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jimmy_extreme_HI, anybody there?04:01
holsteinsure, jimmy_extreme_ .. just ask and one of the volunteers will help if they can04:02
jimmy_extreme_cool! I'm trying to install RHEL onto some unallocated space on the box I'm currently on. But I don't have a CD or DVD04:03
jimmy_extreme_Is there an easy way to do it without?04:03
holsteinif you want to install, you'll need some installation media04:04
holsteinwhat are you asking? you have a red hat installation CD and no CD rom drive?04:05
jimmy_extreme_No no...I have the .iso file04:05
jimmy_extreme_but no DVD or CD to burn it to04:05
holsteinwhat do you have? usb sticks?04:06
jimmy_extreme_Yes, I have a USB stick04:06
jimmy_extreme_can I install from there?04:06
holsteini use unetbootin to create installation media from USB sticks04:06
holsteini install unetbootin.. i format a USB stick fat32 (even if it was previously formatted, i do it again) and i point unetbootin to the .iso i want to use and make sure the machine can either boot USB or i have my plop live CD that can boot USB on legacy hardware04:07
jimmy_extreme_Thanks for all the tips. How can I determine if my machine can boot from USB?04:09
holsteinjimmy_extreme_: i usually put a stick in it and try booting usb. you can google around, or look in the bios, or ask the vendor, or the place where you bought it, but i usually just try it04:10
jimmy_extreme_holstein: thanks for all your help. I'll try that04:13
skr_when ever i open any gnome app like gedit, gcal etc .. i get an error msg "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications." due to which i am not able to save the settings for these application.PLZ HELP....04:16
jimmy_extreme_dont know why it posted that last part. Unintentional04:19
holsteinskr_: do you own your /home directory? sounds like a permissions issue04:21
skr_holstein: yes04:22
holsteinskr_: yes?04:24
holsteinskr_: yes you own it? or yes its a permissions issue?04:24
skr_holstein: yes i own the /home directory ..04:25
holsteinskr_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/+bug/757866 is what i get04:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 757866 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "gsettings uses the 'memory' GSettings backend / settings do not stick?!" [Medium,Invalid]04:28
holstein"I just manually installed "dconf-tools", "libdconf0" and "libdconf-dbus-1-0" and now it works."04:28
skr_holstein: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools libdconf0 libdconf-dbus-1-0 dconf-gsettings-backend but still the same error..04:34
holsteinskr_: i would mark myself on that bug and keep up with it04:36
holsteinskr_: i would try as a different user04:36
holsteinif it works as a different user, you can just look in your user config and fix or remove whatever is mis-configured04:38
skr_holstein: i tried using guest user and got the same error...04:47
holsteinskr_: so, its likely system wide then.. you got any ppa's in action? maybe for gnome?04:48
skr_holstein: why ?? how to check whether if any thing is their???04:49
holsteinskr_: why what? why might a PPA be adding packages that could be breaking your system?04:52
holsteinskr_: if you have a PPA added for gnome, i would purge it, and test04:53
skr_holstein: how to check if it is added???05:01
holsteinskr_: i would check the software sources, but if you didnt add it, its not added05:01
skr_holstein: i looked in /etc/apt/sources.list and their is not PPA for gnome.05:05
holsteinskr_: sure.. but if you add *any* ppa, i would see if it is breaking functionality05:06
skr_holstein: this thing has broken my entire system like cant change setting, usb dont pop up i have to manually mount it etc... i dont know what is causing the this???05:08
holsteinskr_: yup.. im not sure either.. so you have no added ppas or sources?05:09
skr_holstein: i tried installing glib-2.34.5 from source.05:11
holsteinskr_: and after that is when the issues happened?05:11
skr_holstein: no.05:13
holsteinskr_: are you up to date with upgrades?05:15
skr_yes i am.05:38
skr_holstein: is this a problem because i am using 64bit.05:40
holsteinskr_: i wouldnt think so...05:44
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