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bazhangJoseeAntonioR, you need the chanserv.py ?00:13
JoseeAntonioRbazhang: nope, just wanted to answer his question00:13
bazhangmight want to ping Seveas if you cannot find it00:13
JoseeAntonioRbut it seems I use the github one00:13
IdleOneit's on github00:14
Unit193bazhang: I wanted to have ubottu and the wiki using the same source.00:14
bazhangUnit193, perhaps ask tsimpson or jussi about that00:14
Unit193As the link on the site use a round-about way getting to the github page, and that link in the wiki 404'd, I changed the wiki to use github as well.00:15
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McPeterhappy new year all16:19
Unit193McPeter: Same to you!  Hope you had a good one.18:04
* TheLordOfTime groans18:04
TheLordOfTimeurgh, i shouldn've stayed up at that party...18:04
TheLordOfTimeanywaays happy new year all!18:04
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lubotu2In lubotu2, trickyj said: he is just wasting lots of time22:34

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