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i3earI have a question about installing wine, it says here: http://www.winehq.org/download/ubuntu that I need to go to edit>software sources, but I can find no such menu in lubuntu software center02:04
i3earcan anyone help me?02:04
i3earis anyone here?02:04
i3earcan you help me?02:05
Unit193i3ear: No, just search for wine in software center.02:06
i3earUnit193, but won't that just install the binaries and not install the required libraries?02:07
i3earUnit193, it is clear that this step involves installing the required libraries to make the binaries run02:07
Unit193i3ear: That's all you need to use wine, the extra PPA is just their most recent version.02:08
i3earUnit193, alright I will give it a try. if I have any more problems will you still be here?02:08
Unit193Maybe, someone else may if I'm not.02:11
i3earalright. is there a tutorial you could point me out to about  using wine by any chance?02:12
i3earI forgot! I have another question: I already have lubuntu installed, how can I set my /home directory to my second hard disk drive?02:15
i3earI didn't do it the first time because the installer was giving me major problems about dual booting with windows xp when I decided that I should just run linux fully and run my windows programs with wine02:16
i3earso when I installed it over windows xp I just went with the easiest, and what I perceived to be the most reliable option02:17
Unit193Generally for wine: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine not sure if it's up to date: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving02:18
i3earthank you very much, you have been a huge help. By any chance do you have tutorials about things like... how to install programs properly using terminal, how to access all the components I currently have installed on linux, and things of that nature related to the natural indepth use of linux, as well as a tutorial on how to use jack?02:22
i3earI am sorry I have a lot of questions but I have large needs for computers :(02:22
Unit193https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement  has several different ways of installing and managing software, and there are manpages for most programs.  Jack isn't something I've messed with, but pretty sure the wiki has info, and I know the arch wiki does.02:33
i3earUnit193, thank you  very much, you have been a big help02:34
ro_I have yet another problem. the resolution on my display does not match my monitor. when I go to change the display it won't let me checkmark "turn on"02:53
ro_it only started doing this after my latest restart to fix a crashing program02:53
ro_did I mention that  my computer is really old? by the way this is i3ear from last time02:53
Unit193You could check for "Additional Drivers", but I think it'd be more worth while to try generating an xorg.conf file.02:55
Unit193Check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:56
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:56
ro_I get an error when I try to run rm ~/.config/monitors.xml off of the tutorial https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution I get an error: rm: invalid option -- '/' (next line) try 'rm  --help' for more information.03:08
ro_I also tried reseting xwindows but I got an error: "sudo: /etc/init.d/?dm: command not found03:52
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ro_I am having major issues with lubuntu. This is the 4th time I have installed it16:02
ro_the last time I installed it, when I turned it on it would boot past the bios just fine but when lubuntu started up the screen was just black16:03
ro_I had to reinstall lubuntu from the disk16:03
jude0and you are sure you waited long enough?16:03
ro_by the way the disk is outdated because the latest version of lubuntu could not fit on the 700mb cdrs I have16:03
ro_yes I am sure, my monitor said "no signal" for quite a while16:04
jude0and you did it on the motherboards native video controller?16:04
ro_anyway, this is a fresh install and as soon as I booted up the computer I got "an unexpected error has happened"16:04
ro_yes, I tried both my onboard and my... my videocard... forgot what kind it is, from the middle of 200316:05
jude0do you know how far into the boot you got before you got the error?16:06
ro_alright the error happened on this latest install of the system on my computer. I got the error as soon as I saw the desktop16:06
jude0did you try erasing the home directory?16:07
jude0it's possible that permissions for the home directory somehow got changed16:07
ro_what do you mean? I reformatted both my hdds, set my root and swap partitions on my first and my home on my second16:08
jude0ah so it was on your initial login16:08
ro_yes, my initial login16:08
ro_here we go I have an error open16:08
ro_"sorry, ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error"16:09
jude0out of curiosity could you pastebin you system hardware specs16:09
ro_you mean like my cpu speed or the make and models?16:10
jude0the more the better16:11
jude0gpu especially16:11
ro_is there a hardware analasis program I could download to get all the information you need?16:11
jude0oh so you have another linux running on that hardware?16:11
ro_no it is just one install of linux16:12
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jude0well if you can live distro it and run hardinfo it can generate reports16:13
ro_I am running off of the linux I installed right now16:14
ro_I am having no real problems with this latest install but I am worried because all my previous installs have failed16:14
ro_that is what I want help with16:15
jude0i am assuming a different linux distro than (l)ubuntu16:15
jude0(that you are running off of)16:15
ro_nope I am running off of lubuntu16:17
jude0so the 5th? time you installed it... it just worked?16:17
ro_the first 2 times I installed it I tried getting it to dual boot between lubuntu and windows XP but I could never get grub to work so I just abandoned that and decided to just run 100% linux, then the third time I installed it it worked for a day, and then the screen resolution wouldn't change so I had to change monitors.16:19
ro_then I turned it off16:19
ro_when I turned it back on, the thing with the screen not showing16:19
ro_that happened16:20
ro_so I reinstalled lubuntu again and now I am talking to you16:20
jude0did you try to install proprietary grafix drivers?16:21
ro_by the way the specs you wanted16:22
ro_I am not sure how, my graphics card is a nvidia geforce 520016:22
ro_sorry, you still there? what did I miss?16:26
jude0so your goal is to mitigate the graphics issue or is it to dual boot your system?16:26
ro_my goal is to prevent my computer from just randomly breaking on me16:26
ro_like it has in the past16:27
ro_I just want a stable single install of lubuntu with my home on my second hard disk drive16:27
ro_I want to know why lubuntu keeps bugging out on me16:27
jude0ah so its a multi harddrive install16:27
jude0all your graphics issues probably have to do with your nvidia card16:28
jude0in order to fix it you will have to get proprietary drivers (assuming that the unproprietary ones don't work well enough)16:29
ro_how do I do that? just go to the nvidia website?16:29
jude0assuming you have a 64bit linux install16:31
ro_nope, 32 bit16:31
jude0why not 64?16:31
jude0your hardware supports it16:31
ro_because this computer is at least 9 years old16:31
ro_are you sure?16:32
jude0assuming you have this http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Sempron%2064%202600+%20-%20SDA2600AIO2BX%20(SDA2600BXBOX).html16:32
jude0then yes16:32
ro_didn't know that16:34
ro_but I don't have a dvd burner16:35
ro_would it be worth it to just reinstall a 64 bit operating system?16:35
TheLordOfTimeif you're not using 64bit on a 64bit processor you're not using the full abilities of the processor.16:35
TheLordOfTimeand if your RAM is more than 4GB, you can only truly use it with 64bit16:36
jude0his ram is 768MBs16:36
jude0i have many computers and i just like to match all their software as close as possible... haven't done a 32bit install in like half a decade16:37
jude0but as far as your time is worth to you, it might not be worth it16:37
ro_huh, it might be the rural area I live in but I didn't think that 64 bit computers were that old16:37
TheLordOfTimeif he's on that low a RAM, the overhead'll not be worth it16:37
jude0http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-173.14.36-driver.html for the 32bit driver16:38
ro_how do I run it?16:40
jude0lemi check16:40
TheLordOfTimeprobably download and then run a .run16:40
jude0if you go to the additional tab on that link i provided it shows you one way16:40
jude0"additional information"16:41
jude0i would recommend doing it without running an xserver16:41
jude0not that you NEED to with nvidia like you often do with amds, but you will probably run into less issues if anything does go wrong16:42
TheLordOfTimenvidia's smart16:42
TheLordOfTimeit won't modprobe the driver  until a reboot i think16:42
jude0i don't know about that16:42
TheLordOfTimelast i updated the driver anyways16:42
ro_I don't know if I am running an xserver or not, should I worry about it?16:43
jude0you are, but i guess you can try normal and then if everything blows up then you have to go to shell way anyway16:43
jude0they used to have a feature in lubuntu to make it all easy with installing proprietary drivers. I think they took it out though.16:44
jude0for me that was one of the selling features too16:45
ro_I tried putting in the nvidia command, I even put the path to the file before the file name16:47
ro_nothing works16:47
jude0what response do you get from the command?16:51
ro_sh: 0: Can't open NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.36.pkg1.run16:52
ro_I cd to the folder that it is in then I ran the command that nvidia gives16:52
jude0sounds like a type or wrong directory somehow16:53
ro_the directory is right, in terminal I am in the right directory16:54
jude0did you apend a ./ before the filename?16:54
ro_how do you mean?16:55
jude0sh ./NVIDIA...16:55
ro_no I did not16:55
ro_sh: 0: Can't open ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.36.pkg1.run16:56
ro_the error I got16:56
jude0what do you get when you ls that dir16:56
jude0i see a dash you missed16:57
jude0-pkg not .pkg16:58
ro_you are right16:58
jude0in the future you might want to try just hitting tab for autocomplete16:58
jude0then you don't have to worry about typos as much16:59
ro_I did not know that you could do that16:59
ro_alright so it gave me an error, the installer said that I have to run it as root16:59
jude0so you would go like sh ./NVI[hi tab]16:59
ro_so I should put a sudo before that command?16:59
jude0you are installing drivers... drivers always need full priv's because you are modifying the computer17:00
ro_I see. It gave me a new error. "Unable to find the system utilities 'ld' ; please make sure you have the package 'binutils' installed. If you do have binutils installed then please check that 'ld' is in your PATH.17:02
jude0so install binutils... after that it will probably error again asking for linux headers17:02
ro_when I see usr in a command line I am supposed to type in, do I type usr or my account name?17:07
jude0"/usr" is a directory do you mean "user:"?17:08
ro_the command is ../binutils-2.13/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared &&17:08
jude0is NVIDIA doing this or you? because i am pretty sure you do not need to config the binutils any more than default17:10
ro_I am using this guide http://www.faqs.org/docs/linux_scratch/chapter06/binutils.html17:10
ro_to install binutils17:10
jude0so are you building it for fun(more work) or do you not know apt utilities or package manager?17:11
ro_I do not know either of those things, I just figured that I could just google "terminal command for (blank)"17:12
jude0na... your are making it hard for yourself17:13
jude0in the ubuntu variants you have a graphical package manager called synaptic17:13
jude0i would start there17:13
jude0two of the most important feature of linux for me are 1: the package management system and 2: ksplice17:16
ro_ahh crap, it gave me an error: "You appear to be running an X server; please exit x before installing. For further details please see blah blah"17:17
jude0so you found synaptic in your menu?17:17
ro_yes I did, got it installed too17:17
jude0so x11 is the xserver you are running17:18
ro_yes, I installed binutils and when I trid running the installer again I got the above error17:18
ro_I see. so how do I turn it off so I can install this thing, then restart windowsx?17:19
jude0oh binutils doesn't like X i thought that the nvidea dont17:19
jude0i am pretty sure binutils shouldn't care that you are running x17:21
ro_the nvidia installer cares that I am running x17:22
jude0yes that makes sense now.17:22
ro_it is telling me to exit x before installing17:23
jude0yea well x is everything that is graphical17:23
ro_so how do I shut down x then start it back up so I am not completly lost?17:23
jude0so you pretty much have to drop into run level 3 install it then go back into runlevel 517:23
jude0do you know about the builtin terminals in debian?17:24
ro_no I do not17:24
jude0like CTRL+ALT+F717:24
ro_I don't know any linux shortcuts17:24
jude0so if you go CTRL+ALT+F117:24
jude0it will bring up a terminal17:25
jude0the f7 one gets you back to your current session17:25
ro_sorry about all that17:33
ro_I uhm... whell I figured out how to open up terminal, but I missed the part about getting back from terminal, so I just rebooted out of it17:33
ro_and now I am having the same exact problem I had with my last install17:33
ro_I can't change my resolution so I can't set it in the correct range of the monitor I want to use (right now I am using my backup monitor)17:34
ro_I go to system tools> monitor setting. Then I change the resolution but when I click apply I get an error "you can't turn off all monitor"17:35
ro_it won't let me check the box near the "turn on" option in the settings17:35
jude0well lets get the drivers installed17:35
jude0hopefully the problem goes away17:35
jude0so yea the ctrl+alt+f7 is your main session(the one you are in now)17:36
ro_I see17:36
jude0that is why i said that one first17:36
jude0i was hoping to mitigate exactly what you did17:37
ro_so ctrl+alt+f1 is to get to terminal and ctrl+alt+f7 is to get back?17:37
ro_hah yeah sorry...17:37
jude0well to be exact f1-6 are terminals and f7-12 are supposed to be sessions17:37
jude0so the theory is you have one terminal for every session17:38
jude0thats why it is f717:38
ro_I see17:38
jude0so with priv's you will need to go to the terminal execute "init 3" and then when you are done installing the drivers "init 5"17:39
jude0in debian there are 6 runlevels17:39
jude00 is off 6 is reboot and 5 is the one you are currently in17:40
ro_do I just type "init 3"?17:40
jude0not yet17:40
jude03 is no xserver aka no graphics17:40
jude0so you will want to go to a terminal... ideally f1 because f1 is the matching terminal for f7 although it really doesnt matter, and then drop run levels install drivers, go back to graphics run level then reboot17:42
jude0good luck17:42
ro_how do I change the run level?17:42
ro_alright, tried that. Got the same error. I did it just as you told me to17:44
ro_sudo init 3, sudo sh ./Nvidiadriver17:45
jude0which error?17:45
ro_"close x to install"17:45
jude0so init 3 doesn't work on lubuntu anymore? i guess it's possible17:47
ro_hmmm, so now what?17:47
jude0init 217:49
ro_didn't work17:52
jude0maybe they changed inittab17:53
jude0there are other ways don't worry17:53
jude0in debian another feature is service management. so if you type "service [servicename] stop" it kills it17:54
jude0and then start starts it17:54
jude0the service i beleive we want to stop is lightdm17:55
jude0dm=desktop manager17:55
ro_I see17:57
jude0i haven't tested it but i beleive if you were to stop the lightdm service then it will also kill x17:58
ro_and if I started lightdm it would start x?17:58
jude0if x is ever dead you can always run "startx" its kinda hard to kill though17:59
ro_I see17:59
jude0so might as well give the service lightdm stop a try18:00
ro_alright, now to try it18:00
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gotwigpaid apps in LSC?19:46
gotwigHow can I install paid apps in lubuntu software center19:51
Unit193gotwig: Last I knew, you couldn't.19:56
tagavahello and happy new year19:56
tagavai came with a problem. irsend SEND_ONCE AVR260 KEY_POWER this command turns on my amplituner19:57
tagavawhat would be best way to execute it after lirc starts19:57
tagavaand before lightdm is called19:57
tagavaanyone have some kind of idea? :)20:01
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FonzeeHi there20:37
FonzeeCan I install Lubuntu on an Ubuntu 12 installation while keeping my stuff?20:37
marazHm. I have three computers which aren't suspending their monitors when inactive, independent of the power management settings. The displays turn off properly and then turn on again but with a black screen.21:01
marazPrevious ubuntu installs worked fine.21:01
tagavawhen i add file to /etc/init.d/ which contains one simple command21:40
tagava#! /bin/sh21:40
tagava/usr/bin/irsend SEND_ONCE AVR260 KEY_POWER21:40
tagavaand i symlink it to /etc/rc5.d/21:40
tagavaits not executed at reboot21:41
tagavawhy is that?21:41

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