Noskcajcan someone update the oem testcases or atleast confirm that i can00:19
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Noskcajphillw, is it ok if i update the oem testcases?01:42
phillwNoskcaj: I'm not too sure what you asking?01:42
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Noskcajbits of the oem testcases either need adding, updating or removing, i will mae a sandbox now01:43
Noskcajalso wasn't candance week meant to start on the 29th?01:48
Noskcajit would appear i have lost the sandbox link, i shall just use an ubuntu pad01:50
Noskcajphillw, the main issue is kubuntu and ubuntu have rather different oem setups01:56
phillwNoskcaj: you would need to chat with kubuntu and ubuntu persons about that. It seems, from what you say, flavour specific.01:58
Noskcajphillw, ok it's mostly just at the start so with expirience you would no what to do anyway02:01
phillwNoskcaj: I'm trying to keep up, is it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/TestcaseUpdates that you need?02:06
Noskcaji am just using an ubuntu pad http://pad.ubuntu.com/hROELLDhue and put in a few changes, only kubuntu needs more.02:08
phillwNoskcaj: well, ScottK is the QA liasion for kubuntu02:11
phillwonce the dust settles on 2013, I'll get 'the powers that be' to go and nag for who is the correct person for QA liasion person. We seem to have differing names in different areas... All roads should lead to Rome, thus having one page to which all other links point makes good sense :)02:13
phillwI'm having an 'early' night. feel free to email me suggestions.02:16
Noskcajok, good night. i will try and get a few of the netboot testcases finished02:18
phillwNoskcaj: I'm thinking of using a netboot (mini-iso) for our various classroom sessions on the use of different VM's.02:24
Noskcajphillw, good idea, it's a shame testdrive hates it so much02:25
phillwNoskcaj: I'm not sure who to go nag about that. when nick is back, he should be able to find out who needs 'nagging' :)02:26
Noskcajphillw, then we shall wait for him, i sent out an email on candence week 3 just so people knew it existed02:29
phillwI have the email :)02:32
phillwNoskcaj: just please understand... I'm still having problems with VM's for 13.04 and there is still the outfall of 12.10 not working on PPC's. aka, to me, things seem a mess.02:33
Noskcajok, cannot be fun.02:34
phillwwell, add into the mix that Chromium browser is leaking memory like a bucket with a large hole in it and the bug reporting system has a bug that prevents me logging it,.... I just hope 2013 is better :)02:35
Noskcajphillw, nasty. can i add that apport-collect doesn't work.02:37
Noskcajthen we have xubuntu's great problem of to replace leafpad or not02:38
Noskcajone last problem for you: the oversized ppc images that will give two reasons to not release 13.0402:39
phillwNoskcaj: I can add that http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/list doesn't work, which is a problem. For what apps different flavours want, is not an QA issue02:40
Noskcajthings must be so fun for you, my only problems are the ppc stuff and the lazy person selling me a hiapad hi80202:41
phillwNoskcaj: I'll ping gilir again as to what is the problem, but AFAIK he was waiting on a reply from the PPC testing team.02:41
Noskcajok? last i checked the ppc testing team was: me, wxl, smartboy and one or two others02:41
phillwNoskcaj: indeed, and he asked of you a question. The answer to which I have not seen :(02:42
Noskcajwhat question?02:43
phillwNoskcaj: http://pastebin.com/5rcgfVuG02:44
phillw7th of December is when he asked.... he is still awaiting an answer.02:45
Noskcaji had not heard about that, i will try to get something working but as i don't know how to use yaboot i doubt much will result from it02:46
phillwNoskcaj: of all people, you should know... You sent the email02:46
phillwNoskcaj: Julien, the lubuntu desktop ppc image is stillĀ oversized, it cannot be tested till it is back to normal. if that is a problem can i suggest we make a cd sized image that then downloads the rest of the files, i.e. a semi-netboot imageĀ 02:47
Noskcajyeah, i knew i did that. i meant everything else02:47
phillwthat was sent on 6th December... the boss replied & is waiting02:47
Noskcaji missed the reply02:47
phillwjulien always replies.02:48
phillwNoskcaj: feel free to "nudge" the other PPC testers to answer the question / help you answer the question. You are not alone, so do give others on the mailing list a dig in the ribs :)02:52
Noskcaji just posted on #ubuntu-powerpc, if i get no responces i will send another email02:52
Noskcajwhy don't you and gilir lurk on -ppc?02:53
phillwNoskcaj: all you need to do is "reply to all" on your original email.02:53
Noskcaji know02:53
phillwNoskcaj: because neither of us have a PPC machine and there only so many channels we can lurk on.02:54
Noskcajok, i should have sent you an ibook for christmas02:55
phillwfor me, some of them are not even freenode channels.02:55
phillwWe have an iMac here, it runs the accounts :)02:56
phillwone of those squat, square things that can only run 10.302:57
phillwit's predecessor I believe is possibly a G2 machine... I've now sourced a usb keyboard and rodent, it will be fun to try to boot it with lubuntu :)02:59
Noskcajyes, yes it will. it will probably have more ram than my g4. i will try another ppc install soon03:00
phillwI do think I upgraded it to 512 Kb RAM03:00
phillwsoz, Mb03:01
phillwnope.... Kb is correct03:02
phillw256Kb Ram was the basic install.03:02
phillwNoskcaj: http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/20988/Apple-iMac-G3-M5521-Indigo/03:03
phillwit was only retired because my Mum needed a larger screen as her eye sight is not as good.03:04
Noskcaji quote: 64 MB of RAM03:04
Noskcaji have seen heaps of these03:04
Noskcajwould someone mind confirming  this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/testdrive/+bug/109480403:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1094804 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "iso's from outside testdrive always open in QEMU" [Undecided,New]03:05
phillwNoskcaj: I dont use test drive, so cannot, but yeah, it is MB, not KB :)03:08
Noskcajthen get a hardware profile quickly and see which bugs affect you03:09
Noskcajcan someone finish this http://pad.ubuntu.com/wfjvrAzFq2 for me03:36
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njinnetbot i386 point to http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-i386/20101020ubuntu136.5/images/netboot/mini.iso instead of http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-i386/20101020ubuntu136/images/netboot/mini.iso16:36
Noskcajphillw, have you got your emac going yet?19:58
Noskcaji there anyone here with a powerpc computer, everyone in -powerpc is permanently AFK20:10
Noskcajphillw, could you join -powerpc please21:47

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