grantbowLess than seven hours left. #freenode-newyears http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/multicountdown.html01:16
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grantbowAm I alone in still feeling concerned about the potentially misunderstood Amazon search feature in 12.10+20:30
grantbowI noticed this trick from the EFF article no longer works in 13.04 alpha20:30
grantbowsudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping20:30
geofftHrm, LP #1054746 implies you can do System Settings | Privacy and uncheck "Include online search results"20:34
grantbowprobably can, but the package trick didn't work when I tried it last.20:36
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geofftyeah, the idea was that they specifically want a better UI for this than uninstalling20:36
geofftIn part because that's obscure and not discoverable20:36
MarkDudeAdvice on a Linux happy laptop?20:36
* MarkDude is getting one for his Bday20:36
geofftAnd, it looks like, in part because it might not just be this one lens20:37
MarkDudePondering Lenovo20:37
* MarkDude gets nervous nowadays hearing word *lens*20:38
grantbowthat UI doesn't address all the concerns outlined here. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2012/10/privacy-ubuntu-1210-amazon-ads-and-data-leaks20:39
darthrobotTitle: [Privacy in Ubuntu 12.10: Amazon Ads and Data Leaks | Electronic Frontier Foundation]20:39
MarkDudeuh bad timing I guess20:44
* MarkDude will ask later20:44
geofftMarkDude: isn't approximately every laptop Linux happy these days? :)20:49
geofftLenovos are great. what in particular are you looking at / what do you want?20:49
MarkDudeEnough power to use GIMP20:50
MarkDudeHDMI out20:50
MarkDudeand a reasonable price (gf is getting it for gift for me)20:50
MarkDudeApple would be nice- but that money goes to the Evil Empire20:51
* MarkDude is prepared to put in a decent wifi card if needed20:53
MarkDudeHmmmm, maybe I should ask the *knower of all things * akk :)20:54
geofftyeah, make sure you get the Intel wifi20:54
MarkDudeNo doubt20:55
MarkDudethx geofft20:58
* MarkDude is off to lunch20:58
philipballewGareth, whens a good time to have a meeting with you to talk about this SCaLE Youth thing?21:20

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