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Apex_StriderHey guys, I need some help please.15:33
TheLordOfTimeApex_Strider, with?15:48
TheLordOfTime(usually asking your question rather than asking for help gets you better results)15:48
Apex_StriderSorry, I'm not exactly an Ubuntu wizz! I just have an issue with my sources.list. Can't get updates. I  read that I might be able to post my list here, and someone may be able to help.15:50
TheLordOfTimeApex_Strider, you may want #ubuntu15:51
TheLordOfTimeand when you get to #Ubuntu pastebin your sources.list15:51
TheLordOfTimeand give information about your release (which Ubuntu you're on, etc.)15:51
Apex_StriderOh, okay. I'll try that. Thanks!15:51
TheLordOfTimeApex_Strider, also pastebin the error(s) you're seeing with apt-get or whatever you use to update (sudo apt-get update | pastebinit   <-- that in the terminal = awesome)15:52
TheLordOfTime(assuming you have pastebinit, which you probably don't)15:52
TheLordOfTimeApex_Strider, just /join #ubuntu   and you'll be there :)15:52
Apex_StriderNot sure about the Pastebinit15:53
Apex_StriderI'm on 12.0415:53
TheLordOfTimeApex_Strider, just go to #ubuntu and ask for help :P15:53
Apex_StriderWill do...15:53
TheLordOfTimesince #launchpad isn't directly Ubuntu support :)15:53
Apex_StriderAh, gotcha! ;-)15:53
\nhi, I need help. my launchpad username is nyuszika7h - I've forgot my password and the e-mail address I registered with doesn't exist anymore. is there any way to recover my account?16:46
maxbA @gmail.com address doesn't exist? How come?16:51
maxb\n: ^16:53
TheLordOfTimemaxb, it could've been purged.16:54
TheLordOfTimegoogle purges accounts after a while16:54
TheLordOfTimeand also sometimeis kills google accounts if they've received abuse reports16:54
* TheLordOfTime has had it happen twice16:55
TheLordOfTimeboth times they reversed it.16:55
maxbHuh, google's smtp server certainly says it doesn't exist.16:55
TheLordOfTimewhich supports the theory google removed the account16:55
maxbI guess the simplest thing to try first would be to see if you can re-register it :-)16:55
TheLordOfTimethe next time my girlfriend modifies my autocomplete to change "Yep" to 'Eeeyup'...  i swear...16:56
maxbheh :-)16:57
\nmaxb: I deleted the account16:59
maxbThe gmail account?16:59
\nI created a new one, and I use a google apps one as my primary now16:59
TheLordOfTimeshould've changed your email first.16:59
TheLordOfTime\n, at least temporarily rereg.16:59
TheLordOfTimeand then delete the account when you're done, after you change your email in LP?16:59
TheLordOfTimeactually about that16:59
maxbWill google allow you to re-register the old address? If so, that's definitely the quickest way to get this sorted out.16:59
TheLordOfTimemaxb, good question16:59
\nI'll try16:59
maxbWhen changing your address, you'll need to separately change it in both Launchpad and in Ubuntu SSO17:00
\nSomeone already has that username. Try another?17:00
maxbUbuntu SSO confusingly masquerades as login.launchpad.net, but is NOT part of Launchpad17:00
\nwon't let me re-register17:00
maxb\n: OK, I think you're probably stuck needing to ask for administrator intervention then17:01
\nThis account was deleted 19 days ago. You can attempt to restore it by selecting one of your recovery methods below.17:01
\nInternal Error17:02
\nIf you want to try again, please start the recovery process from the beginning.17:02
czajkowski\n: for SSO stuff you will need to ask for help in #canonical-isd but it's still holidays for many canonical folks till tomorrow. so you are better off filling in https://forms.canonical.com/sso-support/17:03
maxbYou'll probably need to prove your identity somehow - signing something with the PGP key attached to the Launchpad account in question might be a good way to do it17:03
\nI'm not sure did I attach the new key to it17:04
\nI seem to have two keys, one for the old address17:04
\nso probably17:04
czajkowskithey'' work with you to resolve it, could be details of when you created the account, anything you did with the ac etc17:04
maxbOh, I see that PGP key is revoked, I guess some sort of alternative method will be necessary17:06
\nit's revoked?17:06
\nI thought I attached another one17:06
maxbI only see one PGP key mentioned on https://launchpad.net/~nyuszika7h17:06
\nI have an old one in my keyring here17:07
\npub   2048R/0x5FD879696A9D469C 2011-07-2917:07
\nuid                            nyuszika7h <litemininyuszika@gmail.com>17:07
\nsub   2048R/0xBB0A2566C6FC64DA 2011-07-2917:07
\nI also have the revoked key, not sure if that helps17:07
maxbI think you'll have to file a request and see what SSO Support suggest.17:07
maxbLaunchpad accounts can be merged, so you might like to just create a new one for now.17:08
\nI'll use "icecreamsandwich" as the ID for the new account, for now :317:10
exarkunHello.  I wonder how to change the "reply to" settings of a mailing list hosted on Launchpad.21:16
lifelessexarkun: There is no facility to do so.21:19
lifelessexarkun: if you're talking about the munge-reply-to antifeature of mailman21:19
exarkunCan I ask a Launchpad admin to do it?21:20
lifelessits not that its privileged21:20
lifelessits that there is no facility to do it at all21:20
lifelessLP generates the settings21:21
lifelessand sets that to the non-munging setting21:21
lifelessexarkun: so you'd need a patch, which would need some justification [is it worth carrying the complexity [in terms of support cost, both end user and code maintenance]]21:23
exarkunHow do I quantify "worth"?21:24
exarkunIf I said "I absolutely hate the current mailing list setting", is that a justification?21:25
exarkun(I would suppose not)21:25
lifelessits certainly first hand data21:25
lifelessbut it doesn't tell LP devs much about what ratio of users also hate it21:25
lifelessexarkun: Out of interest, why do you hate it ?21:26
exarkunI don't know anything about that ratio, so I can't tell them anything about it.21:26
exarkunI'm subscribed to the mailing list.  The mailing list software can deliver messages to me.  I don't need to get duplicate copies from other people who are replying to things.  I can change settings about messages delivered from the mailing list (like enable digest delivery, disable delivery entirely, etc); I have no such control over messages sent directly from other posters to me.21:27

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