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DeepfriediceHey All!01:38
DeepfriediceI'm going to ask here because I'm not sure where this could go.01:39
DeepfriediceI'm trying to get nvidia-experimental-304 working on a Xubuntu 12.04 laptop.01:40
DeepfriediceBut X dies on boot up.01:40
DeepfriediceHow would I go about getting to the bottem of this?01:41
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well_laid_lawnDeepfriedice:  have you checked the X log?01:43
DeepfriediceI presume Xorg.0.log is the newest log file?01:44
Deepfriedice @24.539 (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initalize thr NVIDIA kernal module. Please see the system's kernal log of .....01:46
Deepfriedicecan't be bothered typeing all that01:46
well_laid_lawndid you reboot after installing the driver/01:47
well_laid_lawnthere's pastes for not typing stuffs01:47
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:47
Deepfriediceyeah, the driver does nothing untill the reboot, and X just doesn't go after it.01:48
Deepfriedicewell_laid_lawn:  I just checked /var/log/kern.log , there's nothing weird in there.01:50
well_laid_lawnhow old's the vid card, nvidia has two versions of the drivers now01:51
Deepfriedicenope, nothing odd01:51
well_laid_lawncheck the wiki01:52
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto01:52
Deepfriediceit's a... G98 [GeForce 9300 GS]01:52
Deepfriediceaccording to lspci  (I know very little about graphics cards)01:53
well_laid_lawnthat should use the 304 driver afaik01:53
joeI'm having issues with applications crashing very often, generally after the screenlock occurs from being idle for a while. Is this common or should I just figure that it's due to old hardware? Or> is there some kind of debug that needs to be ran?01:56
Deepfriedicewell_laid_lawn: I can't find anything wrong in kern.log ,  are there any other places to look?01:58
DeepfriediceWhat would happen if say, some hypothetical person who is not me ran out of disk space while installing a nvidia driver?02:21
DeepfriediceANYONE: update-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-35-generic     no space left on device02:27
DeepfriediceANYONE help?02:28
DeepfriediceI've cleared almost 3GB of stuff off my hard drive, but I still get initramfs-tools complaining about the lack of space!02:40
Deepfriediceand with /boot/ fucked up, I'm not confident to reboot.02:40
holsteinDeepfriedice: try and watch the language02:42
* holstein looking02:42
holsteinDeepfriedice: is the disk full?02:42
holsteinDeepfriedice: maybe just boot another kernel, and run "sudo apt-get udpate" in a terminal and see what the errors are02:43
Deepfriediceholstein: Sorry about the language.02:44
holsteinDeepfriedice: no worries.. any errors there?02:44
Deepfriediceholstein: this disk WAS full, but it shouldn't be now. And I can't run a pakage list update - I don't have networking02:45
holsteinDeepfriedice: i would want to use a package manager to see what is broken02:46
holsteinDeepfriedice: looks to me like you have broken packages02:46
Deepfriediceaptitude disagrees02:46
holsteinDeepfriedice: then enjoy your completly fine system02:46
holsteinDeepfriedice: can you get online with that box? and update the cache?02:47
Deepfriediceum, should I start at the beginning again, or was that a joke I missed?02:47
DeepfriediceI don't think I can get online, but I can try02:48
holsteinDeepfriedice: feel free to start anywhere you feel relevant information might help me or one of the other volunteers assist you02:48
DeepfriediceI was trying to get the steam beat running on Xubuntu 12.0402:49
holsteinDeepfriedice: what do i see? you installed a driver.. a kernel module, and the hard drive was full.. i would want to see that that gets reinstalled02:49
holsteinDeepfriedice: i dont know what "steambeat" is.. but we can get that kernel error fixed02:49
Deepfriedicewhat, the driver or the whole system?02:49
holsteinDeepfriedice: either02:49
DeepfriediceI still have the old nvidia driver02:49
holsteinDeepfriedice: i would think if you would hook it up, and open synaptic,, and do "fix broken pacakges" you might just fix everything02:50
Deepfriediceif I can fix whatever is causeing apt-get remove to fail and run initramfs-tools02:50
holsteinOR,, run sudo apt-get update in the terminal as suggested and see if there is any error outpu02:50
DeepfriediceI still don't have networking02:50
holsteinwhat would i do? just reinstall and dont let my hard driver get full02:50
DeepfriediceThats looking like a good option right now02:51
holsteinthat would take about 8 minutes.. whatever you need to do could take who knows how long to figure out what you did02:51
Deepfriedicestill, If I can fix apt-get remove I could have this thing booting normal on the old kernal02:51
holsteinyup.. if you dont have your data backedup , take this opportunity to do so, and reinstall.. think about imaging or backing up and be careful adding PPA's and/or kernel modules02:52
holsteinDeepfriedice: sure.. i would get it online.. open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update" and report the error output and we can go from there02:52
Deepfriedicedon't really need a backup, nothing important is on that laptop02:52
holsteinthen blow it out and take the path of least resistance02:53
Deepfriediceholstein, I would, but that would break the Win install on there02:54
Deepfriediceand while re-installing Xubuntu is a trivial task, Vista isn't.02:55
Deepfriediceso, networking02:55
holsteinDeepfriedice: well, take this as an opportunity to plan for that. when that hard drive fais it will break windows on there02:55
holsteinDeepfriedice: you can blow out ubuntu and not mess up windoes02:56
DeepfriediceI tough it was the other way round...02:56
holsteinDeepfriedice: you open a gparted from a live CD.. remove the linux partitions.. start an installer, and use the empty space to install xubntu to02:56
holsteinDeepfriedice: when you install windows on the remaining space on a linux system, it installs a bootloader that assumes its the only OS02:57
holsteinDeepfriedice: xubuntu will install grub again, which will find windows, and the xubuntu install02:57
DeepfriediceIf I'm going to do that, I may as well reboot and see if the fixes the "no space on device" errors02:58
holsteinDeepfriedice: maybe you need more space on the device02:58
DeepfriediceI have 2.8GB free right now02:58
holsteinmaybe you should back up your data, and shrink the ntfs partition down a bit more to give more room for linux02:58
holsteinDeepfriedice: i would want 6gb's minimum02:59
holstein10 would be ideal..02:59
Deepfriedicewhat free?02:59
holsteinDeepfriedice: total02:59
holsteinDeepfriedice: its not a matter of what you have free now.. its a matter of what wasnt free when you didnt have enough space for package management02:59
Deepfriedicewait, It just booted up properly03:00
holsteinsure.. with an older kernel? thats what i would do03:01
holsteinboot an earlier kernel.. run sudo apt-get update.. troubleshoot any errors03:01
Deepfriedicenope, same kernal03:01
DeepfriediceI have no idea how, but it seems semi-okay03:01
holsteinwell, like i said, if nothing is wrong, just enjoy it03:02
Deepfriedicewell, it's not quite right03:03
holsteinsure.. which gets back to either troubleshooting the errors, or reinstalling03:03
Deepfriedicehang on03:04
Deepfriediceupdate-initramfs just re-gened initrd03:04
holsteinif it were me, i would want to reinstall whatever i was installing when it ran out of space03:05
holsteinsteam is officially supported on ubuntu 12.0403:06
holsteinhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve is what i would reference03:06
holsteinDeepfriedice: you can run it on 12.10, ive heard, but if you are having issues.. since we cant support steam here03:06
DeepfriediceIt works03:13
Deepfriedicemy clock got set to date-time mode, but otherwise it works03:13
Deepfriediceand steam seem st work as well03:14
Deepfriediceholstein: thank you very much for the help, and I'll shift my partitions around to get some more space.03:16
holsteinDeepfriedice: enjoy!03:18
Deepfriediceholstein: will do.03:18
bryongHello can anyone help me install a wireless card on Ubuntu, I am new to this and am having issues04:05
holsteinbryong: maybe... do you know what it is? are you online with the machine now via a wired connection? can you connect via wired if not?04:05
bryongIt is a WF-2117 wireless card and yes I have a wired connection04:06
bryongAnd I am on that machine via wired04:07
holsteinbryong: can you return that card?04:11
holsteinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2019516 might help.. i woud just try a windows driver with ndis wrapper04:11
bryongYes, but it a 30 min drive each way to the store and the next one up is 20 $ more and for me that allot so I am hoping to make use of it :)04:12
holsteinbryong: i would say, that would be well worth the $20 and the 30 minutes04:12
holsteinbryong: and do your research *before* buying hardware04:12
bryongit deisigned for a windows machine but my older brother got mad and refused to install windows 7 so now I am trying to install Ubuntu.04:13
holsteinbryong: that being said, i would try an XP driver with ndisgtk , or try the above post.04:14
holsteinbryong: mad? its not "designed" for any machine.. its a device and the manufacturer has created a driver for windows and not for linux04:15
bryongAlso -I hand made this computer for my little brother. And I went all out and got him what I consider a great graphics card and it not working either.04:15
holsteinbryong: you can ask the manufacturer to create a driver for linux just as they have for windows but they likely wont if they havent alreayd04:15
holsteinbryong: sure.. same with the graphics04:15
holsteinbryong: if you want to run linux, its a good idea to get supported hardware04:16
bryong:( there nothing I can do?04:16
holsteinbryong: i like resellers like system76.. even if you dont by the hardware there, you can get an idea of what will work04:16
bryongfor the graphics card?04:16
holsteinbryong: i search and search and google and read and test and save reciepts when i buy hardware for linux04:17
holsteinbryong: there is *always* something to do with FOSS04:17
holsteinbryong: but either we are allowed to support the hardware, or not04:17
holsteinbryong: the drivers for your deivces are not in windows either.. nor apples OSX04:17
bryongWhat about a GeForce graphics card?04:17
holsteinbryong: you are expecting a lot for linux.. and usually we can support all hardare, but not always04:18
holsteinbryong: i have both nvidia and ati cards that work well, but it really depends on the model04:18
holsteinbryong: intel is typically well supported out of the box.. but support for ati and nvidia are getting better since steam is here for linux04:19
holstein!ati | bryong04:19
ubottubryong: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto04:19
holsteinif you havent tried the proprietary driver for your hardare, try that bryong04:19
bryongOkay thank you.04:19
holsteinbryong: as for the wifi card, you can try ndiswrapper as i suggested above with a windows driver04:19
holsteinbryong: or read the post from the forum i linked with another user with that hardware04:20
bryongHow do I do that?04:20
bryongwhat ndiswrapper?04:20
holsteinbryong: my using the application i suggested... ndisgtk04:21
holsteinand the windows XP driver as i suggested above04:21
bryongWell I can look into all the stuff you have shown me thank you.04:21
holsteinbryong: i would literally install the application above.. ndisgtk.. then use it to point to the windows .ini file04:22
holsteinndisgtk is a GUI application that points ndiswrapper to a windows driver for your wifi device04:22
bryongOkay will do.04:23
holsteini suggest trying the windows driver for xp 32bit... if its in a blob like a .zip or an .exe, you'll have to get it out. the .ini file04:23
bryonghow do you get the .ini file?04:24
holsteinbryong: sometimes, thats what you get04:24
holsteinbryong: it depends on the vendor and where you get those drivers04:25
holsteinbryong: im just telling you what the ndisgtk application needs, so you dont point it to a file named "driver.exe" and think its broken04:25
holsteinyou need the actual driver.. the *.ini file04:25
bryongcd and I am installing the cd reader into my computer riught now04:26
holsteinbryong: you should be able to get that online if you'd like to check right now04:26
bryongsure it says it website is www,netis-systems.com04:27
bryongon the cd04:27
holsteinbryong: so, go to that site, download the xp driver, get the *.ini and give it to ndisgtk... or wait til you can read the cd04:27
bryongOK doing that right now04:28
bryonggot a exe file04:29
holsteinsure.. so you an open that from a windows box, or run that in wine and get the files to extract.. or try just extracting them04:30
holsteinOR return it, spend the $20, and enjoy supported hardware04:30
bryongI am installing wine :()04:34
bryong:) *04:34
bryongOkay it will simulate the .exe file in wine but it won't let me open the file and pull files out of the .exe04:38
holsteinbryong: depends on what "it" is.. its just a file though, try ad extract it04:40
bryongI try to open the .exe with file manager and04:41
bryongArchive:  /home/grant/Desktop/Setup.exe04:41
bryong  End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not04:41
bryong  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the04:41
bryong  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on04:41
bryong  the last disk(s) of this archive.04:41
bryongzipinfo:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of /home/grant/Desktop/Setup.exe or04:41
bryong          /home/grant/Desktop/Setup.exe.zip, and cannot find /home/grant/Desktop/Setup.exe.ZIP, period.04:41
bryongI get this error message04:41
holstein!paste | bryong04:41
ubottubryong: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:41
holsteini usually run in a terminal "wine /path/to/*.exe"04:42
holsteinsometimes, i just right click them and see if they extract04:42
holsteinbryong: you can always email the vendor and ask for the *.dll file04:42
bryongOkay well thank you very much for the help I am going to go to bed.04:43
bryongHappy new year by the way04:44
holsteinbryong: cheers04:44
far3I'm liking this linux, I was forced to switch over when I ereased my win7 partition by accident haha06:12
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GrandCouillonHello guys ! Even if I've disabled the screensaver it continues to be active ... Searching the net around seems to indicate that I am alone. Any clue ?09:46
IronsightAnyone had any issues dual booting windows 8 and xubuntu?10:10
TheSheepIronsight: afaik windows 8 will not boot from a non-secure uefi bios, and xubuntu won't boot from a secure one10:12
TheSheepIronsight: but my information may be outdated10:12
Ironsightman :(10:12
IronsightI don't even know what bios I'm rocking in this asus g75 :/10:13
IronsightTheSheep, wow, thanks man :D10:16
olbisome1 could tell me how I could change the xubuntu slideshow files and than add this to my own remix?11:52
Sybillehi :)12:17
bjaniolsenHi, just joined12:17
SybilleI have a big problem with an eeepc 1015 cx and xubuntu 12.0412:17
SybilleI cannot have other display than 800x60012:18
bjaniolsenIs it a driver problem?12:18
SybilleThere is a cedar view drier but when I download it12:18
Sybillenothing works anymore12:18
bjaniolsenI'm a newbii on driver problems, sorry.12:19
Sybillethanks :)12:19
olbihmm, I was using build in drivers with Xubuntu 11.10 and all was good. I have 1024x600 which is normal resolution12:25
Sybillewhat do you mean, what did you ?12:25
wonderworldhi, i am on xubuntu 12.10 and want to restart my xserver by keystroke. it used to work with CTRL-ALT-SYSreq-K but this seems to be disabled in 12.1012:27
TheSheepwonderworld: you can enable it12:28
TheSheepwonderworld: with 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration'12:28
wonderworldhey thanks12:29
wonderworldthis worked :) nice12:30
xubuntu538I don't remember setting any password during setup, but now when I try and install a program, I'm being asked for authentication15:53
marchOoops - posted on the wrong channel. Sorry.18:34
viszuHi, after upgrading xfce4-terminal to ver 0.6.0 today my terminal is not working I get: *** VTE ***: Failed to load terminal capabilities from '/etc/termcap' error, any known way how to fix it ?18:41
holsteinviszu: how did you upgrade? in the repos?19:05
viszuholsen: with Software Updater, but nvm I just fixed it19:06
viszu"Reset compatibility options to defaults" in compatibility menu of xfce4-terminal fixed it19:07
holsteinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vte/+bug/140011 is what i would reference if reinstalling doesnt fix19:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 140011 in vte (Ubuntu) "Failed to load terminal capabilities from '/etc/termcap'" [Low,Confirmed]19:07
viszuI was reading that, and my system already had those links19:08
viszuit breaks when I change $TERM setting to "xterm-256color" but it works with "xterm"19:10

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