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scotty^Hello all.  Is Raring still targetting kernel 3.8.x?00:27
penguin42don't know and not sure where to find out00:28
scotty^:) Same here.00:29
penguin42https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-r-kernel-version-and-flavors  suggests it hasn't settled yet00:30
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BluesKajHi all13:56
BluesKajhi  penguin42 , Happy New Year14:16
penguin42and to you sir14:16
penguin42kaffeine on rr is doing a wonderful job with dvb-t15:53
penguin42hmm a few artifacts when it switches mpeg streams - like between adverts16:02
penguin42hmm and doesn't like sounds on some of them16:03
penguin42om26er: Lets see what your topic kicks off then; although I'm only subscribed to one of the lists17:49
om26erpenguin42, my guess subscribed to bugsquad ?17:50
om26erlets see what comes out of that thread ;)17:50
penguin42om26er: Yeh, it's in moderation for -desktop17:50
bjsniderpenguin42, any idea if kaffeine supports dvb-s2?17:50
penguin42om26er: I didn't want to get into a unity-ism so I didn't mention this in my reply, but to be honest I think it's made some difference; I don't run Unity, so I don't know the problems there or the normal things, so I just avoid any unity bug reports17:53
om26erpenguin42, yes unity in many cases is not a simple pacakge like rhythmbox, as there are many chances for the bug being in compiz or some other indicator. its a bit like the linux kernel in complexity (much less;)17:55
penguin42hey I can have a chance of understanding where to go with the kernel....17:55
om26erpenguin42, i generally do hang around irc if you may need some help with unity things17:56
om26erthe main focus of the post was mostly on the applications that we ship in ubuntu, I believe their packages are seeing less bugs triage activity17:57
om26erso you are a Doctor :)17:57
penguin42I am17:58
penguin42Ph.D. in comp sci; so don't try and ask me to cure your cold17:58
penguin42om26er: To be honest I'm finding it pretty hard to get fixes in; I find it pretty easy to debug seg fault type of bugs and get a fix (for repeatable thing), it takes me longer to figure out how to get them in17:59
om26erpenguin42, patch pilot is quite efficient I would say to get your patches uploaded to Ubuntu18:00
penguin42om26er: Don't seem to be many about these days18:01
om26erit worked for me quite a lot of time even though I was only backporting other people's work18:01
penguin42the other thing that seems to be hard is what to do when you spot a bunch of people reporting bugs they can't individually repeat, but which a bunch of people run into18:04
om26erthose are one of the more hurting types of bugs :/18:07
penguin42they just cycle through years of people being asked to try them on newer versions, set to incomplete, the original reporter never bothers because they gave up, and some new guy ends up tripping over it 5 years later18:08
penguin42bug 584786 and debian bug 336996 are the one I hit yesterday18:10
ubottubug 584786 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "10.04 Startup USB creator issues" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58478618:10
ubottuDebian bug 336996 in cu "cu Forces Hardware Flow Control" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/33699618:10
penguin42hmm no wrong one18:10
penguin42bug 58478718:10
ubottubug 584787 in uucp (Ubuntu) "cu 1.07-20build1 mispackaged" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58478718:10
om26erthere might be some tag out there to track packaging issues, wont it need to be  fixed in debian ?18:14
penguin42om26er: I guess so, but it's a mess; there seem to be a few apparently unrelated ways to fix the same symptom; but yes probably needs fixing in debian18:15
penguin42om26er: Which is why I added alink to that one to the debian bug I just quoted (that was open in '05)18:16
penguin42om26er: But debian just has stiction at the moment - it's stuck in freeze (apparently since July last year) with no obvious point when it's going to come out18:18
om26erthat bug goes way back,18:19
penguin42nod, I think since at least 0118:19
om26erprobably get some help from Ubuntu packagers ?18:19
penguin42yeh maybe18:20
om26erand never know how debian freezes work :D18:20
penguin42om26er: Bug 771589 is fun as well - I tracked it down to a y2k bug18:20
ubottubug 771589 in fbb (Ubuntu) "fbb buffer overflow" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77158918:20
penguin42fixed upstream a few years back, with someone putting a fixed package on that debian bug 3 years ago18:21
ubottuError: Debian bug 3 could not be found18:21
penguin42problem is the debian bug was just a 'please update' since it didn't cause a crash like it does for us18:21
om26eroh boy18:22
* penguin42 has a little list like this18:23
om26erso the fix is still not in Ubuntu, if needed a backport in Ubuntu is an option18:23
penguin42om26er: Well what it really needs is the latest upstream getting merged somewhere; I think I added a one line fix there that we could apply in ubuntu, but that's probably the wrong thing to do since the debian package is ancient - and I don't have the hardware to test that package18:24
om26erto summarize, the change is merged in upstream debian branches but the fix was never uploaded and hence was not auto synced to Ubuntu ?18:25
penguin42om26er: Ish, the debian bug attached to that has a newer (but still 3 years old) version of the upstream packaged in it, that includes the fix, but that never got released in debian and hence never got back down to us18:27
* penguin42 suspects a vast part of Universe segs on us18:27
om26erwe keep that list somewhere18:28
om26eractually thats for FTBFS18:28
penguin42yeh, there is plenty that builds but segs straight away due to fortify spotting a trivial dumb bug18:29
om26erpenguin42, poke Ubuntu developers, probably on their mailing list18:29
penguin42om26er: yeh it's just a matter of finding an appropriate one for the particular problem18:30
penguin42it's also hard telling what to do if upstream is dead; if a package works in debian, but is upstream-dead what do we do?18:32
om26erkill it ?18:33
penguin42possibly - but if it works in debian?18:33
* penguin42 mailed the debian maintainer for bug 1086534 for that one18:35
ubottubug 1086534 in tcpick (Ubuntu) "*** buffer overflow detected ***: tcpick terminated with -t arg" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108653418:35
om26erworks in debian but doesn't in Ubuntu so there must be a mechanism to blacklist autosync to Ubuntu for specific packages.18:36
penguin42om26er: Well got a patch to fix it in Ubuntu18:36
om26eryeah thats a better route ofcoure18:36
penguin42om26er: so I've been reporting them in debian and upstream if I can find upstream alive18:37
om26erpeople will likely (atleast) reply to their emails i guess18:38
penguin42only some of them18:38
om26erpenguin42, use your @ubuntu ID if got one ;)18:39
penguin42hmm no I haven't, I guess I should get one18:39
penguin42has enough email addresses18:39
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user82!info kernel-image23:11
ubottuPackage kernel-image does not exist in raring23:11
user82!info linux-image23:12
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB23:12
FernandoMigueland back to VLC!23:13
FernandoMiguelat least it doesnt suck as much as totem23:13

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