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Kilosmorning all. those we dont see today we wont see till next year05:46
barrydkGood morning everyone06:02
Kiloshi barrydk 06:06
barrydkHi Kilos hows things your side of 2012?06:08
Kilosgoog ty got my ubuntu-server working through this 3g connection and i can ssh it from here06:11
Kiloshad thje guys going to find what was wrong06:12
magespawnmorning all06:14
Kiloshi magespawn 06:14
barrydkhi magespawn06:18
magespawnso last day of 2012. party plans?06:20
Kilosyo mazal 06:25
magespawnKilos try "ssh kilos@gnc.no-ip.biz"06:26
barrydkno Megespawn Going out and in quietly. Mabe im to old for this party things. 06:26
magespawntab complete. me too i think, some quite drinks with friends and that will be that06:27
KilosPermission denied, please try again.06:28
Kilosweird magespawn 06:28
magespawnhmm something i am doing wrong then06:28
magespawngoing to try something else brb06:30
Kiloscan you see me try login?06:30
magespawntry in a browser "gnc.no-ip.biz"06:30
Kilosstill gotta work out how to see whats going on on the server06:31
Kilosok sec06:31
magespawnnot without looking at the system logs06:31
KilosThis is the default web page for this server.06:32
KilosIT WORKS06:32
Kiloswhat is a web server06:32
magespawndefault apache webserver yes06:34
Kiloswhere is it06:34
Kilosby you or on the web06:34
magespawnon a computer in my shop06:34
magespawntry ssh now06:35
KilosPermission denied06:36
magespawnman i am doing something wrong06:36
Kiloshow must it recognise me?06:36
Kilosdid you have to add me as a client or something?06:37
mazalMôre oom kilos , magespawn06:37
magespawnhey mazal06:37
magespawnKilos i set an account on the server for you to log into 06:38
magespawnjust going to try log from here quickly06:38
Kilosdid you have to give it an ip addy for me or what06:38
Kilosemail addy only06:38
magespawnno just the user name and password for now06:39
magespawncannot log in here either so something is wrong06:39
* magespawn goes to do some more reading06:40
Kiloslol is apache an addon to the ubuntu server or on its own06:42
magespawnapache is what you need to host websites, i think it will be on the cd but maybe not installed by default06:46
magespawntry your server ip address in a browser06:47
Kilosit wont see it methinks but ill try06:47
magespawnjust sent you a mail with a new password for the ssh06:48
KilosCould not connect to remote server06:48
magespawnso then apache is not installed06:49
KilosPermission denied,06:50
Kilosno firewall to setup first?06:50
magespawnshould no be06:51
Kiloswhat firewall you using06:51
Kilosthere is a place to allow certain peeps06:51
Kilosinstall gufw on desktop and run it and you will see06:52
Kilosit blocks all incoming by default06:52
magespawnmm i know but i thought by adding the user kilos to the ssh config it would allow you in06:53
* magespawn goes to do even more reading06:53
magespawni can ssh from my machine with those details. did you try the new password?07:00
Kiloslo Squirm 07:01
Kilosya lemme try again07:01
magespawnhey Squirm07:02
KilosPermission denied,07:02
magespawndrive me mad lol07:24
Kilostell me nicely first07:27
Kilosa web server is to allow peeps you coose to use the web? or what07:28
magespawnit is the computer that hosts a website07:29
magespawnwhere the actual pictures and code that make the website go07:30
Kilosoh i see07:30
Kilosdoes the fly also use apache07:30
Kilosohi superfly 07:30
Kilosyou sneak in without even a warning07:31
magespawntry now Kilos07:31
magespawnssh that is07:31
KilosPermission denied07:32
Kilosdo you see me trying to get in?07:33
magespawnno need to look at the system logs for that, and am not sure where yet07:35
Kiloswell at least we learning together07:36
magespawni can log in as you from here so there must be something stopping net access07:36
Kilosnot me asking for help all the time07:36
magespawnnot by any means07:36
Kilosya must be07:36
Kiloscheck the firewall07:36
barrydkAag leave it and fix it next year07:37
Kilosufw blocks all incoming by default07:37
magespawnlol @barrydk07:37
Kilosno man we are learning to be able to go into the new years knowing more07:37
barrydkHope i don't need it to get into next year07:38
Kilosvan der merwe07:38
Kilosdont do today what you can put off till tomorrow07:38
magespawndon't do tomorrow what you can put of indefinately07:41
Squirmmagespawn: lastb07:47
Squirmit shows the last failed attempts iirc07:47
Squirmlast shows the last logins07:47
magespawnty Sq07:47
magespawnty Squirm07:48
Squirmyou're meant to push tab as well07:48
magespawndoes help if you actually push it07:48
Squirmjust a tab07:48
Squirmsee what I did there07:48
magespawnSquirm: that does not show the user07:52
magespawnlastb: /var/log/btmp: Permission denied07:52
Kilosuh oh farm alarm just been screaming07:53
Kilosanother attack nearby07:53
Squirmmagespawn: sudo07:53
Squirmit'll show if Kilos is entering the username/password incorrectly07:53
Kilosdidnt ask for username07:55
magespawnshould not ask for username07:56
Kilosthought i missed something07:56
magespawnno that is why kilos@gnc.no-ip.biz07:56
Kilosbarrydk, you got youre home server going yet?07:58
Kilosor is that for next year07:58
magespawnhttp://slexy.org/view/s2cdsUCR9o shows this Squirm07:59
Kilosit dont show why08:00
barrydkIts goiny Kilos but not accessable from outside. I use it mainly as a proxy for my other pc's to access the internet. I would like to see it from outside but appart from being to dumb to do it i don't know how much data it's gonna eat as my data is expensive.08:00
Kilosyou guys dont do 8ta?08:01
barrydkno just out of teach of their towers, tried it ot is verry slow same as mtn and vodacom. 08:02
barrydkteach reach reach08:02
Squirmmagespawn: so username is kilos08:02
Kilosaw that sucks. mine works good08:02
Squirmmaybe he's entering the wrong password?08:02
SquirmKilos: are you sure you have the password correct?08:03
Kilosya its to simple to make mistakes over and over squirm08:03
Squirmkilos    tty1                          Mon Dec 31 08:45 - 08:45  (00:00)08:04
Squirmat 8:45 someone TRIED to login with kilos08:04
Squirmbut failed08:04
Squirmeither with a wrong username or password08:04
Kilosive failed a few times08:04
Kilosuh oh08:04
Kiloswhere you see that08:04
SquirmKilos: does it give you the password prompt?08:04
Squirmthen it's not a firewall issue08:05
Squirmfirewall wouldn't allow you to get that far08:05
mazalKilos het hom gebreek :-)08:05
Squirmso just check your username and password again ;)08:05
Kilossies jy08:05
Squirmlol mazal 08:05
Kilosdoes it look at my pc?08:06
Squirmmagespawn: maybe change it to something really simple, then Kilos can change it as he logs in?08:06
* Squirm shrugs08:06
Kilosim miles@P408:06
Squirmso you'd login as say08:06
Squirmssh kilos@ip_address_here08:07
Kilosssh kilos@gnc.no-ip.biz08:07
Kilosthats what im using08:07
Squirmthen double check your password ;)08:08
Kilosok ill try again08:09
Kilosim in magespawn 08:09
Kiloswhat you did08:09
Kilosi see a $08:10
Squirmin ssh?08:11
Squirmwell, you're in. so you can type commands like you can on your pc08:11
Kilosthats what i did and what i see Squirm 08:13
Kilosmaybe i should do an update/upgrade there08:14
Kiloshee hee08:14
SquirmKilos: can you do me a favour08:14
Squirmin ssh08:14
Squirmecho $008:14
Squirmit'll tell you what shell you're using08:14
Kilosin that terminal or mine08:14
Squirmin the ssh terminal08:14
Kilosshows -sh08:15
Squirmthen type: bash08:15
Squirmit may be more familiar to you08:15
Squirmthe look08:15
Kilosnow i see me there08:16
Kiloskilos@GandC:~$ 08:16
Squirmlittle more familiar08:16
Squirmsh - shell08:16
Squirmbash - bourne again shell08:16
Kilosoh ya08:17
magespawncool Kilos08:17
magespawnthought i was getting that right08:17
Kilossudo bash and sudo -i are the same commands arent they08:17
Squirmthe default option on user creation is set to create users with the shell, bash is better :)08:17
magespawnyour user is not part of the admin group08:17
Kiloswhat did you do magespawn 08:17
magespawndid restart the ssh server with password auth on08:18
SquirmKilos: I guess they could do the same thing08:19
Kilosso what would one do once logged in there08:19
mazalKilos het net reg gespel die keer dis al :P08:19
Kilosnee man08:19
SquirmKilos: first thing's first08:19
Squirmtry to break it08:19
* Squirm hides from magespawn 08:19
* Kilos too08:19
Squirmoh, so you're guilty ?08:19
magespawnactually  that would be a good exercise for me08:19
Squirmtut tut tut08:19
magespawnto see how secure i set that user account08:20
Squirmit should be hard to break stuff without root access08:20
Squirmif I had root access i'd just rm -rf /08:20
Squirmit's fun08:21
Kiloswhats -rf08:21
Squirmonly ever tried it on a vm though :P08:21
magespawnbrb going to shops08:21
Squirm-r is recursive, so it removes all the files in every folder08:21
Squirm-r is force remove08:21
Squirm-f is force remove08:21
mazalKilos r = subdirectories also , f = by force08:21
Kilosouch thats very nasty08:21
SquirmKilos: yes08:21
Squirmit basically forces the removal of well... everything08:21
Kilosmage is my friend08:22
mazalAnd if you wonna see your destruction add -v as well :)08:22
barrydkSince you fix the server this year break it with that command then you can fix it again next year08:22
Kiloswould like to do that with all the yahoo mail i get from casinos08:22
barrydkagree Kilos and some others asswell08:23
Kilosstupid things like we give you a free $500 if you add R50008:24
Squirmwhy is it so hot08:24
Squirmhad a kind of sleepless night last night08:24
Kilosoh its summer time again08:25
barrydkThats a bargain ill also take 500$ for 500 R08:25
Kilosno man i made a mistook08:25
mazalIt's pick on Kilos day today lol08:26
Kilosthey dont give you nothing methinks. once you deposit $500 they give you $500 to play with08:26
Kilosbut then they got your $500 already08:26
barrydkTheyll never loose08:27
Kilosthere used to be a way to win on roulette08:28
barrydkI can only play monopoly and the fool08:28
Kilosyou choose black or red and double up everytime you lose08:28
barrydkthat sound like a sure way to loose08:29
Kilosbut i think they have blocked it to 4 or 5 attempts now08:29
Kilosnope if not blocked you have to win08:29
Kilosbecause everytime you double up it recovers the last loss as well08:30
barrydkI'll stick to monopoly thanks08:31
Kiloshaha i play freecell08:31
Kilosand 0AD08:31
barrydkdoes ubuntu have freecell08:31
Kilosand mahjongg08:32
Kilosits in games08:32
barrydkMahjongg is nice08:32
Kilostype game or games in bash08:32
* mazal types game or games and system tells him he must decide what he wants08:32
barrydkBetter not they said we can go home at 1108:33
Kilosdoesnt it show the games?08:33
Kilostype in freecell then mazal 08:33
barrydkDont want to look i might get bussy08:33
Kilosthey 3 mins a game man08:34
mazalNah just joking Kilos , don't have unity here at work08:34
Kilosoh ja08:34
Kilosxp also has freecell but you cant go back more than one move08:34
barrydkWhy do you want to go back i want to go forward08:35
Kilosno man when you get stuck08:35
Kilossjoe ek sukkel met my volk08:35
barrydkDont get stuck08:36
barrydkSo ex users are more clever than ubuntu users as they can go back more than one move?08:38
barrydkxp users?08:39
Kiloshaha they also dont win as many08:39
Kilosstats on xp show 50% if you clever08:40
Kilosoften much less08:40
barrydkBut if you can go back so much whats the point? 08:41
Kilosyou still gotta think08:42
Kiloswork out where you went wrong08:42
Kilosand try another route08:42
Kilosnot route -n08:42
barrydkAnny way going to pack up nou. You all must enjoy tommorow and all the best for the your ahead. May all your dreams come true  and be blessed. 08:44
Kilosty lad. you too08:44
barrydkThanks for the friendship since i jouned the channel08:44
mazalOk guys , enjoy the day. Please be safe where you are going08:49
mazalHappy new year if I'm not around tomorrow.08:49
Kilosgvt employees have a nice life methinks08:51
Kiloshaha magespawn its gonna report me08:57
Kiloshmm auto reboot09:19
Kilosthen filesystem check09:19
Kilosand found errors press f to fix it09:20
Squirmmy car fan still works :D10:31
Squirmabout 6 years ago, I bought a 12v car fan from game10:32
Squirmchopped off the car lighter end and attached it to my pc10:32
Squirmexternal fan10:32
Squirmfor human cooling10:32
charl_good afternoon11:06
charl_Maaz: coffee on11:06
* Maaz washes some mugs11:06
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!11:10
magespawnJust found out temp yesterday for Hluhluwe 42 deg.11:21
zerefwhen i click on create my account in twitter, my email box gets hilighted12:20
zerefwhats up with that?12:20
superflyirunno 12:45
Squirmmy pc is slowly failing me14:06
SquirmI think the heat doesn't help14:06
Wrazit, could also be the high AMP draw from the car fan that is drainign the lifespan of your PSU.14:46
WrazCome to London, it is raining, dreary and cold :)14:47
WrazAnd all the Bandwith you can use, and more.14:47
WrazI changed my car tyre today, in thr mud, in the rain. Fun fun ^^14:47
WrazHeat is not as disruptive on lifespan of electronics as you would imagine. and high end electronics that is smd and is baked and coated, humidity doesnt bother to much either.14:48
WrazBut PSU's output current drops slowly and speeds up as time goes on, and the amount of power drawn from them. a small like 350 Watt PSU, with like 2 HDD and 2 CDROMS will last like 3-7years... until it's output drops below 12.v14:50
Wrazgo into the Bios and check PC health14:50
Wrazin there it will tell you the 12v and 5v readings14:50
Wrazif health they should be above 12 and 514:51
Wrazon 12 and slightly slightly below is ok...14:51
Wrazbut you will find things like HDD's and cdroms stop functioning and drop out as time goes by...14:52
Wrazand random crashes14:52
Wraz;-) 14:52
WrazWall of text(End);14:52
Squirmyeah, I'll have a look14:53
Squirmit just wouldn't boot, bios splash screen and no further(has been done before)14:54
Squirmand I know heat isn't really an issue14:54
Squirmjust an excuse :P14:54
Squirmcause it's 30deg14:54
WrazYup. ;-)14:54
Squirmand I've lived in the UK for 9 months, so I know what the weather is like14:54
Squirm...and bandwidth :14:55
Wrazits about 7here, right now.14:55
Squirmwhere abouts are you Wraz ?14:55
WrazFibre right into the box, right next to me. I downloaded about 10gigs in the since I made coffee.14:55
WrazBottom of the Northern Line.14:56
Squirmwhich is?14:56
Squirmmeh, we had 10mbit cable from virgin media :/14:56
WrazMorden/Wimbledon/Raynes park14:56
SquirmI was a bit further out14:56
WrazYeah, i stayed up north for afew years too/14:57
Squirmstayed in East Molesey14:57
Squirm10min walk from Hampton Court station14:57
WrazCool. ;-)14:57
Squirmnow you've made me miss it :/14:58
WrazI dont really miss SA.14:58
SquirmI did miss the weather14:58
WrazI miss the Steers, that's about it. ;-)14:58
Squirmpast 3 days have been 30deg and I have been beside a dam skiing14:59
WrazI have Dutch blood, the clod weather suit's me just fine, I don't miss the in-escapable humidity.14:59
Squirmalthough, downside is I couldn't sleep last night it was alittle too hot14:59
Squirmcold shower before bed never helped14:59
SquirmWraz: where in SA did you come from?15:00
WrazYup, cannot really escape the heat, and too much Aircon.. is unhealthy... atleast here, you put on the heating. and it's paradise.15:00
WrazDurban, Westville.15:00
Squirmkzn man myself15:01
SquirmWinterton. umm, central berg15:01
Wraz<3 the Drakensberg.15:01
WrazI dont know what it is about that place...15:01
Wrazmy Metabolisim jsut stops.15:01
Squirmbut I currently live and work in Mooi River, just at my parents place over christmas15:02
WrazI can go walking in the mountains for days. and eat just one piece of bread, and the freashes mountin water... best water in the world, of theose wonderfull cold mountain rocks.15:02
Squirmlast time I went for a walk in the berg was umm... probably October last year. that was cause a friend from Sweden came out to visit15:03
Squirmthough I have done it often enough growing up :P15:03
Squirmanyway, bbiab. need to start getting ready for tonight15:03
WrazHaha, when i was a lightie, i went with my mate, hiking over the Lesoto border, we went fishing for the afternoon.  we came back 3 days later.... we had built a dam in the mountains... our parents had called the police and they were searchign for us... haha :)15:04
WrazYeah, i did long walks there every year.15:04
smile2013hi all :)15:08
charl_hi smile2013 15:14
smile2013I'm fixing wikipedia links for soortenbank.nl :)15:15
charl_dunno it, lemme check it15:16
charl_oh i see a type of database of animals and plants etc15:16
Squirmbetter after a chilled shower15:17
charl_coolness, i guess keeping links fresh and up to date is a big job on the wikipedia?15:17
charl_hi Squirm, Wraz 15:18
smile2013charl_: yes, it really is :o15:35
smile2013they changed all the plant ID's, so I need to change them according to the new ones :)15:36
smile2013charl_: as you can see, my latest edits: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speciaal:Bijdragen/Smile4ever15:37
charl_wow that's irritating15:43
charl_apparently they haven't read tim's article: http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI.html15:44
smile2013yeah ;)15:47
smile2013brb, helping out mum :)15:47
smile2013byeee :) see ya all next year :)15:54
charl_same here, ciao all16:06
charl_happy new year :)16:06
tuxmasterits funny, to think in a few hours ,we step into a new year16:51
Kilosevening all19:58
superflyhi Kilos19:59
Kiloswhat a business19:59
Kiloshiya superfly 19:59
Kilosbeen struggling all day with reinstalls and no mobile broadband again20:00
Kilosi forgot how i did it before20:00
* superfly shakes his head20:00
Kilosand crashes on clean installs20:01
Kilosfirst reboot then text only and hang20:01
Kilosthen running a recovery i saw nvidia is tainting the kernel20:02
Kilosso purged nvidia when i eventually got in20:03
Kilosmaybe its my card. ive downloaded fresh additional drivers three times20:03
Kilosnow ill use 2d for a while20:04
Kilosall good there superfly ?20:04
Kilosyou kinda lonely here looks like20:04
superflyI'm sitting in front of my PC for a chance20:06
Kilosnight superfly happy new years to you and the family20:48
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:48
superflynight Kilos20:49
* superfly is going off to bed too20:49

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