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Patero-ngwho wants to play zsnes?03:35
holsteinPatero-ng: you can try an offtopic ubuntu channel for that03:37
cfhowlettI can't download CodeFree Magazine.  I'm in China and Wordpress is blocked.  Workarounds / Alternatives suggestions welcomed ...05:32
holsteinget someone to download it for you and share it with you... get a vpn.. contact the maintainer/creator and ask them for a workaround, or an alternate method of getting the magazine.. or just ask them to email it to you05:35
cfhowlettthanks holstein.  sadly, I can't seem to find ANY contact details ..05:37
cfhowlettand China just formalized it: VPN use is illegal.05:37
cfhowlettNot to mention that the Great Firewall is getting more intelligent by the day.  My last 2 VPN providers are now quite effectively blocked.05:38
holsteincfhowlett: is mediafire blocked?05:41
holsteinhow about dropbox? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/codefree/codefree1.pdf https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/codefree/codefree-3.pdf https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/codefree/codefree4.pdf05:43
holsteinfor the 2nd one http://www.mediafire.com/?z7wn1yxzs5c05:44
cfhowlettholstein: you, Sir, are a gentleman!05:44
holsteinContact: chrisdesign (at) gmx (.net)05:44
cfhowlettWeird, though.  Win7 can see and access Dropbox.  I never did manage to install Dropbox in 12.04.  and mediafire is blocked.05:45
cfhowlettand I still can't get to dropbox via firefox.05:45
cfhowlettby the far the strangest thing?  I edited my /hosts file and can see FB ... but not twit or YT05:45
cfhowlettholstein: could I ask you to mail the magazines to me?  Please?05:46
holsteincfhowlett: you cant get it from dropbox?05:46
holsteinhow about this.. what can you get it from?05:47
cfhowlettholstein: not via direct DL.  Possibly via shared dropbox or via email.05:47
holsteincfhowlett: pm me your email if you'd like05:47
cfhowlettI kind of hoped I could find a torrent but no such luck ...05:49
cfhowlettProblem Solved!06:14
cfhowlettThanks Mike!06:14
EddwardAre there any kernels in the repos that do not have oss-compat crippled?06:14
guest2are there real people here?14:15
cfhowletton occasion14:17
guest2well i guest at least there are two, as far as I can tell.14:24
guest2Hello, all.... any Bristol users out there?14:24
len-1304You may find more of that on LAU14:25
len-1304Linux audio user mailing list.14:26
guest2is this channel specific to ubuntu studio?14:33
len-1304guest2, if you luck out sometimes you hit a topic that someone knows well even outside of studio.14:34
len-1304But there are not as many people here as appears. This is due to time zones and work etc.14:35
guest2Well, i'm runnning lubuntu 12.04 on a ppc G4 1.4.... does that seem close enough?14:38
len-1304If you have specific questions, ask. If one of us knows the answer we will answer. Maybe hours later if you are still on.14:39
guest2thanks..  it seems I have an installation issue? I had Bristol installed from APT-GET but no sound...  so I uninstalled and tried to manually install from the Source-Forge web site thinking it was the  latest.  Wrong .. it was an earlier version. So tried to re-install through the repositories....14:46
guest2Now no gui... and now it throwing an error that says it can't find a library which I clearly see in the folder..  Now my question is is there a config file somewhere that I have to edit... so something of the sort to rectify this situation?14:49
len-1304For building you need to install the -dev version of the same lib14:52
len-1304It is the .h files it is looking for.14:52
guest2'brighton: error while loading shared libraries: libC11.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'15:14
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