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akerokHello everyone.  I have a bit of an issure with my ubuntu server.01:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:22
akerokI'm running ubuntu server 12.04, and I was trying to configure the IP address to my new static IP so it can be accesses online (it's a web server).  I have to run it in a VM (I'm using Virtual Box for this).  I can no longer access the server using ssh, and I can't get it to allow me to access it directly.  It doesn't even give me the option to log in directly.01:24
pdtpatrickWhy does pvcreate give an error when ran in a script that device is ignored or filtered but running the same command manually works just fine? http://pastie.org/private/unch4uvjjkmmtpimsxwv8q02:23
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1094984 in exim4 (main) "/etc/aliases does not work (dpkg-reconfigure error)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109498404:40
djxhello, what's the default image viewer for ubuntu server?05:21
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antiximage viewer? there's no gui for ubuntu server...08:07
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madc|SPYnXHow to start with the GUI in ubuntu server?11:54
jonbaeris this the right forum to ask cloud-init questions?11:55
slybootsAnyone aware of a variant of ubuntu that I can install and "blind-bood"12:26
slyboots*boot, preferably something that'll auto-start, grab DHCP and start up something like ssh/vnc?12:26
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sw0rdfishwhat were the websites for european VPS' for 5 or 6 euros again?13:02
* slyboots faceplants13:13
slybootsAnyone know how you delete a freaking mdadm RAID array?  It keeps rebuilding despite me deleting it..13:14
slybootsAnd running mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdX doesnt work "mdadm: Unreconginised md component device - /dev/sdX"13:14
RoyKslyboots: mdadm --stop ?13:20
RoyKslyboots: then just dd a bunch of zeros on the devices13:20
slybootsAye, Thats what Im doing now.. its crazy thats what its come to13:21
RoyKa few megabytes will do13:22
RoyKon each device13:22
slybootsAye, rebooted and its no-longer seeing the RAID array anymore, weird thats what the solution is though13:22
slybootsStill trying to figure out the best way to build a NAS, 4x disks.. quite keen to try ZFS but.. eh13:22
* RoyK finds that a rather terrific solution ;)13:23
RoyKZFS is cool, but not as flexible as md13:23
RoyKand under fuse, write speeds suck rather hard13:23
slybootsI thought it was native, not fuse13:23
slyboots(Although write-speeds are awful)13:24
RoyKno native zfs in linux yet, that is, zfsonlinux exists, but probably not stable yet13:24
RoyKand will probably *never* enter any distro because of licensing13:24
slybootsAye, mdadm seems a bit.. I dunno, build it once and it had to resync twice.. :P13:24
RoyKMD is like, build a mirror, convert to raid-5, add a few drives and convert to raid-6, get low on space, convert to raid-5 again...13:25
RoyKzfs is like, build a raidz1 VDEV and it'll stay in that form until you remove it13:26
slybootsWell, thats not a huge problem. I've got a lil hp microserver so it only takes 4x disks anyway13:26
RoyKbut then, zfs has checksumming and support for l2arc and slog, ssd caching13:26
slybootsBut yea, the performance is *awful*13:26
RoyKslyboots: then use omnios or openindiana or some other illumos distro - there it's native, and pretty neat13:27
slybootsYea I tired openindina, spend about a hour sobbing in a corner lol..13:27
RoyKperformance with MD is quite good ;)13:27
slybootsYea with mdadm Im getting about 60=80MB/sec over GigE which is about.. wella s much as you can hope for13:27
* RoyK had 350TiB or so on openindiana at his last job13:27
slybootsZFS was about.. 20MB/sec?13:27
RoyKthat's because of fuse13:28
slybootsWEll, might try a native zfs, see if it really makes a difference13:28
RoyKnative zfs is quite fast13:28
RoyKit won't be as fast as MD, though, because of the checksumming13:28
slybootswell I figure it shouldnt be slower by a factor of 4..13:29
RoyKof course, you can turn that off for a dataset, but that somewhat takes away the fun of zfs13:29
RoyKslyboots: you can't compare native zfs with zfs under fuse...13:29
slybootsYea, Checksumming is good.. dedup not so much13:29
RoyKdon't use it13:29
RoyKI've spent hours testing that13:29
slybootsOh neat, OmniOS has a esxi application, ssweet13:30
RoyKthere's a very good reason why dedup never entered Solaris 1113:30
slybootsIts just awful? :P13:31
RoyKwell, it doesn't work too well, unless you have a terabyte of RAM or so13:31
RoyKslyboots: but with something illumos, you get snapshotting and perhaps SSD caching (if you have room for that in that microserver)13:34
slybootsNah, its pretty tight fit unless I did something over USB/eSATA13:35
RoyKslyboots: but then, you get snapshotting if you're brave enough to use btrfs, and ssd caching if you're brave enough to use bcache ;)13:35
slybootslol, lot of intresting things you can do but.. eh, its only a lil server so.. playing it safe13:36
RoyKext4 on MD is safe13:37
RoyKomnios or openindiana should be safe too13:37
slybootsAye, shall be intresting to test em13:37
RoyKif you have windows clients, snapshots show up under "previous versions" in windows if you have an illumos server (given you use the CIFS server, and not Samba)13:38
slybootsAh cool, shadow-copy support?13:38
slybootsNeat :)13:38
RoyKsetup a server on that for a remote office in my last job - never heard a word of anything related to data restores later ;)13:44
RoyKthe autosnapshot service in Illumos is rather good for such things13:44
RoyKunless you do something stupid as starting to use some file area with snapshotting as a spooling space or temp space13:45
slybootsheh, we still have to take care of that manually at work :P13:45
RoyKslyboots: as I said, zfs doesn't support extending VDEVs or changing RAID levels. It supports replacing drives with bigger ones, though (given zpool set autoexpand=on)13:47
slybootsKinda shitty like that, odd you cant expland13:47
RoyKit'll require the famous block pointer rewrite mechanism that was reported to be worked on some three years ago13:48
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sw0rdfishi forgot the website with 6 euro VPS14:37
sw0rdfishgermany based vps14:37
RoyKno idea14:44
RoyKgoogle sent me to http://www.alvotech.de/14:45
RoyKgoogle:vps 6 euro site:.de14:45
slybootsRoyK: Dont suppose you know any good gides for this OmniOS :P15:15
RoyKslyboots: just follow the guides for openindiana or even opensolaris15:18
RoyKsame thing, different wrapping15:18
RoyKslyboots: but if you want to install on a microserver, I guess that only has four drives, are all four of them meant to be used for data?15:19
RoyKif so, use a pen drive for the root15:19
RoyKor two15:19
slybootsAYe, already got that all setup15:19
RoyKzpool create mydatapool dev1 dev2 dev3 dev415:20
RoyKprobably something like c0t0d015:20
RoyKdon't partition them15:20
RoyKslyboots: btw, /j #omnios for this15:20
* slyboots nods15:21
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slyboots-So..... Filesystems!17:22
slybootsIts on a home NAS, mostly large files like media.. perforamnce is imporataint so Im thinking either ext4 which appears to be the Go-to FS.. but I've heard xfs is quite good too17:22
RoyKslyboots: no big difference17:28
RoyKext4 is a good allrounder, xfs is perhaps better on large files, but sucks sick through a straw when it comes to metadata operations, like lots of files in a directory17:29
slybootsAYe, I've decided to sod ZFS, at least for now17:30
slybootsWills tick with ZFS..17:30
slybootsFound some awsome tweaks for mdadm thats got the rebuild down from 10+ hours to about 317:31
RoyKzfs is good for dedicated storage systems IMHO17:31
slybootsAye, I've used FreeNAS and its worked well in the past, no idea why its so god awful inside a VM17:31
RoyKdon't use a VM for hosting storage17:32
RoyKjust don't17:32
RoyKit's stupid17:32
slybootsEh, I dont have the hardware to avoid it17:32
slybootsMaybe in a few months when Im not crazy poor will buy something dedicated17:34
RoyKthen setup the system with native drives and use it for virtualization17:34
RoyKnot the other way around17:34
qman__actually, that's not true anymore of xfs17:35
qman__but I don't trust it because it's lost my data more than once17:35
qman__I'm going to zfs myself17:35
RoyKqman__: really? they fixed it?17:35
qman__yes, as of ~3.017:35
qman__kernel 3.0 that is17:35
slybootsI dunno, its hard enough getting zfs going inside OpenIndiana, I would dread setting up virtulisation isnide that too17:35
slybootsPlus, I've no screen for my microserver lol17:36
RoyKslyboots: it's no problem getting zfs going good in openindiana ;)17:36
RoyKqman__: I chose !zfs because of the flexibility of MD17:37
slybootsRoyK: yea but its using it for aother things too, its too.. "Strange"17:37
RoyKslyboots: well, I can't blame you for not knowing what you do, but I can try ;)17:38
jchamb2010Hi, does anyone here have knowledge of dual NIC setups and wouldn't mind helping me troubleshoot an issue I'm having? More info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210034417:38
slybootsBut yea, mdadm works "Fine" inside a VM enviroment17:38
slybootsGet about 60-80MB writes, thats about as best as I Could hope17:38
RoyKslyboots: Just don't run storage servers virtualized17:38
RoyKslyboots: really17:38
qman__jchamb2010, you have two gateways, don't do that17:39
RoyKslyboots: as in *really*17:39
jchamb2010qman__ : is that really all it is?17:39
qman__if you need both gateways you need to either set up metrics, or configure load balancing17:39
qman__otherwise get rid of one17:39
jchamb2010qman__ : IDK why I didn't try that17:39
qman__yep, that's all it is17:41
qman__as-is, they're treated as identical17:41
jchamb2010I'll try that and see what happens17:41
qman__and the kernel stupidly assumes that they are identical in every way, and just chooses at random where to send traffic out17:41
qman__regardless of its nature17:41
qman__and expects it to come back from either17:41
jchamb2010I can disable the eth0 though, and eth1 still won't work17:42
qman__it might not be configured right, or plugged into the right spot17:43
qman__is pingable through eth0?17:43
jchamb2010what you said works though :) i removed a gateway and it started working17:43
qman__74.91.31.45 is pingable from here, so it looks like you're all set17:45
jchamb2010Thank you very much :)17:45
jchamb2010I replied to the thread with the fix and thanking you. Have a good afternoon :D17:54
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SnowBro-hello there18:58
SnowBro-need some help please18:59
SnowBro-first of all i want to say sorry for my english, it's not my native...now the issue, im NEW to Linux and i pick Ubuntu Server as my option because the great support community that it has, im trying to put to work a machine as a server, i already installes LAMP environment (from tasksel), and i have everything working inside my network (i can access to the server in every machine inside my house), but i dont know how to go out with19:02
SnowBro- the server, thats my issue, any clues?19:02
rckrdhey guys, so i've have a small personal server and i want to use it for a few different things (development, music server, etc).  Whats the best way to keep these functions separate?  Virtual machines?  Or just different users and groups?19:15
greppyrckrd: unless you have LOTS of resources ( RAM & CPU ) just use different users/groups.19:21
uvirtbot`New bug: #1039763 in cinder "Multiple nova-volume services fails to create volume on second storage server when using Nexenta driver" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103976319:39
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