KxTworoom seems kind of dead00:01
daftykinsit's almost like it's NEW YEARS00:01
William9455LOL yes it is Happy New Year00:01
William9455Sadly though still having issus with linux and software updater00:02
William9455Maybe my computer should start drinking then it can be a great new year00:02
KxTwoNot everyone celebrates or cares about NEW YEARS lol00:02
William9455See it is a new year, but nothing new ever happens same old stuff every year00:03
KxTwo New years is just a western thing.  People use it as another excuse to get drunk and be stupid aka basically act like they do every other day00:03
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William9455LOL well I am from WI and they do not need excuses to drink00:03
William9455and in easter calanders it is not a new year, yet.00:04
William9455But they do celebrate their new year, like china has thirs and they get drunk there too00:04
daftykinsKxTwo: true, but in my eyes it stops randomers asking for things for just a day or two a year in channels like this ;)00:05
KxTwodaftykins, if you dont want to be asked of anything simply log out?00:06
daftykinslol don't be a nob00:06
KxTwoI love some peoples logic lol00:06
KxTwoa nob?  LMFAO00:06
William9455Well maybe it does, this is a free support, if you want 24 365 supportthen that usually costs ya, shouldnt complain just say oh well life goes on, read up your problem on google usually helps me whn I can not get an answer here00:06
daftykinsno my logic is thinking of others :)00:06
daftykinsWilliam9455: true that :)00:06
GneaWilliam9455: this is a channel, not a room.00:07
William9455This is a "free" os but that does not mean support is always there, sometimes have to bit the bit and read up on your topic yourself, I know google has a translate so you can see the help files in native laguange00:08
KxTwogranted this is support but its also a discussion channel, I've come here plenty of times not really needing support but just trying to educate myself by asking questions.  Like currently trying to understand the different DE's and WM etc.  If some one doesn't want to discuss or answer questions they can simply not respond or log out.  Not really a complex idea.00:08
Gneaokay, do any of you have anything on topic to ask or discuss?00:08
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ubottuGinoss: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».00:09
William9455And yes right now we are discussing the freedoms of people to celebrate their new year and no support 24 7 36500:09
NewWorldKxTwo:  it's ubuntu-specific support chan, though00:09
GneaWilliam9455: then do so in #ubuntu-offtopic please00:09
bazhangKxTwo, its NOT the chat channel00:09
KxTwoNewWorld, ive not asked anything not related to ubuntu.00:09
NewWorldoh ok00:09
bazhangKxTwo, this is support only. #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat00:10
KxTwoNewWorld, my comment was in response to some one saying they liked new years because it meant people wouldnt ask questions.  I thought that was silly.00:10
NewWorldmaybe the mods are out celebrating, so we CAN chit chat hehe00:11
William9455Not quite it was more about this is quiet and you said well just because it is new years it should not be quiet, then i went off on my tangent sorry of topic again00:11
daftykinsaka this guy can't take a joke ^_^00:11
NewWorldsorry :(00:11
bazhangthat is enough NewWorld00:11
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com00:11
KxTwoAnyway my last question relating to ubuntu was involving unity.  I am a little confused I thought unity was a windows manager for gnome but obviously wrong.  When I do ech desktop environment it just says ubuntu.00:11
daftykinsbazhang: that was pretty sad00:12
bazhangKxTwo, its a shell, just as gnome-shell is00:12
GneaKxTwo: Unity is a shell00:12
bazhangdaftykins, lets move on please00:12
Kilumanyone here used a pinnacle dazzle on ubuntu00:12
KxTwoso unity is a shell for gnome 3.0?00:12
Gnea!unity | KxTwo00:13
ubottuKxTwo: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity00:13
ApteryxHello! Does someone tested connecting a USB mass storage Android phone to a LiveCD or LiveUSB?00:13
i3earI have a big question00:14
i3earanyone got the time?00:14
PDunApteryx - Mine gets recognized for booting from LiveUSB and recognized when loaded00:14
ApteryxOr could make a quick test? I can't make it work. No USB connection is detected. I wonder if it's hardware related or just a general limitation?00:14
Gnea!ask | i3ear00:15
ubottui3ear: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:15
NewWorldApteryx:  is it not listed in `lsusb`?00:15
ApteryxPDun: oh. So it works? You can activate USB storage and copy files from phone to LiveUSB? Which version of Ubuntu are you using?00:15
KxTwowhat eversion of gnome am I running.  The gnome-about command does not seem to exist00:15
i3earI am a musician and I have just one program that I need in windows, but it is really important. Can I run virtual midi connections from linux through vm ware to windows and then back again for audio?00:15
Wulfeare you sure the android "live usb drive" it is in host mode and not OTG mode.00:16
PDunI am on 10.04 but also worked with 11.1000:16
ApteryxNewWorld: PDun ok, thanks.00:16
niparI "started ubuntuing" just recently, and for that purpose I decided to hang out here00:16
niparand now all I can think is, why is linux/ubuntu good? :l00:17
ApteryxNewWorld: nothing seems to happen when I plug the phone by USB to LiveUSB. No USB connection menu appears in the Android notification area and lsusb does not list the phone :(00:17
niparare limitations in software and all kinds of weird things going on00:17
josefwui3ear you prolly can pull that off with wine00:18
NewWorldApteryx:  do `dmesg`. Unplug/replug it. do `dmesg` again, and see what it told you00:18
KxTwough so confusing00:18
WulfeApteryx:  are you sure it is in host mode and not OTG mode.00:18
i3earjosefwu: I am not sure how stable this program is on wine, it is a very uncommon program to run on linux00:18
i3earjosefwu: that and I could never figure out how wine works :x00:18
ApteryxWulfe: hmm, how can I check this? By default I think it would be in host mode?00:18
NewWorldKxTwo:  can you not find out the gnome version in your package manager?00:19
josefwui3ear what program is it?00:19
KxTwoNewWorld, im not sure how, I simly did a google search and everything talks about the shell but not the version of gnome itself.  I thought I read somewhere that gnome 3.2 would be mroe up my alley but I dont knwo if it means the shell or the DE00:20
ApteryxNewWorld: Just tried the dmesg, unplug-replug, dmesg and nothing new is printed there :|00:20
Wulfewell iirc you want it in OTG mode which is usually default. but Host mode makes other things the "drive/peripheral"00:20
i3earjosefwu: I could but I could never get it to work. but meh I have yet to install linux as lubuntu was giving me problems. I came here to ask for help about it but now I am thinking about just getting rid of windows xp00:20
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:21
i3earjosefwu: sorry I didn't see your message, it is abox2 https://sites.google.com/site/analogbox2/00:21
WulfeOTG mode or "on the go" mode is what makes it allowable to have it as a drive. that kind of information will be found th the devices manufacture information.00:21
NewWorldKxTwo:  well open up synaptic and search for gnome and check it's version00:21
ApteryxWulfe: I'm pretty sure it's in the correct mode by default, because on a real, as in installed opposed to Live version of Ubuntu, it would get detected and mounted easily without doing anything special (other than activating USB memory access from the notification area in Android)00:21
KxTwoNewWorld, I dont have synaptic00:22
Wulfeokay then it is most definitely in OTG mode.00:22
WulfeApteryx: is the BIOS detecting it as a USB HDD?00:23
Apteryxhum, I can check00:23
Wulfeyou may have to set it up in the BIOS first on some machines00:23
Wulfebefore USB drives can be booted from00:23
NewWorldKxTwo:  then with dpkg , check `man dpkg` on how to search for a pkg00:23
ApteryxWulfe: I'm not sure you got my scenario right, I'm booting Ubuntu from a USB key (distinct from phone) and trying to access my Nexus S internal memory from there00:24
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WulfeOH! yes i did have you wrong.00:24
ApteryxNo problem :D00:25
WulfeI thoughtyou had a ubuntu usblive partioned off on the device and wanted to use it to boot ubuntu00:25
Wulfemy bad00:25
nmatrix9Hey guys00:25
KxTwoNewWorld, I think its pointless00:25
KxTwoi guess ill just try gnome shell00:25
ApteryxNo, it's should be a really simple scenario, it puzzles me as to why it's not working already ;)00:25
nmatrix9Anyone know of any software to turn my linux box into a hub/router so my NAS and other devices can share my linux box internet connection which is wireless?00:26
Guest86144hi ubuntu users00:27
PDunnmatrix - Wired?00:27
PDunHi Guest8614400:27
nmatrix9linux box is connected wirelessly00:27
nmatrix9all other devices are wired connected to a switch which is then connected to the linux box00:27
nmatrix9PDun, ^00:28
PDunAre you using crossover cable to connect from the nic to the switch?00:28
Guest86144i have a problem with nautilus, i want to hide files names in thumbnail view of pictures. how?00:28
nmatrix9PDun, no00:28
PDunThan that is likely your issue:-)00:29
WulfeApteryx:  it should be listed in 'lsusb' and i would assume 'dmesg' would have reported something about it when it was plugged in. otherwise idk. have you tried asking about it in the Galaxy S threads on XDA?00:29
nmatrix9PDun, Oh00:29
WulfeThis may very well be a thing on the devices side and not ubuntu00:30
GneaKxTwo: you could also try E17, they finally made a release00:30
KxTwoGnea, im nto familiar with that?00:31
ubottuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.00:31
GneaKxTwo: www.enlightenment.org is the site, there's a ppa with all of the latest builds00:31
KaiSforzae17 is no longer the 'development' version00:32
meci just installed ubuntu 12. on my acer laptop. I noticed that if i unplug my power cord and plug it back into the laptop. the lights on the laptop keep blinking. and its not charging the laptop. how do i fix this00:32
PDunnmatrix9, Another good option would be just using a wireless repeater that gives you a wired output if you need wired connections00:32
ubottuGNOME 3 is the desktop environment on which Unity is based.  To use GNOME Shell instead of Unity, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". GNOME 3 is not supported under Natty/11.04, and may break your system if installed from alternate sources.00:33
ivotklHello guys. Can anyone help me? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1243166900:34
nmatrix9PDun, Think I am going with the crossover cable option.00:34
ApteryxWulfe: It seems that the phone is my problem for now :S I tried in another friend's Win7 PC, and its not recognized at all also... Tried two different cables... I think I need to head to the Android channel now :S hehe00:42
meci just installed ubuntu 12. on my acer laptop. I noticed that if i unplug my power cord and plug it back into the laptop. the lights on the laptop keep blinking. and its not charging the laptop. how do i fix this00:43
jhutchins_wkmec: Start with updating your bios.00:46
ognyen cok bu tuhaf emotion'larini ozledim00:48
mecwhats the bios got to do with blinking power lights? not argueing. just asking00:49
ravigehlotHey guys, how do change X11 to run BlackBox instead of Ubuntu's Desktop standard00:49
jhutchins_wknmatrix9: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO/ <- everything you need.00:50
hectronHey all, I need assistance setting up Drupal on Apache locally in Ubuntu 12.10.00:51
jhutchins_wkmec: The bios handles things like suspend and power management.00:51
jhutchins_wkmec: The software just interfaces with bios functions.00:51
hectronI have installed apache and I have configured my virtualhosts. However, I can't access the website from foobar.dev00:51
Nirvashhectron, sounds intense. Have you tried Google?00:51
meci guess i'll have to look. if they even have any for this laptop its a few years old00:52
cjaewhen you leave a persistence space on a live usb, where do you save you files or can it be anywhere on the disk, I used unetbootin00:52
jhutchins_wkmec: You want to start with the latest bios first, the work on tweaking the apci.00:52
hectronI have enabled that in my /etc/hosts file, and also name the appropriate sites-available/foobar file.00:52
Nirvashcjae: Persistent space should stay static, so anywhere in that area should be okay. Double check it to be sure.00:52
jhutchins_wkmec: A lot of systems will have an update that posts around the time the units start hitting the retail market.00:52
cjaeNirvash: ok thanks00:52
hectronFurthermore, I have restart the service several times and have ensured that ServerName and ServerAlias are configured to accept foobar.dev as the url.00:52
Nirvashcjae: Np, let us know00:53
jhutchins_wkmec: Acer's good about maintaining them.00:53
hectronAny pointers would be great. Nirvash, I used bing.00:53
Nirvashhectron: I don't know anything about what you're talking about, but have you seen this?00:53
hectronI have seen that before.00:53
jhutchins_wkhectron: Check your nsswitch file to be sure that the hosts file is the first source for everything.00:54
Nirvashhectron: Sorry, that's all I know =/00:54
hectronWhat is distressing about my situation is that my website is accessible via localhost/foobar but not via foobar.dev as I have set up in my virtualhosts and the /etc/apache2/sites-available/foobar file.00:54
hectronjhutchins_wk: Thanks for the tip. I will look into that.00:55
jribhectron: clear your browser's cache00:57
hectronI can't believe it was that.00:57
Nirvashif (jrib=0; jrib++; jrib<1) @_@00:58
jribNirvash: noop?00:58
hectronI think your conditions are backwards.00:58
NirvashHaha, I always get a kick out of ++ and yeah they're backwards -_- How does it go again?00:58
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hectronif (jribKarma = 0; jribKarma < 1; jribKarma++) @_@00:58
NirvashInitial, Max, Incrementor?00:58
NirvashThere we go, haha been a while apparently T_T00:59
jribI wonder what happens in the original00:59
hectronI think it's a compile time error.00:59
hectronOr not, but it's an execution time error.01:00
NirvashWould it be?01:00
hectronjribb++ does not result in a boolean.01:00
NirvashHaha, either way it wouldn't work.01:00
Nirvash@_@ jribb = true;01:01
ubottuGinoss: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».01:07
NirvashAnyone needing Ubuntu help?01:08
cjaewhen I try to boot the usb drive made with unetbootin when I select how to boot ubuntu doesnt seem to do anything, should I be seeing kernel messages?01:09
NirvashNo. What OS are you trying to boot with Unetbootin?01:09
NirvashWhy 10.04?01:09
NirvashIs that the last stable release for your hardware?01:09
cjaeneed to use something that requires lpt port figured a older might be better, trying to unbrick a wrt01:10
OerHeks10.04 is still supported01:10
Nirvashcjae: What size is the USB drive?01:10
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trxiconhi everyone01:10
cjae4GB with 400 persistence01:11
NirvashOerHeks: I know it is, but usually it's better to update to a newer version if your hardware plays nice with it...01:11
Nirvashtrxicon: Hi.01:11
NirvashAh, does your BIOS support booting from USB?01:11
cjaeoh theres the ubuntu screen01:11
Nirvash0_o It took that long?01:11
cjaewow that took a bit for a usb stick that reads at 20 mb/s01:12
Nirvash... shouldn't take that long =/01:12
cjaeoh well it seems to be working01:12
NirvashAre you planning to keep it as a flash-distro or format the HDD?01:12
cjaeflash distro01:12
NirvashWhich explains the persistence... do you have internet access on the PC?01:13
cjaethe jtag program doesnt run in dos01:13
NirvashDo what?01:13
cjaewell it could but is not hooked up01:13
NirvashOh, I was going to say: just use cloud storage.01:13
cjaethats why I need the linux environment since the jtag doesnt run in dos01:14
NirvashHonestly don't know what jtag is T_T01:14
cjaeit lets you clear bad setting in chips, I am going to try to use it again to repair bad flash on linksys wrt54 router01:15
cjaebad flashed01:15
NirvashAh, so you flashed the router and bricked it and now want to use jtag to unbrick it?01:16
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cjaeholy ship is this taking forever01:16
cjaeactuallly two of them01:16
Nirvash-_- Did you not learn after the first one?01:16
cjaeone seems to have went bad on its own and one I did when drunk lol01:17
cjaebad idea01:17
trxiconquestion: i installed a desktop to root area by accident how can i fix?01:17
irvwha'ts the countdown on the site?01:17
NirvashHaha, I hear you there cjae.01:18
NirvashTrixicon: What?01:18
irvSo close, you can almost touch it.01:18
irv40:48:49 HRS MINS SECS01:18
OerHeksirv surprice, wait for 40 more hours .. something with touch01:18
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JesseHhappy new years01:18
trxiconbuilding linux from scratch when i got to installing desktop environment i installed it to root01:19
irvoh, sweet01:19
WeThePeoplewhere is firefox located at in 12.0401:19
trxiconsuperuser instead of user01:19
cjaeNirvash: :-)01:19
Nirvashtrxicon: is it working?01:20
NirvashCan you not just reinstall?01:20
OerHeksWeThePeople, try terminal:  find firefox01:20
trxiconyea so should i uninstall it from root01:20
trxiconso it wont be there double01:20
cjaeit sucks since the one that went bad on its own was the GL series which is a little better, I have no idea how it happened, my guess it one of the stupid power flickers we get quite often01:21
NirvashWeThePeople: .... why do you need to knw?01:21
Nirvashcjae: Do you have a surge protector?01:21
NirvashBattery backup? Regulator?01:21
WeThePeoplenirvash, becuz its opening up01:21
NirvashWeThePeople: And you *don't* want this?01:21
cjaeI dont have one here but have put a couple in elsewhere because of it01:21
cjaethis thing is still loading ..... yeesh01:22
trxiconreally a archlinux question but its still a basic linux question01:23
trxiconbut i couldnt get a answer from archlinux room01:23
cjaehow do I tell what mode my lpt port is on form within ubuntu01:24
NirvashNo clue =/01:25
trxiconi had played around with ubuntu for a while now moving on to archlinux01:29
OerHekstrxicon, wrong channel buddy, this is ubuntu support only, try #linux01:30
cjaeman this thing is slow, is there a way to see of  its still booting?01:30
NirvashYou could try "esc" to get messages. It's worked for me before, but I'm not sure if it is supposed to lol01:30
cjaetried to go to crt alt f1 but is only a blank screen01:30
trxiconthanks i tried thing is im a noob to irc and i think i have to register01:30
trxiconcuz i couldnt speak01:31
cjaestdin error01:31
cjaeget pwuid_r failed due to unknown user01:32
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=== jra is now known as Guest75167
dr_willissounds like you got some deep issues cjae01:34
cjaehahaha you have no idea :p01:35
OpenSorceWow... I just noticed the lack of the word "Linux" on most of Ubuntu's pages on ubuntu.com. A bit presumptuous I think....01:36
NirvashOpenSorce: Ubuntu isn't Linux. It's Ubuntu. It's *never* been Linux. @_@ Do not question the Ubuntu overlords.01:37
OerHeksoh ubuntu isn't linux ..  is it windows ?01:38
Nirvash>_< T'was a joke.01:38
OpenSorceLinux voenoe 3.2.0-34-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Thu Nov 15 10:49:02 UTC 2012 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux01:39
OpenSorceI beg to differ :-P01:39
lobhaterwhat happens when a computer resumes in 12.04, there is a dir that it executes all scripts present. anyone remember?01:39
=== Jose_Mahrein is now known as marahin
dr_willislobhater:  id check askubuntu.com i never use resume. ;) too many hassles.01:40
OerHekslobhater, they are in  /etc/pm/sleep.d if i recall corect01:40
dr_willisi dont seem to have any rules in sleep.d by default01:41
dr_willisoh there they are. ;)01:41
lobhaterOerHeks: yea that is one place, there is another place too thought.  i added a magic modprobe line somewhere and cant find it now.  i really need it lol.  i am grepping for modprobe now but there are just so many01:42
lobhateri finally got suspend to work perfect with that line but now i cant find it and need to replicate it01:43
bluezoneMy mouse sensitivity and acceleration are both set to the lowest possible in the 'mouse and touchpad' settings yet my mouse speed is still too FAST, is there any way to decrease them further?01:43
NirvashWhat kind of mouse?01:45
bluezoneNirvash, it's a dell but i have the problem with every mouse i use, and i've also had the same problem in the past :P01:45
bluezonei just like very slow mouse sensitivity01:46
NirvashAre you sure that it is accepting the settings? Have you looked for the values in terminal?01:46
bluezoneno i haven't looked at the values, i don't know how01:46
NirvashHmm... give me a second01:46
bluezoneNirvash, but it does seem to be responding when i increase the values :)01:47
x0auserHI all, why when i'm updating nvidia driver i lost my 1920*1200 resolution ? how can i update it whitout lost anything ?01:47
bluezonex0auser, you mean howto change your resolution?01:47
x0auserno, when i use the old version of the driver i can have the 1920*1200 resolution but when i update it i can only get 1920*1080 so the screen is pushed into the left01:49
NirvashBluezone ^^01:50
x0auserinstalling the new driver and pasting the old xorg.conf will do it ?01:51
dr_willisactually you tried just not using an xorg.conf at all>01:52
dr_willisYou may want to rename your users .nvidia-settings-rc  if they have one also to try to reset things01:52
ivotklAny news about this?01:54
dr_willisyou could at least summerize the thread/problem.01:54
x0auserOk thanks for helps guys01:55
Philippa_I'm just getting my ARM chromebook set up, am I totally SOL re Dropbox?01:56
KM0201why would you be totally SOL Philippa_ ?01:56
Philippa_KM0201: apparently I have no source for the nautilus-dropbox package01:56
alcaprawnwhat drivers, do i need to install for ati hd6870? the ones from ubuntu-repo messed up my system.01:57
KM0201are you just using the "free" dropbox?01:57
HackinBlackis there a way to disable grub so i can boot right into windows. Reason is i need to send laptop in for a repair and they cant see ubuntu01:57
Philippa_not sure what you mean: I'm trying to grab the one the Software Center offers01:57
KM0201HackinBlack: if the laptop is being "repaired".. they're going to "see" ubuntu.01:57
melkorBroke my system is there a way to reconfigure my graphics card and xorg and such?01:58
Philippa_Dropbox themselves don't appear to offer ARM binaries (unless you're running Android or iOS, anyway)01:58
alcaprawnwhat drivers, do i need to install for ati hd6870? the ones from ubuntu-repo messed up my system.01:58
=== sudokode is now known as TheSarge
HackinBlackI dont care if they see it i just need grub disabled. Ill take my chances dont feel like installing windows and everything just for a repair01:58
KM0201Philippa_: dunno01:58
OerHeksHackinBlack, use your windows cd to "repair" your mbr, and change it back after you get it back with a live cd01:58
Philippa_KM0201: yeah, I was wondering if there's a known/documented reason for that basically. If relevant, I'm on Precise01:58
HackinBlackOerheks how whats the command im in windows right now01:58
Philippa_(and I'm assuming others're potentially going to see this: if you dunno, you dunno)01:59
KM0201i dunno Philippa_ .. i know there was some probs w/ Dropbox and Ubuntu in previous versions.. so i just switched to UbuntuOne... problem solved01:59
OerHeksHackinBlack, with your cd? at the point 'install windows' you have an option to repair01:59
KM0201plus, if you have a free account, you get more space01:59
Philippa_heh, does UbuntuOne have 'dows and 'droid support? (which is to say, I think I'm SOL, anyway)02:00
HackinBlackAlright oerheks ill look into it02:00
KM0201Philippa_: not sure to be honest02:00
melkorMy screen, graphics card and input device could not be detected correctly. I removed some packages I shouldn't have, then reinstalled them and I now have the same error.02:00
KM0201Philippa_: yes, it has an android app02:00
melkorIt is a screen with an ok button that I cannot click because I have no input devices. I can however change ttys which is how I got here.02:01
=== TheSarge is now known as sudokode
OerHeksPhilippa_, sure, win/mac/droid > https://one.ubuntu.com/downloads/02:01
dr_willisUbuntu One has windows and Android clients02:01
Philippa_cool, I'll bear that in mind02:01
KM0201dr_jesus: yeah, i figured it did, just wasn't sure.02:01
XMLnewbiI think im getting an error with this, $USD = ($intake * $amount)/100000000;   it php, is there a better way to move a decimal place?;02:01
melkorIll be back, I want to restart in recovery mode to see if that helps.02:02
jamie_Could someone help me please?02:02
dr_willisjamie_:  with?02:02
jamie_I'm following the official xampp's website about installing the gzipped xampp02:03
jamie_But I don't know what it's asking me to do.02:03
jamie_It's telling me to use tar xvfz (filename) -C /opt but the terminal is telling me the dir doesn't exist.02:03
dr_willisjamie_:  i would say make the /opt/ directory then?02:03
jamie_It exists.02:03
dr_willisthen you are doing a typo would be guess #2.02:04
jamie_That's the site.02:04
dr_willisand most likely you need to be root to write in the /opt/ dir.02:04
jamie_I'm root, I just rooted myself with sudo su02:04
dr_willisYou really shoul dbe using the ubuntu lampp stuff i belive. Not xampp anyway if you want support in here.02:04
OerHeksuse lamp, xampp is bad02:04
dr_willisdont use 'sudo su' either.. sudo -i or sudo -s02:05
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo02:05
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.02:05
jamie_I'll read that instead.02:05
El-E-Va-Tionanyone here know much about installing wireless drivers for 12.10?02:05
goddardis it any easier to install ubuntu on a mac yet02:05
bluezonedr_willis: what's the difference between those sudo commands?02:05
dr_willisbluezone:  somthing with the system variables/enviroment.. i never can rember when you would want one or the other.02:06
dr_willistry one. see what 'set' says.. try other/ ;) compare set output02:06
bluezoneah, i just prefix everything with sudo :S02:06
El-E-Va-TionI'm trying to install the realtek rtl8723ae wireleass lan on 12.10 and it's not recognized02:06
El-E-Va-Tionoops wireless lol02:07
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Philippa_El-E-Va-Tion: nothing like a good ol'fashioned fraudian typo, huh? :-)02:07
dr_willisdid it compile and install? did you modprobe the module?02:07
El-E-Va-Tionhaha yep, it compiled and seemed to install, but the modprobe does this:  pastebin.com/dTNV0ReJ02:09
bluezonei can't stand how i can't download something using the software center while apt-get is doing some installation lol02:09
El-E-Va-Tionhere's the instructions I used:  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-nettool/+question/21572702:10
far3hello guys02:11
El-E-Va-Tionhi far3 :)02:11
El-E-Va-Tionhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/139632/wireless-card-realtek-rtl8723ae-bt-is-not-recognized is the other one I tried, which also didn't work02:14
El-E-Va-Tioncan anybody help me out for a few please?02:14
=== temp is now known as Memphis
Congjocky-gtk is broken. how do I install b43 drivers?02:17
dr_willisfigure ouyt what package it is and use apt-get Cong  (no i dont know what one it is)02:20
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:20
zebulunanyone can help me run steam?02:20
dr_williszebulun:  theres #ubuntu-steam02:20
Congdo I need b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-installer?02:20
zebulundr_willis: no reply :(02:21
dr_willisCong:  one may actually pull in the other.02:21
dr_willisfirmware-b43-installer  i imagine installs   b43-fwcutter02:21
dr_willisor depends on it.02:22
Congjockey-gtk is broken. how do I fix it?02:24
dr_williswell.. given the vague details.. ;) no idea.02:24
dr_williswhats broken about it...02:25
Congapt-get reinstall jockey-gtk?02:25
CongIt won't open.02:25
dr_willisand your ubuntu version is?02:25
dr_willisand you run it from terminal and it says?02:25
Conghere http://paste.ubuntu.com/1483708/02:26
KxTwoso I decided to try LXDE.  its pretty fast but I cant figure out how to get it to display psensors temp in the task bar?  Also it came with openbox and GNOME/openbox but not entirely sure how to use them lol02:26
El-E-Va-Tionit won't show up in the network connections02:27
El-E-Va-Tionwhen I run it from terminal it says this02:27
dr_willisopenbox is just the openbox window manager. you select at the lightdm screen02:27
dr_willisopenbox-gnome used to be gnome2 with the openbox wm instead of metacity.. but no idea if thats the case any more02:27
dr_willisseelct it at the lightdm login screne and see02:27
KxTwoim assuming its for more advanced users as I had no idea how to do anything with it02:27
=== angelpossum is now known as eaglepancake
KxTwodr_willis, what is lightdm?02:28
KxTwodr_willis, if you are talking about the primary login screen ive tried all three optiosn, im on lxde right now as it was the only one I coulf figure out how to do anything with02:28
KxTwojust trying to expand my knowledge of other DE's.02:29
KxTwonvm on lightdm looking it up!02:29
El-E-Va-Tiondr_willis it says this:  pastebin.com/-cTfhQ3302:31
El-E-Va-Tiondr_willis it says this:  pastebin.com/0cTfhQ3302:31
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=== tien is now known as eaglepancake
dr_willisEl-E-Va-Tion:  means nothing to me. I always buy wifi stuff thats supported out of the box.02:33
El-E-Va-Tionok, thanks anyway02:34
El-E-Va-Tionit was a pain just to get the ethernet card working, but at least that works now lol02:35
dr_willisits an odd wired nic that dosent just work.. unless its like real real real new.02:35
dr_willisor had broken drivers. ;)02:36
El-E-Va-Tionyep, it's on toshiba02:36
dr_willisToshiba makes a lot of things. ;)  Thats like saying its on a computer.02:37
ivotklhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12431669#post12431669 If you know any workaround to this, please post it on forums. =)02:37
El-E-Va-Tionhad to use a usb ethernet cable to revert the drivers to the old kernel lol02:37
ivotklHappy new year!02:37
El-E-Va-Tionnot when they only make toshiba laptops :)02:37
El-E-Va-Tionunless some people run ubuntu on their toshiba smart tvs lol02:37
dr_willisivotkl:  you could at least summarize the thread. People normally dont just go read threads  if they have no idea of the topic.02:37
dr_willisMost of the laptop makers just get them from whitebox type laptop makers with special changes. My Toshiba laptop worked very well. :) it was a Huge beast of a laptop.. a definate Desktop replacement.02:38
El-E-Va-Tionthat's great, what version of ubuntu do you run?02:39
El-E-Va-TionI should probably just run 12.04, it would be a lot easier for compatibility02:39
dr_willisI always use the latest release normally.02:39
dr_willisit depends on the age of your hardware.02:39
El-E-Va-Tiona lot of people have had problems after they upgraded 12.1002:39
El-E-Va-Tionthe laptop is a 2012 model02:39
dr_willisif your Hardware came out after 12.04 was released  i bet 12.10 would run better02:39
El-E-Va-Tionin this case it doesn't run at all02:39
dr_willisI always do clean installs. very few issues with 12.10 at all.02:39
El-E-Va-Tionat least not until I figure out how to all this compiling junk works and why it's not working right02:40
Congwhere are users and groups or gnome-system-tools?02:41
El-E-Va-Tionis there a way to reset all of the drivers to default kernel settings, or a system restore thing?02:41
CongI wanna add a group.02:41
El-E-Va-TionI just installed yesterday02:41
Philippa_dear Adobe: "Linux, 32-bit" may be underspecified02:41
ivotklhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12431669 Windows XP blinking cursor after choosing it from GRUB, I already tried Boot Repair and some ideas given by chat with elfy02:42
bluezonePhilippa_, adobe doesn't care :D02:42
ivotklbut none has worked.02:42
donnie I have dosfstools. Should I install the debug as well? I have an SD card that's not being read by a device and it's Fat32 as well02:42
OerHeksCong, users & groups is not installed by default, sudo apt-get install  gnome-system-tools02:42
Philippa_bluezone: no news there02:43
Philippa_...okay, I gotta try DOSbox on this thing02:43
CongWhy can't I find it in the software centre, derheks?02:43
OerHeksCong dunno02:43
bluezonePhilippa_, i remember in the early days of premiere when it would take hours to render black video lolol02:44
=== eaglepancake is now known as zzzzzzzzzz
El-E-Va-Tionhappy new year all, peace! :) thx again dr willis!03:00
GanymedeHello, how can I determine which Ubuntu release had a mysql-server version in the 4.1 series equal to or newer than 4.1.20? Thanks. (i.e., is there an easy way to search through http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ for version numbers?)03:03
ivotklHAPPY NEW YEAR FOR ALL UTC-3!!!!! XD03:03
bobweaverso close you can almost touch it lol03:04
dr_willisGanymede:  the disrtowatch web site i recall has  listings of release/versions of specific packages on their site.03:04
OerHeksGanymede, feisty i guess > https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/feisty/i386/mysql-server-4.103:06
Ganymededr_willis: Thanks, but distrowatch.com seems to only list it down to 9.10/Karmic which had MySQL 5.1.03:07
GanymedeOerHeks: Thanks, let me check it out.03:07
naztyhow do i set a permanent change in $PATH03:08
Ganymedenazty: For one user or system-wide?03:09
naztyone user03:09
naztyi edited my .profile03:10
naztybut whenever i opened up a new Konsole or terminal it changes back03:10
arashi256@nazty append "export PATH=$PATH:/your/path/here" to $HOME/.bash_profile03:10
Ganymedenazty: I think you should avoid .bash_profile. .pam_environment is probably what you want (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#Session-wide_environment_variables)03:11
GanymedePATH DEFAULT=${PATH}:~/MyPrograms in ~/.pam_environment03:11
arashi256@Ganymede - why do you say that?03:12
=== awsomepossum is now known as angelpossum
Ganymedearashi256: Because the URL I linked to says that. I personally prefer doing environment variables in my .zshrc so I can have more logic in there, if statements and whatnot.03:14
KxTwoOk I think gnome classic is the way to go!  Anyone familiar with psensor with gnome classic?  I cant seem to get it to display the cpu temp without showing the window.  Aka I want it to show it in the menu bar03:18
=== qos|away is now known as qos
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amit_Hello !03:22
hackinblackHappy new years03:22
amit_Same To You :)03:23
KxTwoalt tab doesnt work in gnome classic03:23
MoL0ToVyes works03:24
MoL0ToVi use it03:24
RuoyuHi, how do I install GUI on Ubuntu server?03:27
Ruoyuoracle needs it03:27
ivotklKxtwo, have you tried lmsensors? I don't know full command line for it to show on the menu bar or its equivalent GUI program. Are you going through some temperature issues?03:27
ivotklKxTwo, it definitely works. I use it as well.03:28
ivotklHappy new year hackinblack!03:28
SuccessRuoyu, why did yuo get a server if you want a gui03:28
KxTwoivotkl, I have int eh past on thsi laptop so I always like real time monitoring.  psensor is a graphical front end for lmsensor and with unity once you close the actual window it has an icon in the menu bar that displays the temperature.03:28
SuccessGUI is bad for yuor server03:28
RuoyuSuccess: I don't need GUI, but Oracle needs it03:29
RuoyuSuccess: without GUI, oracle will not install03:29
SolarisBoywhy do all dbas think that03:29
SolarisBoyyou can use answer files to install oracle no gui03:29
SolarisBoydbas just say that so sysadmins have to install X on perfectly fine servers to make their life easier03:30
SuccessRuoyo, sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop; startx03:30
SolarisBoyor just xlibs...03:30
RuoyuSuccess: thank you , trying now.03:30
RuoyuGUI is not something wrong BTW. redhat/debian installs GUI by default. sometimes we might be in dire need of it03:33
hackinblackHow easy is it to see ubuntu on windows if I'm sending it in for repair my laptop03:34
Successhackinblack: when you turn it on it shows up, first thing almost03:34
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=== alex__ is now known as FaptainAwesome
ivotklAnyone has some idea about XP showing only a blinking cursor when being selected on GRUB2 bootloader?03:37
MoL0ToVivotkl, no is strange error03:38
MoL0ToVyou can boot into ubuntu03:38
MoL0ToVthen do03:38
FaptainAwesomehow do i mount my windows partition? it's been so long since i've linuxed :/03:38
MoL0ToVsudo update-grub03:38
MoL0ToVsudo grub-install /dev/sda03:38
MoL0ToVor your sdX hard disk03:38
FaptainAwesomeoh jeez03:40
FaptainAwesomei'm such an idiot03:40
FaptainAwesomeit was already mounted...03:40
MoL0ToVthere are some opensource girls??? :D03:40
FaptainAwesomesounds like a mytch03:41
JC_SoCalIf i download and use the minimal 10.04 iso ... Once installed, how to I get to to the same state as if I installed 10.04-desktop? or 10.04-server03:41
=== qos is now known as qos|away
MoL0ToV10.04 is very old you must upgrade03:42
KxTwocan anyone tell me how to fix alt tab not working in gnome classic?03:43
MoL0ToVKxTwo, also mine dont' work03:43
MoL0ToVi see that on google there are various solutions03:43
JC_SoCalMoL0ToV: yeah it is old =( lts ends middle of '13 yeah?03:46
JC_SoCalMoL0ToV: however, my issue isn't if it is old, my question is out to get it up to the -desktop or -server standard install equivilent03:47
OerHeksJC_SoCal, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:50
JC_SoCalOerHeks: of course its that easy03:50
OerHekshave fun03:50
=== niftylettuce__ is now known as niftylettuce
GanymedeOerHeks: Hey, I set up fiesty and did sudo apt-get install mysql-server-4.1 but it pulled in 5.0...looks like 4.1 was just a transitional package name.03:54
=== doja_ is now known as doja
OerHeksGanymede, maybe edgy 6.10 does have it ?03:59
OerHeksGanymede, a quick search learns me i can't find a version before 5.004:00
MonkWitDaFunkyay! i have ubuntu 12.04 Lts on CDRom04:00
MonkWitDaFunkthe very first Lts version burned by me04:01
Ransom85ok, so... ubuntu tablet coming?04:01
Linux-DudeOnly if you rm -rf /04:01
Linux-Duderight now04:01
Linux-Dudedo it04:01
FloodBot1Linux-Dude: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:01
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!04:01
Linux-DudeFuck you04:01
MonkWitDaFunkubuntu for.amd64 should.be the better performer because of its 64bit instruction set. is that correct04:02
OerHeksMonkWitDaFunk, yes, you have full functions of your system04:03
=== mckay_ is now known as brandnewsmurf
MonkWitDaFunkim beginning to gain an interest in programming which.includes.linux04:04
GanymedeOerHeks: Trying Edgy now...04:04
OerHeksRandom832, if you refer to the website with countdown, wait and see04:04
OerHekssorry Random832 , was for Ransom8504:05
Ransom85OerHeks: That is lame, and not in the culture of openness that Linux embodies04:05
Ransom85I mean, what is this, Apple?04:06
Ransom85Also: I hope that it is really cool04:06
Ransom85and not lame04:06
Ransom85like the surface04:06
=== xulf2 is now known as xulf
OerHeksRansom85, there must be a reason, like 13.04 is in more closed development > http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/120004:07
IdleOneRansom85: if you are talking about the ubuntu.com clock countdown. We have the exact same amount of info as everybody else has, none. Also this discussion is off topic for #ubuntu. Please join #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss to continue.04:08
Ransom85I'm sorry, what is on the ubuntu front page is offtopic for ubuntu?04:09
MoL0ToVIdleOne, what is the countdown for?04:09
Ransom85this is directly relevant to ubuntu04:10
IdleOneMoL0ToV: again, off topic, but there will be an announcement made on the 2nd jan04:10
OerHeksAs we don't know either, further speculation is no ubuntu support04:10
IdleOneRansom85: This channel is for Ubuntu support, not discussion04:10
MoL0ToVok i can wait :)04:10
MoL0ToVmore vagina, minus closed-source for all!!! :D04:11
MoL0ToVbye to all  and good 2013:D04:11
MoL0ToVdoh! what i say?04:12
ivotklGood 2013 Molotov!04:12
IdleOneread the guidelines the bot linked you.04:12
ivotkloffensive language, I believe.04:13
ivotklthe V word04:13
MonkWitDaFunkwould anyone like to discuss the benefits of six sata interfaces? i want to fill them.all up and decide if they should be all for the ext4 Filesystem04:13
IdleOneMonkWitDaFunk: discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic04:14
MonkWitDaFunki.need.more.disks and i.want to know which filesystems04:14
MoL0ToVwhat are offensive??04:14
MoL0ToVi read the guidelines and i'm sure not to violate...04:14
KxTwook trying lxde now04:14
taofd@MoL0ToV i think it was your language04:15
MoL0ToVbye and goodnight!04:15
MoL0ToVi sayed: <MoL0ToV> more vagina, minus closed-source for all!!! :D << this is not offensive04:15
dr_willisdosent even make sence...04:16
MonkWitDaFunkhi dr willis04:17
MonkWitDaFunkwould.you like to.chat about more.disks.and filesystems?04:17
dr_williswhats to discuss... add more disks.. fill them up.. buy more...04:17
GanymedeUgh, Edgy doesn't have MySQL 4.1 in the repos either. I'm just going back installing each Ubuntu version one by one at this point.04:18
IdleOneedgy hasn't been supported since 200804:18
kujablakHi, I'd like to set up a shared folder with two computers, both are connected to the same router but one is connected via ethernet and the other one wifi, how do I do that ?04:19
=== xulf2 is now known as xulf
dr_willishttp://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubuntu shows mysql versions in differnt releases.. up to a point04:19
wanfusecan anyone tell me what the draw back of getting a cheap SSL certificate from cheapssls.com or gotrust or other cheap local?04:19
dr_williskujablak:  same as if they were wired.. it dosent matter. What OS is on each pc matters04:20
IdleOnewanfuse: what does that have to do with Ubuntu?04:20
wanfuseverisign wants 230 bucks for theres..wondering what the difference is04:20
kujablakdr_willis, one on ubuntu other one on mint04:20
wanfuseinstalling it on a ubuntu server thats all04:20
IdleOneright, but not an ubuntu issue is it04:20
dr_williskujablak:  samba, nfs, ssh/sshfs - all can work04:21
wanfuseok, IdleOne is there an ssl group?04:21
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*04:21
IdleOnethere may be04:21
kujablakdr_willis, do I have to set up an OpenSSH server ?04:23
dr_williskujablak:  if you want to use ssh/sshfs.. yes.. sort of logical :)04:25
dr_williskujablak:  with a lan of  linux machines.. ssh is worth learning04:26
kujablakdr_willis, I'll try and find a tutorial04:26
=== qos|away is now known as qos
MonkWitDaFunkdoes samba use secure shell?04:31
GanymedeOkay, thanks all for the help, I'm just going to give up because it's taking up too much time and effort.04:31
GanymedeMonkWitDaFunk: No, Samba uses the SMB/CIFS (Server message block / Common Internet file system) protocol or the SMB2 protocol.04:32
beandogstrictly speaking, you COULD tunnel it over SSH04:32
beandogbut, that'd be insane.04:32
phiberoptikBonsoir :)04:33
MonkeyDustGanymede  CIFS is similar to NF, not to samba04:33
MonkWitDaFunkthat would be.the new standard eh.04:33
beandogGanymede: what are you trying to do?04:33
GanymedeMonkWitDaFunk: Of course, in the sense that CIFS and SMB are protocols while Samba is a software package.04:33
Ganymedebeandog: Don't worry about it, I already gave up. But I was trying to get a MySQL 4.1 server up and running without doing too much tinkering, hoping some Ubuntu version had in the repos out-of-the-box.04:34
MonkWitDaFunkwhat software.uses secure shell?04:34
Ganymede(Well...old-releases.ubuntu.com isn't out of the box, but whatever).04:34
MonkeyDustGanymede  no, SMB (samba) is a protocol too04:34
beandogGanymede: oh, yah ... you need TurnKey Linux.  Install, done.04:34
beandogAnd it's ubuntu04:34
ivotklanyone knows about blinking cursor when selecting XP on GRUB2? It won't go past that point.04:34
dr_willisMySQL4.x is like real real old isent it?04:34
beandog5.0 is old04:35
beandog5.1 is old.04:35
Ganymedebeandog: Ah, that's good to know, I never actually noticed it wasn't capitalized.04:35
beandogGanymede: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/mysql04:35
GanymedeMonkeyDust: So again, you're just repeating what I'm saying.04:35
OerHeks6.10 or 7.04 feisty, dr_willis04:35
GanymedeMonkeyDust: SMB is a protocol, Samba is not.04:35
dr_willisdistrowatch site didenen even list any with mysql that old. ;)04:35
phiberoptiklink to ubuntu-fr please04:35
OerHeksbeandog, if you suggest that, mention that it is not supported here04:35
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.04:36
phiberoptiktanks :)04:36
Ganymedebeandog: Okay, I should clarify that "out-of-the-box" wasn't the important part, but "4.1" was.04:36
beandogGanymede: 4.1? o.O04:37
chaospsychexcan someone help me determine if ubuntu is loading the VESA driver because I can't get high resolutions...04:37
dr_willisivotkl:  either the xp install is broken. or grub is using the wrong options to boot it.04:37
beandogsomeone help ivotkl04:37
beandogI'm going home04:37
Ganymedebeandog: Yeah, was trying to recover MYI/MYD files from a really old server for which I only have filesystem access.04:37
dr_willisid try fixing the xp bootloader and get it working first. then reinstall grub after you confirm xp works04:38
ivotklI have tried many things with elfy on private chat and I've also tried Repair Boot. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210014004:38
ivotklNothing worked.04:38
beandogGanymede: Hmm04:38
beandogGanymede: lemme think for a second04:38
ivotklI'll edit the post with some outputs04:38
dr_willisits possible the issue is with XP04:38
dr_willisnot with grub/ubuntu04:38
beandogGanymede: You should be able to read it with 5.004:38
Ganymedebeandog: Well...I'm not going to do any more work on this because I already exhausted my time and effort so don't worry about it. I don't want to think about this during the new years.04:38
ivotklDarn, so how do I fix it?04:38
dr_willisid try fixing the xp bootloader and get it working first. then reinstall grub after you confirm xp works04:38
beandogGanymede: also, try loading it, and then running mysql_upgrade04:38
OerHeksivotkl, is it a sata disk, and did you change ide mode to AHCI ?04:39
kujablakdr_willis, that's what I get : connect to host port 22: Connection refused04:39
dr_williskujablak:  you installed ssh server on the machine you are sshing to?04:39
chaospsychexi can't select 1280x1024 which is the highest resolution my monitor supports.....04:39
ivotklLemme check, I did a change for it to load XP cd or it wouldn't let me go on. It gave me a BSOD.04:39
ivotkljust a sec.04:39
kujablakdr_willis, yes04:39
dr_williskujablak:  go to that machine and see if you can 'ssh localhost' to verify ssh is working04:40
OerHeksivotkl, if you change it back, you cannot load ubuntu anymore, probably grub also04:40
beandogGanymede: happy new year's buddy!  Take a break. :)04:41
Ganymedebeandog: Thanks.04:42
ivotklI know Oerheks.04:42
chaospsychexubuntu 12.04 is incorrectly reading the EDID of my monitor, why ?04:42
MonkWitDaFunki need help. if i have six sata disks hooked up to one board which is always going to boot ubuntu, are there any examples where not all six sata disks were not.formatted to the ext4 filesystem? i need help.04:42
beandogwait what?04:43
chaospsychexspin the barrel on your .3804:43
beandogI just ... what?04:43
ivotklchaospychex: sometimes not reaching maximum resolution is related to  drivers. can you go to pastebin.com or some similar site you know and give us the output of sudo lshw -c video and lspci |grep OpenGL?04:43
ivotklDo you have video card drivers installed? Are they proprietary or open source?04:44
dr_willisMonkWitDaFunk:  what FS to use.. depens on what you want to do with the disks.04:44
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap04:44
dr_willisMonkWitDaFunk:  you could use any FS you wanted on whatever partion you want.04:44
chaospsychexivotkl: integrated intel video gpu04:44
jagginesschaospsychex, that comes with the kernel.. to upgrade that driver you merely upgrade the kernel :)04:45
chaospsychexivotkl: i have no proprietary drivers installed and none are available04:45
MonkWitDaFunkok. i.got confused because somebody told.me to keep all sata disks.the same.filesystem04:45
KxTwoany opinions on lxde vs xfce?04:45
beandogMonkWitDaFunk: that's bs04:45
chaospsychexjagginess: i shouldn't have to upgrade to a newer kernel to get ubuntu to correctly determine my monitor's EDID, 12.0404:45
ivotklwhat is EDID? XD04:46
dr_willisMonkWitDaFunk:  the partitions have filesystems.. not the disk.04:46
MonkWitDaFunkthats right04:46
jagginesschaospsychex, you can use the update software app and have checkmarked anything with 'updates'..04:46
kujablakdr_willis, ssh localhost tells me that the authenticity cannot be established, should I continue ?04:46
ivotklbot does not know a thing about it =P04:46
chaospsychexivotkl: if you don't know what EDID is then you can't assist me04:46
OerHeksKxTwo, lxde needs min 256 mb and xfce needs min 512 mb system memory04:46
dr_willisMonkWitDaFunk:  now the  type of disk - gpt cs msdos may matter.04:46
ivotklhahaha, ok =P04:46
jagginesschaospsychex, not sure for 12.04, but here on 12.10 i can get kernel 3.504:46
KxTwoOerHeks, I have 4gb04:46
chaospsychexjagginess: LOL ok.....04:47
beandogivotkl: it's basically the monitor telling the computer what resolutions it supports.04:47
dr_williskujablak:  thats normal for the first connection04:47
jagginesschaospsychex, systemtools/administration/softwareupdater04:47
dr_williskujablak:  DO you want to continue? :)04:47
chaospsychexbeandog: can you assist me ?04:47
chaospsychexjagginess: no04:47
beandogchaospsychex: no, I'm about to leave, sorry man04:47
kujablakdr_willis, I did, and it said Write failed: Broken pupe04:47
kujablakdr_willis, pipe*04:47
dr_williskujablak:  thats unusual that ssh localhost would ever fail.04:48
chaospsychexbeandog: you can't leave, your the only one in here who knows what EDID is....:-(04:48
jagginesschaospsychex, no what?04:48
dr_williskujablak:  you got any other weird settings/setup on those machines?04:48
jagginesschaospsychex, edid is data information reported back from the monitor04:48
jagginesschaospsychex, intel releases patches to kernel.org04:48
chaospsychexjagginess: yes, why should i have to upgrade to a newer kernel? that is madness....04:48
jagginesschaospsychex, it is part of the kernel package04:48
kujablakdr_willis, don't think so, I did the localhost on mint, and I just installed it04:48
jagginesschaospsychex, (i said it 5 minutes ago)04:48
chaospsychexjagginess: madness04:48
dr_williskujablak:  no idea on mint. could be firewall or other silly things mint does. try on the ubuntu box04:49
jagginesschaospsychex, bye kid.04:49
chaospsychexjagginess: lol ok guru, not04:49
* jagginess ignores04:49
* chaospsychex smiles and exhales04:49
lobhaterwhere can i place a modprobe statement to ensure it is executed upon resume?04:49
jagginesslobhater, none.. but if its explicit options, then you add it to the module options file..04:50
lobhaterwhich file is that?04:50
jagginesslobhater, if its "module options".. you passing special module options to-> modprobe <module> <options> ?04:51
chaospsychexcan someone assist me on figuring out why ubuntu is incorrectly determining my monitor's EDID ? thus limiting my available resolution's ?04:51
lobhateri am just reloading my wifi driver after my laptop wakes up from suspend04:51
red_Good evening.04:52
chaospsychexwow,just wow04:52
ivotklOh, one more thing. I've installed AMD propirietary drivers. How do I enable them and disable the ones that come from default?04:52
* chaospsychex joins #linux04:52
ivotkl*Oh, one more thing. I've installed AMD propirietary drivers. How do I enable them and disable the ones that come as default?04:52
jagginesslobhater, oh that.. that is a bit tricky.. hmm.. there's excludes you can make for some devices for sleep states but I forget exactly how it's done..   << you may want to google device skip sleep state ubuntu04:52
=== CAPAB\r\n is now known as KindOne
lobhateri have been for a couple of days, no luck04:53
ivotklchaospsychex: could it by HW incompatibility?04:53
lobhaterill try your search terms, thanks04:53
chaospsychexivotkl: what? LOL try again....04:53
jagginesslobhater, yeah.. i know.. it's a tough one..04:53
jagginesslobhater, usb?04:53
jagginesslobhater, usb wifi?04:53
ivotklwell dude, I'm just trying to help. There's no need for you to mock.04:53
ivotkl"<chaospsychex> ivotkl: what? LOL try again...."04:54
jagginessivotkl, just ignore him like i did.. he's mocked me too when helping him..04:54
chaospsychexivotkl: not mocking, you asked about modules not loading...04:54
red_If anyone is willing to help me troubleshoot Ubuntu install through UEFI on my new desktop please message me. I have tried a couple techniques listed on the boards.04:54
lobhaterno internal intel.  i have fixed it before but cant remember which file i added it too. iwlwifi is the driver04:54
chaospsychexor trying to prevent a certain module from loading04:54
jagginessred_, you have your efi on "strict efi" or "hybrid bios" ?04:55
jagginessred_,  (check your efi/bios settings)04:55
red_i disabled secure04:55
chaospsychexivotkl: you can blacklist the module you don't won't loading at boot04:55
red_And booted usb through efi04:55
red_I think I fucked up partitioning04:55
jagginessred_, yeah.. but is the "efi/bios" set on "strict efi" or "hybrid bios" ?04:55
jagginessred_, dont worry about partitioning atm..04:55
jagginessred_, tell me the motherboard i can see if its mentioned the default in the manual..04:56
red_One moment. bear with me  and thanks04:57
red_Angelica 2 M3970AM-HP04:58
lobhaterwhne using grep is there a way to have it NOT display "error" messages. like "not a file or directory" or "permission denied" even when running as root?04:58
lobhateronly display positive results04:58
lobhater# grep -rl "iwlwifi" /etc         and only display hits05:00
lobhaterwow silence, that is unlike this channel lol05:02
LASTofShny east coast~05:02
jagginessivotkl, http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkjr4l5aFdzqOQPtvX6VtXdSFpxWWWrR-05:02
dfcnvtHappy New Year!05:02
red_Same to you!05:03
red_Fireworks are booming05:03
KxTwois there a reason why xfce isnt in the software center?05:04
OerHeksKxTwo, it is xubuntu-desktop05:04
KxTwoim really strugging tryin to figure out which DE to use.  Im about to uninstall everything and just stick with unity lol05:06
jagginessred_, i cant seem to find anything mentioned about it in the manuals..05:06
red_I am able to boot up, but no root system is detected.05:06
red_I switched from 12.10 down to 12.0405:06
jagginessred_, perhaps if there's an "Advanced" option in the bios? just be sure you check any "advanced settings" and anything to do with "strict efi" or "Hybrid bios" <<05:06
KxTwored_, I just did that as well.  12.10 was giving me problems05:06
jagginessred_, boot-up from cd only?05:06
jagginessred_, (I mean you can boot up from cd only?)05:07
red_I am booting from usb. I didnt have any cds. The installation isnt recognizing any partition. However the partioner is started its just hanging.05:08
red_and ubiquity keeps crashing05:09
red_Windows 8 was unbearable05:09
kujablakdr_willis, got tired of open ssh, will try it later, actually mint had a really simple interface to use so I did that05:10
KxTwoI havent treid windows 8 yet I heard it was so bad05:10
dr_williskujablak:  takes me all of 60 seconds to set up ssh on my 2 pcs and get stuff going.05:11
kujablakdr_willis, sure but I'm way too tired to try and find out why openssh won't work, it's probably nothing to do with it anyway, this machine is running maverick so I won't insist05:12
jagginessred_, is the drive set on "AHCI" or "Native IDE" ?05:19
f00lhelp me pls ....how can i install comgt tool manually05:20
replicahey ! jagginess05:21
jagginessreplica, hi man.. happy new year05:21
replicahappy new year jAGGINESS !05:21
=== dysinger_ is now known as dysinger
OerHeks!info comgt05:22
ubottucomgt (source: comgt): Option GlobeTrotter and Vodafone datacard control tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.32-2 (quantal), package size 39 kB, installed size 184 kB05:22
OerHeksfool sudo apt-get install comgt05:22
mauryaarunWishing All Linux users A Very Happy New Year!!!!05:24
MonkWitDaFunkexcuse me. is canonical.a publisher of textbooks?05:26
OerHeksnot that i know of, MonkWitDaFunk05:28
HaiKaiDoi have a question about adding ppa's05:28
=== qos is now known as qos|away
lemonsparrowwhat chmod should I apply to get drwxrwxr-x permission on a folder ?05:29
HaiKaiDoi ran sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-nexus7/ubuntu-nexus7-installer05:29
HaiKaiDoand it went fine05:29
HaiKaiDobut when i try to then run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-nexus7-installer05:29
HaiKaiDoi get a cant find package05:29
HaiKaiDowhich is what i added the ppa for05:29
HaiKaiDoam i missing something?05:29
HaiKaiDooh i also did the sudo apt-get update05:30
* angelpossum hands everyone 4shots of 30% vodka05:30
angelpossumto the new year05:30
OerHeksHaiKaiDo, after adding the ppa, run: sudo apt-get update  ( to refresh the repolist)05:30
OerHeksHaiKaiDo, they you can install it05:31
HaiKaiDomhmm, I have indeed done that as well05:31
HaiKaiDobut it still refuses to find the package05:31
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
HaiKaiDois there any way i can check a file to make sure that the ppa was indeed added?05:32
OerHeksHaiKaiDo, open softwarecentre > edit > sources to see if it is added, but if it did not, you would have got an error05:33
OerHeksHaiKaiDo, you might want to search tru softwarecentre for that package and click it05:34
mah454but not work !05:35
mah454I want to limit max logins peer user in vsftpd I add this line in /etc/security/limits.conf "username hard maxlogins 1" , and this line in /etc/pam.d/vsftpd : "session required pam_limits.so"05:35
mah454but not work !05:35
HaiKaiDoI see that its there05:36
HaiKaiDobut when i search for the package in software center it doesnt show up05:36
OerHeksHaiKaiDo, what ubuntu version do you use ?05:37
HaiKaiDo10.04 Lts05:37
OerHeksHaiKaiDo, ah, there is no Lucid 10.04 version > https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-nexus7/+archive/ubuntu-nexus7-installer?field.series_filter=lucid05:38
OerHeksHaiKaiDo, only Quantal 12.10, Precise 12.04 & beta-Raring 13.0405:39
HaiKaiDoI did know that it said only 12.04 and above, but i spoke with someone in here a few days ago that said as long as i had adb and fastboot running on my distro (which i do) the package would install05:40
HaiKaiDocan i add the ppa for 12.04 on my current 10.04?05:40
OerHeksNo :-(05:41
HaiKaiDoalright well thanks for the info, back to the drawing board hah05:41
OerHeksHaiKaiDo, i suggest upgrade to 12.0405:41
HaiKaiDoI really dont like the newer ubuntu revisions05:42
HaiKaiDoim a die hard 10.04 Gnome user lol05:42
HaiKaiDoim not a fan of unity at all05:42
HaiKaiDoand my only gone alternative is Cinnamon05:42
jagginessHaiKaiDo, yeah.. there's a package called mate-desktop (if i recall), and you can click on the logon gear to choose it05:43
jagginessHaiKaiDo, (after you install it of course)05:43
HaiKaiDohmm ive heard of mate05:44
* jagginess uses gnome-fallback05:44
HaiKaiDowhats it like?05:44
HaiKaiDoalso, gnome-fallback?05:44
HaiKaiDowill that allow me to use gnome 2.0/gtk themes?05:44
jagginessyeah.. gnome-fallback is like mate-desktop05:44
jagginessIt's gnome3 but in fallback/classic mode..05:45
jagginessthere's about 2 ways of enabling it.. (there's full of easy 2 steps on how to do it)05:45
HaiKaiDowill it let me use legacy gtk themes?05:45
jagginessone way is using dconf..05:45
jagginessyou'll have to check out all that stuff.. i just like the traditional panel bars and startmenu05:46
jagginess(also with gnomeclassic/fallback,  you can 'enable' desktop icons with dconf)05:46
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
HaiKaiDowell lets see05:48
Fudgeanyone know how to successfully make a printer work from windows using cups. i shared my usb printer on my ubuntu server with cups, works on my ubuntu desktop but not windows laptop. just wants to use the image writer instead05:48
HaiKaiDoi think i have ubuntu installed on my pc as well on another drive.05:48
=== qos|away is now known as qos
dr_willisFudge:  I recall having to get samba shares working first. or enabling somthing in the cups config/web interface. been ages since i last messed with shareing that way05:50
dr_williscups web interface ->  http://localhost:63105:50
dr_willisThese days - my printer has built in wifi/network/shareing. ;)05:51
jagginessivotkl, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqlc_5bqId805:53
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
KxTwook so maybe unity is the way to go lol05:58
Fudgedr_willis  i have cups working and samba sharing too but samba is not sharing the driver05:59
ivotklSee you guys, thanks for the support.06:00
* angelpossum hands everyone 4 shots of 30% vodka06:00
dfcnvtbottom up!06:01
angelpossumHAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:02
calwigHappy New Year 2013 all06:03
krzwhats the countdown for at http://www.ubuntu.com/06:06
krznew years?06:06
=== qos is now known as qos|away
krzor some kind of release?06:06
KxTwoso I take it with unity there is no way to move the windows buttons to the right when using unity?06:06
KxTwowow redundant06:07
iFliphappy new year from TX06:07
lalaiFlip: hny :)06:09
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astropirateAnyone here have any driver issues with SSDs?06:09
lalaastropirate: What's wrong with the drivers for your SSDs?06:11
astropiratelala, there aren't. I am looking into buying one06:11
astropiratemaking sure that there are no troubles with my investement06:11
johnnyfireworksi have 2 lan ports and i want to use them to game on my pc  .. trying to get lowest lag and lowest ping ..  fps games .. i hear of pfsense and kinda what it can do ,, but im lost as what to do06:12
lalaastropirate: I never even thought about drivers since they would do just the same as HDDs except a bit faster.06:13
KxTwoastropirate, I've had no problem with ssd's06:13
pppingmejohnnyfireworks what do you mean two lan ports?  your pc has two ethernet cards?06:14
aeon-ltdjohnnyfireworks: 2 ethernet ports? then use the one in the network card, if it's dedicated it will have slightly lower latency06:14
astropirategreat great06:14
astropiratethanks lala and KxTwo06:14
bhaveshI installed cinnamon desktop on Ubuntu 12.10 and since then I get these kind of windows which always stay on top of any window I open http://i.imgur.com/PcY1g.jpg06:15
bhaveshThis one came when I was extracting a zip file06:15
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=== Prodego_ is now known as Prodego
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
lobhaterCan anyone help me with my internal intel wifi issue, i can not connect after resume from suspend.  I have fixed it before but now have an identical machine that is having the same issue and i can't remember how to fix it.  Here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1484027/ is my dmesg showing the resume (edited for brevity)  Please any assistance is welcome!06:25
angelpossumc ya06:25
mvt007geekhi. who knows assembly?06:27
lobhateri know some mips, why06:28
Abhijitmvt007geek, #asm06:28
mvt007geekthere is a big silence in asm :p06:29
mvt007geekcan someone tell me why it give me error? i'm very new to asm so don't blame me  http://pastebin.com/7b1ezCdP06:30
lobhaterim not gonna be of any help sorry, i cant make my mind work that hard this late at night. sorry06:31
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
Logan_Noskcaj: What's incomplete about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/testdrive/+bug/1079259 ?06:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 1079259 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "not lintian clean" [Undecided,Incomplete]06:33
lobhateranyone any good with grub?\nI installed another distro but now wanna get rid of it, how do i fix grub so it doesnt being up the boot menu and just boots into ubuntu?06:35
jagginesslobhater, /etc/default/grub  , hidden timeout or something..  << after you make the proper changes to that file, you do sudo update-grub<enter> , then reboot to test06:37
rhet9hey how can i use the commandline tools, such as apt-get, to search for packages i have installed06:38
jagginessrhet9, use apt-cache search <string>06:38
lobhaterok thanks, I am just always so nervous to mess with grub. that is still one black box i have never tackled06:38
rhet9jagginess, that doesn't show me installed apps06:38
Mechdavelobhater, As long as you have removed the previous distros you can re install grub from a terminal with grub-install /dev/sr006:38
rhet9 it shows me everything06:38
cfhowlettrhet9: apt-cache policy packagename06:39
jagginessrhet9, for installed? .. ya.. you can use     dpkg -l |grep string06:39
mvt007geeklobhater: in my country it's 10 am :D06:39
jagginessrhet9, "ii" means the package is installed (if you removed a package it wouldn't say ii)06:39
Mechdavelobhater, after that you can modify the line GRUB_DEFAULT=0 (the first grub entry)06:39
rhet9i want to remove amazon from unity06:40
Mechdavelobhater, in the file /etc/default/grub06:40
lobhateri just formated that partition, so this will work.06:40
lobhater# grub-install /dev/sda106:40
rhet9i like unity but what canonical  is doing to commercialize ubuntu i don't06:40
jagginessrhet9, try fixing problem #1 first. Then later come to problem#206:40
rhet9jagginess, that IS my problem06:40
lobhaterwith the 1 or not?06:40
rhet9and it's not solved06:40
rhet9mainly because there is no package  named amazon06:40
Mechdavelobhater, no, use grub-install /dev/sda06:41
jagginessrhet9, problem #1, find out the package06:41
Mechdavelobhater, that way grub will install on MBR06:41
jagginesslobhater, can you tell us what you're trying to do?06:41
lobhaterMechdave: and i can just do this from a normal terminal i dont need to stop lightdm or anything?06:42
Mechdavelobhater, just from a normal terminal, you will need to use sudo though06:42
lobhateri partitioned sda5 that arch was on and now i wanna get grub to the way it was before i installed arch06:42
cfhowlettrhet9: nothing to remove but you can "disable amazon lens in ubuntu"06:42
=== ken is now known as Guest4761
Mechdavelobhater, as long as you have removed arch from /dev/sda5 then all should be good06:43
lobhaterMechdave: thanks. exactly what i needed06:44
Mechdavelobhater, grub will search your computer and find operating systems to add boot entries for automatically06:44
lobhaterhappy new year all, have a good night06:44
Mechdavelobhater, after you reinstall grub you will need to modify /etc/default/grub if you want it to do anything different from standard06:45
MK`how can I remove a panel from gnome-panel with the command line? I added one and it crashed the application and it no longer runs.06:46
MechdaveMK`, Have a look here --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseGnomeClassicTweaks it may help you out :)06:48
MechdaveMK`, Also may be some pointers here --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=165918406:49
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bellundgerHow would I go about GPG encrypting outbound emails from root? I have my computer set up to alert me if there are problems and i'd rather not leave those messages on webmail server in plain text.  I've tried searching the web and just come up with some blog about a key sharing party....can someone point me in right direction please?06:52
MK`Mechdave: do you know if applets are numbered in chronological order?06:57
MechdaveMK`, Sorry, I don't know... It might come to searching through the xml files to find the right launcher in .gconf yet :(06:58
jagginessMK`, applets? hahaha.. i think they Gnome3 authors are calling it something else06:58
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
jagginessbellundger, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public-key_cryptography06:59
average_drifterjagginess: what's up ?06:59
MK`well whatever they're called. I made a left panel and added the window list to it and it crashed :P just need to find that and remove it, or just remove the third panel.06:59
jagginessbellundger, each host has a key-pair.. they only exchange the public keys..06:59
bellundgerhow would i implement it though?07:00
average_drifterMK`: what window manager are you using ?07:00
jagginessbellundger, when you send a message to someone else.. You encrypt your message using "their" public key..07:00
average_drifterMK`: remove your window manager, and install i3 instead , then you won't have anymore crashes07:00
MK`average_drifter: I'm on whatever the gnome fallback is for 11.10.07:00
average_drifteri3 ==> best and most stable window-manager I've seen in my life07:00
jagginessbellundger, you cannot "decrypt" your encrypted message using their public key.. because the algorithm is "asymmetric"07:00
average_drifterMK`: yeah, gnome is a piece of crap, remove it07:01
jagginessbellundger, which is a "good" thing07:01
MK`I am aware that gnome sucks, but I am still asking for help :V07:01
MK`these things are related.07:01
average_drifterMK`: the easiest way to solve a problem is to get rid of it07:01
bellundgeri'll be generating both keys07:01
average_drifterMK`: get rid of gnome and you solve the problem07:01
average_drifterMK`: don't try to be clever, be smart :)07:02
Thundarrby that logic he should stab you to death right now.07:02
bellundgerjust don't know how to go about setting it up in the mail server07:02
average_drifterThundarr: no, because I'd remove him from planet earth if he did that07:02
jagginessbellundger, i believe gpg is meant to be used peer to peer, server-iccentric07:02
jagginessbellundger, ,/pgp/07:03
NoskcajLogan_, nobody can understand what it means07:03
NoskcajLogan_, if the average person cannot repeat the bug, it's incomplete07:04
* jagginess has problems saying pgp without thinking gpg07:04
dr_willisMK`:  you could delete/rename the various config files untill you reset your gnome back to its defaults.07:05
Logan_Noskcaj: I think that a package maintainer would know what it means… Being lintian clean is important for packages, as it ensures that they meet policy.07:06
average_drifterHere is another thing to ponder: How in God's name can you trust a mammoth of a window-manager like Gnome ? Why I'm asking this ? It is immense, it's like a huuuUUuuuuUUge pile of code put together, it will have bugs *FOR_SURE*. There is no hope in expecting it to be perfect. In fact, the more code is in there, and the more features , the more imperfect it is, the more buggy it is. Now i3 and wmii are both minimalist window managers. And dwm is ano07:06
NoskcajLogan_, yes, but unless you can fix the bug yourself, i dont think much will happen, could you do something to make "normal" people understand it07:07
average_drifterMK`: sudo aptitude purge gnome gnome2 gnome307:07
Logan_Noskcaj: Okay, will do.07:07
average_drifterMK`: actually just remove07:07
average_drifterMK`: sudo aptitude remove gnome gnome2 gnome307:07
dr_willisbest to not use aptitude any more.07:08
average_drifterdr_willis: orly ? so what is the new thing ?07:08
Logan_Noskcaj: I attempted to clarify it a bit: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/testdrive/+bug/107925907:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 1079259 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "not lintian clean" [Undecided,New]07:08
dr_willisjust use apt-get07:08
MK`dr_willis that's what I'm doing. But, I am unsure where the settings are...07:08
average_drifterdr_willis: oh ? why is that ?07:08
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.07:08
NoskcajLogan_, thanks, i will check it then mark it as new again07:09
MK`the most recent file edited was the clock, which I changed the settings of a few minutes before adding the new panel.07:09
dr_willisMK`:  make a backup directory. and just move whatever seems gnome related. :)07:09
MK`ok :P07:09
dr_willisMK`:  not like its hard to resetup whatever changes you mad07:09
average_drifterMK`:  ~/.gnome*07:09
average_drifterdr_willis: the best reset is a removal07:10
dr_willis .gnome* .gtk* perhaps just  nautiuls/metacity connfigs would be all needed07:10
MK`there's no .gnome, only .gconf :P07:10
dr_willisaverage_drifter:  the problem is your pacakage removeing will NOT RESET USER SETTINGS...07:10
dr_willisaverage_drifter:  so your commands were pointless.07:10
average_drifterdr_willis: bs07:10
bazhang!behelpful | average_drifter07:10
ubottuaverage_drifter: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.07:10
dr_willisaverage_drifter:  apt does not touch the settings in the users home directory. so well.. your suggestions are invalid.07:11
bazhangaverage_drifter, please dont comment further if you dont know07:11
average_drifterdr_willis: my suggestions are valid because if you remove gnome then there is *no* *more* panel to get wrong or to cause any error07:11
average_drifterinstead using a tiling window manager can be extremely productive and less of a hassle07:12
average_drifterthat is what I suggested07:12
dr_willisaverage_drifter:  and thats not what they were asking to do.. so you are not helping.07:12
jagginess"<average_drifter> MK`:  ~/.gnome*"   << no.no, and "no"07:12
average_drifterbazhang: why should I comment no further, I know the situation perfectly07:12
MK`I noted your suggestion.07:12
dr_willisMK`:  theres various gnome related configs in .config  also07:13
=== paul__ is now known as PDun
average_drifterbazhang: FYI  I know Gnome inside out, it has caused me countless problems over the years07:13
bazhangaverage_drifter, let us move on07:14
MK`ah, the settings appear to be in dconf07:14
MK`I should be able to fix it from there.07:14
* cfhowlett please let us move on!07:14
dr_willisMK`:  yea. i was looking in the dirs.07:14
dr_willisdconf only has 1 file here in it.07:15
MK`what's the command to edit dconf settings again?07:15
average_drifterbazhang , cfhowlett   move on if you want to07:15
dr_willisMK`:  dconf-editor perhaps?07:15
elkyaverage_drifter, stop trying to bait them.07:16
=== Guest92524 is now known as topper4125
average_drifterelky: dude, a friend called me a few days ago and he also sent me youtube links of the fancy Gnome3 features07:16
average_drifterelky: I told him "maan, just install i3"07:17
average_drifterand he never looked back07:17
elkyaverage_drifter, you're not very useful to this channel.07:17
average_drifterpff whatever07:17
MK`got it fixed. Thanks for the help guys.07:19
MK`average_drifter, a time will come when I will slay the gnome beast, I will inform you, it will be a glorious battle.07:20
* dr_willis closes the ticket.07:20
topper4125has anyone here purchased a system76 machine?07:20
dr_willisMK`:  the fallback mode stuff was scheduled for removeal in the next release. but i think it got an extension07:20
average_drifterMK`: :)07:21
average_drifterMK`: you're on the right track padawan07:22
ThundarrQ: I don't understand security updates between the .04 and .10 variant releases. .04 releases are 5 years, right?  how long are .10 releases actually supported for things like security updates?07:23
jagginesstopper4125, yeah. i heard they are good, cuse canonical has a stake with them.. canonical works with system7607:23
IdleOneaverage_drifter: I strongly recommend you read the channel guidelines ubottu messaged you. Just to make all our lives a little easier :)07:23
misternohey why you fill the channel with so many bots?07:24
MK`Thundarr: 3 years for non-LTS releases.07:24
Thundarrah, ok ty. that's still more than enough.07:24
misternowhat is the purpose of having 1499 users in channel when only dozen really talk07:24
MK`10.04 and 12.04 are LTS, but 10.11, 11.04, 11.10 are not. it's every 4th release.07:24
average_driftermisterno: because they need regulations and policies and police and laws here07:25
jagginessmisterno, well why have 50 thousand friends when you only really care for five? It's called facebook..07:25
average_driftermisterno: didn't you know there's a Ubuntu Supreme court ?07:25
topper4125jagginess, that's what I heard too. I was on their website, looks like everything ships with 12.10 (for now)... curious to know if I could request a machine with latest LTS instead though... they come with some PPA's they manage, and a few other goodies that I'm not sure if I formatted and reinstalled 12.04, i would be able to 'get' without a lot of problems07:25
misternois this overcompensating in numbers for lack of something else? :)07:25
average_driftermisterno: you have a point .. I must say07:26
jagginesstopper4125, it's not to worry.. you shouldn't have a problem tailoring it to your particular needs..07:26
MK`I must say, I was surprised I didn't have dconf-tools installed. I thought it was default.07:27
jagginesstopper4125, there's video interviews of managers/etc-- they work with canonical..07:27
topper4125jagginess, I'll have to look into that... thanks!07:27
MK`Also, how do I make a program in the terminal get pushed up into 'my' terminal again? I forgot.07:27
jagginessMK`, i dunno about tmux or asimilar, but I use "screen -RR" everytime07:28
jagginessMK`, (ssh)07:28
kylescottmcgillDoes anyone know if i disable Gnome-Keyring etc, will it break all my other gnome-control-center stuff namely wifi + misc ?07:28
MK`kylescottmcgill: pretty sure that'd break wifi07:28
dr_williskylescottmcgill:  why disable it?07:28
average_drifterMK`: just grep through the 99999 configuration files in .gconf  and find the right xml with the terminal .. probably ..07:28
jagginesskylescottmcgill, probably not.. but it will break your computer's heart07:28
dr_willisMK`:  Backgrouind jobs? bg/fg commands perhaps07:29
jagginesspretty helpless average_drifter!07:29
elkyaverage_drifter, your snark is not welcome here.07:30
kylescottmcgilldr_willis: im using Awesome WM, and everytime i go to start anything i have to sudo prior to opening it so that it can use Gnome-Keyring, also i cant really start it as its embedded into lightgdm startup process, so its either i remove lightgdm and replace it with slim, and use a .xinitrc file, or i disable gnome-keyring and fend for myself etc, i can use wicd for networking but meh07:30
average_drifterjagginess: useless you say ? https://gist.github.com/6a8d0d36acca59af573e07:30
average_drifterI already found where the gnome-terminal is placed in the ~/.gconf07:31
dr_willishmm.. gnome-keyring asks once here  when it starts up if its not started.. then i never notice it again07:31
kylescottmcgilljagginess: macbooks have no heart07:31
average_drifterI highly suspect one can modify the order of items in the menus by just modifying those files07:31
average_drifterMK`: https://gist.github.com/6a8d0d36acca59af573e07:31
MK`thanks jagginess that worked07:31
kylescottmcgilldr_willis: are you using a different WM too ?07:31
MK`I ran gnome-panel from the terminal, needed to just kick it off the terminal so I could close it X)07:31
dr_williskylescottmcgill:  im using 'startx' go launch gnome-shell at the moment. I think its done the same thing with other wm's when i was testing them last month.07:32
dr_willisMK`:  command & , then use the 'exit' command is one way.07:32
dr_willisMK`:  or 'ctrl-z' then 'bg' then 'exit'07:32
MK`ah yes, &. I forgot.07:32
dr_willisJust hitting the terminal close button can close apps spawned by the terminal. so i always use close.07:33
kylescottmcgillyeah, see i could use that, the startx .xinitrc approach, but i dont see a way to get that working with lightgdm, not yet anyway07:33
yassination_hey guys, happy new year, I have a problem... after installing KDE desktop environment my HDMI port can't be detected by ubuntu, even when I use xrandr it's not listed, I need help?07:33
dr_williskylescottmcgill:  you could define your own whatevber.desktop session for lightdm to use to run whatever you want.07:33
dr_willismost of the *dm managers will use the same whatever.desktop definitions.07:34
average_drifterkylescottmcgill: ^^ dr_willis is right07:34
kylescottmcgilldr_willis: thanks, i will check that out, there was mention of that on Awesomes wiki, but it was an old entry07:34
dr_willisNot sure about slim. ive not used it in ages.07:34
average_drifterkylescottmcgill: I have this file for my wmii for example /usr/share/xsessions/wmii.desktop07:34
average_drifterkylescottmcgill: and it shows up in the options in lightdm and gdm07:34
kylescottmcgillawesome, you guys are win, i will check that out now07:34
average_drifterkylescottmcgill: here's the file format https://github.com/wsdookadr/wmii/blob/master/usr/share/xsessions/wmii.desktop07:34
jagginesskylescottmcgill, actually it's "lightdm" .. "gdm3" is an equivalent logon option but separate07:35
kylescottmcgilllol i used gnome3 last month, i get those mixed up, i enjoy slim, or nothing :D07:36
topper4125!help | yacks07:36
ubottuyacks: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:36
=== qos|away is now known as qos
kylescottmcgillaverage_drifter: do you enjoy wmii? have you used any others?07:37
average_drifterkylescottmcgill: My friend, I tried all of them and then some ...07:37
kvothetechkylescottmcgill: i like xmonad07:38
average_drifterkylescottmcgill: I settled with i307:38
kvothetechi3 isn't bad either.07:38
average_drifterkvothetech: you like xmonad. May God help you write Haskell to configure it ...07:38
kvothetechlol it's cool haskell isn't that bad07:38
kvothetechcould be lua like awesome wants lol07:38
average_drifterright ...07:38
kylescottmcgillkvothetech: sane here, loved it, but ended up with Awesome, as a lot of other programs i use are based in or use lua, Haskell is pretty big :D07:38
kvothetechlua is way worse than haskell syntax wise if you ask me07:39
elkyIf only we had #ubuntu-offtopic for this not-really-support kind of discussion.07:39
kvothetechelky: what'd you need support for?07:39
kylescottmcgilli like lua maybe not over haskell, but its tiny, REALLY terse though07:40
kvothetechtoo many parentheses07:40
kylescottmcgilli mean verbose07:40
elkykvothetech, i don't, i'm just making sure that people who do need it have space to ask it here.07:40
average_drifterelky: you have my complete support :)07:41
kylescottmcgillsame if people need a hand with something07:42
yacksthat waa typo... sorry...07:43
average_drifter09:36 < yacks> help07:43
average_drifteryacks: this was the typo ?07:43
yackssorry, i typied in 'help' instead of irc '/HELP' command...07:44
average_drifteryacks: oh cool. if you need Ubuntu help you can always use the hoarde of bots here in this channel ( e.g. ubottu )07:45
dr_willisone info bot is a hoarde..07:45
yacksthanks average_drifter!07:49
ericabHAPPY NEW YEAR !08:01
topper4125Happy New Year, ericab08:03
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
Noskcajcould someone confirm bug 109499708:09
ubottubug 1094997 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "Testdrive-cli only supports ubuntu and ubuntu-server by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109499708:09
Em_I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my Netbook (Lenovo G480 Intel Core i5, 400GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 1GB GPU). The distro is already installed; however some of the hardware drivers like the GPU, Ethernet, are not automatically installed leaving me unable to connect to the Internet. I really thought that all my notebook's hardware drivers will be installed automatically with the OS, so how do I install it without Internet connection?08:10
bazhang!offline | Em_08:11
ubottuEm_: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD08:11
cfhowlettEm_: depending on the hardware, some offline configuration is possible08:11
cyphaseHappy PST New Year!08:12
Em_ubottu: sorry, but I don't follow.08:12
ubottuEm_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:12
cfhowlettEm_: I might have the solution for you but you need to do a bit of terminal work ...08:13
Em_cfhowlett: Would mind giving me the step-by-step solution?08:13
cfhowlettEm_: open terminal and paste the following:  lspci -vvnn | grep 14e408:14
dr_willisEm_:  You mean the Wired networking is not working? or Wireless?08:15
Em_dr_willis, the wires, the GPU, I don't know the others since I don't know how to determine if the drivers were installed08:15
dr_willisEm_:  determine your video card (thats what cfhowlett  command will help tell us)08:15
cfhowlettEm_: I'm on ubuntu studio 12.04, i.e. xubuntu based.  Different from what you're using.  But I THINK you type "terminal" in the search grid and you'll get a terminal08:16
dr_willisalt-ctrl-t for terminal in unity by default08:16
cfhowlettEm_: the command I sent will ID your wifi chip08:16
Em_ok, please give me a moment.08:16
dr_willisif the Wired chipset is not working.. thats.. somewhat rare.08:16
cfhowlettEm_: if it's broadcom 43XX we can use this tutorial to bring you online   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xxeme08:16
dr_willislspci output will also let us determin your video chipset.08:17
=== DouglasK is now known as DouglasKAway
Em_Oh ok08:20
cfhowlettEm_: lspci -vvnn | grep 14e4  HOPEFULLY the output includes "BCM43xx" wirless LAN Controller ...08:21
Em_result: 03.00.0 Network controller p0280]: Broadcom Corportaion BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless Lan Controller [14e4:4727] (rev 01) Subsystem: Broadcom Corportaion Device [14e4:0587]08:21
cfhowlettEm_: smile, son.  we can do this!08:21
Em_cfhowlett: What am I supposed to do next?08:22
arabiI have customized export PS1="\[\e[28;1m\]\w \[\e[0m\]\$ "   where I want to put it permenantly to have the change08:23
cfhowlettEm_: I used the STA - No Internet access method on that url I sent you.  All files were included in the ubuntu iso, but it might be different in 12.10.  Please take a look at the link, STA - No Internet Access section08:23
cfhowlettEm_: again: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xxeme08:23
cfhowlettEm_: note: you MUST have the install media08:24
Em_cfhowlett: Install Media? Like what?08:24
cfhowlettEm_: USB stick?08:24
arabi./profile or ./bashrc or ./bash_profile     to put export PS1="\[\e[28;1m\]\w \[\e[0m\]\$ "  I am confused nyone help me out08:24
topper4125USB stick works08:24
Em_Yeah, I do have a USB stick08:25
dr_willisarabi:  at the end or .profile should work08:25
Em_cfhowlett: This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates. << The link that you gave me08:25
dr_willisarabi:  one of those files has a prompt setting in it allready.08:25
cfhowlettEm_: I'm LOOKING at the page ... wait one08:25
OerHeks- eme08:25
cfhowlettEm_: try again:       https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xxeme08:25
cfhowlettOerHeks: thanks.  em_ use that link instead08:26
dr_willis.bashrc:    PS1="\[\e]0;${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h: \w\a\]$PS1"08:26
arabidr_willis, I accidently edited bashrc how can I get the defults back?08:26
dr_willisarabi:  loook in /etc/skel for the original08:26
arabidr_willis, can I copy an paste from that?08:27
dr_willisarabi:  or just  the file to your home.08:27
Em_cfhowlett: A wireless network is currently unavailable for me, so I'd rather have the wired network or driver installed instead.08:27
dr_willis/etc/skel$ ls -a08:27
dr_willis.  ..  .bash_logout  .bashrc  examples.desktop  .profile08:28
cfhowlettEm_: the method I've used doesn't require a network.08:28
cfhowlettEm_: and the result is a working wifi ...08:28
dr_willisEm_:  how new is this laptop? if you can determine its wired chipset.  that might make things easier if you can run a cable to it.08:28
dr_willisits rather unusual for a wired network card to not work.08:29
cfhowlettdr_willis: should we prioritize the wired and THEN the wireless?08:29
arabidr_willis, I have put export PS1="\[\e[28;1m\]\w \[\e[0m\]\$ "   in ~/.profile but not working why?08:29
dr_williscfhowlett:  i have to wonder why his wired is not working.08:29
dr_willisarabi:  you started a new shell?08:30
Em_How do I determine if the wireless network is installed already?08:30
cfhowlettEm_: plug it in to a router.08:30
dr_willisarabi:  .pofile is read on initial logn i think. try 'source .profile'08:30
Em_cfhowlett: No, I mean how do I determine if the WiFi driver is already installed along with Ubuntu?08:30
Em_is there like something like Device Manager like in Windows?08:31
arabidr_willis, done boss... not it is working .. thanks and happy newyear08:31
dr_williswifi connection tool/icon at the top right of the panels/screen08:31
cfhowlettEm_: I understood that your networking was completely unavailable.  Not true?08:31
Em_Uhhm, I think that the wireless adapater is already installed08:32
cfhowlettEm_: ah ... then we need not mess with that!08:32
Em_However, there are no available wi-fi network that I can connect to as of the moment. But I can connect to an Ethernet networ. Problem is I can''t connect to it, as I plug the Ethernet cable, it wouldn't recognize it08:32
cfhowlettEm_: forgive me for confusing the issue.08:34
topper4125Em_ are you sure the router isn't locked down to the point that even a machine plugged into it will not be allowed on (mac block for example)?08:34
Em_topper4125: yeah, that is not the case.08:34
Em_cfhowlett: I think what i need is to install the ethernet port/LAN driver08:35
topper4125k... its just odd that a hardwired connection doesn't just 'work'...08:35
theadminSo... what's the countdown on ubuntu.com all about?08:35
Em_how do i determine if my gpu driver is already installed?08:36
OerHekstheadmin, see http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/01/ubuntu-teases-touch-os/08:36
=== superbot is now known as nerd
=== nerd is now known as superbot
theadminEm_: Well, if X works *some* GPU driver is likely installed, to check which you could "lsmod | grep drivername" (e.g. "lsmod | grep fglrx")08:37
dr_willisEm_:  look at the lspci output and determina your video chipset/card08:37
topper4125countdown to ubuntu for android08:38
dr_willisif you plug in the wired cable and  then from a terminal a few moments later run 'dmesg' it might give some info about the wired connection also08:38
ViperXL75hi... How do I check in ubuntu what hardware of Burner I habe?08:38
dr_willistopper4125:  i wont hold my breath. :)08:38
theadminOk, so I have this new Android phone which has no USB Mass Storage support, only PTP/MTP. Whichever I use, KDE's mounting applet thingy only mounts it read-only, which is not cool. Mounting via the command-line works, but that's kinda troublesome. Anyone know a solution? The phone is Galaxy Nexus.08:38
dr_willis!info hwinfo08:38
ubottuhwinfo (source: hwinfo): Hardware identification system. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.0-2.2 (quantal), package size 17 kB, installed size 99 kB08:38
Em_theadmin, drivername? where will I know that?08:38
theadminEm_: Oh, okay, err...08:38
dr_willistheadmin:   how are you mounting via the command line?08:39
ViperXL75ah nice08:39
theadmindr_willis: "mtpfs somedirectory"08:39
john___hello i want to ask a question08:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:40
theadminjohn___: Just do it08:40
dr_willistheadmin:  ive not noticed/seen a specific auto-mounting fix.. yet.  just some scripots that basically do the commands :()08:40
theadmindr_willis: There's a Unity panel applet (?) that does this quite awesomely, but switching to Unity just for that seems extreme08:40
dr_willistheadmin:  i just use ssh these days.  rarely ever plug in the wire.08:40
john___dose any one know MB-ruler like program08:41
dr_willistheadmin:  make your own widgit? ;)08:41
theadmindr_willis: Good point, yeah, transferring over Airdroid works though08:41
dr_willisMB-Ruler is?08:41
theadminjohn___: What's that do?08:41
dr_willistheadmin:  airdroid is handy08:41
dr_willisI get such slow transfers over usb at times. i rarely use usb.08:41
john___program allow you to draw a line on screen08:41
john___useing mouse08:41
dr_willisand this line does what?08:42
Em_here, i run lspci and i think i have VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd  Gen Cor processor Grpahics Controller (rev 09) and VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation device 1058 (rev a1)08:42
theadminEm_: Ouch, dual graphics. Well, to get the NVidia driver you'll need to "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current"08:42
dr_willisEm_:  most intel video cards drivers are allready installed by default. BUT you seem to have 2 cards? so this PC is using that Dual GPU Optimus stuff?08:42
john___dr_willis , nothing only draw line i use it on doing some work on08:42
topper4125!mtpaint | john___08:43
topper4125!info mtpaint | john___08:43
ubottujohn___: mtpaint (source: mtpaint): painting program to create pixel art and manipulate digital photos. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.40-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 692 kB, installed size 1880 kB08:43
dr_willisjohn___:  huh? You want just a Line to show on the screen on the normal desktop?08:43
=== zhurai-tsuki is now known as zhurai
dr_willisor you want a paint program?08:43
dr_williscompiz has all sorts of weird plugins like 'fire' and so forth to do fancy eyecandy drawing on top of the desktop08:43
=== Teufelchen_ is now known as Teufelchen
theadmindr_willis: http://www.markus-bader.de/MB-Ruler/screenshot.htm - seems to be this thing08:44
john___dr_willis , yep it help wen i am working on website and i want to see if every thing is on the same line08:45
dr_willisYou could just try mbruler in wine.08:45
Em_i guess it would be better or easier If I can connect my notebook to a Wi=Fi network right?08:45
theadmin!info screenruler | john___08:45
ubottujohn___: screenruler (source: screenruler): measure objects on screen with a variety of metrics. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.960+bzr41-1 (quantal), package size 21 kB, installed size 156 kB08:45
OerHeks!info screenruler08:46
OerHeksah theadmin found it too08:46
dr_willisudo apt-get install screenruler08:46
dr_willishow about -->  sudo apt-get install screenruler08:47
topper4125third times a charm ;)08:47
* dr_willis holds a real ruler up to his screen.....08:48
topper4125<--- eyeballs it and says "Ehh... close enough"08:49
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
topper4125... guess that's why I don't get paid the big bucks08:50
dr_willisocular ruler scale implants. ;)08:50
hackibnblackWhat's going on with Jan 2nd?08:56
hackibnblackWhat's going on Jan second08:58
astropiratemayan apoclypse08:59
astropirateround 208:59
cfhowletthackibnblack: 12/12/12?08:59
topper4125for me personally, I get to go back to work on the second... Poltically we in the US get to find out how deep the cliff is... did you want anything more specific?08:59
cfhowletthackibnblack: no, ubuntu for android is the rumour08:59
hackibnblackSo it's fake bo android ubuntu ?09:00
OerHekshackibnblack, wait and see09:01
cfhowletthackibnblack: ubuntu for android has been under development for a while.  Note: I said it's RUMORED that 1/2/13 is the release09:01
cfhowletthackibnblack: check back tomorrow09:01
hackibnblackI hope they release it that would be sick09:01
topper4125there are vids of it on youtube... really not impressed myself... but that's just me09:02
theadminWell, I have two guesses: Ubuntu for Android or Ubuntu TV09:02
OerHeksand phone09:03
hackibnblackWell it's big for ubuntu and I support ubuntu / open source 199%09:03
topper4125or maybe the're adopting Gubuntu in to the *buntu family (An official release of Ubuntu with the Gnome Desktop?) lol09:04
* cfhowlett thinks "only 199%"? 09:04
theadmintopper4125: That has nothing to do with "touching". That's obviously a hint09:05
topper4125I'm actually surprised that hasn't shown up yet on Distrowatch09:05
hackibnblackYea only 199%09:05
theadmintopper4125: Well, gnomebuntu.com has been up for a while09:06
newbie|2theadmin, just went there.. looks like its under construction gubuntu is up and running, just not listed on distrowatch yet.09:09
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cfhowlettshingdayho: nihao09:13
idrutahi everyone09:14
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cfhowlettidruta: greetings09:15
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topper4125Thinking that countdown has to be for android... found a video of ubuntu 10.10 running on touch09:19
ElectricPrismhow do I get to the official linuxmint channel? Is it on this server? I tried joining and got sent to ##linuxmint09:20
nightfly_ElectricPrism: just a guess, but is your nick registered and authed?09:21
NoskcajElectricPrism, Official support channel is #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:21
ElectricPrismNoskcaj: Ill try it, im authed for sure. I was hoping to ask their users why they prefer that specific distro should prove an interesting conversation since I can't get into it for some reason09:22
topper4125Official support channel is #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:22
topper4125one of the reasons I don't use mint is because of some of the political views of the founder09:24
Thundarrinteresting. like what? have a link I can read up?09:25
ElectricPrismTheir art really was a turnoff for me personally, could never get into their style09:25
topper4125he's one of those tinfoil hat wearing holocost denying guys... http://jay4rest.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/linux-mint-founder-is-against-israel/09:26
Thundarrlol. wow.09:27
Thundarryeah that kind of stunts my interest in it.09:27
ElectricPrismI just dont understand why its @ the top of distrowatch, I have no problem supporting a company that wants to see profit from their creation09:29
Thundarrisrael should officially adopt linux mint as their distro of choice.09:29
ThundarrI'm just trying to decide what to run09:30
Thundarrword is that win 9 is going even more heavily into the 'tile' crap of 809:30
topper4125I have no problem with monitization in linux... with big money comes big developers (steam for example)09:31
ElectricPrismI'm running Sabayon right now, I like a lot of things about Ubuntu based distros. Thundarr: Yeah, Windows 8 made me officially move to linux, now all I need is photoshop running fairly well so I can continue work for clients09:31
topper4125I think if steam can show a big profit other software houses like Adobe will follow them09:32
ElectricPrismtopper4125: if adobe followed along with steam I think windows would crumble09:32
topper4125yup me too! :D09:32
theadmintopper4125: So far Adobe is doing completely the opposite. They dropped Flash for Linux, for instance.09:33
ElectricPrisminteresting, gotta admit I never was a fan of flash, but the lack of it sucks for sure09:33
theadminElectricPrism: They'll continue to provide security updates for 5 years or something, after that Flash will only be available as part of Google Chrome09:34
theadminMozilla also wokrs on their own Flash implementation09:34
topper4125Steam said something along the lines of "the future of gaming is *not* in windows"... if that is true... and for as big as gaming is financially... Linux has a huge opertunity to grow.09:34
Thundarrblah. valve just said all that crap because their own market is going to conflict with windows marketplace.09:35
ElectricPrismtopper4125: I agree, I actually foregoe console gaming and own a number of steam games. I just love that on the computer my games will run in all future OS versions unlike PS 1 > PS 2 > PS3 > PS 4, etc...09:35
Malsasa_Yes, and game platforms are not Steam only :) There are another platform beside Steam :) CMIIW09:35
Thundarrmore games just need to run in a browser like quake live09:36
Thundarrthats pretty damn awesome cross compatibility there09:36
ElectricPrismMalsasa_: But I could see Steam deciding to base a open source distro on FreeBSD if they wanted to maintain the base, otherwise yeah they'd just have Canonical handle all the linux work since GPL pretty much forces everyone to open their work up09:36
ElectricPrismThundarr: Oh I agree, especially with WebGL games09:37
ElectricPrismmeh #linuxmint-help wasn't that helpful, they just told me to run the livecd and that it was pretty much ubuntu but not explaining how it differed QQ09:37
topper4125that *is* something M$ has said in the past "the future of computing is 100% cloud, os,apps, data everything. for some reason, that scares me a bit, but it seems that they are trying to make that their future09:37
ElectricPrismtopper4125: I think businesses are smarter than trusting the cloud* if not- they'll learn the hard way imo09:38
topper4125'tis true ElectricPrism09:38
ElectricPrismtopper4125: plus I would think business owners are control freaks and would like their data stored locally - I wouldn't mind having apps in the cloud, but not my personal data09:38
ElectricPrismI learned the other day that Debian has a official forum - I was surprised though at how little activity it has compared to the ubuntu forums09:40
ElectricPrismUbuntu Forum Posts: 11,795,654   Debian Forum Posts: 439,57309:41
topper4125with plugins like firesheep out there showing how easy exploits can be exposed.. you would think everyone fear personal info in the air and in the cloud. but then again M$ still has a lot to learn when it comes to computer security doesn't it? Lol09:41
ElectricPrismI'm in favor of the idea that bad security comes from bad programmers09:42
ElectricPrismI often hear arguments that php is insecure, but the reality is that php has a lot more code created by developers, and the quality of the code is less because the language is soo popular09:43
Thundarrwatching Tron Uprising. This show is gorgeous.09:43
ElectricPrisma cartoon?09:43
Thundarrlot of known voice talent too09:43
Thundarrits cgi09:43
Thundarrits beautiful. the style is amazing. lot of love goes into it.09:44
ElectricPrismseeing tron in the metreon really was inspiring09:44
ElectricPrismthe style looks cool09:44
ElectricPrismhas anyone ever tried ripping dpkg out of a debian distro and grafting it onto say gentoo or arch?09:45
topper4125ElectricPrism, not me personally... I ran Arch for about 6 months and came back to ubuntu w/ Xfce DE09:46
topper4125I liked arch, but I spent too much time babysitting the OS... IMHO09:47
CatbuntuArch is... :(09:47
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ElectricPrismtopper4125: I have arch on my laptop and it's been an enlighening experience, but I admit I really miss Ubuntu Software Center and the vast number of packages on ubuntu, the #1 reason I value it09:47
CatbuntuI like XFCE.09:47
CatbuntuBut it's too "conservative" for me, I preffer Unity, gnome-panel or Cinnamon.09:47
ElectricPrismtopper4125: Yeah, that makes sense - It's really cool to be running SystemD, I find it easier to control services, but I don't need a highly secure system although I hate having software I dont know about since linux is soo vast in its software, and the names are cryptic and confusing09:48
topper4125Catbuntu XFCE is my fav DE... just the speed, and customization of it are perfect for me.09:48
ElectricPrismCatbuntu: I can't remember if it was XFCE or LXDE, one of those had a beautiful Alt+F2 run dialog, but I just can't get into unity09:49
topper4125ElectricPrism, ya that's my problem too...09:49
Malsasa_topper4125: i like KDE :)09:49
ElectricPrismtopper4125: I thought about creating a linux accronym dictionary because stuff like /etc/fstab really should be named /config/filesystem-table09:49
ElectricPrismbut I also respect that having the unix filesystem gives linux strength as a Unic operating system09:50
Malsasa_ElectricPrism: we can create a wallpaper from that dictionary09:50
topper4125I did find that installing Ubuntu-mini and building my system up from scratch about as good as and Arch install...09:50
TheFlipsidecan someoney tell me what the countdown on the ubuntu website is for?09:50
topper4125... if you're into minimal install idealls09:50
topper4125best guess TheFlipside, is Ubuntu for Android09:51
TheFlipsideah thanks09:51
ElectricPrismtopper4125: Good point, I actually dislike that pacman file manager's options are again "cryptic" and "confusing"09:51
ElectricPrismtopper4125: Imagine me trying to instruct me to give my wife instructions over the phone on the correct pacman command to update the system - "you're gonna have a bad time"09:52
topper4125I had a couple 'plug-ins' for pacman that kind of made it act like apt-get, it was a little easier, but not much09:52
ElectricPrismtopper4125: how do I get the minimal install - I would love to use that, it sounds good09:52
snxwhere can I get ubuntu 13 iso09:53
theadminElectricPrism: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:53
ElectricPrismtopper4125: yaoucht was pretty cool but then again the name was dumb, kindof like when you're a n00b and you're trying to remember how to spell nautilus09:53
topper4125https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD 50 MBish download09:53
kylescottmcgill:o they still compile that09:53
ElectricPrism34mb XD, nice09:53
kylescottmcgilli thought they stopped after 909:53
topper4125yup... its good for systems that don09:53
topper4125... dont have PAE09:53
kylescottmcgill-_- i can feel myself rebuilding my desktop tonight09:54
OerHekssnx @ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ plus support in #ubuntu+109:54
topper4125nice thing about mini... wifi works out of the box... unlike arch...09:54
kylescottmcgilli love arch, but i suffer from that and more on a mac :(09:55
ElectricPrismI gotta admit that the one that I really wanted on ubuntu that I lacked was fbcondecor and plymouth, usplash looks like garbage on my 260gtx and I love having a background image on my TTY1, makes my OS look pro09:55
shikata_ga_naihappy new year err'body.09:55
snxhappy new year09:56
ElectricPrismOMG I just got into Sublime Text 2, their new release is soo amazing, I loved Notepad++ but couldn't get into Geany or GEdit, soo glad to have it09:56
ElectricPrismWait... did they switch from USplash to Plymouth?09:56
topper4125not sure09:56
ElectricPrismI see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Plymouth09:56
dr_willisPlymouth is the default on ubuntu for quite some time now09:57
kylescottmcgillElectricPrism: Sublime is mint09:57
ElectricPrismkylescottmcgill: What does that mean, mint as in prime?09:57
kylescottmcgillmint as in its awesome09:57
ElectricPrismoic, cool! yeah they're the bomb and they're cross platform :)09:57
kylescottmcgillya, its like the only software i feel proud to have brought, like it went to a good cause sorta thing09:58
kylescottmcgill... wasnt a waste of money is better said09:58
ElectricPrismdr_willis - maybe its my grub2 resolution then idk why bootup is so glitchy, I just can't wait till ubuntu switches to SystemD and possibly Wayland - although nowadays we're finally getting abilities that make X Server Screen hosting on another computer useful - It just took 30 years09:58
dr_willisyou can set Grub2 to use a Text mode boot menu.09:59
kylescottmcgillElectricPrism: you can change your grub2 boot settings to accomodate for your larger screen size09:59
ElectricPrismkylescottmcgill: Do you get any additional features from buying it? I know they're very liberal and dont limit a trial period09:59
kylescottmcgillElectricPrism: none what so ever, trial version is supposed to be limited at some time in the near future i believe10:00
ElectricPrismkylescottmcgill: Yeah, I might need to, I'm not sure really, what I do know is my Samsung SyncMaster 710n dual 17" 1280x1024 aren't probably identified in Ubuntu so I need to set the resolution using xrandr :( QQ10:00
ElectricPrismkylescottmcgill: I need to finish a client project and purchase a license, software I'd be proud to own10:01
ElectricPrismI wiped out my 2tb volume using DD to all zeros, and now I've been copying 850,000 files and it's minuets away from completion, its been running since 48 hours ago - I'm soo stoked!10:02
kylescottmcgilllol sorry to hear your bad luck10:02
ElectricPrismA friend of mine told me that hard drives above 2TB have the data too condensed that it's starting to have problems reading and writing as clearly though, I wish I had the source10:02
topper4125I've only donated to 3 software houses :( Sent money to the Gimp, ZorinOS (cuz its pretty) and Canonical.10:03
ElectricPrismkylescottmcgill: My bad luck was caused by Windows chkdisk, It destroyed my NTFS $MFT because I used the drive often in Ubuntu, since then I got a 3TB EXT4 that I'm enjoying10:03
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ElectricPrismhaving 10 years of files stuck in limbo is super lame though10:04
ElectricPrismShoulda bought a NAS instead of a Raid 1 mirror QQ10:04
morfeo_81hi there10:05
morfeo_81Happy new year!!!10:05
ElectricPrismIf I enabled the unstable repos would it be the same as running Ubuntu as a rolling release distro?10:05
morfeo_81How can createpermantly  ubuntu on usb external drive with my preference10:06
kylescottmcgillI havnt done that, but i think it wouldnt be like using Arch, i think unstable is more or less things are going to break, etc10:06
kylescottmcgillmorfeo_81: do you mean an installation on a USB Drive?10:06
ElectricPrismyou need a motherboard that can boot from usb, and a USB ideally 16GB+ I imagine it'd be simple, USB 3 is better, USB 2 is doable10:07
topper4125ElectricPrism, ya I think that gives puts your system on the bleeding edge of releases. (read into that a lot of breaking and babysitting of the OS)10:07
morfeo_81<kylescottmcgill>:no I mean to have ubuntu portable on different computer with my preference10:08
ElectricPrismtopper4125: I think I like the idea of rolling release better, Im tired of Sabayon and others having old software like Gnome 3.4 instead of 3.6, maybe I'll try to make it work with Unity,10:09
CatbuntuWhich is the best DE Gnome2-like, Cinnamon or XFCE?10:09
kylescottmcgilloh right, i think you might have some issues with things like GFX Drivers and Wifi drivers etc, not to mention different CPU types, but i think you can, just install to a USB opposed to your HDD, and you will need to make sure you have a MBR on the USB10:09
topper4125ah... ya I'm the opposit with that... gimmie stability! :D10:09
ubottuCatbuntu:: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:10
ElectricPrismIn unity I can't stand two things: The menu is on the left and I have no options to move it to the bottom, and 2) The close, max, min window controls when maximized are hidden in the global menu bar - has anyone solved either of these?10:10
CatbuntuWell, I know.10:10
CatbuntuI mean technicaly.10:10
CatbuntuGTK2/GTK3, etc.10:10
auronandaceElectricPrism: you don't solve them, they are like that by design10:10
ElectricPrismCatbuntu: Cinnamon almost won me over10:10
kylescottmcgillElectricPrism: i believe there is app that gives you more control over the menu bar, but generally i use Gnome 3 (PPA is 3.6) or Awesome WM, which is a Tiling Window Manager10:11
topper4125the only way I solved it was to switch to XFCE... Unity destroys freedom to customize the desktop10:11
ElectricPrismkylescottmcgill: What is a Tiling Window Manager, I hear it mentioned a lot10:11
ElectricPrismI would accept it, I even like the global menu and menu search, but those two things hurt my workflow10:12
kylescottmcgillThe windows dont float naturally, evetyhing is more or less bound to the keyboard, so when im swapping apps i rarely use the mouse10:12
morfeo_81Best way to get portable Ubuntu on USB Drive?10:13
ElectricPrismin windows I had the panel on the bottom and a dock on each side of my screen to quickly launch work folders, etc... and I have 4:3 monitors so the whole design for "widescreen" doesn't benefit me :(10:13
kylescottmcgillCheck out Google Images, you will be sure to find some examples, just get ready for a lot of work, normally there is a GUI to configure a Tiling Window manager, normally its in a scripting language10:13
ElectricPrismkylescottmcgill: are the windows always fullscreen? because I find TTY1-7 just like having open tabs in Firefox and totally useful10:13
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kylescottmcgillSort of10:14
ElectricPrismhas anyone tired E17 since their 1.0 release?10:14
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topper4125If you think 4:3 is harsh with Unity... try a netbook form factor 1024X600... there's a lot of lost desktop usage with only 600 vertical pixles...10:14
ElectricPrismfirefox on that would be painful with its menu bars10:15
kylescottmcgilllol topper4125 you sir, need a Xmonad, or Awesome :D10:15
ElectricPrismThe more I delve into linux, the more that I find myself a minority in the world, soo sad...10:15
deniskaHello. 3.2.0-35-generic-pae kernel, Samsung NP350 series laptop, after suspend to ram fn key is sticky10:15
topper4125I've been hearing a lot about xmonad lately.. might have to look into it10:16
deniskaLike f2 acts like fn+f2 (brightness down)10:16
kylescottmcgillIts in Haskell, so good luck :)10:16
ElectricPrismyeah, I only know about it from lunduke.com personally, but hm10:16
topper4125Lunduke... I wish he'd return to Linux Action Show...10:17
ElectricPrismWhen I look up xmonad I see this picture and I run like hell: http://www.haskell.org/wikiupload/a/aa/Screen-triplehead-galois.jpg10:17
ElectricPrismHe was really a down to earth dude, and I felt like he thought how I thought10:17
kylescottmcgilldeniska: you could hack it to reset/unset the FN keys Stickey, inside .profile or an autostart file, other than that i dont know if there is a setting for it10:17
topper4125me too10:17
ElectricPrismmaybe I'll return to gentoo10:18
ElectricPrismI mean ubuntu, from gentoo10:18
kylescottmcgillXmonad is really nice, really fast, but a lot of tweaking until you get it setup the way you like10:18
topper4125If you really want a challenge... could give linux from scratch a try... I can't make it past Chapter one with out drooling and falling asleep... but that's just me10:19
ElectricPrismkylescottmcgill: Why is it that performance is such a problem in the nix* world, does everyone just have mid to low range hardware idk10:19
ElectricPrismtopper4125: I would love to, but honestly there starts to be too many distros to keep up on in the X world10:20
ElectricPrismtopper4125: I could loose myself in the accroynm ocean really fast and forget I'm alive10:20
bazhang!ot | ElectricPrism10:21
ubottuElectricPrism: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:21
topper4125ElectricPrism, yup... that's where I fall apart when reading the Linux from scratch book, once I get to the compilers, and permissions... i'm out10:22
ElectricPrismAwesome Window Manager looks really productive, I would use it just to try, but I think when I install Ubuntu next time I'm gonna load on the Pantheon DE, I love how its shaping up10:22
bazhangElectricPrism, this is not the chat channel10:22
kylescottmcgillElectricPrism: i have a lot running, and lot going on when im developing, so i would rather my system working for me, rather than against me with things i deem to be useless like File Previews, or services i dont use10:22
kylescottmcgilllol sorry i got carried away too, if someone needs a hand let me know :)10:23
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ElectricPrismI thought people would be cool just talking about linux / ubuntu stuff but I guess it's no okay when there's no one with questions to help10:24
ElectricPrismanways I'm out to the hot tube, enjoyed the conversation, ttyl bros10:24
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Guest67899-NickServ- yes I do I want that same name10:26
joey8Guest67899➤ tough!10:27
Guest67899I'm not getting on my Ubuntu install Xmms 12:1010:28
kylescottmcgillto think there is another 67898 guests online10:28
joey8surely not - its just a next_number isnt it?10:29
cfhowlettfloridsdorf: greetings10:32
floridsdorfhappy new year10:33
newb_hi, and happy new year to all :>10:34
nasserashnewb_, happy new year :)10:35
newb_can anyone help me please to find a program which could control the speed of the fans in my system like how Speedfan used to do for me under Windows?10:35
Brunbookgood day, I can not install XMMS on my Ubuntu 12.10 can someone help me?10:35
newb_they are too noisy now10:36
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious or xmms2 instead.10:36
cfhowlettBrunbook: xmms2 is in the universe repository10:36
dr_willistheres other media players/music players also10:36
theadminWow, xmms, that's a name I haven't heard in a while10:37
topper4125!info fancontrol | newb_10:37
ubottunewb_: fancontrol (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.1-2ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 20 kB, installed size 111 kB10:37
* dr_willis wonders how HUGE a download winamp is these days.10:37
dr_willis;) the good old days when people just had to have everything themeable..10:38
newb_ubottu: thank you, I have a look at it10:38
ubottunewb_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:38
serp_thats what a smart ai would say to avoid detwction10:39
topper4125dr_willis 11mb for free and 15mb for full (+$20.00) ouch10:39
serp_in other news, WinZip is in version 1710:40
OerHeksdr_willis, 270 kb v1,82 in 199710:40
topper4125I'm sure half that download is the license agreement10:40
dencryptpeople still use winzip?10:41
serp_and toolbars10:41
topper4125I figured that after EVERY OS built Zip support into themselves WinZip would ahve died.10:42
theadmintopper4125: Yeah, kinda weird that paid archivers like WinZIP and WinRAR still exist10:45
topper4125how come no one has developed a Linux GUI for this: http://www.crazypc.com/other/misc/toast.htm10:46
Squall5668looks like it needs a lot of spare watts...10:47
dr_willisbest Case Mod thing i ever got was these little Drive Bay Drawers  to keep cd's and flash drives in. ;)10:51
newb_topper4125 : Thank you, it's working10:51
topper4125No problem newb_ happy new year10:51
newb_you too10:51
dr_willisNow this would be interesting on a Server box. -> http://www.crazypc.com/products/cooljag-ef4-12-5680F12.html10:51
topper4125I've seen those on a few youtube vids... they're pretty interesting.10:52
dr_willisbe neat if you could send cpu load and other info to  a fan with leds. ;)10:54
dr_willisoh well.. night time for me.. bbl10:54
topper4125dr_willis, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoDVhunos6E demo of that fan you were looking at10:57
topper4125oh.. oops he's gone10:57
topper4125well, I think i'm going galt... see ya11:09
EmanonWow this actually works pretty well in Thunderbird.11:14
EmanonAparrently Thunderbird has built in chat+irc now.11:14
EmanonAnd it's actually usable.11:15
bs123huh didn't know that11:15
bs123i run the windows version11:15
bs123hmm i wonder11:15
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EmanonDoes anyone know if Thunderbird support SASL authentication with IRC so I can use FreeNode via TOR?11:16
rabbi1Happy new year !!11:16
EmanonHappy new year rabbi111:17
EmanonDarn it doesn't have tab completion.11:17
CongWhat methods are there to remove items from the gnome-panel on Ubuntu 12.04?11:18
EmanonGuess I'm still using Pidgin. I love me some tab completion.11:19
tenXEmanon: props to pidgin11:19
EmanonYea, I only wish it existed on Android.11:20
CongYuck! Pidgin.11:20
EmanonKind of a pain to get SASL patched for Pidgin though.11:20
tenXCong: why?11:20
tenXEmanon: sasl?11:21
CongtenX, it just is.11:22
EmanonA type of authentication. Freenode requires it for any connection coming through their onion.11:22
bs123tbirdemanon thanx for the tip....windows version has a client too in tbird11:22
tenXEmanon: familiar with sasl basically, just wondering about irc usage thx11:22
EmanonYea, you have to be sasl compatible to use freenode through tor.11:23
tenXCong: for whatever reason11:23
CongHow am I suppose to remove files placed in the gnome-panel?11:23
tenXEmanon: k i c dont have anything to hide so far11:23
CongtenX, for many reasons.11:23
EmanonI'd like to know how to remove entries in my apps panel too. I have a shortcut to a wine program that no longer exists that I would like to remove.11:24
tenXCong: name at least one11:24
EmanontenX: Tor isn't about having things to hide it's about having privacy there's a pretty big difference.11:24
tenXEmanon: who cares about some chat lines11:26
EmanonI don't have a whole lot to "hide" but I still shut the bathroom door when I'm in there. Some things you just prefer to keep between the people you choose.11:26
tenXEmanon: thats partially overrated11:27
llutztenX: privacy can't be overrated11:28
EmanonIf you leave data laying about everywhere it's far too easy for someone malicious to make an unflattering narrative of your actions. And while such a story might not be true it could very well be made up of facts, specifically the ones you left littered around.11:29
tenXllutz: principally not11:29
EmanonYou're entitled to your position on the matter but I prefer not to be a data litterbug.11:30
CongEmanon, press alt + win, right click, and left click remove.11:30
tenXEmanon: define the actual threat11:30
CongIf you're not buying something you're the thing being sold.11:31
EmanonMisrepresentation using factual statements in a dishonest fashion tenX11:31
angswhat is the equivalent directory of cat /proc/bus/usb/devices on ubuntu?11:32
tenXEmanon: you caught me11:32
EmanonThat alt+win right click thing didn't work.11:32
Congon gnome-panel?11:33
ubottufranco69: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:33
EmanonNot on the dock bar thing on the left, actually in the dashboard.11:33
CongIf it ain't gnome panel it ain't working on it.11:34
EmanontenX: Have you seen anything with Jacob Appelbaum?11:35
EmanonHe's one of the people who maintain Tor. He's freaking brilliant if you watch some of his speeches or interviews.11:36
EmanonHe gives some awesome reasons why you don't have to be shady or paranoid to desire privacy.11:36
tenXEmanon: dont get me wrong. pretty familiar with the net11:37
tenXEmanon: i cut it down to this simple matter of irc chat11:37
tenXEmanon: something i personally dont care about11:37
EmanonI understand, and I actually agree with you a bit. I just know what people can do if you give them too much information that seems innocuous.11:37
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:38
tenXEmanon: individual view on things11:38
tenXEmanon: i'm with you11:38
EmanonIndividual points of data may be harmless by themselves but when you get enough points of data you can do one of two things. You can get an accurate picture of something (whether or not it's you're business) and you can twist it to paint an inaccurate picture. Now most of the time you don't have to worry about this but in the event that you DO it's so devastating that you pretty much have to plan for the worst even if it's unlikely b11:40
=== joan is now known as Guest26068
angsI am following the instruction here https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kernel/Debugging/USB sudo mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb outputs mount: mount point /proc/bus/usb does not exist. what is the correct usage of that command?11:41
EmanonThink of some of the things you've said in public or in private. Now imagine if someone took just the worst things you've said and used them to make you look like a horrible person even though they might represent the smallest portion of your interactions or views.11:42
cfhowlett!ot|Gentle reminder ... #ubuntuofftopic is a more appropriate place for this non-support discussion.11:42
ubottuGentle reminder ... #ubuntuofftopic is a more appropriate place for this non-support discussion.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:42
EmanonTHAT is why most people who anonymize do so. Not just to get some cp or whatever.11:43
EmanonYou're right cfhowlett sorry.11:43
tenXEmanon: cp?11:43
Azmuthhello ?11:51
Guest1100101hi, where is the string for add-apt-repository on this site https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ttf-freefont ???11:52
Night-hacksafter a while my ubuntu ssh server says "Permission denied, please try again." it happens after a month regularly !11:52
Azmuthanyone know how to install java rpm on ubuntu ?11:53
Night-hacksAzmuth: install java binary from Oracle site11:54
AzmuthNight-hacks: i downloaded rpm from java site but can't install it11:54
Azmuthi evern converted it into deb but it don't install properly11:55
Night-hacksAzmuth: download the tar version11:55
AzmuthNight-hacks: ok thanks for telling11:55
Azmuthi am new to ubuntu11:55
ubottufranco69: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:55
jonbaerdoes anyone here use juju?11:59
Night-hacksany idea ?11:59
_Trullonight, could be the key that needs to be renewed?12:00
cfhowlettAzmuth: what's the problem?12:01
cfhowlettAzmuth: rpm is redhat package manager ... NOT a .deb which is what Ubuntu uses12:02
Azmuthi just resolved it with help12:03
Guest1100101hi, I can't find the string for add-apt-repository command for this site https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ttf-freefont, can someone help?12:03
cfhowlettGuest1100101: the launchpad site of the author should state installation instructions12:04
dkesselGuest1100101: you should not need a PPA to install ttf-freefont... it is a standard package12:05
cfhowlettGuest1100101: indeed, dkessel is correct.  the package is in the main repos.,.  sudo apt-get install ttf-freefont would do it.12:06
Guest1100101cfhowlett, dkessel: sorry, looking for otf-freefont12:07
cfhowlettGuest1100101: in the universe repos.   enable universe and run sudo apt-get install oft-freefont12:08
Guest1100101cfhowlett: not available on lucid ;-(12:09
cfhowlettGuest1100101: ahhh, ok.12:10
blackline2I managed to lock myself out of my user account when trying to disable and uninstall eCryptFS following this guide: http://virtually-a-machine.blogspot.se/2010/08/howto-disable-ecryptfs.html12:17
blackline2Anyone up for trying to help me out?12:17
blackline2As for the guide I did the exact same steps except from while moving the files with "mv Private/* ." which I did as sudo (maybe cause of error, don't know)12:18
Azmuthany good ubuntu downloader that is like idm and free ?12:19
blackline2Now when I try to log in to the desktop I get the message: "Could not update ICEauthority file /home/user/.ICEauthority".12:19
mangdood_I'm trying to make a judgment whether I should upgrade to KUbuntu 12.10 or Ubuntu 12.10. I'm still using 12.04 (I think). How can I tell how well maintained Kubuntu is?12:19
mangdood_blackline2: I think it's because now your home folder is owned by root12:19
kylescottmcgillblackline2: try sudo chmod 777 .ICE.....12:19
kylescottmcgillor the above12:20
Azmuthmangdood_: ubuntu 12.04 is like is 12.1012:20
blackline2mangdood_, that was my guess to. how do I in a correct way make sure that it is owned by me?12:20
kylescottmcgillyou could also chown the directory back to who you are12:20
blackline2kylescottmcgill, actually i checked the permissions at that file and it was owned by me.12:20
mangdood_blackline2: sudo chown -R <homefolder>12:20
kylescottmcgillsudo chown -R <your-user>.<your-user> /home/<your-user>12:20
blackline2kylescottmcgill, How do I chown the whole directory + content?12:20
blackline2kylescottmcgill, thanks12:21
kylescottmcgillmangdood_: does chown use whoami as the default?12:21
mangdood_kylescottmcgill: I wouldn't know :p12:21
kylescottmcgilllol ok stick with mine, you should be sorted after that blackline212:22
Azmuthi have downloaded java tar.gz package and extracted it,now how to install it ?12:22
mangdood_I just know that you don't need to include the syntax explicitly (as long as you're not using su or logged in with another user)12:22
kylescottmcgilli see12:23
kylescottmcgillAzmuth: whats in the Tar file?12:23
Azmuthits a tar file for java installtion12:23
Azmuthinside it there is a folder named "jre1.7.0_10"12:24
kylescottmcgillAzmuth: wouldnt you just sudo apt-get javasdk ? (or something) opposed to installing a tar ball12:24
Azmuthkylescottmcgill: now i have downloaded the tar12:24
Azmuthis there any way i can install from it ?12:24
mangdood_Azmuth: You probably don't want the tar unless you know what you're doing12:25
mangdood_Azmuth: It's less work to install it with apt-get and easier to maintain12:25
kylescottmcgillAzmuth: sudo apt-cache search jre12:25
kylescottmcgillpick one of those12:25
kylescottmcgillthen sudo apt-get install <the-one-you-need>12:25
blackline2kylescottmcgill, At least I got further into the desktop, but now I got the message that it could not write to the file. I think I tried deleting it according to a "solution" I read before entering here... Except for the ownership, is there any difference in this file you think? Could I copy it from another user account to my folder and just change ownership?12:26
kylescottmcgillwhats the file12:26
kylescottmcgilland maybe12:26
kylescottmcgillnormally, if it cant find it, it will create it12:27
kylescottmcgillif the file is there, you may need to change the permissions on the file12:27
blackline2kylescottmcgill,  it isnt12:27
kylescottmcgill-rw-------  1 kyle kyle  3418 Dec 31 15:25 .ICEauthority12:27
kylescottmcgillthats what mine looks like12:27
blackline2i had it before but tried erasing it in hope of it getting created again.12:28
kylescottmcgill*try* to touch .ICEauthority12:28
kylescottmcgilltouch a command, it will create the file12:28
kylescottmcgilltouch .ICEauthority ; chmod 600 .ICEauthority12:29
kylescottmcgillblackline2: are you installing Gnome 3?12:32
AzmuthInstalled jave from tar.gz,,,Thanks to http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/install-oracle-java-runtime-jre-7-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/12:34
kylescottmcgillAzmuth: awesome :)12:34
blackline2kylescottmcgill, I use Unity (i suppose :/ )12:36
blackline2kylescottmcgill, Now I see that .ICEauthority is owned by me.12:36
kylescottmcgillblackline2: ok when i googled it, alot of people where swapping Window or Desktop managers when the issue occured12:36
kylescottmcgilldoes it work?12:36
kylescottmcgilllogging in i mean12:36
blackline2kylescottmcgill, the message i get trying to log in is that it cannot update the file. the file has been recreated after i touched it, had to touch it as sudo to be able to touch it. then changed owner with chown12:37
=== qos|away is now known as qos
blackline2So no, it doesnt work12:37
Azmuthkylescottmcgill: when i run gta sa under wine it don't start in full screen.Do you know how to fix it ?12:37
kylescottmcgillif you had to sudo to touch it, this means your /home/<user> folder is owned by root, and you should change that, as for Wine and Fullscreen, that will be unrelated i would imagine, and i wouldnt have a clue, #wine-hq might have a better idea sorry12:38
Azmuthok nvm12:39
Azmuththanks for support12:39
Azmuthyou are very helpful12:39
kylescottmcgillAzmuth: sorry i thought you were the other guy... stupid weechat highlighting, as for your issue, the second part applies to you :)12:40
blackline2kylescottmcgill, that was my guess from the beginning. did "sudo chown -R marcus.marcus /home/marcus" now but still same issue.12:41
blackline2"Can't update ICE..."12:41
kylescottmcgillsudo chown -R marcus.marcus /home/marcus ; sudo chmod 755 /home/marcus ; should set up your home dir properly12:42
kylescottmcgillas for your ice issue, the above file permissions should fix it, if it doesnt the only thing that teh internet suggests is to reinstall gnome-session, but i think thats a little extreme12:43
kylescottmcgillBlackDex: what were you trying to do before this? can you paste that link again please?12:44
kylescottmcgillnevermind found it12:45
=== Adys_ is now known as Adys
kylescottmcgilloh he left :(12:47
blacklinekylescottmcgill, Now it works!12:53
kylescottmcgillblackline: congrats :)12:53
blacklineAwesome. Thanks!12:53
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
kylescottmcgillbrb need to see if my thing now works :) your welcome :)12:54
CongCan I still read the notes I left in files from 10.04?12:58
elkyCong, depends what files. if you mean open office files, then yes.13:01
CongFile property notes13:02
Congthe notes left in the note tab in properties of files.13:03
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=== Guest51434 is now known as Tweetster
CongI can't watch the video. Can you write it down?13:10
MonkeyDu1tCong  it's spam13:11
DJonesdan_: This is Ubuntu support13:11
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
Conggvfs-info -a metadata::annotation <file> isn't showing anything13:13
kylescottmcgillblackline: so you managed to get it all sorted yeah?13:15
Congthat's the last time I save notes in files.13:16
alazare619looking for some help with fstab i have a odd issue basically i have a drive lets call it "Storage" I want it to be mounted to where any user (INCLUDING DAEMONS/SERVICES) can read write and execute any file on that drive regardless of who created the file ill paste my current fstab to pastebin13:17
alazare619the one with the uuid is the drive mounted currently to /media/storage wich is where id like to be able to keep it if possible13:18
CongI have a partition called Storage too!13:18
blacklinekylescottmcgill, Yes everything works like a charm!13:19
blacklinekylescottmcgill, If your up for it I would really appreciate if you could help me out to move my home directory to another storage (already mounted). It's pretty much the same as I did now but before I messed up and since I have a clean start now I would like to do it the right way :)13:20
blacklinekylescottmcgill, For now my home directory is stored on the ssd that the system runs from. I would like it to be stored at /sdb1 which is mounted as /media/Storage13:21
kylescottmcgillblackline: is it external to your computer?13:21
blacklinekylescottmcgill, it's internal13:22
blacklinebut i've intentionally mounted it under media just since i wanted it listed as a drive in nautilus13:22
blacklinei would be ok with changing the mountpoint if /media/ isn't the proper way to go13:22
kylescottmcgillthere is a couple of ways you could do this13:22
blacklinehaving it in /media "feels" kind of external13:23
blacklineAny ideas on that. Would it look more proper to mount it elsewhere before I go on moving stuff?13:23
kylescottmcgill1) would be to setup a new user, then use the /media/x/x/homedir/ as the home dir, or 2) you could mv everything on to the hdd then modify your fstab records13:23
kylescottmcgillquick question, what format is your /media/ drive?13:24
blacklinekylescottmcgill, as for now it's mounted in fstab, i've put it there13:24
blacklinekylescottmcgill, it's ext413:24
kylescottmcgillit would need to be ext4 for it work properly13:24
kylescottmcgillok awesome, you shouldnt have any problems with Permissions etc then13:24
blacklinekylescottmcgill, no. this should work. i just want it to be placed fany when it comes to mountpoint :)13:25
kylescottmcgillif you move everything on to the drive, then change you fstab to point /home to the new location you should be sweet13:25
blackline...and of course working :)13:25
blacklinesounds great.13:25
kylescottmcgillalazare619: whats the storage type? FAT32/EXT4/X13:26
blacklinekylescottmcgill, so how do i perform the whole moving?13:26
alazare619as you can see in the fstab currently13:27
alazare619its the line with the UUID refrence as its the only NON virtual partition13:27
kylescottmcgillblackline: you might want to logout, and change to another tab CTL + ALT + F1 and login as root13:28
blacklinekylescottmcgill, and then?13:28
blacklinekylescottmcgill, should i make a new user first to be able to enter in desktop if i get locked out? :)13:28
kylescottmcgillthen cp -prvf /home/marcus /media/path/to/other/hdd/13:29
kylescottmcgilli would cp first, incase it dies part way through or something wierd13:29
kylescottmcgillthats why you would cp first13:29
kylescottmcgillthen once we have change the fstab, you can always revert the fstab and go back to normal13:30
LKiSplease anyone can tell me what alternative software for open yahoo messenger url like this -> ymsgr:sendIM?noobs13:30
kylescottmcgillafter the /home has completed, i would advise to mv /home /home-old for a backup13:30
alazare619kyles basically what im going to do is have a bare drive, that no matter what file is created under wich user it will always be a 777 folder and a 666 file13:30
alazare619so that any user can read write any file13:31
alazare619under any folder13:31
kylescottmcgillalazare619: so you need fstab umask options13:32
blacklinekylescottmcgill, i'll give this a try. see you in a while. *hopefully13:32
alazare619yea wich im not exactly familiar with13:32
alazare619well technically13:33
alazare619i just want it all 77713:33
alazare619jsut to make it easy13:33
kylescottmcgillalazare619: just finding a proper and quick way to do it, there is a couple13:34
kylescottmcgillfstab umask, or ACL13:35
kylescottmcgillyou kinda want the same as a samba share, anyone can read/write/execute from it etc13:35
kylescottmcgillalazare619: im pretty sure you want umask=000 in your fstab13:38
alazare619UUID=426c4e71-524e-48a1-bffb-a323c1e845bb       /media/storage/ ext4  umask=000        1 213:39
alazare619just like that?13:39
EaglemanI want my proxypass only at 1 of my FQDN's, now its on both of my FQDN's, Any idea what i did wrong?  http://pastebin.com/JMSvpcKT13:39
KRomeleoncan anyone help with a question, who is in charge of the icons for the web apps?13:40
KRomeleongoogle plus updated their logo long ago and firefox still installs the old logo of an icobn13:40
kylescottmcgillalazare619: yup13:40
KRomeleonwho is in charge of the icons? canonical?13:41
alazare619so just swap otu defaults to umask=00013:41
kylescottmcgillKRomeleon: depends on who maintains the package13:41
kylescottmcgillyeah i wouldnt advise doing this on, lets say your home directory, because applications use files in your home directory and 777 will sometimes through errors, but for other storage drives ya13:42
bhaveshWill Linux Mint be any different than my Ubuntu with Cinnamon installed excluding minor changes?13:43
EaglemanI want my proxypass only at 1 of my FQDN's, now its on both of my FQDN's, Any idea what i did wrong?  http://pastebin.com/JMSvpcKT13:43
KRomeleonbhavesh, yes13:43
KRomeleonlesser software center for one13:43
kylescottmcgillsorry Eagleman im not clued up on proxy's you might have to wait for someone else to answer your question13:45
EaglemanI think i figured it out13:46
alazare619guess i would actually want umask, dmask and fmask as 00013:46
amirajhave anyone used opencv from the ubuntu repos?13:46
=== mh13 is now known as mh0
arabiI need a little help on bash ....13:47
arabiI want to go to a directory which I get result of another command...13:48
Eaglemani didnt :(13:48
arabifor example I want to cd to which nodejs path13:48
MonkeyDustarabi  #bash13:48
bhaveshI'm installing tf2 from "steam for linux beta", its almost half done.. like 6GB. If I install Linux Mint 14 in place of Ubuntu 12.10, which folder should I backup?13:49
arabiMonkeyDust, OK13:49
EaglemanHow can i bind <Location > ( apache ) to a specific FQDN instead to everything?13:50
krzwhats with the countdown on the homepage?13:51
DJoneskrz: We don't yet, everybody has to wait until the countdown hits 013:52
cfhowlettkrz: rumor says ubuntu on Android / phone / tv?13:52
jribEagleman: try #httpd13:53
krzanyone know if its possible to replace the windows key on a laptop keyboard?13:54
cfhowlettkrz: physically replace or re-assign?13:56
BluesKajHi all13:56
krzcfhowlett: ^^13:56
cfhowlettkrz: sure.  pop it out, put a new key in ... of course, it's still coded to the original setting.  But you can edit that.13:57
krzright, but you know a site that sells replacement keys?13:57
cfhowlettkrz: ask the OEM.13:58
OerHekskrz, with a laptop you need to replace the whole keyboard, unless you find a broken laptop where you can pull that key out13:58
Ironsightebay to the rescue :/13:59
OerHeksa broken laptop is more valuable in parts than in 1 sale:-D14:00
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest42057
OerHeksbut this is offtopic, or join #hardware14:00
IronsightTried to boot windows 8 this morning... No luck14:01
IronsightI'm probably not going to be able to get support for ubuntu-secure-remix14:02
OerHeksIronsight, why? it is an official ubuntu project, isn't it ?14:03
tokamI am having the same problem but the solution does not work for me14:04
* rootpt @ Alice in chains - Would? live Unplugged14:04
IronsightI don't know OerHeks I'm playing with the "Boot Repair" app right now to see if I can get it back in gear :/, I don't think it's some official remix, since I found it on sourceforge14:04
DJonesOerHeks: Its listed as not being officially supported by canonical according to help.ubuntu14:05
OerHeksno https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuSecureRemix >> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-secure-remix14:05
OerHeksoh, community driven project, as i understand ?14:06
OerHekslike the ppc version ?14:06
Ironsightyeah, it's a community project14:07
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
gr8so close to what? what happens in 27 hours?! http://www.ubuntu.com/14:10
Ironsightgr8 I am guessing from the phrase "you can almost *touch* it" perhaps a rollout of a new ubuntu tablet14:12
J_CrayThat's a good guess.14:13
IronsightThere has been talk of such14:13
Ironsightthat's why they have been working so hard on arm support I believe14:14
OerHeksMark Shuttlewoth already wrote on his blog something is different with 13.04 ..14:14
BluesKajsomething is different with 13.04,..How OerHeks ?14:16
alienauti want to set  startup an application14:16
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
alienautwhere can i find binary files of my applications14:17
Name141is there a way to run the equivalent of 'ipconfig /release' and 'ipconfig /renew' in linux?14:20
JPMHalienaut: where did you compile them to?  generally whereis file will yell you where it will execute from though14:20
Emanonalienaut: /bin  maybe?14:20
MonkeyDustalienaut  try /usr/bin/ and /usr/sbin/14:21
EmanonSorry, that's what I mean.14:21
OerHeksalienaut, good explanation where and howto find it > http://askubuntu.com/questions/60826/where-is-the-default-folder-for-apps14:22
EmanonI guess /bin is for base system binaries huh? /usr is for userland apps.14:22
JPMHwhereis will tell you where it comes from when you launch iyt at the shell14:22
OerHeksor find or locate14:22
BluesKajName141, it's better if you explain what you're trying to do.14:23
JPMHEmanon: no - reaaly depends where it originated - thats why we have /bin /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin etc14:23
EmanonReally? I thought it had to do with what they related to.14:23
JPMHEmanon: should be but it seems that is more an element of which of the unix paths it originated with14:24
EmanonLike /bin would be the base bins without which the system would not operate whereas /usr/bin was userland apps I didn't even think of /usr/local/bin14:24
JPMHEmanon: I agree it would be nice  = then you would even be able to forecast where they were14:25
EmanonI'm a little distracted trying to get backtrack running on my phone too.14:25
EmanonIt's no excuse though ;-)14:26
JPMHand what even makes it worse is that there are some commands that are USUALLY bins that are simulated by some of the shells and not others14:26
EmanonSounds like kind of a cluster----.14:26
JPMHI agree Emanon  but once something was released on one of the Unixes (back when they were dominant) it went into which one was there and then when it migrated it stayed there,  at least this is as I understand it14:28
EmanonI'd like to see a FOSS based system replace android.14:28
=== graingert is now known as Guest65097
EmanonLike something arch based with enlightenment maybe.14:28
JPMHIt is sort of like the letter C in English (wait there is no c in English), it is pronounced s or k depending whether the word originated in Latin or Greek14:28
JPMHwhat is FOSS?14:29
MonkeyDustJPMH  free and open source software14:29
JPMHMonkeyDust: ty14:30
JPMHIsn't Adnroid free and open?14:30
J_CraySpeaking of FOSS, what would be the difference with FLOSS? More of an emphasis on free as in beer?14:31
EmanonYes and no, just like desktop distros it's complicated.14:31
JPMHAs I understood it Adndroid is governed by the GPL - is it not?14:32
iceroot#gnu and #android14:32
EmanonI am not opposed to having proprietary software (at least in principle) I just don't like how some of the base system is not as accessible (or so I've heard).14:32
EmanonI'd like to see it with a decent package manager and repos instead of the Play store.14:34
Emanon'Cause I don't like how you're stuck with the half assed mobile versions of what should be simple software.14:35
EmanonPidgin runs on ARM why isn't there Pidgin out for android?14:35
icerootEmanon: #android14:36
icerootEmanon: its offtopic here14:36
ThinkT510Emanon: why are you asking in #ubuntu?14:36
EmanonAndroid is on topic. Ubuntu for android devices is coming out and I'd like to see it as a replacement instead of running in parallell.14:36
icerootEmanon: its offtopic here14:36
ThinkT510Emanon: no, this is a ubuntu support channel14:37
stef1ahi; i'm using Ubuntu 12.10, and my sound doesn't work. please help.14:37
ubottufranco69: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:37
ThinkT510stef1a: what does alsamixer show?14:37
=== gmort is now known as garyamort
stef1aThinkT510: the only suspicious channels at 00 are S/PDIF (D)... how do I turn them up?14:38
ThinkT510stef1a: any say MM?14:38
Lawliet9Hello stefla in the Terminal write lspci14:39
stef1aThinkT510: Line, Beep, Rear Mic, Front Mic14:39
stef1aothers say 00, though the bars are up and filled14:39
ThinkT510stef1a: MM = that channel is muted14:39
stef1aThe S/PDIF (D) ones show up in my Sound Settings, though, so I would like to get them up...14:40
stef1aok, how can I unmute?14:40
ThinkT510stef1a: select the channel and press m14:40
stef1aThinkT510: ok, but now there's still no sound...14:41
ThinkT510stef1a: then it wasn't because something was muted14:42
ThinkT510!sound | stef1a14:42
ubottustef1a: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:42
stef1aS / PDIF (D) are both unmuted, but they have no bars14:43
blacklineJust until today I had my disk crypted which is not the case anymore. I still get the "Enter passphrase" at every boot. How do I disable that feature?14:44
blacklinefor me it's enough to enter password at login14:44
lotuspsychjei have some purple boot screens instead of loading into login screen, after few reboots it fixes..what could cause this?14:45
ThinkT510!nomodeset | lotuspsychje14:45
ubottulotuspsychje: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:45
lotuspsychjeThinkT510:any logs i can check to see whats happening to splash screen14:46
=== 15SAAR55A is now known as essomba84
ThinkT510lotuspsychje: no idea, as long as it gets to the login screen i couldn't care if the splash loads or not for me14:48
stef1ahow do i find the name of my sound driver?14:49
ubottuandycolla: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:49
ThinkT510stef1a: depends on your hardware i think14:50
ramtinahi, i wanna install fedora on my ubuntu partition,i do it but there is an error on formating my root partition any one can help me?14:51
ThinkT510stef1a: lspci will show you some of your hardware, sudo lshw will give you a better more detailed view14:52
blacklineI'll rephrase my question. How do I boot without having to enter passphrase  now when my disk is no longer decrypted?14:52
ThinkT510ramtina: you'd need to get help from fedora14:52
MonkeyDustramtina  delete the partition, thrn install fedora, but better ask in #fedora14:52
ramtinaThinkT510:thanks but there isn't anyone in there :D14:53
ThinkT510ramtina: this channel is only for ubuntu support14:53
ramtinaMonkeyDust: i know but i cant delete it :|14:53
ramtinaThinkT510: thanks sorry about that14:53
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MonkeyDustramtina  use gparted on the ubuntu cd or usb14:53
=== Guest84244 is now known as graingert__
stef1ai tried everything in the sound troubleshooting guide, but my sound still doesn't work14:54
ramtinaMonkeyDust: ok i gonna test, thank you14:54
MonkeyDustramtina  or ask advice in #fedora14:54
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graingertsorry about the nickspam14:58
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StanDarshDoes anyone know what the countdown is about on the ubuntu homepage?14:59
JPMHStanDarsh: do you mean when it is checking the file system15:00
ThinkT510JPMH: he is talking about the ubuntu website15:00
krzwhats the preferred irc client?15:01
JPMHThinkT510: Ty - Never go there15:01
ThinkT510krz: only you can answer that15:01
=== ydnar_ is now known as ydnar
JPMHI mean I never go there - it bothers me15:01
stef1amy sound doesn't work in ubuntu 12.10 and i've tried using the ubuntu troubleshooting guide15:02
StanDarshIt's weird.15:02
StanDarshIt's a 27 hour countdown15:02
JPMHStanDarsh: That is till Shuttleworth reveals all15:02
JPMHI hear that it is going to be the commitment to ARM seriously15:02
StanDarsh..he's.. he's gonna expose himself?15:02
JPMHLOL - ty15:03
StanDarshThat would mean Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi. Which would be excellent.15:03
krzThinkT510: what you using?15:03
ydnartouch os15:03
ThinkT510krz: xchat presently, if i'm on cli then weechat15:03
krzchat doesn't seem like its been updated since 201015:05
StanDarshTouch OS on Reddit: http://i.imgur.com/c43ks.jpg15:05
JPMHStanDarsh: I run a number of PIs - I would not suggest that Ubuntu is a good distro for them15:05
StanDarshToo hungry?15:05
JPMHyes - and the whole nature of what you do with them makes the eye-candy a pain - plus remember you are running from an SD card so small disk footprint is good too15:06
JPMHI love the PI for what I use them for - which is public access computers in coffee shops15:06
StanDarshThat's a good application.15:07
JPMHI did use Ubuntu in the past - when I ran on real machines - actually Xubuntu15:07
StanDarshI've been flirting with getting one but not sure what I'd do with it.15:07
StanDarshI don't have any programming experience.15:07
ThinkT510krz: if its in the repo then its supported15:07
JPMHStanDarsh: as you say - great - because it is instantly re-loadable - and so cheap that if something happens who cares - I use washable keyboards - they cost more than the PIs15:08
mirakdoes anyone knows if google music serve the music you uploaded or just match the music to their own titles ?15:09
IronsightWindows 8 won't boot: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2100299 full info posted there :/15:11
MonkWitDaFunkwouldnt ARM processors be best obtained through recycling?15:11
JPMHStanDarsh: then the PI is for you - one of thje distros is designed for learning and the nice thinbg is - mess up - and so what - re-load15:12
ewookMonkWitDaFunk: that's an odd question. Recycling what?15:13
MonkWitDaFunkall the old iphones and androids should have ubuntu for arm on them15:14
ewookMonkWitDaFunk: Building bootloaders for all old and odd ARM implementations would prove quite painfull..15:14
Ironsightis it possible that ubuntu wiped out my windows 8 efi files?15:16
JPMHIronsight: it is possible but unlikely unless you did something to cause it - it can mount and see the file system etc - and for that matter it could even fdormat the partition15:17
BluesKajIronsight,  did you run sudo -update grub after installing ubuntu , or sudo os-prober first the update grub15:18
IronsightBluesKaj, I used boot repair, which used os-prober and such15:18
Ironsightbefore I used boot-repair from my ubuntu-secure-remix, the system wouldn't even boot grub15:19
Ironsightnow it will boot into ubuntu, but not windows 815:19
Ironsightmy full boot info is in a pastebin now, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1485382/15:20
codeMonkeyHey all, I'm trying to create a for loop in a bash script that invoked a gnome-terminal to open a second script.  the problem here is I need to pass the variable from the for loop counter to the new terminal for the second script.  Ideas?15:22
yficodeMonkey: export an environment variable15:22
ThinkT510codeMonkey: also more help in #bash15:23
IronsightcodeMonkey, I used to do similar in python... like subprocess.call(["xterm", "-e", "whatever command I want to run"]) using xterm, which basically did a xterm -e foo15:25
Ironsightbut yeah, #bash guys will steer you in the right direction15:26
Ironsightheya varun15:27
varuncan you guys help me on mailman15:27
Ironsightdon't ask to ask, :)15:27
varunhi Ironsight15:27
Ironsightjust shoot it out there and if anyone knows, we will help :D15:27
codeMonkeythanks :)  I think the exporting environemtn var was is, I must of done it wrong when i tried it b4 :P15:28
codeMonkeylol thanks15:28
fabookchatDo you know of any facebook app to chat on IRC with other facebook users that aren't on your friends list? It would be great such an app with a lot of great popular #rooms15:33
jribfabookchat: http://wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoFacebook15:36
=== infinityartworx_ is now known as infinityartworx
fabookchatjrib: thx, but that is not a facebook app15:38
jribfabookchat: oh, I misunderstood your question.15:38
jribfabookchat: it's not really an ubuntu question :)15:39
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* rootpt @ Alice In Chains - Nutshell - Unplugged.mp315:42
DJonesrootpt: Please turn that script off15:43
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kslateranyone have a ballpark number for how much disk free I'll need to upgrade from 10.10 to 12.04.1 LTS?15:44
rick2hey guys ... does the youtube webapp work for you ?  it stopped working for me ...15:45
kslaterlooks like I can get to about 2G free if I move a few things off to an external disk for a while. I'm wondering what sort of a can of whoop-ass I'm about to unleash on myself. :-(15:45
ThinkT510kslater: probably much easier to fresh install15:45
BluesKajrick2, after an update/upgrade ?15:46
repozitorhow can i connect to desktop computer using SSH?15:46
kslaterUsing gparted I could probably find another 10G if I had to..15:46
DJones!ssh | repozitor15:47
ubotturepozitor: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)15:47
ThinkT510!ssh | repozitor15:47
techousecan anyone explain to me how to connect either Evolution or Thunderbird to Microsoft Exchange 2003 (OWA)15:47
techousei've been trying for 2hrs :P15:47
techouseno way....15:47
MonkeyDustrepozitor  basically ssh remote_user@remote_IP15:47
srhbI've set vm_dirty_writeback to 60000 to limit writes to disk to once every 10 minutes (if memory permits and if I understand the options correctly). Now, how do I monitor writes? vmstat seems to take an average, I'd like a total counter to check I think.15:47
repozitorMonkeyDust, but my problem is destination computer don't have remote IP15:47
repozitorhe connected to network using my ISP15:48
repozitori want to run some command on destination computer, but i don't know what i should to do exactly15:49
repozitorThinkT510, do you understand my problem?15:50
srhbrepozitor: The destination computer is on your local net?15:50
srhbrepozitor: Well, you need the remote IP.15:50
repozitori know if it exist on my local network, then i can use SSH15:50
repozitori should get remote IP from ISP?15:51
srhbrepozitor: Easier to get it from the person with the destination computer15:51
repozitordestination computer is for me15:51
Night-hacksi get  ssh permission denied please try again. while trying to ssh to my server, and it was ok yesterday !!15:51
repozitorand i know that IP15:52
srhbrepozitor: Then I don't understand your problem. ssh user@destination_ip15:52
repozitormy destination computer connected using ADSL2+15:52
Night-hacksany idea ?15:52
repozitorfor example my ip is
repozitorbut you can't connect using SSH to me15:53
repozitordo you got it?15:53
srhbrepozitor: Does port 22 get forwarded to your computer?15:53
repozitori don't know what is this15:54
repozitorwhat is this?15:54
srhbrepozitor: The port that the SSH server responds on. Your router should forward requests to that port to your computer with the SSH server.15:54
repozitorand my desktop destination computer ip is :
repozitorboth my LP and my desktop computer connected to net, using ADSL2+ from ISP15:55
rick2BluesKaj, I probably did upgrades meanwhile, sure ... but now, youtube videos no longer show up in the volume indicator ... does it work for you?15:55
repozitorand my ip shared between 8 another user, this is not dedicated15:56
srhbrepozitor: The information you need is how to forward port 22 to your local ssh server.15:56
kqri have encountered a strange problem with my ubuntu. after I rebooted last, all xft fonts have gone huge. what previously looked like 12 pt now looks like 18 pt. this applies both to my terminal, my status bar and my web browser. it does not happen with my email client or music player. does anyone have any idea what could have happened?15:56
srhbrepozitor: That depends on your router/the equipment you got from your ISP.15:56
repozitorsrhb, is there exist any external server for this goal?15:57
repozitorfor example how teamviewer works fine?15:57
srhbrepozitor: Team viewer uses a middle man, afaik.15:57
repozitorteam viewer don't need to have any special device15:57
srhbrepozitor: But yes, you can set up reverse tunnels on an external server if you have access to one.15:57
repozitoryes, i mean is there exist any MITM to establish this connection?15:57
srhbrepozitor: Sure, any VPN service could do.15:58
repozitorVPN on desktop computer?15:58
repozitorVPN service*15:58
srhbrepozitor: Any Linux computer that you can reach on port 22 and have access to would do fine15:58
repozitorfor VPN we need to have domain, yes?15:59
srhbrepozitor: Nope. As I said, any port 22 reachable address will suffice.15:59
BluesKajrick2, so you have video , but no audio on youtube ?16:00
=== ydnar_ is now known as ydnar
repozitorhhhmm, i can't understand your mean16:00
repozitorcan you help me to do your suggest?16:00
repozitoror get me usefull link16:00
srhbrepozitor: I think your questions are not really very Ubuntu-related and much more about basic networkiing. Perhaps you could search for basic information on accessing port 22 remotely on Google. :) I'm sure there are dedicated channels to help if you get stuck16:00
rick2BluesKaj, I am talking about the youtube webapp ! i no longer shows the media controls in the volume indicator when I'm watching a video16:01
mohawkhello, I am currently running ubuntu 12.04'. it has been having trouble connecting to the internet. my house network is a wpa 2 network. when I try to connect it just repeatedly asks for my Passcode, but when I join an unlocked network it shows up as I have internet, but then when I try to open a webpage or something it says I am not connected16:01
KM0201what is ubuntu's homepage referring to?16:01
rick2BluesKaj, webapp is the new feature introduced in 12.10 where websites can integrate in unity ... Both the youtube and the facebook are not fully working for me16:02
repozitorsrhb, tnx for helping16:03
repozitormy last request is can you tell me what i search on google?16:03
rick2BluesKaj, maybe those sites changed API, and no update was released for the webapps ... I imagine, but dunno16:03
repozitori don't have any start point16:03
mohawkso basically I can connect, but not to sp16:03
mohawklocked network16:04
cfhowlettKM0201: countdown? unknown.  rumor says ubuntu on android/tv/phone16:04
BluesKajrick2, try reinstalling flash , but it could be your browser too , not sure16:04
srhbrepozitor: Try "forward ports from router"16:04
srhbrepozitor: Then combine with ssh server afterwards16:04
KM0201cfhowlett: i kinda thought phone.. but wasn't 100% sure.. i thought maybe this was a known project, but just doing some googling, looks like nobody knows, just speculation16:04
rick2BluesKaj, dude, dude! I am talking about ubuntu-webapp integration, not flash !!16:04
cfhowlettKM0201: yep16:05
rick2flash works fine. just not the unity integration16:05
pip__Hi, what is the Ubuntu website counting down to at the moment?16:05
mohawk I had ubuntu 12.10 before and it gave me the same probLen, so it cannot be my computer16:05
rick2BluesKaj, the facebook webapp from ubuntu 12.10 is was broken, since the new facebook messaging system16:05
mohawk sorry for my bad spelling but I am on a Kindle fire keyboard16:06
BluesKajrick2, ok , sorry , i don't use unity :P16:06
BS-Harouhello, is there any way to disable the Ubuntu 12.04 unity dash fade-in animation on opening?16:06
mohawk so, does ubuntu have issues connecting to locked networks or something Kline? it worked yesterday, then it just never connected again16:07
srhbI too am curious about that countdown. No imminent releases are planned, are they?16:08
cfhowlettsrhb: none16:08
ThinkT510srhb: next scheduled release is 13.04 in april16:08
srhbYeah. Maybe the countdown is a new years bug :P16:08
mohawk I too am curious about how to fix my computer. :)16:08
ThinkT510mohawk: sounds like an access point issue16:09
mohawkwhat do you mean?16:09
ThinkT510mohawk: tried restarting the router you're trying to connect to?16:10
mohawk everyone else on my network can connect but my ubuntu16:10
k1lmohawk: is the pw corect? does it contain special characters? which wifi card do you use?16:10
stef1amy sound doesn't work in ubuntu 12.10 and i've tried using the ubuntu troubleshooting guide16:10
mohawkI have tried restarting the router, it worked just yesterday and then it stopped16:11
krywkI need help with QJackCTL16:11
krywkWell, more like help, I need tips for Jack.16:11
SpiceMan(ubuntu 11.10) the mysql upgrade bug bit me before I googled it and I broke it further :p. dpkg wants to configure mysql-server-5.1 and I don't care. how can I make it get rid of everything mysql- so I can just apt-get afresh?16:11
krywkHow can I reduce latency without loosing audio quality?16:12
SpiceMan(wants me and fails at it)16:12
mohawk I do not use any special Wi-Fi cardso whatever was in my pc in the beginning....16:12
cfhowlettkrywk: are you using the low latency kernel16:12
krywkWhen I installed JACK, it asked to use realtime kernel. If by low latency kernel you mean that, then yes.16:13
mohawkjust a normal card that worked yesterday, just a normal network and pc that worked yesterday...16:13
cfhowlettkrywk: right.16:13
krywkRight now I'm getting...16:14
krywk46.4 msec16:14
krywkwhich is annoying at some point :/16:14
pip__maybe it's a point release for 12.04?16:15
srhbDespite having set vm writeback timeout to 10 minutes, I keep seeing kB written in iostat every few seconds. What's going on?16:15
ThinkT510pip__: no, the point releases are every 6 months16:17
krywkSo uh, what can I do to reduce latency? :/16:17
k1lmohawk: im not aware of any general changes on ubuntu that should have made your wiki not work today.16:18
kslaterOk, so I need to move off of 10.10 to something else. The question is what? I'd like to move to 12.04.1 LTS 64 bit, but I'm not sure I can get there without a clean install. I don't care about the time required so much, although it's a factor (I'll just have to use a different machine to do development work for a while).16:18
jrib!upgrade | kslater16:19
ubottukslater: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:19
ThinkT510kslater: whats stopping  you from clean installing 12.0416:19
mohawkI cannot wait until the ubuntu 13,04 comes out. I wonder if there will be a new ui or something16:19
k1lkslater: 10.10 is EOL some time16:19
cfhowlettkslater: clean install is recommended.  and you can't upgrade from 10.10 to 12.0416:19
kslaterToo much stuff installed for a clean install16:19
cfhowlettnoob6534: yes we see you16:19
=== rslacke is now known as |Slacker|
mohawk I know people that still use ubuntu 9,0416:20
kslaterhow about a stepped process? say to 11.04 LTS and then up to 12.04 LTS?16:20
jribkslater: yes, see ubottu.16:20
ThinkT510kslater: 11.04 was not lts16:20
=== |Slacker| is now known as Guest30155
kslateroh, there isn't a 11.04 LTS16:20
cfhowlettmohawk: I know people that still use XP.  Doesn't make it a smart thing to do.16:20
noob6534can anybody recommec some online game on ubuntu?16:20
ThinkT510kslater: 11.04 is also no longer supported16:20
kslaterso how about to 11.10 and then up to 12.04?16:20
jribkslater: this is all detailed in the link ubottu gave you16:21
mohawk75% of Windows users use xp almost16:21
cfhowlettkslater: from 10.04 you can upgrade directly to 12.04.  otherwise, 10.10 to 11.04, 11.10, 12.0416:21
kslateryeah, reading now. Let me see what I can do.16:21
k1lkslater: if you want upgrade you need every step untill 12.04, which is upgrade to 11.04, 11.10 and then 12.0416:21
kslatercfhowlett: thanks.16:21
jrib!eol | k1l16:21
ubottuk1l: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:21
jribkslater: that too ^16:21
ThinkT510kslater: you'd need to go 10.10 > 11.04 > 11.10 > 12.04 (and considering 11.04 is end of life that makes it difficult)16:21
cfhowlettkslater: good luck.16:22
* kslater figures to be reading a lot on New Years day16:22
topper4125you can upgrade from what ever version you have now, to the LTS that came out after that... then upgrade from LTS to LTS all the way to current16:22
kslatercfhowlett: thanks16:22
kslaterI have one more backup to run before I get started, so I'd better get cracking16:23
topper4125kslater, is your home directory on a seperate partition?16:24
krywkcfhowlett, any tips on how to reduce latency? ;/16:24
cfhowletttopper4125: check your sources.  Unless I'm mistaken, you can not upgrade from in interim to an LTS release unless the LTS is the next release in sequence, e.g. 11.10 to 12.04.16:24
kslatertopper4125: no, it's on the same partition as /16:24
kslaterwill the upgrade process look at free disk space to make sure it has enough before proceeding?16:25
cfhowlettkrywk: sorry, I don't use jack and never learned how.  FWIW I'm on Ubuntustudio.  I bet the #ubuntustudio channel would have some ideas for your, though.16:25
cfhowlettkslater: yes.16:25
ThinkT510kslater: seriously, you are better off fresh installing16:26
krywkI always wondered what 'FWIW' meant16:26
kslaterThinkT510: if only16:26
ThinkT510krywk: for what its worth16:26
cfhowlettFor what it's worth16:26
krywkOh, ok, thanks c:16:26
krywkThanks for the help anyways :D16:26
k1lkslater: i would recommend a fresh install if possible.16:26
ThinkT510kslater: especially so if you've installed ppas16:27
cfhowlettkslater: gotta agree with k1l.  clean install avoids a whole lot of headaches.16:27
usr13!lts | kslater16:27
ubottukslater: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)16:27
pip__uh, that's going to annoy me until I find out what it is16:27
kslaterthe problem is that this machine is my day-to-day laptop. And the software that's installed on it was built up over time. My fear is that I'll get to an upgraded OS without some required package and won't be able to get a suitable replacement16:27
pip__I can wait a day I guess :)16:27
kslaterI'll be on an LTS release if possible16:28
topper4125kslater, you're running 10.10 right?16:28
kslater10.10 64 bit16:28
usr13kslater: YOu should have thought of that before you let ELO come-and-go.16:28
topper4125you can upgrade to 11.04, LTS... then go from there: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NattyUpgrades16:28
ThinkT510usr13 +116:28
kslaterELO, I'm going to put them on Spotify now16:29
ThinkT510topper4125: 11.04 is not lts, its eol16:29
cfhowlettkslater: it's not like 10.10 is going to suddenly stop working.  Prepare for your upgrade, back up what you need to back up, maybe beg/borrow/steal a secondary computer so you can continue working and bite the upgrade bullet.16:29
lakshyasir please  talk to you i am clean /boot & /tmp files16:29
kslatercfhowlett: agreed on the stopping working, it's just getting annoying working around the update notifications. And I'm going to need to move to 12.04.1 soon enough anyway for other (development platform) reasons.16:30
cfhowlettkslater: which is exactly why I decided to only install and maintain LTS releases.16:31
cfhowlettmalefiku: greetings16:31
topper4125You can then upgrade 11.04 to 11.10 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OneiricUpgrades#Upgrade_from_11.04_to_11.10 and 11.10 is *NOT* Eol... then up to 12.04 LTS16:31
kslateryeah, it makes good sense16:31
malefikuHappy New Year to all of you16:31
hexbyteHappy New Year...16:32
usr13kslater: If you were on 10.04 right now, it would be an easy task, and you would have several months before you have to actually do it.16:32
topper4125OH OH OH Now I see where I'm reading that wrong... drrr16:32
malefikuWho is a master in domains and DNS settings16:32
kslaterthanks for the help everyone.16:32
malefikuWho is master in DNS, please contact me in private16:33
cfhowlettkslater: take your time.  It'll all work out.  And I suspect you will really appreciate 12.0416:33
BluesKaj!pm | malefiku16:33
ubottumalefiku: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.16:33
kslaterI have 12.04.1 on a build machine in the basement. I'm not sure about Unity though. I think I laid down gnome on that box to stay comfortable.16:34
IdleOnemalefiku: Just ask your actual question and if someone can help they will.16:34
kslater(I haven't used it much yet)16:34
demensdeumHey ppl, why noveau and nvidia driver freeze my notebook? geforce 8400g16:36
demensdeumalso artefacts16:37
Hans-Martinmost likely nobody knows...16:38
demensdeumtoo bad16:38
malefikuHere is the thing... I had an old blog hosted on Blogger blogspot Google free subdomain... The old address is http://marian32-blog.blogspot.com... Recently, I bought a paid domain called www.marian32.com... But when I access it, points me to..Google !!!!16:38
Hans-Martindoes it completely freeze, or just the graphics?16:38
demensdeumcompletely freeze16:38
demensdeumartifacts on gdm login16:39
XXCoreIIII ran an update on the system and now flash won't work.16:39
demensdeumSame on debian.16:39
IdleOnemalefiku: ##networking might be more useful in this case.16:39
demensdeumAs i recall on 8.04 everything was ok16:39
Hans-Martindemensdeum: maybe the driver gets wrong memory info and either overwrites other data structures or something overwrites its structures?16:40
demensdeumI don't know how to check16:40
ania_XXCoreIII, hi are u there?16:40
XXCoreIIIYes, but I just fixed it.16:41
ania_XXCoreIII,  flash where ?16:41
Hans-Martindemensdeum: is it possible to run 8.04 without too much effort to compare kernel output for example?16:41
JPMHmalefiku: I went to your domain - worked fine for me16:41
XXCoreIIIit downloaded flashplugin-installer but didn't run it16:41
demensdeum<Hans-Martin> good idea. But I don't remember what version of nvidia driver was.16:42
ania_ok just to let you know easiest way to install and manage flash in firefox is to install firefox add on called FLASH-AID .....and jusgt follow instruction16:42
Hans-Martinmalefiku: have you tried flushing all browser caches?16:42
JPMHmalefiku: in fact I get a status 302 - permanently moved and the re-direct to the blocgsopt.com16:42
jp_hraniceHallo, I have some problems with fullscreen in games like glebulation 2, warzone2100, on NVIDIA GeForce 6600. Any idea ?16:42
krywkI got it working with no latenc16:43
JC_SoCalif i use the mini.iso and want to get to the full ubuntu-server iso version, is there a way like apt-get install ubuntu-desktop install the full ubuntu-desktop iso version16:43
JPMHmalefiku: how long is it since you changed the DNS pointers - I wonder if you have a DNS cache issue rather than a browser one - although Hans-Martin  is right too16:43
demensdeumand its ok on vista, so i think problem in driver somewhere.16:44
blacklineHow can I disable the passphrase at boot? I'm running Ubuntu 12.10.16:44
malefikuGuys, listen up16:44
nimoi cant bluetooth to my ubuntu machine.. refused.... any suggestions?16:44
rdw200169JC_SoCal: just use tasksel16:44
malefikuThe website was accessible16:44
bebojJC_SoCal: just use terminal to install everything16:45
Hans-Martindemensdeum: it's probably a problem between driver and bios - maybe the bios misreports something about the card, but the windows driver does the right thing anyway, and the linux driver believes what the bios says16:45
malefikuBut the workers from the registrar changed my DNS so many times, that they fucked my domain16:45
JC_SoCalbeboj: Yeah, i just don't know what 'everything' is16:45
JC_SoCalrdw200169: i'll give tasksel a try thx16:46
rdw200169JC_SoCal: if you run tasksel in the terminal, there is a 'Ubuntu Desktop' Task, that task should take care of installing everything you need16:46
topper4125JC_SoCal http://askubuntu.com/questions/150338/ubuntu-server-from-ubuntu-minimal16:46
demensdeumhow to check what drivers get from bios?16:46
TheLordOfTimeany way to cut back on the unity visual effects for VM deployment?16:46
JC_SoCaltopper4125: i saw this -- but ubuntu-server wasn't found16:47
Hans-Martinmalefiku: looks like marian32-blog.blogspot.de redirects to marian32.com again16:47
ThinkT510TheLordOfTime: better off with lubuntu in a vm16:47
Hans-Martinthat's not DNS, just HTTP redirection16:47
JC_SoCalrdw200169: i'm not looking for ubuntu-desktop, sorry, i need ubuntu-server16:47
malefikuThis is normal16:47
topper4125JC_SoCal read answer 1... that's the way to get 'er done (Tasksel)16:47
TheLordOfTimeThinkT510,  no choice, have to test a Unity feature for bugfixing.  so my original question stands.16:47
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
JC_SoCaltopper4125: thx -- i'm installing it now16:48
jp_hraniceHallo, I have some problems with fullscreen in games like glebulation 2, warzone2100, on NVIDIA GeForce 6600. Any idea ?16:48
malefikuI put a 301 redirect from my domain to blogspot domain16:48
malefikuAt Setup Web Redirection in Registrar settings16:48
bebojinstall this and after that webmin or something easy to manage16:48
Hans-Martinand www.marian32.com ( redirects to www.google.com16:48
ThinkT510TheLordOfTime: unity wasn't really designed for it16:48
TheLordOfTimeThinkT510, yeah i know, i had to bugtest a unity thing :P16:49
TheLordOfTimeThinkT510, it runs fine in a VM if I give it > 1.5GB of RAM16:49
TheLordOfTimebut... :P16:49
rdw200169JC_SoCal: then pick the server from the list in tasksel...16:49
ThinkT510TheLordOfTime: you could try disabling some stuff in compiz settings but that can break things, be very careful16:49
TheLordOfTimeThinkT510, might just install gnome-panel or whatever notunity is16:49
Hans-Martinmalefiku: the problem is maybe that www.marian32.com has a CNAME of marian32-blog.blogspot.com but blogspot does not know the domain name marian32.com16:51
ztguWhy does my laptop have so terrible battery life in linux?16:52
Hans-Martinmalefiku: if your actual blog is now on an external host you need to remove that cname stuff from DNS16:52
JPMHHans-Martin:  and malefiku  I do not agree - I did the dig - there is an A record and it points at an apache server that returns the re-direct16:52
graingertztgu: have you tried powertop?16:52
malefikuIn my domain settings in Blogger I checked/ticked a small box saying: "redirect marian32.com to www.marian32.com"16:52
ztgugraingert: yes,16:52
ThinkT510ztgu: largely depends on the drivers in use16:52
JPMHwhat may be the issue is that you are using a more complex URL that is not being re-directed by that server - what URL are you using, be VERY specific16:52
graingertztgu: how much shorter is it? What's your graphics card?16:53
=== kmonlinux is now known as aileen
majnoonok i was wondering is it possible to ssh into a machine and display a program on THAT box ??16:53
Hans-Martinmarian32-blog.blogspot.com says "Das gesuchte Blog finden Sie nun unter  http://www.marian32.com/."16:53
malefikuBecause Google Blogger does not accept naked domains16:53
malefikuLike http://example.com16:53
LostMonkis this a good walkthrough for installing gnome 3.6?16:53
rethusi have a home-partition on my desktop and will install the hdd to another pc.16:54
Hans-Martinmalefiku: so as I said, you need to remove the cname record for www.marian32.com16:54
rethuson the other pc the user-id 1000 is for entwickler. my desktop has suther for 100016:54
ThinkT510LostMonk: whats wrong with gnome-shell in the repos?16:54
malefikuWhen you type marian32.com it actually appears in your browser www.marian32.con16:54
JPMHHans-Martin: why am I not seeing a CNAME record when I do a dig16:54
Hans-Martinmalefiku: because that essentially creates a circular redirection thing16:54
rethushow can i change the new system from user "entwickler" to "suther" so that i didn't need to change the permissions on my home-partition of my desktop-hdd?16:55
ztgugraingert: I have an A10 cpu with integrated GPU + a radeon hd 7730M, I use vga_switcheroo to disable my inactive powerful GPU, the diffrence is 10 watts. tested with powerstat16:55
malefikuIt is a redirect from naked to non nakex domain16:55
Hans-Martinjpmh: did you run "dig www.marian32.com any"?16:55
graingertztgu: looks like you know better than I do. Perhaps you're having issues with the linux power regression?16:55
JPMHHans-Martin: and malefiku skip that - I see he has the CNAME for the www.marian32.com - I did the marian32 without the www - I agree - need to set that CNAME to point at the main one or get rid of it and have an A16:55
malefikuHere are the 3 DNS Records settings I currently perform at my domain registrar, onlydomains.com16:56
M4532098I need help. How do install Ubuntu alongside windows using the ubuntu installer? (Wubi.exe)16:56
malefikuCheck them out16:56
ztgugraingert: I am going to make a script which dissable NMI watchdog, when on battery. including the ethernetcard and others16:57
demensdeum<M4532098> lol just install it16:57
k1lM4532098: i would recommend not to use a wubi install16:57
gar_onnM4532098, have you already downloaded it?16:57
malefikuThe first one is www CNAME marian32-blog.blogspot.com16:57
ztgugraingert: Audio codec hwC0D0: ATI. Thing uses a lot of power. (powertop)16:58
Hans-Martinmalefiku: that one is already nonsense. You need to point www to A
usr13M4532098: wubi is not for installing alongside windows, it is for just installing a psuedo Ubuntu INSIDE windows, (just on the ntfs filesystem).  You need the regular Ubuntu install CD (or USB), to install alongside windows, (and have a dual boot system).16:58
malefikuwww A
malefikuAnd @ A
malefikuWhat is wrong here?16:58
srhbDespite having set vm writeback timeout to 10 minutes, I keep seeing kB written in iostat every few seconds. What's going on? Why is it writing prematurely?16:58
Hans-Martinmalefiku: yes, or CNAME www.marian32.com16:59
malefikuLike this www CNAME www.marian32.com16:59
malefikuOr what?16:59
Hans-Martinwww should only have the A record, not cname16:59
malefikuAnd the CNAME?17:00
malefikuShould i delete it?17:00
usr13malefiku: Hans-Martin YOu guys should move to private chanel.17:00
Hans-Martinwww CNAME www.marian32.com would be a direct cycle, don't do that :-)17:00
Hans-Martinyes, delete the CNAME17:00
JPMHmalefiku: have you told blogspot odf your domain - if not the CNAME will send you there but the host: line in the request will have your domain and they may not know what to do with it17:00
malefikuI have Google Webmaster17:00
malefikuThe settings there work fine17:01
SkeiMorning. My laptop keyboard has mostly stopped working, randomly. The tab key still works, I can still Ctrl + Alt + F1 and use the keyboard there, but under X, it's mostly unresponsive. Does anyone know how I can restart it without killing X ? My mouse occasionally does the same, I use modprobe to fix that.17:01
Hans-MartinJPMH: blogspot does a HTML redirection to www.marian32.com, that should be enough. No need to fix anything there.17:01
SkeiExternal USB keyboards work fine, as an addition.17:01
JPMHHans-Martin: thank you - was not certain what they did with a host: that was not them - but to do the re-direction he needs to have told them doesn't he?17:02
malefikuBut if i delete the CNAME, it appears another trick/problem... My mobile website, located here www.marian32/?m=1(is visible only from the phone), does not work anymore17:02
Hans-MartinJPMH: yup, but he already did if I understood correctly17:03
Hans-Martinfor www you nneed to have the A record. do you have it?17:03
JPMHHans-Martin: then I agree with you - if it is already done17:04
JPMHHans-Martin: I run hundreds of domains I do not set A records for the www.  I set CNAME records for www to point at the main one.  Or, if I want all subdomains then I do a *. and an A17:05
Hans-MartinJPMH: that's also ok, in this case I had the impression that the www... was the main name17:05
SkeiActually, it looks like the keyboard is working, but it's just responding extremely slowly. If I hold down letters, I can eventually type.17:06
Hans-Martinmalefiku: at the moment the DNS has not changed yet - why do you think it does not work anymore?17:06
JPMHHans-Martin: I think I agree with you - actually I think we are saying exactly the same things all along17:06
Hans-MartinJPMH: good :-)17:07
malefikuDeleted the old CNAME setting that pointed to old blogspot subdomain17:08
malefikuMy blogspot old address is hosted at google17:08
malefikuI do not own a hosting service17:09
anonymous_i know a good hosting service17:09
malefikuBecause i don't have access to blog database17:09
malefikuI don't own php admin17:09
malefikuThe blog is still hosted by Blogger.com17:10
anonymous_check out galliumgroup.net17:10
domedagenHow do I launch this "script" as su17:10
domedagennamed install17:10
malefikuThe only thing I changed is the address typed in the search bar17:10
gvodomedagen: sudo named install17:10
domedagengvo: named?17:11
malefikuInstead of marian32-blog.blogspot.com it appeared marian32.com17:11
gvoWhat was your question?17:11
Hans-Martinmalefiku: ah, that was not clear. I though you had changed the hosting with the address, and just pointed the old blogspot site to the new address17:11
Hans-Martinmalefiku: so everything we did was nonsense :-)17:11
malefikuI own only the domain service, the hosting is not included17:11
anonymous_galliumgroup.net offer sweet hosting17:12
malefikuBut I had a big problem a few weeks ago17:12
domedagengvo: !17:12
malefikuWith the settings i have now17:12
Hans-Martinmalefiku: since blogspot.com probably can't be convinced to accept your domain name, the whole thing likely cannot work the way you intended.17:13
gvodomedagen: I don't follow you.17:13
malefikuThe two A records, www and @ , my mobile version of my blog does not work17:13
gvodomedagen: you asked a question, I aswered it you then said something unintelligible SOrry I can't hel[17:13
malefikuHANS-MARTIN, the domain worked 4 days ago17:13
anonymous_if you need a host check out  galliumgroup.net17:13
Hans-Martinmalefiku: then what did change?17:14
malefikuFor what?17:14
JPMHmalefiku: Hans-Martin He could use the re-direct method that is there for the non-www and find a free host that would support the ONE page he would need for the re-direct17:14
malefikuThe DNS got fucked up17:14
Hans-MartinJPMH: right17:14
malefikuThe workers from technical department at onlydomains fucked my DNS over 30 times17:15
TheLordOfTimemalefiku, please don't use that kind of foul language here.17:15
malefikuTheLordOfTime, copy that17:15
gvomalefiku: Just find another service.17:15
JPMHmalefiku: look at the non-www record - it points to a server somewhere that is doing the re-direct - just set the www. to have a CNAME that points it at the non-www and make sure that the re-direct is what you want17:16
malefikuAll right17:16
malefikuBut in my onlydomains.com panel17:16
JPMHmalefiku: does the domain registery provide the DNS that you are using?  If so, surely they have a web interface where you can change that www. record to be a CNAME pointing at the main one17:17
malefikuAt my registrar, beneath the DNS section I have an option called Setup Web Redirection17:17
malefikuIt has two option 302 temporary17:17
malefikuAnd 301 permanent17:18
malefikuI have also, after DNS records, a 301 redirection17:18
JPMHmalefiku: and I suspect you did the permanent for the non-www which is why Is aw what I saw17:18
malefikuFrom www.marian32.com to marian32-blog.blogspot.com17:18
JPMHmalefiku: the issue is that you did not do it for the www one17:19
malefikuNo, JPMH17:19
malefikuRead carefully what I wrote17:19
malefikuI made a 301 redirect17:19
Hans-Martinmalefiku: so you need the web redirection, but not the cname, and you need to remove the redirection set up at blogger.com17:20
malefikuBut not from www.marian32.com to marian32.com17:20
malefikuBut to marian32-blog.blogspot.com17:20
JPMHmalefiku: as I say - I see the redirect and the correct DNS A record for the non-www  - but the www is different - as Hans-Martin  pointed out - it has a CNAME record17:20
malefikuIf I make the following A setting: marian32.com A
anonymous_http://www.galliumgroup.net - NOW ACCEPTING BITCOIN!17:21
JPMHmalefiku: I c u changed it - I now get the same A record for both17:21
=== darek is now known as Guest41790
malefikuIt will work?17:22
Guest41790Witam wszystkich17:22
Guest41790czy ktoś pisze po polsku??//17:23
user109125hi, copy and paste does not really seem to work in ubuntu 12.10 and terminal. it's very often delayed or I have to copy and cut something often to get it into clipboard17:23
JPMHmalefiku: and I see that the re-ditrect is happening - but someone has configured blogspot to send me back away17:23
user109125does anyone have a solution for this?17:23
malefikuIt is one of the four IPs offered by Google17:24
Hans-MartinGuest41790: no most people here don't speak polish language.17:24
malefikuSee here17:24
ztguWhy is xorg using so much power?17:25
malefikuRead here17:26
JPMHHans-Martin: those of us that are old enough speak REVERSE POLISH17:26
Hans-MartinJPMH: but only 3 levels deep17:27
JPMHHans-Martin: I will get my boots then if it is getting deep :)17:27
malefikuIf I put the following: marian32.com A
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.17:28
malefikuI see now what I do wrong17:28
user109125how can I even have two clipboards at the same time?17:28
anonymous_http://www.galliumgroup.net | Now Accepting Bitcoin!17:28
Hans-Martintopper4125: Guest41790 is already gone17:28
demensdeumthere is something better for backup ntfs partition than partimage?17:28
user109125when using shift+ins I insert xxxx and if I use rightclick -> paste I insert yyyy17:29
topper4125grr hate it when that happens :/17:29
user109125in the same window17:29
JPMHmalefiku: that is not the ip address that my DNS server is retruning when I query you17:29
Hans-Martinanonymous_: please do not spam17:29
jchamb2010Does anyone here have knowledge about dual network interface setups and wouldn't mind helping troubleshoot one?17:29
gotwigwhy cant I upgrade from e.g 11.10 to 12.10?17:30
seednodeDepends what you'll be doing with it; I use 2 NIC on my laptop, but I'm not that knowledgeable about it beyond basics.17:30
JPMHgotwig: it is just the way they did it  - a pain I agree - you can go to LTS releases or the next one - 12.10 is not an LTS17:31
jchamb2010@seednode it's an internal and external network setup, I posted about it here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2100344 but then thought this would be a better place to ask.17:32
gotwigJPMH, I know..17:32
gotwiglts takes too long17:32
JPMHgotwig: I agree with you - it is a pain17:33
seednodejchamb2010: Sorry, not much experience with networking through VMs :/17:33
jchamb2010seednode: thanks for taking a look anyway :)17:33
pats_Tomshi, I have interesting problem, I have alsa-base, alsa-utils. But I can't run alsamixer17:33
pats_Toms"cannot open mixer: No such file or directory" on alsamixer17:33
gotwigJPMH, can't I just change the distro name in source.list, and than upgrade packages?17:35
theadmingotwig: Bad idea.17:35
jhutchins_wkpats_Toms: I'm guessing maybe you don't have permission to access /dev/dsp17:35
JPMHgotwig: I doubt that it will work - but worth a try - the reason I doubt it is that if it was that easy others would have suggested it on the web17:35
theadmingotwig: It might work, but packages may have changed names, just for example.17:35
theadminThere's a ton of other potential issues I don't want to bother to think about17:36
theadmingotwig: What's the problem with a simple "do-release-upgrade" anyway17:36
theadmin!ru | mokujin17:36
mokujinесть русскоговорящие профессионалы убунту ?17:36
ubottumokujin: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:36
jhutchins_wkgotwig: Make sure the system is completely up to date before you upgrade, disable all ppms first.17:36
gotwigtheadmin, cant upgrade from 11.10 to 12.1017:36
theadmingotwig: Yeah not directly, sadly17:36
pats_Tomsjhutchins_wk: I need to add my user to audio group?17:36
jhutchins_wkgotwig: Yeah, you usually need to step through each version.17:36
malefikuHere is the thing17:37
jhutchins_wkpats_Toms: Possibly, possibly just log out and log back in, it should add the default user when it's set up.17:37
malefikuIf I put www CNAME ghs.google.com ????17:37
JPMHgotwig: with the time we are spending here discussing it you could have upgraded unless you have a REALLY slow connection17:37
Gneagotwig: just upgrade to 12.04 then upgrade it to 12.1017:37
gotwigI talk about theory..17:37
gotwigI dont have to upgrade.. but I have some ideas in mind17:38
Gneatheory is not practical17:38
JPMHmalefiku: where do you REALLY want me to be taken when I selevct www.marian32.com - do you want to go directky to blogspot and have you told them that this is an alias to your account there17:38
malefikuHans-Martin, JPMH what is your opinion?17:38
gotwigwhen someone wants to build a spinoff of ubuntu, he would have to use every lts release, to offer upgrades...17:38
Gneagotwig: well, we're here to discuss support options. #ubuntu-discuss is probably a better place for what you wish to talk about.17:38
malefikuTo my blog17:38
Hans-Martinmalefiku: it depends on google understanding your domain name.17:39
mokujin /join #ubuntu-ru17:39
gotwigthx you very much17:39
Hans-Martinif they don't interpret it correctly, it won't work17:39
=== greg is now known as pllX
theadminmokujin: No spaces in front17:39
malefikuWhen you type www.marian32.com, you should be pointed to my blog old blogspot17:39
theadminmokujin: (пробелов перед /join не нужно)17:39
mokujinsomeone can speak russian ?17:39
malefikuHosted on Blogger17:39
gotwigmokujin, checkout #ubuntu-ru for Russian help17:40
JPMHmalefiku: and when you say your blog - do you mean at blogspot ?  If so, are they willing to allow access via YOUR domain name,  If so, just set the A record to point to them.  If they do not offer this then set your A to point somewhere that will do a redirect to your specific entry at blogspot17:40
malefikuIf i change to ghs.google.com17:40
malefikuYou won't see the question to redirect, when you access the old blogspot address17:41
pats_Tomsjhutchins_wk: do you know something about that? http://sprunge.us/TefC17:41
JPMHmalefiku: why do you want to get google involved?17:41
pats_Tomsjhutchins_wk: I had the same on some alsa commands too17:41
theadminpats_Toms: sudo useradd17:41
theadminpats_Toms: Also, use adduser17:41
malefikuJMPH, i feel like I am at FBI or RIS investigation17:42
JPMHmalefiku: does blogspot allow you to access via your domain name and by so doing re-direct to your blog - if they do - then do that - if they don;t then you need to re-direct or possibly cloak17:42
malefikuIn my blogspot settings, I had option to add my custom domain17:42
malefikuAnd I added17:43
malefikuI feel like I am at RIS ( Romanian Intelligence Service)17:43
Error404NotFoundIf i am using dnscrypt dns queries shouldn't appear as plain text in tcpdump/wireshark logs, right?17:43
pats_Tomsehh, thats so bad17:44
theadminError404NotFound: Well, I'm not too sure what dnscrypt is, but being logical, I suppose so.17:44
JPMHmalefiku: then why are you getting google involved?  As it happens it looked to me as though you told blogspot to re-direct AWAY from them to your new domain17:45
Error404NotFoundtheadmin: dnscrypt is a tool from opendns to move to encrypted dns queries. Unfortunately i can see the queries in plain text in tcpdump/wireshark.17:45
malefikuI want my domain name address to display the blog17:46
Hans-MartinJPMH: but that's not what he intended. He wanted to keep the blog on blogspot.com but have it accessible under a nother domain name17:46
malefikuHosted at Google17:46
malefikuYes, Hans-Martin, finally you got it17:46
Hans-Martinblogspot = blogger.com = google17:46
malefikuBlogspot is a subdomain address, I changed with a professional domain17:47
Hans-Martinmalefiku: it took me a while but I did get it some lines ago already :-) But the thing is that your config at blogspot.com seems to be confused17:47
user109125how many clipboards does ubuntu 12.10 use? oO now I figured out I can paste the correct content with ctrl + shift + ins, but not with ctrl+shift, not with middle mouse, not with right click paste, not with ctrl+v17:47
JPMHHans-Martin: and malefiku I agree - and that is why I do not understand why he is getting GOOGLE into this.  He wants to use HIS domain as an alias to blogspot.  He needs to tell blogspot that his domain connects to HIS blog - of they will allow that17:47
jribuser109125: not with just "shift-insert"?17:48
JPMHmalefiku: and Hans-Martin and he has set his blog to re-direct us to marian32.com - NOT what he wants17:48
user109125shift+insert has another clipboard string saved17:49
Em_Hi, I'm pretty new to Ubuntu. How can I determine if all my hardware drivers are installed? Does ubuntu have a device manager like in Windows? Or what command will I need to type in on the terminal to verify if my hardware drivers are installed?17:49
jribuser109125: does your ctrl-shift-insert work outside of libreoffice?  Like in gedit?17:49
jribuser109125: weird :)17:49
user109125no, it does not work in libreoffice. there shift+insert works17:50
MuphridEm_: are you using 12.10?17:50
=== angelpossum is now known as vegeta
Em_Muphrid: Yeah17:50
jribuser109125: oh, I thought you meant openoffice when you said Oo17:50
=== vegeta is now known as Guest85201
=== Guest85201 is now known as angelpossum
jribuser109125: where does ctrl-shift-insert work?17:51
MuphridEm_: you can open software-properties-gtk or search for "software sources" in the dash. theres a tab called additional drivers, those are the drivers that do not come installed by default17:51
Muphridotherwise they come installed17:51
user109125jrib:  works in terminal17:51
jribuser109125: anywhere outside terminal?17:51
=== angelpossum is now known as genimpa
user109125not that I noticed of. . not in gedit, not in libreoffice17:52
Em_@Muphrid: Is there like an easy way to determine if my hardware drivers are installed? Without to need to go over a long list of which drivers did not com installed by default17:52
jribuser109125: and you're sure it's not the same output as either ctrl-shift-v or shift-insert in your terminal?17:52
MuphridEm_: the list is not long, it is no more than 5 or 6 for most machines17:53
user109125yes, absolutely17:53
user109125im copying out of keepass2 .. probably that's the cause of that weird behaviour17:53
jribuser109125: here, ctrl-shift-insert just pastes whatever I copy with ctrl-shift-c (which I can also paste with ctrl-shift-v)17:54
Em_Muphrid, so If my hardware drivers are not listed, then it would mean that they are installed right?17:54
=== genimpa is now known as angelpossum
sporkubushey guys, I'm trying to install ubuntu 12.10 on my macbook pro running mountain lion and i'm not having any luck :(17:54
MuphridEm_: if all is working, yes, they have a free license and are included in the kernel or the display protocol17:54
Em_Muphrid: Assuming that they aren't, how do I install them?17:54
MuphridATI drivers however dont show up in 12.10 although theyre not installed17:55
malefikuYou should see it tommorrow17:55
topper4125!mac | sporkubus17:55
ubottusporkubus: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:55
user109125sporkubus, whats the problem?17:55
MuphridEm_: usually you can either search for a binary in the manufacturer website17:56
Muphridforget the "either"17:56
FlowRiserin 24 hours 13.04 gets released ?17:56
jribFlowRiser: doubtful...17:57
Em_Muphrid: I'm sorry, but I don't follow. How do I do that?17:57
topper4125Ubuntu for android is the best guess17:57
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:57
sporkubusI tried following the instructions on the website17:57
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest81205
sporkubusI also tried a few guides in different places on the internet17:57
MuphridEm_: if you want to install a realtek driver, go to the realtek website, search for your card and then look for a linux executable, much like you would do in windows17:58
sporkubusmac won't recognize the Ubuntu install disc17:58
Em_@Muphrid: What if there aren't?17:58
nashantAnyone know how long it should take to pvmove a 2tb disk?17:58
sporkubusi tried burning it on several different computers and installed reFit, no luck17:58
jribsporkubus: you used to need to hold down some key (was it 'c') during boot17:58
MuphridEm_: worst case scenario a linux port isnt available17:58
sporkubusjrib: did that, the Ubuntu disc doesn't show up17:58
Muphridare you trying anything specific, or just out of curiosity?17:58
jribsporkubus: checksum your cd17:58
FlowRisernashant, depends on the disk speed17:58
user109125I should switch to KeePassX, seems to copy anything properly without issues17:59
sporkubusjrib, how do I do that17:59
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:59
jrib!verify | sporkubus17:59
ubottusporkubus: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:59
Ronalds_Mhello everyone17:59
Em_@Muphrid, cause I recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my Lenovo G480 notebook, but I don't think all of its drivers are installed.17:59
topper4125sporkubus did you verify the md5 of the download?\17:59
nashantFlowRiser: sata II17:59
jribsporkubus: also, you burned the image meant for macs?17:59
MuphridEm_: why do you think that?17:59
sporkubusjrib I burned the one on the ubuntu website17:59
sporkubuswhere is the one meant for macs17:59
Ronalds_MI have ubuntu 12.10, and Nexuiz, just started to stop working, I can't start it18:00
Em_@Muphrid, When I connected my ethernet cable to the ethernet port, the Internet connection icon located on the upper right corner does not show or indicate it is connected to the Internet.18:00
jribsporkubus: http://releases.ubuntu.com/quantal/ see the "Mac" images there18:00
JPMHhow will Ubuntu operate with the new WINDOZE 8 certified PCS that insist on a signed (my the evil empire) loader18:00
MuphridEm_: but is it connected either way?18:00
graingertJPMH: should work fine from 13.04 onwards18:01
Ronalds_MGame is Nexuiz using base gamedir data18:01
Ronalds_MNexuiz Linux 06:05:17 Feb 13 2012 0~20110628+svn11619-2 Ubuntu18:01
Ronalds_MCurrent nice level is below the soft limit - cannot use niceness18:01
Ronalds_MSkeletal animation uses SSE code path18:01
FloodBot1Ronalds_M: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:01
Em_Muphrid: It also gave me an error message regarding my display saying that something is wrong with my GPU or something.18:01
topper4125sporkubus, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/burn-a-dvd-on-mac-osx18:01
graingertJPMH: but not on Windows RT18:01
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:01
sporkubustopper4125 I followed those instructions18:01
graingertJPMH: those platforms are controlled like iPads18:01
Em_Muphrid: Well, when I boot up in Windows, I can connect to the Internet. But in Ubuntu, I can't.18:01
JPMHgraingert: yes - but how - are they getting MS to sign the Ubuntu loader?18:01
stef1amy sound doesn't work in ubuntu 12.10 and i've tried using the ubuntu troubleshooting guide18:01
topper4125and what happens... where does it get stuck?18:02
graingertJPMH: the linux foundation have a bootloader that was signed18:02
sporkubusafter burning it says "The disc you inserted was not readable by this computer" and ejects it18:02
Em_Muphrid: It also doesn't have sound.18:02
sporkubusI also tried burning the disc using a windows computer, inserted it into my mac and it did the same thing18:02
Em_Muphrid: So I'm plannign to go to a Wi-Fi hotspot later and see if I could connect wirelessly.18:02
graingertJPMH: http://www.linuxfoundation.org/news-media/blogs/browse/2012/10/linux-foundation-uefi-secure-boot-system-open-source18:02
JPMHgraingert: ty - is it like a wedge that loads itself and then allows anything else to be loaded as the chain loading of Grub allows?18:03
topper4125sporkubus, did you verify the iso image?18:03
sporkubustopper4125 how do I do that18:03
MuphridEm_: ive never seen the first two problems. did you have sound before or it never occurred?18:03
sporkubusis that the checksum thing you mentioned18:03
topper4125!verify | sporkubus18:03
ubottusporkubus: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:03
stef1acan someone help me with my sound? it's not working, though the earbuds work18:03
Ronalds_Manybody knows why nexuiz suddenly could stop from working?18:04
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest5782
Em_Muphrid: It never occured. I'm thinking, maybe I just need to update the kernel uh . . . I don't know I'm really not sure. Is there a command I could type in on the terminal to download all the packages needed to update the kernel?18:04
sporkubustopper 4125 those instructions say18:04
Em_Muphrid: I was hoping that I could connect wirelessly and update the kernel and that will resolve the issue.18:05
sporkubus"Go to the "Images" menu and select Checksum > MD5. Be sure to choose "MD5" and NOT "MD5 image checksum" or "CRC-32 image checksum", as they are not the same and will give you different results. " but I don't have the MD5 option18:05
ztguI am trying to compile "ndiswrapper" but when I type make I get error. How can I fix this error?18:05
graingertJPMH: yeah18:05
MuphridEm_: you should check if any driver is listed in software-properties-gtk18:05
JPMHgraingert: that URL you gave me IS GREAT!  Thank you so much18:05
Em_Muphrid: What does it mean if it is?18:06
MuphridEm_: they have a button for activation, thought you will need internet to download it. But it gives more information for debugging18:06
graingertJPMH: microsoft accidentally signed it anyway! http://blog.hansenpartnership.com/adventures-in-microsoft-uefi-signing/18:06
topper4125sporkubus, are you using the mac now, or a windows machine?18:06
sporkubustopper4125 using mac now.. hold on I think I figured it out18:07
Em_Muphrid: Thanks for your assistance, I really appreciate it. I'll try that command later on.18:07
sporkubustopper4125 the hash matches exactly18:07
sporkubusso somebody else said I need to download a different ISO for mac18:08
sporkubusi'm using  ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso18:08
graingertJPMH: “Don’t use that file that is incorrectly signed. I will get back to you.”  said microsoft18:08
jribsporkubus: yes, that's not going to work...18:08
topper4125sporkubus, k... that's odd the desktop download should work... do you have a USB Stick available?18:08
MonkeyDust!mac > sporkubus18:08
ubottusporkubus, please see my private message18:08
graingertJPMH: they signed it with an unrevokeable generic microsoft key18:08
graingertJPMH: (morons)18:09
ztguwhat more than build-essential does one need to compile programs?18:09
JPMHgraingert: it is not an issue for me at this time.  In the event that I buy a machine that is Windoze 8 certified I will disable the secure boot anyway18:09
FlowRiserQUESTION: What is the purpose of the countdown on ubuntu.com ?18:09
jribFlowRiser: we don't know.  Feel free to speculate in #ubuntu-offtopic18:09
topper4125sporkubus, might want to give a USB install a try: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx18:09
JPMHFlowRiser: someone here said that 13.04 will be out shortly - makes no sense since it is only 13.01 but maybe a pre-release18:09
ztguFlowRiser: new ubuntu18:10
sporkubustopper4125 tried usb install... when i reboot, reFit doesn't see the usb18:10
sporkubusMonkeyDust that guide doesn't have 12.10 instructions for my mac version18:10
sporkubusMonkeyDust actually I don't even see my macbook on that page18:10
topper4125wow.. then i'm out of ideas... sorry sporkubus. :(18:10
graingertJPMH: well it's handy. All the Loader.c is doing is making it more user friendly for users.18:10
jribsporkubus: why don't you burn the "amd64 Mac" version?18:11
graingertJPMH: you can manually add the signatures to your own UEFI repo18:11
sporkubusjrib yes I was about to ask you about that18:11
topper4125which mac are you trying to install it on?18:11
sporkubusearly 2011 macbook pro18:11
JPMHgraingert: I agree - having read the page you gave me I like what they are doing18:11
graingertJPMH: you may as well keep it, it's a useful feature18:11
ztguwhat more than build-essential does one need to compile programs?18:11
FlowRiserztgu, yes, build-essential will cover most needs18:11
jribztgu: the dependencies of the program you are compiling.  What are you compiling?18:11
sporkubusjrib OK, I am downloading it now. so I just follow the regular DVD burn instructions and it should work?18:11
jribsporkubus: yes18:11
FlowRiserztgu, cpp, c, python and other compilers18:12
ztgujrib, FlowRiser : I am trying to compile ndiswrapper.18:12
theadminztgu: Why would you? That's in the repos.18:12
FlowRiserztgu, should do the trick, it's in c18:12
ztgutheadmin: I need to know compiling18:13
jribztgu: use apt, it's in the repositories as theadmin pointed out18:13
theadminztgu: Ha, fair enough18:13
JPMHgraingert: what use is it to me?18:13
graingertJPMH: it's much harder to rootkit your box18:13
topper4125sporkubus, about the only thing I found was: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro and check the wiki links at the bottom.18:13
graingertJPMH: as you can't flash the bios and get away with it18:14
JPMHgraingert: realistically if I do not indulge in dangerous behavoir I do not see how I am likely to get a rootkit anyway18:14
JPMHgraingert: how does it stop a bios flash happening?18:15
LostMonksomeone kicked a plug :OP18:23
LostMonkif I am running cairo, how do I make it start automatically on boot?18:24
ztguCan I install all drivers from here http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/Multimedia_Entertainment/N56DP/#download   by using ndiswrapper?18:24
bekksztgu: No.18:26
graingertJPMH: what was the last message you got from me?18:27
ztgubekks: how?18:27
JPMHgraingert: last message I received from you was telling me that it stopped flashing the bios - and I asked why and heard no more18:28
bekksztgu: ndiswrapper is for networking only, so you cant user other drivers with it.18:28
graingertJPMH: you're not likely to get a virus. But the cost/risk is worth it. You just need to accept Ubuntu's signing key via the Loader.c interface and off you go18:28
graingertthen you can just leave it alone18:29
ztgubekks: ty18:29
graingertit's not worth disabling it18:29
graingertalthough Canonical might get the Ubuntu loader signed themselves.18:29
graingertLoader.c is aimed at low funding Linux distros18:29
graingertJPMH: sorry not the bios, I meant people can't just attack the bootloader18:29
graingertof your OS18:29
JPMHyep - I do see that it is a GREAT solution - I could even use it for the distro that I make and use in my coffee shops and bars18:29
JPMHgraingert: OK - that makes sense - I did not understand how it could protect the BIOS18:30
graingertJPMH: well in UEFI the bios is fully protected, as there is not one18:30
graingertI missspoke18:30
JuJuBeeIs  linuxmint same as ubuntu?18:31
JPMHgraingert: I guessed as much and wanted to confirm - as it happens I can not imagine buying a Windoze8 certified machine for some time18:31
Hans-MartinJuJuBee: as far as I know mint is based on ubuntu, so they are similar, but it's not the same thing18:32
topper4125JujuBee, Linux Mint is a spin off of Ubuntu.. about the same as ubuntu is a spin off of  Debian18:32
JuJuBeeHans-Martin: thanks for that.  I was considering trying it out and when I went to downloads, I see all the Ubuntu names as the base package for mint18:33
Hans-MartinJuJuBee: best would be to read web pages comparing the two, then you get a broader view than here :-)18:34
topper4125my only problem with mint is the political views of the creator of it18:34
JuJuBeeHans-Martin: thanks will look at them18:34
nima__i have a problem flashing18:35
nima__via terminal18:35
nima__in android18:35
theadminnima__: #android is the place18:35
nima__i have fastboot drivers but it doesn't recognize it!18:35
nima__what do you mean?!18:36
nima__android is an Os!18:36
Hans-Martinnima__: in what sense is this an ubuntu problem if you have problems with flashing android?18:36
theadminnima__: Duh, this isn't an Ubuntu problem though. Go to #android.18:36
Hans-Martinnima__: or do you use an ubuntu host to flash your phone?18:37
theadminHans-Martin: That wouldn't matter. Fastboot and things like that aren't supported by Ubuntu anyway.18:38
theadminWell, as in, they're not in the repos, so can't help much with them18:38
loganrunhow to I connect to a printer shared via cups on ubuntu, on another system I don't see the shared printer18:39
loganrunWhen I click on the printer in the server I see: usb://HP/LaserJet%201320%20series?serial=00CNHC61Q4WM18:40
loganrunbut I don't understand why it is not visible on the network18:40
loganrunthis seems like a pretty basic thing that ubunutu should support18:40
bekksloganrun: Because you did not share it with samba, but just configured the printer?18:42
llutzloganrun: "grep Browsing /etc/cups/cupsd.conf"18:42
loganrunbekks, I used cups to share the printer,18:42
loganrunwhat the heck does the share printer option on cups do then18:43
bekksloganrun: I just asked what you did...18:43
llutzloganrun: no need for samba to share cups-printers18:43
Hans-Martinloganrun: If you used cups to share it but it is not visible chances are good that you did something wrong. But we don't know what.18:43
loganrundon't know what either, the printer works locallally, and there is only one box to check for sharing18:44
llutzloganrun:check  "grep Browsing /etc/cups/cupsd.conf"   on or off?18:44
loganrunis it shared via samba or does it use Bonjour or soemthing18:44
Hans-Martinis the other system ubuntu or windows?18:44
loganrunI do have a samba server running on the system for files, will that be in conflict with cups sharing18:45
loganrunhow do I bring up the firewall configuratino gui over ssh with x forwarding18:45
paullhello can anyone tell me why after i have installed ubuntu on my laptop my laptop's fan runs like non-stop18:46
loganruntried system-config-firewall but that doesn't seem to exist18:46
MonkeyDustloganrun  firestarter or gufw18:46
topper4125paull, laptop make/model?18:46
jhutchins_wkSamba can make the printer visible via WINS browsing and may offer an smb connection.  Windows is capable of discovering and using printers using other types of sharing, including web and ip print protocols.18:46
paulldell inspiron 511018:46
llutzloganrun: last attempt: check  "grep Browsing /etc/cups/cupsd.conf"   is it on or off?18:47
paullit's not even model related or anything actually i have seen many threads about this issue but the methods of fixing this issue didnt work for me18:47
loganrunJhlorn, how does cups share printers with the share box?18:47
paulldo you think it could be because i installed ubuntu inside windows with wubi?18:48
topper4125paull, that could be maybe try: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1884876 start reading at post #518:48
paullk let me see18:49
topper4125paull, post #9 has a link to a solve for battery and fan issues18:50
loganrunthere used to be  a firewall configuration gui built into ubuntu I thought, something like system-config-firewall18:50
loganruncan't find that anymore18:50
jribloganrun: gufw?18:51
loganrunjrib, yeah, tried that, but it doesn' seem like it shows the existing rules18:51
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.18:51
jribloganrun: how did you set the existing rules?18:51
loganrunjrib, actually it doesn't let me do anything, stragnge ran it as dudo gufw18:52
jribloganrun: you should use "gksudo" for graphical applications18:52
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)18:52
jrib(though it probably won't change what you see)18:52
loganruno.k. tried sudo ufw disable, and tried checking for printers on my client machine, but still can't see the one shared via cups18:55
loganrunmaybe I need to restart cups or something18:55
loganrunnope still no good18:56
topper4125did you take a look at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu18:57
mtxis there any special steps to get 12.10 xrdp working? I can't log in from a windows 7 machine18:59
=== StevenX is now known as StevenLL
_porquehello world18:59
topper4125mtx, is it just a blank screen?19:00
loganruntopper4125, will look19:00
_porqueI have this functions in my .bashrc https://gist.github.com/442936519:01
_porquethey are I want to make the git branch red and there is something to commit19:01
_porquethe solution I have now is to add the ! with the branch name...but colorizing it will be a lot better =)19:01
jrib_porque: try #bash.  There are probably already ready-made solutions for this19:02
mtxit just says failed to load session "ubuntu-2d"19:03
_porquejrib, I found one but using Zsh19:04
jrib_porque: yes19:04
=== oleg is now known as Guest1322
_porquejrib, ok..so that will do it =) thanks ;)19:04
=== Catbuntu is now known as omaiDog
Guest1322Всем привет! (RU)19:05
=== omaiDog is now known as Catbuntu
topper4125try this one mtx: http://www.thedotproduct.org/2012/06/quick-fix-cant-log-in-to-ubuntu-12-04-gnome-via-rdp-failed-to-load-session-ubuntu/19:05
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:05
SnowBro-hello there, may i ask something about LAMP?19:05
topper4125!ru | guest 132219:06
ubottuguest 1322: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:06
bekksSnowBro-: Sure.19:07
SnowBro-first of all i want to say sorry for my english, it's not my native...now the issue, im NEW to Linux and i pick Ubuntu Server as my option because the great support community that it has, im trying to put to work a machine as a server, i already installes LAMP environment (from tasksel), and i have everything working inside my network (i can access to the server in every machine inside my house), but i dont know how to go out with the se19:07
SnowBro-rver, thats my issue, any clues?19:07
SteevcaIs there a channel for a general linux discusion ?19:10
SteevcaI am trying to find a good linux distro for a an old,low preformance pc.19:10
k1l_Steevca: ##linux ?19:10
wesslyDebian lenny.19:10
Steevcak1l_ thanks.19:11
mtxstill not having any luck topper4125 :/19:12
SnowBro-anyone can point me in the right direction please, maybe a tut :/19:12
topper4125mtx, grrr... alright lemme look around...19:13
mtxit just says failed to load session "ubuntu-2d" rather than a black screen19:13
dagerikSnowBro-: go out with the server? write again in other words19:14
SnowBro-haha sorry19:14
SnowBro-that dont sound good right19:14
SnowBro-i mean, i need to made a virtual host, something like that, so i can access the server from outside my network19:15
dagerikSnowBro-: you are probably NAT-ed, so people from outside cant access your server.19:15
bekksSnowBro-: You also need a portforwarding on your router.19:15
rckrdhey guys, i posted this in #ubuntu-server, but no responses.  Maybe someone can help me: hey guys, so i've have a small personal server and i want to use it for a few different things (development, music server, etc).  Whats the best way to keep these functions separate?  Virtual machines?  Or just different users and groups?19:16
Sapirus_Dynamic DNS could be helpful ;)19:16
topper4125mtx, hmm not really finding anything... everything i find pretty much says the same... restart x19:16
bekksrckrd: virtual machines.19:17
SnowBro-in the router i already did the port forwarding19:17
mtxtried that :( oh well thanks for looking19:17
SnowBro-but the "NAT-ed" (dont get it)19:17
bekksSnowBro-: For testing, you have to be outside your network.19:17
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=== DouglasKAway is now known as DouglasK
SnowBro-i have a cellphone with internet conection so there i test19:17
rckrdbekks: whats the easiest to setup without a gui?  virtualbox?19:17
bekksrckrd: Yes.19:18
compdocI think virtualbox is all about the gui. qemu-kvm might be better19:18
bekkscompdoc: You are wrong. virtualbox provides "VBoxHeadless" too.19:19
rckrdyeah bekks, i did see that when i was looking through the doc19:19
compdocqemu-kvm is still a good choice19:19
compdoccan virtualbox even start VMs at boot? Didnt used to19:19
bekkscompdoc: Yes.19:20
rckrdShould I not do anything on the base ubuntu server itself besides run virtual machines then?19:20
bekksrckrd: Thats how you'll keep things separated.19:21
compdocthe base machine can still run samba or other services that dont require speration19:21
bekkscompdoc: Basically, no services actually require isolation. :)19:22
compdocnot a bad idea to have a dedicated VM for music, email server, firewall, what have you19:22
compdocyou can screw up installing a package and its easy to start over19:23
topper4125compdoc have you taken a look at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LXC19:26
topper4125'err meant for rckrd...19:27
compdocdo you have to have kvm installed for LXC?19:27
topper4125dunno.... just found it and shared19:28
rckrdtopper4125: checking it out, but the concern is that im going to be hosting a small media server for me and my friends19:28
rckrdand i dont want to them connecting anywhere near my development environment19:28
topper4125sadly, all of my file sharing needs are met with google drive and UbuntuOne... haven't the need for anything deeper than cloud storage19:29
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ibolmohowdy. i've tried to upgrade doing do-release-upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 (and it was successful) but going from 11.10 to 12.04 I got stuck with libc6 not being able to install since I have an older kernel19:35
ibolmo2.6.18, and libc requiring a newer kernel.19:35
ibolmoi can either upgrade the kernel, or force the install of a libc that will support my kernel.19:36
jribibolmo: did you reboot after the upgrade to 11.10?19:36
ibolmolet me do a hard reboot to make sure19:36
jribibolmo: can you pastebin the error you are seeing?19:36
ibolmosure one sec19:36
jribibolmo: is there a reason you're on a 2.6 kernel?  Seems like 3.0 is what was in ubuntu 11.1019:38
rckrdi had that error before too.  sadly, it totally escapes me how i figured it out.  It was an easy fix though, that i remember19:38
ibolmoi'm on a virtual server, and i'm guessing that i'm booting into an old kernel19:38
jribibolmo: hmm, you should probably contact your provider about it19:40
ibolmojrib: is there a way to check what other kernels are available? say.. through grub..19:40
leonardomilleunociao gente19:41
jribibolmo: I don't know.  Probably depends on what sort of virtualization environment you are in19:42
ratfistcomicThe transmission packages provided in the Main ubuntu repository are outdated for 12.10. What is the process for getting them updated, either by myself, or requesting someone else to?19:42
jrib!sru | ratfistcomic19:43
ubotturatfistcomic: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates19:43
jribratfistcomic: if it's not a security issue, then your best bet is backports or just finding a ppa for more recent versions and using that19:43
ratfistcomicThanks jrib! In my opinion, that seems a little silly. I'll read into that article19:44
Thundarrdo any of you have a usb3 dock that you use with ubuntu?19:45
Thundarrhdd dock?19:45
=== SnowBro-_ is now known as SnowBro-
mefistofeleswhat's the counter on ubuntu.com for?20:01
RollinV2mefistofeles, thats a good question20:03
DJonesmefistofeles: We're as much in the dark as you, we're waiting for the announcement ourselves20:03
Noskcajmefistofeles, that is wierd20:03
kostkonmefistofeles, end of the world20:04
RollinV2maybe a new ubuntu website?20:04
RollinV2cant be a OS release, next one is in april20:04
Sling'touch', get it20:04
RollinV2ubuntu phone would not be random announcement with no media hype20:04
FloodBot1mefistofeles: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:04
anonymous_galliumgroup.net : now accepting btc20:05
psichashappy new year :D20:05
topper4125ubuntu for android20:05
anonymous_HappyNewYear from everyone at galliumgroup.net20:06
RollinV2already have ubuntu for android, but an official app would be cool20:06
Slinganonymous_: nice advertising20:06
anonymous_thanks Sling20:06
Noskcajit could always be gnubuntu joining20:07
topper4125Not sure that would be a very 'touching' introduction20:07
never2farhello, is there any way to disable automount for a windows partition of an external HDD  ?20:07
RollinV2if you need to hide the data encrpt the partition20:09
topper4125never2far, check out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB20:09
ubottugiovannni: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:13
topper4125giovanni, that's about the 4th time I've seen you do that in a week....20:14
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TynachHelp! My Ubuntu installation will not boot. It's a bit of a long story as to what's happened though, but right now I believe either the filesystem or the LVM system is corrupt.20:16
TynachI got a new graphics card, and installed it; but it wasn't stable because, I believe, my PSU isn't powerful enough to power everything. I unplugged a few hard drives I didn't currently use and got a 'stable' system back, but it began to act up again. So I tried running FSCK in recovery mode. That froze up, with no hard drive light blinking, so I rebooted. This happened 2 - 3 times. Now Linux won't boot, not even recovery mode.20:18
TynachI'm having to use Windows :/20:18
TynachThe LVM was not encrypted; are you sure there's no way to recover it?20:19
TynachNop as in you're not sure, or nop as in there's no way?20:19
bekksTynach: Do you get any error messages?20:19
bekksTynach: He is not sure.20:19
TynachI get dropped to a busybox ash shell, and it says that /dev/mapper/vg-root_lv-root does not exist (paraphrased, I can't exactly copy/paste the error message).20:20
TynachWhich is why I suspect the LVM being screwy.20:21
CatbuntuOne question.20:21
GneaOne answer.20:21
CatbuntuI have a sda3 partition with this logical partitions:20:21
bekksTynach: Then check wether it exists.20:21
Catbuntusda5 (home), sda6 (ubuntu), sda7 (swap), sda9 (xubuntu), sda8 (mint)20:21
CatbuntuI want to remove sda8 and sda6 and add their space to sda520:22
CatbuntuBut I think I can't, because there're sda7 and sda9 in the middle20:22
Tynachbekks, how do I do that from WIndows? As far as I know, there are no LVM aware Linux file browsers on Windows.20:22
CatbuntuI could append sda6's space to sda5, but not sda8's space, could I?20:22
bekksTynach: You'll do it from the busybox or a livecd.20:22
Tynachbekks, do you know if 12.04 supports LVM with its live CD? I know 11.10 and before did not.20:23
bekksCatbuntu: You could move partitions and do what you want.20:23
bekksCatbuntu: By using gparted, e.g.20:23
GneaCatbuntu: sure you could, they're logical20:23
CatbuntuSo I can move the sda9 partition next to sda6?20:23
CatbuntuOh, didn't know that20:23
Gneawell you said they were logical20:24
CatbuntuThen I'm gonna do that from a LiveDVD20:24
CatbuntuYes, I think tey're, let me check20:24
Gneasounds like a good idea20:24
GneaI suggest gparted20:24
CatbuntuYep, it's what I always use20:24
CatbuntuSynapse is amazing btw20:24
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CatbuntuGnea, can I move partitions if they're mounted and in use?20:25
CatbuntuI don't think so haha20:25
bekksCatbuntu: No, you cant.20:26
GneaCatbuntu: not without causing problems20:26
remonteesLapinou Year !20:26
CatbuntuLet me see20:26
CatbuntuGParted won't do nothing if I don't apply it, will it?20:26
GneaCatbuntu: right.20:26
TynachHm, I found a Backtrack live CD. I'm going to reboot into it.20:26
mohawkHello, I Am Having Issues With Ubuntu 12.04. It Cannot Connect To My Private WPA2 Network. It connects just fine to unlocked networks, but I have no internet connection. It just shows that I am connected and the webpage never loads.20:26
CatbuntuBut how do I move it?20:27
bekksCatbuntu: By adding free space before or after the partition.20:27
Catbuntuwell, wait20:27
mohawkback, sorry the irc got all messed up20:28
GneaCatbuntu: http://www.howtogeek.com/114503/how-to-resize-your-ubuntu-partitions/20:28
mohawkso, anyone have any ideas?20:28
Gneamohawk: enter the wpa2 password.20:29
Catbuntusda3 is an extended partition.20:29
CatbuntuInside of it, there're the partitions mentioned above.20:29
CatbuntuSo that partitions are logical?20:29
mohawkI did, but the little box keeps telling me to enter it again20:29
FloodBot1Catbuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:29
bekksCatbuntu: Yes.20:29
GneaCatbuntu: right, and 5-9 are contained within 320:29
mohawkI have tried to manually connect and everything, but that little 'password box' pops up every few secons20:29
GneaCatbuntu: yes, if a partition is within an extended partition, it is logical20:29
GneaCatbuntu: otherwise, it is primary20:30
mohawkand it tells me to enter my passcode again20:30
Gneamohawk: then enter it correctly20:30
mohawkI did20:30
KeyboardNotFoundHello all, i love that you talk microphone to listen to the speaker?20:30
Gneamohawk: do you have control of your ap?20:30
CatbuntuSo if I want to move sda8 next to sda5, what do I have to do?20:30
bekksCatbuntu: By adding free space before or after the partition.20:30
mohawkany other network I connect to still gives me internet issues20:30
Gneamohawk: so double check the logs on there and also make sure that the mac address isn't blacklisted20:30
CatbuntuAnd how can I add it?20:30
Catbunturesizing it to less?20:31
bekksCatbuntu: Did you read the article you have been given?20:31
mohawkIt was on the list yesterday, it just all of a sudden (after a restart) could never connect again20:31
GneaCatbuntu: please read the URL that I just gave you. It has a lot of detailed steps, many of which you will need to take.20:31
bekksCatbuntu: resizing a partition is NOT adding space before or after.20:31
CatbuntuOh I didn't see it Gnea.20:31
Gnea14:28 < Gnea> Catbuntu: http://www.howtogeek.com/114503/how-to-resize-your-ubuntu-partitions/20:32
mohawkI mean, it was working just fine yesterday and then I lost connection after a restart and ould never connect again. It is not the router eith20:32
mohawkI have kindles, xboxes, macs, pcs, even my dualboot (windows not ubuntu) all hooked up20:32
mohawkthey all work fine except ubuntu20:32
Gneamohawk: you'll just have to login to the ap and see what's happening on that end. perhaps you have mac address listing enabled.20:33
mohawkI have the mac address on that list20:33
Gneamohawk: also, what's the make & model of the ap? and what wifi device is on ubuntu?20:33
bekksmohawk: Check dmesg first to see wether you are missing some firmware or experiencing other errors.20:33
mohawkok, because it is only ubuntu causing issues20:33
CatbuntuI still can't understand.20:33
mohawknothing else20:34
GneaCatbuntu: can't or won't?20:34
mohawkI mean I am on windows right now and I get great internet speeds connected to the same router20:34
Gneamohawk: are you sure that ubuntu is setup correctly to handle wifi on that computer?20:34
mohawkShould be, it worked yesterday20:35
Catbuntuhttp://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a599/tomeuari/gp_zps589d20a2.png <- That's what I have20:35
mohawkI never changed aanything20:35
Gneamohawk: that doesn't tell us what changed20:35
Gneamohawk: I bet I know one thing that changed...20:35
Gneathe year.20:35
Gneafact. :-)20:35
CatbuntuAnd I want to move sda8 next to sda6.20:35
mohawkI am not one for facts..20:35
remonteeslapinou year20:36
CatbuntuBut I don't understand this of adding free space.20:36
Gneawell then you're not going to get very far here.20:36
mohawkI just like to get my problems solved20:36
Gneaso your problem is an opinion?20:36
Gneaokay, I digress, back to it..20:36
CatbuntuThis is very odd, I don't understand anything.20:38
NirvashWhat's going on?20:38
CatbuntuHow the hell can I move the partition to the top?20:38
remonteesC'est très pair en effet.20:38
Catbuntuargg that's frustrating20:38
Nirvash"to the top"?20:38
CatbuntuAfter sda620:38
NirvashWhat does that mean?20:38
NirvashI mean... what does it matter what order your partitions are in?"20:39
GneaCatbuntu: why don't you just read the website? it's even got screenshots and explains everything in explicit detail...20:39
CatbuntuI already read that Gnea, I can't understand.20:39
GneaCatbuntu: well I can't help you if you don't make an effort to understand.20:39
CatbuntuI do Gnea.20:40
skp1Catbuntu: you're dumb.20:40
CatbuntuIt says nothing about moving.20:40
CatbuntuIf a partition has adjacent unallocated space, you can right-click it and select Resize/Move to enlarge the partition into the unallocated space.20:40
CatbuntuTo specify a new partition size, click and drag the sliders or enter an exact number into the boxes.20:40
CatbuntuI don't want to change its size.20:40
CatbuntuI want to MOVE it.20:40
bekksskp1: Stop insulting people please.20:41
bekksCatbuntu: resizing a partition is NOT adding space before or after.20:41
Catbuntubekks, that's what the website says.20:41
GneaCatbuntu: okay, in order to MOVE a partition, you need to have FREE SPACE20:41
bekksCatbuntu: Add UNALLOCATED space before or after the partition. Before doing so, delete unwanted partitions.20:41
GneaCatbuntu: UNALLOCATED space == FREE SPACE20:41
CatbuntuI know.20:42
Gneawell then load up the liveDVD and gparted and try messing with it20:42
CatbuntuSo I just delete the sda6 and sda8 partitions.20:42
Gneait won't do anything until you click apply so you have plenty of wiggle room to see how it works20:42
bekksCatbuntu: Create a backup of your system before.20:42
CatbuntuBut there're wanted partitions behind the unallocated space in the bottom and the unallocated space in the top.20:43
bekksThen MOVE them.20:43
GneaCatbuntu: is there anything important on them?20:43
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CatbuntuJust the /20:44
bekksThats the most important thing.20:44
Catbuntu/home is at the top so it's safe20:44
Gneayes, but you want to add to /home20:44
bekksWithout a backup, nothing is safe.20:44
Gneaso you have to position /home so it's next to unallocated space20:44
Gneaalso, if /home has anything important, BACK IT UP20:44
CatbuntuWell, there's nothing important there I think20:44
Gneayou should be sure before continuing at this point.20:45
bekksCatbuntu: / is the most important thing for a linux system.20:45
Catbuntubekks, but reinstalling Xubuntu is just a moment.20:45
Catbuntuoh, gosh20:46
CatbuntuI think I'll do that tomorrow20:46
CatbuntuI'll backup some important things today20:46
* Gnea thinks he just saw a flicker of light appear...20:46
CatbuntuThere's no problem by copying things from an ext4 fs to a ntfs and vice-versa, is there?20:46
bekksCatbuntu: Wrong.20:47
Gneanot really, except that you'll lost permissions20:47
Catbuntuoh gosh20:47
bekksCatbuntu: POSIX file permissions cannot be copy onto NTFS.20:47
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Gneacreate an ISO file, copy the files to the ISO file, then copy the ISO file to the NTFS partition20:47
Gneapermissions saved, boom20:47
Catbuntuoh, that's cool20:47
CatbuntuCan that be done with Xfburner?20:48
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bekksCatbuntu: Create a tarball.20:49
Catbuntuok, let's backup20:49
CatbuntuAnd why not an ISO?20:49
bekksCatbuntu: You can even store that tarball on NTFS.20:49
Gneatarball or iso work20:49
CatbuntuI already started the iso, so...20:50
Gneadoesn't matter, as long as the files are in a storage medium that preserves the permissions20:50
bekksNo need to burn a DVD nowadays when it is possible to store things instead of burning them.20:50
CatbuntuThanks for helping, sorry for being so stupid but I never did any serious partitioning tasks.20:50
Catbuntubekks, just an ISO, I can mount it then.20:50
GneaThat's okay, thanks for putting up with our thinning patience :-)20:51
MonkeyDustCatbuntu  that's not stupid, that's called 'learning'20:51
bekksCatbuntu: A tarball, you can untar it.20:51
GneaCatbuntu: also with a tarball, you can open it with the archiver and drag & drop files out of it on the desktop once it's back up and running20:52
CatbuntuOh let's create a tarball then20:52
arooni-mobilehi folks i think i have ubuntu 12.04; but i would like to upgrade to 12.10.  when i go updates available; i'm seeing: "Not all updates can be installed run a partial upgrade"  ... what should i do20:53
Gneaarooni-mobile: open a terminal and type the following: lsb_release -r    what does it say?20:53
Hans-Martinrun the partial upgrade, then probably after a reboot you can update the rest20:53
arooni-mobileGnea, Release:12.0420:53
Gneaarooni-mobile: what Hans-Martin said20:54
Tex_NickCatbuntu : lol ... a tarball is probably the most preferable proceedure for what you're trying to do ;)20:54
CatbuntuAnd that's what I'm doing20:54
arooni-mobilethanks folks20:54
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arooni-mobileGnea, and Hans-Martin ; did partial upgrade then i saw: "20:55
arooni-mobileIt was not possible to authenticate some packages. This may be a transient network problem. You may want to try again later. See below for a list of unauthenticated packages."20:55
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
Gneaarooni-mobile: just let them upgrade20:56
arooni-mobileGnea, but it says error; and it stopped the partial pugrade20:57
Gneaarooni-mobile: still got that terminal open?20:57
Gneaarooni-mobile: okay, type the following:  sudo apt-get update20:58
arooni-mobileGnea, another option is to remove the packages that gave an error20:59
arooni-mobileim going to try that real quick20:59
Gneaarooni-mobile: wait.20:59
Gneaarooni-mobile: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:59
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Gneaholy botness batman!21:00
joareach time I upgrade the kernel on my box, the nvidia driver fails.21:02
tin_nqnHi everybody21:02
joarcurrently I'm in tty121:03
Noskcajhello tin_nqn21:03
bekksjoar: How did you install the nvidia driver then?21:03
joarbekks: sudo apt-get install nvidia-updates21:03
Gneajoar: yes, everytime there's a new kernel, the nvidia driver needs to be recompiled. the system should take care of that for you as long as you installed nvidia from the repository and not from nvidia.com.21:03
bekksGnea: Which only applies for major kernel updates.21:04
Gneabekks: true.21:04
joarmy current kernel is 3.5.16-21 or something21:04
dencryptyou can see your current kernel with "uname -r"21:05
jagginessjoar, probably you mean 3.5.0-2121:05
bekksjoar: Check it with uname -a21:05
Gneajoar: how did you install the nvidia driver the first time? via commandline or via the gui?21:05
tin_nqnPeople, I need to grab deb packages for online installation on a Quantal (12.10) amd64 . I'm in a machine with ubuntu 11.10 i38621:05
joarjagginess: 3.5.0-21, yes21:05
tin_nqnis it possible?21:05
joarbekks: ^21:05
bekksGnea: Doesnt matter actually. You can use both approaches to install the driver from the repos.21:05
joarGnea: I think I've done both on this machine.21:06
joarJust today, I checked aptitude show and the package nvidia-updates was marked as installed21:06
Gneabekks: true, but one might be more thorough than the other, depending on what steps were taken at the cli21:06
tin_nqnI'll try apt-get with -d option (dowload only) changing my source.list to quantal release21:06
tin_nqnsudo apt-get install --download-only -a amd64 -o=dir::cache=. --target-release 12.1021:06
bekksGnea: "sudo apt-get install nvidia-updates". :)21:06
Gneajoar: I don't see an nvidia-updates package installed on my system (I have ndivia too)21:07
joarGnea: sorry, nvidia-current-updates21:07
joarit's the slightly more upstream nvidia driver21:07
GneaI have a nvidia-current-updates and a nvidia-settings-updates21:07
MicWwhen i install using ebootstrap, how do i select a certain ubuntu release (especially "lubuntu")?21:08
Gneajoar: okay, well the ones that matter the most will be the glx and kernel packages.  dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep nvidia   should show you which ones are actually installed21:08
bekksMicW: Lubuntu is just Ubuntu with LXDE.21:08
joarWhen I installed the nvidia-current-updates package however, it told me it would not build the kernel module since the kernel sources were not installed.21:08
bekksjoar: Then install the kernel sources.21:09
MicWi see. so if i only install xorg without any other stuff i'd get a minimal x, right?21:09
joarbekks: I think I tried.21:09
MicWi want to create a netboot xmbc client21:09
Gneajoar: do you have pastebinit installed21:09
jhutchins_wktin_nqn: Mixing releases is a great way to get to do a clean reinstall!21:09
joarI installed linux-headers-3.5.0-21 and then removed (--purge) and installed the nvidia-current-updates package, it said the same thing though.21:10
tin_nqnjhutchins_wk: I don't want to install anything on this "connected" machine21:10
joarI guess I have the wrong "kernel source"21:10
joaras I just installed the headers21:10
joarIIRC header install, nvidia removal, nvidia install has been the trick the times before.21:10
bekksjoar: Because the headers arent the sources.21:10
tin_nqnjust to download packages for the another, where I'll have very restricted connectivity21:10
jhutchins_wktin_nqn: So you're trying to download components for an off-line system?21:10
Gneajoar: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep nvidia | pastebinit    <-- should give u a URL, please paste it here21:10
tin_nqnjhutchins_wk: true.21:11
jhutchins_wkubottu: apt-zip21:11
jhutchins_wkubottu: apt-offline21:11
joarGnea: The ID is 148615221:11
bekksjoar: And the URL?21:12
Gneajoar: it didn't give a whole url?21:12
bekksGnea: It did :)21:12
joarGnea: I'm in the console :)21:12
Gneajoar: so why don't you have gpm installed? :)21:12
bekksjoar: You still can type a single URL, without losing your fingers... :)21:12
joari think21:12
joarGnea: gpm?21:13
Noskcajtime to feed ubottu21:13
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!21:13
Gneajoar: thank you. yes, gpm allows you to use the mouse in the console to copy & paste.21:13
joarbekks: but you have autocomplete at hand in your browsers! :)21:13
topper4125!info apt-zip21:13
ubottuapt-zip (source: apt-zip): Update a non-networked computer using apt and removable media. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.18 (quantal), package size 20 kB, installed size 128 kB21:13
bekksjoar: OMG.21:13
Gneajoar: okay, you'll need to have the requisite nvidia kernel source installed for your card.21:13
joarGnea: even in the text-only-console, as in no desktop manager at all?21:13
=== uni4dfx is now known as zz_uni4dfx
jhutchins_wktopper4125: Thx, my ubotu skills are rusty.21:14
Gneajoar: for me, that's nvidia-185-kernel-source. it might be different for you.21:14
Gneajoar: yes.21:14
topper4125jhutchins_wk: np... happy new year21:14
jhutchins_wktin_nqn: You might want to check out apt-zip or apt-offline.21:14
bencahillI've got an old 8.04 server. I want php 5.3. How?21:15
=== zz_uni4dfx is now known as uni4dfx
tin_nqnjhutchins_wk: I'll checked but I couldn't find the way to define the target architecture21:15
MicWbekks, thanks!21:15
bekksbencahill: Update to a supported release.21:15
MicWbye and good night21:15
tin_nqn*I've checked them21:15
joarGnea: I can't find that package.21:15
bencahillbekks: So this is completely impossible?21:15
bekksbencahill: 8.04 isnt supported anymore.21:15
joarGnea: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1486161/ (should be a list of packages)21:15
Gneajoar: then apt-cache search nvidia kernel source21:15
Hans-Martinbencahill: if updating is not an option compile from source21:16
joarGnea: the paste is an aptitude search nvidia21:16
Hans-Martinbencahill: but updating from 8.04 should not be an option, it should be mandatory :-)21:16
Gneajoar: okay, please perform the command I requested.21:16
bencahillHans-Martin: I read this and thought it might be possible: http://serverfault.com/a/22703521:16
joarGnea: returns null21:16
Gneajoar: what version of ubuntu do u have?21:17
hausmanni have a laptop, what is wrong if i can see my wifi in windows but not in ubuntu? this happened when i restarted my router a few days ago, cannot see it in ubuntu at all even if i leave the computer on for hours21:17
joarGnea: sorry, it didn't. with the keywords in quotes, it did.21:17
nanonymeHey, any hopes of getting Grub2 2.00 from quantal to precise-backports?21:17
bencahillHans-Martin: Sure. I've got five more days at home, it's my brother's server, and I just want to finish some stuff up. (I discovered that the anonymous function I used in a Yii app I developed on my laptop needed php 5.3, installed is 5.2.4). Life happens. :-(21:17
Gneajoar: okay, and can you pastebinit that list please?21:17
joarGnea: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1486169/21:17
Hans-Martinbencahill: ok, sounds like it should work. much easier than compiling...21:18
Gneajoar: lsb_release -r  <-- result?21:18
joarGnea: 12.1021:18
joargpm works like a charm, thanks for the tip Gnea :)21:18
* Gnea is now thankful that I have not upgraded to 12.10 yet21:18
Hans-Martinbencahill: but you should be certain that there's nothing which would be incompatible with a newer php version. been bitten by this once...21:18
markovhdo deb files come with apt sources?21:19
jagginessmarkovh, no21:19
jagginessmarkovh, .deb files are in apt repositories..21:19
joarI'll try removing (--purge) nvidia-*21:19
markovhsure? i'm seeing some sources in my /etc/apt/sources.d after i added a chrome deb21:19
jagginessmarkovh, in side .deb files are "dependency" definitions..  apt-get resolves these definitions21:20
Gneajoar: that probably won't help. which nvidia card do you have?  lspci | grep VGA21:20
joarGnea: GTX 560 Ti21:20
jagginessmarkovh, apt-cache policy chrome<enter>21:20
markovhcan they depend on packages that require additional sources then? it would make sense as i'm sure google want to keep chrome updated. if it didn't sure the chrome binary is installed non world writeable right?21:21
joarGnea: VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF114 [GeForce GTX 560 Ti] (rev a1)21:21
jagginessmarkovh, you'll see it's not from the official debian repository.. real debian packages do not do that21:21
markovhjagginess: so yes they do then?21:22
Gneajoar: okay, that should be covered under the 270 driver, which is 185, which is what I use21:22
anonymous_happy new year from everyone at galliumgroup.net21:23
jagginessmarkovh, apt-cache policy google-chrome-stable <enter> would show 500 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable/main amd64 Packages21:23
DJonesanonymous_: No need to keep spamming that link21:23
DJonesanonymous_: Advertising isn't allowed in the channel21:24
Gneajoar: could you please back out of aptitude and pastebinit this list: apt-cache search nvidia21:24
joarGnea: I found a blog post via google in links221:25
remonteesGnea pig21:25
joarit seems I just need the linux-headers-___-generic package21:25
Gnearemontees: oink21:25
DJonesremontees: Do you have an ubuntu support question21:25
Gneajoar: well that's part of what you need21:25
remonteesoink :D ?21:25
joarGnea: which was not installed when I ran apt-get install linux-headers-3.5.0-2121:25
Gneajoar: you also need the actual kernel source for the *nvidia* driver21:25
joarfor some funny reason.21:25
Gneajoar: okay, that's probably a good step21:26
remonteesBonjour FloodBot1 et FloodBot2 !21:26
Apachezis the 12.04 LTS installer SSD aware when it comes to alignment and such for partitioning during installation?21:26
CatbuntuOk, Backup done.21:26
CatbuntuWIll delete the hoping crap tomorrow.21:27
CatbuntuThanks for the support and good night, good morning or good afternoon.21:27
joarGnea: it seems to be building the DKMS module21:27
joarit is21:27
Gneajoar: okay21:28
joarawesome, thank you for your hand-holding through this text adventure, Gnea, bekks :)21:28
GneaCatbuntu: happy new year :)21:28
nima_samieiniajoar : do you can switch to mode for nvidia driver installer21:28
icerootApachez: what should be the difference for an SSD and a normal HDD?21:28
nima_samieiniajoar : the driver of repository maybe not drive your module21:28
Gneajoar: when X comes up, be sure to run something to verify that the 3D driver is working correct21:29
CatbuntuHappy new year to you too21:29
joarGnea: as in GNOME 3?21:29
Gneajoar: yeah21:29
joargot that covered :)21:29
Apacheziceroot: gooling on ít gives that alignment will bring you higher performence and lower read/write operations for every block you which to read/write21:30
nima_samieiniaapachez : i dont think so had a problem in installation maybe efi portion of new generation bios build a problem of handle the encrypted partitions21:31
angswhat is the command to search a directory or a file on terminal?21:32
joarGnea: and I'm up and running!21:32
icerootApachez: find21:32
joarGnea: thanks again :)21:32
icerootangs: find21:32
Gneaangs: well find for the directory and grep for a file21:32
icerootApachez: sorry wrong nick21:32
Gneajoar: cheers! :D21:32
angsthank you21:32
icerootApachez: the installer will use the normal ext4 options, you can change them by yourself but it the installer will not make a difference for SSD, USB-Flash, HDD (SATA, SCSI,IDE), SD-Card and so on21:33
Gneafind . -exec grep something {} \;21:33
ApachezI was thinking of the alignment stuff described in http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=256068 (among other places)21:34
Apachezthe ext4 options are easy, just add discard,noatime,noadirtime  to the mount flags21:34
icerootangs: you dont need grep. find directory -iname *.txt21:35
angsthank you iceroot21:35
Gneaiceroot: you need grep to search *within* files.21:35
icerootGnea: and where did he ask for file-content?21:36
icerootGnea: he asked for filenames21:36
Gnea15:32 < angs> what is the command to search a directory or a file on terminal?21:36
Gnea"or a file"21:36
icerootGnea: and to search files containing the string "foo" i dont need find, i just need grep21:36
Gneaiceroot: precisely.21:37
icerootGnea: and he asked to search for a specific directoryname or filename, so there is no reason to use grep, just find21:38
remonteesÇa en chie du ventilo !21:38
MonkeyDustthere's aso locate21:38
MarchHareHello. Can anyone help me determine what's going on once and for all? I am trying to install 12.10 on a machine with an Nvidia 8500gt (an older model), and for the past several versions 11.10 and up, nothing seems to work "out of the box" like it's supposed to21:38
Gneaiceroot: please be sure to double-check how he asked the question. he did use the word 'or'. Therefore, he could have just asked: what is the command to search a file on terminal?   Think about that.21:39
Gneaangs: is that what you meant?21:39
icerootGnea: as always, the questions here a bad and not detailed :)21:39
icerootMarchHare: and what is your question?21:40
Gneaiceroot: yes, there is a certain level of assumption that's taken. as long as the user was able to accomplish what they wanted to do, that's what's important. :)21:40
icerootGnea: yes :)21:40
MarchHareiceroot: Well, I can't figure out why the proprietary nvidia drivers won't work correctly. They used to.21:41
icerootMarchHare: and "wont work correctly" means what exactly?21:41
MarchHareiceroot: Incorrect resolutions (not making the proper one available, either), screen scrolls slowly, nvidia utilities don't work correctly and throw exceptions, etc21:42
jhutchins_wkMarchHare: Does it autodetect or does it use an xorg.conf?21:43
sw_hi! our /var/log/auth.log is empty on a couple of our servers, has this moved somewhere else?21:43
MarchHareiceroot: I'd try to give you a better description of what's going on, but I have no clue what's breaking.21:43
MarchHareiceroot: Well, I think it's autodetecting and not using the xorg.conf21:44
RajviHi, all21:44
jhutchins_wkMarchHare: See what you can find in /var/log/Xorg.0.log - sounds to me like the drivers from Nvidia are buggy.21:44
MarchHareiceroot: It likes to detect my screen at 1920x1080, but that has the scrolling issue. I used to keep it at 1680x1050 to deal with the scroll21:45
jribsw_: still working here.  But check the setup in /etc/rsyslog*21:45
jhutchins_wkMarchHare: I have an intel board that does 1440xwhatever, but it has so much noise and artifacts I scale it back with xrandr.21:46
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sw_jrib: all of our installs (should) be exactly the same, and it's working on 90%, but on some of our servers it's empty. I'll take a look, is there a file in particular I should check, or all of the rsyslog* ones?21:46
=== vouvouzela_pouet is now known as remontees
RajviGot a simple question : Everything fine on my laptop, however when I got to - " About this computer" it shows - Unknow for the graphics  display. Everything fine I am just curious.21:46
jhutchins_wksw_: You'll probably want to make sure that more than one user has logged in to the system.21:47
MarchHareiceroot: There are a few lines towards the end "CRT-0:nvidia-auto-select"21:47
nima_samieiniai want point of programming for access direct to ext file system anyone exist for communication21:47
MarchHareiceroot: I did use nvidia-xconfig at one point, though21:48
morfeo_81hi there21:48
sw_jhutchins_wk: that could be a problem on some of the servers. but, if I remember correctly that file logs failed logins too?21:48
mustafaHi! I would like to install ArgoUML for Linux Xubuntu 12. What commands do I need?21:49
morfeo_81How can change this? Every time I insert a usb mount the element in this folder /media/morfeo/ and not /media/21:49
morfeo_81happy new year!!!21:49
jhutchins_wksw_: Somewhat dependent on the configuration, but I think it does so by default.21:50
jhutchins_wkmorfeo_81: That is so that you can access it.21:50
jhutchins_wkmorfeo_81: Allows use of the system by more than one user, as in ltsp.21:51
morfeo_81<jhutchins_wk: ah ok21:51
morfeo_81<jhutchins_wk: ah ok thanks21:51
mustafadoes somebody knows about ArgoUML?21:52
mustafaIt's a tool for Software design21:52
mustafafor Software Engineering21:52
Tex_NickMarchHare : i don't know if this will help, but you might have a look ... http://tech.sixcolumns.com/2012/11/nvidia-310-19-drivers-released-how-to-install-it-in-ubuntu-12-1012-04/21:52
morfeo_81Another question.. I want to mount a partition every time after boot automaticaly I change fstab like that /dev/sda5  /media/Data/  ext4 defaults 0 0 but my link at the folder do not work21:53
maujhsn209I just created a new liveCD! I have administrator privilages amd a password! Why do I get permission denied when trying to open "path/foldername/" in the nautilus  file manager?21:53
jhutchins_wkmorfeo_81: Does /media/Data exist?  Does it mount if you issue the command manually?21:54
mustafaIf somebody knows about ArgoUML, please contact me!!21:54
nima_samieiniamustafa : this is not compiled for ubuntu21:54
dufamaujhsn209: nautilus does not run as the superuser by default21:54
morfeo_81<jhutchins_wk>  yes work but I have problem to acess from nautilus21:55
jhutchins_wkmorfeo_81: What are the ownership and permissions?21:55
maujhsn209dufa Okay so what do I have to type out on the command line?21:55
mustafanima_samieinia : what do you mean?21:55
dufamaujhsn209: first, are you actually trying to get to a file that requires super user privledges?21:56
dufamaujhsn209: if you are just run gksudo nautilus21:56
maujhsn209dufa Yes!21:56
morfeo_81jhutchins_wk>:can I set this on fstab..21:57
maujhsn209dufa Thanks!21:57
dufano problem21:58
William9455Hi Blag22:09
guntbertBlag: Do you have an ubuntu support question?22:09
BlagIs there a way to use Netflix in Ubuntu or lubuntu?22:10
DJones!netflix | Blag22:10
ubottuBlag: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop22:10
Blagguntbert: does this work in lubuntu?22:11
kostkonBlag, yes22:11
BlagOk. Thank you.22:12
randI have 12.04LTS installed, I don't like the desktop that comes with it, what do I install to get a regular gnome desktop? Thansk.22:12
guntbert!nounity | rand22:13
ubotturand: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic22:13
randThanks guntbert22:14
nima_samieiniaubottu : good stuf showed by you22:15
ubottunima_samieinia: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:15
nima_samieiniatell  more trick22:15
Tex_Nicknima_samieinia : http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi22:15
nosferatoHi!! help! my mouse is acting wierd, it wont respond to clicks, then it will just minimize and maximize a program with each click22:19
nosferatoits the built in laptop touchpad22:19
tieinvnima_samieinia, i perfer you ask me questions in the ubuntu main window22:19
Noskcajdoes anyone know what the countdown on the ubuntu website is about?22:20
ApachezNoskcaj: mayan calendar take 2? ;)22:21
Apachezerr second attempt22:21
nima_samieiniai want know about kernel and ext handle mechansim for programming to access to them22:21
NoskcajApachez, on ubuntu.com there is a countdown ending later today22:21
jhutchins_wknima_samieinia: http://kernel.org22:22
Tex_Nicknosferato : you may have inadvertantly activated an accessibility feature with some keystrokes ... try hitting your ESC key22:22
issahi from spain22:22
nima_samieiniabetter refrence module with doc22:23
nima_samieinianot a kernel document22:23
compdocwe really dodged a bullet on the Myan thing - you shouldn't kid around22:23
Noskcaji think its a touch support update22:23
ryancb06is it possible in ubuntu 12.04 to move the unity bar to the bottom?22:24
nosferatoHi my wierd mouse freeze got fixed when I logged out and logged in. can anyone help me to prevent it in the future?22:25
Tex_Nicknosferato : you may have inadvertantly activated an accessibility feature with some keystrokes ... try hitting your ESC key22:25
jribsw_: /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf is the one that mentions /var/log/auth.log here22:25
nosferatooh I see, thanks Tex_Nick , I ll try that next time when it freezes again22:25
HAPPYnewYR2013anybody ever have any luck getting bridged networking in win 7 virtualbox using 12.04 for the VM22:26
nima_samieinianosferato : your bios have a usb support from 2 functionality one os support two bios support check the bios mode22:26
jribsw_: note this is an upgrade so the configuration may have changed (or not :))22:26
nima_samieiniadisable the synaptic pad in bios22:26
Tex_Nicknosferato : i've done that myself ... hope it helps22:26
nima_samieiniaconflict of two mouse22:26
jribsw_: and of course you should make sure that rsyslogd is actually running22:27
nima_samieiniaany one recommend syslog server for modem log space22:30
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pablumok, i'm new to ubuntu.  but i used debian for many years...22:37
=== akke_ is now known as akke
pablumi don't like the constraints of the gui...22:38
pablumbut my preferences, i think, don't play well with it.22:38
YouDreamOfJeaniepablum: so, why did you change?22:38
pablumbecause it's on the laptop i'm now using.22:38
topper4125Changing the DE is very easy to do... which one are you interested in?22:39
YouDreamOfJeanieyou do not have to use the gui you kmow22:39
pablumbasically, i have always used focus follows mouse + lazy focus, and used shortcuts to move from window to window22:39
YouDreamOfJeanieI use shortcuts to move from window to window all the time - why can you not do that?22:40
pablummetashitty was pretty good for that...22:40
pablumi do, but...22:40
YouDreamOfJeanieyou don't have to use unity you know22:40
pablumfor example, how do you use a window that isn't at the top of the stack?22:40
pablumokay, that's good22:40
k1l_!notunity | pablum22:41
ubottupablum: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic22:41
YouDreamOfJeanieI actually have assigned ctrl-1..ctrl-4 for my first four windows22:41
pablumk, thanks for the lead22:42
topper4125you can also change the way focus works in unity: http://askubuntu.com/questions/64605/how-do-i-set-focus-follows-mouse22:42
pablumooh, before i jump, maybe i'll try that.22:42
YouDreamOfJeaniek1l_: how do you know what issues are covered in things like notunity that you just did22:42
topper4125pablum: keep in mind that was just a quick search... I haven't used unity any longer than it took to switch desktops to XFCE.22:43
Tex_NickYouDreamOfJeanie : if i understand your question ... http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi22:44
k1l_YouDreamOfJeanie: if i got your question right: look at what Tex_Nick said and just seen that command here in the channel22:45
pablumwell, i feel like i learned a lot.  thanks22:45
YouDreamOfJeaniek1l_: I do not see "notunity" there for example - so I do not think that is what I am asking22:46
k1l_YouDreamOfJeanie: try the search on that site.22:47
topper4125pablum: yer welcome. happy new year22:47
Tex_NickYouDreamOfJeanie : top of page ... type "notunity" in search box22:48
YouDreamOfJeaniepablum: the one thing I would say is - persevere with unity for a little - it is different and so strange but you may get to like it - I did22:48
Apachezmy google-fu is failing me... where can I find a manual entry regarding the "typical usage" option during partitioning when you install ubuntu?   http://workaround.org/sites/default/files/ispmail-lenny-install-partitioning3.png22:48
YouDreamOfJeanieTex_Nick: ty - yep - I C it now - so how do you guys remember all that is there - this is so much?22:49
Tex_NickYouDreamOfJeanie : i don't ... kll is GOOD though ;)22:49
YouDreamOfJeanieLOL - ty guys22:50
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codephobicanyone recommend a guide for setting up a mailserver on ubuntu server 12.04 LTS? I'm running it in a VM at present but after testing, I want to run one on my home network.22:59
MoL0ToV_hi to all! someone can unban my host?22:59
jribcodephobic: help.ubuntu.com see the server guide23:00
MoL0ToV_please someone can unban my host?23:01
ubottuUbuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html23:01
k1l_MoL0ToV_: #ubuntu-ops is the channel for your request23:01
somsipMoL0ToV_: try #ubuntu-ops23:01
MoL0ToV_ok thx23:01
Tex_NickMoL0ToV_ : i seem to remember uesterday ... * MoL0ToV (~g@host77-58-dynamic.58-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has left #ubuntu (requested by IdleOne (read the guidelines again))23:03
Tex_Nick* IdleOne sets ban on *!*@host77-58-dynamic.58-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it23:03
FloodBot1Tex_Nick: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:03
Tex_Nickugg ... i knew better ;(23:04
topper4125ehh... we're all guilty of that from time to time23:05
asterismoany ideas what about the banner in the ubuntu webpage?23:06
MonkeyDustasterismo  we assume it's for android23:06
topper4125asterismo: second runner up is the ubuntu phone... i have my doubts on new hardware though23:07
dr_willisi have my doubts on much of anything in this marketing hype->vaporware world. ;)23:08
dr_willisbut im a bit biased after my experiences with AMIGA and Boxeebox. and other letdowns.23:09
* pablum wants a dirigible frame, climbing ropes, and whimsical but completely useless furniture decorating his room...23:09
topper4125dr_willis: remember that fan you found yesterday? Here's a vid of it in use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoDVhunos6E23:10
dr_willistopper4125:  :) yea i was looking at my pc case.. and relized it was my OLD pc in the garrage that had all the huge-fans for airflow. anoher common thing years ago that seems gone away with better heat management in newer desktops.23:11
dr_willisGotta love pc cases that basically are huge fans...23:11
topper4125and toasters... can't forget toaster drives ;)23:12
dr_willisCigirette lighter drive bay covers...23:12
dr_willisTotally Clear Pc Cases. :) so you can see the Dust.23:12
somsipdr_willis: zero earthing...23:13
dr_willisearthing? You mean 'grounding' ? ;)23:13
somsipdr_willis: at 6am I could mean that, yeah :)23:13
dr_willisand poor rf shielding.. and kept in the heat. and a pain to work with. ;)23:13
dr_willisThe days of custom case mods seems gone also.23:14
dr_willisunless you own a raspberryPi.23:14
topper4125yup nowadays its all about usb: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/8a0f/23:15
jhutchins_wkPerhaps these musings could migrate over to #ubuntu-offtopic?   They don't seem to have much to do with ubuntu support.23:15
chaospsychexcan someone help me figure out how to change my screen resolution to the maximum that my connected monitor supports ?23:19
chaospsychex1024x780 is the highest i can select23:19
chaospsychexwhen it should be 1280x102423:19
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution23:21
chaospsychextopper4125: lol, ok then let me rephrase the question...23:21
chaospsychexcould someone tell me why my monitor's EDID is being incorrectly read ?23:21
chaospsychextopper4125: xrandr -q doesn't even show the resolution i want to use23:22
topper4125Part 5 of that link might cover that23:22
machinariushey guys, anyone here has experience with NodeJS and a LAN? I've setup a small node webserver and i can *only* access it using localhost, whilst a rials server obund on that same port will work with no issues23:22
Tex_Nickchaospsychex : see what topper4125 posted ... it covers EDID23:22
jhutchins_wkchaospsychex: Perhaps the driver for your chipset doesnt have the right modes.23:23
chaospsychexjhutchins_wk: how would i find that out ?23:23
topper4125chaospsychex: which video card are you using?23:26
topper4125chaospsychex: and monitor?23:27
jhutchins_wkchaospsychex: First I would read and try that page from the wiki.  Then you can use lspci to determine your video chipset, and look at /var/log/Xorg.0.org for errors and information.23:27
Tex_Nickchaospsychex : lshw -c display for display info23:28
ztgudoes this linux project look safe: http://projects.flogisoft.com/asus-keyboard-backlight/    ???23:29
srontheyho, im running ubuntu 12.10 and my system doesnt give me the choice to install prorietary drivers. running a laptop with onboard geforce graphics and an intel i5 if that might have something to do with it. can somebody help me figure out why/how to fix that?23:30
chaospsychextopper4125: i managed to get 1280x1024 set and displayed but will I have to do this on every reboot? Are these changes persistent ?23:30
srontthe graphics "card" is a nvidia geforce gt 325M CUDA23:31
chaospsychexdoes 12.04 have synaptic by default ?23:31
daftykinssront: sounds like an optimus laptop?23:31
srontmsi fx-60023:32
topper4125chaospsychex: Part 6 of that link explains how to make it permanent23:32
daftykinssront: optimus is the nvidia technology where the laptop uses the intel embedded graphics, but can make use of the nvidia chip if you choose to. that doesn't work under Linux properly23:32
sronti see23:33
srontcan i like, disable the intel graphics and force it to use the nvidia graphics?23:33
Brunbookbecause when I put the windows docky is small?23:33
k1l_sront: you can look in your bios for an option like that23:35
daftykinssront: i think installing the nvidia driver *might* force the nvidia one to be used all the time. i'm not sure. it might be worth you googling your laptop and linux to see what it does23:36
daftykinsk1l_: doesn't work like that unfortunately23:36
srontok, ty23:36
vjoehey guys23:36
srontfirst bios, then googling laptop23:36
vjoeis the software center in sync with apt-get?23:36
k1l_daftykins: if you dont have a setting in the bios you cant force it driverwise, iirc23:37
MonkeyDustvjoe  software center is a front end for apt get23:39
vjoelike synaptic23:39
vjoei haven't used ubuntu in years23:39
FloodBot1vjoe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:40
vjoeit has changed loads23:40
chaospsychexyes it has....23:40
chaospsychexi miss synaptic23:40
k1l_you can still install synaptic if you want to use it.23:40
MonkeyDustchaospsychex  sudo apt-get install synaptic23:41
Noskcajit comes with lubuntu by default23:41
topper4125!info synaptic23:41
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.75.12build1 (quantal), package size 2389 kB, installed size 7686 kB23:41
topper4125still available23:41
vjoei quite like unity actually23:41
MonkeyDustvjoe  i've started liking it, after i installed gnome-panel23:41
vjoeI am used to always use the keyboard. So with unity I just hit enter and type the program's name. :P23:42
chaospsychexMonkeyDust: gnome-panel ?23:43
MonkeyDust!info gnome-panel23:43
ubottugnome-panel (source: gnome-panel): launcher and docking facility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.6.0-0ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 455 kB, installed size 1351 kB23:43
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chaospsychexwhat happens to unity if i install gnome-panel ?23:47
codephobicit cries.23:48
chaospsychexcodephobic: lol ?23:48
codephobicsorry, couldn't resist.23:48
k1l_chaospsychex: it doesnt interfer the unity23:48
topper4125chaospsychex: You can have as many desktop enviroments installed as you want... after install, log off, and on the login screen you can select your desktop23:48
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
topper4125to return to unity, simply log off select unity from selection, and log back in23:49
isashaYo geeks23:50
codephobicare there any guides to teach you to develop widgets/apps for unity? I'm trying to learn c++ and I figured that developing small widgets would be something that might be a realistic goal in a few months time..23:50
isashaHow do I fix a printer to stop 'processing' things and print instead?23:50
isashaIt's driving me nuts :/23:50
topper4125codephobic: Try here first: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/ubuntu-developer-stack/widgets/23:51
Tex_Nickisasha : before something can be printed it must be processed ... be more specific with your question23:54
codephobicthanks topper4125, will have a read of that.23:54
isashaWell, it gets stuck on processing Tex_Nick23:54
isashaThe first thing I printed, it worked23:55
isashabut then everything else that I tried, it just got stuck for too long to be normal23:55
topper4125isasha: don't know if this is going to help or not: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man1/lprm.1.html#contenttoc1 (odd that the page is (c) 2007-2011 Apple, Inc23:59

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