jeeves_mosshow do I set up BIND to play nice with a Windows DNS server?00:14
JanCjeeves_moss: you can run BIND as a Windows DNS server?00:15
JanC(not sure what exactly your problem is)00:16
jeeves_mossJanC, no, I need it to be a secondary.  I can't find the technet howto page00:16
JanCit's been a very long time since I configured a Windows DNS server, but IIRC I just wrote a BIND configuration file and used that with the Windows DNS server00:17
jeeves_mossJanC, ok, thanks.  I'm going to keep looking00:17
JanCthe BIND config file worked fine with the Windows DNS server00:18
JanCbut using the Windows GUI would break that config file00:18
jeeves_mossJanC, that's about par for Windows00:18
JanCso I had to avoid using the Windows GUI and maintain it as a text config file  ☺00:19
JanCthat was almost 10 years ago though00:19
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lvmerJust want to make sure I get this right; where should I untar an ethernet adapter driver?02:48
lvmeris it:  /lib/modules/3.5.0-21-generic/kernel/drives/net/e1000e  ?02:49
kenetikAnyone on? Need some help03:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:31
lvmerI'm having trouble setting up a pci gbe adapter. I think I installed everything correctly via intel's instructions, but I don't see the interface listed03:35
* lvmer feels invisible03:36
patdk-laplvmer, why did you attempt to install the driver manually?03:42
kenetikI am running 12.04 lts, I have postfix and dovecot installed and using my mail server successfully. I have multiple domains and would like to have a web interface to create/edit email accounts. Any suggestions?03:42
lvmerbecause that's what intel said03:44
lvmerhow do you do it automatically03:44
lvmerI haven't changed any settings so I have no problem removing it and redoing it automatically, lmk how03:44
lvmerwell after I run $ sudo modprobe e1000e   I can not seem to find a valid interface for the following command: $ sudo ifconfig eth0 up03:51
patdk-laplvmer, who said it was called eth0?03:52
patdk-lapuse dmesg03:52
lvmer can not seem to find a valid interface03:52
lvmerunder modules I see it87, which im betting it is, but I can't seem to initialize it03:54
patdk-lapyour betting your it87 tempature sensor is your gigabit network card?03:54
lvmercan you help me find the device name?03:56
lvmerI could not find it with dmesg03:57
lvmerI'm having trouble figuring out one of my network interfaces. Does anyone have any ideas?04:02
lvmerin case anyone else has this problem, the appropriate command is: lshw -C network04:12
patdk-lapwell dmesg shows the output of stuff you load, like the network module, and hardware detected04:14
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graphmasturHey, I have a question about apache and port 80 on my linux system. When running from port 80, I can't access apache from outside the server. When running on port 50123 for example, I can. So I set up a port forward from 50123 to 80. Now, I can't access through port 501234 from inside the server (where I can 80), and I can't access 80 from the outside (where I can 50123)06:49
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1094830 in openvswitch (main) "brcompat failed to be loaded" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109483008:21
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grabI would like to install a ubuntu server on a virtual machine with a mac pro hardware. When i install it, i have the message please use a kernel appropriate for you CPU10:53
grabBut after a lot of version I don't know what is the good version10:53
vezqgrab: what virtulization software?10:54
grabVirtual box10:54
graband my  cpu is a like i68610:55
vezqhave tried different CPU options with virtualbox (can't remember exactly)10:56
grabI'm sure I must install a 64 bits version.10:57
grabI have a quadcore intel10:57
vezqthe standard 64-bit version should work with Virtualbox10:58
mattronixwhat type of mac  do you have?11:00
mattronixall of the newer macs are 64 and 32 bit cpu's11:00
kim0Hi folks, any idea if ESXi (with vCenter) can somehow pass cloud-init data to instances? o/ @ smoser11:01
RoyKgrab: I have a few linux vms in virtualbox on my macs11:01
RoyKmattronix: all intel macs are 64bit11:01
mattronixwhat version of the ISO of linux are you using grab11:01
mattronixthats true all of the intel macs are 64 bit and can run any 32 bit software11:02
grabI was installed the 32bits and 64bits version but i have the same message11:02
RoyKgrab: have you disabled PAE and trying to boot a 32bit linux? that would trigger that error11:02
RoyKgrab: what mac model?11:02
grabmac pro11:02
grabquad core11:02
mattronixwhat is the template for the VM?11:03
grabhum good question, i'm seeing11:03
mattronixi have found some wired things with that  sometimes11:03
grabyes xeon11:03
mattronixXeon so its a mac pro?11:03
grabmattronix, I'm using virtual box11:03
grabmattronix yes it's a mac pro11:04
mattronixI know :) i mean when you create a VM you have options for ram hdd and template of the os11:04
mattronixyou can choose for example windows xp 64bit11:04
mattronixand say ubuntu 64 bit11:04
mattronixis all of the vm's settings correct11:04
grabRoyK, what's ESCxi it's on Virtual box ?11:04
RoyKgrab: really, I have three mac's and it works on my installs11:04
RoyKgrab: that's with virtualbox11:05
mattronixyep i use mac too it works fine11:05
mattronixi can look by team viewer if you want11:06
grabOk thank guy, the problem is the template from virtualbox, i was choose the wrong template11:07
mattronixbut its up to you11:07
mattronixthought so :)11:07
grabDo you know if it's possible to emulate failover with 2  servers on virtual machine on a same machine ?11:08
mattronixi have found these kind of errors occur when you choose the wrong template i do not know the exact technical reason behind it  but i guess its hardware emulation11:08
mattronixyeah you can do anything with a vm that you can do a physical machine11:08
mattronixyep you can create virtual network11:09
mattronixand a virtual network card on each of the hosts and join it to the same virtual network11:09
mattronixso is the ubuntu install working?11:09
NikPI can't shut down my server, when I enter "sudo shutdown -P now", all services end and the HDD stops, but the Power isn't switched off.11:10
NikPYes, status is OK.11:10
mattronixwhat is the -p option?11:10
mattronixtry sudo halt11:11
mattronix"sudo halt"11:11
mattronixi use that and it works for me :)11:11
NikPOK, I will try that, wait a moment. (Currently over SSH to the server connected)11:11
RoyK"halt" will only take down the OS, use "poweroff" to poweroff11:11
mattronixok then type sudo poweroff11:12
RoyKusing that over ssh, makes it rather hard to get contact with the server again...11:12
mattronixshould have the exact same result11:12
mattronixit will do a complete powerdown11:12
NikPThe same result. No power off.11:12
NikPOK, I will try poweroff11:12
mattronixwhat is on your console screen?11:12
mattronixi have not seen the option you use before11:12
RoyK"halt" won't poweroff anymore - they changed that somewhere between 10.04 and 12.0411:13
mattronixo i see11:13
mattronixi still use 10.04.4   LTS11:13
RoyKI thought "halt" still worked there11:13
mattronixit does :)11:14
mattronixi have not seen the you must use power off option so i guess they changed it11:14
mattronixlet me know if poweroff works for you11:15
NikPpoweroff doesn't works, too.11:15
mattronixdo you have a monitor connected to your server11:15
NikPbut ACPI is on OK, so what's the problem?11:15
NikPYes , I have a monitor. It shows at the end System halted11:16
mattronixtry it from the server console (with keyboard and mouse + monitor attached to your server) and see what you get11:16
RoyKNikP: with poweroff?11:16
mattronixo ok11:16
NikPRoyK: With all.11:16
mattronixand you can you still ssh into it11:16
NikPNo, I must reboot it.11:16
mattronixreverse your ACPI setting11:17
mattronixand try again11:17
NikPOK, I will try that.11:17
mattronixi have found for me that is the main reason this happens11:17
mattronixhow old is the hardware11:18
NikPOh, not very old, ca. 2006, but I'vbe tried for this problem two power supplies, but it does'nt works. I have a PC with Mint 14, there all commands work.11:20
mattronixherm i have found the same with the fitpc that with freebsd  i have this problem11:21
mattronixand with debien on the same machine it works fine11:21
mattronixmaybe there is an option in ubuntu that it keeps the hardware online11:22
NikPOn the server I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.11:22
mattronixherm maybe it is an option in 12.04 let me look it up11:23
mattronixdo you get system is ready to halt?11:24
grabQuestion : Do you download automatically your update for  your  system ?11:25
vezqgrab: I use unattended-upgrades package11:26
mattronix12.04 is still unstable if i am honest11:26
mattronixi think personally that is safer to stay on 10.0411:27
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uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 880240 in upstart "system doesn't turn off if "sudo halt" is given" [Medium,Won't fix]11:28
mattronixSNAP XD11:28
mattronixlooks like we both got the same ending11:30
mattronixbug 88024011:30
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 880240 in upstart "system doesn't turn off if "sudo halt" is given" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88024011:30
mattronixwhats the best command to halt an ubuntu server?11:31
mattronixi use the halt but it works fine for 10.0411:31
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grabI have install my server on a VM, how to get a ip adress différent that the host (macpro)?12:38
RoyKwhat hypervisor?12:38
grabI want to create a virtual network equipement to connect by ssh my other machine12:40
RoyKyou can use virtualbox's port forwarding12:42
RoyKor you can use bridge networking12:43
RoyKthe latter is probably the easiest12:43
grabRoyK it's a connexion by point ?12:45
grabactually  im using the NAT, but i have the  host ip address12:45
RoyKjust use bridge12:45
RoyKthat way you can setup an address "beside" the host, on the same network12:46
grabok it's true thank12:47
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bjensen: Im trying to pick a rack server from dell…R320, R420 or so..but I don't know if I can use software raid on the embedded SATA controller they have?13:00
patdk-lapisn't that the whole definition of *software raid*?13:01
bjensenpatdk-lap: probably..just wanna make sure :)13:02
vezqpatdk-lap: I'd recommend hardware raid if possible13:02
bjensendo you know if their S110 can be used with ubuntu?13:02
bjensenraid controller*13:02
patdk-lapoh, a *fakeraid* controller13:03
patdk-lapthat is not a raid card13:03
bjensenthe problem is that only the top server models have real controllers13:05
patdk-lapnot really, the problem is, dells website option selections13:07
bjensenthink their call service works today?13:07
vezqbought a T420 recently, you can get rack kit for it13:08
patdk-lapvezq, that is called a r420 :)13:08
patdk-lapI can't find any info about the s11013:09
bjensenpatdk-lap: you think I can get a R320 with a H310 raid?13:09
patdk-laplikely it will work fine13:09
patdk-lapbut I wouldn't want to use it's *raid* support, but I would use md instead13:09
bjensenI think i need to call them. When I google I found this: http://www.server-warehouse.co.za/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1381&zenid=iatr515cp98imvl5vfa4mj3pf7 a r320 with a h310 controller13:11
bjensenthe h310 controller works with ubuntu 12.04LTS?13:11
patdk-lapbjensen, sure, it gives me that option directly on their order system13:12
patdk-lapthough, h710 is going be much faster13:12
vezqjep, h710 recommended13:12
bjensenIts going to be running a Ruby OnRails Web app13:13
patdk-lapit gives me the option of, s110, h310, h71013:13
bjensenwon't need that much io13:13
patdk-lapbjensen, it isn't about io13:13
patdk-lapio depends on the disks you use13:13
patdk-lapthe raid card you use helps decrease latency13:14
bjensenOhhh I see now. its their ordering system hat is weird13:14
bjensenbah i gtg. thanks for the help13:15
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disposablei upgraded 10.04 to 12.04. after the upgrade, i noticed 2 weird things which may even be related. 1. even though i uninstalled all kernel images apart from the newest one, grub-update puts all my old kernels into the os_prober section of grub.cfg. 2. when i run update-grub, it complains: "error: found two disks with the index 1 for RAID md2. error: superfluous RAID member (2 found)" BTW, md2 is where i store data, not the OS. /proc/mdstat 17:51
* RoyK thinks ubuntu, even LTS versions, are getting less stable18:01
RoyKI've seen similar issues, disposable18:01
uvirtbot`New bug: #1094944 in squid3 (main) "squid3 remove doesn't delete logrotate conf file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109494419:41
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