soreauAzelphur: Did you figure it out?00:06
Azelphuryep, krename does really good at that00:06
soreauwhere's the fun in that? :P00:07
solarcloud_3scrnhttp://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/12/shopping-lens-for-gnome-shell/  has this chated about before ? someone ditched in favourite #channels Glist  so I lost the log ..00:08
AlanBellI did mention it earlier :)00:09
AlanBellhave you tried it?00:10
solarcloud_3scrnNo, I'm stil on Meerkat ..I'm surprised it work with .es .. I can never loggon and tagg books there ...00:10
ShuboniHello, I feel like I'm going around in circles with a problem I'm having.00:16
AlanBellwhat problem Shuboni?00:16
AlanBellit is a bit late00:17
ShuboniSorry.  See, I'm trying to install zenity-common.  Every time I go to install it using gdebi, I get an error.  "Failed to completely install all dependencies."00:19
ShuboniI'm unsure what other information is needed, I'm a bit new to Ubuntu.00:21
AlanBell!info zenity-common00:21
lubotu3zenity-common (source: zenity): Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts (common files). In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.0-2 (quantal), package size 216 kB, installed size 1456 kB00:21
AlanBellwhy are you using gdebi? it should install from the software centre00:22
ShuboniThe software center tells me that it's already installed.00:23
AlanBellmaybe it is :)00:23
ShuboniI need it to install steam.  When I try to install Steam, gdebi states that I don't have it.00:24
AlanBellaaah, right try asking in #ubuntu-steam or telling steam about it in their web forum thing00:24
AlanBellnight all o/00:25
ShuboniThank you very much!00:25
solarcloud_3scrnnoght AlanBell .. you shuld get some IOM post on Monday ...00:25
AlanBellooh :)00:26
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ali1234AlanBell: you made slashdot08:03
kaushalis there a way to lock screen in Ubuntu 11.10 when there is no activity for 5 mins?08:03
kaushalScreen Lock?08:04
kaushaldoes it do the work?08:04
dwatkinskaushal: I installed xscreensaver, but for the pretty screensavers mainly, I think it also locks the screen.08:14
AlanBellali1234: woot!09:38
bashrcgood morning09:54
ali1234does anyone know about masthead amplifiers?10:11
popeywe have one10:13
popeywell, had10:13
ali1234well, they send the power up the aerial cable right?10:13
ali1234so i've got two tv points and one of them has a funny white box connected inline with the aerial10:14
ali1234if it isn't connected neither of the tv points works10:15
ali1234at first i thought it was a booster but when i switched it for a different booster it didn't work at all10:15
popeyis the white box connected to the mains?10:15
ali1234so it must be the powersupply for masthead amplifier10:15
popeysounds like it then10:16
ali1234and it says "triax" on it and nthing else10:16
ali1234well, boosters connect to the mains too10:16
popeyis there a box on the mast?10:16
ali1234i dunno i'd have to go outside10:16
ali1234looks like it :)10:18
popeyours broke a while back, probably water logged10:18
ali1234everything works fine as long as this box is plugged in :)10:19
ali1234the trouble is someone keeps turning it off on the other socket which breaks my TV10:19
popeyput it on your socket and not theirs?10:19
ali1234that's what i'm going to do10:19
ali1234it does work on my socket10:20
ali1234but i'm wondering how it knows to filter out the DC10:20
ali1234hmm if i put my meter on the aerial socket i should get DC from it...10:20
ali1234heh... 12.35 V10:22
ali1234well that explains that10:22
brobostigongood morning everyone10:24
popeyhow does the TV filter it?10:24
ali1234popey: it doesn't. it seems the amplifier has more than one connection, and can accept the DC on any connection, and filter it from the others10:37
popeyoh of course, the dc doesnt get to the telly10:37
ali1234i don't know how it does this but it must, based on measuring the DC at each socket while it is plugged in10:37
ali1234i did accidentally plug it in my tv tuner to the wrong side of the power supply while testing10:38
ali1234and the weird thing is not only did it not explode, it actually got a signal too10:38
ali1234i've been trying to figure out why i can't get a signal at night time for like 2 years10:39
ormiretI would expect capacitors to kill the DC on most inputs. You never know what someone is going to plug in...10:40
celestehhello, I've just upgraded my lenovo tablet to 12.0.4 ubuntu studio and i've been having majo problems with ghost touches whenever i have anything dark on screen, the computer gets fairly unusable.  I found this web page which claims to have the solution: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch/Calibration/Ntrig but the script is not working - it looks for files that don't exist:  /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbhid/*/*1B96* . I'm not sure what t10:40
celesteho do.10:40
mgdmali1234: we have one of those too - the PSU is connected to the aerial with an F connector instead of the standard aerial connector, so you'd be doing well to connect it wrong10:41
ali1234this one is just standard coax connectors10:41
ali1234i have a box of adapters though, so i could still connect it wrong if i wanted to10:42
popeyyeah, ours uses f connectors too10:46
celestehis it possible to run a windows executable firmware updater in wine?  http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/fwdi01en.txt10:47
popeyi wouldn't10:48
popeyi installed windows in a separate partition just last night on my lenovo to install a bios update10:48
jacobwi don't think so10:48
popeylenovo make bootable cd bios updates too though10:49
popeyso you dont have to have windows10:49
celestehoh, that's handy10:49
celestehit's not easy to find on their website, though....10:50
celestehthe bios update also contains the firmware updater?10:54
celestehor would i put the firm ware updating programme on a pen drive and then run it while boted from the bios CD?10:54
popeyi found it for my laptop last night pretty easily10:55
popeyassumed they did it for other laptops10:55
ali1234bios updater? use a dos bootdisk10:55
ali1234unless you have windows 8/uefi. in that case give up10:56
popeyfor example, filter on bios and there's a bootable thing there10:56
celestehah, i found the disk image!  Will the bios updater also update the firmware, or is that a separate issue?11:10
MartijnVdSAlanBell: You can cross that off your bucket list then ;)11:14
AlanBellhehe, well I have been slashdotted before11:14
jacobwAlanBell: well done, the extensions looks great11:33
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AlanBellthanks jacobw11:58
AzelphurWoo, got my first threat-o-gram from the TV licensing folks, https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/2012/December/2012-12-31%2011.52.06.jpg12:04
Azelphur(despite what the letter says, it is actually the first I've heard from them :p)12:05
daftykinspast occupier probably left them hanging too12:05
Azelphuryea probably12:05
daftykinsi'm planning on not paying for one in my new place, as i neither watch nor record TV12:05
daftykinsand i see that their site has been nicely updated to tell you you're exempt even if you own one now :>12:06
Azelphurdaftykins: my sentiments exactly, I have a box with XBMC on it, it does everything I want and I don't watch Live TV.12:06
kvarleyEasiest way to let everybody read/write/execute on an external hard drive?12:06
daftykinsi don't even know if they have a local person to go around and do it12:06
Azelphurkvarley: 777?12:06
daftykinsownership becomes a problem too12:07
Azelphurdaftykins: apparently they are coming from canterbury, that's a fair distance (~40 mins drive)12:07
kvarleyI just want anybody regardless of user/group to be able to read and write12:07
daftykinsAzelphur: do you think you'd go for the refusal of entry approach if someone did show up, or let them in and justify how it's exempt?12:08
Azelphurdaftykins: I'm following what TV License resistence say to do, which is to no comment everything12:08
kvarleyUsed nautilus to set nobody as owner and nogroup and read and write on all. Ty anyway :) Azelphur12:08
AzelphurIf you let them in they have been known to do best efforts to falsify evidence12:08
Azelphurkvarley: welcome :)12:09
daftykins:O cheeky swines12:09
Azelphurdaftykins: they do cheeky stuff like poke their fingers in the antenna socket to become a human antenna in order to get the thing to have a signal so they can nab ya, so I've read.12:09
daftykinsi did seem some interesting youtube vids XD12:09
Azelphurand there's plenty on youtube ranging from them lying about the law is, to outright assault12:09
daftykinsmust be a nasty job12:10
daftykinsmy little screwdriver set from ifixit.com just showed up :D12:10
AzelphurI also plan to film them for my own safety, as I say based on the youtube videos they seem like a vicious bunch12:11
Azelphuryay little screwdriver12:11
daftykinsvery nifty. now i've got the Torx size 6 to do the SSD upgrade in a friends macbook pro :>12:11
daftykinshmm you're quite the easterner over there eh? :>12:13
Azelphurcan only go more east if you go swimming12:14
daftykinsnice 'n' breezy at this time i assume?12:16
Azelphurit's actually quiet atm, last night was really windy though12:16
Azelphurit's annoying because I have crappy windows, so you get gusts of wind coming in and the blinds all rattle about :p12:16
daftykinsnew place o' mine is 17th century listed, with the funky thin windows and rope and weight operated to slide open12:17
Azelphuron the bright side, the holes in my window were big enough to poke some cat6 through, haha12:17
daftykinsthough it's quite sheltered so it shouldn't be too bad12:17
daftykinsto go between floors, or?12:18
Azelphurdaftykins: brother lives next door :p12:19
Azelphurnicking his internet since openreach have 2 month delays to get my line activated :<12:19
Azelphurindeed, I applied at the beginning of December and they won't connect me till feb12:20
daftykinsuseless ;x12:20
Azelphuryea xD12:20
daftykinsi'm probably going to do a 2 year contract to get the Technicolor (aka Thomson) router for the local VDSL service once i'm in my place12:21
Azelphuryea, I've done a contract with talktalk for 75mbit (they seem to be the best bang for buck)12:21
daftykinsthey say they post it, but the telco HQ is about 100m away along the highstreet in town here :D my place is about 10 paces from the highstreet12:21
penguin42Azelphur: http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2012/06/ofcom-uk-names-talktalk-most-complained-broadband-isp.html   yeuch12:22
Azelphurpenguin42: that's odd, I read another article saying they were rated #4 in the country for customer satisfaction12:23
daftykinsthat's probably just standard ADSL services and customers with super shoddy lines not helping that12:24
daftykinsactually sky didn't get many complaints and i think a lot of mainlanders go with them since they do cheap services?12:25
AzelphurI've had an ok experience with them so far, their sales guy was nice12:25
Seeker`need to work out how they gauged satisfaction :P12:25
* kvarley was with talktalk and left12:25
Azelphurhttp://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2012/12/sky-broadband-tops-ofcom-study-of-uk-isp-customer-satisfaction.html ah here we go12:26
solarcloud_3scrnAnyone seen the new Q190 Lenovo yet .. looks like it could be a winner for Ubuntu TV ? On the Left ... http://www.engadget.com/2012/11/15/lenovo-intros-ideacentre-q190-htpc-new-c-series-all-in-ones/ ::: ALSO .. http://doiop.com/Q190-galleries12:26
daftykinsubuntu TV? what are they doing now D:12:27
Azelphursolarcloud_3scrn: haha too late for me, I just built mine in this case http://www.fiercepc.co.uk/XCase_Q100_HTPC_Case.jpg12:27
solarcloud_3scrnopening ..12:28
Azelphurquite spiffy for a 40 quid case, comes with a remote too12:28
daftykinsthose ouya console looks great for an XBMC machine. $99 tegra3 games console12:28
daftykinsignore the grammar fail12:29
solarcloud_3scrnAzelphur,  yeah .. looks ok .. silver-something it's called as brand name isn't it ??12:29
Azelphursolarcloud_3scrn: it's an X-Case Q10012:29
AzelphurI got it from here http://www.xcase.co.uk/Home-theatre-pc-case-p/casse-q100.htm12:29
solarcloud_3scrnAh yes , X-case .. Trouble shippping the plastic one's if I remember ... but your looks good.12:29
tony_Help - can anyone assist?  I upgraded my version of ubuntu and have lost the grub menu - its still there, as when I press enter where id usually see it I can boot into Ubuntu normally - I just now get a message that says "video mode not supported"12:30
Azelphuryea, the remote they show in the photos is wrong, I got shipped this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/0te2xtvf6j8wfo5/2012-12-20%2020.09.05.jpg but it's a nicer remote IMO so I ain't complaining :D12:30
tony_my machine dual boots with XP which I need for work12:30
penguin42tony_: ok, what did you upgrade from/to ?12:31
solarcloud_3scrnAzelphur, Where's the 'Home' button to get that menu ?12:31
Azelphurtony_: not sure I fully understand your question, but if you've got broken grub try running boot repair, it's quite magical at fixing grub issues https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair12:31
kvarleyDoes anybody know of a webui or android app that will let me browse an SFTP server via the raspberry pi? So I can transfer files to the SFTP server through the raspberrypi ?12:31
Azelphursolarcloud_3scrn: *shrug*12:32
tony_I think im now on 11.10, not sure what I was on previously sorry - just let it upgrade when it asked me to and it did take a while12:32
Azelphurkvarley: andFTP can connect to a SFTP server on android12:32
kvarleyAzelphur: I want it to be able to transfer files to/from a server in my house tho not my mobile devices12:32
Azelphurkvarley: right, so you want your phone to connect to the SFTP server, AndFTP is a SFTP client.12:33
tony_Penguin42 - I am on 11.1012:33
AzelphurI use it all the time for grabbing files off my desktop while I'm away from home12:33
penguin42tony_: Azelphur's suggestion might be worth a go, in particular there seems to be an option on it 'Uncomment GRUB_GFXMODE' to try and fix out-of-range type problems12:33
kvarleyAzelphur: I want my phone/web browser to connect to a server on my LAN which will allow me to access another server on the WAN.12:33
penguin42tony_: Hmm if you've just upgraded and are on 11.10 and can still boot ubuntu then the best bet might just be to keep upgrading to 12.0412:34
kvarleyAzelphur: I have client PCs syncing to a server in my house. I want to be able to manually upload/download docs from an external server but onto the server in my house.12:34
kvarleyI guess what I really want is for an SFTP server to be able to list files/folders on an external server12:34
Azelphurkvarley: sounds like what you want is sshfs12:35
daftykinskvarley: sounds like a very strange setup. what are you /actually/ trying to achieve? :P12:35
AzelphurAndFTP -> Server1 has Server2 sshfs mounted.12:35
kvarleyAzelphur: That sounds about right :)12:35
tony_Thanks guys - trying boot repair now12:36
Azelphurrighto, go fourth and multiply :p12:36
kvarleydaftykins: Ability to upload / download docs to an external server via a LAN connected server12:36
Azelphurmight be a tad slow, it's generally better to connect directly to the server you want to talk to12:36
kvarleyAzelphur: My LAN is fast, my WAN is terribly slow12:36
kvarleyIs there a way to have an SFTP server automatically mounted when the system boots?12:37
kvarleyI assume I could just make a bash script and add it to startup I guess12:37
daftykinsi think that's why he suggested sshfs12:37
Azelphurkvarley: yes, sshfs in fstab.12:37
kvarleyAzelphur: :D thanks12:38
DJonesHeh I see AlanBell has been /.'d13:06
DJones2nd article showing on slashdot at the moment13:07
penguin42haha nice one13:08
AlanBellDJones: yup :)13:08
penguin42AlanBell: Be glad that's not your own server; I've watched a machine I admin'd take a /.'ing a few years ago - very scary13:09
AlanBellwhat isn't my server?13:09
penguin42AlanBell: The link on /. seems to be someone elses blog pointing to it rather than directly to yours?13:10
DJonesThe link goes to http://www.muktware.com/5032/gnome-extension-shows-ubuntu-how-do-shopping-lens-right#.UOGOuVIz1w913:10
AlanBelland the link below it goes to my server13:10
penguin42ah ok - god people look beyond the 1st link :-)13:11
AlanBellseveral people appear to have followed the second link :)13:12
popey"Canonical has not yet officially responded to either EFF or FSF."13:12
popeyhe makes stuff up as he goes along13:12
AzelphurCanonical killed a kitten once, I saw it.13:14
AlanBellhttp://blog.canonical.com/2012/10/12/searching-in-the-dash-in-ubuntu-12-10-an-update/ would be the official update I think, not sure that is directly in response to RMS or EFF (RMS was late to the party)13:16
popeywe don't need to directly respond to everyone, if we did, we'd have no time to actually kill all those kittens13:17
popeythat is a response, whether muktware likes it or not13:17
AlanBelloh I agree with that13:17
Azelphurindeed, gotta make time for kitten killing :p13:17
AlanBellpossibly more of a presponse than a response13:17
popeybut I tire of that site, I spent time helping him make his articles accurate then he goes and posts a load of uncorrected FUD13:18
Azelphurwhat's the whining about, the new amazon stuff?13:18
AlanBellthat wasn't the site I would have chosen to be associated with this tbh13:18
solarcloud_3scrnmuktware or slasdot ?13:19
solarcloud_3scrnyeah. I understand .. He's way to obtusious...13:20
AlanBellhe spelled my name wrong13:20
solarcloud_3scrnhe called diaspora a scizo network :D13:20
Azelphurlmao scizo network :D13:21
solarcloud_3scrn'nuff said.13:22
popeyhttp://www.muktware.com/4050/does-ubuntu-have-any-market  irritated me13:22
Azelphuryou can't access flash, wat?13:23
Azelphuryea, I like how the entire article is, well, false13:24
AzelphurHow to be a journalist in 2013: Step 1) Make something up that is false and will annoy everyone, Step 2) Post it on the interwebs, Step 3) Advertising revenue!, Step 4) Profit13:25
AlanBellomgubuntu kind of did that, then raised standards a lot13:26
solarcloud_3scrnthe Wuktware guy is really a LinuxMint guy in disguise, that's all I'we come to learn about him.   .. he does several key-fgure pictures/vids a couple of times a year, but really he's following his own tail.13:28
OmNomDePlumehttps://extensions.gnome.org/extension/564/amazon-shopping/ Is this from our AlanBell or are there two Alan Bells on the internet?13:31
popeyit is13:31
daftykinsheh friend just linked me13:31
Azelphur#ubuntu-uk has many Alans :P13:31
daftykinsbug 105576613:31
lubotu3bug 1055766 in command-not-found (Ubuntu) "grep -R doesn't automatically search amazon" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105576613:31
OmNomDePlumeYes, but how many Alan Bells?13:32
OmNomDePlumelol daftykins13:32
Azelphuronly 1 afaik :p13:32
solarcloud_3scrnhttp://doiop.com/wuktware = Wuktware guy13:32
Azelphurlol fix released13:32
daftykins"How are we command line jockeys supposed to support Canonical without ads in our terminals? Couldn't they be added to the screen command?"13:33
dwatkinsdaftykins: lol13:34
popeysolarcloud_3scrn, you know it's "muktware", not "wuktware"?13:34
solarcloud_3scrnpopey.. it was muktware .. I change the subdomain.13:35
daftykinswhy do i get the idea Shuttleworth's nickname came from faceplanting the keyboard?13:36
OmNomDePlumedaftykins, I think Ubuntu should give up on traditional repos and just use the Amazon App Store for apps.13:36
popeyit pre-dates him13:36
popeyGuido used it13:36
daftykinsMr. Fawkes? :>13:37
OmNomDePlumeTito was also a BDFL.13:37
OmNomDePlumeNow, I'm not comparing Tito to Shuttleworth, but at least Tito didn't pledge to replace X with Wayland. It's all I'm saying.13:38
daftykinsis there any evidence of users moving in droves away to other distros? seems to be a lot of talk on tech sites as to such13:38
dwatkinsdaftykins: indeed, and some of the OS sites go by page views, not 'installed desktops' so it's just speculation anyway13:38
dwatkinsI'm not sure how you would go about measuring how many people run one or other distro, even with access to the repo logs.13:38
popeypeople make bold claims about numbers of users they have13:39
popeyi saw zorin claim they have something like 2M users13:39
popeyand they are smaller (?) than Mint13:39
popeywhich implies Mint has at least 2M13:40
dwatkinsEven though they're currently touting 47% of consumer devices running linux, that's just Android. As far as I know, Linux desktop usage is still around 2% of the PC market, unfortunately.13:40
daftykinsthe unity hatred does seem justified, things are quite hard to find the few times i've fired up a VM13:40
solarcloud_3scrnZorin is screwedd off the blimp-ship .. It kan't keep-up with W$n813:40
dwatkinsI was quite surprised I can't move the dock nor have a screensaver by default in Unity, although there are workarounds/hacks, of course.13:41
popeydaftykins, you need to use it more than just a few times in a vm to be fair13:41
daftykinstrue, though i get the feeling a DE move would happen quicker than adjusting :D13:41
penguin42has anyone got a link to a public pdf which has section-page numbering; e.g. pages numbered 1-1,1-2,1-3,... 2-1,2-2,2-3,....3-1,3-2,3-3....    I wan't to report a bug against okular for not handling them but the only one i have is a confidential one13:43
daftykinsah well, i appreciate the inapplicable comments of mine as a non-desktop user13:43
popeypenguin42, could you not just make one with libreoffice and print to pdf?13:44
penguin42popey: Yeh, what I'm not too sure of is whether there are any special things needed to do to make it work - but I guess that's probably the best bet13:44
daftykinspenguin42: is just page numbering insufficient?13:46
daftykinsas i could knock up a PDF from MS word with footer'd page numbers if not13:46
* penguin42 will have a crack with lo13:46
penguin42daftykins: I'll find out13:46
solarcloud_3scrnLooks like Sumvision Cyclone Voyager have a new Tablet for iPlayer  out .. http://www.ebuyer.com/407318-sumvision-cyclone-voyager-tablet-pc-cycvoy101?utm_source=b2c_31-12-2012&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=b2c_monday ::: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/BBc%20iplayer%20tablet/Sumvision%20Cyclone%20Voyager%20have%20a%20new%20Tablet%20for%20iPlayer.jpg13:47
dwatkinspenguin42: do you mean a PDF where you can click the page numbers in the contents list?13:47
penguin42dwatkins: No, evince has an option to open at a given page, and it'll take the 2-3 page label rather than a page index13:48
penguin42dwatkins: Most of the other viewers will only take a page index13:48
dwatkinspenguin42: that's interesting, as I encountered a bug in the Acrobat plug-in where using ?page=<some number> failed in certain browser/Acrobat combinations13:48
dwatkinsMy brother had done some research on it, as he's a developer for a company that makes a SIP client with a html/php front-end13:50
penguin42dwatkins: I'll see if I can create this one13:55
dwatkinspenguin42: let me know if I can help, i.e. create a document using Acrobat13:59
Karthik_I'm geeting this error after trying to mount exfat partition. Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: ERROR: invalid checksum (0x3beb != 0x38f3).14:03
Karthik_happened after I was copping files over LAN14:03
solarcloud_3scrnpenguin42, Got one .. for you .. with chapters ... https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/BBc%20iplayer%20tablet/jedit5.0.0manual-a4.pdf14:04
OmNomDePlume"<dwatkins> As far as I know, Linux desktop usage is still around 2% of the PC market, unfortunately." <-- it's been 1% for the last 10 years.14:04
OmNomDePlumeWhy has it remained static for a decade? Simple: as more people began to use "easy" desktop distros like Lindows and eventually Ubuntu, the people who were using Slack/etc. began dying of old age.14:06
OmNomDePlumeSo the two cancelled each other out, and Linux desktop share stayed at 1%.14:06
dwatkinsI wonder if that's going to change with Steam being available for Linux, though.14:07
solarcloud_3scrnpenguin42, Did you get that .PDF ??14:07
OmNomDePlumeProbably not. The only people who want Linux on the desktop are people who 1) know what Linux is, and 2) have an ideological issue with proprietary software and closed source development14:07
penguin42solarcloud_3scrn: Yeh, the page numbers aren't actually chapter based14:09
daftykinspeople who game on windows illegally will stay there14:09
dwatkinsOmNomDePlume: it may be a generalisation, but I suspect there's truth to it in terms of the majority of users14:09
daftykinspeople who legally purchase games via Steam and want to do so on Linux will be a niche i think14:09
OmNomDePlumeYep...if piracy was somehow made impossible overnight, 50% of people would move to Linux overnight.14:09
dwatkinsyeah, 'Joe Public' will still buy a PC/laptop with Windows preinstalled for now.14:09
penguin42solarcloud_3scrn: Although it does have the roman stuff at the start14:09
solarcloud_3scrnpenguin42, , Oh Ok ... sorry . my bad , that's all I got for you, sorry14:09
OmNomDePlumeSteam is a special case - it's generally as convenient as piracy.14:09
penguin42OmNomDePlume: Ah not so easy because if they did that then it's unlikely they would run stuff on Linux14:10
OmNomDePlumePiracy has its pluses, but so does Steam eg. all your games in one central console, all your stats/achievements, sales, the fact that if Steam goes bankrupt they'll release patches which give you ownership of the games.14:10
OmNomDePlumeThere's no other downloadable games store which will realistically do that; all others such as Origin will simply shut down and lock you out of your games.14:11
OmNomDePlumeSteam has integrated patching, too.14:12
daftykinsi don't know anyone that cares about Steam achievements :)14:12
daftykinsxbox live achievements, sure... PS3 'trophies', maybe :D14:13
OmNomDePlumeAchievements/Trophies are LIFE.14:13
daftykinsi care not for the Steam ones14:13
OmNomDePlumeYou haven't lived until you've Platinumed BO2.14:13
daftykinsBO2 ?14:13
OmNomDePlumeBlack Ops II.14:13
daftykinsoh i don't buy that retarded franchise14:14
OmNomDePlumeBefore Linux can challenge Windows gaming, it first needs to match OSX gaming.14:14
OmNomDePlumeOSX has Black Ops....1....14:14
penguin42dwatkins: Hmm, I can see how to get what I want displayed in libreoffice; I'd create a footer that had a chapter field - page number; but I'm not sure that would be the 'page number' as seen by the pdf, or as a reference14:18
kvarleyDespite people hating CoD I hope it gets ported, it's a fun game and lets face it all game devs would consider porting their own games if such a big title made the move14:18
dwatkinspenguin42: I see what you mean, yeah - you also have the issue that page numbers are often out of sequence due to the contents and other beginning pages not being counted in the main page numbers14:19
penguin42dwatkins: The one I have to deal with at work was written with Framemaker14:21
twagerAnyone tell me if the Kindlefire hd mounts as a block device in Linux ?15:03
OmNomDePlumekvarley: the fact that only older games are ported to Linux and OSX speaks volumes.15:34
OmNomDePlumeAnybody who really wanted to play BO would've played it on Windows/360/PS3/Wii/iOS/Android by now.15:35
OmNomDePlumeEg. all the fuss about Steam...but 99% of the Windows games ported will be Source games, and Valve only release a new game every 2 or so years.15:36
MartijnVdSOmNomDePlume: and lots of indie games.. humble bundle stuff15:36
MartijnVdSOmNomDePlume: and now the Unity3D engine has a15:36
OmNomDePlumeSo yeah, I'm thrilled I'll be able to play Half-Life 2...again...almost 10 years after its PC launch.15:36
MartijnVdSOmNomDePlume: "Linux" support mode, it'll only get more popular15:37
OmNomDePlumeMartijnVdS, I'd like to see play stats on indie games.15:37
MartijnVdSOmNomDePlume: so would valve (guess why they're in steam) :)15:37
dwatkinsSteam and the HL2 engine are very much still new to Linux, I suspect many more games will follow which are actually recent.15:40
penguin42can only be good for forcing debug of graphics drivers16:03
popey<OmNomDePlume> Probably not. The only people who want Linux on the desktop are people who 1) know what Linux is, and 2) have an ideological issue with proprietary software and closed source development16:08
popeyI don't believe that for a minute16:08
popeygiven around 80K people we legitimately "in" the closed steam beta running closed source apps via a closed source store on their open source desktop running closed source video and wifi drivers..16:10
ali1234ideology is bogus16:10
ali1234i use open source software because when it breaks (which it does all the time) i can actually fix it16:10
popeyi use it because i like it16:11
ali1234this is not ideology, this is pragmatism16:11
ali1234i realised something the other day16:11
ali1234these people who complain about android not being "real" linux16:12
ali1234these are the kind of people who like ideologies16:12
ali1234if you compare android to maemo you'll notice that every single part of it is exactly as open16:12
ali1234maybe some of it isn't as good16:13
ali1234but... it's open source. fix it.16:13
ali1234i couldn't understand why people would even use open source if they're not willing to do that16:14
ali1234but then i realised16:14
ali1234it's because they just want to support a team16:14
ali1234and android is clearly much too mainstream16:15
ali1234as such, the above quote is quite possibly true of a majority of ubuntu users16:17
penguin42ali1234: The difficulty with both is that they're under pressure to make big releases and thus have to hide features/development until release, and to some extent that's getting to be a problem with Ubuntu as well16:17
ali1234nah, that's not the problem at all16:18
ali1234AOSP doesn't ever get half the actually good stuff in android16:18
ali1234it certainly has everything that maemo every released as open source though16:19
ali1234more, in fact, since it has an email client and dialer16:19
penguin42aosp doesn't have a dialer?!16:20
ali1234aosp has a dialer16:21
ali1234maemo didn't16:21
ali1234or rather, it was never released as open source16:21
ali1234same for email client afaik16:21
ali1234and they both rely heavily on closed source drivers, maemo probably more so16:21
ali1234basically aosp has always been far more open than maemo in terms of source availability16:22
penguin42ali1234: But in terms of knowing what development is going to happen and what's going to land in the next release?16:22
ali1234well nokia constantly talked the talk, and then totally failed to live up to it16:22
ali1234google just throws the code over the wall when they are good and ready16:23
ali1234the only difference being google never promised that they would do anything else16:23
penguin42ali1234: Right, and that's the bit I'm worried about - in terms of people getting involved in development it's hard16:23
ali1234not at all16:23
ali1234if you find a showstopper in android and post it on the code review system then google people will notice it16:23
penguin42but you don't know new features?16:24
ali1234no, of course you don't16:24
ali1234nobody cares about features16:24
ali1234if i need a feature i'll implement it myself16:24
MartijnVdSall of it?16:24
ali1234if i need it enough16:25
penguin42ali1234: Well, to some degree I think that's a problem; some peoples interest in open source is the ability to have a bit of control and knowing what's going to happen16:25
MartijnVdSeven if it's a big feature that requires months of work?16:25
ali1234you can never know what is going to happen16:25
penguin42ali1234: and it's a heck of a lot harder to implement stuff on the big projects of today than it was on the GNU tools16:25
penguin42ali1234: Well Ubuntu has things like the Blueprint system that at least tells you some of what's going on16:25
ali1234well, that's why the big projects of today totally suck16:25
ali1234and why i don't use them16:25
penguin42ali1234: yeh, but we still want web browsers, working 3d graphics and a word processor - so it's hard16:26
ali1234the thing is, we already have all of tose16:26
ali1234s why are we constantly reinventing them?16:27
penguin42ali1234: Oh I agree we shouldn't reinvent, although they still *** quite badly16:27
ali1234it reminds me of the movie brazil16:28
ali1234"new ducts"16:28
ali1234but they still fill your house and break all the time, they're just incompatible with the old ones16:28
ali1234AlanBell: presumably you'll know roughly how many people installed your thing from the traffic. is it popular?16:52
AlanBellnot very yet, 66 unique IP addresses have conducted product searches17:03
* solarcloud_3scrn is away: /me rquires a Juan valdez BRBack...17:06
AzelphurAnyone know if it's possible to download files from a upnp server?17:26
AlanBellali1234: actually just 39 searched, there were other things that were not searches17:37
directhexAzelphur, technically no... but you can stream the whole thing at line rate, if your software supports it17:39
Azelphurdirecthex, ah :p17:39
daftykinsUPnP is such a joke of a protocol :D18:08
daftykinsi can't help but see OS X copies when i look at quantal18:30
ali1234Azelphur: upnp "streams" the files over http very often18:47
ali1234i dunno if it always does that... i think it does... the whole thing is xml rpc over http iirc18:47
ali1234there's a package in the repos which will let you mount a upnp as a filesystem18:48
ali1234so from that you can just copy the files18:48
AlanBellhttp://www.ubuntu.com/ interesting18:54
AlanBellsomething touchscreen related this way comes perhaps18:55
daftykinsall those cookie messages steal my valuable screen real estate18:57
AlanBello/ bigcalm20:22
bigcalm[mob]AlanBell: o/20:56
bigcalm[mob]AlanBell: ?21:36
AlanBellbigcalm[mob]: was just saying hi :)21:37
AlanBellhave you tried the gnome shell shopping lens?21:37
penguin42AlanBell: How was your server doing?21:37
bigcalm[mob]AlanBell: ahoy21:38
penguin42happily /.'d ?21:38
AlanBellyeah, quite cheerfull21:38
bigcalm[mob]AlanBell: no, I use xfce21:38
AlanBell3,926 blog views today21:39
daftykinshai Myrtti21:39
Myrttihi daftykins21:59
popeyevening all23:32
Azelphurevening mr popey23:32
Azelphurgotta love this company I ordered parts off of23:38
AzelphurI preordered parts off you, you didn't deliver the parts after 6 months (3 orders after stated preorder date), please return my money23:39
AzelphurSure, we'll send you back 50% of what you paid!23:39
Azelphurwhat a generous offer :P23:39
* Azelphur waves23:41
neurooh good, the proclaimers are on bbc one scotland, that's not stereotypical AT ALL23:50
daftykinsAzelphur: sounds great!23:53
Azelphurdaftykins: I know, amazing offer xD23:54
daftykinsaww my poor puppy is scared half to death at the fireworks going on23:55
penguin42daftykins: Give it some ear defenders23:56
neurotime to get a drink in me hand23:56
daftykinsah i just had to go and babysit her for a little bit23:56
daftykinsunfortunately she got *very* scared if you know what i mean23:57
daftykinsah ~3 mins left, yawn23:57
daftykinsi officially had enough this year, i'm in by myself instead of at the usual big event23:57
neurocidre bouché from normany for me this evening23:57
neurodaftykins: i'm in by myself as well23:57
neurospent the last three hours completing arkham city :)23:58
daftykinsnot a bad use of the evening at all23:58
neurobbc one scotland have just commanded us to charge our glasses23:58
neuroand we have a piper on the ramparts of embra castle23:58
penguin42to 50kV ?23:59
Azelphurdaftykins: me too, peaceful :p23:59
neurobut in the background you can hear princes street going absolutely barmy23:59
neuropenguin42: it's a scottish phrase23:59
neurofill your glass and get it in your hand23:59
neuroand here we go ...23:59
penguin42I know :-)23:59
daftykinsdon't believe a word he says, they'll use it to trick the British23:59
daftykinsmains powered drinks :O23:59

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