knomegood luck reading my mails to -devel :P01:49
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bluesabreI like the idea of using yelp12:43
bluesabreknome: Is Feature Freeze (March 7) the deadline for getting new application releases in?12:48
bluesabreAnd is there no longer an artwork freeze?  Seems like some things are missing from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule12:50
mr_pouitjust to throw my funny 2 cents into the funny xubuntu-devel threads, the new mousepad (0.3.0) is out! (but not packaged yet)13:25
pleia2knome: thumbs up for jan 10th (I'll be home!), added to the google cal16:27
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bluesabrenew mousepad, +119:51
knomebluesabre, uifreeze march 21st20:52
knomebluesabre, and yes, march 7 is the deadline for new app versions20:53
codebrainzochosi, ping22:58
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