f^3Is there a unity channel?00:00
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cuddylierHow do I update my java 7? My version doesn't include jstack, I have jdk00:01
jhansonxif^3: Try #ubuntu-unity00:01
Mech0zany way to remove all settings for an app installed with apt-get?00:02
gacMech0z: "apt-get purge packagename" should remove all config files that were shipped with it, if they were created by you after it was installed that won't work though.00:03
KI4ROKBentley57, Well, I made it back with a new BIOS LOL  No change in the RESTART button00:06
Ledderalfabit i still got the same problem00:06
Mech0zgac cool00:07
Neytirihow do i find out where a library got installed00:07
Ledderalfabit and i can't manage to uninstall it00:07
KI4ROKBentley57, Do I need to clean up after myself in pastebin?00:07
cuddylierHow do I update my java 7jdk? My version doesn't include jstack unfortunately.00:08
alfabitLedder: Try: sudo apt-get install --reinstall virtualbox00:08
mcsmashWho's idea was it to move handling the video into the kernel?  I spotted a web site that said it was to enable high resolution non flickering splash screen.  Tell me there was another reason for doing that...00:09
Ledderalfabit "No suitable module for running kernel found"00:10
alfabitLedder: that's normal. Now we just need to get it to make that module..00:10
alfabitLedder: sudo apt-get install --reinstall virtualbox-dkms00:10
Ledderok and that's the question how we get htat done00:11
jhansonxiNeytiri: dpkg-query -S <filename>00:11
alfabitmcsmash: look up 'Wayland' some time if you want to read all about it..00:11
cuddylierHow do I update my java 7jdk? My version doesn't include jstack unfortunately.00:12
alfabitmcsmash: Unfortunately it did break a lot of things on the way.00:12
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Ledderok no fail message with the dkms00:12
alfabitLedder, now try sudo apt-get install --reinstall virtualbox  (yup - again)00:13
Ledderalfabit you suggest i try again or something else to do?00:13
alfabitLedder, let's see if you get the error about no modules again, now that dkms sources are installed.00:13
Leddertwice a ok00:13
Ledderlooks not bad00:14
alfabitLedder, now what happens when you start VirtualBox ?00:14
Ledderok i try to remake a win7 installation00:14
jhansonxiKI4RO: Are you having problems getting your system to restart properly?00:15
KI4ROjhansonxi, Yes00:16
Ledderok windows is loading but is giving an error message00:16
jhansonxiTry adding the "reboot=bios" kernel parameter to your grub boot line00:16
Ledderwich is related to the iso source00:16
Ledderi guess00:16
jhansonxiKI4RO: In addition to the "reboot=bios" parameter, there are several other possible options: http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt00:18
KI4ROjhansonxi, reboot=bios?  What is that?00:18
jhansonxiKI4RO: It tells the kernel to use a different method when attempting to restart the system.00:19
KI4ROjhansonxi, Okay, never tried that...how does it work?00:19
jhansonxiKI4RO: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions  and  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:20
KI4ROjhansonxi, okay00:20
Starsi need some help with tar a backup, how do i write excluded some folders?00:22
Ledderalfabit virtualbox is runnign correctly but windows is causing problems00:23
Ledderand i'm not sure if it's my config odr something else00:23
alfabitLedder: can't help ya there! :-)00:23
Ledderok but thx so long for the virtualbox00:23
alfabitLedder, sure np. Check out the forums, I am sure other people have documented what windows requires.00:24
Ledderwill do so00:24
tecladohello, sorry for interrupt. Is there somebody who can help me with a problem with nautilus? Its menus has dissapeared!00:24
KangArieLedder, what kind of problem? any error messages?00:25
LedderError message:00:25
nonosudo dpkg-reconfigure nautilus00:25
tecladoif that one has spoken spanish the thing would be easier00:26
LedderWindows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause00:26
tecladono effect00:26
nononautilus -q00:27
tecladothat worked fine00:28
tecladothank you00:28
tecladoi hope not have to do it too often00:29
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KangArieLedder, what windows version? XP, 7, 8 ?00:32
Shuboni_Good evening, I was hoping someone could help me out with a problem I'm having.  It's kind of going in circles, and has been for a while now.00:32
KangArieShuboni_, what problem?00:33
Shuboni_Well, I'm trying to install Steam.  When I try to install it using gdebi, it says that I need zenity 3.4.0.  So, I try to install zenity, again with gdebi.  I get an error saying I need zenity-common.00:34
Ledder7 i try00:34
jhansonxiShuboni_: Use your package manager to install Zenity (Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic Package Manager, aptitude, apt-get, etc.)00:35
Shuboni_I tried, but the package manager says that I already have it.00:35
Shuboni_Yet, Steam says I don't.00:35
Shuboni_Er... gdebi says I don't when I try to install Steam00:36
jhansonxiShuboni_: Try: sudo apt-get -f install00:37
Shuboni_jhansonxi:  Let me try that.00:38
jhansonxiShuboni_: Note that the steam package is just a downloader for the client.  Each user has to install their own copy of the client.  They will be prompted to do so when they log in.00:38
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Shuboni_So, I tried sudo apt-get -f install, then I looked in the software center, and that said that I already had it installed.  I tried installing Steam using gdebi, and I got this error: Dependency is not satisfiable: zenity (>= 3.4.0-0ubuntu4)00:41
jribShuboni_: apt-cache policy zenity00:41
jribShuboni_: first run "sudo apt-get update" though00:41
jhansonxiShuboni_: Then it's not missing but the version installed is too old for Steam00:42
jhansonxiShuboni_: What version of Ubuntu are you using?00:42
Shuboni_jhansonxi: I'm using 11.0400:43
alfabitShuboni_, yes, I am on 12.10 and I have 3.4.0-2. Looks like they didn't leave much room for older versions.00:43
jhansonxiShuboni_: Steam is targeting Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)00:43
Shuboni_jhansonxi:  I had a lot of problems installing 12.04, that's why I stuck with 11.04.00:43
jhansonxiShuboni_: The version of Zenity in the 11.04 repositories is apparently too old.00:44
jacesffor some reason i get sound only from one website, my personal music server. i get no audio through amarok, mocp, pandora website, nothing. any ideas?00:45
Shuboni_jhansonxi:  Does this mean that the only way for me to get this to work is to upgrade to 12.04?00:45
jhansonxiShuboni_: You could try 12.10 or, depending on the problems you encountered, Linux Mint 13 or newer.  It's probably not feasible to get Zenity on 11.04 but you could look for a PPA or backports with the newer Zenity.00:46
Shuboni_jhansonxi:  I'm sorry, could you explain how I might go about doing that?00:47
jhansonxiShuboni_: "PPA" repositories are unsupported repositories from various individuals.  Search for "zenity ppa" to see if any exist then check them for packages for "natty" (the release name for 11.04).  The "backports" repositories are semi-official and can be enabled through Synaptic.00:49
alfabitI am fighting a Streamzap infrared remote + infrared receiver on Ubuntu. Have a 10.10 installation and a 12.04 and live CDs for 11.10 and 12.10.00:51
mrgtubuntu won't boot. getting "gave up waiting for root device" message.00:52
alfabitThe Streamzap is detected on all releases but only mode2 shows keypresses, nothing in irw.00:52
alfabitDoes anyone here have a working remote control setup on any recent Ubuntu release ?00:53
jhansonximrgt: Couldn't find the / volume.  Is this a new install or a previously functioning Ubuntu system?00:53
Shuboni_How do you enable the backports repositories?00:55
mrgtjhansonxi, previously functioning. In additional drivers I selected the experimental driver to try and get my screen to adjust to the correct resolution . Suppose that's what I get for selecting something like that : /00:55
jhansonxiShuboni_: In the Synaptic package manager there is a menu option for configuring repositories.  The other method is to edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file directly (not recommended unless you know what you are doing).00:56
jhansonximrgt: A video driver shouldn't affect that.  But if the driver required the creation of a kernel image, and the system ran out of space on the / volume, the image may be incomplete.  Also, are you using RAID? Encryption?00:57
mrgtjhansonxi, that's weird. There was plenty of space.. I'm not using RAID or Encryption .00:58
jhansonximrgt: You can try a previous kernel by holding down the Shift key during boot (before Ubuntu loads) to access the grub boot menu.  Then select one of the other kernel images.  But it's possible that something else failed and the video driver change is coincidental.00:59
mrgtjhansonxi, okay. will do.00:59
Shuboni_Hey, jhansonxi , does 12.04 have those stupid app things on the side or does it have a toolbar like 11.04?  That was the biggest problem when I tried to install it.01:00
hangdeadmanHey my wireless mouse just stopped working on ubuntu 12.04 how can I figure out what the problem is?01:00
mrgtjhansonxi, at the grub menu. I get 4 options. Which one should I select?01:00
alfabithangdeadman, check the batteries ?01:01
OerHekshangdeadman, renew the battery's and see if that solves it01:01
mrgtjhansonxi, I get Ubuntu, Advanced Options.., Memory test.., memory test01:01
jacesffor some reason i get sound only from one website, my personal music server. i get no audio through amarok, mocp, pandora website, nothing. any ideas?\01:01
jhansonximrgt: The top one will be your current kernel.  Try an older version (if any).01:02
hangdeadmanOerHeks:  batteries are good. the light is also still on on the mouse. it just doesn't move my pointer anymore. i have restarted my system and still have the same problem.01:02
mrgtjhansonxi, there doesn't seem to be an older one :/01:02
mrgtjhansonxi, oh.. wait01:03
alfabithangdeadman, have you already un-plugged and re-plugged the wireless mouse receiver?01:03
hangdeadmanalfabit: yes01:03
alfabithangdeadman, while Ubuntu was running, right ?01:03
hangdeadmanyes, also while the system was powered down.01:04
OerHekshangdeadman, maybe the mouse is broken, if the light works but does not respond and unplug/plgin the adapter does not solve it01:04
OerHekshangdeadman, you had problems with it yesterday too, didn't you ?01:05
hangdeadmanno, this is the first time i've had problems with my mouse.01:05
alfabithangdeadman, yes, I agree with OerHeks, might be a good idea to verify on a 2nd computer, or while booted from a live CD..01:06
hangdeadmanI'll try booting from a livecd as this is my only computer. I'll check back.01:07
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Guest10928nick sinan01:11
jhansonximrgt: If this is a new installation then it won't have any older kernels because it has never updated the kernel yet.  One possibility - if you have (or had) a removable drive (USB flash, etc.) connected when you booted, it may cause the BIOS to change drive IDs which can confuse Grub.  Try removing it.01:13
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alcaprawnI'm running latest ubuntu no compiz desktop effects and my ati hd 6870 idle temps are hitting 67c?01:25
alcaprawnit seems the fan it going quite alot too? any ideas guys01:25
alcaprawnin windows7 its around 40c max.01:25
nardevalcaprawn, don't you have anything smarter to do but playing with ui :D01:26
alcaprawnwhat are you talking about ?01:26
alcaprawnplaying with ui?01:26
alcaprawnshut up fool.01:26
nardevalcaprawn, i was thinking how to help you :D01:26
alcaprawnyou've no idea how to help me ^^01:27
nardevobviously you have much bigger problem than compiz...01:27
alcaprawnthe ubuntu recomened drivers messed my x0rg up man.. so i installed barts_ati drivers01:27
jhansonxialcaprawn: Sounds like a bug.  Are you using the AMD fglrx driver?01:27
alcaprawnbut now my cpu is hitting like 67c idle?01:27
alcaprawnnardev, if u can help please do so!01:28
alcaprawni used to have aticonfig for cli, but now thats gone801:28
alcaprawnjhansonxi: im sure its barts drivers01:28
alcaprawnhow can i check though?01:28
jhansonxialcaprawn: The chip on the video card is a GPU, not CPU, or do you have a APU (combination CPU+GPU)01:28
qkitmorning guys01:28
alcaprawnsorry did i say cpu?01:29
alcaprawnyeh yeh gpu*01:29
alcaprawnim drunk out my head01:29
qkiti having problem trying to install my k3b01:29
qkiti keep getting k3b : Depends: kde-runtime but it is not going to be installed01:29
nonoalcaprawn: links!!01:29
alfabitqkit: Try: sudo apt-get install k3b kde-runtime01:29
jhansonxialcaprawn: "barts drivers"?01:29
alfabityeah sounds fishy don't it ha!01:30
jacesffor some reason i get sound only from one website, my personal music server. i get no audio through amarok, mocp, pandora website, nothing. any ideas?\01:30
alfabitjacesf, was thinking about that..no solutions, but some ideas. Sounds like something is tying up your sound card01:31
qkitalfabit: i'm getting k3b : Depends: libk3b6 (= 2.0.2-3ubuntu2) but it is not going to be installed01:31
alfabitjacesf, or maybe you don't have privs to the sound devices01:31
OerHeksnono grooveshark and french urls are not helpfull here01:31
jhansonxialcaprawn: "BARTS" appears to be the code name for the chip, not the driver: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man4/radeon.4.html01:31
nonoDerHeks/ oki sorry01:31
alfabitqkit, maybe your package list is confused (a recent major version upgrade?)01:32
jhansonxialcaprawn: The Linux driver would be either fglrx (closed source driver from AMD) or radeon (open source)01:32
jacesfalfabit: not sure how long its been like this, just noticed it, prives should not have changed. I thought something using soundcard too but i rebooted....01:32
alfabitqkit: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -f install k3b01:33
qkitalfabit: i'm using ubuntu 12.0401:33
* qkit trying 01:33
jhansonxialcaprawn: If you have the "AMD Catalyst Control Center" installed (look in your desktop menus) then you are using fglrx.01:34
qkitalfabit: i'm still getting the same error01:34
alcaprawnjhansonxi: last time i installed ati offical driver01:34
alcaprawnit messed my x0rg up01:34
alcaprawnand i had to reinstall01:34
alfabitqkit, you are on 12.04, how do you usually install packages? Did apt-get just stop working recently ?01:35
alcaprawnit did happen before but i forgot how i fixed it >.< and iv been using slackware ever since01:35
qkitalfabit: normally i using apt-get install01:36
jhansonxialcaprawn: There are two ways to install it - Jockey (the Ubuntu "Additional Drivers" applet) or manually using the installer from AMD's web site.  The radeon driver is missing many features and may not support power management on your card.01:36
OerHeksalcaprawn, maybe xorg-edgers ppa with newer drivers solve your issue > https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa01:37
alfabitqkit, are simpler packages installing correctly? (sudo apt-get install symlinks, for example?)01:38
alcaprawnlatest ati drivers has bugs with latest xorg-version01:38
alcaprawnam i correct?01:38
alfabitqkit, just wondering if maybe there is a problem with the Ubuntu repo you are pointing at.01:38
qkitalfabit: yup that one installed successfully01:39
alfabitqkit, ok, good. What Ubuntu mirrors are you pointing at? (in /etc/apt/sources.list)01:39
qkitalfabit: /etc/apt/sources.list01:40
Peckerdoes anyone know what kernel version support for the PS3's navigation controller was added in?01:40
alfabitqkit, hope you didn't try to paste :)01:41
qkitalfabit: http://www.mirror.upm.edu.my/01:41
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alfabitqkit: I would start by pointing at a different mirror.01:41
alfabitqkit: also making sure you have multiverse and universe both enabled. Actually that could be your issue.01:41
qkitalfabit: ok, let me try it01:41
qkithow can i enable multiverse and universe?01:42
alfabitqkit, in a normal/unmodified sources.list they will be predefined for you, but may have been commented out (or the mirror could have dropped those collections)01:42
OerHeksPecker, it is not in the kernel, here is a howto > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sixaxis01:43
alfabitqkit, it's usually something like deb http://some-ubuntu-mirror.org/ubuntu/ precise main restricted universe multiverse01:44
qkitalfabit: wow, it works. Thanks01:44
Starsi need some help with tar a backup, how do i write excluded some folders?01:53
brady2600anyone know of a dreamweaver like application for editing webpages?01:54
brady2600i have aptana studio, but have been unable to find any interface for directly editing the page like its a document , i like that for doing quick resizing and moving of visual elements around on a page rather than coding it all by hand01:54
brontosaurusrexbrady2600: there is none01:54
OerHeksStars, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR   >>>> " tar -cvpzf backup.tar.gz --exclude=/backup.tar.gz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/sys --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/media --exclude=/dev /   "01:55
StarsOerHeks, thanks alot01:55
brady2600it thought a while back mozilla made something like thaqt01:55
alfabitbrady2600: mozilla composer iirc01:55
brady2600i find it hard to believe that there is nothing at all out there for linux for visual manipulation of pages01:55
alfabitbrady2600, might still be part of seamonkey01:56
alfabitalthough I don't see that in the repo any longer01:56
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alfabitbrady2600, you could try bluefish, but it is not dreamweaver by a long shot. I haven't used it in 5+ yrs, don't know what it does now though..01:57
sannaHello I have problem with my wireless drivers01:59
sannaSince now that i have installed them, my computer doesent regonize my wireless02:00
UbuntuWarriorwhat is the exact problem sanna?02:00
sannaI have HP pavilion dv900002:00
sannaAnd i have look 1 post on the ubuntu forums02:00
sannabut no help02:00
antivaporhi. I currently use nomodeset added in my grub when booting so that my monitor works. Any tips on a more permanent solution?02:01
hangdeadmanHow do I use a playstation 3 controller as a mouse in ubuntu 12.04 via usb?02:01
sannaI have also my old XP still installed and works fine in there..02:02
UbuntuWarriorwich version of ubuntu do you use sanna?02:02
sannaLAN works fine02:02
UbuntuWarrior@hangdeadman there is no way you must work with bluetooth02:02
hangdeadmanUbuntuWarrior: I had it working before but can't remember the name of the software I used.02:03
txomoncan anyone help me building apache 2.4 from Debian's experimental02:04
UbuntuWarrior@sanna: have you tried wict?02:04
sannahangdeadman google ps3 controller on ubuntu and there should be few links02:04
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sannai can look you 1 after i have solved my problem02:04
OerHekshangdeadman, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sixaxis02:05
sannaUbuntuWarrior wict?02:05
UbuntuWarriorits a other manager for the w-lan card02:05
sannawill try02:05
CrellHi all.  I've just upgraded a system from 12.04 to 12.10.  Overall it seems to be working but it's booting the wrong kernel.  It's still booting a 3.2 kernel, and every entry in grub's menu.list file is labeled 12.04.  What goofed, and how do I correct it?02:07
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jribCrell: are you certain the upgrade completed successfully?02:07
CrellWell it survived a reboot.  I had some packages jam during the upgrade, but an aptitude clean && aptitude upgrade fixed most of them.02:08
CrellI've had that happen a few times.  This is a server system, btw, if that makes a difference.02:08
jribCrell: how did you upgrade?02:09
Crelldo-release-upgrade from the command line.02:09
nono:-)aptitude upgrade02:09
nono:-)aptitude full-upgrade02:09
nono:-)aptitude safe-upgrade02:09
jribCrell: what's the output of "uname -a"?02:09
CrellI'd previously upgraded to 12.04 the same way.02:09
Crelljrib: Linux 3.2.0-35.02:10
jribCrell: that's really strange output.02:10
CrellWell that's not the complete string.  I didn't feel like copying the entire string by hand since that computer's on the other side of the room. :-)02:10
alfabithangdeadman, you couldn't have known, but because of you I solved my problem for the day. By changing batteries. Thanks!02:11
Crell3.2.0-35-generic, more specifically.02:11
hangdeadmanalfabit: haha, that's whats up.02:11
jribCrell: apt-cache policy linux-image-server linux-image-generic02:11
Crelljrib: It lists 3.5 as candidate for both.  It's installed for the latter, but nothing is installed for the former(?).02:13
ammini1Morning folks! How could I remove/resize the Gnome3 notification bar. I'm using fully updated 12.10 x86_64 machine. I did try gnome-tweak-tool and forums, but couldn't get any helpful info.... thanks!02:13
jrib!pastebinit | Crell02:13
ubottuCrell: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com02:13
CrellMy guess is that when it asked about updating menu.lst to the package maintainer's version I should have said Yes, not No. :-)02:13
jribCrell: you can use that on the server02:13
alfabitCrell, maybe you can shortcut by just running 'sudo update-grub'. It will make a new list of all currently installed kernels02:13
Crellalfabit: Tried that already.02:13
alfabitCrell: Try sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub  ?02:15
jribCrell: pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg .  Are you getting "interesting" output from update-grub?02:15
CrellDefine "interesting"?02:15
sannaUbuntuWarrior, I have it now installed and no wireless network are found still02:15
jribCrell: you can delete "interesting" from the question if you want02:16
Crelljrib: There's no grub.cfg, but there is grub.conf.  Good enough?02:16
sannaOr maybe I just dont know how to use this program..02:16
marcavisSo, I don't know whether I should mention this here, or in nautilus, or gnome... does someone know about this strangely eager autocompletion in filenames in the open files dialogs?02:16
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antivaporOr maybe a better question is, nomodeset can be made permanent but how do i get the regular splash fixed?02:17
sannaBut still it says in big font; no wireless networks were found02:17
Crelljrib: grub.conf appears identical to menu.list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1481128/02:17
sannaShould i try reboot?02:17
jribCrell: are you still using grub 1 or something?02:18
Crelljrib: update-grub says it finds many kernels, including 3.5, 3.2, 2.6.32, 2.6.24, and
Crell(This system has been around a while.)02:18
Crelljrib: I have no idea.  I think about grub once every few years, and the computer itself was first installed on edgy.02:18
jribCrell: yes, you probably are02:19
CrellHm, grub --version reports version 0.9702:19
CrellThat sounds... old.02:19
marcavisHmm... apparently it's gtk file chooser02:19
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:20
ubottugrub 1 is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub for Karmic onwards02:20
alfabitCrell, yes, get GRUB2 on there: sudo apt-get install grub202:20
alfabitThat will pull in grub-common and grub-pc.02:20
* Crell goes to break his grub.02:20
alfabitAnd make a nice list of all your avail kernels.02:20
CrellI presume let it remove the grub package?02:21
alfabitCrell, yes, that's fine.02:21
jribCrell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Upgrading02:21
antivapordoes encrypting your home folder prevent you from making a server?02:22
jribantivapor: no?02:22
antivaporjrib: cool02:23
sannaAny suggestions how to setup my wlan to work?02:23
sannaI have installed the lastest drivers using LAN02:24
sannaand wicd02:24
sannabut still not working for me02:24
CrellOK, going to restart the server with grub2.  Wish me luck.02:24
alfabitCrell, Good luck :)02:24
CrellGrub menu now shows about 5 different kernels, with 3.5 being the default.02:26
jribCrell: cool02:26
CrellI presume that means I should go ahead and do the upgrade-from-grub-legacy command to tidy things up, and then I can remove the really old kernels, da?02:27
UbuntuWarriorsanna, do you has deinstalled the original drivers for w-lan?02:27
sannaNo I havent :/ after i have done that should I reinstall wicd?02:28
seliteHow do I install KDE desktop environment in Ubuntu?02:30
antivaporany advice on getting splash screen with nomodeset?02:30
jrib!kde | selite02:30
ubottuselite: KDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.02:30
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alcapraw1anybody know  how to show linux kernal logo and system infor in terminal?02:30
alcapraw1its default on arch-linux just forgot the app  i used02:30
alcapraw1i thought it was kernel colors but clearly not :/02:31
brontosaurusrexalcapraw1: archey perhaps02:31
UbuntuWarriorsanna, I think so. I find a step by stem manual for your problem in a german thread I can translate it: Step1: deinstall network manager 2: deinstall network deamon 3:reboot 4: use wicd02:31
alcapraw1yes i think thats it :D02:31
sannaOkey thanks UbuntuWarrior, I will reboot now02:32
UbuntuWarriorno problem I hope it works :D02:33
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.02:33
Isozenewhat is ubnetu02:34
amminiHi there, I'm a Fedora user and now setting up Ubuntu 12.10 in my wife's laptop. In Fedora we've delta rpms which would have only the diff from the earlier version and apply that diff on updates to the existing packages. Is there something similar in deb as well, which I can install and save some network bandwidth on updates? Thanks..02:34
hangdeadmanI get this code when trying to burn a DVD: SCSI error on write(3008,16): [3 0C 00] Write error02:34
=== newbie|2 is now known as StevenX
alfabitammini, sorry, you are in for some hefty update downloads..02:36
QuestIs there a free and good screen + audio (from mic and sound card) recorder so that I can upload that video to YouTube?02:36
amminialfabit: Nothing I'd do to speed up the update downloads? (Other than bumping up my ISP bandwidth? ;))02:36
alfabitammini, choosing a nearby mirror is the best option.02:37
amminialfabit: Oh! Ok. Thanks. I'll make sure I'm using a nearby one.02:38
alfabitantivapor: not certain, but with nomodeset you should be able to add vga=791 etc. options to the kernel command line.02:38
amminiIn fact yesterday while I was installing 12.10, I'd the installer connected to uplink, thinking that it'd pull down the latest packages from web.02:39
alfabitthat will give you framebuffer and (hopefully) splash screen.02:39
alfabitammini, usually it does. I hate doing updates as part of an install, I prefer to install, then pull out all of the ubuntu packages I don't need.02:39
alfabitammini, saves me some time because I'm not updating things I don't use (empathy, gwibber, ubuntu-one stuff etc.)02:40
antivaporthanks alfa! Ill try that.02:40
KxTwoHey guys, any thoughts on why my laptop runs hotter when I run ubuntu than when I run windows?02:40
amminiNow I'm downloading some 250M+ of updates, which I think is updates to the stock packages version from the pristine installation - or does Ubuntu push that much updates to the mirror in one go?02:41
sannaim back and still; WLAN not working :/02:41
KxTwoKind of annoying as I was hoping it would run cooler02:41
alfabitammini, that's about right. You are getting all of the updates since 12.10 was released, now, after a new install.02:41
alfabitammini, in the future it will be better.02:42
MoL0ToVhi from italy! here is 3:40 and i'm unable to sleep :)02:42
alfabitKxTwo, yes, drivers aren't optimized :(02:42
UbuntuWarriorsanna, can you see w-lan networks?02:42
sannaHi from Finland! 4:4202:42
sannaNo I cant :/02:43
alfabitKxTwo, Especially if you have a dual video card, where one is supposed to take over for the other to save power..can't be disabled on a linux kernel. Really sucks.02:43
MoL0ToVfinland! i want to travel to finland!!02:43
* ammini is in future. 08:15 here.02:43
MuphridHi from brazil, 00 43, but this is offtopic02:43
KxTwoAnything I can do about it, I want my lt to run as cool as possible, its hovering around 60c right now02:43
KxTwoits 10+ what I get on windows02:43
alfabitKxTwo, any idea if you have the Optimus video card solution ? (I think it's a pairing of an Intel integrated and an nvidia discrete)02:44
MoL0ToVsanna: what wifi interface you have?02:44
KxTwomy cpu is running hot not my video card02:44
sannawicd? What do you mean? :/ Sorry for being scrub02:45
amminiTry some CPU Frequency governor tweaks.02:45
UbuntuWarriorsanna, I think I can't help anymore because I'm out of ideas. I wish you a good night and good luck at your problem :D02:45
seliteI use WUBI to install Kubuntu and I get an error it says that "Cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO".02:45
seliteHow do I fix this ,plaese?02:45
KxTwomaybe I shouldnt worry as its under the jmax but I get worried about overheating02:45
sannaAww.. Good luck to you solving future problems :)02:46
mrhydewill adobe ever make it for linux?02:46
seliteI use WUBI to install Kubuntu and I get an error it says that "Cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO"?02:46
MoL0ToVselite, why to use wubi? you cannot boot from cd, resize existing partitions and install ubuntu?02:47
seliteMoL0ToV: No, nah the CD's don't work on my machine.02:47
alfabitKxTwo, the cpu_idle and friends driver in Linux should be just fine. The graphics stuff is the only issue I have heard of. What version of Ubuntu are you running on your laptop?02:47
KxTwoalfabit, I just installed 12.1002:48
MoL0ToVselite, so you are installing from usb? there are a lot of tools to burn correctly the iso on a usb key02:48
MoL0ToValso from windows02:48
KxTwoalfabit, i was running mint before but hadn't used it for a couple of months and decided to switch back to ubuntu02:48
seliteMoL0ToV: I am installing from WUBI.02:48
seliteMoL0ToV: From inside Windows 7.02:48
Muphridsanna: wicd is a different network manager02:48
Muphridsanna: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD02:48
kelvinellawas the irc server down yesterday?02:49
KxTwobut I do know when im sitting idle on my windows machine I will drop into even the 40's but the lowest ive hit here is 5702:49
alfabitKxTwo..is it possible 12.10 is misreporting your CPU temp ?02:49
KxTwoim using psensors?02:49
alfabitKxTwo, I only mention it because mcsmash was saying something about 12.10 reporting high CPU temps. Maybe there's a bug.02:50
alfabitKxTwo, what make of laptop ?02:50
KxTwohp dv702:50
KxTwohence my concern!02:50
MoL0ToVselite, burn a iso ubuntu image into a usb key and boot from it, is best way in your case02:50
MoL0ToVyou can also resize windows partition if needed02:51
MoL0ToVusing gparted02:51
KxTwoit was overheating before and burnt out my battery, so now I monitor my temp02:51
alfabitKxTwo: If you have a BIOS interface to the temperatures as well..reboot into that and see if it's still reporting in the 60s02:52
KxTwoim actually lucky it even works it used to get so hot it would shut off02:52
alfabitKxTwo: that could give you a measure of 'is psensors accurate'02:52
alfabitKxTwo, next, I would check launchpad and see if any open issues deal with misreporting temp sensors on 12.1002:52
alfabitKxTwo, sorry, Ubuntu bug tracker: launchpad.net02:53
KxTwowhat about DE, what if I change that?  I really dont care what DE I use02:54
kelvinellahi is there different between the ubuntu12.04.1 iso and ubuntu12.04 iso?02:54
laila_Hi. I'm new and helpless. Have a problem described at youtube: http://youtu.be/cSZ9X9y9_hc02:55
jhansonxiKxTwo:  Have you seen http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-e-g-Windows-8/HOW-TO-FIX-DV7-FAN-OVERHEATING-PROBLEM/td-p/136086102:55
KxTwothats how i fixed it02:56
KxTwoI actually was a month past warranty02:56
KxTwoso i took it apart02:56
KxTwocleaned out the fan02:56
FloodBot1KxTwo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:56
KxTwoI have cats so you can imagine02:56
jhansonxiKxTwo: With Ubuntu running, is it possible to view the fan to see if it ever turns on?02:56
KxTwoupdated the bios and turned the fan to always on02:56
KxTwoI can feel the fan, if it was not on Id shoot up into the 80s and 90's02:57
KxTwosupposedly the tmax for my cpu is 11502:57
QuestIs there a free and good screen + audio (from mic and sound card) recorder so that I can upload that video to YouTube?02:58
jhansonxiKxTwo: Try using a CPU frequency control.  Most desktop environments have one as an applet.02:58
alfabitkelvinella: 12.04.1 is 12.04+updates. You don't need to re-download if you already have the 12.04 iso, the updates can just be downloaded after installation.02:59
jhansonxiKxTwo: You can at least monitor the CPU clock speed that way.02:59
KxTwowell psensor has cpu usage02:59
OerHeks!info recordmydesktop02:59
ubotturecordmydesktop (source: recordmydesktop): Captures audio-video data of a Linux desktop session. In component universe, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 54 kB, installed size 148 kB02:59
KxTwomy max has been 50 percent but hovered around 2002:59
kelvinellaalfabit, but strangely when i use 12.04 iso liveCD my laptop screen is rotated upside down, in 12.04.1 liveCD it is fixed02:59
nonoKxTwo lm-sensors?03:00
jhansonxiKxTwo: It maybe the GPU that's causing the excessive heat.  The CPU and GPU often share air streams in laptops.03:00
laila_I have a problem with network speed between a NAS and laptop. The speed is brutal slow - unless I download two files concurrent between the same two units. Asking for help...03:01
KxTwojhansonxi, I wondered that too but dont really know how to confirm it03:01
jhansonxiKxTwo: Most sensor apps obtain their info from lm-sensors or ACPI.03:01
jhansonxiKxTwo: Does psensors show the CPU running at the max speed always or does it change based on load?03:02
KxTwojhansonxi, yah eI think psensors does as well03:02
jhansonxiKxTwo: Does the CPU speed ever change?03:03
KxTwoit changes, it displays ap ercentage currently im at 903:03
KxTwomin was 4 max was 5203:03
KxTwoit changes03:03
* OerHeks allways wonders why people think windows show correct temp03:04
jhansonxiKxTwo: Based on that I don't think it is the CPU or fan that is the problem.  Possibilities are GPU or faulty sensor readings (more likely GPU).03:04
jhansonxiKxTwo: What GPU and driver are you using?03:04
KxTwohmm you might be right03:05
KxTwoI could have sworn that psensors used to display gpu temp but its not on this install which means wrong driver03:05
KxTwoim using the default driver, I literally just installed03:05
KxTwoand I have an ati mobility radeon hd 4650 (m96)03:05
laila_ASKING experts 4 HELP: I have a problem with network speed between a NAS and laptop. The speed is brutal slow - unless I download two files concurrent between the same two units.03:05
KxTwopsensors does use lm-sensors btw03:06
KxTwofor somer eason I have two temp 1's im assuming thats the cores.03:06
jhansonxiKxTwo: That would use either vesa (default generic driver for anything), radeon (open-source driver with many limitations), or fglrx (AMD closed-source driver).  If you have the AMD Catalyst Control Center app then you are using fglrx.03:07
KxTwothis ubuntu has some changes from the last one.  The software updater is different and I dont see the third party driver installer.03:07
KxTwoahh that is what that catalyst was for on my last install03:07
KxTwoI think I went through all this when I installed mint but forgot what I did03:08
jhansonxiKxTwo: I think Jockey (the "Additional Drivers" app) was removed and the Ubuntu Software Center installs the drivers now.  I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) so I still have Jockey.03:08
KxTwoI at first tried to use the third party driver installer but had problems with it, I can't even find it on this install.03:08
KxTwojhansonxi, I think 12.04 was my last install before mint I am trying 12.10 now03:08
TheBigElectronHi there all was wanting help install the Ralink driver for a wireless NIC with the RT3070 chip03:09
TheBigElectronI Have down loaded the source, made it and made installed it with out errors, restarted but still nothing03:10
KxTwothe only thing I can find it in the software center is ATI binary X.org driver03:10
laila_ASKING experts 4 HELP: I have a problem with network speed between a NAS and laptop. The speed is brutal slow - unless I download two files concurrent between the same two units.03:10
jhansonxiKxTwo: I haven't used 12.10 so I'm not sure what is involved in installing fglrx (or related bugs).  Try getting that fixed first and see if it helps with the heat problem.03:10
TheBigElectronknickoo, hi03:10
knickoohi TheBigElectron03:11
KxTwoyah I have no idea how to install this driver03:11
jhansonxiKxTwo: That might be it.03:11
roastedIs there a way to differentiate creation date vs last modified? I want to script the automatic removal of specific directories based on age of when they were created, but all I see in the parameters is last modified, which fumbles this idea badly.03:11
TheBigElectronlaila_, Sounds like something wrong with the network arrangement no?03:11
jhansonxiKxTwo: This seems related: http://askubuntu.com/questions/203232/radeon-hd-2000-3000-4000-on-12-10-quantal-fglrx-legacy-12-6-unsupported-wh03:11
KxTwoversion is fglrx 2:9.000-0ubuntu303:12
knickoodoes anyone knows a program that would reverse ip addresses from a list of domain names and then check ip's location?03:12
nonolaila: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/162531703:12
KxTwoso maybe it is it and I should try that03:12
TheBigElectronYar I have the same problem here KxTwo with a Ralink driver03:12
laila_TheBigElectron: The parts, connections and problem is described in detail here: http://youtu.be/cSZ9X9y9_hc03:12
thufir_I had some problems with video card drivers, http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ubuntu.user/264255, but managed to start xfce.  However, while gnome-terminal is installed, it doesn't give a prompt but just a blank terminal window.  (no, it's not black on black)03:13
TheBigElectronOkay, watching now laila_03:13
KxTwocrap on that link no one has a real answer03:13
KxTwomaybe I need to go back to 12.04 damn it03:13
laila_TheBigElectron: Read the text too ... is usefull to get my question ...03:13
thufir_KxTwo: lol. 12.10 is buggy03:13
blackbird_i have problem in terminal most of time its give me error of unmet dependies03:14
laila_thufir: yes03:14
OerHeksKxTwo same answer as jhansonxi > Latest proprietary AMD Catalyst driver version 12.9 cannot be used with Ubuntu 12.10 If you have a AMD Radeon HD 2xxx-4xxx series card.Drivers for these cards are now available in a separate branch called legacy series. see >> http://askubuntu.com/a/12920003:14
blackbird_can any one have solution03:14
=== angelpossum is now known as imapancake
RadmintegrityGreetings All, I need help from someone who understands what is involved in recovering data lost on a linux raw encoded partition, or at least I think Linux raw because that is how it is displayed when I use ext2 in Windows to view the drive partitions.  This drive was used in a Zmodo surveillence system DVR, which is why the data is encoded.  I need to find a way to get the lost footage...03:14
Radmintegrity...restored, at least some of it in order to prevent an innocent man from going to prison and I only have until Jan 4 to do it.  Thank you.03:14
KxTwoOk I think im going to reset my live usb to 12.04 and start over I havent done much so no biggy03:15
OerHeksblackbird_, what ubuntu version are you using and what are you trying to install ?03:15
KxTwoill be back after that asking the experts03:15
KxTwoim not seeing anything great about 12.10 over 12.04 anyway03:15
blackbird_like some gnome wallpapers03:15
jhansonxiRadmintegrity: If it's that important then have a professional recovery firm work on it.  You could make it worse.03:15
bryguy_trying to figure out how to revert from wine 1.5.20 in 12.10 back to 1.5.19. The new wine release is completely broken. I tried dpkg -i --force-downgrade on the 1.5.19 packages in my apt cache but that seems to just break the package system until I do an apt-get -f install to fix everything.03:15
=== christian is now known as Guest92581
KxTwobefore I do that.  Any opinions on lubuntu?  Would that maybe be better for what I want to do?03:16
bryguy_can someone help me understand how to revert back to a previous version of wine1.5?03:16
KxTwoI care more about performance but stayign cool.  I dont need amazing graphics.  I have a dv7 with 4 gigs of ram.03:16
jhansonxiKxTwo: Lubuntu is based on Ubuntu so it will have the same driver limitations (just a different desktop).03:16
OerHeks!info wine03:17
ubottuwine (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB03:17
KxTwojhansonxi, I just meant overall03:17
Ben64bryguy_: use synaptic and force version, what's wrong with .20?03:17
RadmintegrityThank you Jhansonxi, but our budget does not allow for a professional service to do this for us.  We are middle class Americans, therefore we cannot afford justice...we have to fight for it.03:17
KxTwojhansonxi, if its just a different desktkop I can change that later so its probably best to just install 12.04?03:17
OerHeksbryguy_, current version is lower, did you install any PPA ?03:17
roastedQuestion - can directories be identified by a creation date? Or do they only work with date modified?03:17
KxTwojhansonxi, ubuntu 12.04*03:17
jhansonxiKxTwo: Phoronix has performed benchmarks on various DEs.  Check their site.03:17
Guest92581hallo. ich hab nen kleines Problem. Ich bin absolute laie im Thema pc. Ich habe mir linux ubuntu 12.10 installiert, aber ca 6 mal jetzt drauf. wie kann ich das alles wieder löschen oder deinstallieren bzw zu einem Betriebsprogramm (oder  wie man das genau nennt) machen?? Schonmal dank im vorraus03:18
jhansonxiKxTwo:  More or less, yes.03:18
KxTwojhansonxi, ok what im asking is I can change that easily though?  So I can just install ubuntu and if I want to change the DE later, if I remember correctly, that is something I can do without any loss of performance as the base OS is the same?03:18
KxTwojhansonxi, also I have 4 gigs of ram, is there any benefits of installing 64 bit still?03:18
thufir_ I had some problems with video card drivers, http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ubuntu.user/264255, but managed to start xfce.  However, while gnome-terminal is installed, it doesn't give a prompt but just a blank terminal window.  (no, it's not black on black)03:19
sdfghanyone know how to unpack xml.bz2 ?03:19
bryguy_no ppa, I think you're wrong oerheks. Lots of people are complaining about this on the wow and eve online forums. Will try synaptic03:19
jhansonxiRadmintegrity: I haven't done that level of recovery but in general drive forensics starts with a complete copy of the original and never works on the original.03:19
QuestIs there a free and good screen + audio (from mic and sound card) recorder so that I can upload that video to YouTube?03:19
thufir_lol, I'm stoopid.  it was black on black.03:20
KxTwojhansonxi, id like my next install to be one that lasts at least a little while this time lol.03:20
c_smithGuest92581, Bitte verwenden Sie in diesem Channel Deutsch, sonst wird niemand verstehen Sie03:20
bitcycleHey all.  I've got an external USB drive plugged into my media PC (ubuntu latest), and I've got some media files on my laptop (xubuntu) that I'd like to move over to the USB drive without having to move the drive to my laptop temporarily.  What's the best way to accomplish that?  I've used sshfs, but I have not ever setup an NFS before.  :0/03:20
c_smithhoping Google Translate didn't botch that up.....03:20
laila_Quest: Try RecordMyDesktop ... is in the rep of ubuntu ...03:20
jhansonxiKxTwo: 64-bit would help a bit with 4GB access but actual performance gain depends on the application.03:20
bryguy_how do I find a previous version in synaptic?03:21
KxTwojhansonxi, so if you had to tell me yes or no on 64 bit what woudl you say?03:21
KxTwosounds liek you are implying 6403:21
alfabitkelvinella: I would chalk that up to an updated driver or bugfix in the 12.04.1 roll that wasn't present in the original 12.04.03:21
tekkbuzz<Radmintegrity> why are you using windows to view the drive partitions, try using Ubuntu instead.03:21
OerHeksroasted, no, ls -al shows a date, but that can be altered by writing a folder to that folder AFAIK03:22
kelvinellaalfabit, yeah next time i would wait until .1 version is out03:22
laila_Guest92581: Problem ist lösbar ... daten auf esterne festpaltte sichern -  interne festplatte neu formatieren. Fals windows drauf, diese erst neu installeiren.03:22
kelvinellaalfabit, but strangely xubuntu12.04 iso has no problem. so weird03:22
jhansonxiKxTwo: I normally use 64-bit unless the CPU doesn't support it.  Most of the past 32-bit compatibility problems have been solved with the multiarch support: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec03:22
OerHeksbryguy_, i disagree, synaptic shows 1.403:22
jimmy_extremeHey, anyone out there available to advise on installing RHEL from Ubuntu without an optical drive?03:23
ApteryxHello friends! I have a question regarding a LiveUSB setup... Should it be able to detect an Android based device? As of now it does not seem to, so I cannot access its internal memory as mass storage :(03:23
roastedQuestion - why is "test" being deleted in this command? find /home/jason/Desktop/test/ -mmin +1 -exec rm -r {} \;03:23
RadmintegrityI just installed ubuntu 20 minutes ago, new to this os:/03:23
kelvinellaRadmintegrity, congraz03:23
jhansonxijimmy_extreme: It's possible to boot an ISO image from a hard drive with Grub2 but I can't remember the details.03:24
tekkbuzz<Radmintegrity> You could probably view those partitions on a live cd if you had too.03:24
KxTwojhansonxi, ok, unless you have any other expert advice to give me i am going to go download ubuntu 12.04 64 bit default and worry about DE later after checking out what you recommended.03:24
jhansonxiKxTwo: Have fun :D03:24
bryguy_hm,  maybe I did install a ppa at some point, argh. I've been using rpm based distros for a long time this is frustratingly different03:25
RadmintegrityI was able to pull gigs of swf files from the partitioon using easeus linux recovery, but get an error when I open them, i think because they are encoded, does this make sense or am I clutching at straws?03:25
jhansonxiroasted: Easy test - replace rm -r with ls03:25
alfabitjimmy_extreme: Are you trying to install RHEL to a separate partition on your Ubuntu machine, or installing it inside of a virtual machine, or ... ?03:25
=== richard is now known as Guest64429
roastedjhansonxi: not sure I understand what ls would tell me?03:26
KxTwojhansonxi, thanks for the patience If you are still here when I come back Ill pick your brain some more03:26
tekkbuzzRadmintegrity, do you have a swf viewer of some sort installed?03:26
laila_ASKING experts 4 HELP: I have a problem with network speed between a NAS and laptop. The speed is brutal slow - unless I download two files concurrent between the same two units.03:26
RadmintegrityYes I do03:26
tekkbuzzlike vnc.03:26
kelvinellai think you can drag swf to firefox and it will open maybe?03:26
tekkbuzzopps , yes.03:26
jhansonxiRadmintegrity: Identifying files with a corrupt directory is difficult since file name extensions are missing.  The recovery tool may have simply guessed wrong about the types of files it found.03:27
alfabitRadmintegrity, yes. It sounds surprising that a video survillance would encode to swf..03:28
Ben64jhansonxi, Radmintegrity: linux stuff usually doesn't care about file extensions, it uses magic bits03:28
jhansonxiRadmintegrity: You also need to be sure how the drive was originally configured, RAID/LVM/dm-crypt, in addition to what filesystem it used.03:28
tekkbuzzRadmintegrity, try using file <filename>03:28
alfabitRadmintegrity, try using the 'file' utility on one of the recovered files, see what it reports. And vlc shouldn't care - like Ben64 says.03:28
jimmy_extremeyes I am trying to install RHEL on another partition03:29
jhansonxiBen64: No guarantee that the magic bits are intact with a corrupt filesystem.03:29
Ben64if the headers are gone, then it's pretty hard to make a file work again03:29
tekkbuzzLinux doesn't care about filename extensions, it's only for user convenience.03:29
alfabitjimmy_extreme, it is very easy to install rhel (and centos) over PXE, if you have another linux machine you can configure for that.03:30
RadmintegrityI was cautious to keep the drive in read only mode...so if I go about this from the ubuntu os I may be able to accomplish something, right?  Ok, I will be right back as I am required to restart my Windows 8 PC (I decided to chat with you good people before even  booting into Ubuntu)  Back in a few moments, and thank you for your help thus far.03:30
tekkbuzzgood luck03:31
laila_ASKING experts 4 HELP: I have a problem with network speed between a NAS and laptop. The speed is brutal slow - unless I download two files concurrent between the same two units.03:31
Ben64Radmintegrity: perhaps, file recovery isn't always easy or possible03:31
jimmy_extremeWhat is PXE? I'm kind of new to Linux. I only have one Linux box, currently only running Ubuntu desktop 12.4 LTS03:31
alfabitjhansonxi, Ben64 - did Radmitegrity say the disk was corrupted? It sounds to me like he just isn't familar with linux but trying to get files off an ext-style partition from windows.03:32
Ben64alfabit: I don't think he ever specified03:32
jhansonxialfabit: Radmintegrity did say "lost" data03:32
alfabitjimmy_extreme: don't worry about PXE then. It is a network install method but, you don't have a second machine to set up with.03:32
alfabitjimmy_extreme: I've never done a USB install of CentOS but I'm sure it is possible, and that would be the next easiest way.03:33
Ben64unetbootin should work for that03:33
jimmy_extremeah, thanks for the explanation.03:34
alfabitjimmy_extreme: looks like rhel6/centos6 are now using the fedora method.03:34
alfabitjimmy_extreme: http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/InstallFromUSBkey03:34
jhansonxijimmy_extreme: Ubuntu ISO boot from grub info but it required some special Grub configuration: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot03:34
nonoalfabit: unetbootin...03:35
jimmy_extremeIs CentOS a different linux distro?03:36
alfabitnono, jimmy_extreme: yes, unetbootin could be used, I just have no 1st hand experience.03:36
ApteryxAnyone sees something I should install in order to gain Android device support on a LiveUSB^03:36
wa5qjhsupposedly very much similar to RH.03:36
alfabitjimmy_extreme, centos is rhel minus the branding.03:36
ApteryxIm just trying to access my Nexus S mass storage memory03:36
Apteryxfrom a Ubuntu 12.10 LiveUSB and its not seeing it when I plug the phone03:37
nonoand choose your os03:37
nono(with the usb in)03:37
wa5qjhcan somebody point me to where I can get the source for the network manager?03:38
jimmy_extremedo you have first hand experience with unetbootin?03:38
lobhater1what runs when your computer comes out of suspend? 12.0403:38
elfernetwork mgr?03:38
elferi think you might be able to find it at projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager03:39
wa5qjhup  there in upper right5 part of the taskbar next to  the speaker icon.03:39
elferwhy would you need the source/03:40
nonoit's all right03:40
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lobhater1can someone please help me use the find command.  if i want to find a file name helloworld. i try  # find / helloword03:40
lobhater1but it doesnt work, what am i doing wrong>03:40
wa5qjhI need to find out what commands are sent to a USB modem,GSM,Cellular Broadband.03:40
alfabitwa5qjh: any source package can be installed with apt-src source package_name. Just make sure you have the "src" lines uncommented in /etc/apt/sources.list03:40
wa5qjhfind / -name helloworld03:41
psusilobhater1, find / -name hellowword03:41
elferi think its written in c03:41
alfabitwa5qjh: sorry, apt-get source ...03:41
lobhater1thank you, i read the man page but just had a brain block for some reason03:41
wa5qjhalfabit, thanks.03:41
jimmy_extremequestion, what chat client is everyone using here? I'm on Empathy, but it seems pretty basic03:43
jhansonxijimmy_extreme: Client systems boot over PXE to a server.  The unetbootin tool sends them an ISO image over the network for them to load into RAM and boot from.03:43
skr_whenever i open any gnome application like gedit, gcal, i get an error msg like "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications"03:43
wa5qjhwould you know the exact name of the network manager.... :(03:43
jhansonxiwa5qjh: /usr/sbin/NetworkManager03:44
lobhater1i have tried to search but with no luck.  where can i find an explanation of what the system calls when it comes out of suspend? please03:44
jhansonxilobhater1: What are you referring to?  The login prompt?03:45
hangdeadmanCan anybody help me to get a ps3 controller to function as a mouse via usb in ubuntu 12.04?03:45
wa5qjhUnable to find a source package for NetworkManager03:45
jimmy_extremethanks for the explanation of PXE and unetbootin.03:45
wa5qjhI mean the package name..03:45
skr_plz help ...03:46
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elferthanks for the ubottu03:48
hangdeadmanCan anybody help me to get a ps3 controller to function as a mouse via usb in ubuntu 12.04?03:48
OerHekshangdeadman, i gave you this url long time ago, see >>  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sixaxis03:48
bryongCan anyone help me instsall my new WF-2117 wireless card please?03:48
wa5qjhahh network-manager..  didnt have the hyphen  in it before :)03:48
skr_whenever i open any gnome application like gedit, gcal, i get an error msg like "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications"03:48
skr_any ideas ???03:49
bryongLinux won't recognize my wireless card.03:49
jhansonxihangdeadman: It should do so by default (bug $41847) but you can use qjoypad to configure it manually03:49
wa5qjhalso getting modemmanager .apt-get didnt like all the version info includedeither.03:49
bryongHow do I find the drivers to my WF-2117 wireless card for linux?  Please help I am new to linux.03:50
jhansonxibryong: We saw your request the first time.  Be patient.03:50
bryongThank you.03:50
skr_what does this even mean  error msg like "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.03:52
tornadoskr_: you probably ought to install the dconf-gsettings-backend (i'm on debian testing, the package may be named differently on ubuntu)03:52
tornadothe dconf-gsettings-backend package, i meant03:52
skr_i had already installed dconf-gsettings-backend...03:54
hangdeadmanjhansonxi: how do I configure qjoypad/03:54
hangdeadmanjhansonxi: ?03:54
skr_but still this error is popping up..03:54
ApteryxThis is what reads in dmesg when plugging my Nexus S phone: device not accepting address 20, error -7103:54
jhansonxibryong: From a picture at Newegg.com it looks like it uses a Ralink RT5362 chip.  There's a howto regarding driver installation but unfortunately it's not easy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1216144703:54
bryong jhansonxi: thanks ill look into it03:55
ohshitgorillasOkay, so I just installed Ubuntu Desktop and I have to say, it's been one of the most furiously frustrating OS experiences ever, and I've used Arch Linux before.03:55
ohshitgorillasWhy on earth does Ubuntu Software Center keep refreshing every five seconds? it makes it completely unusable. how do I stop this?03:55
tornadoskr_: perhaps yo need other dconf-related packages too: dconf-service libdconf0 dconf-tools03:55
lobhater1how do you use find to search the contents of a file for a string?03:56
jhansonxihangdeadman: Map an axis to "mouse" and set "Gradient" then play with the settings until it works.03:56
skr_tornado: i had installed everything related to dconf and gsetting including libdconf..03:56
jhansonxilobhater1: grep03:56
skr_but no luck...03:57
lobhater1grep / myString03:57
laila_ALL: HAVE A NICE NEW YEAR - when you are at the time to have it!!!!03:57
laila_bye bye03:57
ohshitgorillasI need to uninstall a ton of programs for which I don't know the repo name so I can't use the command line. why does the software center keep refreshing, and why does it only uninstall every five programs I tell it to remove??!03:57
jhansonxilobhater1: Open a terminal and type "man grep"03:57
ohshitgorillas*every fifth03:57
lobhater1i would like to search starting at root, every file for a specific string. please help more than man.  which i have done but it is hard for me to understand03:58
jhansonxilobhater1: "grep -Rlin myString *" will search every directory below the current for myString (case-insensitive) and return file names and line numbers it occurs on.03:58
nonolobhater1 : gksu03:59
skr_when i tried strace with an application "open("/usr/share/gnome/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) open("/usr/share/ubuntu/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)"03:59
lobhater1awesome thank you so much.  i am in a rush otherwise i would have read,. thabks03:59
Ali3nat0rHi, I just installed 1210 as a dual boot on my Windoze 7 box, and I'm having issues with the graphics; YouTube in HD 720 or 1080 lags like HELL from Ubuntu however it runs fine on Win. I installed the AMD Catalyst drivers on Ubuntu hoping it would help but it didn't, any advice please? :)03:59
Ali3nat0rI also imagine it's not just YouTube but any video, however I don't have any 720 files to check it with03:59
jhansonxilobhater1: Don't start at / if logged in as root else it will grep through /dev and every byte of every hard drive.03:59
wa5qjhone more.. how do I get mysql to start on boot-up ?04:01
wa5qjhin U11.04 ?04:01
ohshitgorillasAli3nat0r: have you tried the open source driver? I don't know what all you'll be doing with this but if you're not playing any 3d games you can try the open source ATI driver04:01
ohshitgorillasAli3nat0r: I've had nothing but frustrations and headaches dealing with catalyst04:02
jhansonxiwa5qjh: Most start-up daemons are in /etc/init or /etc/init.d depending on if they are Upstart jobs or init scripts.04:02
skr_tornado: any idea after seeing the strace...04:02
Ali3nat0rWhat is the one that auto installs and configures with Ubuntu? I had a 1080p resolution on Desktop right off the bat with that, and 480p YouTube worked but again 720/1080 lagged to hell04:02
jhansonxiwa5qjh: Some daemons won't start unless they are configured first, usually somewhere in /etc.  MySQL may want a password set first.04:03
ohshitgorillasAli3nat0r: you have the catalyst control center installed, too, right? have you tried adjusting some of the settings?04:03
Ali3nat0rThe only reason I didn't nuke the Win7 partition is to still play games but I don't fancy switching back there just to watch videos04:04
KI4ROwa5qjh, cq cq cq04:04
Ali3nat0rYeah, I have done and it all seems to relate to gaming more than anything04:04
ohshitgorillasCould someone explain to me why Ubuntu Software Center refreshes every five seconds and is unresponsive the other half of the time?04:05
ohshitgorillasAli3nat0r: sounds like you need someone with actual troubleshooting experience (ie not me), sorry :P04:05
jhansonxiAli3nat0r: Search with Google for "fglrx hd flash slow" and you'll find some bug reports about the problem04:06
ohshitgorillaswhen I used an ATI driver I had major issues with video playback for a while and using catalyst was the only way to get HDMI audio. from my experience the driver is something like half trainwreck half abortion04:06
Ali3nat0rHmm will do, and I had HDMI audio before installing ATI04:07
ohshitgorillaslucky you =P04:07
Ali3nat0rI'm guessing that got included in the 1210 release04:07
Ali3nat0rUbuntu has generally worked right out of the box with most hardware I've thrown at it, but the stuff that hasn't worked has been a BITCH to sort out04:08
Ali3nat0rUnlike Windows where the opposite holds04:08
jagginessAli3nat0r, what do you mean by stuff?04:08
Ali3nat0rThis graphics problem, and an old laptop's wireless card04:09
jagginessI have to admit the docs aren't well revealing for the NetworkManager "stuff" mwahah04:09
jagginessgfx and net, it's always an issue with everyone..04:10
roastedQuestion -I'm running find to delete empty directories by using -type d -empty. When I run it, it says no such file or directory continuously, however the command still works. I'm just curious, why is the command barking at me like that?04:10
Ali3nat0rThe way I sorted that was with a Windows driver kludge I found on a forum somewhere04:10
jagginessI hope "wayland" Xserver can do better automagic04:10
pythorMy Ubuntu 12.10 won't boot by itself.  Alfabit suggested SuperGrubDisk when I was here earlier.  That got me in, but I still can't boot it with out the live USB.  Any ideas?04:12
jagginesspythor, try boot-repair iso04:12
acutesluttygirlmy pics http://bit.ly/rTGuRA04:12
acutesluttygirlmy pics http://bit.ly/rTGuRA04:12
roastedOH BABY04:12
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:12
jagginesspythor, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiJokVR9YaY04:12
acutesluttygirllike them?04:13
roastednot at all04:13
acutesluttygirlmy pics http://bit.ly/rTGuRA04:13
pythorjagginess, I've tried boot-repair, too.  Tried it before when I was booting from a 12.04 live Cd, and again after SuperGrubDisk got me into my original install.  No joy.04:13
Jordan_Upythor: While booted into your installed system please pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc" and "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/".04:15
skr_when ever i open any gnome app like gedit, gcal etc .. i get an error msg "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications." due to which i am not able to save the settings for these application.PLZ HELP....04:16
pythorJordan_U, here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1481286/04:18
thoonaihey, my generic mp3 player is mount read only04:18
thoonaihow Do I can mount it as writable device?04:18
ohshitgorillasokay, I'm going to go ahead and say it, Ubuntu Software Center is the worst piece of linux software I've ever used. How do I get it to a) not refresh at random, b) actually remove things when I click the remove button, and c) not lag?04:19
thoonaiohshitgorillas: I use aptitude or apt-get04:19
thoonaiohshitgorillas: if you ignore the software center, youll never regret it04:19
ohshitgorillasthoonai: yeah, I'm a big fan of apt-get... but I don't know the repo name for a lot of the software that comes installed on ubuntu to begin with04:19
antispinhey, i'm trying to make a bootable ubuntu USB stick using mac osX 10.6, the sudo dd command seemed to complete successfully, but i still can't boot from the usb stick (when i restart my computer macintosh hd is the only option), does anyone have any ideas on what i can do to fix this?04:19
ohshitgorillasthoonai: I just have to de-bloat using the software center and I never have to look at it again04:20
skr_please help ...04:20
thoonaiskr_: tell your problem04:20
webyhe did04:21
thoonaimy problem is that the automounter mount the mp3 player as riteprotected04:21
thoonaiweby: I joined later so I dont know04:21
webyOh I see now, my bad.04:21
thoonaiweby: ^^ we grant you pardon ;)04:21
webyquoting: "when ever i open any gnome app like gedit, gcal etc .. i get an error msg "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend. Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications." due to which i am not able to save the settings for these application.PLZ HELP...."04:21
skr_thoonai:when ever i open any gnome app like gedit, gcal etc .. i get an error msg "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications." due to which i am not able to save the settings for these application.04:22
thoonaiweby: thanks, skr_ it wont get better if I read it twice ;)04:22
peter7pann #anonamouse.net04:22
roastedQuestion - I'm having trouble utilizing the find command. My goal is to delete empty directories, but only within the directory I specify. For example, I'm working with /media/storage/surveillance. There are directories a few layers deep within surveillance. I want to delete all empty directories from surveillance... but no further beyond surveillance. How can I prevent that?04:23
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jagginessroasted, rmdir will only remove empty directories..04:23
peter7pannhow do I get to irc.p2p-network.net04:24
jagginessroasted, find -type d  |xargs rmdir      -- this will delete any subdirectry that is empty from the point you fire the find command04:24
skr_thoonai: i tried almost everything like installing dconf-tools libdconf0 libdconf-dbus-1-0 but still this error is not going ...04:24
thoonaihow I fix a read-only mounted mp3 player?04:24
webyjagginess: interesting04:24
roastedjagginess: I was working with a test here, which was located /home/jason/Desktop/test. In my experiment, I used the -depth command, which starts at the deepest point then works its way up. Problem is, it deleted test in the process. Sure, test was empty at this point, but I didn't want "test" deleted too.04:25
thoonaiskr_: im searching in my brain how to solve that04:25
jagginessroasted, what remove command did you use?04:25
roastedwith find04:25
jagginessroasted, test was empty04:25
jagginessroasted, try using -i if you want to be prompted04:26
roastedjagginess: I created empty dir's within test. So of course, when the command ran it deleted the dir's within test.04:26
jagginessroasted, actually i dont think there's an -i for rmdir04:26
roastedjagginess: the thing is, even though test was empty at this point, I didn't want test deleted.04:26
skr_thoonai: when i do strace gedit i get "open("/usr/share/gnome/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)04:26
skr_open("/usr/share/ubuntu/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)04:26
skr_write(2, "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'mem"..., 124GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications."04:26
roastedjagginess: Is there a way to do this and specify to only rmdir up until a certain point?04:26
roastedjagginess: aka, up until "test" and stop?04:26
jagginessroasted, ?04:27
jagginessroasted, not rmdir, but with find..04:27
roastedjagginess: okay, so... I'm working with a parent directory called "test"04:27
roastedjagginess: right, but find has to execute a command. It's running as -exec rmdir04:27
alfabitpythor: when you run "mount", what device shows as your "/" device ? (first line returned)04:27
jagginessroasted, eh04:27
jagginessroasted, --maxdepth (not --depth)04:28
roastedjagginess:  $ find /home/jason/Desktop/test/ -depth -type d -exec -maxdepth 1 rmdir {} \;04:28
jagginess,/-maxdepth (one minus)04:28
thoonaiskr_: so does glib is correctly installed?04:28
pythoralfabit, /dev/sda2 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)04:28
roastedjagginess: -depth means it starts from the bottom and works its way up. It's cleaner if you have multiple directories within each other that is empty.04:28
roastedjagginess: I wnat it to start from the bottom and work its way up, so -depth isneeded.04:28
roastedI just don't want test to getnuked in the process.04:28
thoonaiskr_: possibly you just have to remove and reinstall it04:29
skr_thoonai: i think so04:29
jagginessroasted, ?04:29
alfabitpythor: I want to make sure I understand your issue. You can't boot your install without the USB drive ?04:29
thoonainow i dont get my mp3 player writable04:29
jagginessroasted, so just run it a second time...04:29
skr_thoonai: i had tried that reinstalling glib...04:29
thoonaiskr_: and? same error?04:29
jagginessroasted, if a directory has empty subdirectories, then run it a second time to delete the parent directory that is empty..04:30
skr_thoonai: yes..04:30
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jagginessroasted, -maxdepth 1 << useless04:30
roastedjagginess: I suppose I could dothat.04:30
thoonaiskr_: hows the content od the folder where the file should be missing? is it really missing?04:30
pythoralfabit, Yup.  If I boot without the USB in, it tries to boot an old windows partition on one of my data drives.  If I disconnect that drive too, it just says OS missing.04:30
roastedjagginess: butwould it preserve "test"...04:30
jagginessroasted, might as well do rmdir *<enter>04:30
thoonaihelp I need my mp3 player04:30
roastedjagginess: why would I do that?04:30
skr_thoonai: yes..04:30
alfabitpythor, but if you use the super grub disk then it works w/o the USB drive, is that correct?04:30
JonnyRoUsing ubuntu 12.10 on mac mini.  Xorg keeps outputting EQ overflow continuing.  Graphics performance sluggish at best.04:30
thoonaiI want to go home with music ^^04:31
JonnyRoAnything offhand i should try?04:31
jagginessroasted, rmdir a b c d e f g    << a b c d e f g are subfolders04:31
roastedjagginess: here's the problem. This is formy video surveillance on my property. I have a find command that nukes all files older than 3 days, but the problem is I have empty directories left over. The cameras create directories for the feeds based on date/hour/minute.04:31
skr_thoonai:i cant even find /usr/share/ubuntu/glib-2.0 folder..04:31
jagginessroasted, ?04:31
roastedjagginess: so when my script runs at midnight to clean up the feeds and delete files older than 3 days, it leaves the empty parent folders behind. So this little project is to automate the removal of theempty directories left behind.04:31
jagginessroasted, is it backed up?04:32
roastedjagginess: yeah04:32
pythoralfabit, No, the USB I'm talking about now is the SuperGrubDisk iso.  My actual CD drive doesn't work, so it's not an actual disk.04:32
skr_thoonai:i cant even find /usr/share/ubuntu/glib-2.0 folder.. this folder is in /usr/share/glib-2.004:32
jagginessroasted, so instead of "copying" it to the system you want to delete it to, why not do copying to a mountpoint directly?04:32
alfabitpythor: Ok. That makes sense, gotcha. Here's my suggestion: once you're booted, do a sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub204:32
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roastedjagginess: er, copy? what am I copying?04:32
jagginess,/you want to delete it "from"/04:33
thoonaiskr_: ... ok please try to make a ymlink to /usr/share/ubuntu ^^04:33
jagginessroasted, you "deleting" it or moving it?04:33
alfabitpythor: and: once you're booted, before you reinstall grub..take the USB drive out, to avoid problems on hard disk detection step.04:33
thoonaiproblem: read-only device needs music soon, how do i get it writable?04:33
roastedjagginess: I'm trying to remove the empty directories left behind from the automatic removal of files older than 3 days04:33
raibornhello to all, i need some orientation please :(04:33
thoonairaiborn: o/04:34
skr_thoonai: i will try that let you know...04:34
pythoralfabit, I can't do that.  apt-get gives me an error about broken packages, and a dependency: "grub2 : Depends: grub-pc (= 1.99-21ubuntu3.4) "04:35
jagginessroasted, automatic removal of files?04:35
roastedjagginess: nevermind04:35
jagginessroasted, sounds like an odd script to delete video files..04:35
thoonairaiborn: ask your question04:35
roastedjagginess: It's a perfectly logical script.04:35
roastedjagginess: how else would you remove files older than 3 days besides find?04:35
raibornhello thoonai, im new to linux systems and im setting up a ubuntu server, i already installed all the lamp stuff, i can access locally to my sites, but when i try to access from outside the local network it wont let me :(04:35
jagginessroasted, if you explain as to why you're deleting things, and where thigns are being backed up.. it'll be easier to accomplish the same task..04:35
Ali3nat0rroasted: seeing half the conversation, but on my server I back up databases every day at 00:00, everything is in a known filename format like sql-database1-03-Jan-12 and I do automatic removal after 5 days, is this what you're on about but with video directories?04:35
raibornsorry im a little slow, english is not my native04:35
roastedjagginess: simple. disk space.04:35
roastedjagginess: my cameras take up 50GB per day,and I have 2.... so that's 100GB a day. So yes, I only want 3 days of footage.04:36
alfabitpythor: you definitely want grub-pc. If it can't be installed..we need to solve that first.04:36
thoonairaiborn: ok tell me whats your webserver04:36
roastedjagginess: so the script removes feeds older than 3 days from the surveillance directory. Problem is, then I have a folder for each of those days remaining, and a folder ofr each hour within those days remaining... however... they're empty.04:36
roastedjagginess: so I'm trying to automate the removal of the now-empty folders.04:36
thoonairaiborn: you possibly bind the webserver to localhost and not to domain or ip04:37
roastedAli3nat0r: not entirely04:37
thoonaiproblem: read-only device needs music soon, how do i get it writable?04:37
alfabitpythor: You have a network connection once your system starts up, right? Does sudo apt-get update work without errors?04:37
jagginessroasted, ok.. so why not make a symlink?04:37
roastedjagginess: what on earth will a symlink do forme?04:37
raibornso instead of localhost i must put the private ip address?04:37
jagginessroasted, your script is badly made04:37
roastedjagginess: my script is made as per what dozens of Google searches recommend.04:37
jagginessroasted, just delete by date04:38
roastedjagginess: and I'll ask again, how on earth would a symlink help me here?04:38
thoonairaiborn: yeah this would be the first point of failure ^^04:38
jagginessroasted, nmind that.. tried to find a cheap hack for ya.. easier is to use find by date04:38
roastedjagginess: No, I want to delete by folders older than 3 days. Hence -mtime +3 in find.04:38
roastedjagginess: I can't even have this conversation anymore. Thanks anyway.04:38
jagginessroasted, sure use that..04:38
roastedjagginess: IAM04:38
jagginessroasted, bye..04:38
sannaMolotov :/04:38
roastedholy hell04:38
raiborncould you please point me in the right direction?, what file i must edit in apache2?04:38
sannano :/ *04:38
MoL0ToV-> query04:39
roastedAli3nat0r: sorry, my setup isn't really dealing with backups, but basically the automatic rotation of files I have.04:39
thoonairaiborn: i think there must be an /etc/apache2/something.conf04:39
thoonaiproblem: read-only device needs music soon, how do i get it writable?04:39
roastedAli3nat0r: I found a logical and super easy way to rotate the video feeds, but as I said I'm left with empty directories those feeds once occupied, so now I'm trying to automate that portion of it.04:39
raibornthoonai: ok brb :)04:40
alfabitraiborn, it sounds like you are being blocked by a firewall on your local network. Maybe at your router ?04:40
raibornrouter doesnt have a firewall04:40
raiborni can access all my sites locally in every machine inside my network04:40
alfabitraiborn, if you run 'netstat -ant' do you see something on port 80 and 443 (assuming yes - since it works from other machines)04:41
thoonaialfabit: or he hasnt bind the pages to his ip04:41
raibornill try change the localhost for the private address, brb04:41
thoonairaiborn: paste your apache conf somewhere and query it ^^04:41
raibornok wait please im not in the server right now04:41
Ali3nat0rroasted: Should be the same concept, a camera makes a file/directory with a name containing the date, in which case a script should search for file/directory names containing a date older than say 3 days old and rm them. An easier alternative is that directories don't take up much space at all, so you could just manually delete them when they get too much04:42
pythoralfabit, did you get my last message? (about the could not be downloaded error?)04:42
thoonaiplease help04:43
Ali3nat0r(What I used to do with my databases before they were as big as they are now)04:43
roastedAli3nat0r: yeah, and that's whatI've been doing, just for organizational purposes I was hoping to automate the directories as well.04:43
thoonaiwant go home, have no music and my mps is wp04:43
alfabitpythor, yes, you may have lost my messages. We need to fix your apt-get before we can fix grub. You definitely need grub-pc installed.04:44
alfabitpythor: once your system boots correctly (using the USB), do you have an active network connection?04:44
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jagginessalfabit, ?04:45
pythorOk.. Apt-get upgrade works fine.  reports nothing to upgrade.  Yup, I'm on the PC we're talking about now.04:45
thoonaihelp, I want go home, have no music and my mp3 is writeprotected04:45
roastedAli3nat0r: do youknow of such a way to put a quota on a directory? and perhaps anything over 300GB and it begins deleting the oldest material first?04:45
alfabitjagginess, sorry, did I miss a query from you?04:45
jagginessthoonai, sounds like you're working at a job ? lol04:45
CoolChapChadWOBBUFFET!! >_<04:45
thoonaijagginess: o.o?04:46
alfabitpythor: good. before reinstalling grub: can you do an 'update-grub' ?04:46
CoolChapChadlike really, microsoft is like this masterfully crafted ball of "give me money ... keep giving me money ... and I will never give you what you really want"04:46
alfabitpythor: oh! and pull that usb drive now.04:46
jagginessCoolChapChad, m$ sux04:46
pythoralfabit, Yup, I did that...  I'll do it again with the USB stick out.04:46
replica'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' can any1 help on tht one ?04:46
CoolChapChadSeb: aptitude is only for package management, yast is for system administration04:46
thoonaihelp, I want go home, have no music and my mp3 is writeprotected04:46
replicaThe VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing04:46
jagginessCoolChapChad, you forgot yast204:47
pythoralfabit, update-grub found a bunch of stuff, and finished with no error.04:47
jagginessCoolChapChad, the counterpart on suse is "zypper" .04:47
thoonaiwhy does nobody cares about my write protected device?04:47
CoolChapChadok it sux then04:47
alfabitpythor: that's great! If you want..try rebooting now.04:47
pythoralfabit... OK.  Wish me luck!04:48
jagginessreplica, yeah.. i had that problem.. simply reinstall vbox04:48
alfabitpythor: Good luck :) If it's still not working ping me again.04:48
jagginessreplica, it'll re-compile the drivers for your updated kernel.. (its because you booted into a newer kernel)04:48
vjacobhiya. i'm trying to install ubuntu (12.04.1 LTS) and select encryption, as I used to, but I'm not seeing the pop-up as usual.04:49
replicawat abt dkms packages?04:49
Ali3nat0rroasted: fraid not no. Only way I can think of doing it would be to write a script. How are the filenames of each folder formatted?04:49
vjacobAny insights on how to get back to the install process that I remember?04:49
replicashd i install thm to solve th problm04:49
CoolChapChadAnybody running Intrepid yet?04:49
alfabitreplica: yup, jagginess is right. that script doesn't exist, it's a bug. try sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic dkms virtualbox-dkms04:49
thoonaivjacob: so can set the encryption of your homefolder after the setup if necessary04:50
jagginess(apt-get --reinstall install virtualbox)04:50
vjacobthoonai, what if I want the whole disk encryption?04:50
CoolChapChadhi is there a way to have kde for one user, gnome for another and say xfce for the 3rd on the same box?04:50
thoonaioh thats another problem?04:50
thoonai-? +.04:50
jagginessCoolChapChad, yeah.. the "gear" icon on the logn menu04:50
alfabitvjacob, I think full disk encryption is only available using the "alternate" install CD.04:50
vjacobI'm not particular to that particular install process, however it might be easier... if that approach was still possible04:51
CoolChapChadcan you please tell what libs to install to make this command run properly cc lex.yy.c -ll04:51
thoonaivjacob: lvm or just encrypted partition with unencrypted boot?04:51
vjacobalfabit, thoonai: appreciated.04:51
vjacobthoonai, we will see what -alternate says04:51
thoonaivjacob: ok04:51
vjacobI guess I might have to do without it this time around, out of time here.04:51
pythoralfabit, I'm back ;'(  Still get the Missing OS message when the USB stick isn't plugged in.04:52
donnieOk. I have a sansa mp3 player that's supposed to be supported by any and all computers. It has a slot for a MicroSD card. However My system isn't 'reading' it... Could I be missing a package of codecs?04:52
jagginessdonnie, it's likely fat3204:52
alfabitpythor, ok. GRUB2 probably needs to be reinstalled to the Master Boot Record of your disk.04:52
thebishophi folks04:53
jagginessdonnie, dosfstools package should be installed04:53
thoonaithebishop: o/04:53
donniejagginess Where do I find said package to install04:53
alfabitpythor: Make sure the USB drive is pulled. Then, /dev/sda should be your hard disk - do sudo grub-install /dev/sda04:53
jagginessdonnie, with synaptic if you installed it or via apt-get04:54
* jagginess ignores the cool bot04:54
Ali3nat0rOK I found a bit about my YouTube problem, YouTube lags but the same file downloaded in 1080 I can view perfectly in fullscreen, so it can't be the graphics. It's got to be Flash being a CPU pig, any ideas why it's using more on Ubuntu than Windows 7?04:54
CoolChapChadusb 7-3: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 904:54
pythoralfabit, I get an error with that command: "source_dir doesn't exist. Please specify --target or --directory"04:55
raibornok wait please im not in the server right now04:55
replicaAny other virtual machine i can use other thn virtualbox ?04:55
thebishopi installed fglrx on my machine with intel/amd hybrid graphics  and it destroyed everything, so i'm attempting to revert back to intel/radeon drivers. Xorg crashes trying to run on the intel card, but i can get a Guest session working after switch to the radeon driver (open source). i can't get my main user's desktop up at all right now.  any clues?04:55
alfabitAli3nat0r, is your version of flash current? (I think 11.5 is current?) Right -click on a video to see version info..or about:plugins, in Firefox..04:55
KOunitAli3nat0r: Yes, Flash is using more CPU.. I exp'd that problem myself.04:55
jagginessAli3nat0r, yeah.. it's because you're not using chrome ;) .. I just got sick and tired of stuff like that..04:55
alfabitpythor: do sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub204:55
donniejagginess says it's installed.. Should I mark for reinstall?04:55
CoolChapChadhow do I change the audoscrolling icon in firefox 3?04:56
KOunitAli3nat0r: It's damn laggy in chrome, better in chromium.. I switched to html504:56
jagginessdonnie, what does -> file -s /dev/<YOUR partition on the sdcard>    say?  does it say something like like "FAT ..." ?04:56
CoolChapChadsucker punch rain dance posion jab and brick break04:56
OerHeksAli3nat0r, most likely if you can play it when downloaded on your machine, it is your internet speed that causes this, not flash04:56
donniejaggines My player shows up. but the sd card doesn't. And it's in there and connected..04:57
Ali3nat0ralfabit: "Adobe Flash Player 11.2 will be the last version to target Linux as a supported platform" and I have 11.204:57
thoonaihelp, my mp3 is still write portected, may you please help me?04:57
pythoralfabit, still the error message from apt-get about broken packages.04:57
jagginessdonnie, ohh.. that thing.. you may have to do a modprobe of something..04:57
jagginessdonnie, ohh.. that thing.. you may have to do a modprobe of something..04:57
Ali3nat0r0erHeks: I have a 40MB+ connection ;) the sound works at full speed it's the video that lags04:58
replicaguyz is der any other virtual machine software i can use in ubuntu apart from virtualbox ? i am jst a noob help me out04:58
jagginess!ops CoolChapChad trolling.04:58
ubottujagginess: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:58
alfabitpythor: pop open your /etc/apt/sources.list and if you're pointing at a mirror.. switch to the regular ubuntu repo, then save & do sudo apt-get update04:58
thoonaireplica: kvm, vmware, zen04:58
CoolChapChadi don't de-op taev either, but that's just so i don't have to listen to 45 minutes of whining04:58
donniejagginess so how do I get it open? All I need to do is browse the card, put something on it. and it'll get removed04:58
thoonai!kvm replica04:58
thoonaiwhy does ubottu doesnt know kvm?04:58
thoonaiubottu: kvm04:59
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM04:59
Noskcaj!kvm | replica04:59
ubottureplica: please see above04:59
CoolChapChadwhat what?04:59
jagginessdonnie, you need to be able to see it at least with -> fdisk -l  ..04:59
thoonaiNoskcaj: thanx04:59
jagginessdonnie, do you see your sdcard listed?04:59
replicathnkx guyz !04:59
CoolChapChadVoltorb would blow up.04:59
Noskcajthoonai, np04:59
jagginessdonnie, use sudo fdisk -l <enter> , if you have to use sudo04:59
ceed^What's Xhost+ which is run at login?04:59
Noskcajreplica, also, opendox04:59
CoolChapChadgood, I'm sick of being on people's gaydars04:59
donniesudo fdisk -l04:59
flash_x_does anybody understand regexp in qt?05:00
skr_thoonai: i tried using mkdir link to /usr/share/gnome and /usr/share/ubuntu for glib-2.0 even then the error is their...05:00
matrixfoxsudo rm -rf /05:00
CoolChapChadstill can't touch a Chester's or Chubby's05:00
antispinim trying to install ubuntu from a usb stick on a mac (following these instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How%20to%20install%20Ubuntu%20on%20MacBook%20using%20USB%20Stick), i've done all the steps and the sudo dd command seems to complete successfully, but when i try to boot from the USB stick i doesn't even show up as an option05:00
antispincan anyone help me out?05:00
jagginessflash_x_, ahh.. just use free online regex builders..05:00
luke_hello i was wondering if anyone knows about getting java (it is already installed) to be selectable as the default program to start minecraft.jar? it is not appearing on the list05:00
thoonaiskr_: "ln -l" ?05:00
donniejagginess I see the player. but not the sdcard05:00
thoonaiNoskcaj: help, my mp3 is write only05:00
jagginessdonnie, can you pastebin ?05:00
alfabitAli3nat0r: wow. I wonder what that means. Anyway, I have 11.2, so that's probably normal. You might just be running out of CPU.. I don't like the high def vids b/c yeah, it's slow.05:00
pythoralfabit, How do I tell if I'm using a mirror?  All the repositories listed look normal to me, unless you count that a few of them start with "us."05:01
donniejagginess like paste what my terminals showing?05:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:01
flash_x_i need exactly qt syntax, no php and another05:01
PJSingh5000luke_, did you try $ sudo update-alternatives --config java  ?05:01
thoonaimp3 write only problem solve please05:02
alfabitpythor, as long as it says us.archive.ubuntu.com that's good.05:02
thoonaimp3 write only, give hint please problem solve please05:02
alfabitpythor: make sure you have a line for "main", "universe", and "multiverse", and that they are not commented out.05:03
thoonaii feel stupid when I cant solve this?05:03
skr_thoonai: i did that and both that error (of not getting the files)is solved but gsetting error is still their...05:03
CoolChapChad@find Amber Carlton Loving Two Highlanders05:03
Ali3nat0rI just tried Chromium, it's a bit better - 720 works but 1080 is still lagging, whereas on this same hardware my Wind0ze 7 install can play it no problemo05:03
jagginessAli3nat0r, chrome is better maybe :)05:04
jagginessAli3nat0r, (chrome comes with its pepperapi flash)05:04
thoonaiskr_: would be to pleasant to solve this to easily this way05:04
OerHeks!ot | CoolChapChad05:04
ubottuCoolChapChad: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:04
Ali3nat0rjagginess: I thought chromium = chrome05:04
jagginessAli3nat0r, another reason it may lag, is if you have a bad video driver05:04
jagginessAli3nat0r, there's distinctions actually..05:04
thoonaiskr_: I dont know how much longer I can help you. Please someone other may help him/her05:05
thoonaiI need some sleep urgently05:05
skr_thoonai: thanks for the time and help.05:06
thoonaiskr_: skr_ no problem, I dont think, I get my solution either05:07
alfabitpythor: which ubuntu release are you on right now?05:07
thoonaioh please guys, am I the only one with a broken mp3?05:08
pythoralfabit, I have those.  I pasted my sources.list here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1481339/05:08
thoonaithis must be a shifted reality where all mp3 players work properly05:09
elferwhats a broken mp3?05:09
CoolChapChadSo there's nothing wrong with the script? Even though it's executing both lines 24 to 30, and 32?05:09
thoonaielfer: its mounted as read only whenever I plug it in05:09
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:10
elfermaybe re format it05:10
alfabitpythor, yup, that looks good. So if you do sudo apt-get update, does it complete successfully?05:10
elferto fat05:10
CoolChapChadzeusss: both, eh? i moved my hard drive over to a new computer, and the volume on my music is too low. i need to crank my speakers up to hear it.05:10
thoonaielfer: its fat05:10
Jordan_Upythor: I haven't been able to follow anything past your first pastebin, but from that you need to run "sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy".05:10
elferntfs maybe?05:10
thoonaielfer: o.o no. this wont work05:11
jgcampbell300when setting up a software raid with ubuntu 12.04 server do i partition each drive with swap ... like there 36.4G drives x 7 ... so 34G and a 2G swap ?05:11
jgcampbell300for each drive05:11
pythoralfabit, Yes, apt-get update runs fine.  Jordan_U, that command is not found.05:12
thoonaielfer: they woudnt ever build an mp3 player with an ntfs licence ...05:12
Jordan_Upythor: sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get install grub-pc05:12
jagginessjgcampbell300, raid1 -- i tend to just use / and swap..     /dev/sda1 and sdb1 is for my /dev/md0  , and sda2+sdb2 is for md1, I use swap for mda105:13
alfabitpythor: yes, try directly installing grub-pc as Jordan_U suggests05:13
GinTonicmy netcard can't work in debian,it can't be light up;but i use 'pon dsl-provider' days ago,05:13
pythorJordan_U, no luck... My apt is reporting broken packages whenever I try to install a grub package.  alfabit, Same issue, apt report dependencies on grub2-common and grub-pc-bin.05:14
Ali3nat0rjagginess: Nope just installed Chrome and it does worse than Chromium >.< arrrgh05:14
jgcampbell300jagginess, cool thanks ... do you think i should take a bit from each drive for swap to make it faster /05:14
jagginessAli3nat0r, you should check the X log and see if there's problems05:14
thoonaielfer: it didnt worked05:14
jagginessjgcampbell300, how many drives are there?05:14
thoonaielfer: its again mounted read only05:15
jgcampbell300jagginess, 705:15
Jordan_Upythor: Please pastebib the complete output of the command I gave you.05:15
Ali3nat0rjagginess: which file is that?05:15
jagginessjgcampbell300, i wouldn't know what's best for a "server" edition.. i just use the desktop-alternate and use RAID1 for / and swap05:16
pythorJordan_U, somehow I expected you to say that. :)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1481355/05:16
kfizzIs it possible to hide buddy list avatars in empathy? I'm attempting to use it for its Ubuntu integration instead of pidgin, but the huge pictures make it difficult to scroll to contacts in my buddy list.05:16
jagginessAli3nat0r, /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:16
jgcampbell300jagginess, ok thanks for your time05:16
cfhowlettzhangyuqing: nihao05:16
jagginessjgcampbell300, it depends on what your "requirements" are..05:17
GinTonicmy netcard's lamp can't light up ,help me ,i have used pon dsl-provider days ago,but it works in windowsXP05:17
alfabitpythor: "held broken packages" is the issue. We should release the holds..05:17
jgcampbell300jagginess, not sure i follow you05:17
thoonaielfer: nosuid,nodev,nofail,noauto,x-gvfs-show , which one I must delete?05:17
thoonaiskr_: please paste your error again i can't find it anymore05:18
Jordan_Upythor: sudo dpkg --configure -a05:18
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pythorJordan_U, alfabit: sudo dpkg --configure -a ran with no output, no errors, or messages at all.05:19
zhangyuqingtry reinstall it05:19
Ali3nat0rjagginess: OK there's nothing in there that looks like a fatal error, then again I don't know what I'm looking for. There's a line "[    25.464] (II) RADEON: Driver for ATI Radeon chipsets" and then a HUGE list of supported devices, of which mine is included05:20
jagginessAlanBell, does glxgears run well?05:20
thoonaiwhich mount options I must change?05:21
Jordan_Upythor: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade #pastebin output05:21
jagginessAlanBell, (mesa-utils package)05:21
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jagginessAli3nat0r, meant to say to ya05:22
zhangyuqingupdate it but the configureation can not changed05:22
pythorJordan_U, done.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1481364/05:22
jagginessAli3nat0r, i use that glxgears as a test for my video often05:22
thoonaimy mp3 is mounted read only every time, how do I fix it?05:23
jagginessAli3nat0r, apt-cache policy grub-pc<enter>05:23
jagginesspythor, apt-cache policy grub-pc<enter>05:24
thoonaielfer: help please05:24
* jagginess wonders whats wrong with his keyb today05:24
Ali3nat0rjagginess: Fullscreen at 1920x1080 glxgears gets around 369 fps05:25
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Pythorjagginess, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1481370/05:26
jagginessAli3nat0r, see chrome://plugins/05:26
jagginessAli3nat0r, the plugin i have is Adobe Flash Player (2 files) - Version:
jagginessAli3nat0r, which is the pepper api i tihnk05:26
Ali3nat0rExactly the same here05:26
alfabitpythor, everything looks ok.. try: echo "grub2 install" | dpkg --set-selections05:26
alfabitpythor: do that for grub-common and grub2-common as well.05:27
CoolChapChadwindows is good05:27
Ali3nat0rAs I say Chromium actually works better, as in I can view 720p YT content nicely05:27
Pythoralfabit, "dpkg: error: operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area"  Should I sudo that part after the pipe?05:28
KxTwook I'm back05:28
CoolChapChadto: Wrong chat.05:28
alfabitPythor, yes, sudo it. Sorry.05:28
jagginessAli3nat0r, also when you do rt-click 'settings' on  flash object, check to see if 'hardware acc' is selected05:28
KxTwotook me longer than I expected and now I can't remember what I was supposed to do05:28
CoolChapChadNaht cool05:28
Ali3nat0rIt is05:28
alfabitPythor: sudo echo "grub2 install" | dpkg --set-selections05:29
jagginessAli3nat0r, the global settings brings to around -- http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager03.html05:29
Jordan_Ualfabit: That won't help for multiple reasons.05:29
jagginessAli3nat0r, i have those two items checkmarked (its the flash default)05:29
KxTwoShould I use the additional drivers feature to install the FGLRX graphics driver?05:30
Pythoralfabit, those commands ran without any output.05:30
alfabitJordan_U, do you have an idea what's keeping that system from reinstalling GRUB2 ?05:30
CoolChapChadhappy birthday to you 7782. i wish u a darkrai tonight05:30
Jordan_Ualfabit: No, but I'm suspicios of the ppas.05:31
alfabitHm. Good observation.05:31
cfhowlettI can't download CodeFree Magazine.  I'm in China and Wordpress is blocked.  Workarounds / Alternatives suggestions welcomed ...05:31
alfabitJordan_U, maybe Pythor should comment those out, and apt-get update ?05:31
Pythoralfabit, Jordan_U, I'm willing to try it.05:32
thoonaieverything worked05:32
thoonai'have you tried it turn off and on again?'05:33
Ali3nat0rjagginess: I think I'm going to cut my losses since Chromium plays 720p stuff fine, just not 1080, I am getting a new CPU in a month or so anyway so that should sort it out. Offline video works fine at 1080 so it's got to be Flash whoring the CPU, since Win7 plays it fine. Cheers anyway05:33
Jordan_Ualfabit: No, conmenting out rarely helps as the packages causing the breakage are already installed. ppa-purge on all of them (which requires that they *not* be commented out) might help.05:33
thoonaiso skr_ no lets help you05:33
jagginessAli3nat0r, sometimes with hold hardware, the accel options for the driver aren't ideal..05:34
jagginessAli3nat0r, if its old hardware, its aggravating -- it could be one or two X options that makes a big difference..05:34
alfabitPythor, I'll let Jordan_U guide you from here, this is one reason why I avoid dist-upgrades on Ubuntu :-/05:34
KxTwoSo my LT was running kind of hot with 12.10 so it was suggested that it was possibly by GPU which is an ati radeon. so it was recommended to go to 12.04.  Im still running a little hot, around 60c.  Have things changed with the additional drivers feature, in the past when ive used it it hasnt worked?05:34
jagginessAli3nat0r, btw you trying the bleeding edge? (Also I'm using the latest kernel 3.5)05:35
jagginessAli3nat0r, (kernel too plays a role)05:35
Pythoralfabit, OK.  Thanks a lot, though.  I've been working on this for 24 hours now, and I really appreciate the help.05:35
Ali3nat0rjagginess: what's the bleeding edge05:36
jagginessAli3nat0r, I'm using latest chrome..05:36
jagginessAli3nat0r, btw...05:36
alfabitPythor, you're welcome, and good luck. I would suggest - maybe backing up your data, and reinstalling from scratch, might be easier..but the ppa purge might be worth a shot!05:36
thoonaiANub: o/05:37
ANubive a question regarding update manager05:37
BlackDalekWhen I modify a linked/inserted image outside of Scribus, the "Item -> Update Image" is always grayed out, yet Scribus obviously knows the image was modified because it replaces the image in document with a red X box... What went wrong?05:37
CoolChapChadghosTM55: ask dpkg about tzdata05:37
jagginessAli3nat0r,  i'm using this -> "            exec -a "$0" "$HERE/chrome" " --disk-cache-dir=/dev/shm/$USER " "$@"               "   (/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome  < last line replaced) <<< should improve performance..05:37
thoonaiANub: ask05:37
jagginessAli3nat0r, ^05:37
thoonaihopefully someone knows the right answer05:37
ANubwhen i open it...............it says following updates are available......for this much size05:37
CoolChapChadDo you have a link before you have to go?05:37
thoonaiANub: yes?05:38
Pythoralfabit, Luckily, most of my data is on a separate drive.  Really my /home is all I have on this that I don't want to lose.05:38
ANuband all the updates are preselected05:38
thoonaiANub: please write one block, its easier to read and understand05:38
PythorJordan_U, how exactly do I do a ppa purge?05:38
jagginessAli3nat0r, (if you want to try that line, make sure there's a space after $USER -- it's a picky line..    first item exec, last "$@")05:38
thoonaiANub: :)05:38
Jdekshi. I've got a problem with a LUKS encrypted drive. Anyone able to help?05:39
ANubmy question is..........are these updates only for packages that are installed on my machine.........or do i need to manually select only those updates against which packages are installed..?05:39
graphmasturHey, I'm having a bit of trouble accessing my apache server on my ubuntu server. The port is open on the local machine, and I can access it using telnet, but I can't access it outside the machine using anything, including telnet05:39
thoonaiANub: these packages are for Software on your machine05:40
Ali3nat0rjagginess: Noes, still doesn't sort it. Gonna stick with Chromium and use 720 for now05:40
CoolChapChadIs there a CLI way to do the equivalent of http://www.whatismyip.com/ ?05:40
thoonaiANub: as more software you install as much more updates you get05:40
CoolChapChad!butt detroitlolcat05:40
ANubhmmmm.............i reconned that05:40
CoolChapChadreplica: kvm, vmware, zen05:41
jagginessAli3nat0r, ~/.xsession-errors ?05:41
ANubbut the update size is 500+ ..............so i thought it could be otherwise05:41
thoonaiCoolChapChad: he asked again 0.005:41
jagginessAli3nat0r, i hope you get your new computer before the New year :)05:41
ANub500+ MB05:41
thoonaiANub: which programs?05:41
BlackDalekI have a possibly insolvable question - Is there any way to get someone in #scribus channel to "awaken"? ;)05:41
ANubaccumulated size of all the updates is 500+ MB05:42
graphmasturso no one can help, then?05:42
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Jdeksyou and me both, graphmastur!05:42
thoonaiANub: which programs are on your hdd and do apt-get uptdate and then apt-get upgrade and dont confirm and paste the list of the needed updates05:42
thoonaithe somebody can tell you if this looks correct05:43
ANubpaste here.......:).........?05:43
thoonaiANub:  ........ pastebin.com ^^05:43
graphmasturI'd help, Jdeks, but I don't know anything about LUKS05:43
Jdeksmate, i wont waste your time :) I've got a really curly one here05:44
Tm_TCoolChapChad: please try behave and stick strictly on support discussion05:44
Jdeks...i thought i was05:45
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
graphmasturYeah, mine is a bit strange too. I've already gone through several forums, and an irc channel looking for the solution.05:45
replicaseriously this virtualbox is a real pain in th ass giving lots of problms05:45
replicareplica@Replica:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup05:46
replicasudo: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv: command not found05:46
CoolChapChadwondering what the effects of the asics will be on that 1405:46
Jdekswell, I started using linux/ubuntu for the first time like...3 weeks ago. so sadly I  doubt I'll be able to help you with your troubles05:46
graphmasturyeah, CoolChapChad needs to be kicked @ Tim_T. He's PM'ing spam05:46
jagginessreplica, the reinstall didnt work?05:46
CoolChapChadwhy am i not friends with evan on facebook05:46
alfabitBlackDalek: I think I've seen that before. I guess Scribus stores the file name but also a hash of the file. When you change it, the hash doesn't match..and you get the red X.05:46
Ali3nat0rjagginess: Nope, no errors and yeah I will do05:47
alfabitBlackDalek, I think I remember a right-click menu to "update" each red X, then it's fine again..but somewhat annoying, I'm sure..05:47
jagginessreplica, packages i have with virtualbox name in them is -- virtualbox, virtualbox-dkms, virtualbox-wt, and virtualbox-guest-additions-iso05:47
jagginessreplica, virtualbox-qt05:47
jagginessreplica, did u try to purge?05:48
replicahwo to purge ?05:48
replicahelp me out05:48
jagginessreplica, apt-get purge virtualbox05:48
JdeksLong story short: I have a drive with full disk encryption on it. I dd'd the whole thing as a backup, then like an idiot, I mounted it! Now it drops to an initramfs prompt whenever I try to boot05:49
ANub<thoonai> I hope i've done.........as you said05:49
CoolChapChadtmapj: removing old bans05:49
jagginessJdeks, that stuff is fun until it goes broked..05:49
jagginessJdeks, that stuff is fun until it goes broked..05:49
* jagginess hates his keyb05:49
Jdeksand whenever i try to mount the original drive on any other computer, it won't mount. apparently, its a logical volume with no volume group... :/05:49
Jdekshahaha, youre telling me jagg!05:50
thoonaiANub: which version are you running05:50
MoL0ToVMoL0ToV too05:50
Jdekstotally new to linux, so naturally, the first thing i do is encrypt the entire drive05:50
replicajaggines, i am done with purge it removed all th packages wat now ?05:50
replicashd i reinstall thm again?05:50
thoonaiANub: ok this looks very curious05:50
thoonaiANub: you had also an error there: duplicate source entry05:51
jagginessreplica, yes..05:51
thoonaiANub: it seems as he would update the whole system05:51
jagginessreplica, it should reinstall.. dunno/remember why it did for me05:51
replicacan u help me out with th cmds05:51
PythorJordan_U, I got ppa-purge installed, is this the command I need? "sudo ppa-purge ppa:precise/main" ?05:51
CoolChapChadi swear to god podcasts will be the death of me05:52
jagginessreplica, apt-get install virtualbox :)05:52
replicaill follow thm up jagginess05:52
ANublol............why so..?05:52
CoolChapChadromo doing romo05:52
replicano need of sudo at th strt jagginess05:52
jagginessreplica, btw the virtualbox i have is from quantal-updates05:52
thoonaiANub: ... I think you should ask me tomorrow ~.~ im awake since 6am and its 6:52am again05:52
jagginessreplica, what does -> apt-cache policy virtualbox     , say ?05:52
thoonaiand im still at work ^^05:53
CoolChapChadwhat would cause SD cards not to automatically mount in ubuntu?05:53
ANuboh......sure thoonai.............get some rest..........you look tired...;)05:53
jagginessfinally :)05:53
alfabitTm_T thank you!!05:53
replicajagginess it says05:53
replica  Installed: (none)05:53
replica  Candidate: 4.1.18-dfsg-1ubuntu1.105:53
replica  Version table:05:53
replica     4.1.18-dfsg-1ubuntu1.1 005:53
FloodBot1replica: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:53
ANubthoonai: SAme time tomorrow....?05:54
thoonaiANub: same time tomorrow is still 6am ^^05:54
jagginessreplica, i just would of like to know what repo you're using.. (the first "500" line)05:54
Tm_T!paste | replica05:54
ubottureplica: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:54
thoonaiI think you should ask me at 5-6pm cet05:54
jagginessreplica, the vbox i'm using is 4.1.18-dfsg-1ubuntu1.105:54
graphmasturOkay, so currently, when trying to telnet from my computer, and it hangs when saying "Trying" that's my server ip on my local network05:54
ANubits 10:54 am here on my side05:54
ANubits 10:54 am here on my side..........and i'm in my office05:55
jagginessreplica, in a short time the floodbot will re-enable your voice..05:55
thoonaiANub: its 6:55am here and im still in laboratory ^^05:55
JdeksSo I dont suppose anyone is free to help with a problem?05:55
amminiHi there, I've gnome-shell configured in Ubuntu 12.10 and want to remove Unity. Is apt-get remove unity* the recommended method to remove unity and the associated files and stay _only_ with gnome-shell? Will that operation break the normal operation of Ubuntu with gnome-shell?05:55
ANubthoonai: seems like you are from Jap.....:)05:56
thoonaiANub: other way round, central europe05:56
* ammini finds there are lot many un-necessary packages which he doesn't use in the pristine installation of Ubuntu.05:56
ANubso can you tell me at what GMT time would it be feasible for you to come online again..?05:57
thoonaiANub: ^^ lets go to #ubuntu-offtopic05:57
thoonaiammini: much people do, but this rescued me often05:58
totemammini, try this, www.linuxmint.com05:58
graphmasturso can anyone here help me with my server woes?05:58
robinpis the ubuntu 12.10 default kernel compiled with efi stub support ?05:58
amminitotem: I'm ok with gnome-shell, just wanted unwanted packages to be removed, so that un-necessary updates could be avoided.05:59
Jdeks*other phenomenon symbolic of silence*06:00
totemammini, ubuntu software centre help you06:00
HeKToNguys is it possible to upgrade 32 bit ubuntu to 64 without erasing it first ?06:01
jagginessHeKToN, ?06:01
jagginessHeKToN, you cant upgrade different architectures OSes06:02
JdeksI dont think it is hekton....fairly sure you have to start from scratch06:02
HeKToNvery bad so I have 64 bit processor but already installed and set up kubuntu 3206:02
HeKToNthanks :006:02
Jdeksyeah, get to backuping :)06:02
chrisvella94_hey everyone06:03
JdeksHI DR NICK!06:03
Jdeksi mean, chris06:03
chrisvella94_ could anybody help me with a NFS issue I am having?06:03
Jdeksmay as well ask, thats the only way to find out06:04
Jdeksnobody's helped me with my LUKS problem though :( :(06:04
chrisvella94_When I create a NFS shares of my external hard drive, the shares are visible over the network, but I cannot see their contents.06:04
donnieUnetbootin alternative? Anyone... I have it but when I use it. Non of the iso's actually 'boot'06:05
KxTwoSo my LT was running kind of hot with 12.10 so it was suggested that it was possibly by GPU which is an ati radeon. so it was recommended to go to 12.04.  Im still running a little hot, around 60c.  Have things changed with the additional drivers feature, in the past when ive used it it hasnt worked?06:08
x_what's a good linux channel (for a total newb)?06:10
cfhowlettx_: channel?  I'd suggest you look at the ubuntu forums/beginners section.06:10
thoonaix_: its #ubuntu or #ubuntu-offtopic06:11
thoonaibut you should also read the manuals because many questions will be answered by reading em. for the rest feel free to ask06:12
mnsIf I go to System Settings -> Details, it says Graphics: Unknown.   Why does it show that ?  lspci tells me that its Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller.06:13
killajayi got Crunchbang is there any sort of software store or portal for this distro06:13
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)06:15
HeKToNguys as I can`t change the 32 to 64 and as I said I allready setup my ubuntu very well what is the best way to store the settings so when reinstall new copy with 64 to use these settings there and also all the programs already installed ?06:15
cfhowlettkillajay: Crunchbang is not supported in #ubuntu06:15
elferchrunchbangs kernel is outdated06:15
elferopen to vulnerabilities06:16
KxTwook so as usual06:17
KxTwoadditional driver install failed06:17
Snafu777dpkg --list | awk '{print $2}' > foo && while read pop;do apt-get install $pop ;done<foo06:18
Snafu777Thats for u HeKToN06:18
MoL0ToVif i install firmware modules in kernel06:18
MoL0ToVor something other06:18
MoL0ToVhowto tell to linux to recompile the modules06:18
MoL0ToVand so?06:18
MoL0ToVto ubuntu06:18
MoL0ToVto update the kernel config there are a command?06:19
Snafu777HeKToN: That will install your programs for you....as far as the settings, no idea =)06:19
Heart^Killerhi i am getting this errror when starting the httpd service06:20
Heart^KillerStarting httpd: httpd: Syntax error on line 37 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-phpmodules.conf: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache/mod_ruid2.so into server: /usr/lib/apache/mod_ruid2.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:20
Heart^Killeri have no clue what this is06:20
graphmasturHeart^Killer: Does the file /usr/lib/apache/mod_ruid2.so exist?06:21
Heart^Killerlet me check06:22
milamberHeart^Killer: is this a vanilla install? have you modified any of the files? did you install the server from the repos?06:23
KxTwocan some one help me with video card driver please?06:24
milamber!info libapache2-mod-ruid206:24
=== k is now known as Guest59815
ubottulibapache2-mod-ruid2 (source: libapache2-mod-ruid2): suexec module for Apache 2. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.7-1 (quantal), package size 10 kB, installed size 69 kB06:24
Heart^Killerno i am using a directadmin panel and just used commands and since then i am having this trouble06:24
milamberHeart^Killer: if i had to guess, i would say that is the package you wanted06:24
notNicolasI am at the end of my rope here06:25
KxTwonotNicolas, me too but seemed to have missed the helpful group from earlier lol06:27
notNicolasI absolutely need to be using the fglrx ATI graphics drivers on my acer notebook, but if I install fglrx my computer becomes extremely buggy06:27
graphmasturI'm at the end of my rope, and I can't get anyone to seem to try and help me with this.06:27
TestingHello, I anxiously need help with my Ubuntu computer.06:27
TestingI am trying to use the su command in terinal06:27
Testingaka super user command06:27
KxTwonotNicolas, hwo did you isntall the driver, thats what im trying to do?06:27
TestingI am positive the password is corect, but it keeps saying invalid!06:27
seednodeTesting: And...?06:27
TestingI tried changing my password, still no luck.06:28
notNicolasI installed it using "apt-get install fglrx" etc, but if I install it shit goes down06:28
KxTwoI cant even get ubuntu to install the 3rd party driver06:28
seednodeSu needs root password, sudo uses your password06:28
seednodeIf that helps06:28
seednodeUnless you're root06:28
notNicolaswhen the computer wakes up from sleep, the screen's lighting stays darker and it keeps getting worse until it's completely black06:28
TestingSo, is this password different from my login password?06:28
seednodeWell, assuming you're a sudoer, just use sudo [command]06:28
notNicolasand most of the time when I boot it up, it fails to start the xserver06:28
notNicolasand just stays at a black screen for hours06:28
seednodesu makes you run commands as another user; in this case, root.06:28
seednodeSudo allows you to do admin-only commands06:29
notNicolasthen when it does work, I'm plagued by problems like needing to restart my computer to enable multiple monitors06:29
TestingWell the main objective for me to finalize is to flood a website, yet I need to be a super user to do so, it says.06:29
notNicolasbut I NEED fglrx otherwise I cannot use OpenGL 3.3 for my development06:29
seednodeMay I ask why you're flooding a website?06:29
KxTwogod damn it06:29
notNicolasI've been googling for months but there's no hope06:29
TestingI was just going to test the -f command, for a minute or so.06:29
KxTwoI keep trying to install the driver from the driver utulity but it keeps failing.  The catalyst control panel installs but that is it06:30
seednodeTesting: Well, not sure what you're doing.06:30
notNicolasyeah ATI drivers are so embarassingly broken06:30
seednodeBut, for now, just try "sudo whatevercommand"06:30
seednodeAnd then enter your user password06:30
KxTwoI got it to work on my old system but cant remember how06:30
TestingI'll try that..06:30
KxTwoI have a .run file that I remember using but now sure how06:30
=== Snafu777 is now known as Snafu
seednodeTesting, any luck?06:33
TestingPlease forgive me again for interupting, I never recall rooting my Ubuntu computer. Is it automatically rooted, or is it something to do later on? I'm pretty sure it's not rooted, so I'm pretty lost with the whole typing in my password for the su command. I recall earlier today getting the su command to accomplish fine, but after a reboot it keeps saying it's incorrect. I'm 100% sure my password is valid, since I tested changing my 06:34
TestingI'm very lost.06:34
TestingI'm not trying to specifcally use the sudo command, even though it's categorized it, I'd prefer to use the su command itself, if possible06:35
Testing*even though it's categorized under sudo06:35
milamber!root | Testing06:35
ubottuTesting: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:35
seednodeWell, you don't "root" your Ubuntu computer, Ubuntu has a root account by default06:36
seednodeLast I checked.06:36
OerHeksTesting, sudo <command> is the ubuntu way, root account is disabled06:36
seednodeI can't really think of a plus to using su...06:37
seednodeFor that usage, anyways06:37
OerHeksTesting the 1st user created during install, has root/administrator privelege06:38
Testingquote from the page I was forwarded to: it needs YOUR USER password, and not the Root account password.06:38
TestingI am typing in the user, admin's password.06:38
TestingWhy am I getting the error?!06:38
KxTwoahh I finally got it to work and my temp dropped a little bit06:39
seednodeWait, Ubuntu's root account is disabled? Dang, I wasn't actually aware of that.06:39
seednodeI guess that's what I get for not actually using it :/06:39
TestingI never rooted the computer.06:39
milamberTesting: what command are you typing in and what error are you getting?06:39
OerHeksTesting, "<Testing> Well the main objective for me to finalize is to flood a website" has nothing to do with ubuntu support, sorry, won't help you06:39
milamberTesting: you are using the term "rooted" incorrectly06:39
TestingThe objective is to get the su command to work.06:39
seednodeOerHeks: not saying I advocate flooding websites, but technically his question is support related06:40
TestingI cannot get terminal to recognize me, the admin as a superuser.06:40
KxTwothat must have been it, now that I have the driver its running only a few degrees above what it does on windows06:40
milamberTesting: you didn't actually answer the question06:40
Testingalan@alan-VPCEE31FX:~$ su Password:  su: Authentication failure alan@alan-VPCEE31FX:~$06:41
seednodeTesting, I think he means the command you want to run as su06:42
KxTwojust use sudo06:42
KxTwothough I msised most of what you were talking about06:42
milamberTesting: su is not going to work unless you set up a root account. you have to do: sudo <command> and then type in your password06:42
TestingSo for instance:06:42
Testingsudo ping (details here)?06:43
milamberTesting: (and setting up a root account is not supported here)06:43
seednodeYes, but ping shouldn't require root...06:43
KxTwoping doesnt require sudo06:43
KxTwowhat exactly are you trying to do?06:43
seednodeJust out of curiosity, milamber, why isn't setting up a root account supported?06:43
KxTwoyesss my driver even matches06:43
milamber!sudo > seednode06:45
ubottuseednode, please see my private message06:45
milamberseednode: it boils down to "it's not the ubuntu way"06:45
KxTwoOk is there an easy way to determine if my temperature display is accurate?06:45
wiiwwhen I connect my android phone, usb0 is appear in `ifconfig` , and my default route is disappear06:46
seednodemilamber: Ah, so similar to #windows' "way" of kickbanning anyone who mentions non-proprietary software?06:46
wiiwhow to disable usb0 delete my default route gateway06:46
KxTwohaving no luck here tonight06:47
asilhouettethe special characters not working with compose key feature. help!!!06:47
seednodeKxTwo, there's no way that I know of.06:48
JamesdwadeCan anyone see me chat? im grey on my screen06:48
cfhowlettJamesdwade: we see you06:48
JamesdwadeIn terminal how would i run a .sh?06:49
milamberseednode: not really, there are valid reasons for it. one being anyone coming to this channel for assistance probably shouldn't be changing configurations related to administrative privileges without fully understanding the repercussions. it also makes things easier when trying to troubleshoot if we know what the default configuration is supposed to be06:49
wiiwwhen I connect my android phone, usb0 is appear in `ifconfig` , and my default route gateway is disappear , how to stop this ?06:49
seednodebash ./whatever.sh06:49
Jamesdwadethank you06:49
asilhouettei've set right win key as compose key but, while i try to generate special characters using multiple keys, it just prints the regular characters06:49
milamberJamesdwade: if you downloaded it, also check that it is executable06:49
KxTwoseednode, thank you.  Another question.  I could be wrong but I could have sworn that my GPU had a sensor as well, how can i check that?06:49
seednodeIF it isn't, sudo chmod +x ./whatever,sh06:49
seednodeI think06:49
COMPUTERi cant boot from cd , some1 help06:49
Jamesdwadeit is executable06:50
asilhouetteyou can just use the right click-> properties to set the chmod to executables06:50
seednodeCOMPUTER: Are you sure the CD is bootable?06:50
KxTwowait I think there is is a detect command06:50
seednodeasilhouette: True, but he was asking about in command line06:50
COMPUTERi dont know, i cant even go on bios06:50
COMPUTERits a gateway laptop06:50
milamberCOMPUTER: if the bios screen isn't showing up, it's probably a hardware problem06:51
asilhouetteseednode: know anything about why my compose key not working. :)06:51
seednodeCOMPUTER: This isn't a solution, per se, but have you tried booting from a flash drive?06:51
LinuxCould possibly be the hard drive, in my knowledge.06:51
COMPUTERit shouldnt be a problem06:51
COMPUTERyes i have tried usa boot06:52
seednodeasilhouette: No, sorry; I have little to no experience with key remapping.06:52
JamesdwadeIm trying to decompile a program and im using decompile.sh and it isnt decompiling it so i was told to try the command line06:52
LinuxI have no password, it says so in my settings. I'm now trying to get my admin priveleges, and it says I need to type in my password.06:52
LinuxI tried everything I knew.06:52
KxTwook apparently psensor does not install lmsensor06:52
LinuxTried my original password, leaving it blank, nothing worked.06:52
seednodeKxTwo, it did for me...06:52
seednodeIt should be a dependency06:52
seednodeUnless they changed it06:52
milamber!sudo > Linux06:53
ubottuLinux, please see my private message06:53
KxTwoam I typing it wrong?06:53
KxTwoits not saying lmsensor exists or recommends a package?06:53
milamberLinux: there is a link in that message that will help you fix your sudo06:53
seednodeKxTwo, I think it's lmsensors06:53
seednodeBut not sure06:53
asilhouetteubottu: any help to get compose key working for special characters06:53
ubottuasilhouette: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:53
KxTwocommand not found06:53
OerHeks!info lmsensors06:54
ubottuPackage lmsensors does not exist in quantal06:54
seednode!info lmsensor06:54
ubottuPackage lmsensor does not exist in quantal06:54
KxTwoim using 12.0406:54
GemclipWhat is the current thoughts on LPIC-2 certs? Is it worth doing?06:54
seednodeNow I'm lost06:54
FloodBot1seednode: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:54
seednodeWhoops, didn't think that'd register as flooding. My bad, I'm too used to channels where newlining is fine...06:54
milamber!info lm-sensors06:54
ubottulm-sensors (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.1-2ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 98 kB, installed size 395 kB06:54
OerHeksah missed the -06:55
KxTwotried that too06:55
KxTwonot found06:55
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120406:55
KxTwoim going to install it through software center06:55
milamber!info lm-sensors precise06:55
ubottulm-sensors (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.1-2ubuntu1 (precise), package size 97 kB, installed size 395 kB06:55
seednodeKxTwo, Try running apt-get update again.06:56
KxTwoman im rusty, gotta stop using windows06:56
KxTwook I dont knwo what im doing aparently06:56
milamberKxTwo: sudo apt-get install lm-sensors06:57
KxTwoive installed lm-sensors through software center and still nothing06:57
seednodeKxTwo: Yeah, I try to alternate between the major OSes regularly, to keep somewhat up to date.06:57
KxTwoit says its already newest version06:57
Teufelchenanyone aware of this: http://meta.askubuntu.com/q/1893/11780506:57
KxTwobut when I go to use it it says command not found06:57
seednodeKxTwo, Which command are you using to run it?06:57
KxTwoI remember06:57
milamberKxTwo: i'm pretty sure the command is sensors06:57
OerHeksKxTwo, after install: Run sudo sensors-detect and choose YES to all YES/no questions. see >. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto06:57
KxTwodrop the lm06:57
KxTwoyes sorry, stupid mistakes06:58
Teufelchenanybody out there who saw my question?06:58
KxTwook now I dont remember how to read this lol06:58
seednodeTeufelchen, that's not really a question...06:59
Teufelchenthe question is why cant we humans ask meta questions anymore?06:59
Gemclipmine is though lol06:59
OerHeksTeufelchen, duplicate questions are answered with the first question & answers, no need to repeat and messes up askubuntu.06:59
seednodeGemclip, I missed your question06:59
GemclipWhat is the current thoughts on LPIC-2 certs? Is it worth doing?06:59
Teufelchenthe question is why cant we humans ask meta questions anymore?06:59
seednodeAh, no idea about those.06:59
KxTwook odd, I on ly have one success07:00
seednodeTeufelchen, you're repeating yourself.07:00
Teufelchenyes, you too07:00
KxTwoAMD Family 10h thermal sensors...                           Success!07:00
KxTwo    (driver `k10temp')07:00
KxTwounless im missing something its not even scanning the GPU07:02
seednodeWell, assuming you're using an APU, the GPU probably shares sensors with the CPU07:02
seednodeSince they're on the same chip07:02
Teufelcheni am sorry for repeating. the question is still: why cant we humans ask meta questions on askubuntu.com anymore?07:02
seednodeTeufelchen, someone already answered you07:02
goddardcan I ls and show the chmod number instead of the rxd stuff?07:02
Teufelchenmy question is not answered in a satisfying way, seednode07:03
seednodegoddard, the rxd stuff should be enough; I don't know of another way, but there could be one07:03
KxTwoseednode, I coudl be wrong but could have sworn I had a gpu csensor but this is a laptop so im guessing thats what you were referring to.  not sure what APU stands for?07:03
Teufelchenand its rude to ignore me07:03
seednodeAPU is a CPU with integrated graphics07:03
milamber!ot | Teufelchen07:03
ubottuTeufelchen: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:03
KxTwonice, learn something new everyday07:03
seednodeTeufelchen, it's rude to assume you have priority over others with more pressing questions07:03
KxTwowhat does the A stand for?07:03
seednodeAccelerated, I think07:04
Teufelchenokay, i sit in the corner and wait patiently then07:04
KxTwocool cool07:04
KxTwomaybe it was another machine then07:04
seednodeTeufelchen, I honestly don't know why, as I've never asked one. Perhaps there's a new section, or the admins decided that they weren't a positive contribution to the community?07:04
goddardwhat is the chmod number for this and how do i know? drwxrwxr-x07:04
seednodeThat means admins have full permissions, and... something something07:05
seednodeSomeone doesn't have write permissions07:05
Snafugoddard: google chmod and octal07:05
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:05
seednodeUsers who don't own it, I thinl07:05
KxTwoall I know is my temp has dropped almost 15c just from getting the right driver so I am happy there.  One thing I dont understand is that my psensors has TWO temp 1s the first has the id of: lmsensor acpitz-virtual-0 temp 1 the second has the id of: lmsensor k10temp-pci-00c3 temp107:05
seednodeIf I understand, admin can read/write/execute, owner can do the same, and everyone can else can just read and execute07:05
seednodeBut my octal is a bit rusty07:06
Snafu7 = 11107:06
Snafuall bits on07:06
seednodeSnafu, not what I meant ^^07:06
raesimy flash device cannot be format with disk utily plz help07:06
goddardso user all on rwx = 707:07
Snafurwx = 111 in binary07:07
Snafu011 = wx07:07
goddardthat makes perfect sense thanks07:07
seednodeYou people and your non-decimals07:07
Gemcliphas there been a port for the ipad yet?07:07
mvt007geek i added this to know about user  diagnosis http://pastebin.com/wQMs0Ssc         i put this in a systemfile code.but i got this errors:  http://pastebin.com/kPPT5cLg  what library i should include???07:07
raesierror the devie is busy07:07
Snafu001 = execute07:07
OerHeksmetaquestion.~ A habit of speech and conversation whereby a questioner asks a very unspecific question07:08
KxTwoseednode, you have any ideas why psensor has two cpu temps, one virtual?07:08
seednodeKxTwo, nah, sorry, I've never bothered with temps much. so long as my Thinkpad hasn't ignited, I haven't messed with sensors07:09
Snafutwo processors or  one processor with 2 cores KxTwo07:09
KxTwoSnafu, thats what I was thinking too but one has an id of virtual?07:09
Snafuno idea why my friend, but id bet its cuz of cores07:09
KxTwoSnafu, and both are lsited as temp1, on my windows system with core temp it breaks the cores up though.07:10
Snafuwhat chipset u got?07:10
Snafuright click, see if u can mod properties07:10
Snafukinda like the chipset speed via cpufreq07:10
Snafuby default it shows cpu007:10
Snafueven if u open 20 of them07:10
KxTwoI checked I didnt see anything07:10
Snafudoes windows show 2 cores?07:10
KxTwoAMD Turion(tm) II Ultra Dual-Core Mobile M600 × 207:10
KxTwoI think07:10
FloodBot1KxTwo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:11
Snafuthere ya go07:11
* Teufelchen is still sitting in his corner, waiting for his turn07:11
KxTwoits whatever on that one, I just need to pay attention so I dont overheat.  I almost lost this laptop a few months ago due to fan issues and I wasnt paying attention.07:11
KxTwonow Snafu, I know my tmax is around 115 and sensors would agreed:  temp1:        +45.5°C  (high = +70.0°C)07:12
KxTwo                       (crit = +115.5°C, hyst = +110.5°C)07:12
KxTwobut what is hyst?07:12
Snafuhttp://www.computing.net/answers/cpus/what-exactly-does-hysteresis-mean/6709.html was my first hit with google "hyst temp"07:13
SnafuGotta google man =)07:13
raesiplz help07:13
raesimy flash cannot be format07:13
seednode_Teufelchen, if anyone knew off the top of their head, they'd probably have answered. I already mentioned that I don't know, so your best bet would be Google07:13
KxTwodamn it I did but got all hysterectomy stuff lol07:13
Teufelchenseednode, i did google and stuff, sorry to be a pain in the arse. i am just worried that the website is never re-opened07:14
milamber!details | raesi07:14
ubotturaesi: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:14
KxTwoTeufelchen, I think he is referring to me for my question on hyst07:14
raesinot problem from ubuntu07:15
Teufelcheni understand07:15
Teufelcheni think07:15
raesiproblem my flash error device is busy07:15
raesiand cannot be format07:15
raesii need command for format07:16
SnafuAbout 25,600,000 results (0.21 seconds)07:16
raesinot work for device busy07:16
Snafuso umount it07:16
milamberraesi: you have to unmount it07:16
raesimy flash have virus07:16
raesinot format manually07:17
KxTwosnafu that site doesnt really give a lamens term answer, at least that i saw but thanks.07:17
SnafuThis channel is fun =)07:17
KxTwoSnafu, I cant believe my max is so high07:17
SnafuNo worries KxTwo, i didnt have the knowledge off the top of my head =)07:17
KxTwoSnafu, do you know much about max temp and if sensors is accurate?07:18
Snafusounds like its based on past performance, and its when if u go above, performance will drop07:19
SnafuIm not a hardware dude KxTwo, sorry =(07:19
seednodeI know a bit about hardware, but I'm lost07:19
KxTwoits ok lol ive accomplished all I wanted to07:19
KxTwoseednode, what are you lost about?07:19
seednodeAs I said, for my purposes I just let it run and hope for the best07:20
KxTwoim not sure what you are lost on?07:20
KxTwooh, I am just using monitors that tell me hwo hot my laptop is and will warn me if it gets too hot.07:20
zivesterxubuntu 12.10 here, what's the difference between xubuntu and linux mint w/ xfce (or stock  linux mint)?07:20
raesimkfs.ext3: Permission denied while trying to determine filesystem size07:20
=== ElectricPrism[AF is now known as ElectricPrism
KxTwoohh that was the other thign Iw anted to look into, which DE I want to use07:21
ElectricPrismraesi: r u root?07:21
seednodeKxTwo: Well, if you asked me, I'd say Openbox. It's not a DE, per se, but I like it.07:21
seednodeConvenient and lightweight07:21
ElectricPrismraesi: and you already setup the partition size using cfdisk, gdisk, etc... ?07:21
KxTwosome one earlier mentioned there is a site that benchmarked common DE's im goin to check that out07:21
raesibut my file not remove07:21
KxTwonot familiar with OpenBox07:22
seednodeWell, I don't generally use DEs; I just install the programs I'll be using/.07:22
seednodeIt's more lightweight, and feels more streamlined07:22
KxTwoso you dont use a GUI at all?07:23
KxTwoor am I not as educated on the subect of what a DE is as I thought i was lol07:23
seednodeKxTwo, A DE is a window manager and a collection of programs/utilities07:24
seednodeA window manager still has a GUI07:24
SnafuAnyone here into hacking ? =)07:25
raesidev/sdb        8.5G  2.1G  6.4G  25% /media/2891-401E07:25
Snafufml im bored07:25
raesinot remove07:25
raesiwith commands07:25
KxTwoseednode, I think its coming to me.  what is the GUI we use?  There isnt as many choices for that as DE's if I remember correctly07:25
seednodeWell, Ubuntu uses GNOME3 with compiz and the Unity plugin by default07:25
seednodeYou can also get Ubuntu with XFCE, LXDE, KDE, or GNOME207:26
seednodeThose are the common DEs07:26
KxTwoahh so I did have DE and GUI mixed up07:26
KxTwowhen I said DE I was referring to those07:26
ElectricPrismDesktop Environment = Full Cake, Window Manager = Piece of Cake07:26
seednodeYeah, I made that mistake quite a bit07:27
KxTwoElectricPrism, that is a beautiful way to educate the poitn!07:27
seednodeElectricPrism: Except in this case, the full cake has toppings you don't like07:27
KxTwoseednode, I think I had even learned it before but since im bouncing around a lot and not knee deep I tend to forget.07:27
KxTwoI don't notice people talkign about changing DE's but rather the GUI.  I take it you can mix and match GUI's Nd DE's though?07:28
seednodeWell, GUI is just a blanket term for a graphical interface07:28
seednodeAll DEs provide a GUI07:28
KxTwoyou said you are using a GUi without a DE?07:28
OerHeksA program can provide a gui *07:28
seednodeOerHeks: True, DEs aren't the only things that provide a GUI07:29
seednodeI'm just saying that, when installing a DE, you will also be installing some sort of GUI, correct?07:29
KxTwoI would assume07:29
KxTwoI have the default for 12.0407:29
seednodeEh, not a fan of Unity, myself.07:29
seednodeI've never been a Ubuntu user in general, though.07:30
KxTwoI dont like the panel07:30
seednodeSo maybe it's just my mindset.07:30
ElectricPrismAfter more than a year they still wont let me move the panel to the bottom QQ07:30
OerHeksDE - desktop, that is a gui yes, but this de/gui discussion is slightly confusing07:30
ElectricPrismnot everyone has a 16:9 monitor07:30
KxTwoyah im confused by it too lol07:30
seednodeElectricPrism: I love my 4:3 panel07:30
seednodeKxTwo: To paraphrase, a DE will provide you with a graphical interface, but other things can, too.07:31
OerHeksElectricPrism, there is some PPA that lets you move the unity bar to the bottom, but it can break your system07:31
ElectricPrismseednode: They did a good job, I just wish I had minimal customizability options imo,07:31
seednodeEh, I just feel like the interface gets in my way.07:31
KxTwoseednode how about this, what is my DE for 12.04?07:32
seednodeOpenbox is there when I need it, gone the rest of the time.07:32
seednodeKxTwo: GNOME3 with Compiz07:32
ElectricPrismOerHeks: Yeah, I googled that today again and last time I heard it was working was 11.10 I think, It'd be nice if it worked in 13.04 or 12.1007:32
seednodeGNOME3 is the DE, Compiz is the desktop compositor (an optional part of a window manager)07:32
KxTwook so whats the GUI and what is Unity?07:32
OerHeksElectricPrism, i understand unity is still in development, some version will let you do that as a standard option07:32
seednodeWell, first, stop using GUI in that way. A GUI is a general term, like a "window"07:32
seednodeDon't use it as a specific part of a system07:33
seednodeUnity is a plugin for Compiz that provides the lenses and sidebar07:33
KxTwook well what is UNITY/07:33
KxTwois that it07:33
KxTwoI thought it was a DE and it replaced Gnome 307:33
KxTwowow now im really confused lol07:33
ElectricPrismOerHeks: That's good to hear07:34
Hwkillerunity is technically nothing more than a plugin for compiz07:34
seednodeNo, it adds on to GNOME307:34
Hwkillera unity session uses GNOME3 as the session and compiz as the window manager and compositor07:34
seednodeThough some would say it detracts from GNOME3 :P07:34
KxTwowell then cant I just turn it off and run gnome 3 on its own?  I kind of want the DE with the best speed.07:34
seednodeKxTwo, You can, yes.07:35
HwkillerKxTwo: well, you need a window manager07:35
seednodeBut GNOME3 is in no way the DE with "the best speed"07:35
bazhang!notunity | KxTwo07:35
ubottuKxTwo: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:35
seednodeGNOME3 uses metacity, by default?07:35
seednodeNot sure.07:35
KxTwosome one earlier said Phoronix benchmarked and testeda ll the comon de's but havent found where yet07:35
ElectricPrismon OpenDesktop.org Unity is classified as its own desktop, there's honestly soo much going on in the DE scene right now with the Cinamon fork of Gnome 3, MATE fork of Gnome 2, Unity using Gnome 3 shell as the base >:0 I can't wait till its over and there's a victor07:35
Hwkillerwell, gnome3 as a whole would use the gnome-shell, which uses metacity with mutter as a compositor (I think)07:35
seednodeKxTwo: From my personal experience, lightest to heaviest: LXDE, XFCE, GNOME2, GNOME3, KDE07:35
KxTwoI was forced to sue cinnamon at schoool and I didn't like it.07:36
KOunithow to execute a command as root when sudo isn't working.07:36
seednodeHowever, in terms of usability vs minimalism, GNOME2 struck a very nice balance07:36
Hwkiller'cept that it's dead... :p07:36
seednodeHwkiller, eh, it still works07:36
KxTwognome2 is what I used a couple of years ago, it was nice.07:37
ElectricPrismGnome 3.4's rough edges come off once you start installing extensions from http://extensions.gnome.org with the one click slider on, I personally circumvent their stupid window app menu by installing AxeMenu to give me a launcher07:37
EmanonHey all, is it safe to use ramdisks for directories like /tmp and whatnot? And if so does anyone know of a good how-to?07:37
seednodeEmanon, it should be safe; Google for a how-to, I don't know any off the top of my head07:37
seednodeI think /tmp uses a ramdisk by default, though...?07:37
seednodeI thought it uses tmpfs or something07:37
HwkillerEmanon: yes! /tmp is usually set up as a ramdisk basically07:37
ElectricPrismEmanon: when in doubt - arch wiki.07:37
Hwkilleryeah; it's tmpfs /tmp tmpfs :p07:37
KxTwohmm now I cant decide what to do07:38
ElectricPrismI hear some people merge /tmp and /var since they do similar things07:38
seednodeKxTwo, Try different ones, use what you like the most07:38
Snafuthats horrid idea ElectricPrism07:38
KxTwowhat de does lubuntu come with?07:38
HwkillerElectricPrism: they are stupid; don't merge those07:38
seednodeLubuntu uses LXDE07:38
Hwkiller /var and /tmp are in no way the same07:38
KxTwoso maybe I should try that07:38
KxTwoone thing I love is that I can change at login07:39
EmanonCool, so just toss tmpfs    <path to ramdisk>    tmpfs    rw,size=<size of ramdisk>,mode=777 0    0 into fstab basically?07:39
seednodeI still think you should go with a window manager and the programs you'll use07:39
Hwkillerlubuntu comes w/ lxde. xubuntu is xfce. kubuntu is kde.07:39
seednodebut that's just the Arch user in me speaking ^_^07:39
KxTwowhy ehh?07:39
KxTwoseednode, I dont knwo what that menas though07:39
seednodeI dislike the looks of LZDE07:39
seednodeKxTwo: Yeah, I suppose for the time being you should use a DE07:39
KxTwo im not fully understanding what you mean by only using a windows manager  a07:39
HwkillerKxTwo: try it at some point and you'll understand.07:40
seednodeOnce you're more familiar, try switching to something like Openbox, or even a tiling WM if you'd like07:40
seednodeWhatever suits you.07:40
seednodeThat's the point of Linux, after all07:40
KxTwoHwkiller, Im not sure how to try it without knowing what it means.07:40
Hwkillera DE includes a suite of applications, a session manager, a settings manager, and usually a window manager. What he is suggesting is just using a window manager with whatever applications *you want*07:40
Hwkillerthat assumes however, that you know what you want :p07:40
KxTwoI would assume there is something to lsoe by only using a windows manager or everyone would do it07:40
seednodeA DE includes a multitude of programs, along with a window manager07:40
seednodeA window manager is all you need for a usable GUI07:41
Hwkillerwell, and a launcher would be smart07:41
seednodeKxTwo: Well, you "lose" the bloat that comes with most DEs :P07:41
seednodeHwkiller: Yeah, I use tint2 with openbox07:41
Hwkillerseednode: I did for a long time. Now I just use a tiler07:41
Hwkiller(I'm an arch dude too)07:41
seednodeOpenbox has a built-in launcher when you right-click, and tint2 keeps track of windows07:41
seednodeHwkiller, Yeah, I'm running i3 atm07:41
KxTwoHwkiller, i was thinking of trying arch but heard you had to do everythign from scratch07:42
zivestera DE comes with a basic taskbar, and usually something nice for configuring wireless networks and whatnot... I'm not sure if tiling windo managers come with those by default?07:42
seednodeKxTwo, I wouldn't recommend Arch for you until you've used a more user-friendly distro for a bit07:42
seednodezivester, A tiling WM doesn't come with anything but a taskbar, in most cases07:42
KxTwobelieve it or not ive been using linux off and on for eyars lol07:42
Hwkillerzivester: no, they don't. they're not meant to. they just tile your windows for you. You get anything else you want.07:42
HwkillerKxTwo: it's not hard, but only try it when you have a lot of time for a lot of reading. :p07:42
seednodeI personally use wicd-curses for network manager, tint2 for taskbar, and openbox for menu/window manager07:42
seednodeWhen I want to use a floating WM07:43
zivesterso do you configure networks form the command line or install the GTK/QT counterparts to administer them?07:43
KxTwoHwkiller, I guess my motivation is lacking since I dont really see any major advantages07:43
seednodeHwkiller: Eh, it only took me like 30 mins of reading to get Arch functional07:43
seednodezivester, I configure from the command line, but you can do either.07:43
Hwkillerseednode: getting it installed is easy. learning to configure your system and understanding why takes longer.07:43
seednodecurses makes CLI configuration really easy07:43
seednodeHwkiller: I suppose.07:43
dan_can someone post their lenny sources? i got, deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ lenny main and deb-src http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ lenny main07:44
zivesterjust curious.. I'm a gnome2, who escaped to xfce... wondering how far down the rabbit hole i should go07:44
dan_im getting server not found07:44
Hwkillerzivester: I use netcfg. It's commandline, but it's basically just bash scripts.07:44
KxTwonot to mention im on a laptop so imagine Ill have driver issues07:44
seednodeKxTwo: I've never really encountered driver issues07:44
KxTwowhen I log in I can chose between ubuntu and ubuntu 2d whats the difference?07:44
seednodenetcfg is okay, but I hate how it doesn't auto-detect networks07:44
HwkillerKxTwo: not sure why you think that. Linux's drivers aren't really different between distros07:44
seednodeSo I have to configure by hand07:44
KxTwoseednode, usually I have to fight with wireless adaptes and video when installing on laptops07:44
Hwkillerseednode: you can add in auto-detection07:44
seednodeKxTwo: True, that's why I use Thinkpads :P07:44
HwkillerKxTwo: got broadcom?07:45
KxTwoHwkiller, I obviously do not fully understand then.  I dont fully understand the huge difference between distros to be honest.07:45
* zivester loves his X1 Carbon07:45
minijerk /j lubuntu07:45
seednodezivester: Not personally a fan of the Carbons, but I only used one for a short while. How is it?07:45
HwkillerKxTwo: honestly, the differences between distros is the out-of-the-box experience, the package manager, and the repositories.07:45
dan_any help w/ the lenny sources "not found"?07:45
seednodeAlso, Arch comes with systemd07:46
seednodeI like systemd versus vinitscripts07:46
seednodeQuicker boot, easier to manage.07:46
zivesterseednode: its the only non beats thinkpad in the recent 4 years with a decent resolution... what're you running?07:46
KxTwoseednode, yah I have no idea that is lol.07:46
seednodezivester: I'm on a Thinkpad T60 with a 1400x1050 IPS screen07:46
zivesterI came from a T60p -> X61t -> X1 Carbon.. couldn't be happier07:46
ElectricPrismKxTwo: Operating systems may share certain types of software like Firefox, iTunes, etc... and so linux distros share software. Each distro is like a type of ice-cream, some are chocolate, some vanilla, some catering towards easy of use, some offering OCD control over packages, etc...07:46
COMPUTERi cant boot from cd , some1 help07:46
HwkillerKxTwo: systemd is the init system. It's the first process started after the kernel sets the system up, and it's responsible for loading everything you use.07:46
seednode4GB RAM, 2.16GHz T60, 500GB drive, ATI video card07:47
KxTwoHwkiller, that makes sense.  Most linux distros are customizable so from what I know you can make almost any linux run just like another distro.07:47
Hwkillerall the services (daemons), tty's, login, etc07:47
COMPUTERgateway ne71b07:47
seednodeKxTwo, the underlying system is different07:47
zivesterthey had IPS on T60's ?  that was a great machine07:47
KxTwoElectricPrism is great at analogy lol07:47
ElectricPrismKxTwo: each of the distros have commonalities at the core system and are part of the Unix* or Unics family because they share commonalities in filesystem structures in order for software to work across the different distributions07:47
seednodezivester: Yes, the 15" screens higher than 1024x768 were "Flexview" IPS panels07:47
seednodeNon-glossy, too07:47
ElectricPrismKxTwo: In technicality a distro is made up of the Linux Kernel and on top of that is the equivilent of command line userland, I'm not sure if GNU is still in use thus they call it GNU/Linux.07:48
Hwkillerseednode: not by much though, realistically. If you can manage an arch system, you can probably manage a debian system pretty well too. the biggest difference is init and pkg management07:48
seednodeHwkiller: Fair enough. Given that I administer debian and Arch systems, I'd say that's probably true07:48
zivesterI guess I had one of those then :)  but ya, getting 1600x900 on the carbon has been great... basically I wanted an upgrade so bad for 4 years (my X61 ran HOT).. the 14" screen and res (and size) were great07:48
ElectricPrismAll GUIs / Desktop Environments run on top of the X11 windowing system which is a graphical server, and there are different window systems, the most similar analogy to windows would be that Windows Explorer.exe is a window manager (although it performs other functions like file copying, file manager, etc...)07:49
HwkillerI manage ubuntu, fedora, and arch, and there isn't much difference, other than pacman is better than the other pkg managers07:49
zivesterobviously a bit expensive... although my T60p was $2800 when i got it.. so its still half that07:49
seednodeElectricPrism: Not true, you can use Wayland and several others07:49
seednodezivester: Mine was $100 slightly used07:49
seednodeTotally worth it07:49
ElectricPrismseednode: In technicality you are correct, I look forward to trying wayland as soon as KDE, Gnome, etc... have done the footwork07:49
seednodeHwkiller: Pacman is even better with yaourt or the like.07:49
zivestero no doubt :) mine wasn't worth selling for me so I just donated it07:49
seednodeMmm, the AUR07:49
Hwkillerseednode: packer :)07:50
Hwkilleryaourt is an abomination07:50
seednodezivester: I would've taken that O_o07:50
Hwkillerbut that's a discussion for #archlinux07:50
Hwkillernot here07:50
seednodeHwkiller: Yeah, yeah, don't start this again.07:50
KxTwoI think I delved too deep tonight.  I will have to come back another time and bug everyone to educate me07:50
OerHeksGuys, this conversations is way offtopic, lets stick to support please.07:50
seednodeI don't want Indy_Falcon yelling at m07:50
ElectricPrismPacman wasn't as good as apt-get imo, but then their community doesn't have the massive software availabe that Ubuntu / Debian flavors do07:50
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
zivesteryah, there's no really official way to donate back to the community on here.. lol.. I just sent it to some local school07:50
seednodeTime to join #ubuntu-offtopic, as well...07:51
zivesterand put Windows on it :-X07:51
ElectricPrismKxTwo: People in the OSS community are often eager to help, so feel free to ask away, yeah this computer stuff takes a lot of time to learn07:51
nashant2can anyone suggest any alternatives to subsonic, or is it the best?07:51
Hwkillernashant2: I personally find subsonic to be the best :)07:51
hilariouswould it make sense that some random email port would be blocked on a new installation of ubuntu ? meaning that i would be unable to send email through that port07:51
nashant2Hwkiller: how about setting it up behind a reverse proxy?07:51
Hwkillerthere are probably fancier setups, but subsonic is super easy07:51
KxTwoElectricPrism, whats sad is Im not actually a noob.  Im actually finishing up a degree in compsci and was playing with linux back in the 90s when slackware and redhat were big choices.  I just never dived really deep into it.07:52
seednode'Night, folks07:52
dan_can someone post their lenny sources? i got, deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ lenny main and deb-src http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ lenny main07:52
dan_am getting server not found?07:52
seednodedan_: Sorry, booted into Win7 atm07:52
ElectricPrismKxTwo: I know the feeling, I had no more room to grow in windows, and now linux is kicking my butt - Arch is a really good learning experience once you have a good understanding of how things work imo07:53
OerHeksdan_ debian/lenny is not supported here, join #debian07:53
dan_i was already there they sent me here.07:53
Ben64if you notice, this is #ubuntu07:53
dan_Ubuntu is based on Debian, but it is not Debian.  Only Debian is supported on #debian.  Use #ubuntu on chat.freenode.net instead.07:54
KxTwoElectricPrism, one thing is, if I dont know how to do soemthing I usually just follow a walkthrough but not really sure if I learn from that.  Alot of time its just copy instructions.  I set up a sever using ubuntu server on an old machine.  Not sure if I could repeat it from memory though lol07:54
OerHeksdan_ this is ubuntu, not debian. debian repos do not work on ubuntu07:54
ElectricPrismKxTwo: I reccomend watching install videos on youtube, they let someone else do the thinking and for you to do the learning, it helped me a lot07:54
ElectricPrismbut im no pro07:54
HwkillerKxTwo: just read man pages and documentation itself07:55
Hwkillertutorials are nice, but I learn by reading the primary docs and trying to understand what each option does07:55
KxTwoI hate a lot of the man pages sometimes they are such greek lol07:55
Hwkillerthen learn the greek :)07:55
ElectricPrismI would welcome a upgrade to the man pages systemwide07:56
ElectricPrismthey're crude, but functional i suppose07:56
KxTwoI know im not alone.  I know there are people who are well versed on the subect and agree that the amn pages sometimes are just awful.07:56
Hwkillersometimes they are07:56
seednodedan_: Read my PM, I think I found your error07:56
HwkillerI can't really remember how I've learned so much. A lot of it is docs, a lot of it is watching talks, and a lot of it is just seeing or thinking of something cool and figuring out if there's a way to do it07:57
ElectricPrismI wish I had the equivilent man pages => ???? as apt-get => aptitude07:57
Hwkillere.g., I learned all about PAM when I thought it'd be sweet to login and have admin privs using a usb key07:57
jagginessKxTwo, yeah.. it depends.. manpages are meant really only for the "familiar" imho.. it's not really a novice task.. but there's at least hints on where one can go (/usr/share/doc too is another place to check out)07:57
ElectricPrismIt seems like they wrap @ around 80 characters too which sucks if your TTY or gnome-terminal can take doubble the space07:57
Hwkillere.g., I learned all about X when configuring xorg.conf and using a standalone window manager07:57
jagginessHwkiller, nice thing, is that xorg.conf isn't needed anymore heheheh07:58
ElectricPrismLearning about X was the most important part of learning about linux imo07:58
KxTwoyou know what bugs me about my school(which is supposed to be a higher end school) is that they dont make comp sci majors take classes on linux and we don't really use it.07:58
Hwkillerjagginess: not usually; sometimes it's still useful (or at least xorg.conf.d/*.conf)07:58
ElectricPrismand how to install Nvidia drivers by command line using Lynx terminal web browser to query google when i was in trouble07:58
KxTwoalright im out thanks guys08:00
ElectricPrismKxTwo: My brother got a comp sci degree, and yeah - linux is big in the server world, but the world is soo divided about it - a bank I interviewed with just couldn't give a budge to linux at all - they felt safe and secure in windows but there's no substitute for a capable linux programmer08:00
seednodeI think I learned what I know about Linux by just jumping in, killing my system, fixing it, and repeating...08:00
ElectricPrismKxTwo: goodnight08:00
zozyhmm...12.04 runs slow with unity even in 2d mode (1gb ram, 2ghz p4)08:00
Hwkillerseednode: +1 too08:00
ElectricPrismAh, the good old days of unity 2d08:01
Hwkillerzozy: do you have a graphics chip? is it integrated, or is it nvidia or amd?08:01
seednodezozy, Those specs are a bit low for Unity08:01
ElectricPrismIt too me ages to figure out how to launch a gui tool without Alt+F2 when Unity3D failed08:01
zozyintegrated intel08:01
zozyseednode: i know08:01
Hwkillereek yeah, p4 is slow; 2ghz p4 is very slow08:02
zozybut this pc is above the minimal requirements stated for default 12.0408:02
ElectricPrismzozy: Is there some kind of repeating problem in the Ctrl + Alt + F12 log ?08:02
Hwkillerminimal requirements just means it *can* run, not that it will do so well :p08:02
zozynope, just cpu almost on 90%08:02
zozyrunning constatntly08:02
ElectricPrismzozy: If speed is your goal maybe a move to MATE would be in order08:03
zozyElectricPrism: i was just mentioniong it08:03
zozyi use icewm btw08:03
zozyHwkiller: it can be misleading for standard users08:03
zozythats why i tried it out08:03
zozyto check what a normal user would experience08:03
zozyand it would be dissapointing08:03
HwkillerI wonder how kde would be :p08:04
zozyhahaha :D08:04
zozythat particular computer runned well with xp08:04
ElectricPrismI feel bad for anyone without good hardware who wants to run Ubuntu because Canonical really cut off the lower 40% of users08:04
seednodeElectricPrism: Well, I can testify that XFCE runs beautifully on a 1.6GHz Atom with 512MB RAM08:05
ElectricPrismbut then again it's nice to have the software innovating, maybe they'll get it right soon08:05
seednodeSo they can always use Xubuntu08:05
zozyseednode: that mentioned nowhere in the requirements afaik08:05
HwkillerI run unity on my netbook (1.6 atom, 1gb ram, ssd)08:06
ElectricPrismseednode: Sounds like a good potential option for the NAS I need to build soonish08:06
seednodeEh, I didn't feel like it ran well on mine, though.08:06
seednodeElectricPrism, If you're building a NAS, just use debian minimal stable08:06
ElectricPrismzozy: I wonder what speed your ram is, because DDR1 to DDR2 to DDR3 really makes a huge performance difference08:06
Hwkillerif building a NAS, use a distro meant for that. there are plenty.08:06
zozyElectricPrism: my ram isnt used to 100%08:07
ElectricPrismthat should be good enough imo08:07
ElectricPrismjust cpu hmr08:07
zozycpu is the performance bottleneck in this case08:07
seednodeElectricPrism, I haven't noticed many differences between DDR2 and DDR3 for my usage08:07
ElectricPrismseednode: I had a Opteron 165 with DDR800 and the difference upgrading to DDR3 was noticable, but yeah I wasnt expecting a Pentium 4 to have DDR208:08
zozythis is for 12.04 and default de08:08
zozyso reading the requirements it should run smooth08:08
ElectricPrismzozy: you can always kill processes in gnome-system-monitor and by using "$>ps -a" "$>killall -9 firefox", etc...08:09
seednodezozy, Those are minimal requirements. I'd double that for recommended requirements08:09
zozyseednode: the minimal requirements are 44 mb ram08:09
kaushalis there a way to lock screen in Ubuntu 11.10 when there is no activity for 5 mins?08:09
seednodezozy: When they say minimal, they mean the system will run. Nothing more.08:09
zozyi see08:10
seednodeHell, debian minimal has issues running sub-50MB if you add anything08:10
seednodeAnd that's without GUI and all08:10
zozyanyway, with icewm it runs good08:10
zozybut thats not exactly thrown into the face of an average user08:10
seednodeThe 20MB requirement is without any programs or a DE08:10
zozywouldnt it be helpful to avoid disapointment in ppl meeting first time with ubuntu (that have older machines)08:11
zozythat they would get a section in the wiki08:11
zozyi have an old pc, what to do08:11
seednodeUbuntu was never intended for older machines08:11
zozy(just a suggestion)08:11
seednodeBut I completely agree08:12
raesi696Error creating file system: helper exited with exit code 1: Error calling fsync(2) on /dev/sdb: Input/output error08:12
raesi696plz help08:12
ElectricPrismzozy: I gotta admit the people that make linux probably have nicer computers than they do cars, all chromed out in water cooling, etc... imo so you're really safe with high speced stuff which sucks if you're broke08:12
raesi696cannot format flash08:12
zozyElectricPrism: i myself use a macbook pro for everyday computing08:12
seednodeElectricPrism, I wouldn't go that far.08:12
zozyi just tested 12.04 on an old hw to see what it can get put of it08:13
ElectricPrismseednode: I admit I don't have water cooling, but my point still explains itself08:13
seednodeI use my six year old laptop for everything08:13
seednodeAnd it runs any distro I've tried without an issue08:13
Myrttiwe're veering off from actual support issues08:14
ElectricPrismzozy: You can always run a live ubuntu cd if you wanna mess around08:14
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
seednodeMyrtti: That tends to happen a lot, doesn't it :/08:14
seednodeEveryone, let's move to #ubuntu-offtopic08:14
martianI've got a series of statements in a view that set a value of an existing object only if a value on the form was specified. Given the following sequence, is there a better (dry) way of doing this? http://pastebin.com/dm25R9gH08:18
raesi696Error creating file system: helper exited with exit code 1: Error calling fsync(2) on /dev/sdb: Input/output error08:19
raesi696plz help08:19
ElectricPrismIs the ubuntu wayland update still as far out as 14.04? And does anyone know if they're still planning on using it in place of X11 be default?08:19
ElectricPrismraesi696: give us more information, what were you doing when the error was caused08:19
martianoh, wrong channel :o08:19
raesi696ElectricPrism: after format with disk utilly08:20
ElectricPrismraesi696: during install?08:20
raesi696during format my flash08:21
ElectricPrismraesi696: You can always format it in gnome-terminal if it contains no valuable data on it08:21
raesi696no not valuable data08:22
raesi696i just need format08:22
ElectricPrismraesi696: $>cfdisk /dev/sdb  , create a vanilla partition, and then write and exit,    and then   $>mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1     assuming you want ext4, i imagine $> mkfs.exfat is an option as well08:23
raesi696                           FATAL ERROR: Cannot open disk drive08:24
ElectricPrismraesi696 is it mounted? umount /dev/sdb ?08:24
raesi696 no wait08:25
raesi696Unmount failed: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken08:25
ElectricPrismraesi696: You could just unplug it and plug the usb flash drive into another usb port08:26
webyDid you wait 3 days to call?08:26
gnomefreakhow did they deduce all those options08:28
gnomefreakeasier to say "it could be anything"08:29
ElectricPrismgnomefreak: Ah, I read deduce as reduce since it looks so similar08:30
TheBigElectronHi there all. I have gotten RT3070 working on ubntu 12.10 using this http://www.ralinktech.com/en/04_support/support.php?sn=501 driver and this http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-install-rt2870-chipset-based-usb-wireless-adapter.html guide but now it completely hangs Ubuntu 12.10 after about 30sec. Any ideas anyone?08:32
ElectricPrismTheBigElectron: I have an idea, but it's not cake. Boot the live cd, mount the linux filesystem to /tmp/ubuntu    chroot /tmp/ubuntu and disable it using modprobe -r, or blacklist it idk08:35
=== txdv_ is now known as txdv
TheBigElectronCool ideas ElectricPrism, I neglected to mention that the system won't hang if I leave the NIC out (it's USB)08:38
ElectricPrismTheBigElectron, cool, so then all you need to do is disable it i suppose, or reinstall i suppose08:38
ElectricPrismI assume you can blacklist stuff under /etc/modprobe.d/  by creating .conf files similar to arch08:39
TheBigElectronI just released that I should be looking at system logs and going through this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebuggingSystemCrash to see what is going on.08:39
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Jacintocan someone tell me if driver for prism2 comes with ubuntu 10.04 or 11.10 I heard there are 2 orinoco and hostap but ubuntu tries to load both I modprobe -r both but when I enable hostap_cs it still doesn't work, I want to run live08:58
binbinshhi all, sorry for multiple post: I created an Gentoo ebuild for libreoffice 3.6.4 with Ubuntu's unitymenu patch, I emerge this package with USE "cups dbus gstreamer gtk opengl vba", but I only got libreoffice without menubar, and no global menu bar show in my KDE desktop's menubar widget. The unitymenu.diff is got from the ubuntu package patch. Is there any missing steps for me to get the appmenu support? Is there any design doc for the unity menu08:59
binbinsh[16:52] <binbinsh> support, or do I have to read the code?08:59
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Jacintocan someone tell me if driver for prism2 comes with ubuntu 10.04 or 11.10 I heard there are 2 orinoco and hostap but ubuntu tries to load both I modprobe -r both but when I enable hostap_cs it still doesn't work, I want to run live09:08
OerHeks!info prism2-usb-firmware-installer09:10
ubottuprism2-usb-firmware-installer (source: linux-wlan-ng): firmware files for the prism2_usb kernel driver. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.9+dfsg-5 (quantal), package size 9 kB, installed size 157 kB09:10
Jacintois not usb is pccard09:10
OerHeksJacinto, i have no experience with the pci version09:13
nashant2anyone here set up subsonic behind a reverse proxy?09:14
calaveraHey can anybody help me here?09:18
Ben64calavera: Last I checked, there are no psychics in this channel09:19
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Abhijit!ask | calavera09:20
ubottucalavera: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:20
calaveraBen64: I was merely seeing if anybody was here.09:20
calaveraApparently there is.09:20
calaveraIn any case...09:20
Abhijit!ask | calavera09:21
calaveraI've been wrestling with the MBR and grub2 for a good while now. I restored the MBR, and put my Windows drive into the sdb position. Now, when I try and get into Windows from Grub, it tells me that it cannot find a root device.09:21
elferi need a copper wire cage09:21
Jacintocalavera? eres tu09:22
calaveraJacinto: Yo no puedo hablar ni una palabra de espanol, senor.09:23
JacintoI can't help you09:24
JacintoI know ubuntu comes with a rebuilder for grub09:24
elferi know.....09:24
calaveraShould I run the boot restore (or whatever program that they call it)09:24
Jacintobut I also like the manual wey09:24
Ben64calavera: can you get into ubuntu09:25
calaveraI'm in Ubuntu09:25
calaveraWell... Kubuntu09:25
Ben64calavera: so what pops up the "cannot find root" problem? windows or grub?09:26
calaveraGRUB prompts me what I want to boot. I can get into GNU/Linux just fine. It can't get into Windows.09:27
Ben64calavera: I know, but I'm asking if its a windows error or a grub one09:29
calaveraI'm pretty sure that it's a GRUB2 error.09:29
Ben64calavera: could you pastebin /etc/grub/grub.cfg09:30
Ben64err... /boot/grub/grub.cfg09:30
calaveraBen64: Yeah, give me a second.09:30
milambercalavera: also have you run boot-repair?09:30
calaveraI manually restored GRUB via nano with some help.09:31
milamber!grub2 | calavera09:31
ubottucalavera: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)09:31
milambercalavera: in the restore grub link there are instructions to run boot-repair, why don't you try that first?09:32
calaveraubottu: I'll check it out. Thank you.09:33
ubottucalavera: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:33
fairuz_Hi guys. Update-grub doesn't detect my win installation. What can I do? thanks09:33
milamber!grub2 > fairuz_09:33
ubottufairuz_, please see my private message09:33
fairuz_Already took a look at that milamber09:35
milamberfairuz_: can you pastebin the recommendations from boot-repair please09:36
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calaveraBen64: Are you still there?09:42
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
lemonsparrowI am trying to start my nginx server using the command sudo /etc/init.d/nginx start and I get this error : start-stop-daemon: command not found09:42
lemonsparrowhow can I fix this ?09:42
lemonsparrowoS is RHEL server 609:42
Jdeksdon't suppose anyone's free to help with a LUKS problem?09:44
Jdeksanyone here?09:47
ikoniamany people are here09:47
ikonia!cn | fennng_09:48
ubottufennng_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:48
Jdeksanyone know much about LUKS?09:48
FloodBot1fennng_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:48
fennng_donno what happen09:50
k1l!ask | Jdeks09:51
ubottuJdeks: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:51
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JdeksTHe situation is....complex09:52
Jdeksputting it in one line would be impossible09:52
ikoniaJdeks: just state the problem09:52
Jdeksokay then09:52
JdeksHad a laptop with full disk enc set up using the 12.04 alternate disk09:53
Jdeksbacked up the entire laptop's hard drive using 'dd'09:53
Jdekscopied EVERYTHING, boot partitions and all09:53
Jdekswent fine, no worries09:53
Jdekslater, i plugged in the backup drive to the same laptop, and tried to mount it, so i could copy new files to the backup09:54
Jdeksexcept, it wouldnt mount.09:54
shwouchk_I'm using ubuntu 12.10 on a computer with an intel centrino 2230 wifi card. For some reason I can only see B/G networks. How can I enable the N functionality?09:54
Jdeksshut down the laptop with the backup still plugged in09:55
Jdeksit did a proper shut down, no worries09:55
Jdeksunplugged the backup, treied to restart the laptop09:55
MonkWitDaFunkdoes dd create images and clones?09:56
Jdeksit wouldn't. after the initial cryptsetup password prompt, it drops to a initramfs prompt, saying it cant find /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root09:57
Jdeksit'll only start if i plug back in the external backup, in which case it actually boots off the backup, not the internal drive09:57
Jdeksif i try to take the internal drive out and mount it on another computer, it wont mount either09:57
ikoniaanyone what ?10:05
ikonia!anyone | shwouchk_10:05
ubottushwouchk_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:05
IronsightI want to install kubuntu, I currently have windows 8 installed (upgraded from 7). Will grub2 mess up windows 8 or vice versa? Is there something special I need to do upon installation?10:07
Ironsight(or ubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu)10:07
raven_problems with WinTV Aero dvb-t stick. need help please. dmesg: http://pastebin.com/cE3uiGFZ10:08
jdekssorry, connection dropped. did anyone have any ideas for my little problem?10:08
IronsightHas anyone had any issues dual booting windows 8 and *ubuntu?10:09
jdeksif its anything like getting windows 7 and ubuntu to co-operate,i woulkd say yes, hella issues10:10
IronsightI didn't have any issues with windows 7 and ubuntu o.O10:11
kroq-gar78jdeks, i guess it really depends on which machines. I've never really had problems with getting them to cooperate.10:11
jdekswell, ashit, i cant even get ubuntu to work on its own at the moment10:11
jdeksso im obviously doing something wrong10:12
Ironsightunless you wanted to look at data in your ubuntu partition in windows 7 since it can't read ext4/ext3/zfs/xfs/btrfs/risorfs10:12
MonkeyDustjdeks  my advice: post the LUKS issue on a help forum10:12
jdekshave done already10:13
jdekson TWO10:13
jdeksthey said come here10:13
raven_problems with WinTV Aero dvb-t stick. need help please. dmesg: http://pastebin.com/cE3uiGFZ10:13
jdeksafter 2 days of basically silence10:13
kroq-gar78jdeks, I'm not an expert, but vgchange -ay find anythingy?10:14
jdeks"no volume groups found"10:14
mvt007geekwho is familiar with emu8086 here ?10:14
jdeksSOMEHOW, the original internal laptop drive no longer has a 'volume group'10:14
bekksmvt007geek: Why not just asking your actual question?10:14
kroq-gar78!ask | mvt007geek10:14
ubottumvt007geek: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:14
bekksraven_: Line 6, you are missing firmware.10:15
raven_bekks, no - its all in the right folder10:15
bekksraven_: You paste says something different. And I believe in your paste.10:15
mvt007geekubottu: ok :)10:15
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codephobicI think I might have installed eclipse Juno incorrectly. I have it in my "/opt" folder, it seems to work well when I launch it by double-clicking the icon in the folder, but when I try to launch it via terminal ("eclipse") I am told that it is not installed. Also, the icon is nowhere on the launcher of within the menu system.10:16
raven_bekks, ls -l in /lib/firmware/KERNEL says me lot more different things than the paste10:16
jdeksif anyone cares, here's more on my problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/233684/luks-initramfs-boot-problem-dev-mapper-ubuntu-root-does-not-exist10:16
raven_otherwise i would not ask10:16
kroq-gar78codephobic: what method did you "install" it?  a package? a script? copy-paste?10:17
jdeksand here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12428680#post1242868010:17
codephobickroq-gar78, I just downloaded the package, I think.10:17
bekksraven_: The paste clearly states that the firmware cannot be loaded - so it is missing a loadable firmware.10:17
kroq-gar78codephobic: from where? was it a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2?10:18
raven_i know but i do not know why10:18
bekksraven_: Because of a corrupt file, a file not matching the device, etc.10:18
codephobickroq-gar78, from the eclipse website - juno. I downloaded and extracted the package and placed it within the '/opt' folder.10:18
mvt007geekbekks: i have debian now.i want to run an emu8086 program.where i can do it?10:19
bekkscodephobic: You have to add the path to the eclipse binary to your $PATH10:20
=== sabayonuser2 is now known as ElectricPrism
bekksmvt007geek: Not in here. We do not support debian. Maybe just ask in #debian10:20
kroq-gar78codephobic: yeah, all I can find on there is .tar files. you probably want to either create a symlink from the eclipse directory to the /usr/bin directory or add the eclipse directory to the path10:20
codephobickroq-gar78, I can't remember exactly, to be honest (installed it last week)10:20
codephobicbekks, ah I think that might be the problem!10:20
mvt007geekbekks:  what can i do now? in there they told use wine but wine didn't work:(10:21
codephobickroq-gar78, bekks so basically I create a ln -s within /usr/bin to /opt/eclipse/eclipse?10:21
bekksmvt007geek: We have no clue about debian and we do not support it.10:22
gnomefreakmvt007geek: if wine doesnt support it and if there is no way to build it than you cant use it10:22
kroq-gar78codephobic: just the executable, but yes, that's the idea.10:22
bekkscodephobic: No. Add a path entry in $PATH to point to /opt/eclipse-installdir/eclipse-binary10:22
kroq-gar78bekks: is there a difference or a security problem with a symlink?10:22
gnomefreakshouldnt be10:23
mvt007geekbekks: gnomefreak: thanks10:23
Jordan_Ujdeks: Having two volumes with the same UUID in the same machine is always a bad idea. Universally Unique IDentifiers really need to be Unique. My guess is that somehow your LUKS volume on the internal drive was corrupted while trying to write to it / the external (perhaps for example, something opened /dev/disk/by-uuid/foo and another process wrote to /dev/disk/by-uuid/foo as part of unmounting, thinking it was the same device ( ...10:23
Jordan_U... and the device /dev/disk/by-uuid/foo pointed to changed after adding the external disk).10:23
Jordan_Ujdeks: Be careful that your backup doesn't get corrupted in the same way.10:24
bekkskroq-gar78: There shouldnt be, but thats the "normal" way to add applications to your path. In /usr/bin you normally do not have things from /opt10:24
jdekshi jordan, thanks, mind if we move this to private convo?10:25
kroq-gar78mvt007geek: looks like a lot of people are referring to pcemu, but i've got no experience with it, sorry.10:26
Jordan_Ujdeks: I prefer to keep support discussion in-channel where more people can chime in, and ensure that you're getting good advice. Also I'm going to sleep soon, which would make someone else jumping in that much more valuable :)10:26
smilieHi! I have problem with phpmyadmin and documentaion tells me to go to ./scripts folder. Do you know where is it? I'm desperate while looking for it.10:26
jdeksno worried10:27
jdeksyour hypopthesis is what I suspected (in general terms). I should have realized it was a bad idea.10:27
jdeksquestion is, is there any way to read the data off the orignal drive now?10:27
jdeksor is it lost?10:27
smilieis this help channel btw? O_o10:27
bekkssmilie: Yes.10:28
smiliethx :))10:28
smilieand does anyone know what mean that ./ ?10:28
smilieor where should I look for ./scripts?10:28
codephobicbekks, I've just had a google of adding to $PATH, and I got a stackoverflow suggestion to add the line into my "bashrc" file, but I don't see anywhere in there that it would naturally fit. Also, aren't .bash.. files user specific (this one sits in the base of my personal home directory), surely that's not the correct way to do it?10:28
bekkssmilie: It means "execute the following script or file from the current directory".10:29
k1lsmilie: ./ is meant as the directory you are currently on10:29
MonkeyDustsmilie  . means current directory, in general10:29
bekkscodephobic: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables10:29
k1lsmilie: so its a subfolder from the position you are on10:29
* gnomefreak wonders if i should repeat what every else said :P10:29
smilieah, great. then I suppose I need to read whole manual for phpmyadmin O_o10:30
codephobicthanks bekks10:30
codephobicthanks kroq-gar78 too10:30
jdeksJordan_U: I don't really care about getting the original internal drive bootable again.I just want to get it mounted somehow, so I can get my last week of work off it. everything else is on the backup, with DOES mount just fine10:30
Jordan_Ujdeks: I don't know much about recovering from problems with LUKS other than that it's good to have a backup of the LUKS header, which thankfully you do.10:31
kroq-gar78similie probably it's where phpmyadmin was installed10:31
jdekswell thanks for your help in any case10:31
bekkssmilie: How did you install it?10:31
jdeksmuch appreciated10:31
Jordan_Ujdeks: I would recommend against mounting the backup while the original is connected to the same machine, even if the original is unmountable.10:31
kroq-gar78similie, my guess is the directory "/usr/share/phpmyadmin/pmd/scripts", based on the package listing10:31
smiliebekks: via center of soft for ubuntu (i have xubuntu)10:32
jdeksJordan: roger. backup is now 'quaraNTINED'10:32
Jordan_Ujdeks: Hopefully some of http://code.google.com/p/cryptsetup/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions#6._Backup_and_Data_Recovery is helpful.10:33
smiliekroq_gar78: thx I've found that folder. It exists, but there are no sql scripts in it10:34
smilieonly js scripts10:34
Jordan_Ujdeks: It looks like the best place to go for LUKS support is the dm-crypt mailing list, dm-crypt@saout.de .10:37
MonkeyDust.de, that's german10:37
llutzdomain is german, content isn't10:38
jdeksJordan_U: excellent. I'll send them an email. Thanks very much :)10:40
Jordan_Ujdeks: You're welcome.10:42
smiliewell, my main problem is that I installed PhpMyAdmin via Center of software for Ubuntu (Xubuntu) and it makes me troubles. Variables of PMA are not working well, they are red. Do you know how to repair quickly?10:44
smilieReinstall is not working10:44
=== neobenedict is now known as YoungGrill
bekkssmilie: A reinstall most likely does not repair things - on linux, in general.10:45
=== YoungGrill is now known as neobenedict
cousin_luigiHow come acroread is no longer available on Quantal?10:45
smilieyeah, just people sooner on mint forums adviced me things like that10:45
bekkssmilie: It depends on the variables you are trying to use. And yes, you have to get through the phpmyadmin manual to get to know on how to set and use them.10:45
smiliebekks: it's 10 variables, and documentation not working. It's telling me to execute scripts which are not there10:46
bekkssmilie: Do you use Mint?10:47
smiliebekks: no, i'm on xubuntu now10:47
ThinkT510cousin_luigi: some software can get removed from the repos for various reasons, usually because they are no longer maintained10:47
bekkssmilie: "Documentation not working" means what exactly?10:48
smiliebekks: short manual how to do it tells me: "Create tables by script in ./scripts/create_tables.sql10:48
OerHekscousin_luigi, get it from their website http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/otherversions/10:48
smiliebekks: there are no sql scripts in there10:48
Abhijithi. i am getting error xlib exntension xfree86 dri missing on display 0:0.10:49
smiliebekks: only ajax.js history.js iecanvas.js move.js10:49
Abhijithelp please10:49
bekkssmilie: Which Ubuntu do you use exactly - which version?10:49
Abhijiton ubuntu 12.0410:49
smiliexubuntu 12.1010:49
bekkssmilie: Look at /usr/share/doc/phpmyadmin/examples/create_tables.sql.gz10:51
cousin_luigiOerHeks: I'd like a repository so that I won't have to keep it up-to-date manually.10:51
cousin_luigiThinkT510: It's still available for precise.10:51
bekkssmilie: And basically, those PMA tables/variables arent needed.10:52
cousin_luigiThinkT510: Does it mean it will have an unsupported package for the next 3-5 years or so?10:52
ThinkT510cousin_luigi: there must be a reason for it not being included in quantal, i just gave you the most common one, i don't know if it applies to acroread10:53
ki9ais there anythingthat would let me send keystrokes to the running X via an ssh window? I have xbmc running on ubuntu without a keyboard attached and want to type something10:53
ThinkT510cousin_luigi: what's wrong with evince?10:54
bekksThinkT510: Evince has problems with certain PDF forms, with certain PDF containing DRM stuff, etc.10:54
cousin_luigiThinkT510: Some documents, especially ones with interactive contents, aren't rendered well on evince.10:54
smiliebekks: thx, i have that sql script, gonna launch it.10:55
cousin_luigiThis said, does anyone know if there's a repository, more or less official, for adobe reader?10:55
bekkscousin_luigi: Just download it from www.adobe.com10:55
gnomefreaki cant recall if the extra repos has it or not10:56
YcareneI have wine 1.5.20 installed and I want to revert it to wine 1.5.19, how would I do that?10:56
ThinkT510cousin_luigi: acroread doesn't appear to be in precise either, are you sure it isn't in the partner repo or something?10:57
cousin_luigibekks: see above10:57
cousin_luigiThinkT510: It is in the partner repo, but not for Quantal.10:58
ThinkT510cousin_luigi: oh10:58
bekkscousin_luigi: You could use okular instead.10:58
cousin_luigibekks: stop wasting my time10:58
bekkscousin_luigi: Sorry for being helpful. Ignore set.10:58
gnomefreaktry either [artner repo or medibuntu(not suggesting to use medibuntu)10:59
ThinkT510gnomefreak: he left11:00
gnomefreakoh damn thanks ThinkT51011:00
shwouchk_I'm using ubuntu 12.10 on a computer with an intel centrino 2230 wifi card. For some reason I can only see B/G networks. How can I enable the N functionality?11:03
NikPWhen I shutdown my server over "sudo shutdown -P now", the harddrive stops and all services stopped too, but the system power does not switch after the system halt.11:04
NikP(My english isn't so good)11:05
sl3axhi to all! In lsof 4.81 in Ubuntu 12.04 there's a -D flag in the man. The binary doesn't accept it anyway. lsof -h doesn't list -D flag. SO there isn't?11:05
ThinkT510sl3ax: if you think you've found a bug you can report it, please make sure the bug doesn't already exist first11:07
ThinkT510!launchpad | sl3ax11:07
ubottusl3ax: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/11:07
tarunnohello everyone11:07
tarunnoI am having trouble adding a network printer in 12.0411:08
tarunnocan anyone help11:08
gnomefreakuse ubuntu-bug $PACKAGE it will give you possible results to dups11:08
gnomefreaksl3ax: ^^^11:09
GregMarkuschrome browser wont do anything, seems likke a common problem but only finding windows solutions - anyone know a fix?11:09
ThinkT510GregMarkus: any reason you're not using chromium instead?11:10
disharmonictarunno, what's the issue?11:11
gnomefreak"wont do anything" its really hard to help you if you dont explain the isssus11:11
gnomefreakthis is also something you want to file a bug report on11:11
GregMarkusThinkT510,  none that i can rememebr i tried it before something about it sucked11:12
tarunnodisharmonic: found an issue already11:12
GregMarkusgnomefreak, if you've had this issue it would11:12
tarunnocups service wasn't running11:12
ThinkT510GregMarkus: chrome isn't in the repos, chromium is; that means we can only support chromium here11:12
disharmonicah k11:12
GregMarkusThinkT510,  ok i'll give chromium a try then11:13
tarunnodisharmonic: wasn't able to enter the cups webinterface11:13
GregMarkusjust hope it doesn't suck11:13
gnomefreakGregMarkus: i reccomend you try chromium to see if it changes11:13
JohnSnowstormhello, I want to get audio highlights working in xchat but can't find the default sounds, I downloaded a couple of other beeps in mp3 but they sound like really harsh static when played with the default player, any suggestions?11:14
shwouchk_I'm using ubuntu 12.10 on a computer with an intel centrino 2230 wifi card. For some reason I can only see B/G networks. How can I enable the N functionality?11:14
GregMarkusgnomefreak, well it wont change it , it will just be giving up and trying something else -the fact is at this moment I need it up(if it can run the extensions) more than /I need to fix it so I'll address chrome later11:14
seliteHello, what is the channel for C Programming?11:14
bazhangJohnSnowstorm, ask in #xchat11:14
bazhang##c selite11:15
aLeSDhi there11:15
JohnSnowstormkk, will do.11:15
aLeSDcould you suggest me a good app for twitter in 12.10 ?11:15
bazhangaLeSD, apt-cache search twitter to find something11:15
ThinkT510GregMarkus: chromium-browser11:15
disharmonictarunno, glad you solved it ;)11:17
GregMarkusThinkT510, weird only bsu showed at first, now all do...and now chrome is working11:17
sl3axhi to all! In lsof 4.81 in Ubuntu 12.04 there's a -D flag in the man. The binary doesn't accept it anyway. lsof -h doesn't list -D flag. SO there isn't?11:20
sl3axNikP: have you tried also with poweroff or init 0?11:21
thunder1212how can i create live usb for any linux distro in ubuntu 12.0411:22
bazhangthunder1212, it varies. is it a hybrid iso? you could use dd or just cat the iso to the stick11:22
OerHeksthunder1212, unetbootin can11:22
MonkeyDust!usb > thunder121211:22
ubottuthunder1212, please see my private message11:22
bazhangthunder1212, there is also unetbootin11:23
bazhangthunder1212, ubuntu and debian use a hybrid iso for the latest11:23
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thunder1212bazhang:  OerHeks i tried unet bootin but while booting it shows no operaating system found11:25
=== qos is now known as qos|away
thunder1212how do i find if its hybrid11:27
bazhangthunder1212, depends. what distro. search distrowatch.com or the like and find out11:27
bazhangthunder1212, or just ask in their channel here in freenode11:28
=== Err404NotFound is now known as Error404NotFound
thunder1212bazhang: ok yeah thanks...11:28
bazhangthunder1212, you can use alis to find their channels11:29
bazhang!alis | thunder121211:29
ubottuthunder1212: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:29
jackbrowncould anyone expalin me why in the startup applications vino-server is set  with this command? "/usr/lib/vino/vino-server --sm-disable"11:30
thunder1212msg alis Mag11:30
Fuchs/msg alis      including the /, which has to be the first character. You also want to include the wildcards (*)11:31
shwouchk_ikonia: I did ask my real question. I just didn't want to repeat it too soon11:34
shwouchk_I'm using ubuntu 12.10 on a computer with an intel centrino 2230 wifi card. For some reason I can only see B/G networks. How can I enable the N functionality?11:34
idrutaare you sure that ur router is supporting N?11:35
hilariousis there a similar command to control-z that would let me 'background' a program without it being connected to that particular terminal window ?11:35
idrutahilarious, screen?11:35
hilariousof course but let's say i'm already started and i forgot to use screen11:35
MalMenhello, it is possible install ubuntu in a android based tablet ?11:36
idrutais the service so critical? write to your bashrc startup command for screen11:36
idrutaso each time you open a terminal, the screen is autostarting11:37
bekkshilarious: Then you have no chance.11:37
hilariousthat is a great idea11:37
hilariousi installed ubuntu on a 4GB usb drive11:38
shwouchk_idruta: yes. It has 2 networks and I'm connected to the N one with the ipad11:38
idrutahilarious, yup...it's really usefull11:38
hilariouson a laptop with no hd11:38
hilariousit works ok, including libre office11:38
shwouchk_hilarious: let me suggest tmux however, so that you can attach to the same session from multiple terminals11:38
hilariousif my other computers all died at the same time11:39
hilariousit would be of use11:39
idrutashwouchk_, what card do you use? check if there is a specific driver for your card11:39
shwouchk_hilarious: also, I would discourage the idea because you would have a bunch or screen sessions running all the time11:39
hilariousnever heard of tmux11:39
shwouchk_idruta: there is and it is installed11:39
hilariousshwouchk_,  - i can do that with screen though11:40
hilariouswhat is different11:40
shwouchk_idruta: and I said what card I use11:40
hilariousyou mean fully 'attach' it to that terminal11:40
shwouchk_hilarious: you can connect to the same screen session from multiple terminals? how?11:40
idrutashwouchk_, oh sry, let me think11:40
bekksshwouchk_: screen -x11:40
hilariousat the same time ?11:41
bekksshwouchk_: Yes.11:41
bekkshilarious: ^^11:41
idrutashwouchk_, can you try it on the other linux machine?11:41
hilariousdunno, i connect to my screen sessions from whatever terminal i think11:42
shwouchk_idruta: no other machine, and it is a laptop11:42
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shwouchk_hilarious: but not simultaniously11:42
hilariousyeah but i don't even understand what 'simultaneously' means11:42
idrutashwouchk_, oh, ok then, are you sure that the specific drivers is loaded and using by ur card?11:42
shwouchk_hilarious bekks apparently simultaneously11:42
shwouchk_idruta: we are talking, aren't we?11:43
hilariousdo the two terminals fight over the cursor ?11:43
bekksshwouchk_: hilarious: Using screen, it is possible to connect from whatever terminal, AND, in addition, it is possible to connect from two or more terminals at the same time.11:44
shwouchk_hilarious: no idea what that means11:44
hilariouswell sorry11:44
hilariousi just have no concept of what it means to have two terminals connected to one screen session at the same time11:44
shwouchk_did you ever use a computer with two monitors showing the same thing?11:45
shwouchk_hilarious: same thing11:45
bekkshilarious: It is designed to share a terminal, to show someone on the second terminal what you are doing, and to look at what the other one is doing.11:45
hilariousso that's what i'm saying, i mean, let's say that i'm over here connected to a screen session from a terminal and then someone else has an ssh session to another terminal on this machine, and they are simultaneously connected to the same screen session that my terminal is connected to11:46
hilariousso if i am typing right arrow and they are typing left arrow will the cursor keep going back and forth ?11:46
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nicofsI can't "find" dvb-t channels in Kaffein - there is a device, I can scan - but there are no results. While scanning, signal strength varies from 27%-100% and the "tuned" light is on a few times. All looks well, there are just no channels afterwards... what do i do? lsusb&dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1482225/11:47
shwouchk_hilarious: yes11:57
shwouchk_hilarious: both terminals are in control11:57
hilariousoh ok11:58
hilariouswell i guess that could be cool, in some situation11:58
hilariousyou could chat in a text editor11:58
BluesKajHi all11:59
IronsightUmm, just installed ubuntu 12.10 and I can't find "additional drivers"11:59
Ironsightas in, the app that installs the nvidia drivers11:59
ThinkT510Ironsight: they have been moved to a tab in software sources12:00
Ironsightah, thanks12:00
angsis there any good usb sniffer for ubuntu?12:01
BluesKajangs, run lsusb in the terminal to see if your device is listed12:04
angsblueskaj, I am more interested in to see the transferred data on the usb port12:05
jackbrownhi there could anyone explain me this please ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2323535&postcount=1312:05
angsdo you know any good usb sniffing program that works on ubuntu?12:05
ThinkT510jackbrown: what needs explaining?12:06
jackbrownThinkT510: I need to controll a GUI on a remote machine12:07
ThinkT510jackbrown: the whole gui or just one app?12:09
sgtkilljoyjackbrown: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC12:10
disharmonichey guys, anyone know where Unity stores desktop wallpapers?12:16
BluesKajangs, check out interceptty  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157939112:16
angsBluesKaj, yhank you, I was reading the same link :)12:17
BluesKajangs, ok :)12:18
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MonkeyDustdisharmonic  look /usr/share/backgrounds/12:20
MonkeyDustlook in*12:20
chhotu_where can i find the list of pre-installed software in ubuntu 12.0412:26
sara_ubuntu_girlhello room12:28
chhotu_where can i find the list of pre-installed software in ubuntu 12.0412:29
MonkeyDustchhotu_  what you can do: boot a live session, open a terminal and type dpkg -l|grep ii|awk '{print $2}' > ~/Documents/packages12:29
sara_ubuntu_girlQ: i had two ubuntu installations: 11.10 and 10.04 , somehow 10.04 is missing after i installed updates :( ... how can i get it back ... tired googling but no help12:29
sara_ubuntu_girlhi MonkeyDust can u guide me ?12:30
sgtkilljoysara_ubuntu_girl: in terminal "sudo update-grub"12:31
auronandacesara_ubuntu_girl: sounds like a grub issue12:31
sara_ubuntu_girlsgtkilljoy auronandace bundle of thanks let me try it12:31
BluesKajchhotu_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuDesktop , and google is your friend12:32
mattronixHello all12:33
disharmonicMonkeyDust, thanks12:36
channel_I need help with PHP and PHPEmail.  Please direct me to the right forum.12:38
Abhijithow to know which graphics card I have in 10.04?12:40
* joey8 is playing OpenTTD12:43
DJonesAbhijit: Type lspci in a terminal that will give you details of the hardware in your computer12:44
DJonesAbhijit: You should see a line starting VGA compatible controller with details of your graphics card12:45
AbhijitDJones, i run it. but in 12.04 it shows full name i.e. intel atom in 10.04 it only shows intel device12:46
blamiAbhijit: that's ok12:47
DJonesAbhijit: Can you pastebin the info that lspci in 10.04 gives so we can have a look at the list12:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:47
majnooni got that for ME :P12:49
AbhijitDJones, 00:02.0 vga compatible controller: intel corporation device 0be2 (rev 09) i can not copy paste full because its in another offline computer12:50
DJonesAbhijit: ok, let me have a look12:51
bekksAbhijit: You could use an USB stick to transfer the output.12:51
Abhijitbekks, :-)12:52
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DJonesAbhijit: As far as I can see, that looks to be about as much detail on the model I can find12:54
AbhijitDJones, ok12:54
AbhijitDJones, which graphics driver should i install for it?12:55
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=== Err404NotFound is now known as Error404NotFound
memeticHello.  I have two nvidia 560 TI cards in my system, running Ubuntu 12.10, with three displays.  I've read that some folks get weird lock up issues.  I am having one of those issues, where I can't even ctrl+alt+f1 to get to the console.12:59
bjensenIm trying to pick a rack server from dell…R320, R420 or so..but I don't know if I can use software raid on the embedded data controller they have?12:59
memeticI experience this issue when using nvidia's binary drivers (current, 310, 304) and noveau.12:59
MonkeyDustbjensen  #ubuntu-server12:59
memeticI'm not sure how to determine if this is a driver issue or not.  Has anyone else experienced similar problems with nvidia cards, particularly the 560 ti cards?13:00
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YcareneHow often does scott ritchie come in here?13:04
bekksNever heard of him.13:04
channel_Hello,  I am practicing with PHP and have installed PHPemail to send mail from my webpage.  Can someone help me make it work or direct me to the appropriate channel?13:11
shwouchk_I have a laptop with an intel centrino 2230 N wifi card. I'm using ubuntu 12.10. I can connect fine to B/G networks, but I don't even see N networks. How can I enable the N functionality of my card?13:12
whimneilI am facing a problem with my Ubuntu 10.04. The problem is when I boot into my system, it says “cannot open password database” and restarts automatically.13:12
t4nk680can someone help me upgrade from ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 i tried everything and its just not working im really stuck13:13
Aurauxist3nk680: Please tell us more.13:13
bekkst4nk680: "not working" is pretty generic.13:13
bekks!details | t4nk68013:13
ubottut4nk680: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:13
whimneilCan anyone help me13:14
whimneilcannot open password database and the system reboots13:14
bekkswhimneil: So what did you do before?13:14
t4nk680well the output i got was failed to fetch13:14
bekkst4nk680: Please provide the full details as being asked.13:15
whimneilbekks: I didnt do anything, I guess the /etc has gone bad13:15
whimneilbekks: now I dont know how to repair it13:15
t4nk680what more do you want it failed to fetch13:15
bekkswhimneil: Then you have to get your backup and restore it.13:15
MonkeyDustwhimneil  for a start, what's the output of lsb_release -sd13:15
t4nk680i mean in th update manager13:15
bekkst4nk680: "failed to fetch" when doing what exactly? We have NO clue what you did.13:16
bekksMonkeyDust: He cant even log in anymore.13:16
whimneilMonkeyDust I didnt get what you want me to check?13:16
MonkeyDustwhimneil  nvm, misread, my mistake13:16
t4nk680it failed to fetch when i after the update manager gets to getting to packages13:17
guest-A4wemFI can't login in to ubuntu 12.10 ... only can log on to guest session..13:19
whimneilis there any way to reset the root password so that I can login?13:19
Aurauxiswhimneil: try recovery options for Ubuntu.13:19
whimneilI tried that13:20
whimneilAurauxis i tried that but its still the same, any thing different that I should try in the recovery options?13:20
guest-A4wemFcan anyone help me out13:20
Aurauxiswhimneil: drop to root prompt13:20
AurauxisYou can change your passwd there.13:21
mvt007geekeb i installed wine and installed emu8086.but i don't know how use emu8086 after i closed emu8086 window?should i setup emu8086 every time i closed emu8086?13:21
=== qos|away is now known as qos
whimneilaurauxis you mean the CUI mode?13:21
lewis1711does anyone know of a raster editor that has annotations? preferably something simple :)13:21
guest-A4wemFI can't login in to 12.10 .... when I try redirects to login session again .. only can use guest session please help13:22
Aurauxiswhimneil: Yeah...13:22
whimneilaurauxis how can I get to the CUI mode before getting the login screen13:22
Aurauxiswhimneil: grub menu13:23
AurauxisDoes it appear during boot?13:23
ThinkT510!text | whimneil13:24
AurauxisBoot while holding the shift key, I think.13:24
ubottuwhimneil: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode13:24
Aurauxiswhimneil: Are you familiar with the "passwd" function?13:24
whimneilBut I guess that is to reset the password13:25
AurauxisJust type: passwd <<username>>13:25
whimneilwhere and how can I use that ?13:25
whimneilat the CUI?13:25
=== ilona is now known as Guest13243
whimneilOkay I will try that13:26
t4nk680so theres no way to upgrade ubuntu 10.10?13:28
whimneilAlso I want to know how can I repair /etc13:28
Aurauxiswhimneil: That would be beyond my scope.13:28
Aurauxiswhimneil: But are you certain something is wrong there in the first place o.O13:28
whimneilwhat does that mean?13:28
Aurauxiswhimneil: What makes you think /etc has gone bad?13:28
whimneilbecause the /etc directory has the password file in it that is why I think that may be corrupt13:28
Aurauxiswhimneil: Things don't just happen...13:29
AurauxisWell, try passwd and see how it goes.13:30
whimneilI will try that and will get back in case I have any more issues13:30
whimneilthanx everyone n esp Aurauxis13:30
Aurauxiswhimeil: Any time :D13:30
Aurauxiswhimeil: Farewell.13:31
CatbuntuUbuntu 12.10 with Unity crashed.13:31
=== Kyngdom_ is now known as Kyngdom
CatbuntuI had a Flash video on background, opened the Dash and it just was ultra laggy and unresponsive.13:32
CatbuntuI had to go to CTRL ALT F1 and type unity --replace :_13:32
CatbuntuIs that normal or what?13:32
ThinkT510Catbuntu: it is certainly normal for flash to get buggy13:32
AurauxisCatbuntu: Expect things to happen with Flash every now and then.13:33
never2farhow can i get /tmp cleaned without rebooting or using rm -rf /tmp/*13:33
CatbuntuOh OK.13:33
ThinkT510never2far: thats rather limiting your options13:33
CatbuntuThen it'd be better to download the music.13:33
CatbuntuIt's Tchaykovski or however it's spelled, don't worry :P13:34
Aurauxisnever2far: Linux is generally quite good with managing its own housekeeping.13:34
Aurauxisnever2far: You could make a launcher with the said command on your desktop.13:35
never2faryeah ...and it deletes files if my pc get rebooted ...but if i'm not restarting they are kept there13:35
ThinkT510never2far: not wise to delete everything in temp unless you know for certain the files aren't in use13:35
AurauxisThinkT510: Good point...13:36
never2farThinkT510, i saw there is a upstart script in /etc/init/mounted-tmp.conf do you know if I can use it to clean /tmp ?13:36
never2farThinkT510, this is why i didn't wanted to use rm /tmp13:36
ThinkT510never2far: i've never needed to clean tmp sorry, so i don't know13:36
Aurauxisnever2far: Try this http://shuffleos.com/1071/system-clean-ubuntu-linux-apps-temporary-files/13:38
discoveredAnyone uses Kate?13:39
ThinkT510discovered: i'm sure plenty of kde users do13:39
discoveredThinkT510, I am having an small problem that the KATE Indentation always going to normal if am even configuring it to be aligned Indentation automatically.13:41
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ubottugagga: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:47
tobiasBoraHello !13:54
AurauxistobiasBora: Ello.13:54
tobiasBoraI'd like to know if there is a way to see all applications which send sound to speaker EVEN IF THE PROGRAM DOESN'T USE PULSEAUDIO.13:55
guest-VJF2MOI have some trouble .. i can't login in to the my account on 12.10 ... only guest session is working ...13:55
guest-VJF2MOwhat can I do13:55
guest-VJF2MOplease help13:55
guest-VJF2MOis there anyway way to fix this?13:55
Aurauxisguest-VJF2MO: Have you forgotten your password?13:56
tobiasBoraIndeed, I've a mic redirection (from the mic to speaker), and I can't find how disable it, because it doesn't appear in pulsecontrol.13:56
kapzHello! I am using ubuntu 12.04 64 bit and my concern is that Firefox 17.0.1 says that it has disabled the outdated version of Java, how do I correct this?13:56
ThinkT510guest-VJF2MO: if guest is working then that implies there is a settings issue, have you been messing with unity/compiz settings?13:56
=== rrittenhouse_ is now known as rrittenhouse
guest-VJF2MOno ... when I am trying login in wit redirect to greeter it self13:57
guest-VJF2MOI donno what went wrong... I can login in through the ctrl+f1 window13:57
Aurauxisguest-VJF2MO: LightDM?13:57
guest-VJF2MOI guess it is lightDM13:58
tobiasBorakapz: did you update java ?13:58
ztgu I have problem with suspend to RAM on my laptop. My screen stays black after resume from suspend to ram. Any idea how to fix the problem?13:58
kapztobiasBora, i did install openjdk7, if that's what you mean...13:58
guest-VJF2MOis there anyway to recover from it?13:59
guest-VJF2MOcan I restore or repair ubuntu ??13:59
Aurauxisguest-VJF2MO: Have you tried manually restarting the xserver?14:00
guest-VJF2MOI have removed nvidia-current drivers... i thought it was the problem... but it didn't solve problem...14:00
guest-VJF2MOI donno??14:00
ThinkT510guest-VJF2MO: reset your unity/compiz settings back to default14:00
guest-VJF2MOhow can I set it to default back??14:01
ThinkT510guest-VJF2MO: if the guest session works but your user does not then it isn't a graphics problem, its a settings problem14:01
blacklinePlz help. I have two internal hdd's which of one is for system (ssd), the other for storage. I've read multiple guides without success. My issue is that now the "other" disc gets mounted as /media/Storage which from what I understand does not happend at boot. I would like the other drive to mount at boot. I suppose this is done in fstab. I would really appreciate your help.14:01
JudstinIf ur unsure just remove compiz14:01
tobiasBorakapz: and what about sun-java7-plugin ?14:01
AurauxisJudstin: That would be bad.14:02
Harlinblackline, just a sec14:02
guest-VJF2MOcan I revert back to normal settings??14:02
Harlinblackline, is this ntfs ?14:02
ThinkT510guest-VJF2MO: login via ctrl-alt-f1 and delete the .compiz directory in your home folder, then  logout and log back in via the gui14:02
kapztobiasBora, "E: Unable to locate package sun-java7-plugin"14:02
JudstinNot that bad14:02
guest-VJF2MOThinkT510 letme check it ouy14:02
tobiasBorakapz: maybe icedtea-7-plugin14:03
Dice-Manblackline: you have to edit your /etc/fstab file14:03
Harlinblackline, you probably don't know what your proper device name is for it.14:04
blacklineHarlin - No, it should be ext414:04
=== qos is now known as qos|away
Harlindo a df -kh ? that should reveal it14:04
Harlinblackline, ok? that should be easy then.14:04
guest-VJF2MOThinkT510 i can't remove it ... i am getting an error .compiz is not empty14:04
blacklineHarlin - Do you want that "codish" name for the drive?14:04
Harlinblackline, yes14:04
tobiasBoraguest-VJF2MO: and what about moving ?14:04
Dice-Manblackline: sudo fdisk -l14:05
Harlinthere ya go14:05
Aurauxisguest-VJF2MO: Try this: sudo service gdm stop14:05
Dice-ManHarlin: or sudo blkid14:05
Harlinor hd if you have some ancient hardware14:05
AurauxisThen, sudo rm .compiz14:05
blacklineHarlin /dev/sdb14:06
Harlinhah hah ide, ancient ? amazing14:06
TopolHello I am having dual boot trouble.. I have installed Ubuntu but as soon as I click it on the statup menu it gives me an error and says its missing. Is there any way I can remove Ubuntu? I am Running Windows 814:06
blacklinethought you ment the even longer name14:06
Harlinok sorry blackline there should be a number for the partition14:06
Aurauxisguest-VJF2MO: Then, startx14:06
Harlinlike /dev/sdb1 or something14:06
blacklineHarlin - UUID="2d156a04-b5bf-41bf-b76b-43926bbc6d15"14:06
Harlinyour line in fstab once you find it should be like:14:06
blacklineIt's ext414:07
AurauxisTopol: please, tells us more details about the error.14:07
guest-VJF2MOAurauxis UNKNOW INSTANCE14:07
Harlin/dev/sd1  /path/to/mount  ext4  defaults  1 214:07
=== scott_ is now known as Guest69174
guest-VJF2MOlemme relogin14:07
TopolAurauxis: Can I pm?14:07
guest-VJF2MOc ya14:07
Harlinblackline, yeah not the UUID number ;-)14:07
blacklineso sd1 it is?14:07
Aurauxisguest-VJF2MO: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop14:07
Harlinmake that entry in your /etc/fstab and restart ? or ?. unmount and do a: mount -a14:07
Harlinblackline, you have to make sure the number is correct14:08
ThinkT510Aurauxis: he is using lightdm, not gdm14:08
Harlinwhen it's mounted, do a fdisk -l or df -kh14:08
AurauxisThinkT510: Crap...14:08
=== slank_away is now known as slank
sacarlsonTopol:  the sequence that caused the problem might help.  like did you install windows after ubuntu?14:08
Harlinblackline, do you already have data on this partition?14:08
Harlinif not, you might not even have it formatted yet.14:08
blacklineHarlin - Yes, it's stuffed with data.14:09
Harlinok then find the number for it14:09
blacklineHarlin - But that could be changed if needed. I have backup14:09
Harlinis it mounted now?14:09
kapzthanks tobiasBora :) I found the icedtea-7 plugin. But java is not verified at java.com and Firefox doesn'ty know about that plugin14:09
Harlinno let's not destroy if we don't need to ;-)14:09
AurauxisTopol: Sure.14:09
blacklineHarlin Yes, auto from before14:09
Harlinok give me the line from df -kh where it shows the disk mounted14:10
blacklineHarlin - /dev/sdb1                917G   58G  813G   7% /media/marcus/Storage14:10
tobiasBorakapz: do you have the exact error ?14:10
Harlinahh cool14:10
tobiasBorakapz: and did you try this : http://java.com/en/download/help/enable_browser.xml14:10
ixiohi, I am running 12.04 in a VM.. I have added a new HDD (while its powered on) how do I do the equiviliant of a windows "rescan" for new hardware/HDD's and inititate, format and use this disk?14:11
Harlinwhich directory do you want to mount it to blackline ?14:11
Harlinixio, look up fdisk14:11
blacklineHarlin - this is the thing. My "feeling" is that this folder it uses now "feels" kind of temporary.14:11
Harlinso which directory would make you feel good?14:11
blacklineHarlin - I would like it to seem clean, this is a permanent drive14:11
blacklineHarlin - haha14:11
Harlinwell with Linux (unlike Windows), all partitions have a mount point14:12
Harlinand you *do* want it to have its own mount point14:12
Harlinmine on my Linux laptop is something like /mnt/share14:12
Harlinthat makes me feel happy :-)14:12
blacklineHarlin - is /mnt/Storage possible? What would be the logical in compare to my already existing disk?14:12
kapztobiasBora, on verifying the java version on the official website, I don't get any error but the applet is never finished verifying and oracle states that it means there is problem with installation or java is not installed.14:13
Harlinwell, to make it extensible, you can do /mnt/storage1 ;-)14:13
Harlinin case you add external drives and such14:13
Harlinok so let's do this...14:13
Harlinadd this entry in /etc/fstab14:13
blacklineHarlin Sounds nice.14:13
blacklineWe will go with storage114:13
Harlin/dev/sdb1  /mnt/storage1  ext4 defaults 1 214:13
Harlinsave it.14:14
blacklineor Storage1 if it's case sensitive ;)14:14
Harlindo this though...14:14
Harlinumount /media/marcus/Storage14:14
Harlinafter you add the entry14:14
Harlinlet me know when youve got that far.14:14
ixioHarlin: fdisk doesnt see /dev/sdb yet..14:14
tobiasBorakapz: did you try this test : http://www.java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp14:15
Harlinixio, hmmm, maybe your issue is at the hardware level14:15
kapztobiasBora, on Firefox plugincheck web page it states that Icedted-web plugin is unknown plugin14:15
Harlinixio, what kind of drive is it?14:15
blacklineHarlin - Should I add a label?14:15
ixioHarlin: its a virtual HDD14:15
Harlinblackline, i dont usually do that but I don't see why not if it makes you feel even better :-D14:15
Harlinixio, hmm what is a virtual hard drive ? ;-)14:16
Harlinhard usually means "hard"14:16
tobiasBorakapz: and what is the exact error of firefox14:16
kapztobiasBora, I tried the test, and the applet is loaded however it states that an update is available!14:16
Harlinixio, sorry i should ask, what did you do to set it up initially?14:16
tobiasBorakapz: me too I've this message.14:16
nebeneffektis there a possibility in ubuntu to add a cpu-temperatur-gauge to the panel?14:17
kapzthanks a ton tobiasBora, atleat I now know that java plugin is working. Neat!14:17
ixioHarlin: its a virtual machine, therefore it has virtual HDD's.. I have added a new HDD while the server is "powered on" and I need to make ubuntu aware of this fact14:18
ixioI just dont know how14:18
Harlinixio, should be the same way? is this vmware or virtual box?14:18
tobiasBorakapz: You're welcome ^^ for exemple, does this applet works ?14:18
ixioin windows you go to disk manager and "rescan" - I need the ubuntu equivilant14:18
Harlinixio, you probably want to go to #kvm or #rhel for the gurus14:19
Harlinixio, in the past, ive not had much help here for kvm (no offense ubunters)14:19
ixioit doesnt really matter what hypervisor I am using.. infact pretend its a physcial box and I have added a hotplug SATA disk14:19
Harlinyeah it does actually ixio14:20
ixiohow would I scan for this new disk14:20
kapztobiasBora, if it passed the java test then I think it does work. You have any website in mind to check?14:20
Harlinixio, you could probably use something like qparted14:20
ixioyeh in the gui I could do it.. I just dunno how to do it from ssh14:20
Harlinbut if fdisk isn't finding it, its possible that it's misconfigured slightly at the hypervisor level unfortunately14:20
tobiasBorakapz: oh sorry I forgot the link : http://www.walter-fendt.de/ph14f/collision_f.htm14:21
kapzI tried dell.com and the site behaves as it should now. Earlier it didn't respond to the filters.14:21
Harlinixio, not sure in ubuntu from the cli either? in redhat there's a curses (cli) interface for it.14:21
Harlinixio, just a sec?. let me have a look...14:21
ixio_oops IE crashed14:22
Harlinixio, btw, you have a look at this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive14:22
kapztobiasBora, yep the applet is working!14:22
ixio_thanks for the link Harlin14:23
Harlinsudo lshw -C disk14:23
Harlinand then later...14:23
Harlinsudo fdisk /dev/sd[a-z]14:23
ixio_yeh its not showing up in lshw.. hmm14:23
tobiasBorakapz: great !14:24
Harlinpsa: eat lots of oily fish. it are good for you!14:24
Harlinmore coffee...14:25
kapzcheers :) happy new year *well, a few hours in advance*14:25
tobiasBoraSo does anyone know how I could detect the programs which send sound to speakers ? Because I've a mic redirection to the speakers, and I can't find the origin of the redirection, because it doesn't appear at all in pulseaudio. I tried to open qjacktl : the redirection is keep, and the others programs like amarok stop playing (it is normal because jack stop pulseaudio) : it shows that the program isn't linked to pulseaudio, but I14:27
tobiasBoradon't know how find it. Any idéa ?14:27
Questany one here?14:31
HarlinQuest, yeah14:35
Harlinlooks like 1599 are "here"14:35
Questis there a free nice software by which I can record my screen + audio from mic and sound card and put it on youtube?14:35
Harlinhmm just a sec...14:35
Questthen 1597 of them are inactive14:35
QuestHarlin,  I need the same for windows to14:36
Harlinheh heh tall order14:36
Harlindoes RecordMyDesktop work in Windows too?14:37
QuestHarlin, no14:38
JRThumpAny ideas on better PDF viewers than Unity built-in "Document Viewer"? PDF with greyscale photos in adobe reader on windows appear like bad monochrome black and white raster images in document viewer...14:40
QuestHarlin,  Recordmydesktop for linux and camstudio for windows. found. thanks14:41
tobiasBoraJRThump: I love Okular, but it is initialy for KDE.14:42
QuestHarlin,  and now we have  1594 are inactive. (progress)14:42
JRThumptobiasBora: Thanks, will check it out!14:43
=== OllieN is now known as Zenum
jpastorehi, I received a beaglebone from a friend in another country and it's running ubuntu. I'm having some problems updating it. I'm actually trying to get the wifi working so it will connect to my phone as a hotspot to get the right time for logging14:47
jpastorethe apt-get is failing to update it fails parsing a lpackage list14:48
kart__Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: ERROR: invalid checksum (0x3beb != 0x38f3).                                           When trying to mount exfat on ubuntu 12.04 and 10.0414:48
jpastoreI've gone through steps and guides on purging the list...but I'm still encountering the problem14:48
=== mani is now known as Guest42430
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest84332
kart__Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: ERROR: invalid checksum (0x3beb != 0x38f3).14:51
dctrdIf I run ubuntu on vm14:54
=== k is now known as Guest46446
dctrdWill it be fast enough ?14:54
kart__Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: ERROR: invalid checksum (0x3beb != 0x38f3).     Any help would be greatly appreciated??14:54
dctrdOr I have to install ?14:54
=== dctrd is now known as johnny
ThinkT510dctrd: depends what is fast enough for you14:55
guest-bCMO1wI am running ubuntu 12.10... I can't  login in to my account .... guest session is working fine... so I created new user from terminal by adduser commant... I am still not able to login in with the newly created useraccount.. same problem as before ... anyone can help me out of it :(14:55
johnnyJust don't lag14:55
johnnyThat's what I want14:55
=== johnny is now known as Guest61219
=== Guest61219 is now known as johnny010
ThinkT510!nickspam | johnny01014:56
ubottujohnny010: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »14:56
ThinkT510johnny010: try it in a vm and find out14:56
guest-bCMO1wThinkT510 it is not working.. still can't able to login... only guest session is working even I created new user account it also have same problem :(14:57
ThinkT510guest-bCMO1w: sorry i can't help14:57
guest-bCMO1wwhether I want to reinstall ubuntu :(??14:57
jpastorecan anyone help with my beaglebone running 12.04? trying to apt-get update, failing to parse package file during update.14:57
guest-bCMO1wI lost all the work setup :( ...14:58
kart__@guest - bCM01w  Ctrl+Alt+F1, log into the console, and have a look at ~/.xsession-errors for information why it is not allowing you to log in.14:58
johnny010AMD have you tried it ?14:59
ThinkT510johnny010: amd what? my revo has an amd processor and graphics which work well14:59
johnny010And** sorry15:00
ThinkT510johnny010: yes, i use vms regularly15:00
kart__<johnny> For what do u want to use ubuntu for ?15:01
guest-bCMO1wkart_ how can I open .xsession-error ?15:01
johnny010Btw my pc specs are 8gb ram,i7 3.4ghz 3rd generation.2gb video card 1 tb storage....would they be enough ?15:02
johnny010I think the ram isn't enough15:02
ThinkT510johnny010: its plenty15:02
johnny010Ok and can I run it full screen15:03
johnny010Full full screen15:03
johnny010Not half of it15:03
guest-bCMO1wI am getting /user/sbin/lightdm-session: 24: export: bad varriable name @ kart__15:03
ThinkT510johnny010: virtualbox has a seamless mode you could try15:03
johnny010What's that ?15:04
guest-bCMO1whow can I read contents of ~/.xsession-errors15:04
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
redhandbrseamless mode let you manage vm's windows on host OS.15:04
ThinkT510guest-bCMO1w: with a text editor15:05
guest-bCMO1wI am getting error while I am using cat15:05
johnny010Why I'm not trying is because I'm in bed....tired as hell and not bothered to turn the pc on15:05
redhandbrguest-bCMO1w, open terminal and type: gedit ~/.xsession-errors15:05
johnny010redhandbr sorry ?15:05
ThinkT510johnny010: then come back when you've had some sleep15:06
nashantHi guys. How do I check the results of the boot up disk check15:06
johnny010Ok good idea15:06
johnny010Bye tc15:06
redhandbrjohnny010, look this http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/virtualboxs-seamless-mode-combine-operating-systems-desktop/15:06
guest-bCMO1wThinkT510, redhandbr  I am running it from ctrl+alt+f115:06
guest-bCMO1wI cant open the editor there?15:07
ThinkT510guest-bCMO1w: use nano15:07
redhandbrguest-bCMO1w, so... use nano text editor.15:07
guest-bCMO1wwhether I wanna install it?15:07
redhandbrguest-bCMO1w, nano already comes with ubuntu.15:07
ThinkT510guest-bCMO1w: nano is installed by default15:07
redhandbrps: I love nano.15:08
nashantHi guys. How do I check the results of the boot up disk check15:09
ixio_is there a cp equivilant which gives feedback ?15:11
ixio_progress etc15:11
kart__GUy any help with this error " Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: ERROR: invalid checksum (0x3beb != 0x38f3). "  On trying to mount exfat partition which I was able to access before ??15:12
RELOLi have problems with audio hdmi15:12
KraupuHello everyone, in this chat I can ask any stupid question about linux ?15:12
ixio_Kraupu: thats the idea15:12
RELOLit doesn't work an videos play x3 speed15:12
cfhowlettKraupu: why, yes it is!  ask.15:12
AnteliI'm new to linux. I have hp pavilion dv6 3090eo with windows8 and i would like to get ubuntu 12.04 instead of windows8. Is there a way to do that?15:12
redhandbrAnteli, sure.15:12
cfhowlettAnteli: yes.  just install ubuntu 12.04 or even dual boot so you have both.15:13
ixio_Anteli: look at wubi15:13
Kraupuok, im usin ubuntu only 2 days, all my life I was on windows :)15:13
ixio_Anteli: google "wubi" this is the easiest way to test Ubuntu without removing your Windows install15:13
kart__error mounting exfat on ubuntu15:13
redhandbrKraupu, congrats :)15:13
mtxi need to learn apache etc for work so was thinking of changing my windows home fileserver to ubuntu, can i easiliy create a software raid 5 array for some of my files from say 3 x 2tb drives?15:14
AnteliI have tried wubi, but i had problems with it. i think problems caused because of secure boot "feature"15:14
redhandbrSecure Boot... Urgh.15:14
cfhowlettAnteli: virtualbox is another option15:14
ixio_mtx.. do you only have 3 disks in that server?15:14
RELOLI have an ATI Mobility Radeon15:15
mtxi have other drives too ixio_15:15
redhandbrAnteli, go to bios setup and disable Secure Boot, so you can boot to windows 8 or Ubuntu normally.15:15
mtx128gb ssd plus a few 2tb drives15:16
Emmanuel_ChanelHappy New Year!15:16
Anteliok, thanks i'll try that15:16
redhandbrEmmanuel_Chanel, yay!15:16
ixio_mtx: you will need to boot your OS from a non software RAID disk/array etc.. but once you have the OS loaded you can of course create a software RAID array using Ubuntu and run apache etc15:16
KraupuOk, so first question, I have anothr pc, he has Linux ubuntu, I want to give that pc to my mother but first I want installl windows xp , but when im trying to xp, thes setup cant found Hard drive15:16
nyjkkyjnI'd like to have optimised ATLAS libraries.. but the official packages aren't optimised, so I need to compile it.. Is there a way to build a deb package, so that I don't have to compile all the software dependant on it15:16
redhandbrAnteli, good luck!15:16
Kraupui think I need fix MBR15:17
shwouchk_I have a laptop with an intel centrino 2230 N wifi card. I'm using ubuntu 12.10. I can connect fine to B/G networks, but I don't even see N networks. How can I enable the N functionality of my card?15:17
Kraupuor smth15:17
ixio_thats an XP problem not a linux problem tho15:17
bekksKraupu: No. You need an XP installation medium with at least SP3 for enabling the detection of SATA controllers as installation target. Not an Ubuntu issue, in addition.15:17
Kraupuso I need win xp winh SP3 yes ?15:18
ixio_or pres f6 I think it was during install to load additoinal drivers15:18
kart__Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: ERROR: invalid checksum (0x3beb != 0x38f3). Any one???15:18
mtxthanks, I plan to boot from the SSD and have the software raid array for films and other drives for other files. I guess I'd share with samba? Can i allow different accounts different access levels?15:18
redhandbrops. sorry.15:19
ixio_mtx: I would consider things like unraid over ubuntu to act as a file server15:19
guest-bCMO1wcan I give administrative privilage to guest session .. so that I can recover my file before formating...?15:19
ixio_mtx: but to answer your question, yes you can15:19
nashantis there any reason that my kern.log would be 12GB15:20
redhandbrguest-bCMO1w, it's easier boot with a pendrive and make your backup.15:20
nashantand my syslog15:20
t432when i had installed ubuntu desktop taskbar on the left used to disappear when you moved the cursor away and would reappear once you moves cursor to the left.  For some reason this no longer happens, its always there.15:24
t432anyone know how to solve this?15:24
guest-bCMO1where is the xsession-errors http://pastie.org/5602476   can't login to acount have a look15:25
ubottusupering: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:25
nebeneffektam I right here: buffered memory is the memory which is used right now by applications, amount of data which is continously written to the memmory(ram). cahed memmory, is certain amount of data which is stored in the memory in order to be faster avaiable when cpu wants to read it?15:28
p0rkHow do I update resolv.conf correctly?15:28
=== wessly is now known as Guest79503
ThinkT510!resolvconf | p0rk15:33
ubottup0rk: resolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution15:33
KraupuHappy New YearS ?15:34
Catbuntugnome-panel has support to GTK3?15:34
ThinkT510frane: do you have a question?15:34
CatbuntuOr is it purely GTK2?15:34
ThinkT510Catbuntu: if you are referring to gnome-panel in gnome3 fallback then that supports gtk315:35
franeload .xchat2/budus.so15:36
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:36
bhaveshI was following this guide http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=243793 on Ubuntu 12.04 server but when I ran ./configure it says Checking for OpenSSL... configure: Cannot find OpenSSL's libcrypto15:37
bhaveshwhat should I do?15:37
ubottufrane: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:39
nearsthi ppl. :)15:39
CorruptionEXI have a question about Ubuntu and E17, Enlightenment15:39
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: ask away15:40
CorruptionEXAnyone know of the Enlightenment shell?15:40
CorruptionEXHey, I have windows, but I want to run E1715:40
CorruptionEXE17, and most other releases, are for linix15:40
CorruptionEXIf I install Wubi, can I run E1715:40
k1lCorruptionEX: just ask your question15:41
CorruptionEXI did15:41
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: yes, but i'd avoid wubi15:41
CorruptionEXCan I run E17 with Wubi15:41
k1lCorruptionEX: you should consider a real install and not using wubi15:41
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: why not install linux?15:41
CorruptionEXI want to stay windows15:41
k1lCorruptionEX: you can dualboot it15:41
k1l!dualboot | CorruptionEX15:42
ubottuCorruptionEX: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot15:42
CorruptionEXHow would I go about doing that15:42
CorruptionEXAlright, Lemme look at that page...15:42
bhaveshIs that a PHP bug?15:42
k1lCorruptionEX: and you can run whatever DesktopEnviroment is in the repositories, which are alot. and e17 is in it15:43
ThinkT510!software | CorruptionEX15:43
ubottuCorruptionEX: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents15:43
k1lCorruptionEX: ubuntu holds alot of software and programs sorted out for your ubuntu version in their repositories. so its a easy and safe install15:44
CorruptionEXOk, so if I were to install UB, I can simply select the E17 installer?15:44
k1lCorruptionEX: you can select the e17-package and it will it install it. yes15:45
CorruptionEXWhat is Wubi?15:45
CorruptionEXIs it UB for windows?15:45
bhavesh!wubi | CorruptionEX15:46
ubottuCorruptionEX: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe15:46
CorruptionEXSince I will need UB, I want to get it, but keep windows15:46
k1lno, it installs ubuntu inside windows instead in own partitions. so if windows fails, ubuntu fails too. so that is not a good choice15:46
k1lits just ment for testing purposes.15:46
CorruptionEXSo, I install Wubi, and find the e17 package, and it will install it15:46
Zhaboohi, is there any way to add (un-)compress context (right-click) menu(s) to the file/open dialogs in mint/ubuntu?15:47
k1lCorruptionEX: go with dualboot. install ubuntu into own partitions on your harddisk15:47
Davidowskican someone tell me why ubuntu frozes after I boot him from usb https://dl.dropbox.com/u/25404973/IMG_20121231_154120.jpg15:47
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: seriously, a vm would be better than using wubi15:47
CorruptionEXI wont be using UB very much by iteself, I just want E17.15:47
k1lCorruptionEX: and with grub2 you can choose on every boot if you want to start ubunut or windows15:48
=== gmort is now known as garyamort
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: a virtual machine15:48
Zhaboo(I am using both mint and ubuntu on different computers and virtual machines, would also like to know which part of the system this feature actually comes from, if it is provided by ubuntu or need to be separate solutions)15:48
CorruptionEXSorry, Im not very familiar with abreivations15:48
k1lCorruptionEX: why do you want e17 when you wont use it? o_O15:48
CorruptionEXI want tot use E17, but They only have installs for Linix15:49
ThinkT510k1l: i think its the ooh shiney factor15:49
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: a vm is a great testing ground15:49
CorruptionEXNo, I want to use 17, but they only have installs for Linix15:50
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: you can mess anything up, its safe to use a vm15:50
=== yann is now known as Guest42757
k1lCorruptionEX: step away from wubi. you get no advantage to a dualboot install but all the disadvanteges15:50
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: try ubuntu in virtualbox15:50
=== Guest42757 is now known as Yann_L1
CorruptionEXok, no wubi, got that much15:50
k1l!dualboot | CorruptionEX go with that15:51
ubottuCorruptionEX go with that: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot15:51
bibi23each time I put an HDMI cable from my laptop to a TV the screen displaying works but I have to restart the computer so that the sound output from the TV gets detected and I can switch to it, is there a more simple way to "refresh" sound outputs?15:51
CorruptionEXwith what? the duelboot link?15:51
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=== gmort is now known as garyamort
Davidowskican someone tell me why ubuntu frozes after I boot him from usb https://dl.dropbox.com/u/25404973/IMG_20121231_154120.jpg15:52
ThinkT510!nomodeset | Davidowski15:53
ubottuDavidowski: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:53
CorruptionEXSo. I am just making sure I have this all right....    Make a (small) partion just for Ubuntu, and install the full ubuntu there. Boot up UB, and find the e17 package, and install it.15:53
TwistyI'm trying to cut all but the last X number of lines from a log file in place. tail can't be used in place it seems, how else might I accomplish this?15:54
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: sure, but if you are not comfortable with partitioning try it in a vm first15:54
CorruptionEXHow do I do that?15:54
CorruptionEXCan I keep it in a virtual machine?15:54
k1lCorruptionEX: yes, genereally. i wouldnt make it too small and a 3 partition setup would be better, but its ok if you want to test things15:55
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: download virtualbox15:55
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: you can do whatever you like with a vm15:55
CorruptionEXSo after all this is done, how will startup be? Will it boot windows 8, or UB?15:55
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: if you do a vm you need to boot into windows and launch the vm from there15:56
CorruptionEXI want to ratain windows functionality, but use the E17 window manager15:56
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: you won't be able to use enlightenment in windows15:57
CorruptionEXI mean running it through windows, through UB, through a vm15:57
CorruptionEXThi is getting confusing o.O15:57
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: i don't think you understand15:57
CorruptionEXmost likely not....15:58
CorruptionEXI have windows 8, I want E1715:58
CorruptionEXThats all I came here with15:58
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: enlightenment is for linux, to use enlightenment you must use linux15:58
CorruptionEXBut then I though, Ubuntu can run Linix stuff, and they have E17 for Ubuntu15:59
=== harry is now known as Guest62269
TwistyUbuntu IS linux15:59
rdw200169Zhaboo: I've been a bit behind the power curve on new versions of Ubuntu; that said, i'm reasonably certain it still uses Nautilus as the File Manager (Mint probably does too) since it is the standard file manager for Gnome.  As such, what you're looking for is a Nautilus Extention. Examples: http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/cat-archiving.php15:59
CorruptionEXSo, thats why I was thinking Wubi, So I can have windows AND Linix15:59
CorruptionEXbut someone said to stay away from Wubi, and install UB16:00
CorruptionEXI mean, that was the goal16:00
CorruptionEXBut I dont want UB totally, just for E1716:00
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: why?16:01
nearsthappy new year!16:01
SuGe2happy new year16:01
CorruptionEXWhy not use UB for everything?16:01
CorruptionEXBecause I like windows16:01
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: why do you so badly want e17?16:01
CorruptionEXthats really the only reason16:02
CorruptionEXWhy do you want cool flashy things?16:02
nearstCorruptionEX, try other distro. bodhi as well16:02
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: then live with the fact that you must be running linux to run e1716:02
CorruptionEX*sigh* yea, i was thinking that...........16:02
CorruptionEXI really want it though16:03
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: then use linux16:03
CorruptionEXAnd it just being possible bothers me16:03
CorruptionEXWhat's linix like16:03
IdleOne!ot | CorruptionEX16:03
CorruptionEXI mean, I saw pictures and have a general idea16:03
ubottuCorruptionEX: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:03
bazhangCorruptionEX, thats beyond the scope of this channel16:03
ThinkT510CorruptionEX: try it in a vm and see16:04
nearsture big eyecandy dude16:04
CorruptionEXthanks Think, sry for bothering you lol16:04
CorruptionEXYes, I love Eye candy16:04
bazhangCorruptionEX, lets take the chit chat elsewhere16:04
CorruptionEXEye candy is everything to me lol16:04
CorruptionEXyea, Im going16:04
NickNamebuс новым годом! :)16:05
TopolRussians itc16:05
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:06
andrea_how come that 12.10 does not offer VGA drivers support for old video cards? This is insane!!!16:06
bekksandrea_: Depends on the age of the hardware. Latest kernel (3.8-rc1) does not offer support for i386 hardware. Thats the circle of life.16:07
nearstandrea_, what is your video cards ? lsmod | grep video16:08
bekksnearst: Which will most likely return nothing. "sudo lspci | grep VGA" is the better approach.16:09
nearstbekks, kk.. :D16:10
bekksandrea_: So which graphics hardware do you have?16:10
bhaveshI just created a new user on my Ubuntu server, but when I log in as that user and run sudo apt-get update, I get sudo: must be setuid to root16:11
bhaveshit means I must add the username to some file ?16:11
bekksbhavesh: So whats the output of "lsb_release -sd"?16:11
ThinkT510bhavesh: did you put your new user in the sudo group?16:11
bhaveshbekks: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS16:11
k1lbhavesh: own server or hosted server?16:11
bhaveshThinkT510: How do I do that?16:11
bhaveshk1l: hosted16:12
ThinkT510bhavesh: you'd need to do it from an account with sudo access16:12
bhaveshThinkT510: I have access to root, ill follow this: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/quickly-add-users-to-groups-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/ thank you everyone :)16:13
k1lwe had a issue last weeks, where a hoster did deliver a wrecked image to the servers. there were many problems, like missing setuid bit on sudo etc16:13
andrea_nearst: i belive it's an ATI HD4000 but i've read that using an old nvidia or ati  AGP card will prevent you from using 3D acceleration.16:13
superbootDoes anyone know of a FOSS internet-gateway solution?16:14
RB2Good Morning. When I'm using any app that doesn't specifically have Unity support (such as pidgin), closing the window instead of minimizing it makes the icon disappear, but it's still running in the background.16:15
bhaveshI did adduser my_username sudo and it added my_username to sudo, but still when I do sudo apt-get update from my_username it returns must be setuid to root, i should reboot?16:15
RB2Are there any workarounds for this?16:15
k1lbhavesh: make sure sudo got the stickybit16:15
bhaveshk1l: didn't get you16:16
bekksandrea_: So please check which hardware do you have. "sudo lspci | grep VGA"16:16
bekkssuperboot: What do you mean by "internet gateway solution"? Every router at home acts as a gateway :)16:16
=== megharsh is now known as superbot
guest-wntF9KI can't login to my user account... I am using ubuntu 12.10 anyone please help me out of this...16:18
guest-wntF9KI can't login to my user account... I am using ubuntu 12.10 anyone please help me out of this...16:19
guest-wntF9KI can't login to my user account... I am using ubuntu 12.10 anyone please help me out of this...16:19
bekks!patience | guest-wntF9K16:19
ubottuguest-wntF9K: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:19
guest-wntF9Kubottu sorry16:19
ubottuIt's ok, I am only a bot so I cannot stay mad at you. For apologising to humans though, take a read of http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2009/07/20/on-apologies/16:19
k1lbhavesh: make a "ls -al /usr/bin/sudo" please16:19
guest-wntF9Kubottu ok16:20
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:20
sweet_kidguest-wntF9K: but why?Do you know your root password?16:20
guest-wntF9Kyes sweet_kid16:20
bekks!root | sweet_kid16:20
ubottusweet_kid: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:20
guest-wntF9Kit is hanna16:20
nearstbfq any good ?16:20
bekksThere is no root password...16:20
nearstbecome sudo fan :D16:20
guest-wntF9Kthe password is hanna16:21
guest-wntF9Kuser name is arabi16:21
bhaveshk1l: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 69708 Jun 1 2012 /usr/bin/sudo16:21
bekksguest-wntF9K: Erm, do you know that you just told your password to about 1600 people?16:21
bekksguest-wntF9K: Pretty silly idea to do so.16:21
guest-wntF9Kbekks it is OK with me16:21
k1lbhavesh: do a "chmod 4111 /usr/bin/sudo"  from the root account16:22
bekksguest-wntF9K: Well, then good luck.16:22
guest-wntF9KI am tired of solving this problem... but no result16:22
guest-wntF9KI can't unnistall and reinstall it16:22
arshavinnearly burnt my laptop charger cable.........quite relieved that it is still working,the plastic coating from one side is gone need to tape it before it snaps16:22
sweet_kidguest-wntF9K: how you're logging in?what message/error you're getting?16:22
bhaveshk1l: now works. Thank you :D16:22
pnglI can't connect using ssh on one of my remote accounts, but I can on the other. The client's public key is in both remote account's authorized_keys file. What could be happening?16:23
harry_Hello all. I used Code::Blocks to compile a Hello world program. it compiles and everything is ok but when i double click the "file" in the directory of the project it doesn't open. what can I do to get it displayed?16:23
dakotawulfyguest-wntF9K there is a way to reset the password16:23
k1lbhavesh: like i said earlier. seems like the hoster got a wrecked image16:23
guest-wntF9Ksweet_kid when i am login in I am getting a black screen for a while.. and then again return bakc to the login16:23
bhaveshk1l: okay.16:23
superbootbekks: internet gateway as in a controlled access pay-for-service solution. Such as used in hotels.16:23
bhaveshk1l: Its host1free16:23
guest-wntF9Kit is not about password . I can login in using ctrl+alt+f116:23
guest-wntF9Kguest mode is work fine too16:24
bekksguest-wntF9K: Then check wether your disk is full - and change your password, since 1600 other people know it.16:24
sweet_kidokay guest-wntF9K16:24
sweet_kidyes bekks is right16:25
guest-wntF9Kbut user mode not working... even I tried with creating new used from terminal.. using adduser ... I can even login with the newly created user16:25
dakotawulfymaybe your usrer dir got locked and  need to go into it to unlock it16:25
bekksguest-wntF9K: Did you read what I just told you?16:25
guest-wntF9Kbekks .. YES16:25
sweet_kidguest-wntF9K: change your password asap16:26
guest-wntF9KI will consider It if I can login in again... other ways will try to buy a Mac :(16:26
dakotawulfyguest-wntF9K see if u can go in to one of the other and open terminal see if u can get into that user16:26
bekksguest-wntF9K: You said you CAN login on ctrl+alt+f1 -- so do it.16:26
guest-wntF9Ki can login in using ctrl+alt+f116:27
ania_happy new year16:27
guest-wntF9Kania_ happy new year16:27
kamidiguest-wntF9K: your problem does not seem to be with login. graphics drivers perhaps? broken lightdm? other graphic related problems? unity?16:27
bekksguest-wntF9K: So you do not have a login problem.16:28
guest-wntF9Khow can I fix those problems...16:28
kamidiguest-wntF9K: what did you do before problem started?16:28
guest-wntF9KI have done alot of things from stackoverflow and askubuntu16:28
guest-wntF9KI have unity and gnome-fallback ...( because my laptop is little older .. so unity is slow in it)16:29
pellejokuso, trying to install NVIDIA-Linux-x86-295.49.run, but the window that pops up is a white, blank window. Any ideas?16:29
guest-wntF9KIt was running fine .. till morning..16:29
guest-wntF9KI have removed some panel and add some panels..nothing else did16:30
AxioHi, I would like to make my computer automatically restart if a specific line appears in dmesg. Any simple way to do that?16:30
kamidiguest-wntF9K: and you can't login to neither gnome-fallback nor unity?16:30
dakotawulfyguest-wntF9K check ti file under user .Xauthority16:30
guest-wntF9Kkamidi ... I can't16:31
guest-wntF9KI reinstalled gnome-fallback16:31
guest-wntF9Kstill no change16:31
dakotawulfy guest-wntF9K if permission got messed up on it that will cause a problem like yours16:31
ahmed1hello every one  i removed the kernel when i deleting nvidia driver "apt-get remove nvidia-*"   i booted  with previous kernel   problem now i can't update to download the last kernel  error is "some index files faild to download"16:31
guest-wntF9Kis there anyway to restore ubuntu... because getting recovered it anyway is importent to me.. Otherways I would try a reinstall :(16:32
dakotawulfyguest-wntF9K did u check that file16:33
kamididakotawulfy: he created another user in tty, but problem still persists16:33
dakotawulfy that might be it16:33
dakotawulfyonlu on his main user16:33
dakotawulfy thay all have their own file16:33
guest-wntF9Kit is blank dakotawulfy16:34
dakotawulfywill be16:34
dakotawulfysee who own it16:34
guest-wntF9KI have tried nano .Xathority16:35
guest-wntF9Khow can I know the owner?16:35
dakotawulfy just seen that happen before16:35
donavan01need some help with DVD play back tried playing a dvd today and it yelled about the disc being encrypted and me needing to install something ... how do I make ubuntu do dvd playback16:35
ubottuSantana: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:35
guest-wntF9Kdakotawulfy how can I know owner?16:36
quittedonavan01: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs16:36
quittedonavan01: 5 seconds with google16:36
dakotawulfyguest-wntF9K right click on it go to properties16:36
dakotawulfy then permissions16:37
guest-wntF9KI can't right click .. i am usinng ctrl+alt+f116:37
MonkeyDust!dvd | donavan01 1.5 seconds with ubottu ;)16:37
ubottudonavan01 1.5 seconds with ubottu ;): Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:37
bekksguest-wntF9K: ls -lha ~16:38
donavan01Thanks guys I just couldnt remember what I was looking for I did this years ago on an older machine but I didnt know I was looking for the restricted format stuff16:38
IdleOneNo need for condescension, not everybody has the google fu and not everybody knows all the bot triggers.16:38
guest-wntF9Kbekks thanks16:38
guest-wntF9Kdakotawulfy arabi owns it .. thats is me16:38
thepreacherif i create a /home partition and do not format it during installation of ubuntu or any linux distro for that matter, as long as i create the same user, with the same username, will the installation seamlessly use the existing home folder. Its just that I'll really like to minimise the volume of transfers I need to perform after every fresh install16:39
dakotawulfyguest-wntF9K ok16:39
dakotawulfy just wanted u to check16:39
dakotawulfy make sure that was not it16:39
quitteIdleOne: true. thanks for reminding me times have changed.16:39
ahmed1hello every one  i removed the kernel when i deleting nvidia driver "apt-get remove nvidia-*"   i booted  with previous kernel   problem now i can't update to download the last kernel  error is "some index files faild to download"16:40
IdleOnethepreacher: yes, you may find some user .config anomalies from one distro to another, but should be easy to fix.16:40
guest-wntF9Kdakotawulfy is there anyway?16:40
dakotawulfywell u said u could log in with another user???16:40
guest-wntF9Konly as guest .....16:41
dakotawulfywell try that16:41
guest-wntF9Kright now I am in guest mode16:41
dakotawulfy the n go to the add user or groups16:41
bekksahmed1: Thats just a warning, no error.16:41
guest-wntF9Kthats is why I am guest herre16:41
dakotawulfysee if u see your user16:41
guest-wntF9KI can see my user in user account dakotawulfy16:42
dakotawulfyand see if it will let u use that pasword to change it your user one16:42
thepreacherIdleOne: Thanks. That is a huge relive. I used to enjoy tinkering with my system a lot but I don't find it as much fun anymore. I'll rather install and with the minimum of fuss get on with my development :)16:43
guest-wntF9KI have changed the password , bekks, dakotawulfy16:43
dakotawulfysee if it works now16:44
ahmed1bekks how to fix it16:44
guest-wntF9Klemme check .. I will be another guest when I login in16:44
guest-wntF9Kbecause guest name always change16:44
guest-wntF9Kbye for now lemme check it working16:44
bekksahmed1: Just wait until the server provides the index files again.16:45
ahmed1beeks my computer not working fine16:46
guest-94oUZ0dakotawulfy ... still no use.. not working16:46
=== SAF is now known as Guest26945
bekksguest-94oUZ0: Then check wether your disk is full.16:47
guest-94oUZ0it is not full16:47
guest-94oUZ085 GB of free space16:47
bekksguest-94oUZ0: In your home directory?16:47
guest-94oUZ0yes 85GB free16:47
humboltis there a way to turn off, that the file menu line appears in the top bar in unity. I am using focus follows mouse and it is simply unusable with the menu disappearing, when I move over another window.16:48
MonkeyDusthumbolt  that's calles globalmenu, you can easily delete/disable it16:49
guest-94oUZ0wat a new year this is :(16:49
humboltMonkeyDust: how?16:49
dakotawulfy guest-94oUZ0 well can u use sudo under guest16:49
MonkeyDusthumbolt  http://askubuntu.com/questions/10481/how-do-i-disable-the-global-application-menu16:50
guest-94oUZ0sudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted16:50
bekksguest-94oUZ0: Whats the output of "lsb_release -sd"?16:50
guest-94oUZ0bekks lsb_release -sd , right?16:51
bekksguest-94oUZ0: Yes.16:51
guest-94oUZ0ubuntu 12.1016:51
guest-94oUZ0Ubuntu 12.1016:51
guest-94oUZ0is it a strange problem? :(16:52
shwouchk__I have an intel centrino 2230 BGN wifi card, but for some reason I can only see B/G networks. Using 12.10. Help?16:52
bekksguest-94oUZ0: And the output of "ls -lha /usr/bin/sudo"?16:52
guest-94oUZ0-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 113K Jul 16 17:43 /usr/bin/sudo16:52
dakotawulfyshwouchk sound like it could be a resolveconf problem16:53
dakotawulfyshwouchk__: did u do and upgrade16:53
shwouchk__dakotawulfy: no, installed 12.10.16:53
dakotawulfywell wait a min16:53
shwouchk__dakotawulfy: what does it have to do with resolveconf? itsn't it responsible just for DNS?16:54
dakotawulfywell wen u do an upgrade it will not work right has a problem with that16:55
dakotawulfyor use to16:55
dakotawulfynot sure now hold on16:55
shwouchk__dakotawulfy: yes, but its responsible for DNS, whereas I have a problem with wifi16:55
bekksguest-94oUZ0: Provide a pastebin of "df -h" please.16:55
linuxthefishhow can i get a list of installed packages sorted by size?16:56
guest-94oUZ0bekks just a sec done16:56
dakotawulfyshwouchk  check this out try it see if it works http://askubuntu.com/questions/201603/how-do-i-edit-my-resolv-conf-file16:56
dakotawulfy most it could do is not work16:56
shwouchk__dakotawulfy: I refuse to try anythin unrelated directly to wifi16:56
shwouchk__dakotawulfy: thanks for your help16:57
humbolthow can I show all apps currently open in unity16:57
dakotawulfy) shwouchk16:57
guest-94oUZ0bekks http://pastie.org/560277416:57
dakotawulfy wait might not be right ther is another one16:57
bekksdakotawulfy: He's right. He does not have a DNS problem. :)16:57
dakotawulfy hold  on16:57
gyre007I'm invetigating one of the most bizzare things Ive ever seem....every 2 hours one of our servers spikes up the load_avg...then its another and then another....this is happening with regularity...i've no idea what it could be causing it....16:58
gyre007iowait is very small16:58
Bombo# modprobe nvidia16:58
BomboFATAL: Module nvidia_current_updates not found.16:58
gyre007only load spikes up like hell16:58
Bomboshould that work?16:58
gyre007also CPU usage is very small...16:58
bekksgyre007: Check cpu usage and I/O using vmstat and sar16:58
jhutchins_wkshwouchk__: It's not a centrino.  A centrino is a CPU, not a wifi chipset.16:59
Bombowhat do i need to get nvidia drivers? i did apt-get install nvidia-current(-updates)16:59
gyre007bekks: IO is ok....cpu usage too...16:59
gyre007i can send graphite graphs...its really weird16:59
guest-94oUZ0bekks hope you see that16:59
shwouchk__jhutchins_wk 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 2230 (rev c4)16:59
bekksgyre007: Basically, load just means nothing on a linux/unix system. More important things are cpu usage, memory usage, swap and I/O.17:00
jhutchins_wkshwouchk__: If you figure out the actual wifi chipset you may be able to find an n driver for it.17:00
shwouchk__jhutchins_wk: I stated it twice. Once in the question and once just now. You are wrong. Thanks for your help.17:00
jhutchins_wkshwouchk__: lspci -nn will give you the hex code identifier.17:00
Bomboxorg.log: NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module.17:01
Bomboisn't that in nvidia-current?17:01
* jhutchins_wk wonders why shwouchk__ appears to be asking for help when he already knows all the answers.17:01
guest-94oUZ0hello ubottu17:01
shwouchk__jhutchins_wk: I don't know the answer, but I can certainly know what is not an answer.17:01
bekksshwouchk__: Well, you are wrong. There is no "Centrino wifi chipset". Please just listen to what people say to help you.17:02
bekksshwouchk__: Obviously, you dont know your wifi chipset.17:02
shwouchk__bekks: it is Intel centrino N 2230. I can even show you an official page on ubuntu.com stating so. Thank you also. Next17:03
guest-94oUZ0bekks is there anyway to access user directory from guest session?17:03
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots17:03
bekksshwouchk__: Ok, good luck then, if you know it better than the ones having a working intel wifi chipset. Next.17:03
lickalottmornin All!17:03
dakotawulfy check this page17:03
lickalotthave an issue that i don't know how to correct.17:03
dakotawulfyshwouchk  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207325117:04
TheLordOfTimelickalott, details please.17:04
lickalottI'm ssh'd into my server from work.  On my server17:04
TheLordOfTimeotherwise nobody can assist you.17:04
lickalottworking on it17:04
dakotawulfythat the site i wanted17:04
saurav_how i install network simulator ns2 in my ubuntu 9.1017:04
bekkssaurav_: Ubuntu 9.10 isnt supported anymore, it is EOL.17:05
dakotawulfyshwouchk go to #717:05
bekks!eol | saurav_17:05
ubottusaurav_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:05
guest-94oUZ0saurav_ try 12.1017:05
=== angelpossum is now known as imapancake
shwouchk__dakotawulfy: THIS IS NOT THE GODDAMN PROBLEM I AM HAVING!17:05
lickalotton my server i'm sitting in /media/folder1.  This is a mount from a hard drive.  I am done doing what I want to do with the drive and want to format it.  But... because my local user is sitting in the location I can't fdisk the drive (via ssh) beacuse it is "being used"17:05
lickalottis there a way to force the umount?17:06
bekkssaurav_: Currently supported releases are 10.04, 11.10, 12.04 and 12.1017:06
lickalottor force the "other me" to log out17:06
bekkslickalott: umount -f17:06
guest-94oUZ0today I memorized name bakotawulfy :D17:06
bekksshwouchk__: Watch your language please. Thank you.17:06
guest-94oUZ0sorry dakotawulfy17:06
lickalottbekks - umount2: Device or resource busy17:07
lickalottumount: /media/tmp: device is busy.17:07
lickalott        (In some cases useful info about processes that use17:07
lickalott         the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))17:07
lickalottumount2: Device or resource busy17:07
FloodBot1lickalott: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:07
mewcan any one help17:07
bekkslickalott: Whats "umount2"? Never heard of it.17:07
lickalottthats with the umount -f17:07
mewnice chatting on android pbonee17:07
MonkeyDustmew  start with a question17:07
guest-94oUZ0shwouchk_ be calm.. I was like you just an hour before..17:07
shwouchk__bekks: and just FYI: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/component/pci:8086:0887-WIRELESS/17:07
shwouchk__bekks: now tell me I don't know the chipset I have17:08
mewwell can I install ubuntu in my phone17:08
bekksshwouchk__: I am not interested anymore in solving your problem, since you know it better and you still keep asking.17:08
saurav_how i upgrade 9.10 to 12.04 plz give the proper command for it17:08
lickalottbekks - http://pastebin.com/nkmywNk117:08
MonkeyDustshwouchk__  make sure you don't reject and refuse every and any advice you're getting here17:09
bekkssaurav_: Update to 10.04 and then to 12.0417:09
mewexec -o inxi -N17:09
bekkslickalott: Just kill the other session :)17:09
guest-94oUZ0MonkeyDust I am ready to accept all the adivices and try it out ... please help me if you can17:09
lickalottis that easily googled bekks?17:09
shwouchk__MonkeyDust: so far the advice 1. fix your dns (what does dns have to do with the problem?) and 2. you don't really know what card you have (really? Then what is that page I just pasted stating this specific card is certified?)17:10
dakotawulfywell cya for now17:10
shwouchk__MonkeyDust: the moment I get real advice, I will know it.17:10
bekkslickalott: Take a look at "ps -aux | grep weed" and kill the other session using "kill"17:10
lickalottsaurav_ ----> http://bit.ly/YGuCDc17:10
guest-94oUZ0dakotawulfy... thaks for your time.. Happy New Year17:10
mewgooglr is the best oprione17:10
mewnew year17:11
mewbots too17:11
mewsorry @ Oo17:11
guest-94oUZ0bekks .. please see this http://pastie.org/560277417:12
shwouchk__MonkeyDust: or do you think I got real advice so far?17:12
* lickalott apologizes to saurav_ and DJones17:12
lickalottbekks i'm/he's not there17:14
ThinkT510shwouchk_: what is the problem?17:14
guest-94oUZ0shwouchk__ : here all are very helpful... some problems may be hard to solve.. so we help each other to solve it out.. first have faith in your brothers here.. keep an open mind .. as we believe in open source... have a great time bro.. thank you17:14
lickalotti have a user on tty1 and pts/0  both of the returns from the ps -aux kill the ssh sessions on pts/017:15
guest-94oUZ0ThinkT510 welcome back... I am still here with my problem :)17:15
shwouchk_ThinkT510: I have an intel 2230 card. It is an 802.11n card. I can see only B/G networks with it.17:15
ThinkT510guest-94oUZ0: you could have reinstalled by this time17:15
ThinkT510shwouchk_: oh, sorry i can't help17:16
guest-94oUZ0I can't do it boss.. :( it  very importent to recover it anyway :( Think51017:16
shwouchk_ThinkT510: thanks anyway!17:16
ThinkT510guest-94oUZ0: use a livecd and backup what you need17:16
guest-94oUZ0I need the envirounemt setup there17:17
=== psharmor is now known as tekoholic
novaspiriti have a question about memtester. when i run the program memtester 1000m then echo$? i get 137 and not 0. does this mean my memory has a problem?17:17
guest-94oUZ0Ruby on Rails, and other stuff.. can I take backup of that ... Think51017:18
ThinkT510guest-94oUZ0: i mean backup your personal files, you can always reinstall software17:18
guest-94oUZ0It takes me hours of work to setup my workmachine... now I can't login in :( very sad17:18
icerootnovaspirit: what does the manpage tells about that returncode?17:19
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: what problem are you having?17:19
ThinkT510guest-94oUZ0: what did you do last before you couldn't log in?17:19
guest-94oUZ0I can't login in to my account shwouchk_17:19
guest-94oUZ0Think510 i just logged out...17:19
rdw200169novaspirit: yup, the manpage explains the error code17:19
novaspiriticeroot, duh lol i didn't check that yet17:19
guest-94oUZ0before that I removed a gnome panel17:20
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: do you own the computer? Is the drive encrypted? do you have physical access to the computer? can you get a livecd?17:20
lickalottheh... found it17:20
guest-94oUZ0shwouchk_ I can login in using ctrl+alt+f117:20
lickalottbekks for future reference - pkill -KILL -u “username”17:20
novaspiriticeroot, nope noo good. says x01 x02 x03 but i get 13717:20
lickalottthanks for the lead though!17:20
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: ah, so you just can't login to the GUI environment?17:21
guest-94oUZ0yes that is17:21
ztguI have problems with the resume from suspend to ram. can anyone help me?17:21
MonkeyDustshwouchk_  centrino is product name from intel, so the people here were right17:21
=== bin is now known as Guest1422
Guest1422ztgu no17:21
wookeyI just tried to update to quantal (apt-get dist-upgrade) and it's got stuck with:17:21
wookeydpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/compiz-gnome_1%3a0.9.8.6-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/usr/share/gconf/schemas/compiz-crashhandler.schemas', which is also in package compiz-plugins-extra
guest-94oUZ0is there anyway to fix this shwouchk_17:21
wookeyI don;t see a bugrep for this -anyone got any bright ideas how to fix it?17:22
ThinkT510wookey: dist-upgrade doesn't move you to the next release17:22
=== Guest1422 is now known as exe
ThinkT510!dist-upgrade | wookey17:22
ubottuwookey: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.17:22
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: do you see the login screen? what happens when you try to login? Do you mind creating a new user on the machine?17:22
shwouchk_MonkeyDust: in what way were they right?17:22
icerootnovaspirit: i am sorry cant find any reference to that retuncode at the moment :(17:22
dufanelson8874: hello17:22
novaspiritis there other mem testers that run in console?17:23
MonkeyDustshwouchk_  when they were giving advice on centrino http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11333727 <- not exactly what you have, but may help17:23
guest-94oUZ0I can see the login screen... when I try to login.. I am getting a blank screen.. and then return back to login screen again.. I have tried creating new user.. still the same problem .. shwouchk_17:23
icerootnovaspirit: i would suggest memtest from a live-cd17:23
=== exe is now known as Guest63305
novaspiriticeroot, can't run live-cd this is from a asus-transformer17:24
nelson8874I'm trying to rip a dvd audio. I want to rip the 5.1 audio in separate channels. So, a mp3 from the central, an mp3 from the front left, and so on... Can someone help?17:24
guest-94oUZ0shwouchk_ but guest session works fine17:24
guest-94oUZ0have you heard of this kind of problem?17:24
=== Guest63305 is now known as bornagain
wookey!upgrade as in 'update-manager'?17:24
ubottuwookey: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:24
guest-94oUZ0ubottu  how are you?17:25
ubottuguest-94oUZ0: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:25
aaaai want to a standerd user be able to shutdown using gshutdown17:25
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: haven't heard. Can you create a completely new user on the shell?17:25
wookeyI avoided update-manager because it doesn't get on with local ubuntu mirror config and removes all 3rd party sources, including the main mirror, so then has no sources so then does nothing17:25
YcareneHow do I revert from wine 1.5.20 to 1.5.19?17:25
guest-94oUZ0i have tried adduser command? is that you menat shwouhk_17:26
guest-94oUZ0shwouchk_ your name is hard to type :P17:26
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: sorry :)17:26
MonkeyDustguest-94oUZ0  type sh [tab]17:26
ztguWhy is my swap partition not being used?17:26
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: try with useradd17:26
bekksguest-94oUZ0: type shwo and press the tab key :)17:26
novaspiriticeroot, i managed to make a program to flash the transformer with dual boot android and lubuntu. i compiled my own kernel and modifed the lubuntu image to work. but now i get random freezes. leads me to think it's memory addressing from kernel.17:27
bekksztgu: How did you check?17:27
guest-94oUZ0bekks thanks17:27
ztgubekks: free -m17:27
nelson8874I'm trying to rip a dvd audio. I want to rip the 5.1 audio in separate channels. So, a mp3 from the central, an mp3 from the front left, and so on... Can someone help?17:27
guest-94oUZ0shwouchk_,  I have tried that , not working .. same problem17:27
bekksztgu: And what exactly do yo see?17:27
guest-94oUZ0MonkeyDust, thanks17:27
WulfeI am having problems with "apt-get install -f" it is preventing me from being able to even upgrade.  ( http://pastebin.com/XQu2uBs0 )17:27
ztgubekks: Swap:        16362          0      1636217:27
ztguthe one with 0 is "used"17:28
Wulfeif anyone has a solution to this i would appreciate it.17:28
bekksztgu: ztgu You have 16G of swap, and currently no process is using it. Be happy, swapping will slow down your system.17:28
shwouchk_MonkeyDust: First, thanks for the link. Second, I never saw this link before. One person gave me a link on DNS troubleshooting and the other two persons claims that centrino 2230 is *not* a name of a chipset, in contrast to the truth and to what you and I are saying.17:28
nelson8874hi dooglus17:28
aaaai want gshutdown to work  in standerd user account how ?17:28
guest-94oUZ0shwouchk_, is there anyway?17:28
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: are you using regular ubuntu or some other kind? what version?17:28
guest-94oUZ0I am using Ubuntu 12.1017:29
ztgubekks: I am going to use it for suspend to ram. I don't know if it's neccesarry though? having problem with screen off after suspend to ram17:29
ThinkT510Wulfe: have you tried sudo apt-get autoremove?17:29
guest-94oUZ0with gnome-fallback as mine is older system17:29
Wulfedoesnt help17:29
Wulfei even cleared the cache and tried installing the debs manualy using dpkg17:29
emrHow i can say iptables -A INPUT ! -s,,  -p tcp --dport 80 -j DROP (i mean multiple ips)17:30
Wulfethis isue has been eating at me for a few months now and i am at a loss.17:30
bekksztgu: You need swap (as bug as your RAM) for being able to suspend2disk.17:30
TheLordOfTimeemr, are you trying to do a "NOT [theseips]" rule?17:30
=== imapancake is now known as imawesome
Wulfei am almost afraid i am going to have to wipe and reinstall the os.17:31
=== imawesome is now known as imawesomer
ThinkT510Wulfe: are you using ppas?17:31
shwouchk_guest-94oUZ0: can you try using unity?17:31
ThinkT510Wulfe: software from outside the default repos17:31
aaaasudo isn't working for gshutdown under stander user17:31
aaaahow can i make it shut down?17:31
bekksaaaa: Because for graohical applications, you have to use gksu17:32
Wulfeeverything i have has been from ubuntu repos only17:32
guest-94oUZ0both have same problem shwouchk_17:32
aaaatried it   it's not accepting the password17:32
ztgubekks: suspend2ram17:32
bekksaaaa: Then you have no permissions to sudo17:32
bekksztgu: You dont need swap for suspend2ram.17:33
ThinkT510Wulfe: have you been pinning packages?17:33
aaaai want gshutdown to shutdown the computer under standerd user :)17:33
Wulfenot sure what pinning is so i can assume i have not.17:33
aaaawithout giving the user a full sudo premission17:33
ThinkT510!pinning | Wulfe17:33
ubottuWulfe: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto17:33
bekksaaaa: You have to add a specific line in the /etc/sudoers then.17:33
ztgubekks: I don't? why do I have problems with suspend to ram ? idea?17:34
Wulfei have not set any priorities on any packages17:34
aaaawhat is it ?17:34
bekks!sudo | aaaa17:34
ubottuaaaa: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo17:34
ThinkT510Wulfe: when was the last time you updated?17:34
aaaait will give the standerd user a sudo premission to all programs17:34
Wulfewell this all happened when i upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 couple days after it came out.17:34
aaaai want him be able to just use gshutdown17:35
Wulfei hve been fighting it to fully upgrade since17:35
Wulfebut its just been one problem after the next17:35
ThinkT510Wulfe: try: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:35
bekksaaaa: Then read the articles you've been given. You can finetune the sudo behaviour, and allow only specific commands to an user.17:35
Wulfeas you can see i still have 210 packages to still upgrade17:35
Wulfei do that but it wont let me upgrade now because of unity-common not installing17:36
aaaaok thanks :)17:36
Wulfeit complains about the dependancy issue17:36
ThinkT510Wulfe: i've always fresh installed with new releases, much less can go wrong17:36
Wulfeand then tells me to install -f17:36
Wulfeyeh i was afraid i was gonna have to reinstll.17:36
Wulfejust sucks i didnt want to lose settings and apps.17:36
MuphridWulfe: dpkg-reconfigure -a is of any help?17:37
Wulfenope tried that to17:37
Wulfeit failed me as well.17:37
shwouchk_MonkeyDust: Anyway, I tried adding the option to modprobe and it didn't help17:39
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Eduard_MunteanuHi. I'm trying to package some app, but it seems the Makefile receives a blank DESTDIR. Any idea why?17:44
seednodePerhaps the maintainer just made the makefile improperly?17:45
Eduard_Munteanuseednode: actually, I wrote the makefile, it's a Python app with just a setup.py17:46
Eduard_MunteanuLet me try starting over again.17:46
p0rkI just installed python-software-properties and i still dont have apt-add-repository... wth?17:47
ThinkT510p0rk: its add-apt-repository17:47
p0rkthays what i meant17:48
p0rkbut its still not there17:48
ThinkT510p0rk: should be there in a default install17:48
fabioAlguém de Salvador?17:49
p0rkits a brand new install17:49
ThinkT510p0rk: what is the command you are running and what is the output?17:50
p0rkThinkT510, command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:happy-neko/ps3mediaserver17:50
MonkeyDust!pt| fabio17:50
ubottufabio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.17:50
Eduard_Munteanuseednode: nah, same issue17:50
p0rkoutput: sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found17:50
bruno_Alguém sabe como consertar o google earth no ubuntu 12.10?17:51
Eduard_MunteanuI tried echo-ing it from the makefile, it's blank17:51
bruno_alguém sabe consertar o google earth, porque a terra está invisível17:51
MonkeyDust!pt| bruno_17:52
ubottubruno_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.17:52
shwouchk_MonkeyDust: Any other thoughts?17:52
=== k is now known as Guest80119
ThinkT510p0rk: does the terminal let you auto-complete add-apt-repository?17:53
bruno_Anyone know how to fix google earth on ubuntu 12.10?17:53
shruthiUbuntu 12.10  64bit cannot move buttons to right17:53
MonkeyDustshwouchk_  unfortunately, i'm not familiar enough with wifi myself, it looks like you're of luck17:54
MonkeyDustout of luck*17:54
shruthiUbuntu 12.10  64bit cannot move buttons to right17:54
ThinkT510p0rk: most strange, have you checked your path?17:54
shruthiUbuntu 12.10  64bit cannot move buttons to right17:54
shruthiHELP Ubuntu 12.10  64bit cannot move buttons to right17:54
TheLordOfTimeshruthi, no need to repeat yourself17:54
TheLordOfTime!repeat | shruthi17:54
ubottushruthi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:54
p0rkThinkT510, just figured it out. i installed python-software-properties17:54
ThinkT510!controls | shruthi17:55
ubottushruthi: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263317:55
TheLordOfTimeshruthi, have patience :)17:55
p0rklooks like it needs python3-software-properites17:55
bruno_the earth is invisible on google earth, does anyone know fix?17:55
p0rkwhich i got by installing software-properties-common17:55
ThinkT510!yay | p0rk17:55
ubottup0rk: Glad you made it! :-)17:55
Eduard_Munteanuseednode: hm, it seems it's caused by commiting the Makefile into the repo, any clue why?17:56
Eduard_MunteanuIf I don't bzr commit, it works.17:57
never2farin ubuntu i see that /sbin/poweroff is a symbolic link to reboot ...can someone explain why poweroff does actually power off the machine and reboot just restards ..?17:58
ixio_how do I count the files in a directory ?17:59
peterrooneynever2far: many binaries have different actions depending on the name used to call them.  I blame UNIX hardlinks17:59
Eduard_Munteanunever2far: it looks at the name it's called at17:59
ixio_and dont say 1,2,3,4 ...17:59
never2farcan some of you can point me to a documentation to this ?17:59
never2fari'd like to better understand this18:00
Eduard_Munteanunever2far: they just check argv[0]18:00
peterrooneynever2far: it's in the binary's code.18:00
Jisawesome2Can someone help me with installing a wireless-card driver?18:01
never2farPeterman & Eduard_Munteanu  thank you18:01
shwouchk_MonkeyDust: thanks18:02
never2farwhy reboot does't have in the manual this oO ? i'll search on the internet18:03
ThinkT510arabi: hi18:05
arabiThinkT510,  i am that guest who can't login ... i fixed it by removing lightdm18:06
arabithank you for your time18:06
arabino I am going to install it again... lemme see what happen18:07
arabiarabi is my official name anyway :) c yaa18:07
arabibekks, thank you too18:07
arabihappy new year  :)18:08
shinobi420greetings #ubuntu18:08
souliaqsomeone know the app launcher kupfer?18:10
nelson8874I'm trying to rip a dvd audio. I want to rip the 5.1 audio in separate channels. So, a mp3 from the central, an mp3 from the front left, and so on... Can someone help?18:10
ixio_stand really close to the corner with a microphone18:11
KI4ROLOL @ ixio18:12
daftykinsnelson8874: ignoring the legal implications, why would you possibly do that?18:13
souliaq<daftykins> in windows you can find tools for that, why not in Linux?18:13
=== imrandom is now known as imapancake
daftykinssouliaq: why are you asking me that?18:14
ApteryxHello! Does anyone have both an Android USB mass storage phone and a LiveUSB?18:14
daftykinsApteryx: yep18:14
ApteryxI'd like if you could test this setup, as it does not work for me!18:14
ApteryxNo USB connection is seen from Android when plugged to ubuntu LiveUSB18:14
daftykinsare you sure you're not using a more modern MTP phone?18:15
Apteryxim sure, it's an old Nexus S with separated user data partition18:15
nelson8874daftykins: Just for the fun. When i was using windows i had a program that would do that. Then i took the front audio, that is maynly vocals, and joined it with some instrumental that i would have and joined the two audios. I made some cool things with the doors dvd audios, joining it with an piano solo songs...18:15
Apteryxworks generally without fuss in both Windows and Ubuntu (installed version, not live)18:15
daftykinsnelson8874: i'd be surprised if ffmpeg can't take each channel from an ac3 stream18:16
daftykinsApteryx: hrmm i only have 10.4.4 on my flash drive18:16
daftykinsApteryx: have you watched kernel messages and probed USB after plugging in the phone to see if it's even 'seen' ?18:17
nelson8874I was searching if audacity would do something like that....18:17
nelson8874daftykins, I was searching if audacity would do something like that....18:17
daftykins*Shrug* not a clue18:18
arabinow it is working fine ...18:18
arabibut I accidently deleted topright gnome panel18:18
arabiwith Shutdown . Rythmbox and all .. how can I get is back ...18:18
arabianyone help18:19
Eduard_MunteanuHm, py2dsc is pretty cool, saved me a lot of pain.18:20
daftykinsarabi: unity?18:20
arabii am using gnome-fallback... my system is old .. can't run unity smooth18:20
trendynickneed some help with amttool & any irc bouncer http://pastebin.com/GYnQwMgk for more info18:21
arabidaftykins, any idea?18:21
daftykinsarabi: i see. you might be able to just delete the gnome config in your /home then? well, try renaming it and logging out + in18:21
arabidaftykins, is it .gconfig???18:22
daftykinsi'd only be guessing with the newer ubuntus18:23
arabiI am using 12.10 daftykins18:23
trendynickarabi: or see if you have some python script that should have closed as I can get unity dissapear when it happens and I run a i5 2400 with 16GB of ram18:23
Apteryxdaftykins: yeah, nothing happens in dmesg18:23
Apteryxwhen I plug the phone by usb cable into the computer18:24
arabitrendynick, i can't understand what you said?18:24
arabican I get unity as fast as gnome-fallback in my older system??18:25
ApteryxI'm using 12.10 but I don't think it matters. Maybe the fact that the media _is_ USB means it monopolizes some USB feature that cannot be used for something else like mounting an Android phone?18:25
ApteryxI mean ressource, not feature18:26
nownotI'm having issues with my network card, I have 75mb down but my card will start of doing around 40mb and just go slower and slower. ideas/18:26
trendynickwhen I have some python script locking in something Unity (top bar + list of pinned and opened apps) disappear until I close it, the python script usually spawns something that has some problem18:26
shinobi420I installed ubunut 12.10 to an older sony notebook. I had problems with lightdm not showing up because of a problem with opengl. I installed gdm and got a workable GUI, but now my wireless connection keeps asking for authentication,  even though I know for sure the key I am entering is the correct one18:29
shinobi420I installed gdm from the terminal within the same install, so I know the connectivity problem is a bad config or something like18:30
qrwhen I plug my tablet into USB it's detected as a camera and shows up in my file explorer as gphoto2://[usb:002,008]/ ... many of the folders I know to be present do not show up in this view ... how do I make ubuntu treat it like an ordinary flash drive?18:33
shinobi420<qr> that is often an option on the device in question itself. I know my own camera has two modes which ared selected from the camera18:34
qrshinobi420: I have 2 options on the device, treat as camera or use mtp, with mtp it is not detected at all18:34
qron windows selecting treat as camera gives me an ordinary filesystem view18:35
shinobi420<qr> are you using nautilus to browse the device?18:35
shinobi420<qr> Does your camera use an sd card?18:36
qrit has its own internal storage18:36
qrI'm trying to access that18:36
shinobi420camera model  >?18:36
qrit's a tablet18:36
qrASUS transformer18:36
shinobi420niice :)18:37
qrindeed :D18:37
ApteryxSorry to ask again, but has anyone here tried accessing an Android device (mass storage usb class) from a LiveCD of Ubuntu? Doesn't work for me (USB link not detected)18:37
DJonesqr: I had a transformer prime for a while and had trouble accessing the storage space, I think I had to use the app gMTP to get any sort of access18:38
shinobi420<qr> you might use wine18:38
shinobi420until a proper fix is found18:38
shinobi420I am reading something now18:39
qroo I think I just got it working with mtp actually18:39
Apteryxok, but this is MTP device,that's why.  Mine should work like an USB key (it's mass storage USB compatible)18:39
Dragon64hello all, is there way to change the notifications in Ubuntu 12.10 to be more like the interactive notifucations in Gnome 3.6? (without installing gnome?18:39
qrahh yes there we go18:39
DJonesqr: You may find it better to use the android app airdroid on the tablet and use a web browser in ubuntu to get access to it18:39
qrDJones: I'm using it to move files I don't want to go over wireless18:39
qrthe files are >4gb so tranfering them over wireless is slooooooow18:40
qrand tends to fail for whatever reason18:40
Apteryxqr: yeah, I tried AirDroid too, it peaks at 700 kB/s for me.18:40
qrairdroid does look pretty neat though18:40
shinobi420possibly the encryption strenth18:40
shinobi420tether is better18:40
nosmelcI'm putting 12.10 on a USB flash drive using Universal USB Installer.  It's going to take 25 minutes.  That seems way too slow18:41
ApteryxUSB flash drive are slow to write to, usually18:42
ApteryxI think it's normal18:42
nosmelcApteryx: ohh ok.  Thanks18:42
Dragon64nosmelc: its easier and faster to do from the command line :    if=blah.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=100M18:42
qrperhaps I spoke too soon about working ... I can browse the device but it just seems to lock up when I try to copy something off it18:42
qrI don't think it's limited by write speed, when I write files from windows this way it's quite fast18:42
shinobi420<qr> try running nautilus as root?18:43
nosmelcDragon64: doing it from a Win7 machine18:43
Dragon64io sorry18:43
Seven_Six_TwoI have a multi-homed server connected to both of the household's LANs. It serves webpages through my internet, and serves media to my roommate's boxee box. I'd like to export my music partition to the server with nfs, and then export from the server to the boxee box. Can I "double export" with nfs?18:44
Dragon64anyone know the best way to tweak notifcations in 12.10?18:44
eon_6874... probably ... though seems a bit over the top18:44
ApteryxDo you guys think its possible to install Ubuntu on the same USB key that is used as the liveUSB media?18:44
ApteryxI could do a blank partition on it and tell the installer to use that18:45
qrhmm I get a file not found error with or without root18:45
eon_6874Apteryx -- you'll probably accidentally something (well, the installer)18:45
qrcould it be because the file is >4gigs?18:45
DavidowskiHow can I set NOMODESET on unebootin ?18:45
shinobi420<qr> and you say it works fine in windows?18:45
eon_6874Seven: though, why do you need to export it twice?  it's the same server, no?18:46
qrthat's how I got the file on there in the first place :D18:46
shinobi420wine / vmware w/xp image?18:46
eon_6874<qr> NTFS partition?18:46
shinobi420alot of work for a simple talk I know18:46
qrI have no NTFS here18:46
ApteryxI'll be back18:46
Apteryxmaybe I found some problem ;)18:46
Seven_Six_Twoeon_6874, because my desktop and the boxee are on different LANs18:47
eon_6874OK, that's ... um ... wha ...18:48
eon_6874same house/flat/whatever, no?18:48
Seven_Six_Twoeon_6874, my household has 2 internet connections. The server has 2 network cards, one for each LAN.18:49
DavidowskiHow can I set NOMODESET on unebootin ?18:50
Seven_Six_Twoeon_6874, It serves webpages through one internet connection, and media to a boxee box on the other. My music is on the lan through which webpages are served, so therefore its on a different subnet.18:50
eon_6874OK ... so don't limit the NFS export to one interface, or is your "music partition" partition part of your machine (laptop?)18:50
Seven_Six_Twoeon_6874, yeah, my music is on my desktop, not my server18:50
cg_Anyone good with bash?18:51
eon_6874ah, that complicates things :)18:51
eon_6874makes sense now18:51
Eduard_Munteanucg_: just ask a question, don't ask if anyone's good at something18:51
cg_Would it just be best if I post it to a thread I'm trying to bounce some ideas off of how to get this script to work.18:52
eon_6874can try it ... though it might be easier throwing the music onto the server itself and having that share to both subnets18:52
Seven_Six_Twoeon_6874, it's because I moved into a household with their own internet, and I need my own for webserver. They then gave me a nice server to use as long as they can also use it, so I put in an extra nic and connected one nic to each router.18:52
Seven_Six_Twoeon_6874, you are so right. The only problem is that my music collection is very large. VERY.18:53
eon_6874should have seen that coming18:53
shinobi420<qr> you are running ubuntu on that TF300T?18:54
shinobi420are you in a chroot?18:54
eon_6874and since it's a boxee box (never played with one), I assume something slightly more elegant (such as SSH hop thru the server) isn't possible?18:54
Seven_Six_Twoeon_6874, no, it only recognizes nfs and smb18:55
eon_6874can't win ...18:55
eon_6874gimme 10 minutes to fire up a VM and break things :)18:55
Seven_Six_Twoeon_6874, no doubt. I only care because it's newyearseve...Otherwise it doesn't matter at all18:55
Eduard_MunteanuSeven_Six_Two: how about a ssh tunnel or bridging the two LANs?18:56
DavidowskiHow can I set NOMODESET on unebootin ?18:56
grkbloodmy update manager is reporting that a lot of my repos are failing to connect but the ones they are listing are  http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick-backports*. I'm not running maverick, I'm running 12.04. Why is it even checking for maverick repos?18:56
jribgrkblood: because you have them in your repository sources18:57
eon_6874Tried that idea already - boxee doesn't SSH tunnel ... bridge might work18:57
Seven_Six_TwoEduard_Munteanu, there's no terminal access with boxee box, but bridging would probably be the best solution. I'm looking in to making my server route18:57
Eduard_Munteanueon_6874: no, but I assume the server and desktop can18:57
shinobi420does anyone know how to adjust permissions for wireless connections in GDM?18:58
shinobi420I installed gnome on my ubuntu instance and now I am stuck. IT keeps asking me to authenticate to the wifi network but I know my key is correct.18:59
shinobi420I am pretty sure it's a permissions problem18:59
shinobi420I dont even know the syntax to do a proper search for the problem18:59
nelson8874someone recomend a guide for ffmpeg?18:59
eon_6874yeah server/desktop should be able to do the fun stuff ... but if the boxxee box doesn't play, it's kind of a moot point (then again ... I'm nowhere near an "expert" with ssh)19:00
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Jisawesome2Can anyone help me install a network drive?19:03
ApteryxStill no luck with Universal Storage Class Android phone and LiveUSB :S19:03
eon_6874Jisawsome2, what're you trying to set up?19:04
Jisawesome2A wireless card19:04
Jisawesome2Perhaps the drivers arent the problem though19:04
eon_6874OK, what's going wrong?19:04
akHi this is the first time I'm here19:05
Jisawesome2It says that the card has connected, but after about a minute, it disconnects19:05
akDo I just ask questions?19:05
Jisawesome2And when it says it is connected, I cant use the internet19:05
Nakkihello, does anyone know what does the timer mean at ubuntu.com19:05
eon_6874yuck -- what's the card?19:06
eon_6874a new release?19:06
b14d3Nakki: My guess is with eon_687419:06
b14d3But I guess we'll know in a couple of days19:07
ztguHi, I can't get my system to suspend to RAM, is there any alternative to make the power take a nap on the system?19:07
Jisawesome2Rosewill RNX-n150pc19:07
kamidiNakki: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/12/all-new-ubuntu-product-to-launch-jan-2nd-but-what-is-it19:09
akDoes anyone know how to restore mysql databases from a full system tar.gz file?19:09
jebdhas any one use the program fog with ubuntu?19:11
Jisawesome2did you see that eon?19:11
eon_6874Jisawesome2, yeah some Rosewill card.  I take it it's an expansion card for something?19:12
Jisawesome2Its a wireless card19:12
eon_6874*expansion card or something (i.e. it's not a laptop's internal card)19:12
Jisawesome2I downloaded the linux driver for it off of the website, but I do not know how to install it19:13
eon_6874oh, brilliant19:13
eon_6874so it's a 3rd party driver then ...19:13
Jisawesome2No, it was off of the manufacturer's website19:13
eon_6874OK that's easier then19:14
eon_6874tarball (*.tar or *.tgz or *.tar.* ?) or a deb package?19:14
Jisawesome2I believe it is *.tar.* but let me boot up to make sure19:16
=== imapancake is now known as superpancake
Jisawesome2eon, it is *.tar.bz219:17
eon_6874OK, first step is to extract it19:17
=== superpancake is now known as superpancake2
ClientAliveI'm trying to change the default window size and location of the gnome-terminal. I've looked at 3 web pages on it, they all say the same thing, none of it actually works. Anyone know what I need to do to accomplish this?19:18
eon_6874should be something like tar -xjf <the_filename.tar.bz2>19:18
Jisawesome2I downloaded a rar file manager19:18
jribClientAlive: what window manager?19:18
eon_6874wither way works :)  terminal is easier for me19:19
ClientAlivejrib: gnome 3/ not unity19:19
eon_6874what'd you get after extracting the stuff?19:19
[twisti]hello, im trying to install ia32-libs, but i dont want it to pull in X. i vaguely recall there being a switch for apt-get to make it not pull in 23498723462378 goddamn things i dont need, anyone know what im talking about ?19:19
Jisawesome2A folder19:19
eon_6874what's in the folder?19:19
jrib!devilspie | ClientAlive19:20
ubottuClientAlive: devilspie is a tool that can perform actions on windows when running applications. Actions include resizing, positioning, pinning etc. Use the package gdevilspie to configure from GUI, or see usage information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie19:20
ClientAlivejrib: fwiw, I think it's the debian one (from debian repo).19:20
Jisawesome2more folders and files19:20
Jisawesome2!network driver19:20
jribClientAlive: NB I don't know if there is some other way in mutter; I also don't know for sure that devilspie will work19:20
Jisawesome2There is a readme?19:21
eon_6874OK, the readme would be a good start -- but the real thing you're looking for is a makefile19:22
Jisawesome2There is that19:22
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
ClientAlivejrib: I'll try it. I would strongly prefer not to install more stuff for something like this but to just edit some config file.19:23
eon_6874OK, so follow the instructions from the vendor -- should be in either the readme, or as another page on their website.  Either way, it should be something like make <makefile> && make install19:23
eon_6874though obviously, I'm probably glossing over the specifics (or totally wrong ;) _)19:24
=== superpancake2 is now known as superpancake3
Jisawesome2Where are you getting this?19:24
k-josephdkayiwa: !>19:25
eon_6874Seven_Six_Two, If you're still around, no dice on the exporting a path that's linked to a NFS share.19:25
eon_6874where am I getting what?19:25
Jisawesome2Wait, what am I supposed to do?19:25
eon_6874Jisawesome2, find the installation instructions written by the hardware vendor19:26
eon_6874should be another page on their website, or perhaps was included in the tarball19:26
rdw200169[twisti]: you could try --no-install-recommends with apt-get; this is (well... was) the practice on servers to keep them from installing X with java19:27
[twisti]rdw200169: makes no difference, it still pulls in 200+ packages, including gnome and qt19:27
Jisawesome2On the read me there are two sets of instructions: build and configure19:27
eon_6874need to do both19:27
[twisti]which i really doubt i need to run 32 bit text mode programs19:27
=== superpancake3 is now known as eaglepancake
jrib[twisti]: what ubuntu version?19:28
blacklineLater today I got help with getting my other internal drive automatically mounted at boot. Since that is solved I have a follow-up question on the same topic. Before when it was mounted the disk was showing up in Nautilus as a shortcut in the menu. Now it doesn't, so it's mounted where it should be but not showing up as convenient as before. Anyone have idea or suggestion how to solve this?19:28
[twisti]server 12.04 lts19:28
jrib[twisti]: and what are you trying to install actually?19:28
eon_6874blackline, ln -s /path/to/mounted/drive ~/some_file19:28
jrib[twisti]: no.  What are you actually trying to install?  i.e. why are you installing ia32-libs?19:28
rhaguhi I used the disk tool to create an ext4 filesystem on a drive, when I added the drive to another pc I saw there was no partition but ext4 at /dev/sda. I was able to mount it, but can I trust this setup? DOesnt it need to be /dev/sda1?19:29
eon_6874assuming you wanted a symbolic link right in home19:29
[twisti]to run the android sdk tools, they are already installed, but dont run, and google told me its because i dont have ia32-libs installed19:29
=== Chex is now known as Guest99202
SolarisBoyrhagu: technically no it just means you wrote a fs to a complete disk and not a partition19:29
[twisti]specifically, i get this error: /var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk-linux/tools/ant/build.xml:688: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "/var/lib/jenkins/tools/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools/aapt": error=2, No such file or directory19:30
jrib[twisti]: ia32-libs is a metapackage, you can just install the packages actually required.  You can install 32-bit versions of packages now by appending package names with ":i386"19:30
[twisti]but that file is there and accessible and all19:30
blacklineeon_6874, I don't know if that was what I meant. To be more specific, if I look in Nautilus I have a pane to the left with Computer, Home, Desktop etc. I would like the disk to show up with a fancy disk icon in that pane.19:30
jrib[twisti]: how are you intsalling the android sdk tools?19:30
rhaguSolarisBoy should I format the drive again or can I trust this setup?19:30
[twisti]tar -xzvf android-sdk.tgz19:30
eon_6874blackline, oh that makes sense.  I don't use Nautilus for moving around19:31
[twisti]i dont believe they come any other way19:31
japrohrmf, so it seems installing ia32-libs broke opengl?19:31
jrib[twisti]: inside, is there documentation detailing its requirements?  Or have you found official documentation detailing the requirements?  Also, can you pastebin the error in full?19:31
SolarisBoyrhagu: you can trust it - there is nothing wrong with it - though i rather partitions on my drives you could simply partition it which would wipe the ext4 (and any data) and rewrite the filesystem if you want19:32
blacklineeon_6874, i don't know if this is nautilus specific.19:32
blacklineeon_6874, but i guess so19:32
Jisawesome2what does 'define the linux kernel source inclkude file path LINUX_SRC modify to meet your need" mean?19:32
rhaguSolarisBoy I would have to do that over the terminal, thank you for the answer I will keep it the way it is19:32
blacklineeon_6874, if i connect another external drive it shows up as the other drive did before.19:32
SolarisBoyrhagu: sure19:32
[twisti]jrib: i have found no requirements, im going off of this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1943746/android-eclipse-plugin-cant-find-valid-paths19:34
eon_6874blackline, yeah it's a Nautilus thing for how it's displaying drives.  Hot-plugged drives show up in a different place.  you *could* try modifying your fstab to mount the drive into /media19:34
eon_6874assuming that it's in /mnt right now19:34
[twisti]i can paste the error, but its just a java stacktrace that i doubt would help you much19:34
[twisti]i have confirmed that i have the same situation: i have the file, its executable, i have permissions, and yet i get the error that it doesnt exist when i try to start it19:34
blacklineeon_6874, ok if that's the space for usb-drives and such maybe that's not the "proper" place to have it.19:35
=== root is now known as Guest30635
Jisawesome2Could I simply run the driver CD in wine?19:35
[twisti]jrib: as you can tell from the comments, ia32-libs did help the person (and i found other advice where it also helped other people with this issue)19:35
jrib[twisti]: here's the official note: https://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/index.html .  Anyway, you can just install the packages you want (read: need) from the list you get with « apt-cache depends ia32-libs-multiarch ».  Ideally, you would find documentation telling you what actual packages you need 32bit versions of19:35
blacklineeon_6874, but as for now it's not showing anywhere convenient except for in mnt/storage1 which is not very reachable.19:36
[twisti]as you can see, that advice just tells me to install ia32-libs as well19:36
edong23Ok... First, i have googled and it appears everyone is aware of this, but im still confused as to why this is a problem.  Question:  Why can you not take the system disk from one machine and put it in another and boot when using disk-by-uuid?  Ultimately, you can, but it is an outrageous amount of work (if the old system is dead and you are using lvm and such as you need to use ubuntu recovery)  so... like i said, isnt disk-by-uuid supposed19:36
edong23to fix that/19:36
eon_6874blackline, yeah understand where you're coming from19:36
jrib[twisti]: yes, I acknowledged this.19:36
eon_6874symlink from your home directory would "probably" be the easiest19:36
blacklineeon_6874, in the same pane the filesystem is listed. i suppose i could get it listed there somehow?19:36
[twisti]i have no idea how i would tell what packages i would need, i figured the X depency of ia32-libs was a bug of sorts that i could just sidestep somehow19:37
eon_6874yeah, hang on a sec ...19:37
[twisti]i know i somehow managed to get this working a year ago, but that server went gonzo, and while i backed up a lot, i didnt back up the solution to this19:37
jrib[twisti]: ia32-libs just installs the 32bit versions of a bunch of common libraries, including things like qt apparently.19:37
[twisti]that sucks19:38
[twisti]is there any way to tell what libs that executable is trying to access ?19:38
jrib[twisti]: if you pastebin the error in full then maybe I can make a guess/suggestion.  Otherwise, just start installing from the output of « apt-cache depends ia32-libs-multiarch » and checking that the packages to be installed don't bother you19:38
user94202in KDE, How do i get rid of the translucent options next to desktop icons (when I hover the pointer over an icon)  ??19:38
eon_6874blackline, Quick fix seems that if you mount the drive into /media or /home it'll show up in Nautilus (assuming that the fix for "How do I make Nautilus *NOT* show mounted drives can be reversed to get what you want)19:39
[twisti]SolarisBoy: "not a dynamic executable"19:39
=== charlie is now known as Guest96911
blacklineeon_6874, i'll give it a try. thanks!19:39
[twisti]jrib: http://pastebin.com/xjvLzd2q19:39
[twisti]or from the command line: http://pastebin.com/9sRLdV4319:40
jrib[twisti]: there are some packages listed here, though I haven't read closely: https://source.android.com/source/initializing.html19:40
[twisti]oh hm19:40
[twisti]could i somehow see which of the packages from ia32 i have already installed as 32bit ?19:41
eon_6874blackline, yep, just tested it, and it showed up in nautilus19:41
jrib[twisti]: dpkg -l '*:i386' | grep '^ii'19:42
[twisti]No packages found matching *:i386.19:42
eon_6874just used "mount -t nfs4 <myserver>:/mnt/share /media/test" and it popped up in Nautilus.  so changing your fstab to point at /media/storage instead of /mnt/storage should leave you golden19:43
jrib[twisti]: check the second answer here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2710499/android-sdk-on-a-64-bit-linux-machine19:44
=== angelpossum is now known as eaglepancake
InfiniteByteeverytime i boot up ubuntu checks my hard drive for errors. before i installed it new it did this every so often, but not every time. what could be wrong?19:45
eon_6874InfiniteByte, hard drive might be dying19:45
SolarisBoy[twisti]: so your trying to run the aapt binary and the issue is your getting that message no such file or dir?19:46
[twisti]that worked, thank you jrib19:46
[twisti]i bow to your google foo19:46
[twisti]yes SolarisBoy19:46
InfiniteByteeon_6874, the drive is maximum 12 months old...19:46
[twisti]jrib: may i ask what you googled to find that ? i spent a long time before whining here19:46
jrib[twisti]: (I used duckduckgo.com) android sdk apt-get install i38619:47
eon_6874InfiniteByte, sometimes things fail ... try a SMART check or use the vendor's tools (if any) to do a full check on it.  good news is that if it is going, it's still under warranty19:47
edong23InfiniteByte: age doesnt really matter for a failing drive... but it could also be that you arent cleanly shutting down.   are you certain you are cleanly shutting down every time?19:47
delinquentmeok so i've got kind of a full-stack question of rails running on an ubuntu server with regards to efficiency19:47
=== eaglepancake is now known as angelpossum
delinquentmeI've got an action where a given 20 files are open + read + closed on an instance that I need running very quickly19:48
delinquentmemy GUT feeling says open the files once ... and leave them open19:48
delinquentme( and if GC needs to close them let GC handle it )19:48
delinquentmevs opening + closing a file every event19:49
blacklineeon_6874, i'll give it a try. thanks19:49
InfiniteByteedong23, i press the power button, then i'm asked, if ireally want to shutdown, then i click "turn off"/"shutdown"19:49
ClientAlivejrib: it's in the settings of the terminal itself (click: edit > profile preferences OR edit > profiles [to create a custom one]). You can eve set transparency and everything. I didn't try too hard but gdevilspie wasn't working.19:49
jribClientAlive: cool19:50
blacklineeon_6874, oops, doublesent that message ;) what i intendet to write was that it solved my problem and ended up as I wished for :D19:50
[twisti]time to answer all the other similar questions i found along the way with this newfound knowledge!19:51
jrib[twisti]: nah, you should close all the threads with "never mind, figured it out"19:51
stephenmac7I was wondering if I can use the vanilla Ubuntu Desktop (64-bit) on a secure-boot computer19:51
stephenmac7(to dual-boot with Windows 8)19:52
Magellanicusi have trouble playing tf2 in steam19:52
Magellanicusit says that i need to install some s3tc thing19:52
Magellanicusany help?19:52
edong23InfiniteByte: try smartctl as stated by ... whoever19:52
stephenmac7Do you have all the steam deps installed?19:52
Magellanicuswhat is a dep?19:53
Magellanicushow can i know if i got all the deps installed?19:53
stephenmac7Magellanicus: Let me check.19:54
eon_6874good deal blackline19:54
fishbait_xxxmy compiz won't come up19:54
stephenmac7Magellanicus: Wait a second19:54
InfiniteByteshort test is running, long test follows tomorrow19:55
edong23InfiniteByte: generally speaking just run smartctl -a /dev/sda19:56
edong23or whatrever19:56
edong23and it should give you the current results19:56
churlHello!  What sets the location for where your "Trash" folder is held?19:56
stephenmac7Magellanicus: Try running: sudo apt-get install libjpeg-turbo8:i386 libcurl3gnutls:i386 libogg0:i386 libpixman-1-0:i386 libsdl1.2debian:i386 libtheora0:i386 libvorbis0a:i386 libvorbisenc2:i386 libvorbisfile3:i386 libasound2:i386 libc6:i386 libgcc1:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libx11-6:i386 libxau6:i386 libxcb1:i386 libxdmcp6:i38619:56
eon_6874assuming the steam package is on apt ... apt-get check <the steam package> should do it19:56
Magellanicusk ty19:56
fishbait_xxxmy compiz won't come up i click com[oz config settings it says its starting then nothing i tried doing reinstall on all of compiz via synaptic but still same result i can't get compiz to come up. little help here?19:57
ClientAlivechampagne and bold on the font, grey0 on the background, and about a 60 transparency. woo!!  :>19:58
CatbuntuDoes Xubuntu have a much better performance than Ubuntu?19:58
churlCatbuntu: how new is your machine?19:58
dakotawulfy fishbait_xxx do u have a .compiz under your user  if try to rename  to something different then try it19:59
fishbait_xxxwill do19:59
eon_6874churl, it _should_ be in /home/(your_username)/.local/Trash20:00
stephenmac7Magellanicus: Wait, is your computer 64-bit or 32-bit?20:00
fishbait_xxxi appended .old to it trying compiz now20:00
churleon_6874: not the location of the folder, but what sets that as the trash folder :)20:00
CatbuntuChurch, about three years old.20:00
Magellanicus64 bit20:00
Catbuntu3GB of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2GHz, Nvidia 9300M GS20:00
stephenmac7Magellanicus: Okay, so that should work20:00
stephenmac7Magellanicus: Has the command finished executing20:01
churlCatbuntu: I'm running xubuntu on a similar machine and window switching is instant.  I love it20:01
Magellanicusno im not on ubuntu now20:01
Magellanicusim on windows20:01
fishbait_xxxdakotawulfy: no go same result20:01
InfiniteBytei did two short test with smartctl withouth erorrs20:02
dakotawulfy fishbait_xxx can u type in that command in a terminal see if it gives u errors20:02
dakotawulfymight help u see what going on20:02
stephenmac7Magellanicus: Ah, okay.20:03
fishbait_xxxdakotawulfy: what command?20:03
dakotawulfy or the name to start it20:03
dakotawulfyi dont have compiz not sure20:04
churlCatbuntu: If that didn't fully answer your question, lemme know :)20:04
churlHello!  What file sets the location for where your "Trash" folder is held?20:04
jhansonxiCatbuntu: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_1210beta_desktops20:04
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parisHi folks! It used to work voice over gmail, and now is dead. What are the alternative to it?20:05
dakotawulfy paris: skype20:05
CatbuntuOh, that's nice churl.20:06
dakotawulfyparis: works really good20:06
CatbuntuUnity runs well on my computer too, so I don't know what to use :(20:06
fishbait_xxxdakotawulfy: yah it said it already had a window manager and to run --replace so i did now i don't have any bars i'm in gnome3 de fyi20:06
CatbuntuXFCE is more GNOME 2 like and I customized it like GNOME 2, but Unity is newer plus it's GTK3.20:06
CatbuntuXFCE has good support for GTK3?20:06
eon_6874churl, looks like it's set by some config files ... see here for the standard: http://www.ramendik.ru/docs/trashspec.html20:06
churleon_6874: thanks!20:07
parisdakotawalty, I am very grateful, but skype is own by Microsoft, maybe you know something else?20:07
eon_6874google chat/voice/whatever doesn't work anymore?20:07
churlCatbuntu: I think it does some and is moving in that direction.  Some official XFCE sites discuss it more.20:08
fishbait_xxxparis: google search free skype alternative.20:08
dakotawulfyparis: yahoo just got rid of theirs too20:08
dakotawulfy fishbait_xxx not sure sorry20:08
marahinI am using skype on ubuntu, and it's working pretty well :P20:09
Magellanicusit says that the package20:09
eon_6874paris: try pidgin maybe?20:09
dakotawulfyyea i use it when i play smokin guns works great20:09
Magellanicuslibcurl3gnutls:i386 doesnt exists20:09
Magellanicusi cant play tf2 on steam it says something about installing s3tc or something thing20:10
dakotawulfy jabbber has one20:10
Magellanicusany help?20:10
parisit works under Windows, but under Linux, voice over gimal it will not work. Ps computer is recognizing that it has microphone and everything, but simply it will not work.20:10
dakotawulfy u should be able to use pidgin20:10</