f^3Hello mates00:01
f^3I installed the fglrx amdcccle package and now i have no menu or dock. Plasma seems to function just fine though00:04
smspillazluv: you should use WindowManager to access the PluginAdapter interface, don't use PluginAdapter directly01:02
luvthat would make it even worse ;-)01:02
luvi would still need to copy and paste the code - because InitiateScale isnt available01:03
luvor I could add it to WindowManager as I have made it public, right01:03
luvfirst i need to solve why IsScaleActive returns false when it shouldnt01:04
smspillazluv: hmm, WindowManager should really expose all of PluginAdapter ...01:12
smspillazits meant to do that01:12
smspillaza virtual void InitiateScale (...); in WindowManger will do01:13
smspillazvirtual void InitiateScale (...) = 0;01:13
luvmakes one wonder if it isn't redundant01:22
luvby that's the pythonista in me speaking :-)01:22
smspillazluv: pure virtual functions are often used to describe interfaces in c++01:29
smspillaznot sure what the equavilent is in python, I never really used python for OOP01:30
luvi think the prefres approach in python is not to bother ;-)01:31
smspillazah right, python uses duck typing01:31
luvsure ... got the prob with IsScaleActive sorted01:44
luvlauncher indeed closed the scale when I clicked the button01:45
luvso bu the time ActivateLauncherIcon got fired the scale was closed01:45
smspillazyeah the launcher-scale stuff is a little flakey01:51
smspillazwhen scale is activated it throws up a big window used to detect clicks outside of scaled windows01:52
smspillazso scale gets closed and then re-opened01:52
luvyeah, I will register a callbackc on initiate_spread and terminate_spread instead - should I delete the callbacks in destructor?01:59
luvbtw stuff like this view->LayoutAdded.connect(sigc::bind(sigc::ptr_fun(on_layout_changed_cb) looks totally crazy to my eye :-) (sorry)01:59
luvbut hey it's the c++ way and i gotta respect that02:00
smspillazluv: by callbacks you mean using sigc::signal::<T>::connect right ?02:03
smspillazluv: I don't *think* you need to explicitly disconnect them02:03
smspillazI'd check the surrounding code to be sure though. I remember once we were disconnecting them and then we did something so that we didn't have to02:04
binbinshcan someone tell me how is the unitymenu of libreoffice implemented? I would like to port it to other distribution like Gentoo09:15
binbinshI have build the package with unitymenu.diff got from ubuntu package, the menubar of LO is invisible already, but its menu does not show in the global menubar.09:17
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