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NoskcajScottK, ping02:21
Noskcajtwo questions: one i have already posted here, the other: is it possible for a separate testcase to be made for kubuntu OEM rather than using the ubuntu one?02:24
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jussiis anyone working on packaging simon 0.4?06:17
Tm_Tsimon the bullet freak?06:44
jussiTm_T: http://simon-listens.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/simon-040.html06:46
Tm_Tah yes, this one06:46
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BluesKajHi all11:59
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yofel_jussi: looking at bug 824040 talk to Quintasan12:19
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ubottubug 824040 in Ubuntu "needs-packaging: simon" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82404012:20
Tm_TKubuntu well represented on DevDays at work (miniconf within company) https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/UmmNwSKDWAhYatJDZ41p7NMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm012:31
RiddellTm_T: nice PR :)12:39
Tm_TRiddell: I hastily did sell KDE (and Kubuntu) to one visiting developer who gave up on KDE some ten years ago12:42
Riddellwe should put you on commission12:43
Tm_Tbut only if I have moustache?12:43
BluesKajalmost had my daughter sold onkubuntu 12.10 til she tried to watch netflix . something I forgot to mention as unavailable :P12:44
BluesKajthink she wants me to send her the W7 disk , my corporate friend gave me12:45
RiddellI've been told you can get netflix working with mono, afiestas had it I think12:54
BluesKajRiddell, I'm looking at some youtube tutorials for ubunutu 12:56
BluesKajnetflix on ubuntu that is12:57
Tm_Tnetflix works with hacked wine ...13:01
RiddellTm_T: nice moustache indeed :)13:02
Tm_TRiddell: stealth version, invisible most of the time (light colours, yay)13:05
shadeslayerthere's a netflix on ubuntu somwhere iirc13:23
shadeslayerthough it's using wine 13:26
shadeslayerHP all-in-ones are fun, you have to use their setup tool to get it working properly13:28
yofelScottK: did you get anywhere with the kdelibs symbols?13:30
Tm_Tshadeslayer: yeah, hacked wine13:43
BluesKajgot netflix working , but my bandwidth seems to be too narrow .. worked fine on windows , probly too many apps running at once withe wine silverlight and mono all competing for space 14:31
BluesKajjumping 10-15 frames at a time 14:33
afiestasRiddell: not me15:24
afiestasno netflix in spain yet15:24
Quintasanjussi: Working on it (TM)15:59
Quintasanthe hell16:54
QuintasanAmarok crashing when I change track using enter on the playlist xD16:55
ScottKyofel: working on it19:13
sneleI wish to all kubuntu people great night19:48
sneleyou guys rock19:48
sneleHAPPY NEW YEAR!!!19:48
phoenix_firebrdhappy new year20:28
yofeljussi: I just got brightness flickering on quantal with 4.9.4 - happened when the battery reached low level and I plugged the AC adapter in21:40
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yofelHappy new year folks!23:11
Quintasanyofel: \o/23:18
QuintasanHappy New Year!23:18
* Quintasan is drunk as hell23:18

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