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bluesabreknome, thanks, now I don't have to panic so much about catfish and parole :)02:10
bluesabreknome, also looking into getting menulibre to work with menus04:01
bluesabrethough technically, it wouldn't quite be menu-"libre" any more04:02
ochosicodebrainz: pong08:47
codebrainzochosi, i just made an "Issue" on github/greybird08:49
codebrainz(to avoid forgetting in case you didn't pong :)08:49
ochosiah ok, sounds good08:50
codebrainzit's not an "Issue" at all though, more of a query08:50
ochosicodebrainz: it seems your editor isn't using a real toolbar widget..? i just checked again with gedit, and the toolbar is shaded just like in gtk208:52
ochosi(everything else would've surprised me, so no, it's not a design decision :))08:52
codebrainzthe gtk3/top one is mine, it's just a gtktoolbar i think08:52
codebrainzit's loaded from a glade file08:53
codebrainzmaybe there's a property the toolbar needs to have set to do that?08:53
ochosinot sure, i can check a bit later though08:54
codebrainzwhenever, it's no big deal, just makes my new program look funky08:55
codebrainzfwiw, Geany is the gtk2/rear program08:56
ochosiah, nice :)08:57
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ochosihappy new year everyone in advance!17:38

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