penguin42Happy new year!00:00
neurohappy new year folks!00:00
Azelphurhappy new year :p00:00
daftykinsyes irssi, day changed indeed.00:01
Azelphurgood news everyone, we didn't die00:01
daftykinsbad news, yet00:03
neuroand one of my potential new years resolutions has gone right out the window already as I've lit up my first marlboro gold of 2013 :)00:03
Azelphurneuro: haha00:04
daftykinstut tut!00:04
AzelphurI beat my last years resolution \m/00:04
daftykinswas it spend more time on IRC?00:04
neuroholy fireworks, batman00:05
neuroi think edinburgh just exploded00:05
neuroand now they're going to try a mass singalong, doing Auld Lang Syne with 75K folk00:05
daftykinsand you lot want to be your own country00:05
daftykinswoot the...00:06
neuroI KNOW00:06
neuroi used to watch jools holland on hogmanay, but he's not been booking the best acts in the last couple of years, and when you know it's prerecorded, it kinda loses something when they ring in the bells00:06
neuroat least we in scotland put in some effort00:07
neuroi notice the bbc england/national thing is just like 15 mins long with gaby logan saying "here's some fireworks over london, um bye"00:07
daftykinsthose hootenanny progs he does are recorded!?00:07
daftykinsi suppose that explains why randomer band types want to be there on new years XD00:08
neurowow, princes street is PACKED00:08
neuroand now phil cunningham and ali bain playing some shetland choons! it MUST be the new year!00:09
daftykinsnever heard of 'em 0o00:10
dwatkinsthey certainly let off a lot of fireworks here in Edinburgh, 5 minutes o constant kabooms00:12
neurodwatkins: aye, saw the on the telly, looked prety epic00:20
neurowhereaboots in embra are ye?00:20
* dwatkins is in Tollcross, about a mile from the castle00:26
dwatkinspossibly less00:26
neuroaye, know it well00:26
neuroused to work beside festival square, then up west port00:27
dwatkinsah yes, nor far from me00:29
dwatkinsI'm really lucky - I work in Sighthill, so can cycle along the Union canal to get to work, and encounter very little actual road00:30
penguin42wth does Scotland have 2nd as a bank holiday anyway?01:05
Whoopsame reason England has the 1st...because its an arbitary date someone concluded is special01:22
penguin42but I can't quite see the reason to have 2 days, except if the 2nd one is just to recover from the celebrations on the 1st01:23
WhoopI can't quite see the reason to have 1 day, except if the 1st one is just to recover from the year01:24
penguin42hmm I see your point; 1 day isn't really enough to recover from a year01:25
WhoopSounds like you just gave yourself reasoning for Scotlands 2nd day01:26
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dwatkinsfor me the 2nd of January is just another opportunity to work and get time off in lieu ;)02:00
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jacobwhappy 1356998400 seconds since 01/01/1970 :)10:14
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MartijnVdSjacobw: only 790444308 more seconds before the end of the world!11:22
jacobwMartijnVdS: haha11:23
bashrcthe end of the world?  Again?11:28
MartijnVdSbashrc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem11:29
kvarleyHappy new year ubuntu-ers :)11:34
kvarleyMartijnVdS: It's like the 2000 bug? Is the Linux Kernel ready for this?11:35
dwatkinsThe 64-bit kernel should be, considering the 2038 bug is a limit in the representation of time as a 32-bit number.11:36
MartijnVdSsome programs might not be though11:37
brobostigongood morning everyone,11:39
dogmatic69anyone know what the countdown is for?12:01
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: I've seen guesses. Mostly "Canonical's own tablet"12:01
dogmatic69strange timing I think.12:02
MartijnVdShence the "you an almost touch it"12:02
AlanBellI am guessing phone12:09
AlanBelltablet would just annoy everyone who bought a nexus 7 at UDS12:09
MartijnVdSAlanBell: a TV .. with TOUCH12:09
AlanBellor that12:09
AlanBellfingerprints ahoy12:09
jacobwa dell ubuntu laptop with an ubuntu key12:14
MartijnVdSubuntu key?12:16
MartijnVdSSo you can install the ad-free version of Ubuntu?12:16
jacobwinstead of the windws key12:17
AlanBelleven the sputnik that they spent 8 months working on came out with a windows key on it12:18
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AlanBellwonder if whatever it is will run gnome shell12:20
dwatkinsI have no windows key on my IBM Model M keyboard ;)12:24
apacheukI have a Ubuntu key on my FILCO keyboard :)12:25
brobostigonwhy not have a haiku-key , as that superkey, :)12:26
dwatkinsapacheuk: I'm very tempted to get one of those keyboards and make it look like a BBC Micro (red function keys)12:29
apacheukdwatkins, I love it... thinking about trying to persuade work into getting me one12:40
dwatkinsapacheuk: I'm still not sure where to get red function key caps, but I discovere a whole 'nother world of people installing custom coloured caps with specific fonts and all sorts of other keyboard bling :)12:41
apacheukdwatkins, FILCO do sell different colour keys12:55
dwatkinsaha, handy12:58
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ali12349 days after christmas is a spectacularly bad time to release a piece of hardware13:55
mfraz741st April is a bad time to release hardware too13:55
popeywho's releasing new heardware 9 days after christmas?13:56
penguin42so the comment that it is a spectacularly bad time to do it was just a random observation?13:57
dwatkinsDell are probably about to release a new line of 27" monitors - they were selling the previous line off cheap until christmas eve14:11
penguin42they often do cycles of discounting their monitors though14:12
dwatkinsyeah, I wasn't complaining at 40% off14:13
penguin42oh nice; was that the 1920x1080/1200 or the higher res ones?14:13
dwatkinshigher res, iirc14:13
penguin42oh nice, that might be just about a record for that res14:15
dwatkinsin terms of the price? perhaps14:16
dwatkins"1kg cartons of Ambrosia custard 50p as ASDA" - that site has some fantastic deals ;)14:16
* penguin42 keeps a little note of cheapest prices for size of monitors (I wish I'd kept the historic data), cheapest I'd had for a 27 2560x1440 was 414 a year or two ago14:16
dwatkinsaha neat14:17
* penguin42 isn't sure he could actually justify to himself buying another LCD, my 24" 1920x1080 is enough, although more pixels is always nice14:17
dwatkinsIt was a tough choice for me.14:17
penguin42dwatkins: Well yes, the choice between custard and cream....14:18
dwatkinsI'll use my current monitor as a secondary display14:18
penguin42what's your current display?14:19
dwatkinsDell 2001FP14:19
dwatkins20" iirc, 1920x108014:19
penguin42os is that a 1600x1200 one?14:20
penguin42I've got a couple of old 2000FP's at work14:21
dwatkinsoh sorry, yeah - 1600x120014:21
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solarcloud_3scrnWow .. Just got the usu. spam tab for http://www.planetside2.com/ .. Although .. Gameinformer seems german ... http://media1.gameinformer.com/imagefeed/screenshots/PlanetSide2/Planetside--10.jpg17:39
mgdmwhere on earth are my core files going?17:56
mgdmI've killed whoopsie, and now I don't seem to find them anywhere17:56
mgdmwhich makes debugging segfaults in code annoying17:56
directhexmgdm, nowhere by default, no?17:57
mgdmwell, on every system I've ever used, I've done 'ulimit -c unlimited', and core files then appeared in the current dir17:58
directhexyou need to set a core pattern too17:58
mgdmOoooh, so that's been changed in this release to pipe to apport17:59
mgdmfixed now, ta18:00
Azelphurwhat's the countdown on ubuntu.com about? o.o19:05
Azelphurcountdown to smiley face, just what I always wanted19:06
czajkowskipopey: you use thunderbird right?19:08
czajkowskipopey: have you had to back up all your mail yet on there and been able to restore it?19:09
popeyyes, by backing up my entire home directory19:09
czajkowskinot done that before19:10
czajkowskiand need to do that before tomorrow to my external Hd19:10
popeymy laptop gets backed up daily19:10
popeyso I don't need to worry about it19:10
czajkowskiwhat do you use?19:10
popeyrsnapshot on a remote machine19:10
czajkowskihmm not heard of that19:11
czajkowskishall cook dinner and be nice to Jon to see if he'll help19:11
czajkowskialso need to make sure my ssh keys are backed up19:12
popeyI'd just boot off a live cd/usb and copy all of /home to the external device19:13
AlanBellrsnapshot and rdiffbackup allow you to do daily incremental backups19:13
AlanBellif you want a one hit grab everything for a warranty return then I wouldn't bother trying anything complicated19:13
czajkowskithey could have sheldon for up to 10 days19:15
czajkowskineed to get life back into old tosh for work and email or maybe see if I can use Jons other Macbook19:15
AlanBellnever borrow a macbook when your laptop is broken. The smugness will be overpowering :)19:55
daubersHas anyone in here competed in Ludum Dare?20:31
popeygord has i think20:32
daubersI'm considering attempting the next one20:32
popeyI want to do http://www.onegameamonth.com/20:32
daubersThat is also quite cool20:33
daubersNot sure I could put the commitment in at that level continuously though20:33
* daubers subs to the reddit20:35
WhoopAzelphur: The wording and rumours would suggest they're releasing a touch device of some description21:07
Whoopalso the recent unity alterations21:07
Azelphuryea, I got that far :)21:07
jacobwwhat unity alterations?21:12
WhoopNothing specific, just Unity in general over the last few releasese21:37
Whoopeverything focused around touch21:37
popeyit has?21:42
ali1234popey: why do you keep asking leading questions?21:52
ali1234we all know you're not going to tell us :/21:53
ali1234i don't think it will be hardware personally21:53
ali1234it might be a new version of unity that is designed for touchscreens21:55
ali1234it might also be a cloud desktop for ubuntu one subscribers21:56
popeyI'm not.21:56
popeyWhoop suggested that we've added more focus around touch21:56
popeyi wanted to know how we have done that21:56
ali1234it says "touch" on the front page on ubunt.com in big letters21:57
ali1234the unity alterations are conspicuously absent21:58
Whooppopey: larger icons, docks, touch apis etc21:59
ali1234remember when nobody could figure out how to rearrange icons on unity?21:59
ali1234cos you have to drag them to the side, "off" the launcher21:59
ali1234i realised today this is a touch gesture21:59
popeyyeah, that was the original design..21:59
ali1234doing that under windows 7 does the same thing as right clicking22:00
Whooppopey: sure, they keep iterrating on it22:00
ali1234obviously you cannot right click with a touch screen22:00
popeyheh, I never knew it did that on windows 722:00
popeywell, right click is long press isnt it?22:00
ali1234but swiping up on the icons, "swipes" open the menu22:00
ali1234it's better than long clicking22:00
ali1234you actually see the menu swipe up with your finger, at the same speed22:01
ali1234it's quite good22:01
ali1234well, with te mouse in this case22:01
popeyyeah, it's very nice22:01
* popey is on w7 atm22:01
popeyjust tried it having never seen it before22:01
ali1234yeah i only saw it today, setting up a new wndows 7 machine22:01
popeyWhoop: it's certainly improving, but I've not seen any additional touch stuff added in the last few releases22:03
ali1234how's that nexus 7 project coming along?22:03
ali1234last i checked it wasn't anywhere close to being usable?22:04
ali1234actually if you read between the lines of the faq for that it makes some kind of sense22:06
ali1234"The focus of this project is on the core of the OS, so there are no plans to support shells at this time."22:07
ali1234"As of now, we can not change the UI to make it more touch friendly."22:07
ali1234if i read between those lines, which you all know i love to do, i read "because there's a team working on it in secret, which would make any work we do pointless."22:07
DJonesali1234: Maybe its tomorrows announcement22:16
daftykinsEfnet got owned a tad :>22:17
ali1234DJones: um, yeah, that's what i meant :)22:20
czajkowskipopey: AlanBell all done we were able to copy over my /home to old tosh :)23:00
czajkowskiforgot how heavy old tosh is23:01
daftykinsyou had a computer death?23:01
czajkowskibut think in a few weeks I'll actually set up a desktop for home work and then use lappy for travel23:01
czajkowskidaftykins: nope but backlights kinda flickering on and off so it's going to get some TLC as it's just about under warranty23:02
daftykinsah strange one23:02
czajkowskiaye and not what I needed the week I go back to work :)23:03
czajkowskiso mid panic23:03
czajkowskibut it's all sorted23:03
daftykinsgood stuff23:03
czajkowskihmm my keyring didn't unlock23:03
czajkowskiwhat pesky keyring is it talking about23:03
AlanBellgnome keyring23:05
AlanBellwith wifi passwords and stuff in it23:05
czajkowskiif so no idea why it's asking for it23:06
czajkowskias that wasn't  a set up on Sheldon23:06
daftykinswifi hardware change prompted a surprise perhaps23:06
popeydid you setup a new user with the same password as on the old computer?23:06
popeyit should unlock when you login23:08
czajkowskithat's what I would have thought23:08
czajkowskistill tis working for the next few days till sheldon comes back to me23:09
czajkowskiNn folks23:09
popeyyou can just open seahorse to fix it23:09
czajkowskipopey: will look into that tomorrow23:09
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