuntu, kubuntu etc)10:40
C1RiONso you have your own choise of DE10:40
Guesti just want unity with the dock at the bottom, that's all10:40
thufir_after I install the ppa at mkson96, this will allow downgrading X just through installing fglrx-legacy.  I don't need to remove or purge X?10:40
moon`Muphrid: I want to get away from GUI's =/10:40
bekksMuphrid: He'll be better of by just logging incoming connections using iptables.10:40
somsipGuest: you are free to fork the Unity code and change the position to the bottom, but I assume it's more difficult that it sounds10:40
moon`Muphrid: I need to start forcing myself to use CLI10:40
Muphridmoon`: if thats your wish, then learn iptables10:41
MonkeyDustGuest  do you have the skills to change linux code?10:41
C1RiONbtw, anyone here ever used manjaro or arch?10:41
Muphridonly arch10:41
C1RiONMuphrid whats your opinion?10:41
bekksC1RiON: How is that related do an actual ubuntu support issue?10:41
thufir_Jordan_U: see, but 12.04 uses the drivers fine.  so why would I need to switch drivers?  I don't follow your reasoning.  although I do take your point(s) about SiS driver quality.10:41
C1RiONbekks it is not, however i'm running manjaro right now and thinking of comming back to ubuntu10:42
MuphridC1RiON: my wireless stopped working after their switch to systemd and then I put ubuntu back10:42
bekksC1RiON: Then you might better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic ?10:42
C1RiON@ bekks i'm sorry, i was not aware of that channel10:43
C1RiONMuphrid thanks10:43
moon`how do I run iptables (sorry for the base question)10:43
bekksmoon`: By invoking "iptables".10:43
thufir_I'm using aptitude, not apt-get.  how do I add a ppa?  directly edit .sources?10:43
Guestwhy does some closed source 'amazon mp3' thing ship with Ubuntu?10:44
Jordan_Uthufir_: There appears to have been a regression in the SiS driver that affects your hardware. In every machine that I've worked with that had SiS graphics the VESA driver was more stable anyway.10:44
bekksmoon`: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo10:44
somsip!aptitude | thufir_10:44
ubottuthufir_: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.10:44
moon`thanks bekks10:44
ubottugianni: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:45
bekks!it > gianni10:45
ubottugianni, please see my private message10:45
pcuseranyone know where to buy commercial support for ubuntu?10:45
Jordan_Uthufir_: So there is a new bug, and rather than trying to revert to the old code that didn't have that particular bug but has many others (which would also be very difficult to do), I'm recommending that you switch to the VESA driver.10:45
thufir_somsip: I thought aptitude was preffered now.  what happened?10:45
Jordan_Upcuser: http://www.canonical.com/10:45
thufir_Jordan_U: how do I switch drivers pls?  no web at the moment.10:45
somsipthufir_: not sure to be honest. I was as much interested in the content of the factoid as seeing if it had anything relevant in it for you10:46
Jordan_Uthufir_: Use this as an Xorg.conf http://paste.debian.net/220294/ (though it will probably not use the full resolution of your display with just this).10:46
bekksthufir_: aptitude had some major issues on multiarch, so you're better off using apt-get10:46
Jordan_Uthufir_: Goodnight and good luck.10:46
thufir_bekks: but since I've installed a fair amount usint aptitude, isn't it a problem to now go back to apt-get?  argh.10:46
bekksthufir_: No.10:47
thufir_Jordan_U: thx.  np.10:47
thufir_bekks: thx.10:47
Jordan_Uthufir_: You're welcome.10:47
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thufir_Jordan_U: wait. cna you send me the file?  web sux at the moment for me. can I wget that?10:47
thufir_I cannot seem to get that file which Jordan pasted to debian.10:50
daftykinsthufir_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1478491/ that ok?10:51
ace_mehi all.10:51
pollohi all!10:52
polloefibootmgr related issue10:52
ace_meif I am copying the ssh private key to a new laptop from the old one and try to connect to the same server ... should it work ?10:53
ace_meit looks no10:53
Jordan_Uthufir_: wget http://paste.debian.net/download/22029410:53
pollohoww can I restore the "F2-Enter BIOS" option with efibootmgr?10:53
seliteHow can I install KDE on Ubuntu?10:53
seliteCan someone please tell me?10:53
MonkeyDustselite  you need the plasma packages10:54
seliteMonkeyDust: Tell me the magical sudo command.10:54
seliteMonkeyDust: xD10:54
MonkeyDustselite  sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop10:54
thufir_Jordan_U: got it, thx.10:55
Jordan_Uthufir_: You're welcome.10:55
ace_meshould I regenerate priv public key and install on server for a different computer ?10:55
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thufir_Jordan_U: pardon, what do I save that file as?  x.config?10:55
ace_meI had copied my ssh key from old laptop and I tried to connect from the new one10:56
seliteMonkeyDust: There are some dependency issues.10:56
MonkeyDustselite  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop10:56
seliteMonkeyDust: Again, it says that the packages have unmet dependicies.10:57
k1lselite: you have PPAs activated?10:57
thufir_xorg.conf goes in /etc/X11 ?10:58
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MonkeyDustselite  ok, odd, first try sudo apt-get -f install     <- f means fix10:58
elxGuys how much time does it take for Unbootin to make an external HDD bootable. Im putting .iso of windows 8 which is around 2.5 GB and it is stuck at 24% copyng install.wim from the last 20 mins now... is it normal? is there some there way to see what is going under the hood?10:58
elxbtw MonkeyDust, dunno if u remember last night i managed to partition my hdd using gparted live usb thanks :)10:59
seliteMonkeyDust: I did, and after I try the same commands for installing, I still get that they have unmet dependicies.10:59
MonkeyDustelx  "if everything else fails, join #ubuntu" :-)  glad you made it...11:00
ace_meace_me: waiting11:01
RirishiHey! I've got a HP Mini 2133 and I'm trying to install the VIA drivers for the Chrome9 HC IGP it has on Lubuntu 12.10. I downloaded the tgz file and used tar and I'm trying to run vinstall, but I get an error. make.log tells me it's got an error 1 and then an error 2.. Help would be greatly appreciated.11:01
seliteGuys, tell me how to install KDE environment in the newest Ubuntu.11:02
seliteI just installed it brand new, and GNOME kinda ruins it for me.11:02
k1lselite: do you have any PPA on?11:02
thufir_ok, that was pretty cool.  I saved that xorg.conf file as jordan said, and ran "startx" where I got a message from gnome that it couldn't <something> and I clicked a box then exited.  what else can I try?  it's much closer with the VESA driver instead of SiS.11:02
selitek1l: Sorry, I dont know what that is.11:02
* thufir_ goes to get logs.11:03
k1lselite: show a "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d/" in a pastebin please11:03
ace_meace_me: hi11:03
aLeSD_hi all11:04
k1lthufir_: start the lightdm (or other startmanager) instead of using startx11:04
selitek1l: Sure, there you go. http://pastebin.com/H8bxJed211:04
aLeSD_I just instaled ubuntu 12.04 server ... why it's used qemu to virtualize and not virtualbox ?11:04
bekksaLeSD_: qemu doesnt virtualize at all, it is an emulator.11:05
k1lselite: ok, that looks like you dont have a PPA on. (PPA is fpr 3rd party software which can cause problems)11:05
selitek1l: Ok, so how do I fix it?11:05
aLeSD_bekks ... what do you mean ?11:05
k1lselite: can you show the whole output when typing "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"11:05
aLeSD_bekks: I wanto to install several virtual servers11:06
bekksaLeSD_: virtualbox is a virtualization software, qemu isnt.11:06
bekksaLeSD_: I'd use virtualbox, and not qemu.11:06
aLeSD_bekks: what's the use of qemu ?11:06
bekksaLeSD_: Emulation.11:06
MuphridaLeSD_: it emulates cpu instructions11:06
thufir_1ok, lightdm worked. woot, I'm into a gui!  thank you, whoever reminded me of that.  I didn't think it would go.  ok, so with the new xorg.conf saying to use VESA drivers, lightdm now works.11:07
selitek1l: Yes, just a second. That's a single command right?11:07
DayofswordsCan someone tell me how to use curl and wget right when the url has GET parts? I get this wierd thing when I try http://pastebin.com/hYw4ung111:07
thufir_1how can I set that up so that it works more seamlessly?11:08
k1lselite: its one command but runs 2 commands in it11:08
k1lthufir_1: in ubuntu the x enviroment gets started by lightdm. startx can cause other problems11:09
thufir_1k1l: so.....if I reboot, then lightdm should automagically start the graphical environment?11:10
k1lthufir_1: yes. if its a standard ubuntu11:10
thufir_1ohhhh.  maybe part of the problem is just that I was running startx, rather than lightdm. hmm. ok, I'll reboot in a sec then :)11:11
thufir_1wait, err, is there a config file I could check first to ensure it's lightdm that's being utilized?11:11
selitek1l: It takes a while, whole lot of stuff is getting done. xD11:13
poqWhy I get these errors while updating lubuntu 12.04 during building my own image using Ubuntu Customzation Kit? http://paste.kde.org/633668/11:13
k1lselite: yes, i gets the newest names and versions of the packages list and install the updates if there are any. so wait untill its done11:14
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ace_messh private key should run on any pc ?11:18
MuphridRirishi: where did you download the driver from?11:19
D_Russcan anyone please explain to me why i am not able to expand my ubuntu partition using gparted live. i have 660gb of free partitioned space that windows used to occupy and i would like to use it for ubuntu but the expand option is not allowed its only allowing me to shrink it.11:19
fefewgfwHi I have an issue when installin 12.04.01 from CD, the installer seems to be stuck at "Saving installed packages"11:20
fefewgfwCPU load is really low11:20
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geniusi was trying to install citadel on ubuntu11:21
geniusduring installation i got a error for dependicies11:21
geniusfor citadel11:21
fefewgfwgenius: what dependencies?11:21
fefewgfwI found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/87534311:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 875343 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Stuck at "Saving installed packages..." when using a custom /var" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:22
henrik1hey any one know where i can find working nvidia drivers for 12.10?11:23
fefewgfwthis is still an issue? I want to install 12.04 without reformatting my partitions? how can I unstuck it?11:23
thufir_Jordan_U: it works!!!!!!    three days on that, you found the solution!   thanks a million million.11:23
k1lhenrik1: in the ubuntu repos11:24
henrik1tried both current and the tested ones11:24
henrik1all result in falling back to vgta11:24
henrik1and no unity11:25
thufir_should I bother reporting as bug that VESA driver should be used over SiS drivers?  or, will ubuntu just push that bug down to X11 folks?11:25
D_Russhenriki1: you did try invidia website right?11:25
k1lD_Russ: :/  that can cause some problems11:26
henrik1yeah id like to  avoid that11:26
k1lhenrik1: have you looked which driver is tested for you card?11:26
D_Russim using nvidia drivers on 12.0411:26
D_Russno problems11:26
D_Russbut i cant speak for 12.1011:26
k1lhenrik1: and if its a hybrid card?11:26
henrik1wroked fine for me as well on 12.0411:26
k1lD_Russ: just think about a kernel update11:27
fefewgfwAnyone on the 'Stuck at "Saving installed packages"'-issue?11:27
seliteI grew a beard.11:27
D_Russk1l: im still having issues trying to expand my partition.. any ideas11:27
k1lD_Russ: i dont know your partitions setup11:28
D_Russfefewgfw: try burning another disc, might be a bad disc11:28
D_Russcan anyone please explain to me why i am not able to expand my ubuntu partition using gparted live. i have 660gb of free partitioned space that windows used to occupy and i would like to use it for ubuntu but the expand option is not allowed its only allowing me to shrink it.11:28
fefewgfwD_Russ: Thanks, the image is fine, is the second burn I did and both checksums are all right11:29
fefewgfwD_Russ: I suppose it is linked to bug #87534311:29
ubottubug 875343 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Stuck at "Saving installed packages..." when using a custom /var" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87534311:29
MonkeyDustD_Russ  first shrink the other partition to make space11:30
selitek1l: Why is this command taking so long?11:31
k1lselite: maybe its downloading the update or installing the updates.11:32
D_Russmonkeydust: i am going to post a picture of gparted11:32
D_RussThis what my gparted looks like. i am trying to use the 660gb space on the left for the 304gb space on the right.11:33
k1lD_Russ: you need to delete the sda2 and first expand the extended partition (sda3) before you can expand the sda511:34
MonkeyDustD_Russ  first comment: ntfs is for windows and has to be at least 20GB or so -- / needs only 10-15GB11:35
D_Russmonkeydust: windows is delieted, i formated the partition it was on.11:36
MonkeyDustD_Russ  that is, if you should create a separate /home partition11:36
D_Russi want it all on the same partition11:36
MonkeyDustD_Russ  you have no data anywhere on that pc? if so, delete and start over11:36
MonkeyDustdelete all*11:36
D_Russmonkeydust: i have a lot of data on it.11:37
D_Russand its configured perfectly for me would hate to start over11:37
MonkeyDustD_Russ  read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes11:37
C1RiOND_Russ wich partition do you not want to lose?11:37
crazybrainthufir_: how to set privileges in new account11:38
D_Russc1rion: i want to add the 660gb partition to the 304gb partition11:38
k1lD_Russ: i said above what your pproblem is11:39
D_Russi am going to try what k1l, suggested...hopefully that allows me to do what i want11:39
D_Russthank you k1l11:39
k1lD_Russ: your ubuntu partition is inside a extended one.11:39
selitek1l: Ok I did it, now what?11:39
D_Russill be back.... hopefully not11:40
crazybrainCan anyone tell me how to change privileges settings from the new account?11:40
k1lselite: can you show the output?11:40
selitek1l: http://pastebin.com/PR0wGTxL11:41
k1lselite: first: why are you root?11:42
MonkeyDustcrazybrain  privileges? you mean sudo?11:43
k1lselite: for most standard-users its safer to go with the sudo command.11:43
selitek1l: I don't know. Oh ok.11:43
ikoniaselite: how did you become root ?11:43
crazybrainMonkeyDust: i mean the user privileges11:43
selitesudo -s11:44
ikoniaselite: oh, so you do know about sudo, great.11:44
seliteikonia: sudo -s and then the password.11:44
MonkeyDustcrazybrain  to do what exactly?11:44
seliteikonia: What's so wrong about being root unless you do some stupid commands?11:44
blamiselite: absolutely nothing11:44
ikoniaselite: depends how you become root, that's why I asked11:44
k1lselite: i would suggest "sudo -i" if you want to become permanent root. that sets up the enviroment correct11:45
k1lselite: but what is your problem now besides that typo in your last command11:46
ikonia!info lhttp://pastebin.com/PR0wGTxL11:46
ubottuPackage lhttppastebin.comPR0wGTxL does not exist in quantal11:46
selitek1l: I was trying to install KDE but I was having the dependency issues, however now it seems that the installation goes well, at least for now.11:46
henrik1im trying to find some page on nvidias site that links the driver downloads11:47
ikonia!info librhythmbox-core511:47
ubottuPackage librhythmbox-core5 does not exist in quantal11:47
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
ikoniahenrik1: you really shouldn't download them from nvidia.com11:47
ikoniaselite: where are you getting these packages from ?11:47
henrik1i know but i just want to get my desktop enviorment working11:47
seliteikonia: The default ones. From Ubuntu Software Center.11:47
k1lselite: before you want to install smth make sure you are uptodate11:48
ikonia!info librhythmbox-core11:48
ubottuPackage librhythmbox-core does not exist in quantal11:48
ikoniahenrik1: why do you need to get them from nvidia.com11:48
k1lselite: (which you werent like it updated alot)11:48
selitek1l: Hmm, ok. I hope it works now.11:48
henrik1ikonia: becuse the ones in the repo end up restorting back to vga11:48
=== satan is now known as Guest58093
ikoniahenrik1: ok, so I suggest investigating/fixing that if possible before even considering anything from nvidia.com11:49
=== uni4dfx is now known as zz_uni4dfx
gbear14275by default is there an admin group on a server clean install?11:49
gbear14275I'm not finding one, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.  I added one so I could get sudo permissions after I added my username to it... but sudo's not recognizing it.  Is there a service to restart?11:50
blamigbear14275: no11:50
ikoniagbear14275: look in the sudo rules for the right group11:51
blamigbear14275: there is no such group. Afaik server has sudo group for this11:51
d_russok so i deleted sda2 and tried to expand sd3 but the resize/move is greyed out11:55
RaspootisI could really use some help, I'm hanging on startup.11:55
RaspootisAnyone have any ideas as to what to do?11:56
gbear14275blami, ikonia;  I'm using a rackspace image... I'm suspecting it's customized which is why the visudo group for admin exists but no admin group11:57
ikoniagbear14275 that would make sense as they customize things a lot11:57
gbear14275ikonia, so I created an admin group and added myself to it,  do I need to restart anything to get sudo to recognize me now?11:58
ikoniagbear14275 you may have to restart your shell so it joins the admin group11:58
gbear14275ikonia, simple logout and login correct?11:58
nawkhow are PPAs different to a normal repo?11:58
ikonianawk they have no quality control and can be maintained by anyone11:59
RaspootisIf it helps, I installed hddtemp but I don't know why that would stop it from booting (working fine earlier)11:59
ikoniagbear14275 just the active shell11:59
gbear14275nawk, PPA's are normally user maintained so they may not be as stable or safe as other repos11:59
d_russSo this is where i am now at on my extending of my partition problem http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc42/jerseykat1/Screenshotfrom2012-12-30115838_zps9919c94f.png it will not allow me to extend sd3 as suggested by k1l i did delete sd2 before hand12:00
k1ld_russ: unmount the swap partition12:01
ikoniad_russ: you won't be able to do anything with sda3 while it has extened partitions within it12:01
d_russok let me try that12:01
Ben64d_russ: sda4 looks to be in the way too12:01
k1li bet its the swap. livecds use the swap if they find one12:02
ikoniasda4,5,6 all inside /dev/sda3 - so you can't change sda312:02
Nordomcan someone help me out, I was running ubuntu and windows from the same drive. I bought a new drive in order to install windows on the new drive and delete my old version.... but when I installed windows on the new drive I now get a boot option to choose  between the two versions of windows but no longer the gnome prompt asking me for my boot options and if I want to boot linux12:02
Raspootisanyone have any ideas with my startup hang?12:02
d_russk1l: the unmount option is not there for sda612:02
Fira:( Running Ubuntu 12.04 and do-release-upgrade gives me "no new release found". how comes ?12:02
d_russit has swapoff12:02
d_russshould i do that12:02
Ben64d_russ: yeah12:02
Ben64Raspootis: what did  you do since it last booted correctly12:02
C1RiONFire apt-get dist-upgrade?12:02
d_russwill it break something12:02
d_russi am running from the livecd now12:03
C1RiONFira apt-get dist-upgrade?12:03
k1lFira: release-prompt is on LTS?12:03
nawkgbear14275, ikonia mmm... anyone could setup their repos too, it boils down to whether users subscribe to them by adding the url in sources.list does it not?12:03
RaspootisBen64: the only thing I guess was reseating the gpu12:03
Raspootisbut it seems to be sitting correctly12:03
Nordomcan someone help me out, I was running ubuntu and windows from the same drive. I bought a new drive in order install windows on the new drive and delete my old windows.... but when I installed windows on the new drive I now get a boot option from windows to choose  between the two versions of windows but no longer the gnome prompt asking me for my boot options and if I want to boot linux12:03
d_russk1l: that seems to have done it!!12:03
d_russill be back..lol12:04
nawkso I don't see a real difference, and the motivation behind my question is to see if there is one12:04
FiraC1RiON: website says to use do-release-upgrade rather than dist-upgrade12:04
nawksome things/aspects that separate them12:04
Firak1l: what do you mean ?12:04
k1lFira: C1RiON make sure your release-prompt is set to regular and not LTS12:04
gbear14275nawk, you may be right, but I think the level of effort for setting up a repo is more than setting up a PPA12:04
Ben64Fira: by default 12.04 will only upgrade to the next LTS12:05
Firawhere do i change this :s ?12:05
k1lFira: go to the repository settings. on the second tab there is a dropdown to select which sort of upgrade you want to allow12:05
NordomCan anyone tell me how I can get the boot options back to boot into ubuntu?12:06
ikonianawk: what is your actual question ? as there is a significant difference between a vendor supplied back and joe the monkey trying to build a package12:06
nawkfor example, Nvidia (a big  company) have themselve an Nivida VDPAU Team PPA12:06
Tm_TNordom: you installed windows after installing ubuntu, right?12:06
Firak1l: eek :P i'm chrooting from another distro12:06
ikonianawk right, so if you trust that PPA...there is no different, a PPA is just deb repo,12:06
=== qos|away is now known as qos
k1lFira: /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades12:08
b3njsuggest me a good book about linux12:08
RaspootisAbout my situation, could it be something with hddtemp?12:08
Tm_TNordom: if yes, that meanst that windows installed didn't care if you have anything else already there, so you have to restore ubuntu's bootloader12:08
NordomTm_T: I installed windows first, then installed ubuntu, used ubuntu a lot so I was going to delete orginal windows and give all that drive space to ubuntu. To do this I bought a new drive and installed a clean version of win7 on it. I haven't deleted the oringal windows yet, but now I lost the option to choose ubuntu. I get a windows menu asking me which windows 7 I want to use12:08
b3njsuggest me a good book about linux12:08
d_russits working yay!!!12:08
Tm_TNordom: so you did install windows after ubuntu (:12:08
NordomTm_T: how do I restore ubuntus bootloader?12:08
d_russnow i can fill it up with steam games12:08
Tm_T!restoregrub | Nordom12:08
NordomTm_T: windows, ubuntu, windows ;D12:08
ubottuNordom: Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub12:08
NordomTm_T thx a bunch!12:09
upslaHi. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS along with windows 8. My ubuntu randomly freezes and I need to reboot .12:09
Tm_TNordom: only the last step matters12:09
vimerrrrrrrhi all! anyone can tell me is system error logs all stored in the /var/log/syslog?12:09
b3njhi everyone. suggest me a good book about linux12:09
NordomTm_T I have ubuntu loaded on a usb.. will this be fine?12:09
k1l!ot > b3nj12:09
ubottub3nj, please see my private message12:09
d_russthank you k1l much appreciated..12:10
thufir_upsla: /var/log/...       to pastebin.  it's probably a video card driver?12:10
Tm_TNordom: I assume, check that help page ubottu linked12:10
b3njk1l, suggest me a good book about linux12:10
NordomTm_T thx I will go tryit12:10
upslathufir_ : I am novice. How I find the  logs.12:10
k1lb3nj: its offtopic here. stop it12:10
Tm_Tvimerrrrrrr: only those that are logged in syslog, it depends on the application where to they put their logs (and sometimes configuration of said apps)12:11
b3njk1l, where could i ask that question?12:11
k1lb3nj: read the message the bot gave you12:11
b3njk1l, it said see private message, but i do not know how12:11
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
C1RiONb3nj what irc client are you using?12:12
b3njC1RiON: irssi12:12
C1RiONtype /qubottu12:14
C1RiONtype /q ubottu12:14
C1RiONsee the space12:14
b3nji have seen what the bot gave me12:14
upslathufir_ : are you there?.12:14
upsla<thufir_ > are you there?.12:15
medoi have a problem on my Ubuntu 12-1012:17
MonkeyDustmedo  let's hear it12:18
RSNIX66medo: speak as to what the problem is.12:18
medowhen i clicked on dash home my computer hangs12:18
medowhat can i do?12:19
Justin_jtb7rmvhi all12:19
MonkeyDustmedo  did it work normally before?12:20
=== elementary is now known as gotwig
RSNIX66medo: has anything changed?12:24
insertableHi guys, I was a bit mental and installed Win 7 *after* Ubuntu so now my MBR is in ruins. I managed to install grub back into the MBR, but it's not loading any kernels. I have a boot partition on sda1, swap on sda2, ubuntu on sda3 and Win 7 on sda4. Does anyone know if there's any way to fix this? Thanks!12:24
medolike what?12:25
RSNIX66medo: Is this a new install or existing? Any new hardware/drivers or software installed?12:25
KM0201insertable: so i take it you cannot boot ubuntu?12:25
insertableKM0201, Not anymore, no :-/12:26
C1RiONdamn there should be like a wipe screen in the webchat12:26
insertableI just get the grub menu everytime I start12:26
KM0201have you tried reparing grub from a live cd/usb?12:26
KM0201!grub | Insecta12:26
ubottuInsecta: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:26
matthewvzinsertable: I would wipe the drive+reinstall12:26
KM0201oops, insertable see the link above.12:26
insertableI tried Boot Rescue, but I have a 32 bit live CD and a 64 bit installation. Heh.. so it doesn't like it for some reason12:26
KM0201matthewvz: that's crazy...12:26
WhereIsMySpoonso get a 64bit live cd?12:27
KM0201well, download 64bit and burn it.12:27
matthewvzI'm crazy like that :)12:27
KM0201well, that's like saying because you had a flat tire, you bought a new car12:27
insertableWhereIsMySpoon, that isn't an option.. I can't boot into a desktop to download it and burn the CD12:27
KM0201insertable: how are you here?... cna you create  a usb?12:27
crazybrainHappY NeW YeAr In AdVancE...............!!!!!!!!!!12:27
matthewvzThen using that new car for a new tire and putting the new tire from the new car on the old car and throwing the new car away.12:27
bekksinsertable: Why not? Cant you boot into windows?12:28
insertableKM0201, Live-CD - and I don't have a usb flash drive.. weird eh12:28
WhereIsMySpoonhow do you not have a flash drive D:12:28
KM0201insertable: and you've tried the grub repair utility?12:28
WhereIsMySpoontheyre so useful :p12:28
insertablebekks, not any more. Not since I installed grub12:28
insertableWhereIsMySpoon, I used to, but I lost it :'(12:28
insertableKM0201, what's that one?12:28
medoi did't install any new  hardware/drivers12:29
KM0201it's on the live cd/usb.. just like i said above12:29
KM0201read that link insertable12:29
medomay be installed software12:29
WhereIsMySpoonhurrah for windows \o/12:29
insertableOh, Boot-Repair doesn't work, KM020112:30
KM0201insertable: why?12:30
WhereIsMySpoonbreaking all other OSs installed since forever12:30
insertableI did try that.. because my Live-CD is 32 bit12:30
KM0201oh ok.12:30
matthewvzEver since Grub doesn't show my windows boot option I decided to stay on ubuntu :)12:30
insertablebut installation is 6412:30
insertableI did try the manual way from that page12:30
matthewvzbest soulution I've found so far12:30
insertableAnd managed to get Grub installed to the mbr12:30
bekksinsertable: Then you'll need a 64bit live cd.12:30
KM0201well, i don't know what to tell you then... do a clean install of 32bit, over 64bit... then use 32bit ubuntu to download and reinstall 64bit.12:31
WhereIsMySpooninsertable: why cant you use the 32bit live cd to dl the 64bit and burn it12:31
WhereIsMySpoonor u got no cds left?12:31
insertableWhereIsMySpoon, I have CDs.. but I only have one CD drive12:31
WhereIsMySpoonoh yes ofc :p12:32
insertableWhereIsMySpoon, no problem (I thought of that too. Hehe)12:32
WhereIsMySpooninsertable: nobody else's laptop you can borrow in teh house?12:32
thufir_you cna mount an iso to the filesystem12:32
insertableWhereIsMySpoon, nope12:32
thufir_WhereIsMySpoon: mount it12:32
WhereIsMySpooneh thats true12:32
KM0201well, the easy answer of course, is to go buy a 2gig flash drive for $14, and resolve this problem12:32
KM0201(assuming the machine can boot usb)12:32
WhereIsMySpoonmount it then chroot12:32
WhereIsMySpoonand you can just put the 64bit stuff on top of your broken install12:33
bekksWhereIsMySpoon: You cant chroot a 64bit system using 32bit live cd.12:33
bekksWhereIsMySpoon: ...12:33
WhereIsMySpoonsorry didnt know that ^^12:33
CatbuntuWhich regex matches both http and https?12:33
Catbuntusomething like http[s], but that's not it12:33
thufir_why do you need chroot?  I've never been clear about its usage.12:33
Catbuntuhttp(s*) ?12:33
WhereIsMySpoonsomething like that Catbuntu12:34
insertableCatbuntu, just put a ? at the end12:34
insertablelike, /^https?/12:34
insertableIt will regard the character previous as optional12:34
Catbuntubut that won't match https, httpshttps, httpshttpshttps etc.?12:35
Catbuntuoh ok12:35
CatbuntuYes it worked!12:35
CatbuntuThanks :)12:35
insertableNo prob12:35
insertableI wonder if there's any real benefits in running a 64 bit OS compared to a pae kernel12:38
insertableusing pae still allows me to have 6GB ram12:38
medoRSNIX66: where are you go?12:39
gbear14275anyone here use rackspace cloud instances of ubuntu?  I just did an initial upgrade and it's asking me which version of the grub menu.lst to use...  I'm thinking go with package maintainers version but wondering if it was custom for their cloud12:41
ahhugheshow/where should I set an environment variable (for my user)?12:41
RSNIX66Still here12:42
insertableahhughes, just in the terminal, like # DEVICE=/dev/sda12:42
insertableahhughes, so I can access it with # echo $DEVICE12:43
bekksinsertable: Which will have NO effect outside that single shell.12:43
insertableahhughes, you can also stick them in ~/.bashrc12:43
ahhughesinsertable, I need it for keeps... and not just in a terminal shell12:43
ahhughesI did bashrc, worked fine in terminal only.. when I start from launch the app doesnt see the env var.12:44
Justin_jtb7rmvi got my linode12:44
insertableThere's some cool stuff in there regarding session-wide environment variables. *may* be what you're looking for12:44
=== Varazir_ is now known as varazir
=== varazir is now known as Varazir
RSNIX66medo: have you checked /var/log for any errors? Kernel logs would be where I would start.12:45
RSNIX66medo: do you see this whenever you click the dash or is something else going on at the same time? Like for example wifi being connected, BT or other.12:46
ahhughesinsertable, cheers! Im almost there.. just need to know if this syntax is correct? PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME:/platform-tools12:49
ahhughesor needs to be in quotes?12:49
insertableahhughes, nah you don't need quotes12:50
ahhughessweet, I guess I need to reboot. Pretty late anyway.. thanks insertable12:51
insertableahhughes, no problem12:51
anashi guys my modem disconnects  after few seconds can u say me a solution12:51
insertableanas, have you checked with your broadband provider?12:52
Justin_jtb7rmvdo u like ubuntu or Arch linux12:52
anasya its working fine  in windows  7 perfectly12:52
insertableJustin_jtb7rmv, did you really just ask that in an Ubuntu channel?12:53
henrik1i just dont seam to be able to get the nvidia drivers to load12:53
insertablehenrik1, have you tried Envy? I used to use it when I had an ATI - https://launchpad.net/envy12:54
anasplease reply12:54
anashelp me12:55
k1l!ot | Justin_jtb7rmv12:55
ubottuJustin_jtb7rmv: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:55
anasmy modem is huawei E35212:55
k1lanas: give more informations as which ubuntu you use, which modem you use, which errormessage apears etc.12:56
henrik1insertable: only got links at ny dsposal at the moment12:57
anasi use huawei e352  mpdem... it connects but later disconnects with a message modem diconnected12:57
anashelp me out guys12:58
NordomTm_T: are u still there?12:58
henrik1fuck nvidia12:59
insertablehenrik1, That's what Linus said12:59
DJoneshenrik1: Mind the language, no swearing in the ubuntu channels13:00
henrik1insertable: and i agree fully13:00
NordomTm_T: are you there, I am stuck13:00
Tm_TNordom: yes?13:00
=== dndbdnd23053 is now known as dndbdnd
BluesKajHey all13:01
NordomTm_T I am in ubuntu now using my usb trial ubuntu.... but I cannot seem to figure out how to restore the boot loader. At this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows I tried to use the boot-loader program but I cannot download it because when I do sudo apt-get update it sees I have dulpicates13:02
NordomTm_t as for the terminal way. I can do that but I dont know where my drive is located since I cannot see anything since the file button doesn open13:02
insertablehenrik1, If you can get hold of a proper browser, try this; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia13:02
insertableObviously becuase NVidia suck, Linux doesn't really support them out-of-the-box13:03
insertableSo a little manual work is required13:03
henrik1insertable: thanks for the tipp13:03
NordomTm_T:  sudo grub-install /dev/XXX where XXX is the device of your Ubuntu install <--- but where is my device? I am booting ubuntu off it13:04
insertablehenrik1, perhaps if you can get a low quality desktop running vesa or something you can get it sorted13:04
insertablegah, I completely forgot why I came here. I need to get my grub re-installed somehow :-/13:05
BluesKajinsertable, henrik1  , the nouveau driver supports nvidia graphics by default , if you wnat you can install one of the "additional drivers" available thru jockey, alt +F213:06
henrik1BluesKaj: i used the nouveau drivers wroked flawlesly however wanted to try steam out13:07
BluesKajhenrik1, then try what I suggested13:08
Tm_TNordom: hmm, don't know of what devices you possibly have there, but you can try if "sudo fdisk -l" would help you to identify the device you're looking at13:09
insertableThe URL I pasted has commands for installing nvidia via jockey from the console without X13:09
NordomTm_t I tried that13:10
Tm_TNordom: and?13:10
redhandbrhi guys13:10
ovrflw0xwhen i "switch graphics" to discrete and after that i try to shutdown xfce "hangs"! what to do?13:10
ovrflw0xwhen i "switch graphics" to discrete using "vgaswitcheroo" and after that i try to shutdown xfce "hangs"! what to do?13:11
NordomTm_T it gives me 6 options, /dev/sdc1 has a * then there are the rest and /dev/sdc6 says linux13:11
cfhowlettredhandbr: greetings13:11
Developi am facing an ERROR13:11
cfhowlettDevelop: greetings13:11
Develophi Cfhowlett13:12
Tm_TNordom: hmm, sounds like that sdc is the device you have with linux, so perhaps that's the one you need to install grub to13:12
insertableDevelop, that's pretty vague13:12
bekksDevelop: And you want us to guess it? ;)13:12
redhandbrDid you compile your own kernel optimized for your machine processor? Is it make difference on performance?13:12
insertableI enjoy guessing games, but this is rediculous13:12
ubottuDevelop:: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:12
NordomTm_T so I try 'sudo grub-install /dev/sdc6/ but then it gives me the error that I cannot find boot/grub and I may have it mounted13:13
ovrflw0xwhen i "switch graphics" to discrete and after that i try to shutdown xfce "hangs"! what to do?13:13
Developcan anyone help how i can get the dependicies packages of ubuntu for debian package builder13:13
ovrflw0xusing vgaswitcheroo13:13
bekksDevelop: Please provide the details of your "ERROR".13:13
Tm_TNordom: hmmh, I have no idea how your partitions are, sorry13:14
NordomTm_t I will try the last option the alternate cd thingy13:14
palassoHello, I'm missing some packages from Ubuntu. May I request somehow for them to be put on the repos?13:14
BluesKajpalasso, whaich packages?13:15
Developbekks: Unmet build dependencies: libdb-dev libical-dev (>= 0.43) libpam0g-dev libsieve2-dev libssl-dev libexpat1-dev libcitadel-dev (>= 8.13) libcurl4-openssl-dev | libcurl3-openssl-dev libev-dev (>= 4.0) libc-ares-dev (>= 1.7.2)13:15
Developdpkg-buildpackage: warning: Build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied; aborting.13:15
Developdpkg-buildpackage: warning: (Use -d flag to override.)13:15
ovrflw0xwhen i "switch graphics" to discrete using "vgaswitcheroo" and after that i try to shutdown xfce "hangs"! what to do?13:15
ovrflw0xanybody alive?13:15
Developbekks: these are the packages name13:15
ovrflw0xyello gallow with mellow and tellow .13:16
bekksDevelop: Use a pastebin please and provide the details of your problem. We have no clue what exactly you are trying to achieve, what you are doing whats generating that error, etc.13:16
bekksDevelop: Neither we do know which Ubuntu you are on.13:16
palassoBluesKaj for example I use grsync and till now 1.2.0 is available but there is now 1.2.2 which adds session sets an important feature for me. I was wondering if it could be available for 13.0413:16
MonkeyDustDevelop  whagt's the output of lsb_release -sd ?13:17
Developbekks: i was trying to build the citadel on my OS13:17
Developthen i got this error13:17
Developbekks: i need to install the dependencies of the package13:17
bekksDevelop: And whats your OS...? And how exactly did you try to build it...?13:17
ovrflw0xwhen i "switch graphics" to discrete using "vgaswitcheroo" and after that i try to shutdown xfce "hangs"! what to do?13:17
bekksDevelop: First, you must answer the wuestions please.13:18
Developbut i am facing allot of issues13:18
bekkss/must/need to/13:18
MonkeyDustDevelop  firstly, what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?13:18
insertableDevelop, what package? where did you get it from? what Ubuntu are you running? as bekks said, please use a pastebin service and provide the full installation log/errors13:18
BluesKajpalasso, 13.04 is raring and as you can see the package available is the same as 12.1013:19
=== 4JTAAWC9K is now known as tomtiger11
virgohi, when i copy folder in ubuntu, it crashes the program because dont know how to rename the folder if there is already folder with same name13:19
palassoBluesKaj should I ask Debian for this? I'm not sure how packages get inserted on the repos. If I understood correctly they come from Debian unstable (Except LTS)13:19
ctrlzHi, Skype webcam is upside down. Can someone help? I use Lubuntu 12.10 x64 on my asus u36sd13:19
palassoBluesKaj yeah I know it's available for 13.04 too but it's stuck in 1.2.0 while there is a 1.2.2 version with a new feature13:20
BluesKajpalasso, you could ask in #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu+113:20
Developbekks: MonkeyDust: i added the logs to this link http://pastebin.com/0EtevNvd13:22
DevelopbekksL MonkeyDust: insettable: and m using backtrack OS13:23
bekksDevelop: Whats the output of lsb_release -sd ?13:23
MonkeyDustDevelop  type /join #backtrack-linux, it's not supported here13:23
ovrflw0xyo yo guyz i haz a problemz13:25
ovrflw0xwhen i "switch graphics" to discrete using "vgaswitcheroo" and after that i try to shutdown xfce "hangs"! what to do?13:25
laze1989Anyone knows if there will be any work on the current calendar in Ubuntu?13:26
icerootlaze1989: launchpad13:26
ovrflw0xyo yo guyz i haz a problemz13:26
ovrflw0xwhen i "switch graphics" to discrete using "vgaswitcheroo" and after that i try to shutdown xfce "hangs"! what to do?13:26
iceroot!repeat | ovrflw0x13:26
ubottuovrflw0x: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:26
swebi have a problem to use SSD hard via ubuntu 12.1013:27
ovrflw0xiceroot: what if nobody answers and i am the only one left with the problem13:27
icerootovrflw0x: what if your problem is missing important details?13:28
icerootovrflw0x: which ubuntu-version? using optimus or amd? and error-messages can be found in the logs, which drivers you are using?13:28
ovrflw0xiceroot: what if nobody knows about vgaswitcheroo13:28
ovrflw0xfree ones13:29
icerootovrflw0x: what if we dont like to guess the problem and details and because of that noone cares?13:29
ovrflw0xokay let me rephrase muh questionsz13:29
icerootovrflw0x: so try to put a detailed question in one line13:29
swebany one ?13:29
iceroot!anyone | sweb13:29
ubottusweb: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:30
MonkeyDustsweb  it works, you're in13:30
swebafter update my kernel my ssd hard havnt support and give me an error13:30
ovrflw0xwhen i "switch graphics" to discrete (open source radeon from intel)  using "vgaswitcheroo" and after that i try to shutdown xfce "hangs"! what to do? i also tried "echo ON > switch" and echo IGD > switch before shutdown but it still hangs!!13:30
swebi'm using ext4 on my SSD hard13:30
icerootsweb: sda is the ssd?13:30
icerootsweb: sorry sdb13:31
ahhughesdOh, I killed my session because I stuffed up the /etc/environment file :'(13:31
swebduring load on ubuntu live i give this error13:31
bekksovrflw0x: Intel has no radeon. Sso please be more exact in describing your hardware please.13:31
swebiceroot: SSD13:32
ovrflw0xbekks: what!?13:32
icerootsweb: what is sda and what is sdb? as it seems sda is holding windows?13:32
alimjIt does not seem to be a hardware failure inasmuch as sdb1 is recognized.13:32
ovrflw0xbekks: intel integrated and radeon is discrete13:32
ahhughesCan anyone tell me what is wrong with either of these two lines? http://pastie.org/559717213:33
stsi'm just testing lxc on 12.10. How can I configure it to a simple bridge without NAT and DHCP and stuff?13:33
bekksovrflw0x: And which ones exactly? Both have zillion of chipsets.13:33
alimjsweb: The first error is clear: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount.13:33
swebafter 380mb download update :( ... low internet speed ... iceroot : http://upload.tehran98.com/img1/hm4m2z1mkb17blvvgdj1.png13:34
swebtake a look13:34
virgohow do i fix nautilus crash when copy-paste folder to same directory? i have ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 32-bit and intel cpu13:34
icerootsweb: i still dont get your question? what is the issue? the ntfs on sda or the filesystem unknown on sdb?13:34
alimjsweb: Did you try to boot to windows, shut down and test again?13:34
ovrflw0xbekks: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)13:34
ovrflw0x01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Madison [Radeon HD 5000M Series]13:34
swebiceroot: i have install my ubuntu on / on sda2 .. ext4 ... after update my ubuntu ... i cant access it13:35
swebwith that error ...13:35
swebhow can i fix it ?13:35
swebit's not ntfs ... it's ext413:35
alimjsweb: Are you posting this pictures using a live Distro (Boot from CD)?13:35
swebalimj: yeah13:35
swebi cant load my ubuntu13:36
ovrflw0xbekks: now what?13:36
alimjsweb: Did you try encryption for sdb2?13:36
swebnope no encryption at all ...13:36
swebi dont need it13:36
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
alimjWhat does it show when you try to boot to Ubuntu? Any message?13:37
MonkeyDustovrflw0x  guess you better explain from the start what you are trying to do and what goes wrong, as nobody is following anymore -- in one line13:37
swebalimj: i will back with complete error13:39
alimjsweb: OK13:39
swebalimj: please w813:39
ovrflw0xokay okay, i have a laptop with hybrid graphics intel and radeon, when i don't mess with vgaswitcheroo by doing "echo ON/OFF/DDIS/DIGD" > switch" i can easily "shutdown" laptop, "but" when i switch grahics to discrete (to turn on external monitor) and after that when i try to shutdown, laptop "hangs"!13:39
ovrflw0xMonkeyDust: ^^13:39
ovrflw0xi am using xfce13:40
ovrflw0xMonkeyDust: you get it now ?13:42
MonkeyDustovrflw0x  nah, i'm unfamiliar with switcheroo and radeon and i have only one monitor - i'm sure someone else can help13:43
ovrflw0xyo bekks boy you got anything to offer here?13:44
kenshiroHi, I would like what's the release date of Ubuntu for Android, and if it will run in tablets with hdmi port, for example, Nexus 1013:44
bekksovrflw0x: No boy yo, I yo have no yo to offer yo.13:44
alimjsweb: We are listening...13:45
virgook, a simple question: how do i reinstall nautilus from terminal (to try if fix the problem with folder copy crash)13:46
MonkeyDustvirgo  try sudo apt-get install nautilus --reinstall13:47
virgothanks MonkeyDust13:47
ahhugheswhat is wrong with this in pam_environment ??? PATH=${PATH}:${ANDROID_HOME}/tools:${ANDROID_HOME}/platform-tools13:53
NeoColossusIf I want to use Terminal to check if a file contains specific text, how would I do that? I have tried using grep.13:58
ovrflw0xcat myfile.txt | grep "sucks"13:59
arabii want to change the name appear on the terminal( user@computername:-$) .. how can I do that..13:59
arabiplease help13:59
NeoColossusovrflw0x, I have the content saved into a string, is there a way to use cat to check if file contains text stored into string?14:00
NeoColossusExample passPut=user ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL14:00
NeoColossuscat $passPut14:00
ovrflw0xdo echo $passPut | grep "this"14:01
NeoColossusCorrection passPut='user ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL14:01
ovrflw0xdo this: echo $string | grep "text"14:01
NeoColossuswhy am I echoing the string? I want it to silently look for the text with no message displayed.14:02
jarnosHow to make a bug report about dvb-t tuner not working after resume from suspend?14:02
NeoColossusMaybe $string | grep -iqs14:02
ovrflw0xNeoColossus: try and see14:02
MonkeyDustarabi  right click on the title > set title14:02
brczaralgun hacker ?!#14:04
swebalimj: gave up waiting for root device  boot args /cat/proc/cmdline  alert: /dev/disk/by-uuid/blahblahblah not found drop to a shell  busybox ....14:05
swebalimj: i think my ubuntu fuckd up14:06
MonkeyDustsweb  mind your language14:06
swebMonkeyDust: what ?14:07
arabican some one please give default bashrc file...14:07
arabii have accidently edited something there14:08
Tm_Tarabi: see /etc/skel/.bashrc14:08
vimerrrrrrrhi to all~  could anyone tell me is system error infomation all stoered in /var/log/syslog?14:10
=== ole_ is now known as ole_oz6oh
bekksvimerrrrrrr: Which error?14:11
=== fenris is now known as Guest24916
ole_oz6ohhi to al I am looking for people  working with glade designer14:13
verdole_oz6oh: would be more a case for channels related to gtk development?14:13
ole_oz6ohverd yes i have olso tried to ask there14:14
ole_oz6ohverd then i try more the happy dayes14:15
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:27
sandjkirklandI think I might be on the wrong channel. My computer randomly crashes when I am on the Internet. It doesn't matter what browser. I was told to run firfox in safe mode and it did report errors.14:29
compdoccould be a hardware problem14:29
bekksannamaria: The asnwer is still the same. This is not a file sharing channel.14:29
ThinkT510sandjkirkland: are you using ubuntu?14:29
ichatwhen installing  12.10  the grafical installer  asks  if you want to use LVM on your system,  ticking that box causes  my system give me an error   that  /lvm-data/lv-swap1  isnt  ready yet... <wait / skip / manually fix>     after a few attempts  (or so it seams )  the system boots normally...   what could cause this... how do i start trouble shooting it...14:30
sandjkirklandThinkT510: yes14:30
compdoc<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about annamaria14:30
bobweaverWhat is the most lightweight but flashy window manager ?14:30
angrypenguinHey, does anyone know where Chrome stores its extensions on Debian?  I'm trying to set up NotScripts which requires a file change in its directory.  Thank you!14:30
compdocflashy meaning you can still impress the babes?14:30
Mech0zwhen IU look at a guide to installing something and there in the line is "\" should this be removed before pasting it into the terminal?14:31
bobweavercompdoc,  correct ;)14:31
ThinkT510bobweaver: likely enlightenment14:31
bobweaverThinkT510,  is it as nice as metacity and have all the efffects ?14:31
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
ThinkT510bobweaver: enlightenment is both a window manager and a desktop environment, it is very configurable14:32
angrypenguinafaik it should be the same in ubuntu as in debian...14:33
bobweaverThinkT510,  that is not what I am looking for I want to bee able to run some of my own. DE and have a very light weight WM14:33
bobweaverThinkT510,  I will look into it though14:33
=== zz_uni4dfx is now known as uni4dfx
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:36
ichatany one here who can help me with  lvm? issue...14:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:39
ichatwalex ..... ichat:  >  when installing  12.10  the grafical installer  asks  if you want to use LVM on your system,  ticking that box causes  my system give me an error   that  /lvm-data/lv-swap1  isnt  ready yet... <wait / skip / manually fix>     after a few attempts  (or so it seams )  the system boots normally...   what could cause this... how do i start trouble shooting it...14:39
MonkeyDust!lvm | ichat14:40
ubottuichat: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:40
Walexichat: it is most likely a hardware issue, that is some of your peripherals take a bit to become ready. Have you got any USB hard/SSD drives?14:40
ichatwalex is a  new convential  samsung drive over sata300     the seams to have sufficient resources  for running all of unity verry smoothly...14:42
ichatits a new device i dont know to well yet...   but in only seams to occour at boot...14:43
danialjosehow to change default button label "toolbutton1" to another?14:43
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:43
MonkeyDustannamaria  please stop14:43
MonkeyDust!it | annamaria14:44
ubottuannamaria: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:44
danialjoseanyoune pls tell me how to change default button label "toolbutton1" to another in glade application creator?14:45
sandjkirklandit keeps telling me that the VDPAU backend libvdpau-nvidia.so is missing14:45
Basil1xHullo. I'm running 12.04LTS. My sound cuts out after awhile. Rebooting restores it, but it stops after a bit. Any help would be appreciated.14:46
danialjose<Basil1x> restart pulseaudio14:47
Basil1xok... how do I do that?14:48
danialjosewhat people are doing here?????????????????????????/14:51
meisth0thhi all14:51
PhosphateDoes anyone happen to know the name of the utility that pulls all images off whatever segment of ethernet you're connected to and displays them?14:51
danialjoseany ubuntu app devloper here??????/14:52
BluesKajdanialjose, try #ubuntu-devel14:52
danialjoseI want some help about Quickly application creator14:52
compdocmust have a good idea for an app. what is it?14:53
ikonia#ubuntu-devel is not for application development14:53
MonkeyDustdanialjose  try #ubuntu-app-devel14:54
gevorghello guys14:54
=== gevorg is now known as geohhot
danialjoseok i will try14:54
BluesKajheh , din't know ubuntu-app-devel existed til now :)14:55
quitteraven: do you happen to be ravenclaw_78?14:57
winsnesIs there a way to let the different workspaces in ubuntu have different keyboard layouts?14:59
bobweaverdanialjose,  what is question about quickly?14:59
MrokiiHow can I find out the actual sound device that is used on my system if I have a game that gives me this error message? "AL lib: oss_open_playback: Could not open hw:0,0: No such file or directory14:59
ThinkT510winsnes: i doubt it14:59
danialjoseHow to edit  toolbutton label in glade interface desigher?15:00
bobweaverdanialjose,  I hate glade and use qtcreator but I am sure that it is a layer that you need to alter15:00
ole_oz6ohdanialjose   i am not good for englich15:01
bobweaverdanialjose,  there is a #quickly  chanel15:01
danialjoseI'm following this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO8hiPreNBg butt stuck with this part15:01
mjaykDoes anybody know of a decent gui creator like guide for octave15:05
arabii have added export PS1='> ' to .bashrc .. but no effect lease help15:07
Walexarabi: that's wrong...15:07
ikoniaarabi: what are you actually trying to do ?15:07
arabihow can I change the name appear in the terminal....15:07
ikoniaarabi: to what ?15:07
arabito just ' > '  nothing else15:08
Walexarabi: environment variables should only be set in '~/.profile' or similar, not '.bashrc', and you need to logout and login again to inherit new values from the login shell.15:08
ikoniaPS1='> '15:08
ikoniajust type it15:08
danialjoseis there any glade interface designer channel in IRC chat?15:08
arabiWalex .. let me try.... http://askubuntu.com/questions/16728/hide-current-working-directory-in-terminal i was reading this15:09
ikoniadanialjose: join #freenode and ask for information on how to search for channels15:09
Walexarabi: if you insist in putting it in '.bashrc' it will take effect in newly started shells processes15:09
Walexarabi: a lot of guides are wrong on the use of '.bash_profile' vs. '.bashrc'.15:09
arabiWalex lemme try it out with .profile15:10
Walexarabi: but you need to login again.15:10
arabii have done it once before ... but i forgot15:10
arabiok lemme check15:10
HJE841what's the best way of updating ubuntu? I have 11.10 installed in one partition and I want to overwrite that with 12.04. I use to just remove that partition and install in the 'blank' space. but that messes up Grup2.15:10
Walexarabi: or you can check by doing 'bash --login'15:10
arabiso i want to edit .profile and then run bash --login right?15:11
MonkeyDust!update > HJE84115:11
ubottuHJE841, please see my private message15:11
arabiWalex i want to assign value of PS1 @ .profile , right?15:12
=== torminator is now known as Guest61469
Walexarabi: yes, but not that if you have a '~/.bash_profile' that will overrid '~/.profile'15:13
arabii have one .bash_profile already15:14
arabiso can i add it to it?15:14
arabiWalex .. done boss .. thanks :)15:15
arabi\w is for current working directory .. that is nice15:16
arabihave a nice time Walex bye15:16
winsnesOkay, so if I can't have for specific workspaces, can I change the keyboard layout for specific programs?15:18
stobixhm. When trying to shut down from kde, my sister just ends up at the gdm login screen instead. What could be the problem?15:26
* stobix has tried googling, but only found old semi-irrelevant articles...15:26
stobixg0th: good day to you, Sir/Madam!15:27
g0thI'm curious, is it possible to print an image on 1 page vertically and several pages horizontally. I.e. it should choose (-o scaling=p) with p maximal such that still only 1 vertical page is used15:29
g0thsomething like: -o vertical-scale=10015:30
g0thi.e. no restriction horizontally15:30
Walexstobix: strange, because 'shutdown' is not the same as 'logout'.15:30
=== hamid is now known as Guest69755
nbubuntuanyone know where does terminal history save ? out of the sudden , all the history from my terminal gone.Which path or directory does it save to ?15:32
ikonianbubuntu: normally in .bash_history15:32
nbubuntuikonia : guess it already gone , non of the command which I type month ago shows up. :( .Anyone know what makes it get deleted ?15:33
=== yann is now known as Yann_L1
kvothetechnbubuntu: what shell do you use15:35
=== gentoogravy is now known as robgraves
nbubuntukvothetech : can't remember , the last thing i did few days ago was to find a file using find command and hard disk SMART test15:37
ikoniaanyone what ?15:37
ikoniasaying anyone is pointless15:37
ikoniait gives no context of the problem15:38
ikoniaif someone say the problem and could help, they would help, if someone didn't see the problem, saying anyone gives no idea of the issue15:38
kvothetechnbuntu uh that's not exactly helpful but if you're in bash its probably stored in your profile or rc files15:39
g0thhmm, maybe I write my own script to do that15:42
=== kunglao is now known as johnlocke
=== johnlocke is now known as kunglao
g0thikonia: < g0th> I'm curious, is it possible to print an image on 1 page vertically and several pages horizontally. I.e. it should choose (-o scaling=p) with p maximal such that still only 1 vertical page is used, < g0th> something like: -o vertical-scaling=100,  < g0th> i.e. no restriction horizontally15:47
g0thone idea I had was to just do -o scaling p, where p=100*aspect_ratio_of_image/aspect_ratio_of_A4, would that work?15:48
g0th(for landscape)15:49
guest-1L9kHzhi, how can i permenantly add hebrew as an input language?15:49
AurauxisIs this where I should be asking questions?15:50
g0thi.e. -o scaling=100*image_width/image_height/sqrt(2) ?15:50
guest-1L9kHzand also why do all my favorite default folders are temporary and emptied after reboot?15:51
AurauxisI have some boot troubles.15:51
guest-1L9kHzanyone who could assist? i can't write in hebrew and also files getting deleted after reboot, anyone?15:52
AurauxisWhere do you save your files before they get deleted?15:53
guest-1L9kHzin the downloaded folder Aurauxis15:53
k1lguest-1L9kHz: do you use the guest login?15:53
AurauxisThat is strange. Are you using a LiveUSB?15:54
ThinkT510guest-1L9kHz: is this an install or are you using a livecd?15:54
MonkeyDust!il | guest-1L9kHz15:54
ubottuguest-1L9kHz: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:15:54
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il15:54
guest-1L9kHzk1l, maybe, i just press 'enter'. so this is the cause for all the problems?15:54
k1lAurauxis: or he is using the guest account. that will remove the files too15:54
k1lguest-1L9kHz: yes, you need to login into a user account, not a guest account.15:55
guest-1L9kHznow i wonder what to do with a file i downloaded and want it to be on a non guest acount by using the guest account?15:55
guest-1L9kHzis there a way to save  a file to move it to normal account?15:56
k1lguest-1L9kHz: just login into a non guest account. its not ment to keep any data (thats the point of using the guest account)15:56
guest-1L9kHzi see15:56
guest-1L9kHzthank you very much15:56
k1lguest-1L9kHz: save it on a usb-stick or smth15:56
AurauxisSave the files elsewhere. USB stick or extra partition. Guest account shouldn't be used for day-to-day stuff anyways15:56
guest-1L9kHzbe blessed15:57
AurauxisDid you solve your keyvoard issue?15:57
AurauxisSo, would anyone be will to assist me in some boot troubles?15:57
thufir_which gcc gives /usr/bin/gcc  but is that what's actually doing the heavy work (pegging the cpu)?  I want to use cpulimit against the c compiler, but it's a seemingly moving target.  perhaps when it's throttled it spawns new processes?15:58
elenaHello All!15:59
elenaSomebody help me to setup wifi...15:59
=== elena is now known as Guest2106
Guest2106help me to setup wifi please'16:00
stephen_Hi, is there a way i can watch wtv files on ubuntu?16:00
thufir_Guest2106: you need to be more specific.  it's helpful to use pastebin.16:01
Guest2106thufir_: help me please16:01
Guest2106give me please any commands for terminal..16:01
=== Guest58093 is now known as sa`tan
vrnithini was trying to adjust brightness by using "echo 4 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness" while i got an error that such a file not exist16:02
stephen_Ill find a link on the internet16:03
Guest2106thufir__: i cant connect to my wifi16:03
vrnithinwhen i checked  i found that in "/sys/class/backlight " am having another 2 directory like dell_backlight ,intel_backlight16:03
vrnithinwhat to do ?16:03
vrnithinhelp plz16:04
thufir_Guest2106: you need to be more specific pls.16:04
DJonessteven: I've just tried a .wtv file in movie player and vlc, movie player failed, but vlc didn't have any problem16:04
MonkeyDustGuest2106  what have you tried before you came here and what went wrong?16:04
DJonessteven: Sorry, that was for steven_ who quit just before I sent the message16:05
vrnithinan i cant change the value of brightness in /dell_backlight/brightness ?16:05
Guest2106thufir_: i have a netbook lenovo s10e. ive just installed ubuntu on my pc and i havent installed maybe wifi drivers.. idk16:05
vrnithinthe value is not changing ??16:05
vrnithinwhats the problem ?16:05
iriswordnes is heavinity16:06
percent20what is the proper way to run commands that need sudo without sudo? how do I give my user permission to run those commands?16:06
vrnithinanyone please ?16:06
irisyea here16:06
Guest2106help me plz16:07
bekks, 0,16:07
MonkeyDustpercent20  use visudo     username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/blah    <- similar to this16:07
percent20MonkeyDust, Okay thanks. I'll look at that.16:08
thufir_Guest2106: ok, good question.  1.)  I'm doing other stuff, so, pardon, I can only pop in intermittently to offer advice. be patient, someone will help.  2.) can you connect with ethernet cable for the time being? 3.) install drivers, and also install pastebinit16:08
vrnithiniris, why am having diff directory other than /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/ ?16:08
vrnithinhelp plz16:10
mshhello , i am looking to download an entire wiki and in need of a software to grab all of it for me.could any one help me on that?16:11
=== 36DACOBS2 is now known as Justasic
Guest2106thufir_: You know the commands..16:12
vrnithinhow to adjust brightness when the path /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness dont exist ??16:13
MonkeyDustmsh  scroll down to wget, the first line in the wget list http://www.pixelbeat.org/cmdline.html16:14
AurauxisI was hoping I could have a seperate conversation with someone.16:15
Guest2106Please help me to install drivers for wifi16:15
AurauxisI'm having some boot troubles.16:15
Guest2106thufir_: http://paste.debian.net/220349/16:15
mshMonkeyDust, how could i say to wget how many links in one page it follows?i want the entire site16:16
AurauxisIs someone willing to help?16:16
k1l_Aurauxis: what boot troupbles?16:16
IgramulHi, is there some kind of I/O priority setting mechanism in Ubuntu? Like the "nice" command for CPU priority?16:16
AurauxisI installed Ubuntu on my new VAIO...16:17
AurauxisWindows troubles.16:17
AurauxisUEFI, etc.16:17
Guest2106Please help me to install wifi drivers i have lenovo s10e16:17
thufir_Guest2106: I'm looking.  it's a broadcom wifi card?16:17
k1l_Aurauxis: describe as much as you can, maybe someone knows the answer16:17
Guest2106thufir_: maybe i dont know16:17
AurauxisAlright. So I installed Ubuntu on my computer, with grub on the EFI partition.16:18
MonkeyDustmsh  wget -m creates a mirror16:18
AurauxisUsed Boot Repair, etc .16:18
AurauxisWindows 7 option is there, but when I select it, it just goes back to the grub menu.16:18
AurauxisI don'y know if its a glitch or what16:19
thufir_Guest2106: type "apt-cache search broadcom"16:19
AurauxisFrom what I can tell, I need to restore the NTFS boot sector, or similar.16:19
k1l_Aurauxis: look at which partition the grub entry aims. maybe its the wrong one16:19
WalexAurauxis: if you moves the beginning address of the NTFS partition it is a very difficult situation16:20
AurauxisI doubt it. hd0,3 is the EFI partition.16:20
emrHello, everything is normal, processor usage %13 but after time apache not responding. is there any idea?16:20
icerootemr: /var/log/apache2/error.log16:20
icerootemr: /var/log/syslog16:21
thufir_Guest2106: last line, your card is: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g  so write that down somewhere.  basically, I suggest searching apt for broadcom, then install broadcom packages.  sounds like a good start at least. again, pardon, I'm stuck with other stuff so maybe others can help.16:21
AurauxisI think Windows is  somehow boot into GRUB again after I select it; weird looping.16:21
Guest2106thufir_: http://paste.debian.net/220353/16:21
thufir_good, install all those broadcom packages :)16:22
thufir_which gcc gives /usr/bin/gcc  but is that what's actually doing the heavy work (pegging the cpu)?  I want to use cpulimit against the c compiler, but it's a seemingly moving target.  perhaps when it's throttled it spawns new processes?16:23
MonkeyDustGuest2106  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:23
Walexthufir_: '/usr/bin/gcc' is actiually just the frontend to several other programs. The C compiler is split into several distinct excutables.16:24
replica_can anyone help me on installing intel graphic drivers in ubuntu16:24
emrthanks, iceroot checking16:25
NeoColossusAssuming a text file contains specific text (not necessarily always on same line number), how could I go about overiding with new text using terminal?16:26
k1l_replica_: they should come with the kernel already16:26
k1l_replica_: what is your issue?16:26
thufir_walex how can I run cpulimit on it?  as you say, it's split into several executables.  they seem to morph. (I have an overheating problem)16:26
icerootNeoColossus: the complete file? or just replace old text with new text?16:27
NeoColossusiceroot: Keep all other content the same except for the line to be replaced.16:27
icerootNeoColossus: sed16:27
icerootNeoColossus: for example16:27
Walexthufir_: if overheating is the problem, underclock the CPU with 'cpu-freq'16:28
stobixWalex: indeed. I 'solved' it by using kdm instead. Seems like I was using lightdm, which was acting like a reach bastard.16:28
Walexstobix: bizarre that it would go back to 'gdm' instead of 'lightdm' itself.16:29
stobixWalex: Ah. No, that part was an erroneous assumption on my part. I simply thought that lightdm was gdm. :)16:30
Sora1995|CloudHey guys, I'm trying to get my Linksys Wireless-N USB Adapter to work on Ubuntu 12.10. I can't get the driver to install even when I was able to get Wine from my USB Tethering on my SGSIII. The program loads up and the says wait or something then it disappears. Does anybody mind helping me? I'm currently on Windows on this computer but I can get on IRC on my16:30
Sora1995|Cloudphone to get help if necessary.16:30
Walexthufir_: perhaps however the best way for 'gcc' it to create a script, for example '/usr/local/bin/gcc' that runs 'cpulimit' with '/usr/bin/gcc'.16:30
WalexSora1995|Cloud: by far and away the best thing is to check which USB adapters are supported natively by your distro and buy one of those.16:31
k1l_replica_: support only here please16:31
g0thhow do I disable duplex printing for lpr?16:31
k1l_replica_: you dont need drivers fr a intel card16:31
g0thI tried: lpr -o foo,single, lpr -o foo,duplex=none, lpr -o foo,sides=one-sided16:32
thufir_Walex: thanks.  no scaling for this cpu, so no cpu-freq :(   I'll run cpulimit against /usr/bin/gcc and see what happens. thx.16:32
Sora1995|CloudWalex: yeah, I would have if I had known that this would happen. But is there any way to get the drivers installed?16:32
g0thand lpr -single16:32
NeoColossusiceroot: sed will autolocate what line the text being replaced on?16:32
Sora1995|Cloudor whatever?16:32
WalexSora1995|Cloud: which drivers? If there are no native drivers installing MS-Windows drivers is usually a losing idea.16:33
Walexthufir_: usually you can then underclock CPU in the BIOS or with a jumper on the motherboard.16:33
Sora1995|CloudThat's all I've got is MS-Windows drivers. It doesn't detect the adapter and search fro networks without them it seems16:34
g0thnothing is working16:35
kanhaangela_1: hi16:35
g0thgoogle was no help at all, it gave me almost 10 different ideas how to disable duplex but nothing worked (wasted almost 10 pages to test it)16:36
thufir_Walex: yeah, I looked in the bios, but it seems to be on the lowest settings.  the process that keeps going to the top is cc1, there are two instances.  but, they don't seem responsive to cpulimit16:36
g0thfor example: http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/options.html <- this tells me to use -o sides=one-sided, but it does _NOT_ work! :(16:37
NeoColossusSora1995|Cloud: put "sudo lshw -c network" into terminal. Does is show your wireless card?16:38
thufir_oh, hey, how do you run/repeat a command every n seconds?16:38
=== ariel__ is now known as Guest44384
Guest44384can someone help me get root access to disable a line of code16:40
NeoColossusGuest44384: Simple, log in as root.16:40
g0thwhile true; do ....; sleep n; done <- something like this?16:40
g0thgoogle it16:40
Walexthufir_: 'man cron'16:40
MonkeyDustg0th  better ask in #bash16:40
Walexg0th: your printer may be set to default to duplex regardless.16:41
g0thWalex: it is set to duplex by default but surely it can also print simplex16:41
Guest44384neocolossus did you have phpmyadmin knowledge16:41
Guest44384i just cant log in16:41
thufir_it's not cron.  there's a bash command, I do believe.  it's like "watch" but, obviously, different.16:41
g0thMonkeyDust: my printing question is not a #bash question, maybe a #cups question but nobody is there ^^16:42
g0ththufir_: why not just what I suggested above?16:42
Sora1995|CloudNeoColossus: there isn't a built in wireless card period. that's why i had an adapter16:44
thufir_lol.  you guys are rightl.  thx.16:44
Joe1301anyone good at setting up dns I have 3 domains on a ispconfig server I have 2 of them resolve but the 1 domain that is attached to the server name will not resolve....Anyone can help?16:44
replicai am new to ubuntu and i am trying to learn this is a noob question can any1 help me on this -> Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services16:50
DJones!register | replica16:50
ubottureplica: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:50
MonkeyDustreplica  you have to register your nickname16:50
replicaty all :)16:51
BluesKajreplica, make sure you're happy with your nick first :)16:51
elena90please somebody help me to setup wifi16:52
FlowRiserelena90, what seems to be the problem ?16:53
elena90FlowRiser: my netbook doesnt find my wifi16:54
FlowRiserelena90, does it find other wi-fi networks ?16:55
elena90FlowRiser: no16:55
Sora1995|CloudYeah, nothing shows up NeoColossus16:55
FlowRiserelena90, first of all search your manufacturers website for drivers; If that fails, come back here and i'll guide you through the process16:56
Joe1301anyone good at setting up dns I have 3 domains on a ispconfig server I have 2 of them resolve but the 1 domain that is attached to the server name will not resolve....Anyone can help?16:56
elena90FlowRiser: Ive tried much i need Your help give me maybe some commands pls?16:56
FlowRiserelena90, what adapter do you have ?16:57
elena90FlowRiser: how to check?16:57
MonkeyDustJoe1301  maybe the people in #ubuntu-server can help you better16:57
compdoc"One of the Linux kernel maintainers, Mauro Carvalho Chehab, has pushed a patch that broke the functionality of PulseAudio"  <- yikes16:58
FlowRiserelena90, search your notebooks model online and find what adapter you have :)16:58
Muphridelena90: or type "lspci" in a terminal16:58
elena90Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)16:59
FlowRiserelena90, right .. the broadcom drivers16:59
FlowRiserelena90, tell me what driver you have installed for that wi-fi adapter (eth0 or eth1) by running: nm-tool16:59
nicofsHow do I cd into a folder called "Program Files (x86)" in a terminal?17:00
=== _dowdyph0_ is now known as dowdyph0
FlowRiserelena90, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx try this17:01
rumpelnicofs, cd Program<tab>   (if there is no other Folder with that prefix)17:01
nicofsrumpel, murphy's law - of course there is...17:01
jluclook into /media and go down to win root first nicofs17:01
rumpelnicofs, then "cd Program\<space>Files...17:02
xiaoynicofs, try cd Program\ Files \(x86\)17:02
rumpelnicofs, you have to escape the space: "\ "17:02
rumpelnicofs, and often hit tab to make it less painful17:02
nicofsrumpel, xiaoy "bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('"17:02
Picinicofs: you can just surround the entire path with double quotes, just like you'd need to do if you were cd'ing to it on windows.17:03
rumpelnicofs, you forgot to escape the (17:03
nicofsPici, ah - thanks. worked17:03
ms_hi #ubuntu.17:04
elena90ive done everything but i still cant connect to wifi17:07
ms_I'm now just starting learning the network,17:07
ms_is it possible to do server and a client in one pc at the same time.17:08
=== replica_ is now known as nemesis
MonkeyDustelena90  what's the distance to your wifi emitter?17:10
=== nemesis is now known as Guest61710
elena90MonkeyDust: hm>17:11
elena902,5 meters17:11
BluesKajms_, if your pc is the target server for one client and and client to a differnt server simultaneously , yes17:12
MonkeyDustelena90  and did it work before?17:12
elena90MonkeyDust: it worked on debian17:12
MonkeyDustelena90  what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?17:13
elena90Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS17:13
MonkeyDustelena90  my advice : create a cabled connection and better upgrade to 12.04 or 12.10, first17:14
elena90but i have slow pc...17:15
jiwanhow to convert .img to .iso file in ubuntu17:15
jiwanplease help me17:15
ThinkT510!lubuntu | elena9017:15
ubottuelena90: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.17:15
MonkeyDustelena90  ow you're strugglig with 10.04 and in 4 months from you'd have to start over, because support for 10.04 ends17:15
elena90thanks friend@17:16
jiwanany one help please17:16
ms_BluesKaj, thank you, before I'm going to post here, I think I have to read some pdf..17:16
jiwanis there any .img to .iso converter in linux os?17:17
|nv|s|b|eiso master17:17
jiwanbut there is no any option17:18
jiwani have download and install it17:18
MonkeyDust!info isomaster17:19
ubottuisomaster (source: isomaster): Graphical CD image editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.9-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 208 kB, installed size 1146 kB17:19
banda_https://www.gnu.org/software/snakecharmer/ <- what is this, what does it do? is it available on as an ubuntu package?17:20
=== andrew is now known as Guest96482
ThinkT510banda_: why do you want it if you don't know what it is?17:21
GitNickHey guys, Having an issue with a laptop touchpad not coming back after resume from sleep (RAM). I've put everything I know in a gist: https://gist.github.com/fa5699c06a20fae54799 I think its a power issue, but I don't know how to toggle ps/2 power17:29
GneaGitNick: what happens if you try reloading the synaptics driver after it wakes?17:35
elxGuys i messed up my GRUB after installing Windows 817:35
elxSuper-Grub live CD is giving me error 15 when trying to repair it17:36
elxi went in with ubuntu 11.10 Live Cd17:36
elxbut it gives me this error: /boot/grub/stage117:36
elxand then error 1517:36
elxI have tried all the options on Super Grub but it won't budge17:37
elxDoes anybody have any idea what is going on here, please?17:37
Gneawell Win8 doesn't use ntloadr, it uses EFI.17:38
Yawaputaelx   have you googled dual boot with win 8?17:39
elxyes i actually followed on tutorial17:39
elxwin 8 is up and running17:39
elxthe issue is that i don't get the GRUB list anymore so can't access my ubuntu17:40
Yawaputaand does linux fun ok if you boot from a CD17:40
Gneaelx: http://askubuntu.com/questions/221625/dual-boot-windows-8-ubuntu17:40
Yawaputaso it all works except the option list on boot17:40
elxYawaputa, Yes i can load using the Live cd17:40
Yawaputacan only suggest a repartition and reload with ubuntu now that win 8 is running17:41
GneaYawaputa: I don't think it would be that bad17:41
Gneaelx: just load the livecd, mount your ubuntu partition(s) and fix grub17:41
elxGnea, Thank you im reading your link...17:42
elxGnea, This is what i did through my Live Cd: Sudo grub17:42
elxroot (hd0,0)17:42
elxand then setup(hd0)17:42
elxhere 0 is the partition where ubuntu is installed17:43
Gneaelx: yeah, that's for traditional windows (XP and before)17:43
Gneaelx: the problem is that you're trying to boot into a non-EFI or an EFI system and grub doesn't know the difference17:43
Tex_Nick!uefi | elx17:44
ubottuelx: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:44
Yawaputahave heard mumblings that you need to start with win 8   then add ubuntu17:45
elxGnea, Ah that sounds pretty messed up, i thought things were done the old way... :(17:45
MoL0ToVhi to all! i tryed to share a folder from ubuntu 12.10. but if i try to browse the windows share, when i try to enter  in the share ubuntu says: unable to mount the windows share17:46
MoL0ToVthere are a bug in default sharing config?17:46
bekksMoL0ToV: The sharing config has nothing to do with that error.17:47
Gneaelx: well, since microsoft feels threatened by FOSS, they've gone out of their way to try to keep open source distributions off of computers that they don't make, but pay the hardware manufacturer to prevent it from working right17:47
Gneaelx: the workaround is to get grub to play right or use the new windows bootloader to load grub17:48
jhutchins_wkAs with most things in Linux, there's more than one way to deal with EFI.  It's possible to have an EFI aware bootloader and have a fairly normal setup; you can also do combined EFI/MBR setups.17:48
Tex_Nickelx : the linux development community is working hard and fast to fix the problem ... unfortunately it's a bit of a kludge rightnow17:48
GitNickGnea: well, psmouse wasn't detecting it like it normally does, does that module depend on synatics? how do I reload that driver?17:48
MoL0ToVbekks, ok so where can be the error? when i enabled the share from nautilus system downloaded samba and others packages17:48
elxGnea, the link you sent forwarded me to a tutorial, however they are assuming that W8 is installed first and then ubuntu17:48
elxi have the opposite prob :D17:48
GneaGitNick: well, check to see if there's a synaptics initscript of some sort17:48
bekksMoL0ToV: In your case Ubuntu works as a client which doesnt even know about the config - which is used only when acting as a server.17:49
=== Hapzzz is now known as Hapz_-_-_
jhutchins_wkMoL0ToV: Hate to break it to you but you're gonna have to read the samba docs.17:49
Gneaelx: then read the link that Tex_Nick gave you17:49
bekks!samba > MoL0ToV17:49
ubottuMoL0ToV, please see my private message17:49
MoL0ToVbekks, works also as server. i shared a folder as guest, and on the same system i tryed to browse the samba share17:50
Gneaok, gotta get more coffee...17:50
elxI will be back when i figure it out17:50
jhutchins_wkelx: Linux has pretty much always been designed to be aware of other operating systems on the disk and to be capable of multi-boot.  Windows has had the ability to do that since NT4, but really hasn't done any more than provide an ABI.17:50
bekksMoL0ToV: The client functionality (trying to mount a share from your windows computer) still doesnt have anything to do with the server's config.17:51
jhutchins_wkelx: That's why you often have to install Windows first, it's installer doesn't know how to handle an existing system other than to overwrite it.17:51
elxjhutchins_wk, ok.. didn't know that :)17:52
insertableMoL0ToV, check the permissions of the shared folder. People may be able to help you more if you dump the contents of `testparm -s` into a pastebin, too17:52
jhutchins_wkbekks: Actually, it does depend on how you set up the share security and browsability.17:52
=== fabian33 is now known as f4bian
bekksjhutchins_wk: Actually, being unable to mount a windows share has NOTHING to do with the samba SERVER config.17:52
bekksjhutchins_wk: Thats what I said three times now. :)17:52
jhutchins_wkbekks: Correct.17:52
=== marco is now known as Marco
jhutchins_wkbekks: Sorry.17:53
jhutchins_wkbekks: I don't think that's what he's doing, but I may be wrong.17:53
=== redrocket is now known as redrocket[Den]
=== dirdante_2 is now known as Kasjopaja
bekksjhutchins_wk: At least thats what he said he's doing :)17:53
Marcohi, I notice that some of the bundled wallpapers in unity automatically change every so often. How can I make my own that does that?17:54
insertableMarco, there are special wallpapers that change (they should have a little icon above them).. change it to a wallpaper that doesn't..17:55
Marcoinsertable, what I mean is that I want to create my own changing wallpapers17:56
MuphridMarco: you can use a 3rd party program for that. a quick look at synaptic gave me the name "wallch" which claims to do that17:56
ztguHI . I have a problem with suspend to RAM and hibernate. My screen stays black (blank) after. Can anyone help me with this?17:57
bazhangMarco, take a look at wallch17:57
=== dniMretsaM_away is now known as dniMretsaM
bazhangMuphrid, its in the repos17:57
Tex_NickMarco : you can just places wallpapers in your pictures directory ... if that will help17:57
bazhangso not 3rd party17:58
MuphridI meant, it is in the universe, not in main17:58
MarcoMuphrid, I'm just curious as to whether the internal functionality used for the built-in changing wallpapers is exposed in any way17:58
insertableMarco, you could try something like https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wallpaper-tray17:59
Tex_Nickztgu : try pressing the power button on the PC briefly18:00
ztguTex_Nick: I have tried 1000 times, I need to cold restart my PV every single time18:01
Tex_Nickztgu : you might need to change your wake options in bios18:02
frehi to everyone, I want to know if it is possible to save U12.10 after installing W8 provided that the OSs will be on different logical drives? I would also like to know if the loader will be corrupted and if so will it be possible to install GRUB by selecting the corresponding button when mounting it in W8.18:07
ztguI have problems with suspend to RAM. My screen stays blank after. Any ideas on what do do?18:07
grendal-primesparkleshare is the bomb18:09
grendal-primeneed sync just use it.18:09
grendal-primejust my 2 cents18:09
hanasakiwhat's the main difference between amarok and rythmbox?18:12
ztguI have this suspend problem: http://wiki.debian.org/Suspend , under: "Fixing corrupted video on resume" Any idea on how to do theese things?18:12
angelAlguien sabe como me debo pasar a la sala de Xubuntu?18:13
angelpor favor18:13
bekks!es | angel18:13
ubottuangel: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:13
Artemis3!es | angel18:13
=== dniMretsaM is now known as dniMretsaM_away
freI am repeating in case someone who knew the answer did not see what I wrote. "hi to everyone, I want to know if it is possible to save U12.10 after installing W8 provided that the OSs will be on different logical drives? I would also like to know if the loader will be corrupted and if so will it be possible to install GRUB by selecting the corresponding button when mounting it in W8."18:15
bazhangfre, by logical, you mean partitions?18:16
riderplusoverlay scrollbar is so cool18:16
riderplusbut I've seen so many posts to remove it18:16
Artemis3its a simple package to remove18:16
bazhangriderplus, actual support question?18:16
riderplusbazhang: why would one like to remove them? I followed someone's post on installing gnome-shell and overlay scrollbar were to be deleted18:17
riderplusby default18:17
riderplusthen I would always get errors because of that18:17
Tex_Nickztgu : when the PC suspends/hibernates ... the power light on the PC usually turns yellow or flashes ... when you try to resume does the power light change back to a solid green18:17
bazhangriderplus, gnome-shell is in the repos, no special instructions needed18:18
ztguTex_Nick: yes it does. My laptop is going back on and sound too, but no the screen.18:18
riderplusbazhang: true. I just won't read any posts that advice one to remove those overlay scrollbars18:18
riderplusbazhang: did you use gnome 3? I have 3.7.3 and I don't know if the problem with showing the keyboard layout has been solved18:19
riderplusgnome shell crashes when I try to set my keyboard layout18:19
riderplusno problems so far in unity DE18:20
freYes, i mean two partitions18:20
Tex_Nickztgu : ok that eliminates bios settings then ... hey someone in here can probably help you with that ... just have patience18:20
ztguTex_Nick: What eliminates my bios settings? the cold reboots or?18:22
riderplusbazhang: actually my question was related to kvm18:22
riderplusI get this message "kvm disabled by bios" each time I boot18:22
Tex_Nickztgu : i meant that your bios is set properly to resume/wake from suspend ... so the bios settings are ok18:23
zozyriderplus: is the virt extension in your bios for your processor enabled?18:23
ztguTex_Nick: I guess I need to disable (KMS) first and try to suspend the system by some video quirks then. Any advice?18:24
riderpluszozy: haven't checked that18:24
riderplusfound thishttp://askubuntu.com/questions/206148/kernel-update-kvm-disabled-by-bios18:25
tommy_Are you able to get to the grub menu on a first install before even selecting language18:25
zozyim not in front of a browser now, cant check that link18:25
MrPopinjayOk, so there's that nice little mail notification in the toolbar18:27
MrPopinjayBut it only works when thunderbird is running18:27
tommy_i ask, cause i'm getting that "recursive.. need reboot" error on installing. At first i thought it was intrinsic to me installing with a usb, but same happens with a burned disk. I read that the solution is setting "acpi=off"in the grub menu, but i don't think that that is available at the initial stages18:27
MrPopinjayIs it possible to run thunderbird in the background or something like that?18:27
Tex_Nickztgu : i thought your problem might have been bios settings ... that is not the problem though ... someone else will have to help you ... sorry :)18:28
tommy_also, same occurs with ubuntu 12.10/12.04 and ubuntu studio 12.10/12.0418:29
tommy_i previously installed 12.04 via usb on this computer, has anyone seen any issues with having windows 8 on a partition?18:30
jhutchins_wktommy_: No.18:32
lickalottgents, i have 3 hdd's shared out via samba.  on one PC i can access (copy/move, etc..) all three.  on another PC I can only copy to two of them.  The third gives me a  "this disk is write protected".  Anyone know what thats about?18:33
jhutchins_wktommy_: so you're going to have to actually describe what's happening.18:34
ztgutommy_: what's the problem?18:34
jhutchins_wklickalott: Rememeber Sessame Street?  "One of these things is not like the other..."18:35
lickalottbut why?  same OS, same settings18:36
lickalotti think i may have a lead on the problem....18:36
jhutchins_wklog files?18:37
lickalottseems almost like the drive isn't mounted right (since last night).  I have 3 dirs on this parituclar share.  2 of the folders are showing empty and I know there is stuff in them.  lost+found is unaccessible18:37
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
lickalottits mounted via fstab by UUID.  i remember this happening before.18:38
w0rm-_xAnyone knows where is the TCP/IP stack implementations located?18:38
tommy_ztgu: attempting to install ubuntu studio 12.10 (but tested also with 12.04 and regular ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04). I get the menu for the language selection, but after selecting English I get a recursive fault and it says 'a reboot is needed!' however thats not the solution, haha.18:38
LiquidEssenceHello! I have a question about Conky, if someone might help - I can't seem to be able to make my display window get wider, no matter what I put into the minimum_size and maximum_width parameters, the window just stays at the same width as in the beginning and cuts off the output.18:38
GitNickIt appears PM resume fails to power up touchpad, is there a way to change the power state manually?18:39
tommy_jhutchins_wk: just attempting to install, getting a recursive fault after selecting English in the menu18:39
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867076  LiquidEssence the conky beginners guide18:39
GitNickGnea: Thanks, was a good idea to look through init scripts, still nothing. At this point I am pretty convinced that PM resume fails to restore power to touchpad, thus, psmouse won't detect it.18:40
jhutchins_wktommy_: Could you expand on "recursive fault"?18:40
LiquidEssencebazhang: thank you I'll look it up (already looked at the documentation on sourcefore and some other conf files), it's probably some stupid thing that I missed somewhere18:41
pamelahi all18:41
tommy_jhutchins_wk: sure, directly after selecting English as the language, a long stream of install dialog goes by and it halts at an error message saying something along 'recursive fault. a reboot is needed!' i'd be happy to collect a log of it if you know how.18:42
BluesKajlickalott, sometimes after updates I'v e noticed a change in the /dev/sdX designations on fdisk and then the UUIds become invalid , and the bios primary HDD gets changed as well , then of course the fstab entries are no longer valid18:42
LiquidEssenceit's just that the maximuM_width and minimum_size paramateres don't seem to register at all18:42
ztgutommy_: wierd. I have experienced some problems while having a specific device in my computer. ( in my case a computer mouse) WHen I removed the mouse I was able to install.18:42
lickalottBluesKaj, what do i do to fix it?18:43
lickalottblkid shows the same UUDI18:43
jhutchins_wktommy_: Have you verified the checksum of the iso and the burned medium?18:43
tommy_no, but i'll do that now. how do i do that?18:44
BluesKajlickalott, I gave up on fstab entries . I let the file manager deal with the mounts . so far it seems to work18:44
LiquidEssenceI think the problem was that it was running from the start and kept some of the original configuration fixed so that the window could not be changed. Anyway, it works now :D18:45
jhutchins_wktommy_: There should be a text file with the md5sum of the iso wherever you download the iso from.  Most burning programs will offer to validate the burn, but you can also do an md5sum of the actual device.18:45
lickalotti'm running server18:45
bazhang!hashes | tommy_18:45
ubottutommy_: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases18:45
bazhang!md5 > tommy_18:46
ubottutommy_, please see my private message18:46
sliddjurHello, how do I change themes (downloaded) and such on ubuntu?18:46
w0rm-_xsliddjur, have you met google?18:46
riderpluscan someone help please? I can't open gnome-tweak-took I get these errors: http://pastebin.com/0razNvAD18:47
lickalottif I cd into the share from the server i get this - ls: reading directory .: Input/output error18:47
lickalottthink my drive may be bonked18:48
k1l_riderplus: which ubuntu is it? which desktop is installed? are there PPAs on?18:48
riderplus12.10 DE Gnome 3.7.318:49
riderplusyeah I have ricotz and gnome 3 team18:49
=== dniMretsaM_away is now known as dniMretsaM
k1l_riderplus: i bet its caused by the ppas18:50
riderplusok..i'll remove them for the moment18:51
k1l_riderplus: well, the supported gnome is 3.6? for 12.1018:51
jhutchins_wklickalott: unmount it, fsck it.18:51
k1l_better ask the PPA guys about your problem18:51
jhutchins_wklickalott: Install smartmontools and see what they say.18:52
lickalottwon't let me unmount18:52
lickalotti'm not near it so i don't want to force it and not be able to mess with it (i'm at work)18:52
CoreyBRlol guys i really really need helop18:53
lickalottjhutchins_wk is smartmontools commandline only?18:53
CoreyBRi dont know how but my ubuntu is in chinese!!18:53
bazhangCoreyBR, with what18:53
jhutchins_wklickalott: Yes.18:53
redhandbrCoreyBR, fala rapaz.18:53
CoreyBRbut i didnt changed the language settings18:53
Tex_NickCoreyBR : you need to ask a specific question ;)18:54
bazhangCoreyBR, so change the system language18:54
CoreyBRhow can i rollback to english/portuguese language? :(18:54
redhandbrCorey já aconteceu comigo. Volte na tela de login e troque pra português-br18:54
bazhangredhandbr, english here18:54
CoreyBRi'll try it, brb18:54
redhandbrbazhang, i'm helping he in native language. there is no specic rule about language here. The important is: "HELP".18:55
bazhangredhandbr, thats not correct18:55
Artemis3!br | redhandbr18:55
ubotturedhandbr: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.18:55
bazhangredhandbr, this is an english language channel. #ubuntu-br for portuguese18:55
lickalottohhh... it's a live cd.18:56
lickalottlol!  i just apt-get/got it18:56
mburysHi can any one help me find a working "proxy" all the sites are blocked eek18:56
redhandbrCoreyBR, is it worked?18:57
CoreyBRit worked, thanks redhandbr :D18:57
redhandbrCoreyBR, ;)18:57
CoreyBRredhandbr, wtf this bug? lol18:57
CoreyBRi got desperate i cant understand shit in chinese LOL18:57
modemmburys, the proxy may be blocked as well :)18:57
redhandbrCoreyBR, you pressed space, enter, any key that changed the defauld language on login screen.18:58
CoreyBRubuntu default language is chinese? lol18:58
CoreyBRdamn asians!18:58
CoreyBRjoking xD18:58
redhandbrCoreyBR, lol!18:58
mburysyes i found one site that was not blocked, not one of them worked thou i could ping them. Do you think that is why they would not work18:59
redhandbrDefault is not chinese, but you have it on your system too.18:59
bazhangCoreyBR, lets take the chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic Please18:59
CoreyBRok, sorry.19:00
tommy_jhutchins_wk: okay, isos were dled fine and burn too. i'm going to do a reboot and write down the exact message and i'll be back.19:00
mburys<modem> my question is this. If i used private proxys would it work as in would it all be unlocked ?19:01
bjensenHow can I check that Ubuntu 12.04LTS is compatible with the server Im about to order? Dell R320..19:01
DJones!hcl | bjensen19:01
ubottubjensen: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection19:01
modemmburys, I never said that?19:02
DJonesbjensen: The first link that ubottu gave should help you check whether the machine has been tested yet19:02
redhandbrbjensen, I don't know about RAID hardware... The others components, seems ok.19:03
redhandbrbjensen, find on google for each component of hardware and you'll see if all system is compatible with Ubuntu.19:03
bjensenThanks DJones, redhandbr. Weird that the R310 is on the list, but not 320..maybe its too new?19:03
redhandbrYes, maybe too new!19:03
Estefaniabuenas hay humanos aqui?19:04
Estefaniaalguien que hable castellano19:04
bjensenredhandbr: I think you are right about the raid, I remember using software raid on my previous dell server19:04
bazhangEstefania, #ubuntu-es19:04
DJones!es | Estefania19:04
ubottuEstefania: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:04
Estefaniaok gracias19:04
lickalottjhutchins_wk - does this mean anything to you - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1479685/19:06
jhutchins_wklickalott: It means "hope you have a good backup".  Check your cables.19:10
lickalottlol!  right on.  I have a spare that I'll throw in when i get home.   iirc it seems to be good once I dc it and reboot19:11
vitalywhat this?19:12
DJonesvitaly: This is the Ubuntu operating system support channel19:13
vitalyfor what irc?19:14
tinuxanybody got ubuntu running on a macbookair with OSX in in a virtualbox?19:14
BluesKajvitaly, what are you looking for ?19:14
hoskAfter manually installing the firmware for my at76_usb card, I can't seem to get network manager to create a wlan0 or even allow wireless networking19:15
dbromanyone experienced in X11 dealing with more then two monitors19:16
ztguI have a problem with suspend to RAM on my laptop. Advice?19:16
dbromdo you have extra ram you can try19:17
BluesKajztgu,describe your problem19:17
dbromBlue you are the person Im looking for19:18
BluesKajdb your swap partition should be the same size as your RAM , for your suspend to Ram to work19:19
ztguBlueKaj: Evertime I close my laptop lid, or press, suspend to ram (sleep) My computer doesn't come back from a blank screen. Computer is still on, and sound too. I have red that it's a common problem. Advice?19:19
BluesKajer ztgu19:19
dbromi have the monitors setup and they were working. I rebooted and now one of the monitors on each card works by default. The thing is if I take the mouse off the main screen I cant get back on to the main screen again19:20
ztguBlueKaj: My swap is big enough.19:20
ztguI think my swap is working, if I type the command "free" I can see it19:20
BluesKajztgu, yes ...well that's all I know about suspend to Ram :)19:21
dbromany ideas BlueKaj19:22
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:22
BluesKajdbrom, sorry I'm not familar with using multiple monitors19:23
cheekeeI have a triple boot Ubuntu 12.10 Amd64,Windows XP 32 bit, Fedora Amd64 system. Everytime I log out of Windows and back into Ubuntu, Ubuntu does not recognise my soundcard, but if I log out out of windows, boot into Fedora, and reboot into Ubuntu the sound card is recognized19:24
ztgucheekee, still using xp? lol19:25
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
cheekeeI have Windows 7 on an Ubuntu Virtual Box...but still sentimentally attached to Old XP19:26
dbromcheekee: Run everything though Virtual Box on Ubuntu andd get it done19:29
tinuxcheekee are you able to boot from USB-stick inside the virtualbox?19:30
dbromhow do i move between X screens19:32
cheekeetinux: dbrom : I have lots of operating systems on my virtual box + a triple boot logging into ubuntu19:32
MrPopinjayctrl-alt-F# ?19:32
ztguI have a issue found after the computer resumes after suspend to RAM. It's corrupted video (or black screen, or no LCD backlight). Any advice on how to fix the problem?19:33
dbromthat allows you to only ligin correct19:33
dagerikztgu: i have same issue with my gma500 card19:34
dagerikztgu: which card you do uave?19:34
jhutchins_wkztgu: Sometimes that's not a solvable problem on some systems, but you can try tweaking the video drivers.  It probably matters what your chipset is.19:34
k1l_ztgu: if there is enough swap its not a guarantee for a working suspend19:34
ztguI have switchable graphics with an integrated card in the amd A10 processor, and I have a HD7730M series amd video card19:35
=== jackson__ is now known as Noskcaj
rudi /server chat.freenode.net19:35
dbromhow do you switch beteen x screens in kubuntu19:36
ztgujhutchins_wk: k1l_ : I have swap, how can I find out if it's not possible,19:36
BluesKajztgu, optimus ?19:36
=== efdejot is now known as eeee
cmelldbrom, don't know about kde, but in xubuntu there's a screen switcher on the task bar19:37
eeeei have problem with hardware acceleration19:37
ztguBluesKaj: I have amd.19:37
eeee:~$ glxinfo19:38
eeeename of display: :019:38
eeeeXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0".19:38
eeeeXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0".19:38
eeeeXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0".19:38
FloodBot1eeee: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:38
k1l_ztgu: sometimes there are some problems with modules on resume19:38
ztguk1l_: I have one of them. Advice?19:38
k1l_ztgu: i dont know. try to find out if there are others who solved that issue with your card /laptop19:39
cheekeeAnother problem I found is that it is hard to run flightgear on 12.10 even with an old  Logitech Attack 3 joystick, that should be supported by now19:39
cheekeeand how you wanna fly an aircraft without either a joystick or a yoke?19:40
cmellcheekee, trackballs do ok19:40
zlatanquick question: is it possible to get a mirrored fakeraid system up and running using this method; 1. install system on single disk as if raid didnt exist. 2. enable raid and do rebuild. 3. system now runs in raid 1.19:41
dbromeeee: is that for me19:41
ztguk1l_: http://wiki.debian.org/Suspend . It's a common problem so I think it's possible to fix. Under "Fixing corrpted video on resume" They explain how to  disable KMS for the video card. Any advice? Idea?19:41
eeeedbrom: ?19:42
k1l_ztgu: no, videocards are not my business19:43
cmellOn one of my machines which uses an external usb sound card, an IR remote is also detected as a usb HID device. How does one configure those so I can point a remote at it and have it do something?19:43
ztguAny thoughts on disabling Kernel mode setting (KMS) for the video card?19:44
cmellKMS is sort of needed for hard acceleration, isn't it?19:45
dbromnever mind then19:46
cmelldbrom, kde should have something for that on the desktop19:46
dbromim having issues with a dual card dual monitor kubuntu system.... the strange thing is that the first monitors are only showing up19:47
zlatansimple way to get a mirrored fakeraid up and running; 1. install system on single disk as if raid didnt exist. 2. enable mirrored raid set. 3. done. <-- is this feasible?19:48
cmelldbrom, it might depend on whether your video card's driver made provisions for that19:49
bogorHow do i stop mysqld from starting up during boot ?19:49
cmelledit inetd.conf19:49
cmellI think (?)19:50
BluesKaj!fakeraid  | zlatan19:50
ubottuzlatan: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto19:50
dbromi had it working thats the thing19:51
eeeehelp me19:52
eeeehardware acceleration19:52
eeeenot working19:52
ztguI am having a problem with suspend to RAM on my laptop.19:52
ztguIt's a very common issue found after the computer resumes. it's corrupted video (or black screen, or no LCD backlight). The system is still running, which can be seen by pressing the Capslock button and check whether the Capslock LED is changing accordingly. I have no idea on how to fix it. I was reading about disabling KMS on my radeon switchable graphics. I have an A10 cpu with integrated GPU and a discrete amd radeon hd 7730M serie card.19:52
cmellztgu, is it resuming to the builtin video you aren't using?19:53
eeeewhere you do not write all the sermons I enter here19:53
ztgucmell: it's not resuming on any video card. THe screen is totaly black19:54
zlatanBluesKaj: thankyou19:54
cmellztgu, I mean if it resumes to the card you don't have connected to the monitor, you might never know19:55
BluesKajzlatan, np19:55
cheekeeI think there is a bug somewhere, because Ubuntu AMD-64 does not recognize the soundcard after the user reboots from XP 32 bit, but recognizes it if the reboot is from Fedora AMD-6419:56
ztgucmell, how can I figure that out? I am using vga_switcheroo, and I always use the card integrated in my cpu19:56
BluesKajcheekee, which soundcard ?19:57
cmellztgu, I don't know, do you have a second monitor?19:57
bachus_hmm wine won't install19:59
ztgubachus_: updating your system?19:59
BluesKajcheekee, open alsamixer in the terminal and check the audio chip in upper left20:00
bachus_it's a fresh install20:00
cmellztgu, if you only use the onboard video, maybe you could remove the extra video card and see if it works any better?20:00
cheekeeBluesKaj: I have it somewhere...Its onboard nvidia for AMD 6420:00
BluesKajcheekee, read my post above20:01
ztgucmell: That's not a suitable option.20:01
cmellcheekee, on my amd64, it's a ALC85020:01
efdejothardware accelleration dont works20:01
cmellthen, ztgu, I have no ideas left20:02
cheekeeBluesKaj: cmell:  mine is NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 0: VT1708BCE Analog [VT1708BCE Analog]20:03
cmellcheekee, ok, so you;ve got a VIA soundcard onboard your nforce chipset amd6420:04
BluesKajcheekee, in the terminal , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , if the module driver loads properly there will be no output after the command20:05
cmellcheekee, you said this problem happens when rebooting from linux64 to linux32, are you doing a soft reset or a hard reset?20:06
cheekeeBluesKaj: cmell: yes! but there is no output because I logged into Fedora and rebooted into Ubuntu20:08
=== qos is now known as qos|away
cmellcheekee, I meant, when you rebooted did you actually power-down or hit a reset button or something, or did you do a software reboot?20:09
jackbrownhi there  Could anyone suggest me a tool for check and repair drives ? Once on Ubuntu Mint there was Palimpsest now has been removed by repositoris I dunno wy20:10
humboltohow do I start this great disk management program from the command line?20:10
cheekeecmell: No I rebooted from XP 32 bit and Ubuntu AMD-64 did not recognize my soundcard...so I booted back into windows, rebooted into Fedora, and then rebooted Ubuntu and the soundcard was recognized20:10
BluesKajcheekee, open with file permissions /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf , add this line to the bottom , "options snd-hda-intel index=0" , without the quotes. This isn't a guarentee but it might work20:10
k1l_jackbrown: which ubuntu you are running?20:10
jackbrownskp1: what's up ? it's a generic question mine  a tool is a tool as Gimp for example20:12
cmellif you don't know there's a difference between a hard-reset and a soft-reset, it's pointless for me to ask20:12
k1l_jackbrown: it just changed the name20:12
k1l_jackbrown: gnome-disk-utility20:13
jackbrownk1l_: ok20:13
BluesKajcmell, , this is no time to become judgemental20:13
cmellsoft resets often leave cards including soundcards in a state where they can't always be properly initialized by the next OS. While hard resets will always leave the card in their pre-boot state20:15
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TrentonAdamsHi guys.  I've upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04, from 11.04 -> 11.10 -> 12.04, with lots of troubles, OF COURSE.20:18
TrentonAdamsHow do I get applications to show in the dash?20:18
TrentonAdamsThe Unity dash that is.20:18
cheekeeBluesKaj: ok! done! but I am not looking forward to starting the whole booting/rebooting process all over. I'll be in touch20:18
mshcould anyone tell me if there is a soft for android tablet in ubuntu. or a driver20:18
TrentonAdamsI'm trying to decide whether I should switch away from ubuntu or not, cause Unity looks really nasty.20:18
angswhat is the package name to install libpcap?20:18
mshor even a soft to flashing a rom to it in ubuntu20:19
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angswhat is the package name to install libpcap?20:19
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braddcaddTrentonAdams, install Mate, it is the old gnome 2 desktop that your might remember20:20
ubuntu-testerangs: your release?20:20
ztguangs: sudo aptitude search ...20:20
BluesKaj!desktop  | TrentonAdams20:20
ubottuTrentonAdams: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors20:20
k1l_!notunity | TrentonAdams20:20
ubottuTrentonAdams: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic20:20
bazhangTrentonAdams, thats not a supported package here20:21
BluesKaj ftw !KDE20:21
k1l_no need for unsupported other DEs20:21
bazhangbraddcadd, MATE is not supported here20:21
TrentonAdamsBlue1: k1l_, thanks.  I'd like to try unity first, incase I'm making a fuss for nothing, so, I can't see any applications in the unity dash, can anyone help with getting those to show up?20:22
TrentonAdamsbazhang: What's not a supported package?20:22
bazhangTrentonAdams, once the app is open, right click the icon and choose keep in launcher'20:23
bazhangTrentonAdams, sorry, that was for braddcadd20:23
TrentonAdamsbazhang: So the default is to have no applications showing up?  I've seen screen shots on the net that show most applications.  I'm only seeing "recent" and I can also "search" for applications.20:23
wijagels_Hi, I am having trouble with my ceton infinitv in mythtv.  Is anybody experienced in that?20:23
=== msh is now known as xgeek-cub
bazhangTrentonAdams, if you dont like unity, then gnome-shell is another choice, or gnome-panel for the "classic look"20:24
k1l_TrentonAdams: you have zeitgeist running?20:24
TrentonAdamsbazhang: Yes, but I'd like to see if I like it first. :D20:24
TrentonAdamsk1l_: Don't know, what is that?  I have 12.0420:24
BluesKajwijagels_, join #mythtv20:24
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Bomboi got ubuntu 12.10 installed, it worked, but screen was flickering with nouveao driver, then i installed nvidia-current, rebooted, logged in, but i don't see unity icons anymore (it doesn't flicker any more, at least)20:25
k1l_TrentonAdams: its a data collector which provides some of the data that unity dash needs20:25
cortexmani can't get /etc/init.d/4store to support running two databases. if i run "4s-backend blah;4s-backend blerg; 4s-httpd blah; 4s-httpd blerg" after setting the appropriate ports in /etc/4store.conf, it works. however, /etc/init.d/4store start blah; /etc/init.d/4store start blerg, fails to start the second 4store instance. you can see my very slightly modified /etc/init.d/4store here: http://pastebin.ca/229810420:25
NickiomHi folks I was wondering if anyone could help me? I'm having problems with dual booting win8/ubuntu, grub specifys invalid EFI path when i choose windows, although booting into ubuntu is working fine, I've tried google naturally but there is so many mixed responses and It's got me stumped.20:26
TrentonAdamsk1l_: It won't login at the moment.  I'm going to reboot the VM20:26
k1l_TrentonAdams: so you talk about a vm?20:27
TrentonAdamsk1l_: Huh?  I'm running ubuntu in a vm.20:27
Bombonot just the icons are gone, the whole launcher bar at the left is gone20:28
TrentonAdamsBombo: Not sure if this will work.  But, press Alt-F2, and run gnome-terminal.  From there, run unity --reset &20:29
cheekeeBluesKaj: It worked!20:31
TrentonAdamsk1l_: zeitgeist is running in the background.20:31
TrentonAdamsAnother problem with Unity:  How do I go about getting the windows to stop merging with the top bar, when they are maximized?20:32
BluesKajcheekee, glad to hear it :)20:32
BluesKajNickiom, have you tried Boot Repair ?20:33
BluesKaj!Boot Repair20:33
cheekeeBluesKaj: I got sound for the first time ever after rebooting into Ubuntu 64 bit from XP 32 bit20:34
NickiomBluesKaj, I have but it failed, i'm actually in the middle of trying it again now so I'll let you know how i get on, thanks though :)20:34
BluesKajNickiom, also one has to remember to do sudo update-grub after the changes ..a small thing , but important20:35
=== LordOfTime is now known as TheLordOfTime
NickiomAh, will do that now, thanks BluesKaj, will reboot now and let you know :)20:36
BluesKajcheekee, it's a matter of solidifying the audiomodule in alsa20:37
ztguI found a video off how my problem is like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEsF72DPLSo20:37
ztguAny advice on how to fix it?20:37
TrentonAdamsDoes anyone understand why Unity doesn't have "groups" of applications like the old gnome 2 does?  Surely this is not considered to be "user" friendly.  Is there a way of seeing "groups"?20:37
BomboTrentonAdams: ERROR: the reset option is now deprecated20:37
k1l_TrentonAdams: go to the application lense20:37
TrentonAdamsBombo: Oh, you must have a different version than I do.20:37
TrentonAdamsk1l_: application lense?20:38
k1l_TrentonAdams: super+a20:38
BomboTrentonAdams: 12.1020:39
k1l_and then press the filter button righthandside20:39
BomboTrentonAdams: Linux ubuntu 3.5.0-17-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 9 19:31:23 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:39
auburticHi, any idea howany idea how to kill opened sockets on port 80 on ubuntu?20:39
k1l_TrentonAdams: and if you want gnome2 and just want to flam about unity, you should look out for some alternative mentioned before. unity is not gnome2, thats it20:39
TrentonAdamssuper+a just brings up dash, which shows nothing.  Then I click an icon on the bottom (which I don't know what it means) and then a screen with all install applications shows up.  That screen doesn't group them.20:40
k1l_TrentonAdams: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6169/6175859853_941086d046_o.png20:40
TrentonAdamsk1l_: I'm trying desperately to try and find out how Unity works.  That's why I'm asking questions.20:40
cheekeeBluesKaj: ok! Thanks very much! But there is still a problem with flightgear if the flagship sophisticated open software game on Linux does not work properly due to problems with configuring joysticks and yokes20:41
velocityI have to say, these past 3 months using ubuntu has been more stable than the previous 3 months using windows.20:41
Bombowhats the unity 'laucher' on the left called?20:41
k1l_TrentonAdams: else there is a lense somewhere in the PPAs which give you a gnome2 grouping by default.20:41
Bombo(in ps)20:41
TrentonAdamsk1l_: So they aren't grouped by default then?20:41
k1l_TrentonAdams: you should decide now if you want something that looks like gome2 or not. unity will never be gnome2 so this would be a dead end from now on20:41
TrentonAdamsk1l_: Yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to do/ :D20:42
mrgtI have a problem. I selected a driver20:42
mrgt* oops20:42
TrentonAdamsI do wonder though, where can these things be discussed to make Unity "user friendly"?20:42
k1l_TrentonAdams: then read what i said above. and search the net for the gnome2 lookalike lense (i dont know where it is out of my head)20:42
shellmiesomeone to discuss in french20:43
TrentonAdamsI like the search feature, but "only" having a search feature, by default, is NOT user friendly.20:43
k1l_TrentonAdams: stop that userfriendly nonsens20:43
TrentonAdamsk1l_: I will, thanks for the tip.20:43
TrentonAdamsk1l_: Well it's not non-sense, I'd like to see Ubuntu get back to being user friendly, cause I've loved it up till now.20:43
k1l_TrentonAdams: its not you alone who decide what userfriendly is or not.20:43
mrgtLet me start again. I have a problem.. Ubuntu won't boot. I get the message "gave up waiting for root device "20:43
TrentonAdamsk1l_: I agree with you, it's not, that's why it needs to be discussed.20:44
k1l_TrentonAdams: like i told you alot: unity will never be gnome2-alike. so dont blame unity not to be gnome220:44
TrentonAdamsk1l_: I don't expect it to be like gnome 2, it's not anything like gnome 220:44
TrentonAdamsk1l_: I simply expect it to be "user friendly".  Having a requirement for a user to "search" for an application that they may not know the name for, is not cool.20:45
k1l_its the same nonsense like the linux is not windows discussion. it just a dead-end discussion. thats it. so skip that part.20:45
user_ [15:45] [user_(+i)] [2:freenode/#ubuntu(+CLcfjnt #ubuntu-unregged 5:10)] [Act: 1]20:45
user_ [15:45] [user_(+i)] [2:freenode/#ubuntu(+CLcfjnt #ubuntu-unregged 5:10)] [Act: 1]20:45
FloodBot1user_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:45
user_ [15:45] [user_(+i)] [2:freenode/#ubuntu(+CLcfjnt #ubuntu-unregged 5:10)] [Act: 1]20:45
submanHow do I install glxgears?20:45
k1l_TrentonAdams: the search works for tagged words, not only the program names, too20:46
mrgtso can anyone help me? I was trying to fix my screen resolution and selected the proprietary  driver now Ubuntu won't boot.20:46
bekkssubman: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils20:46
TrentonAdamsk1l_: yeah, just noticed that, just before you mentioned it.  That is actually cool.20:46
jeeves_mosshow do I setup syslog so I can log my external routers, etc?20:46
k1l_for the rest: i told you how to find that grouped view i showed you in that picutre20:46
k1l_!unity | TrentonAdams20:47
ubottuTrentonAdams: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity20:47
submanbekks, Thanks!20:47
TrentonAdamsk1l_: However, I'm trying to think of this from a layman's perspective.  They might not think of searching for "internet" for example.  Or maybe "text" for a text editor, etc.  So far, that was my biggest hurdle, I didn't know I could search on tagged words.20:47
amanda1hello, I'm having trouble with watching dvd's. I'm getting the error: "decryption library not installed"20:48
emesin a multi-monitor setup, is there any way to have one monitor display one workspace and another monitor display another?20:48
BluesKaj!medibuntu | amanda120:49
ubottuamanda1: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org20:49
cheekeewow! I used to be in Customer Services, and it was rough. but you guys must be having an even tougher experience20:49
TrentonAdamsk1l_: thanks for the lense tip.20:49
OerHeksamanda1,  install dvdread4 and run the script as described in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs20:50
TrentonAdamsk1l_: So, do you know if there is a way of making the windows not merge with the top bar, when maximized?20:50
BluesKajamanda1, also make sure you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed20:50
|nv|s|b|e 20:50
* velocity loves ubuntu20:52
BluesKajcheekee, not really ..we don't have to do this..we're all volunteers:)20:52
lydai've set up an apt cache at http://frith:9999/ubuntu (it points at the irish mirror).20:52
amanda1Thank you!20:52
lydahow can i get the ubuntu installer to use it?20:52
cheekeeBluesKaj: ok! cool!20:52
lydai know that once installed i can edit /etc/apt/source.list, but is there a way to set this up in the installer?20:53
k1l_TrentonAdams: do you mean global menue?20:53
BluesKajlyda, your package manager20:53
ztguany thoughts on pci=nomsi20:54
bekksztgu: Why?20:54
TrentonAdamsk1l_: I don't know what I mean, cause I'm not familiar with the unity terminology.  However, when you maximize, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons, all get merged with the top menu bar.  I want them to be part of the window only.  I've heard that can be done.20:54
lydaBluesKaj: i don't understand that answer.  i'm aware that i need to configure the package manager.20:54
psychopathichttp://ubuntuone.com/6cjBk6ycAsxOFyTqgfDiIX <-- Life the way I see it.20:54
cheekeeBluesKaj: I guess after a few months, you'll all be Computer experts , and not only with Ubuntu20:55
ztgususpend to ram problem? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEsF72DPLSo  It fixed this guys problem20:55
lydai'm asking how i can do that within the installer.20:55
BluesKajlyda, look for the source repositories20:55
BluesKajtook a lot longer than a few months for me , cheekee , and I20:57
BluesKaj.I'm no expert20:57
lydaBluesKaj: clearly.20:57
* locate is back (gone 00:38:27)20:57
* locate is away: PS3 or sleeping or something...20:57
bekks!afk | locate20:58
ubottulocate: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»20:58
cheekeelyda: that was unfair20:58
k1l_TrentonAdams: uhhh, i dont know if that is possible that easy20:58
BluesKajlyda, we all use differnt desktops which use different package managers20:58
lydai'm not asking about desktops.20:58
lydai'm asking about the installer.20:58
TrentonAdamsk1l_: okay.  Can I at least move it to the right, like you could with meta-city?20:58
k1l_TrentonAdams: the old trick should work on 12.04 but not for maximized windows.20:59
lydathe installer asks about a proxy, but it does not allow me to choose the hosts i'm going to update from.21:00
TrentonAdamsk1l_: Trying ubuntu tweak, I'll see if it worked.21:00
henrik1any one got any ideas why i modprobe cant find nvidia-current on latest 12.1021:01
lydai'm using approx as an apt proxy cache - so it's not a traditional proxy as such.21:01
k1l_TrentonAdams: the whole concept behind unity relies on the point to keep the mouse ways to the upper left. making buttons to the right and keep them out of the panel  etc. can cause a not intended user experience.21:02
cheekeelyda: Your query is so complex21:03
Anaphaxetonwhat is the smallest ubuntu iso i can find? i want a cli release that is not a server21:03
Anaphaxetoni saw there are some core images21:03
Anaphaxetonbut i dont know how to use those21:03
k1l_Anaphaxeton: minimal install? or better netinstall21:03
lydacheekee: ok.21:03
Anaphaxetonk1l_, which iso will give me that option?21:04
Anaphaxetonthe regular one?21:04
TrentonAdamsk1l_: Yeah, I could see a person accidentally clicking the minimize/restore buttons by accident, when trying to access the file menu.  That's probably why most systems have them at the top right.  But that's fine, that's just a preference anyhow.  I can live with it.  I'll try Unity for a bit.21:04
k1l_Anaphaxeton: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD21:04
Anaphaxetonty k1l_21:04
BluesKajhenrik1, nvidia-current will install if you use the terminal to do so ...it doesn't get listed in additional driver" jockey etc for spme reason21:05
cheekeelyda: How to reconfigure the package manager? I mean you should be talking to Linus himself21:05
henrik1BluesKaj: ok great i feel like im runngin in circles ill try reinstalling it again21:06
BluesKajcheekee, I think he's talking about the OS installer , somethin he forgot to mention in his questions21:06
k1l_TrentonAdams: i dont blame people to not like unity. you are free to use the desktop you want. just give unity a chance as it is. the developers made some brainstorming about it as it is (and canonical did some tests on users aswell). that is just my point in saying: dont try to make unity as a gnome2 replacement. it doesnt want to be made to a gnome221:07
BluesKajhenrik1, again .what does glxinfo | grep OpenGL output21:07
TrentonAdamsk1l_: No, I definitely see that it's not a gnome 2 replacement.  And, there are some good things about it.  The searching is cool.  I do feel like they should put some example searches as well though.  I did not think of searching by tags right away.  Now that I know, it's just fine, but it didn't come to mind quickly.  Although, that could be because I'm a programmer.21:09
cheekeeBluesKaj: I think the root problem is the package mgr...She can install thousands of OS's21:09
lydacheekee: uh.  no.  i should not.21:09
elxOk guys i posted afew hours21:10
lydaok, the answer is to use a pressed file for the installer.21:10
lydaer, preseed file.21:10
lydait's docummented here: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html21:10
elxregarding mine Grub which was erased by windows821:10
henrik1BluesKaj: omg mesa wasent even installed and not opengl either21:10
=== aperson is now known as aperssolini
BluesKajhenrik1, no they aren't installed by default21:11
ThinkT510elx: you should always install windows before linux, windows will always overwrite the mbr21:11
lydacheekee: the installer is modified from the debian installer and written as part of the debian project.  i have rather large doubts that linus has anything to do with coding it.21:11
elxThinkT510, Yes actually i made that mistake21:12
elxi had ubuntu and installed windows821:12
elxcouldn't repair the grub even with super grub21:12
elxbut finally found a solution online... and now it works21:12
=== aperssolini is now known as aperson
henrik1any one know how you paste in weechat-curses?21:13
elxsomebody here gave me some hints but i forgot their nicks to give them feedback regarding the problem...21:13
Bombohmm how can i logon to unity from remote? i'm connected via ssh21:13
BluesKajcheekee, do you know what installer means in that context now ?21:13
bekksBombo: Using just ssh, you cant. You would have to enable XDMCP or you would have to use something like nxclient/nxserver or vnc.21:14
Bombobekks: i got x11vnc21:14
cheekeethat page you posted is pretty rough, and potentially damaging to a small company...I hope you test it first on only 1 PC21:15
Bombobekks: but it won't run 'root@ubuntu$ x11vnc -display :0.0 -passwd foo' XOpenDisplay failed (:0.0)21:16
guntbertcheekee: what are you talking about?21:17
cheekeeguntbert: lyda : BluesKaj: This page https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html21:18
BluesKajguntbert, cheekee is referring to this ,  https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html21:18
bekksBombo: a) dont run it as root and b) you need an X server for running it.21:19
xjrnwhere would i insert "btrs dev scan" to trigger before mountall in raring?21:19
bekksBombo: You're better off using nxclient/nxserver.21:19
ThinkT510!13.04 | xjrn21:20
ubottuxjrn: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+121:20
Alloushiguys I'm gonna move from Windows to Linux, but i have some concerns21:20
xjrnwoops s/btrs/btrfs/21:20
xjrnThinkT510: where would i insert "btrs dev scan" to trigger before mountall in Quetzal ?21:21
ThinkT510xjrn: no idea sorry, you do realise btrfs is still experimental?21:22
xjrnThinkT510: where would i insert "/bin/sh yes" to trigger before mountall in Quetzal ?21:23
ThinkT510xjrn: i don't know sorry21:24
cheekeelyda: it seems she is gone already - testing a webpage that is like a grenade, if handled incorrectly21:25
cheekeelyda: oki you are still here21:26
BluesKajwho cares21:27
lydacheekee: i've been working on unix systems since 1989.  i've configured sun jumpstart and redhat's kickstart at different points.  debian's pressed system is, well, annoying, but it's not rocket science.21:28
Alloushitoday, I officially deleted my Facebook and Google+ accounts21:28
lydain this case i'm looking at automating certain aspects of vm installs to build vagrant base boxes.21:28
k1l_Alloushi: ok, but that belongs into the offtopic channel :) #ubuntu-offtopic21:29
JohnSnowstormhey guys, anyone know how to show the channel user/nick list in xchat - gnome - 0.3.0?21:30
ThinkT510JohnSnowstorm: use proper xchat21:30
cheekeeBluesKaj: guntbert: Over to you. I am lost here.21:31
JohnSnowstormand which version is the proper version?21:31
PillzAh, here we go21:31
JohnSnowstormhey steel21:31
Pillzhi jss21:31
ThinkT510!info xchat | JohnSnowstorm21:31
ubottuJohnSnowstorm: xchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-3ubuntu15 (quantal), package size 345 kB, installed size 869 kB21:31
Pillzso same version.  then userlist should be under view21:32
k1l_JohnSnowstorm: try the xchat without the -gnome21:32
Pillztry ctrl + f721:32
AlloushiI didn't finish my sentence :D21:32
JohnSnowstormok, off i go on the quest for new irc client21:33
Alloushiwhat I was going to say is that, I don't wanna be depending on these stuff anymore21:33
BluesKajcheekee, no matter , dunno what the guy is doing here asking us plebes about modding the installer mirrors previous to running the install21:33
AlloushiSo I'm moving to Linux, leaving Windows21:33
Alloushibut I have CONCERNS21:33
Alloushiand I came here to get answers :D21:33
Pillzgoodluck jss21:33
ThinkT510!enter | Alloushi21:34
ubottuAlloushi: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:34
Pillzi have quassel installed but never tried it21:34
k1l_Alloushi: ask a supportquestion and you will get answers if someone knows the answer. but chittychat goes to the offtopic channel please21:34
Alloushiokay guys sorry, anyway, currently I'm doing many projects, JSP project on Netbeans, and an APS.net project using visual Studio, <-- which isn't available on linux of course, but when I'm done with it, I will install Linux, I installed Ubuntu before, but I feel that Ubuntu became a company that seeks profit, just like windows21:35
JausHello, I am trying to use MultiArch i386 dev files. When I try installing the deb package through synaptic the deb says it will remove 64 bit versions from mt filesystem.21:36
k1l_Alloushi: keep in mind, that this is a technical support channel. do you have a technical support question?21:36
Alloushikll_ , well no, but who has some time ? I need someone to answer my questions, in private21:37
BluesKajcanonical has an enterprise division , Alloushi m but a lot of linux distros do.21:37
k1l_Alloushi: then try #ubuntu-discuss ot #ubuntu-offtopic21:37
BluesKaj!pm | Alloushi21:38
ubottuAlloushi: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.21:38
henrik1i did a purge and autoclean on the nvidia drivers and redownloaded however still got the same issue21:39
henrik1i get this runing glxinfo xlib: extention (glx) missing on display 021:41
Kilumnatianyone here know how to get capture device Bus 001 Device 002: ID 2304:021e Pinnacle Systems, Inc. Dazzle DVC170 to work in ubuntu 12.1021:41
henrik1and modprobe wont find the module21:41
mintcan i access another partitions in my hdd when iam using live cd?21:43
henrik1even tried downloading new headers21:43
bekksmint: Yes.21:44
henrik1mint: use fdisk -l21:44
Kilumnatianyone here have my capture device and get it work in ubuntu 12.1021:44
seeqwelltake a looksie.  Why does my machine keep slamming off http://pastebin.com/eC1HxAaf21:44
minthenrik1: nothing21:44
henrik1mint:  then use: mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/21:44
henrik1where you change the path to the drive you got21:45
minthenrik1: i forgot sudo21:45
henrik1mint: you need to run it with sudo21:45
henrik1mint:  yeah21:45
BluesKajmint, yes , you use the mount command , sudo mount /dev/sdX /mnt  , sdX being the partiition designation from fdisk -l21:45
Kilumnatianyone here help me out?21:46
BluesKajKilumnati, just ask your question21:46
Kilumnatianyone here know how to get capture device Bus 001 Device 002: ID 2304:021e Pinnacle Systems, Inc. Dazzle DVC170 to work in ubuntu 12.1021:46
bekksKilumnati: You'll need to find out wether that device is supported by linux at all, and then, you have to find out which kernel module you'll have to use.21:47
BluesKajKilumnati, is it a tv tuner capture card ?21:48
Kilumnatiwell this guy on youtube does  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biQ8FXxoXN821:49
Alloushibye beoble21:49
Gemclipwhere can i download the ISO files for ubuntu using torrents?21:50
bekksGemclip: You'll find the links on http://www.ubuntu.com21:50
Gemclipi see the download links but they all seem to dl via http21:51
Gemclipfound it under al21:52
BluesKajbbl ...stuff to do21:55
StmeterHi guys. I'm using cheese to see if I have a webcam that works. Although every time I open it, it crashes. Where are the log files located?21:57
=== k1l_ is now known as k1l
StmeterOr if you can recommend any other app that allows me to view my webcam22:01
OerHeksStmeter, start cheese from the terminal grabbing the output: cheese 2>&1 > cheese.log22:01
grkbloodare there issue with the maverick repos right now?22:02
OerHeksgrkblood, maverick is EOL, and updates are removed22:03
OerHeksgrkblood, there is a way to obtain those old updates22:03
StmeterOerHeks: No log file was printed.22:05
OerHeksgrkblood, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Requirements howto add old-releases22:05
parisfolks! how to setup Wifi wireless in ubuntu 12.4 ?22:05
OerHeksgrkblood, i am not sure why you want to continue that old version, upgrading is safer22:06
MonkeyDust!wifi | paris22:06
ubottuparis: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:06
OerHeksStmeter, that logfile should be in your home folder, at the level of /Documents/ and /Downloads/22:07
StmeterOerHeks, yes it's empty.22:07
nashantHi guys, I'm getting LOADS of segfault errors. Here's the paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/1480253/ Any idea?22:07
OerHeksStmeter, maybe dmesg log shows something22:08
Kilumnatithats my device how can i get it to work in ubuntu http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Pinnacle_Dazzle_Video_Creator_%28DVC170%2922:10
jhansonxinashant: Bad RAM?22:11
nashantjhansonxi: Shouldn't be, it's almost brand new and it was working absolutely fine up until a couple of hours ago22:11
parisbig thanks for that, and I am going to read , for now take care!22:11
nashantjhansonxi: The only thing that's changed is I installed a gt520 in my machine, it was using an integrated radeon before that. I had to chroot in and install nvidia-current, which uninstalled fglrx22:13
jhansonxinashant: I had a new system develop RAM errors about two weeks after it was put into service.  Running memtest on it is a simple way to eliminate that possibility.22:13
jhansonxinashant: Could also be a power problem if the supply can't handle the additional GPU power load.22:14
=== gnumber9 is now known as carolinason
nashantand how do I run memtest?22:14
yaluupdated my ltsp client image, and it broke sound... pulseaudio says "XOpenDisplay() failed"22:14
jhansonxiReboot and hold the Shift key down before Ubuntu boots.  You'll get a menu of boot options.  It's usually near the bottom of the list.  Or you can download the ISO and burn it to a CD: http://www.memtest.org22:15
nashantjhansonxi: psu should be fine. 750W running 4 SATA disks, and the GT52022:16
jhansonxinashant: Also check the obvious stuff like loose memory modules, cards, cables, CPU heatsink.22:17
yaluI've been juggling around kernels and client images for more than a day trying to make non-pae capable clients work and learned depressingly little how to troubleshoot ltsp22:17
nashantjhansonxi: I don't have memtest option22:18
jhansonxinashant: Then try the ISO from their web site22:18
bekksnashant: Then just install memtest86++ and you will get one.22:19
nashantcheers bekks22:19
grishanyone have a good source for themes? I'm on ubuntu 12.0422:20
MonkeyDust!themes > grish22:20
ubottugrish, please see my private message22:20
gbear14275is there a list of the launchers in unity somewhere?  I'm trying to learn how to make launcher files and was hoping to snoop on some in the unity "dock?"22:21
nashantjhansonxi: Just noticed that libc6-i386 was on the autoremove list. I've been getting error 4 in libc-2.15.so. Could this be the problem?22:22
gbear14275I'm also having a hard time getting my new minecraft icon to work properly, it just flashes a terminal instead of launching the program22:22
nashantbekks: memtest86++ already installed22:22
bekksnashant: You could also just use a livecd.22:23
jhansonxinashant: I don't think so.  The i386 version would only be needed if a 32-bit program needed it and you are using a 64-bit system.22:24
nashantI am22:24
nashantI've just rebooted and now python is crashing22:24
jhansonxinashant: That kind of random/creeping error is usually indicative of hardware failure (RAM, CPU)22:25
nashantoh ****ing wonderful22:25
nashantpython and php dying22:25
shomonhi, anyone know a bit about empathy in ubuntu? I'm getting lots of aim spam22:26
merozone2002hello every body22:26
shomongaim used to kill it.. I mean pidgin22:26
jhansonxinashant: The main thing is to isolate the cause of it and avoid chasing phantom problems.  IOW, don't spend time trying to compile a custom kernel to solve a problem caused by failing hardware.22:27
nashantI wasn't even thinking of doing that22:28
jhansonxinashant: Not literally.  One of the main skills you learn when troubleshooting PCs is differentiating between hardware and software failures.  Random crashes affecting many unrelated programs, and errors involving ever increasing number of programs usually indicates hardware failure.22:29
nashantYeah, unfortunately that makes a lot of sense22:30
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo
jhansonxinashant: If the system is stable when first powered on (cold) but starts failing later or when under heavy load (hot) then it usually indicates a thermally-related problem like a faulty fan, poor heatsink mounting, or marginal chip behavior (almost anything including CPU, GPU, north/south bridge, RAM)22:32
nashantjhansonxi: Nope. php and python fail immediately22:32
KBentley57hi guys.  Does the AMD catalyst package provided by ubuntu install the 32 bit and 64 bit drivers?22:33
jhansonxinashant: Easy way to isolate hardware problems is to put the drives in a different system and see if the problem still occurs.22:33
nashantwould be easy if I had access to another system22:34
jhansonxiYou could try removing the GTS card and see what happens.22:34
KBentley57I'm trying to get wine running better.  I suspect it's because I'm on a 64 bit install, and it can't "find" the 32bit drivers22:34
nashantNow /bin/df has failed22:34
bekksnashant: Then run a memtest.22:35
nashantthat's what I'm trying22:35
nashantbut got a live usb that doesn't show memtest22:35
MonkeyDustKBentley57  some 200 people in #winehq22:36
nashantand I'm trying to add it in to my grub, but no love22:36
bekksnashant: Just use another livecd.22:36
jhansonxinashant: Best to use other media.  Changing anything on a mounted filesystem when you have random errors is really asking for data loss.  I would disconnect the hard drives and boot from a CD/DVD, USB drive, or netboot PXE from a server22:37
KI4ROMy computer will not Restart...any suggestions?22:39
KBentley57MonkeyDust, I know, I'm getting ready to go there.  I've been down this road before trying to get L4DII to run correctly and I was having similar issues.  I've got a 6970 2GB card, and am only getting 30 fps or so.  Should be much more.22:39
=== didigodo1 is now known as didigodot
KBentley57KI4RO, hard reset?22:41
KI4ROKBentley57, Yes, I can force it with the power switch22:41
KI4ROKBentley57, If that's what you're asking22:42
MonkeyDustKI4RO  sudo shutdown -r now22:42
KBentley57KI4RO,  Oh, you mean "why will it not restart?"22:42
KI4ROKBentley57, Yes, when I select Restart from gear at the top22:42
KI4ROKBentley57, It goes along for a while like its going to happen then the screen goes black and that's the end of it22:43
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thesmallestpossiiI have a huge penis22:43
KBentley57KI4RO, do you have a PCIe graphics card?22:44
KI4ROthesmallestpossi, Not in this room22:44
thesmallestpossiNo but my penis is small22:44
KI4ROKBentley57, I don't think so, its a laptop22:44
KBentley57KI4RO, Ok, does it have any sort of gpu other than the one built in to the processor or chipset?22:45
KI4ROKBentley57, Toshiba Satellite a 13522:45
nashantok, I found the memtest option on the live usb, but it says cannot load ramdisk with old kernel image22:45
KI4ROKBentley57, No, I have not made any mods to it22:45
KBentley57KI4RO, I was going to suggest making sure you have any propriatary drivers installed.  My system did the same thing until I had the right display drivers22:47
jhansonxinashant: I'm not sure what the error means exactly.  Could be a problem with the live USB configuration or a false message due to the hardware error.22:47
KI4ROKBentley57, How would I know about propietary drivers?22:47
jhansonxinashant: Try the Live USB memtest on a different system to see if it works there.22:48
KBentley57KI4RO, which version of ubuntu do you have?22:49
KI4ROKBentley57, I can use boot-repair and it will work one time and then it won't do it again.  I'm running 12.1022:50
machicolaanyone know where keyboard shortcuts is located for gnome fallback desktop? hide/show desktop command doesn't seem to be working for me22:52
machicolawhich I thought would be default set to ctrl+alt+D22:52
KBentley57KI4RO, go to a terminal and run "ubuntu-drivers list"22:54
KI4ROKBentley57, Okay22:54
KBentley57KI4RO, it should show any that you can install.  If it lists nothing, you should be ok22:54
KI4ROKBentley57, It showed nothing22:55
KBentley57KI4RO, hm, then it's probably not driver related.  What is the model of the notebook? If you don't mind sharing.22:55
KI4ROKBentley57, Its a Toshiba Laptop Satellite A13522:55
mike_papaHello, is it possible to use current user name wildcard in fstab?22:56
machicolawhat does "ctrl+Super+D" mean regarding keyboard22:57
machicolaor, what does Super refer to22:57
mike_papamachiola: windows key?22:57
KBentley57KI4RO, have you ever used pastebin?22:57
nashantjhansonxi: The problem is uefi. And if I try and boot non-uefi it just hangs. Or seems to22:57
KI4ROmachicola, The "windows" key22:57
KI4ROKBentley57, No22:57
machicolaahh, thankyou!22:57
machicolaso it's useful after all :P22:57
mike_papamachiola: most probably. Or "apple" key, or whatever you have between ctrl and alt.22:58
nashantoh balls. looks like LOADS of errors22:58
jhansonxinashant: I haven't worked with UEFI yet so I can't help with that.22:58
machicolanice, making progress22:58
bekksnashant: broken RAM?22:59
KBentley57KI4RO, Can you try to copy the output of "sudo lshw" into the text box of http://pastebin.com, submit, and give me the link here?22:59
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nashantjhansonxi: ok, been running just over a minute and 8.5k errors22:59
jhansonxinashant: With memtest?22:59
KBentley57KI4RO, it posts a bit of lengthy output, and it would flood the room otherwise22:59
KI4ROKBentley57, I'll give it a try22:59
bekksnashant: Then it is broken.22:59
KBentley57KI4RO, ok.  just let me know if you need help on a certain part23:00
nashantYeah, I thought that as soon as half the screen turned red23:00
jhansonxinashant: Could be: bad RAM (try different RAM modules), bad motherboard (try RAM in different system), or bad RAM controller in CPU (if intergrated)23:00
antispinhey, i'm trying to make a bootable USB stick with ubuntu 12.10 using mac osX 10.6, so i'm trying to convert the .iso to a .img using hdiutil. i specified the output as /Desktop/ubunutu.img, but after the resulting file is ubuntu.img.dmg, is this OK?23:04
alfabitnashant, do you have more than 1 stick of RAM in the system ?23:05
KI4ROKBentley57, Okay its there:  http://pastebin.com/FxvbgNm623:05
nashantalfabit: yup. 2x4GB23:05
KI4ROKBentley57, I think LOL23:05
nashantAfter it's finished I'm gonna play about with swapping them around23:05
pythorCan anyone help me get my Ubuntu 12.10 machine booting again?  It just stopped booting last night.  I'm pretty sure  the hardware is OK, as I'm running it now on a 12.04 live USB.23:06
alfabitnashant, exactly.23:06
alfabitIf you are lucky, it is just one of the 2 sticks23:06
alfabitand not a memory controller inside the CPU.23:06
nashanthopefully only 1 is failing. Then I'll get them to just send out a new one23:06
mapassantispin, you could give a try to UNetBootin @ http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/23:06
nashantIf not, then I'll get them to send me a whole new set (mboard, cpu, ram)23:07
alfabitpythor, what's the last thing you see when you boot the 12.10 installation?23:07
antispinmapass: so it's not good that it the resulting file has .dmg appended to the ebd23:08
pythorPOST, then a message indicating a missing OS.  From the live usb, I can still see my files are there.  I have a small efi partition and  60GB ubuntu partition.23:08
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pythorI tried running Boot Repair, but that hasn't helped.23:09
c_smithHi, I'm trying to install some games that are packaged in the Nixstaller, and these installers keep hanging at "Execute: /tmp/selfgzxxxxx/bin/linux/x86_64/libc.so.6/lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock" and not moving on.23:09
c_smithis there anything I can try?23:10
bekksc_smith: Which Ubuntu are you on, and whats the "Nixstaller"?23:10
alfabitpythor, sounds like GRUB - the bootloader - may have been corrupted.23:10
Jlinkzwow you guys look busy23:10
c_smithbekks, 12.10. and Nixstaller is detailed here: http://nixstaller.sourceforge.net/news.php23:10
Jlinkzhi, I think the dns for my ubuntu server is messed up. when i type the comand apt-get update it returns a lot of errors. can someone help?23:11
alfabitpythor: If you can boot the system once, you can re-run 'update-grub' and that should let you boot the system again.23:11
c_smithJlinkz, I'd suggest pastebinning at least some of those errors and providing them to the nice folks here.23:11
KBentley57KI4RO, sorry, gone for a moment, looking over it now23:11
KI4ROKBentley57, np23:11
Jlinkzworking on that23:12
pythoralfabit, I can only boot on the live usb.  Any idea how to get it to boot that first time?23:12
alfabitpythor: You might try Super Grub Disk supergrubdisk.org to get it to boot the 12.10 system.23:12
bekksJlinkz: Which errors?23:12
c_smithbekks, if you meant what the nixstaller is for, it's one for each of the Humble Bundle games I have.23:12
pythoralfabit, OK, I'll try that.  Thanks.23:12
c_smiththat come in that format, that is.23:12
swebi have an error using SSD hard ... mount parition that located on `/` error during click on natilus http://paste.ubuntu.com/1480592/23:14
mapassantispin: im not sure, because ive never used hdiutil nor mac os... but it could be fine.. but i cant guarantee23:14
bekkssweb: The error tells you what to do.23:14
swebbekks: it's not NTFS ... but natilus see as another partion but it's '/'23:15
mapassantispin: maybe this could be useful http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx23:15
nashantjhansonxi: how much do you know about memtest?23:15
bekkssweb: Your error message tells something different.23:15
nashantor bekks23:15
bekksnashant: When it shows errors, your hardware is broken.23:16
swebbekks: yep ... so i need help23:16
mapassantispin: look at 3th step :)23:16
jhansonxinashant: Not an expert but I've used it quite a bit.  Normally I don't need to mess with any options.23:16
nashantYeah, but I'm trying to figure out which bits are broken23:16
Jlinkzhere is some of the errors http://pastebin.com/PYnhQXkv i cant connect to any websites?23:16
bekksnashant: In the last 20 years I never saw a system with memtest error and NO broken hardware.23:16
bekksnashant: RAM, mainboard, CPU - as jhansonxi already told you.23:17
nashantit seems to throw errors when testing 8192-8668 of 8171M23:17
antispinmapass: yeah, i'm following that guide, it notes that OSX tends to add .dmg, but it's ambiguous as to whether or not that's good or bad. I think it's ok though, Thank you!23:17
alfabitnashant, that's the range of the bad DIMM23:17
alfabitso pull out the first stick.23:17
alfabitre-run the test.23:17
nashantThat's what I thought23:17
alfabitIt will probably chug along w/ no errors..23:17
nashantbut surely that would come at the end of the 2nd dimm23:17
nashantbut if it says it's testing 8192-8668 of 8171, might that not mean a bad controller?23:18
alfabitIf DIMMs are less than 8GB, yes, I guess so..23:18
jhansonxinashant: Hard to deduce.  It depends on how the memory addresses are assigned to the modules.  Most systems will boot with a single module so remove one and retest.23:18
nashantthe dimms are 4GB23:18
ohshitgorillasHi there! When booting with the server or minimal installer, how do I enable compatibility with Bluetooth devices?23:18
alfabitnashant, just make sure to test the easy stuff first :)23:18
alfabitpulling a DIMM is easy.23:19
nashanttotal memory should be 8192, but memtest is saying there's 817123:19
alfabitsometimes the RAM sockets are dodgy, too, on inexpensive boards. A reseat might help. But pull it first, and see if you can get a clear run with memtest.23:19
mapassantispin: You're welcome... and good luck :)23:19
bekksnashant: Then pull one DIMM and retest.23:19
nashantYeah, I'll let the whole test run while I'm sleeping, then pull it out in the morning and retest23:20
alfabitnashant, don't do that.23:20
nashantalfabit: how come?23:20
alfabitnashant, you've got an error, stop the test right away.23:20
bekksnashant: You already KNOW the test is failing. Stop it, pull one DIMM and retest.23:20
jhansonxinashant: Some may be reserved for GPU sharing (common with integrated video).23:20
KBentley57KI4RO, i don't see anything out of the ordinary, however, I do see that there is a bios update for your model on toshiba's website.  I would suggest trying that first.23:21
ohshitgorillasHow do I enable bluetooth compatibility when using the server installer? I need it for my keyboard and mouse... and I'm too lazy to go down to goodwill and pick up a ps/2 keyboard =P23:21
jhansonxinashant: Even a single error is bad so when you find one you can assume that something is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.23:21
KI4ROKBentley57, Thank you so much...appreciate your time....Happy 2013 to you and yours23:22
KBentley57Thanks, you too.  Good luck with it - issues like this are just tiny aggravations :)23:22
nashanttest stopped23:22
nashantdimm 2 pulled, retesting23:23
Jlinkzcan someone help me, i cant connect to the internet on my ubuntu server?23:23
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: Can you access the BIOS with it?23:23
bekksJlinkz: Did you pastebin the errors you get?23:23
Jlinkzyes i posted it twice23:23
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: yep23:23
bekksJlinkz: Pastebin "cat /etc/resolv.conf" please.23:24
nashanton to test #4, and no errors23:24
Jlinkz# Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)23:24
Jlinkzthats it23:24
FloodBot1Jlinkz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:24
alfabitnashant, sounds like it's your DIMM :) Relatively good news.23:24
bekksJlinkz: You dont have a DNS server configured.23:24
ohshitgorillastechnically it's USB but it's the logitech unifying USB/halfassed bluetooth23:25
alfabitnashant, in proper operation, memtest86+ will take ~6-12 hrs to uncover some errors23:25
Jlinkzhow do i edit it ?23:25
bekksJlinkz: How did you configure the IP of your server?23:25
dinosaurvskittenhow can I simply run a command in ubuntu 12.10? Hitting 'super' is intuitively the one that should work since it also does search and all those things, but typing "urxvt" in it doesn't do anything, even though it's a valid command.23:26
Jlinkzi have a static ip23:26
Jlinkzoh wait let me try something23:26
nashantalfabit: well the first time I ran it it took less than a minute23:26
voltyhi, I wanted, as usual, to get and burn kubuntu on an rw disk but this time the size execeedes its capacity (i can burn 702.3 but not 703.3 mb (kubuntu-12.04-1-desktop-i386,   while the last version that is ok is 702.3 but is for amd64)23:26
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: I have one of those but haven't used it for a non-GUI install.  I would assume that if it worked in the BIOS then it would work in the text-based installers.  Maybe you need a bt module loaded in the kernel and maybe a BT daemon (bluez?)23:26
alfabitnashant, yup. When it's really bad..you get errors right away.23:27
f^3Good afternoon. I installed the fglrx amdcccle package but when i login i dont see the sidebar or menu bar at the top.23:27
alfabitnashant, you probably are out of the woods now, but just to be safe, you could now run memtest overnight. If it's still going in the morning..with no errors..just RMA that DIMM.23:27
f^3I do see my desktop icons though23:27
dinosaurvskitten(put in other words: where has alt-f2 gone?)23:28
dinosaurvskittenthe answer is nowhere and fn-lock was off23:28
alfabitdinosaurvskitten, terminal or uxterm23:28
jhansonxif^3: Do you have more than one video device?  It could be expanding the desktop to use an integrated video it detects but doesn't have a monitor connected.23:28
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: is there a way to add kernel modules to starting the installer? it lets me choose a language, asks me to start the installer, and then becomes unresponsive asking for keyboard layout23:28
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: but I don't know, if I can append something to the start of the installer somehow, how I would use that to load kernel modules anyway23:29
f^3Jhansonxi i have an integrated graphics card. Let me swap my inputs real fast.23:29
nashantalfabit: found it. RIP dimm 223:30
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: That's a tough one.  It's been quite a while since I had that kind of problem.  The modules need to be available in the installer's image at least.23:30
alfabitnashant, cool :)23:30
Jlinkzok i mistyped something23:30
nono modconf23:31
f^3Jhansonxi, the vga ports are pnp right? If so than the internal card must be disabled.23:32
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: yeah, it's been plaguing me for a while. if there was only a way to at least get it to where I could just use ssh23:32
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: When I had a problem with a missing module, I switched to an older Ubuntu release that had it in the installer, installed that Ubuntu version, then upgraded.  Really slow but it worked.23:32
nashantalfabit: well not cool, but good that I've found the problem23:32
nashantNew Years Eve tomorrow though. I'll pour one out for my dead homie23:32
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: The only other way I can think of is a serial console connection with a null-modem cable.23:33
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: yeah, it'd be easier at this point to just go to goodwill and pick up a ps/2 keyboard, lol23:33
jhansonxif^3: Depends on BIOS.23:33
f^3Where are the unity configurations stored?23:34
ohshitgorillasis there a way to do a minimal installation from the desktop installer? I really dread having to spend hours de-bloating23:34
alfabitnashant, the other thing you can do..if you have 4 or more RAM slots, pop that "bad" one into a different slot. I've seen that work, when it's just a bad connection.23:34
jhansonxif^3: I use Xfce so I don't know much about Unity23:34
nashantalfabit: only 2 slots, but I tried it in the known good slot and it still gave errors23:35
alfabitohshitgorillas, no, I don't think you can do a minimal install without using the "alternate" desktop install CD.23:35
alfabitnashant, yeah, it's toast then..23:37
ohshitgorillasalfabit: which is what's giving me the problems =/ that and the server23:37
nashantPoor little thing. He was only a babe23:37
alfabitohshitgorillas, https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-parms.html23:37
f^3Hmm. Ley me install the base plasma packages and see if its a unity issue.23:38
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: Not with desktop installer.  Try: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD23:38
Ledderwhere would you guide me to have some help with virtualbox?23:38
Ledderand hello23:38
alfabitohshitgorillas, you might want to use parameter anna/choose_modules23:38
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: the minimal installer gives me the same problem23:38
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: You can save/restore your current package selections with dpkg --get-selections/--set-selections23:38
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: don't have a current package selection, coming from Arch... too much of a pain in the ass, too often23:39
alfabitLedder, virtualbox from ubuntu repo works well, what are you trying to do ?23:39
ohshitgorillasalfabit: thanks I'll try that23:39
LedderI'd like to instal win7 but i think i broke something23:39
Ledderi'm ending up by having error messages23:39
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: I think you should go get that PS/2 keyboard now :D23:39
alfabitLedder, error messages _in_ the virtual machine, or from the host machine (your ubuntu install) ?23:40
Ledderfrom the host23:40
Ledderi can't even initiate the virtual23:40
alfabitLedder, can you tell us what the errors are?23:41
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: lol right? one more try...23:41
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: The only way around it would be to use an installation script, either kickstart or preseeding, so you don't need to type anything.23:41
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: at that point I think it'd just be easier to strip the desktop installation23:42
mcsmashI'm having some SERIOUS problems installing ubuntu on my Lenovo w520.  Any help would be aprecciated23:43
alfabitLedder, yeah, it sounds like you need to sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install dkms23:43
Ledderalready done23:43
alfabitLedder, that way, when kernel versions automatically get updated, the virtualbox driver will be re-compiled for you.23:44
jhansonxiohshitgorillas: You could start with one of the lighter variants like Xubuntu or Lubuntu (or Linux Mint).  "Ubuntu" is mostly the "ubuntu-desktop" metapackage and it's dependencies.23:44
BlueNeXuScylon ubuntu is great too23:44
ohshitgorillasjhansonxi: hm, that might work actually23:46
BlueNeXuSohshitgorillas: may i message you?23:46
ohshitgorillasBlueNeXuS: sure23:46
alfabitLedder, iirc that message about re-running vboxsetup is bogus, because that script doesn't exist in /etc/init.d23:46
mcsmashI've tried 12.04.1, 12.10, lubuntu 12.10, and straight Debian.  Depending on the version, my laptop will go through the boot sequence and then become COMPLETELY unresponsive.23:46
f^3Hmm... Plasma works while unity doesnt :/23:47
jhansonximcsmash: Try https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-parms.html23:47
Ledderyes i thaught that sounds wierd23:47
Ledderso what else?23:47
alfabitLedder, you might be able to do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox23:47
alfabitLedder, I did have the same problem.23:48
humboltohey, which system in ubuntu does the automounting of hotplugged usb jumpdrives?23:48
Ledderthat's funny terminal says virtual box is broke or not correctly installed23:49
alfabitmcsmash: Have you attempted installing/booting using kernel parameter 'nomodeset' ?23:49
mcsmashjhansonxi: I don't know what periferals are even failing.  I have no idea what is going on.  I would love to use a live CD to look at some logs, but that won't boot either.23:49
alfabitmcsmash: if you have a very new nvidia card that could be your issue.23:49
alfabitLedder, if you reconfigure or reinstall virtualbox, it won't affect your on-disk virtual machine that you created.23:50
alfabitYou just need to trigger dkms to rebuild your modules.23:50
Ledderdon't worrry i hafn't installed anything yet23:50
Ledderas it ends up by creating an error message23:51
alfabitLedder, and make sure you have linux-headers-generic installed. DKMS rebuild needs those.23:51
jhansonximcsmash: Intel or Nvidia graphics?23:52
Ledderhow do i get them?23:52
mcsmashThe laptop over a year old.  I've been raging out pretty hard, mostly because my system was working with great with 10.04.23:52
alfabitLedder: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic23:53
alfabitLedder: make sure you copy that command/spell it right :)23:53
Neytirii am having a issue getting a library installed on my system, i am getting a ton of errors23:53
jhansonximcsmash: Do you know what video chip (GPU) it uses?23:54
Neytirihttp://ideone.com/4TwtgP  here is the errors23:54
mcsmashIt's an nvidia card.  The thing that has been confusing me is that I've gotten to Unity (that's a rant for another time) but it will only do that once.  It will freeze hard, and when I reset it never makes it there again.23:54
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mcsmashI don't know what the card is actually :(23:55
alfabitmcsmash: thinkwiki.org is a good resource. There is an 11.04 (and a Debian Squeeze) writeup for the w520. Check that first.23:55
alfabitmcsmash: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Installing_Ubuntu_11.04_on_a_ThinkPad_W52023:55
jhansonximcsmash: Probably a bug with Noveau, the open source Nvidia driver.  Try booting with the "xforcevesa" parameter.23:56
Ledderso done23:56
jhansonximcsmash: This will tell it to use the generic VESA (unaccelerated) driver that works with most anything.23:56
Neytirihow do i fix this error i am getting http://ideone.com/4TwtgP on package install23:57
jhansonximcsmash: If that works then install the official Nvidia driver (after Ubuntu is installed).23:57
jhansonxiNeytiri: Try the solution at the bottom of this page: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+question/18345923:59
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