nibalizercy1: man pages?09:16
nibalizercy1 maybe some kind of http proxy?09:16
nibalizerwhy is the computer isolated from the internet, and if it is, why does it need to be updated?09:16
cy1nibalizer: because the guy receiving it has no Internet and just wants a computer to play on.09:17
cy1his last experience was with win9809:17
cy1in 199809:17
cy1But I wanted to ask, because doing updates on an offline computer does have certain applications. But it's not exactly nice to download every Ubuntu package to your local repository just so you can update the 5 that are installed and need updates.09:19
cy1So a script that produced a list of updates needed, transfered by USB stick to an online computer that got those packages... hm09:19
nibalizergood luck with taht rube goldberg machine09:20
blkperlthats sounds awful and unmaintainable09:20
cy1no a script that only downloads the info for finding latest updates, then goes to the offline computer, then takes the resulting calculation back to the online one.09:20
blkperlhow can the script go to the offline computer?09:20
cy1via USB stick?09:20
cy1ZIP DRIVE09:20
cy1You don't really need to update at all if it isn't online. Just upgrade when a new version comes out on DVD. *shrug*09:22
nibalizercy1: so you could get dpkg to tell you current version of all pkgs, redirect that to a file09:35
nibalizerthen take that file to a machine with internet09:35
nibalizerthen write a script that loooks up the package info web site09:36
nibalizerand for each package compares version09:36
nibalizerthen if they are different, and the web version is greater, download to usb stick09:36
nibalizerthen take usb stick back to offline computer09:36
nibalizerthen dpkg -i *09:37
nibalizerbut don't do that09:37
nibalizerdont do it09:37
cy1but why :c09:42
nibalizerw/in 609:59
nibalizercy1: cus ew09:59
* bkerensa slaps BBG-Nathan with a trout22:26

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