Kiloshi magespawn_ and others06:20
Kilosah the core06:20
Kiloshappy new year drussell 06:38
magespawnGood morning and Happy New Year.06:57
Kilosty magespawn and all the best to you and family too07:40
Kiloshad a major crash after we did the ssh thing07:55
Kilosgonna reboot and see if nvidia will crash me again07:57
Kilosyay no crash08:06
Kiloshi theblazehen 09:06
Kiloshappy new year09:06
Kilosand to you and family superfly 09:06
superflythanks Kilos09:10
superflyKilos: het jy lekker geslaap?09:10
Kilosnee man ek moes die machine reg maak09:11
Kilosals goed nou weer dankie09:11
Kiloswhy you using the taal today superfly ?09:11
superflyI don't get a chance to use it very often09:12
Kilosoh so just keeping in touch kinda09:12
superflyI guess09:12
Kiloshi Squirm 10:02
Kilosafternoon actually10:02
Kilosim getting old. didnt fp today10:03
SquirmI could have10:03
Squirmthough it didn't cross my mind10:04
Squirm4 hours sleep :)10:05
Squirmfailed compared to last year though10:05
Kilosi also had min about 5.5 or so10:05
Kiloshad a bad crash that needed sorting10:05
Kilosweirdest thing. nvidia tainted the kernel10:07
superflyKilos: nvidia "taints" the kernel because it is not open source, there is nothing wrong with a "tainted" kernel10:11
Kilosoh. well then something else got in too superfly 10:11
Kilospc hung then couldnt boot past half the boot script10:12
Kilosthen fsck from kde made things worse10:12
Kilosthen boot-repair made pc say no OS found10:13
Kilosand all the nvidia stuff couldnt install after fresh install without formatting /home10:14
Kilosbut too much on this home to lose. all the iptables stuff and ssh commands ewtc10:15
Kilostec too10:15
Kilosafter many installs pc actually booted to cli and i then apt-get purged nvidia10:18
Kilosalso changed graphics card for ians then next install went without a hitch10:18
Kilos6am this morning10:19
inetprosuperfly: ping10:42
Kilosals wat goed is inetpro vir jou en familie10:42
inetproKilos: dankie, selle vir jou10:43
* inetpro wonders whether Zambezia is worth a watch at the moviehouse10:44
inetprocinemas cost way to much these days10:44
* inetpro wishing everyone a Blessed and a Happy New Year!10:45
superflyinetpro: pong11:21
superflyinetpro: i thought so, but then I know the people who made it11:22
superflyinetpro: it is a good story, the music is great, the animation not bad (though it is not a Pixar), and the dialogue is entertaining and quite African despite the US voice actors11:28
Squirmoh yeah11:28
Squirmhappy new year11:28
superflySquirm: you gonna try sobering up a bit this year?11:29
Squirmsuperfly: I'm sober 99% of the time :/11:29
superflywouldn't think so based on the number of times you mention having a hangover on IRC 11:38
* Squirm keeps quiet from now on11:39
superflyheh Squirm just don't mention it so often :-P 11:40
Squirmand it isn't often11:40
inetprosuperfly: thanks 11:53
inetprosad part is that it's 3d 11:54
superflyinetpro: we watched it in "2d"11:55
superflyI can't handle 3d11:55
inetprowith only one eye I also can't watch this stupid 3d stuff 11:58
superflyinetpro: one eye?12:00
* inetpro been a one eyed bandid for ever12:03
inetprodon't know what it's like to see with two eyes12:03
inetprooh and there are thousands of others in the same boat12:05
superflyinetpro: wow, I didn't know that12:05
inetprothat's why I think the whole idea of a 3d movie/tv is just plain stupid12:06
inetprosuperfly: yes bandit, sorry :-)12:08
inetprosuperfly: I only realised that I was blind at 5 years12:09
inetprosuperfly: that was when my dad tried to teach me to aim with only one eye with a pellet gun12:11
inetproI think it was a bigger shock for him than for me at that stage12:12
Kiloswb magespawn 12:13
Kilosjoin the one eyed bandits12:13
inetproKilos: how did you get blinded in one eye?12:18
inetprowas it since that accident?12:18
Kilospiece of a chisel went in12:19
Kilosya eina accident12:19
inetproKilos: when?12:19
inetprohow was that experience?12:21
Kilosvery painful12:21
Kilosfor weeks12:21
Kilosand after every op even worse12:21
Kiloslearned the value of morphine there12:22
superflyyou people are being too gross for me12:23
inetprosuperfly: haha12:24
Kilosevery op they take the eye right out to work on it12:24
* inetpro wbbl12:24
Kilosthen fill it with salt water after again12:25
Kilos This may be because the DVD is encrypted and a DVD decryption library is not installed.12:44
Kiloswhat needs to be installed to watch a dvd?12:44
Kiloscant play a harry potter dvd12:45
=== smile2013 is now known as smile4ever
Kiloshi smile4ever 15:51
Kiloshey superfly nou het ek lekker geslaap15:51
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Kilosyo Cantide 16:18
Trixar_zaHey Kilos and Happy New Year!16:19
Kilosty you too laddy16:19
Kiloshow does one what dvds on ubuntu16:19
Kilosvlc let me down16:20
Kiloslooking for libdvdcss216:24
Trixar_zaYeah, it's another one of the non-free packages not included by default16:25
Trixar_zaIt allows the reading of menus if memory serves16:25
Trixar_zaI always just cheat and run the files directly in Mplayer16:26
Kilosi did a clean install early am and still finding lots a have installed16:26
Kiloslike ubuntu-restricted-extras16:26
Kiloshi Trixar_za hapy to you too16:27
Trixar_zaHappens to everybody I think16:27
smile4everhi Kilos :)16:31
Kilosyay now vlc works16:31
Cantidehey Kilos :)16:31
smile4everKilos: cool? dvd playing? :)16:33
Kilosyip perfectly and one can change broghtness etc in vlc tools16:33
Kilosvlc rocks16:33
Kilosok now its that wide screen thingie. what would one change there?16:39
kbmonkeyhappy new year all!17:28
Kiloshappy new year to you kbmonkey 17:28
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za17:28
kbmonkeythanks Kilos :)17:29
kbmonkeyI am very suprised to find that 11.04 has reached end of life! I thought .04 releases were LTS (3 years). what gives?17:30
Kilosevery second one17:31
kbmonkeydid you have a nice xmas, Kilos ?17:32
Kilosnice and quiet ty kbmonkey  and you lad?17:37
Kilosnoisy new year till 00.45 this morning when whole area seems to have run out of fireworks17:37
kbmonkeywent to the dam in the midlands. had a nice downpour XD17:38
kbmonkeynext door to the firestation, they hooted their trucks and sirens. ha ha ha.17:38
Kilosive actually never been one that celebrates the new year because its just another day17:39
kbmonkeyI installed xubuntu-desktop from ubuntu 11.04, and now i see its not supported :/17:40
Kilosaw that sucks17:40
kbmonkeyso now i guess i'll have to install the new one17:41
Kilosno man17:41
Kilos10.10 just lost support 6 months ago17:41
Kilosoh ya thats 6 months to 11.0417:41
Kilosim still running maverick on old pc17:42
kbmonkeyi have 12.10 here :)17:42
Kilosinstalled after support stopped17:42
kbmonkeyI wonder if I can use aptonCD and use the packages in the new release17:42
Kilosdidnt work on 12.0417:43
Kilosi used to make aptoncds all the time17:43
kbmonkeythanks :)17:43
Kiloson 12.04 you have to open it and install packages independantly with gdebi17:44
Kilos10.10 opened the cd with synaptic and installed everything for you17:44
kbmonkeyi can give it a try, but murphey says the 11.04 packages might conflict with the 12.10 repos17:48
kbmonkeydid father xmas bring you any nice toys, Kilos ? :]17:48
Kilosya they will17:48
Kiloswe had a lekker meal or 317:49
Kilostummy still swollen17:49
Kiloshey kbmonkey you still gotta 17:50
Kiloswrite some debugging script for the greeter hey17:50
kbmonkeyI don't have ibid or an ubuntu system at the moment to do that. not sure what a debugging script is, I assume it means including trace/debug output within the bot script.17:52
Kiloshehe i suppose so17:53
kbmonkeyany particular places within the bot we need debugging?17:53
Kilosit only greeted once then gave up17:53
kbmonkeysounds like it's idle timeout gets reset when we don't need it to17:54
kbmonkeyperhaps some of the join/part events are not being filtered properly17:55
Kiloseven if no one says anything all day on the channel it doesnt greet even new peeps17:55
Kilosand i had to get her a new nick. someone stole QP and grouped it to their nick17:57
Kilosya the swine18:00
Kilosnew ones nick is QA and its registered with freenode with their bot registry18:01
Kilosive learned18:01
Trixar_zaThey have a bot registry?18:01
Kiloshows everything your side kbmonkey ?18:02
Kiloslol the register it in a different way than ordinary nicks Trixar_za 18:02
kbmonkeyfine fine. its rainy and cool today. nice after the boiling last few days18:02
Kilosyeah been hot18:02
kbmonkeywell, i guess im going to reboot and install 12.10 from scratch18:04
Kilosat least install is fast18:05
Kilostakes 20 mins here for 12.0418:05
Kiloskde takes 2518:05
kbmonkeyI just hope the update/reinstall of applications wont take too much data18:06
smile4everKilos: :DD18:06
Kilosover 300m i think18:06
smile4everKilos: have you written a new blog entry recently? :p18:06
kbmonkeyi already used 100MB installing an unsupported xubuntu-desktop18:07
Kilosupdates got good. down to under 20m18:07
Kilosnope smile4ever 18:07
Kiloseina kbmonkey 18:07
smile4everKilos: :(18:07
smile4everI want new blog entry :DD18:07
kbmonkeyhi smile4ever :]18:07
Kilosdont run updates while installing18:07
kbmonkeywould it be a bad thing to rather keep the machine on 11.04? it wont receive any new security updates tho :/18:08
Kilosthen once installed you can decide if you got data to upgrade18:08
Kilosi didnt like 11.0418:08
smile4everhi kbmonkey. are you a knowledge base? :p18:09
Kilosthat was the start of unity18:09
smile4everKilos: Unity began earlier :p18:09
Kilosdidntr like xubuntu 11.04 either18:09
smile4everubuntu netbook remix, remember :)18:09
Kilosno man smile4ever 18:09
Kilos10.10 was gnome218:09
kbmonkeythis is xubuntu, with xfce :}18:10
Kilosbut new unity works ok kbmonkey 18:10
kbmonkeyok well lets reinstall. be back after :]18:11
Kilossend some here Squirm it be rather hot here tonight18:11
Kilosgood luck kbmonkey 18:11
kbmonkeygood Squirm :)18:11
* kbmonkey sends Kilos some durban rain18:11
Squirmit's nice. cools things down a little18:12
* Kilos bows in gratitude18:12
Squirmit must be sunny in the morning though18:12
superflydown here it just rains whenever18:14
Kilosthats a bad place weatherwise superfly 18:22
Kiloscape of storms18:22
superflymore like cape of winds today18:23
Kilosask old bartholomew diaz18:23
Kilosthey showed on tv news the wind even dampened new year celebrations there last night18:24
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Kiloslol @ smileee 18:35
Kilosnew year messed up your nick choice18:35
smileeeKilos: are you happieh? :p18:45
Kilosyeah i fixed my pc18:46
Kilosand you?18:46
Kilosyou got lots to look forward to18:47
Kilosin 20 years you'll be grown up18:47
* Kilos ducks18:47
smileeeKilos: lolll18:49
* smileee throws a raspberry pi to Kilos18:49
smileeeI would have set up my raspberry pi, if I had the cables xD18:49
smileeeShopping for those tomorrow18:50
Kilosi dont need one i got more than enough to think about18:53
Kilosiptables and ssh to set up from scratch again18:53
Kilosthen to work out what to do with a server18:53
Kilosthen to try make finger/hand/palm print scanners and cctv work to a ubuntu server18:55
Kilosmight manage before i kick the bucket18:55
smileeehelp, Kilos ;)18:56
smileeeit's a lot18:56
smileeehttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTI2NjE <- Tux3 file system is coming :)18:56
inetprosmileee: interesting19:00
inetprowhile I don't particularly like the naming of the fs so much19:01
smileeeindeed it is. I'm curious about the performance of the (new) file system19:01
smileeewell, at least it's better than btrfs, inetpro 19:01
Kiloswhats in a name19:01
smileeesee ya tomorrow :p19:29
smileeeKilos: butter file system, lol :p19:29
Kilostoods smile19:29
Kilossleep tight19:29
inetprosmileee: goeie nag ou grootte19:30
smileeedankieee :D19:31
smileeeKilos: thanks :)19:31
Kiloslol hes in the eee phase now19:40
Kiloshappy new year zeref 20:12
Kilosnight all sleep tight20:32
not_foundso all the peeps in ZA land went to bed early tonight after the late night last night :p20:40
inetprosuperfly: wb21:30

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