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micahgScottK: re bug 1094596, I'm guessing that won't fly as an SRU...02:58
ubottubug 1094596 in Quantal Backports "Please backport broadcom-sta (multiverse) from raring" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109459602:58
ScottKmicahg: No.  I wouldn't think so.07:30
ScottKAs  backport, I think it's fine though.07:30
micahgScottK: yeah, I'll process it, thanks07:30
micahg\o/ first upload of 201309:06
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dkesselhello. i just tried backporting a package from raring to precise. however, the built packages declares higher required version numbers for the dependencies than are available in precise...18:26
dkesselbut i see in debian/control that the version numbers there are correct...18:26
dkesseli used "backportpackage" in a raring VM to build the backport for precise. any idea?18:27
micahgdkessel: so, if the need for a new version was a packaging change, you could revert the packaging change, the other option is to backport the newer dependency as well20:39
dkesselmicahg: thanks. i am using precise now, which seems to fix the version problem. however, the precise version has another known bug that stops me from finishing...21:05

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