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Patero-ngwho like to play a game of zsnes?14:35
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Guest83727I am having trouble recording with audacity18:50
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peepsalotcan someone recommend a good synth program?19:06
holsteinpeepsalot: for what? software synthesis? sequencing? sampling?19:07
peepsalotfor playing with generating waveforms, pacthing modules together, etc.19:08
holsteinwell, JACK patches whatever you want to patch with whatever else.. hardware or software19:09
holsteinxsynth or whysynth might be more what you are looking for19:09
peepsalotlike this, but in software http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AyxvcOP2-ho#!19:09
holstein^^ that is from a friend [las] who hangs in #opensourcemusicians19:10
holsteini would be able to do that with a sequencer and tools linked in JACK19:11
holsteinis there an application you can open that is just that? im not sure19:11
holsteincan you emulate that? sure19:11
holsteini used to do something like that with rubberduck on windows... its free of charge and i tested it in wine on linux19:12
holsteinyou might be looking more for a tracker19:12
peepsaloti want something that is closest experience to using a hardware synth19:15
holsteinpeepsalot: i would then get the hardware synth you want19:15
peepsalotthose are expensive :-P19:15
holsteinpeepsalot: also, all the code for the stuff in the repos is open, so if you or anyone you know want to change the look/feel of them, you are welcome and encouraged19:16
holsteinotherwise, open the package manager of your choice and search "sythesiser" and begin trying out software19:16
peepsalotok, i was just curious if people in here had a favorite one they would recommend19:16
holsteinor, try some of the resources i linked.. or find my friend [lsd] who will hsare with you19:17
holsteinpeepsalot: favorite is a matter of opinion19:17
holsteinseq24 is 'popular'19:17
holsteinalso ardour3 is supporting midi, so lots of folkes are trying that19:17
holsteinpeepsalot: there is a reason why those units are so expensive.. there are teams of staffed employees making sure the end user experience is well thought out and tailored for a specific workflow19:18
holsteincan you emulate that device? sure.. but it likely wont be with one piece of software, and the workflow will be different19:19
holsteini would /join #opensourcemusicians and ask my friend who works with software like that on a daily basis19:19
holsteinhe will be albe to share with you more facts and relevant opinions19:20
peepsalothehe, KSP inspired music19:22
wiphi all! i build a custom case for my ubuntu studio setup: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1455235/puredataBoxTop.png21:14
wipbut right now, i am getting a lots of noises out of my firepod 1010 :(21:14
wiphigh pitch noise and when moving windows on the screen i also get some noise....21:15
wipwhen using headphone there's no noise at all?!21:15
holsteini would try ground lifting.. i have a noise reducing power supply21:16
holsteincould have a bad component causing issues21:16
holsteinyou can unplug it from the computer, see that it is still making the noises, then you'll no its hardware and you can either deal with it, or take it to an electonics repair place, or talk to presonus21:17
holsteinwhat would i do? see if it goes "to tape" and just deal with it21:19
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wip"to tape" ?21:19
holsteinwip: i put it in quotes becuase its a hard drive21:20
holsteinwip: if the noise is not recorded, then its not going to tape21:20
holsteinif its just int he monitoring21:20
wipholstein: ok got it21:20
LumpOfCoaldo any of you know of a gui that will let me permanently mount a network drive?21:21
holsteinwell, the desktop is a GUI21:21
holsteini use gigolo21:22
LumpOfCoali figured you would know of something holstein21:22
holsteinsshfs if its ssh.. you can add anything to fstab AFAIK21:22
LumpOfCoalthanks again, i will give it a try21:22
holsteinsure.. gigolo is not persistent AFAIK21:23
wipi just discovered where the high pitch noise is coming from and it's not a good news... when setting jack to a very low latency (< 10ms) i get this high pitch... not when using a normal latency (> 20ms)21:25
holsteinwip: if it doesnt go to tape, i wouldnt worry about it21:25
wipwell i want to play live21:25
holsteinwip: whatever you are playing will cover that sound up21:28
holsteinor you can send it to presonus for service21:28
LumpOfCoalwip, then play it live and record it remotely21:28
LumpOfCoalif it is not going to tape, it may not go to stream either21:28
holsteinwip: if you think its an ubuntustudio, ffado or driver issue, try AVlinux live with the hardware21:29
wipwill try with the same low latency setting in windows (not sure how, not a big fan of windows...)21:29
wipbut looks like when the firepod is set to a very low latency (< 10ms) i get noise, not when using > 20ms like i said. but still getting noise when moving stuff on the screen no matter the latency21:30
wipi play mostly silent stuff and i don't record, so i cannot leave it like this21:31
holsteinwip: i have a firepod21:31
holsteinwip: you dont need lowlatency for that21:31
holsteinwip: i dont get noise21:32
wipholstein: i need low latency (< 10ms) because i play instruments21:33
holsteinwip: you play software synths??21:33
wipholstein: no, analog (you know the 1/4 plug in the soundcard) :)21:34
holsteinsure.. then the computer will be behind you21:34
holsteindoesnt matter21:34
holsteinthe audience with percieve you playing along with it in time21:34
wipwell most of the time i don't play, i don't people to get a headache21:35
wip*i don't want21:35
zequencewip: You do any live processing? Play a soft instrument live, or add fx to live audio signals?21:37
zequenceThe computer case you posted looks a lot like you're planning to do live fx processing with it21:39
zequencewip: The high pich noise. Are you getting any xruns, or it's just noise?21:42
wipzequence: yes processing the analog signal in pure data (but it's not the source of the problem)21:43
wipno xrun at all21:43
wipno high pitch when using normal latency21:43
zequenceI do a lot of puredata myself. Weird. Can't think of any reason why latency would affect the audio21:44
zequencewip: do you get noise only with puredata, or just from having jack running?21:45
wipnot sure if it's because of the custom computer case (soundcard too close from the powersupply)...21:45
wipzequence: when jack is running at low latency21:45
zequenceBut why only in low latencies? One would think the noise would appear at any latency21:46
zequenceIf it's leakage21:46
wipi guess low latency = high dsp / cpu = high pitch?!21:46
holsteinmine makes a noise.. its not very loud though21:47
holsteinits smoething going bad in the unit21:47
zequencewip: I recommend posting about this on LAU - linux audio user mail list21:48
holsteinsure, but its not a linux issue.. its a power issue21:49
holsteinyoud do better searching on presonus avenues of support21:49
wipzequence: will do, i need to really test the setup (getting out the soundcard putting far away from the computer, windows test...)21:49
holsteinwe both know why we have that devices.. its cheap21:49
wipwell i guess i am not the only one having this issue21:49
zequenceI don't know what sort of issue it is, but on there are some people on that list who have awesome understanding about analoge/digital equipment21:50
holsteini have that sound.. im still not convinced its an issue21:50
zequenceholstein: Does it change when you change latency setting?21:50
holsteinits not very loud yet on my unit, but i have the older one.. they probably made them even cheaper21:50
holsteinzequence: it gets louder, which i assume is pulling more power21:51
wipholstein: i have also the "old" one21:51
holsteinzequence: i still think its pwer related21:51
holsteini heard it in windows21:51
wipholstein: your soundcard is "far" from your computer21:52
holsteinwip: im not following21:52
holsteinwip: its not that loud on my unit21:52
zequenceI don't get why the noise should increase on the audio device because of what happens in the CPU. It's always the same data going in and out from the audio device, no matter which latency setting, or what the CPU is doing. So, this is an enigma to me21:55
holsteinzequence: power consumption21:55
holsteinlower latency uses more power... pushes the hardware harder21:56
wipwow, check this out, i don't get anymore noise!21:56
holsteinor thats what i always though21:56
wipeven at low latency21:56
holsteinit got much better when i paid attention to the power21:56
zequencewip: What did you do?21:56
holsteinlike lifting the ground on other gear, and the moise reducing power block21:57
wipi just took the firewire cable out of the case and try to find a "blind" spot = boom no more noise21:57
wipif i place the cable somewhere else i get the high pitch noise immediately...21:57
zequenceholstein: Then there should be increased noise from doing anything CPU intensive on the PC, no matter what latency setting21:58
wipso it's a cable / EMI sheild problem i guess!21:58
* wip is very happy!21:58
holsteinwip: that sounds plausible21:59
wipand also sorry for the noise... i know this is not the right channel for that, but i knew some people could help me brainstorming on the problem!21:59
holsteinzequence: sure, but its not the machine that is making the noise21:59
holsteinzequence: its the firewire unit21:59
holsteinand i think when you push it harware, it makes more noise21:59
holsteinpush it harder*21:59
wipmaybe i will buy a better and shorter firewire cable21:59
zequenceholstein: The firewire unit doesn't use more power at lower latencies22:00
holsteinzequence: ok22:00
zequenceIt's just receiving and sending data22:00
zequenceOnly the CPU in the PC might use a bit more since it has to work faster22:00
LumpOfCoalholstein: is there any way to make the changes persistant?22:09
holsteinLumpOfCoal: sure.. in linux and FOSS, the answer is *always* yes (pretty much)22:11
holsteinhow you would like to achieve that depends on several things... what kind of share for example22:11
LumpOfCoalwell there are two shares i want to automount on boot22:12
holsteinLumpOfCoal: and they are? ssh? samba? ftp?22:12
LumpOfCoalone is NTFS, the other is ext422:12
LumpOfCoalthe end goal it to be able to simply save attachments from thunderbird to the network drives22:13
holsteinhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs http://www.mattvanstone.com/2007/11/automatically-mounting-windows-smb-shares-in-ubuntu-v3/22:13
LumpOfCoalin that sense maybe i am barking up the wrong tree22:14
holsteinLumpOfCoal: you can save attachments where ever you like22:14
LumpOfCoalbut the network drives don't show up when you hit save as22:14
holsteinLumpOfCoal: i dont use samba or thunderbird personally22:15
holsteinLumpOfCoal: when you hit "save as" you should see an option for going to a custom ocation22:16
holsteinyou can mount the shares to where you like22:16
holsteinyou can make a shortcut to where you like22:16
LumpOfCoalyeah, i was just looking to try a gui this time22:17
LumpOfCoali found one i like for samba22:17
LumpOfCoali have done it in fstab before22:17
LumpOfCoalthe second link you shared looks like a good one22:17
holsteinLumpOfCoal: for me, a text editor is a GUI22:18
LumpOfCoali am partial to gedit myself22:18
holsteinif you need to edit a text file use gedit.. its a GUI..22:18
LumpOfCoalyeah, technically gVIM is a gui22:19
holsteinim just saying, to say you want a GUI to mount windows shares is a bit unlealistic maybe22:20
LumpOfCoali thought that going in22:20
LumpOfCoalbut just thought i would give it a try22:20
holsteinim not saying you cant, im just saying, if you want to do more advanced things, you might have to get more advanced22:20
LumpOfCoali will hack fstab after dinner22:21
LumpOfCoalcould be interesting depending on how much wine i drink.. jk22:21
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Lump|AFKbe back after dinner, thanks again holstein22:24
holsteinLump|AFK: cheers!22:24
whooHow do you "Open as administrator" with the ubuntustudio version of nautilus ?22:28
whooIts not in the context dialogue22:28
holsteinwhoo: i would be *very* cautions in there22:29
holsteinfrom a terminal.. "gksudo nautilus" without the quotes22:29
holsteinwhoo: what are you trying to do?22:29
whooI prefer to open s administrator from nautilus22:29
whooIf i need to be root to move files22:30
holsteinwhoo: you can sudo mv files from the terminal22:30
holsteinwhoo: gksudo nautilus is "open as administrator"22:31
whooI woeld taher have something available in the nautilus22:31
holsteinwhoo: that *is* nautilus22:31
holsteinif you want, make a launcher for it, and put it where ever you like, and you can click it fron inside nautilus22:32
whooIt's quicker to have a right click "Open as Administrator"22:32
whooright...like a script22:32
holsteinwhoo: i could argue that.. but its not here.. its not like that.. its not windows22:32
holsteinwhoo: you should see me looking for sudo on a windows box22:32
holsteinwhoo: its all open though, and im sure you can implement *exactly* what you like22:32
whooNautilus typically has right click :Open as Admin"...I dont use windows22:32
whoonautilus in the gnome world22:33
holsteinwhoo: that wont let you move files as admin22:33
holsteinthat opens a root terminal or whatever else that add one did22:33
Nephisudo sudo nautilus is how i've always done it22:33
holsteinwhoo: if you remember where you saw that, look it up and see what add on was there22:33
whooyes. It opens a new window as super user22:33
holsteingksudo nautilus22:34
holsteinwhoo: i have not seen that plugin...i have only see the open root terminal one22:34
holsteinwhoo: we dont haave that by default, and i think it would be unsafe to have it as so22:34
whooI am talking about mate, and gnome 222:34
whoomint.....I think...debian squeeze gnome de has it by default22:35
holsteinwhoo: imm taling about nautilus.. gksudo nautlius opens nautilus as root22:35
holsteinwhoo: i havent seen it there22:35
holsteinwhoo: if you figure out what it is, grab the plug in and im sure it will work with uubuntustduio22:36
whoohmm lemme check my laptop22:36
whooAV Linux has a script in the context as that distro is deb squeeze lxde with nautilus22:37
whooI should just go with the Alt F2 gksudo nautilus and learn to use it22:39
holsteini like AVlinux.. gksudo nautilus is what i suggested and still suggest as the "easy" way22:43
holsteinwhoo: the avlinux "script" will work22:43

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