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kgb..nobody knows off-hand, where to find xfhelp4 in Quantal?01:42
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hmsckwhat xubuntu  is better 12.04 or 12.10?07:49
qasimi cant play full HD 1080P movies07:57
qasimhelp please07:57
qasimmy sm player also doesnot work properly07:57
qasimso i use vlc player07:57
qasimanyone around?07:58
Noskcajthe launchpad page's milestones pic is very out of date https://launchpad.net/xubuntu-desktop08:58
knomei'm not sure we need the milestones, they are there just historically09:00
Noskcajknome, ok. on the topic of the meeting can someone give me the achive link afterwards as australia doesn't allow me to be on then09:02
knomethe meeting minutes are going to be on the meetings page as usually09:03
theenduserHow to change window title bar fonts with greybird theme? I can't find the option in appearance settings.11:52
TheSheeptheenduser: window manager -> title font12:08
theenduserTheSheep, hmmm, window manager refuses to open12:10
theenduseras does window-manager-tweaks12:10
theenduserprobably because I'm running compiz, let me check without12:10
stijn_As soon as I activate compiz, I get these way-too-big title fonts.12:15
knomejust fyi, compiz isn't officially supported12:16
TheSheepcompiz has its own styles for the windows12:20
TheSheepas soon as you enable compiz, xfce has nothing to do with the window borders anymore12:21
stijn_TheSheep, I use gtk-windows-decorator12:21
stijn_so the theme is good, I just want to change the font12:22
TheSheepstijn_: well, then look up how to do that with gtk-windows-decorator12:22
theenduserI managed to do it with gnome-tweak-tool.12:30
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jiwanhow to convert .img filt to .iso in ubuntu17:18
xubuntu410Hola, alguien en México?17:56
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.17:58
angelHola, una pregunta, alguien ha tenido problemas con Xubuntu en Virtual BoX?18:14
bazhang!es | angel18:14
ubottuangel: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.18:14
rmoorehey i'm running 12.04 on a Dell Latitude D800 and I'm having a usb flash drive issue. The issue is that when I put in the flash drive it doesn't mount.18:17
kharnovhello, i'm on the latest xubuntu, running proprietary radeon drivers. as of today, i am getting these small black lines on top of my screen: http://i.imgur.com/m8rtr.png19:35
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kharnovwhy are these lines there and how do i get rid of them19:35
holsteinkharnov: i would try looking for and appying upgrades.. i would try another driver19:35
kharnovit's almost definitely a software issue, though19:36
kharnovthe lines flicker if i move a window over them19:36
kharnovalso, there are no upgrades today19:36
holsteinsure.. the driver is software.. you can try a live CD to make sure its not a hardware issue19:36
kharnovdo you think reinstalling the driver would help19:38
holsteinkharnov: i dont think that will hurt.. or help19:38
kharnovthere aren't other drivers, though19:38
kharnovnot from what i'm aware of19:38
holsteinkharnov: theres the open one... the vesa driver..19:39
kharnovhm, i'll try restarting19:39
baizonhi, is there a ppa for the newest fglrx drivers?20:04
baizonfor xubuntu 12.0420:04
bazhanghave you checked the ppa search page?20:05
baizonyes, and found this... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates20:05
baizonis this the right one?20:06
bazhangwhats the date given for latest package?20:06
baizonfor quantal20:07
bazhangthe date?20:07
bazhangthat looks like a stardate20:08
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CrazyZurferhow can use a proyector?  because when i plug it in, it doesn't work20:39
CrazyZurferi mean projector20:40
holsteinCrazyZurfer: i would treat it just like a monitor.. i would use arandr or the included monitor config tool20:47
CrazyZurferholstein: i plug in the monitor but nothing happens20:47
holsteinCrazyZurfer: im assuming this is a laptop? sometimes there are function keys that can enable it.. or settings in the bios to "clone" to it20:47
holsteinCrazyZurfer: correct.. nothing is going to happend20:47
CrazyZurferholstein: i Press the function keys and it works.20:47
CrazyZurferi mena20:48
CrazyZurfermean* nothing works20:48
holsteinCrazyZurfer: i would get a monitor that you know works.. plug it in and configure20:48
CrazyZurferholstein: In my case is function + F820:48
CrazyZurferWait, the monitor should work automatically?20:48
holsteinCrazyZurfer: also, i have found that sometimes i need a different driver to get that port to work..20:49
holsteinCrazyZurfer: ?20:49
CrazyZurferit has worked before with ubuntu, not xubuntu20:49
holsteinCrazyZurfer: the monitor will be a known good display20:49
holsteinCrazyZurfer: xubuntu *is* ubuntu20:49
CrazyZurferI know, but somethings change20:49
CrazyZurferIf you change the screen settings20:50
holsteinCrazyZurfer: i would take a monitor that you know works, and plug it in and troubleshoot only the port on the machine20:50
CrazyZurferif I see the screen settings, I can see the viewsonic monitor20:50
CrazyZurferbut I cant tick on "use this output"20:51
CrazyZurferI mean, i can but nothing happens and if I close and open it again, it's not ticked20:51
CrazyZurferI'll try normal ubuntu desktop20:53
holsteinCrazyZurfer: sure.. if you are more comfortable with the tools in the main ubuntu distro, go for it. but you can do if from XFCE if you like20:53
CrazyZurferI choose change user20:54
CrazyZurferand it worked20:54
CrazyZurferon the login screen20:54
CrazyZurferI loged in again with XFCE and stopped working20:54
holsteinCrazyZurfer: sure.. its a different desktop20:55
holsteinCrazyZurfer: you configure in xubuntu and restart in unity and it will quit working. but thats beside the point20:55
holsteini would add the projector with arandr or the included display tool20:55
holsteinCrazyZurfer: have you tried arandr?20:55
CrazyZurferwhat is arandr20:55
holsteinCrazyZurfer: its an application to configure displays that i suggested you try20:56
CrazyZurferhow can I start the application20:56
CrazyZurferapt.get install?20:57
holsteinCrazyZurfer: you can use the package manager of your choice.. or just try the included display config tool first20:59
holsteinCrazyZurfer: dont expect to configure the 2 displays in unity and reboot into xfce.. you'll need to do it in xfce too20:59
CrazyZurferit woooorks!20:59
holsteinCrazyZurfer: try the included "display" tool.. then arandr20:59
CrazyZurferholstein: installed arandr, setted it up and worked! :D!21:00
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ConquerorHello, I have just installed Xubuntu 12.10 but some problems on wifi. My wifi id doesn't view network manager list but command: iwlist wlan scan; It founded wifi id... My wifi card 03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection (rev 61). What's the problem? What's the solutions?22:56
holsteinConqueror: i usually trouble shoot without security.. i try different drivers.. different kernels using live CD's..22:57
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Conquerorcurrent kernel version: 3.5.0-21-generic , which I install the kernel?22:59
holsteinConqueror: i dont know, and cant tell you waht will work with your device, im just suggestion trying live CD's and seein if the dievice is supported better with different kernels23:00
Conquerorok thank you, I will try it..23:01

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