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Noskcajwhy doesn't #ubuntu-powerpc have a logbot/ubot?03:08
hyperairis that an official channel?03:38
holsteinhyperair: thats what i /j'd to try and figure out.. it might not be any more03:38
hyperairholstein: judging from the access list, i don't think it was ever an official channel.03:39
holsteinhyperair: that could be the case too03:39
hyperairfounder-level access is with Nalioth, and there's *!*@ubuntu/member/*    +Aiotv [modified ? ago]03:39
hyperairall ubuntu members are operators?03:40
TheLordOfTimesome channels have members access03:40
TheLordOfTimei've seen a few with it.03:41
TheLordOfTimeusually members don't actually bother to op up, unless they care enough to do something.03:41
hyperairi see.03:41
IdleOnefor a lubotu email rt@ubuntu.com03:43
jussiIdleOne: no03:45
jussilubotu1: is hosted on the same server as ubottu ;)03:45
lubotu1jussi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:45
IdleOneok, never mind me03:45
jussifor ubuntulog you should emailt rt03:45
IdleOneright! that is what I meant03:46
TheLordOfTimecan someone do me a favor (IRCC) and go into #ubuntuforums and banforward a broken client to ##fix_your_connection?15:24
nhandlerTheLordOfTime: Did the broken client get sorted out?17:39
TheLordOfTimeyes, just prior to erry and Pricey hopping into the channel17:39
* TheLordOfTime called on #freenode for help.17:39
TheLordOfTimeboth are still there though in case something happens again17:40
TheLordOfTimewho dicates ops in there, forums council?17:41
TheLordOfTimeor IRCC17:41
AlanBelltechnically I think it is outside of our namespace17:41
PriceyPretty sure forums mods get +o in there.17:41
PriceyAt least mine's been taken away since I stepped down ;-)17:41
TheLordOfTimehmm, apparently one of the forum mods are ever *ALIVE* so...17:42
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, if its outside of IRCC, why's UbuntuIRCCouncil on the ACL17:42
TheLordOfTime[10:23:39] -ChanServ- 7     UbuntuIrcCouncil       +ARfiorstv (co-founder) [modified 3 years, 6 weeks, 5 days, 17:30:08 ago] <-- from Chanserv for #ubuntuforums17:42
AlanBellthat is a reasonable question, presumably someone put it there17:43
AlanBellit all seems harmless enough17:43
TheLordOfTimeindeed, although its highly offtopic, all support non-forums related is sent to #Ubuntu, and otherwise its idle chat :P17:43
TheLordOfTimestill the question is: is it under IRCC or not :p17:44
IdleOne#ubuntuforums is one of the specially named *buntu channels that aiui is part of the namespace17:44
AlanBellas I understand it that is a bit of a collaborative area for the forums moderators, and somewhere that was used for discussing the fact that the forums were down for a while17:44
TheLordOfTimeit was opened up to everyone i think semi-recently17:44
PriceyIs there a problem?17:45
AlanBellyeah, it might be one of our additional namespace names, don't think it matters greatly though17:45
TheLordOfTimePricey, nope, just discussion of whether #ubuntuforums is IRCC maintained or not afiact.17:45
Pricey#ubuntuforums has never been closed TheLordOfTime? Or are you talking about another channel?17:45
TheLordOfTimePricey, lanBell> as I understand it that is a bit of a collaborative area for the forums moderators, and somewhere that was used for discussing the fact that the forums were down for a while17:45
TheLordOfTimestupid xchat17:45
TheLordOfTimePricey, was responding to AlanBell17:45
TheLordOfTimePricey, unless you know more info than I17:46
TheLordOfTimethe question i had was whether it was ever IRCC maintained, and whether IRCC has governance, in this case it apparently seems so17:46
Unit193They do have a staff/mod only channel.17:46
TheLordOfTimenot sure how we got onto this discussion...17:46
TheLordOfTimethat i'm aware of, and it is secured.17:46
IdleOneI would say that the forums council has jurisdiction but ultimately the IRCC > CC has "control"17:46
nothingspecialthat is how I always understood it17:48
IdleOneSeems the Ubuntu way of doing things :)17:48
IdleOneit makes sense that the forum council would have the UbuntuIRC account in the ACL, seeing how forum people may not always be very IRC savy.17:49
TheLordOfTimeindeed.  there's also the times where they go horridly inactive.17:50
TheLordOfTimeand then there's no moderators.17:50
TheLordOfTimewhich is probably why *!*@freenode/staff/* is on there17:50
TheLordOfTimemight be something forum council should discuss "What to do when IRC moderators are inactive"17:52
IdleOneThe recommended way to set up any *buntu channel is to add  freenode staff and the IRCC to ACL. Asking why that is IMHO is silly.17:52
TheLordOfTimeIdleOne, that wasn't ever my question?17:52
IdleOneI didn't say it was. I was just saying.17:52
nothingspecialadd it to the forum council agenda TheLordOfTime17:55
TheLordOfTimenothingspecial, link?17:55
nothingspecialYou may want to discuss it with elfy, since he's on the council TheLordOfTime17:56
PriceyAdd what?17:56
TheLordOfTimePricey, discussion item on FC agenda17:57
IdleOnelol, yeah that ^17:57
TheLordOfTimenothingspecial, if/when Elfy wakes up... :p;17:57
nothingspecialany way, I only opened the laptop lid to look at google maps before I went out17:58
nothingspecialhappy new year17:58
IdleOneSame to you nothingspecial :)17:58
TheLordOfTimenothingspecial, happy new year!18:07
elfyTheLordOfTime: elfy is always awake and usually at the end of a ping ;)18:18
elfyjust so you know in future - I've not been in #ubuntuforums much of late is all18:18
IdleOnehehe, even when not in the channel elfy still sees all18:19
* IdleOne minds his P's and Q's from now on18:19
IdleOnesuppose I should also dot my T's and cross my I's too18:20
IdleOnesee watideddar18:20
elfyI tend to just poke my I's18:20
elfyanyway - wandering off again, cracking job you lot do when called upon18:21
elfyhappy new year to all18:21
TheLordOfTimecuriousity has piqued my interest: do the floodbots autorespond to join-then-quit/broken-client floods?19:03
TheLordOfTimeother than netsplits.19:03
IdleOnenot specifically, but sometimes they do get a little confused19:12
Tm_Thmmm, coffee and coke mixed <319:37
TheLordOfTimei hope you mean the soda19:37
* TheLordOfTime had to have a friend's party raided by police because of $illicit_drugs19:37
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ubot5Celene_away called the ops in #ubuntuforums ()21:18
TheLordOfTimeCelene_away, stop testing random triggers that ping IRCC21:18
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Unit193Xchat/Hexchat OPs:  Do you use chanserv.py from https://github.com/seveas/chanserv.py or http://kaarsemaker.net/downloads/code/chanserv.py ?22:49
JoseeAntonioRUnit193: can't see the kaarsemaker one23:15

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