snap-lHappy Gregorian Calendar Reset. Hope it doesn't trigger an apocalypse.13:54
Blazeixi've also heard "happy calendar overflow"16:27
Blazeixwhich i'm a fan of16:27
brouschWhat is the ubuntu countdown for?23:22
rick_h_no idea, it's a surprise23:23
brouschFine. $523:25
rick_h_can't wait 2 days?23:26
brouschIt's like faster shipping23:27
brouschI pay you $5 you tell me now instead of in 2 days23:27
rick_h_hah, this isn't prime overnight23:27
brouschIs there a betting pool?23:29
rick_h_not that I'm aware of23:31
rick_h_I'm not even sure 100% what it is to be honest23:31
rick_h_caught me by surprise23:31
Blazeixi dug through the source of the js and figured it out.23:32
Blazeixthey're switching to a fedora base23:32
rick_h_curses! you JS reading traitor!23:33
brouschDumping all of their Python for Ruby23:33
Blazeixswitching from python to ironpython/mono23:34
rick_h_mono for life!23:35
rick_h_yep, we're buying xamarian :P23:35
Blazeixi hear canonical named the initiative Operation Schestowitz23:36

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