BluesKajHi all11:59
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FernandoMiguelHappy 2013 New Years Party!19:54
penguin42hang on a minute, there's another 4 hours yet19:54
jtaylornot everyone lives in your timezone :)19:55
FernandoMiguelhere too19:55
MrChrisDruifpenguin42; close, 3 ;-)19:55
FernandoMiguelbut I'm leavign now19:55
FernandoMiguelso see you next year19:55
MrChrisDruifBye FernandoMiguel19:55
penguin42yofel: Do you get any 'binding loop detected' warnings in your .xsession-errors from qml?21:37
yofelpenguin42: a few21:41
penguin42yofel: I get one for desktopchangeosd moaning about width, and one for NotificatinoDelegate.qml for height21:43
yofelfar worse here, but this system has been running for 8 days and I've restarted KDE several times21:44
yofel$ grep "Binding loop" ~/.xsession-errors | wc -l21:44
penguin42354 in the last 10 hours21:45
penguin42doesn't apparently cause me any problems21:46
yofelhere neither21:47
yofelif I let the session run for a few days, then plasma starts to use 100% CPU for an increasing amount of time when enabling/disabling desktop effects21:47
yofelprobably not related, but I haven't found any obvious reason for it either so far21:49
penguin42yeh a bit tricky to know where it comes from21:49
penguin42yofel: At work I had a little (python) panel app that was animating it's panel icon rather enthusiastically keeping X at 100% cpu; not sure if it's python, Qt, KDE that makes it so intense21:54
penguin42have we got a cat in the channel?23:45

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