bazhangFreedom is just another word...00:11
bazhangaverage_drifter is wildly unhelpful07:12
bazhanghis idea of resetting gnome is to remove gnome07:15
bazhangIdleOne, got the wrong av..07:18
elkyopping while drunk for nye is a bad idea :P07:18
* IdleOne is not drunk but I manage to look like I am sometimes07:19
bazhanghe's back, no doubt to protest the abuse of power07:19
IdleOneI sent a PM to avelldiroll apologizing07:20
bazhang<average_drifter> misterno: didn't you know there's a Ubuntu Supreme court ?07:26
IdleOnethere is. We all vote the same way no matter how wrong we all are07:27
elkyone more "grep 99999 files" snark, and he's gone. it's typed out waiting07:32
JoseeAntonioRhey guys, we're having a bot in #ubuntu-uds who is filling the channel with the same message, tried to contact the user unsuccessfully08:26
JoseeAntonioRIdleOne: yep, repeating 'Happy PST New Year!' for 27mins08:27
JoseeAntonioRevery 4 mins08:27
IdleOneI don't have access there08:29
IdleOneseems to have stopped now08:30
JoseeAntonioRoh well, ok08:31
JoseeAntonioRbut it's still in there and sending the messages :)08:31
JoseeAntonioRI'll just leave it to the IRCC in case it's still needed (^). Thanks!08:32
Unit193Should be fixed now.08:38
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phixhey, can I come back in yet?14:22
k1lhey phix, can you come back in the next days? seems like most ops are afk today and i wont decide on your ban because there is alot case history on your person with several bans.15:45
k1lphix: ping16:16
IdleOnealright. I got this.16:20
IdleOnephix: I spoke with a couple of the ops and we feel that given your fairly long history of being removed and banned from #ubuntu that perhaps #ubuntu is not the right channel for you. Your style of support and general attitude towards other users is not compatible with the Ubuntu spirit. We are not going to remove the ban.16:20
IdleOneIf you feel this decision is wrong feel free to email the Ubuntu IRC council, see /msg ubottu !appeals16:20
lhavelund!appeals > phix16:21
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MoL0ToV_hi to all! someone can unban my host from #ubuntu channel?23:02
k1l_MoL0ToV_: hi, you know why you were kicked and banned this morning?23:06
MoL0ToV_i was offtopic i think23:07
MoL0ToV_but i have no posted offensive message for none... so..23:07
k1l_yes and your language was not right for the supportchannel.23:07
k1l_did you read the guidelines meanwhile?23:08
k1l_!guidelines | MoL0ToV_23:08
ubottuMoL0ToV_: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines23:08
MoL0ToV_but i think that the ban is excessive for sayng something like me..23:09
k1l_so can you agree on them and will keep the offtopic to the offtopic channel (#ubuntu-offtopic) and the language appropriate for a familyfriendly support channel?23:09
MoL0ToV_nexttime i sayhappy new year and stop ;)23:09
k1l_MoL0ToV_: if you agree i am willing to unban you.23:10
k1l_MoL0ToV_: ok i unbanned you. so in future please stick to the guidelines. if you have questions on that or want to talk about a operators action please join this channel here. thanks23:12
MoL0ToV_ok thx23:13

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