UnguidedHello all. Just wondering if the mythbuntu uses xfs during the install?02:16
tgm4883Unguided, no it does not02:19
tgm4883it uses ext402:19
Unguidedtgm4883: Thank you. Can I manually set it to use XFS?02:19
tgm4883Unguided, yes, you can do a manual partitioning02:20
Unguidedtgm4883: Thank you. Can you tell me how performance would be if I put mythbuntu in a virtual machine with storage provided by freenas? Is it a good or bad idea?02:21
tgm4883Unguided, got to run to the store, back in about 30. I'd prefer not a virtual machine, as you would have the regular performance hit from a VM over a regular bare metal machine02:23
tgm4883however, other people have done it02:23
tgm4883as for the storage, my storage is a NFS mount from a  NAS and works great02:23
Unguidedtgm4883: Ok. Thanks for the help02:23
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FabriceMGMythexport works with 0.26?17:50
qwebirc1508Hello mythtv world! I'm setting up mythbuntu 12.04.1, and I get to Graphics Drivers section, but I'm not sure what to select... proprietary or open source?21:20
qwebirc1508would like to select whatever is the most supported, would like to keep issues to a minimum.  Also, not sure what "tv-out" is if I only have dual DVI outputs on the video card (and HDMI, which I'm using as main output)21:22
qwebirc1508I'd love any advice!21:22
qwebirc1508BTW I have a GTX 46021:27

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