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micahgknome: what do you think of dropping abiword-plugin-mathview from the seeds?  it's 1MB11:45
micahgwell, with the library it pulls in11:45
knomei don't know what that is... :)11:51
knomebut sounds like something that is ok to drop imo11:51
knomehuhu, we're that much oversized again :)11:52
micahgwe're 9MB oversized12:03
micahgI'm going to drop french again from i386, that should get it fitting on a CD again12:06
micahgwell, if I can squeeze more stuff off the image, we can add it back :)12:08
micahgat least we'll have one image CD size12:08
knomeheh, yeah12:08
knomewe should get some stuff in soon and get them tested12:08
knomelike the new menulibre, catfish and display dialog12:08
micahgmr_pouit has uploaded a few things recently12:08
knomemmhmm, i haven't followed things too close lately12:09
micahghrm, removing the plugin won't help much as it's recommended by abiword12:11
knomei'd really want that stuff worked without recommends.12:11
knomeso we could use --no-install-recommends by default12:12
knomethat's obviously a design flaw12:12
knome"recommends" should never be needed for something to work12:12
micahg    This declares a strong, but not absolute, dependency.12:12
micahg    The Recommends field should list packages that would be found together with this one in all but unusual installations.12:12
knomeaha. that's a bit weird12:13
micahgif mathview doesn't fit the bill, we can request it be dropped to suggests12:13
knomestill, with recommends installed by default, and probably more and more getting there from the other side as well (less relevant stuff constantly included), it's a serious flaw in the system12:14
knomebecause i believe it's so much easier to get a thing into "recommends" than as a strict dependency12:14
micahgwell, no, if the recommends are being pulled in, they should be stuff that would normally be installed with the software in question, otherwise, the field is being used wrong12:15
knomeeven if in ubuntu, that ultimately means the same thing unless you manually turn off installing recommends12:15
micahgif you find spurious recommends, please let me know12:15
knomei will12:16
knomei've turned off installing recommends myself though12:16
micahgI need to review the package list again to make sure we're not pulling in anything weird12:16
micahgumm...that's not recommended :P12:16
knome"dont' worry, i'm a developer"12:17
knomei know it's not recommended12:17
knomeand i'm not whining about bugs before checking if it works with recommends enabled12:17
knomeseriously, if everybody just used to install recommends, they should just be in the dependencies then.12:20
knomei thought they were separated to allow choice12:20
micahg The Depends field should be used if the depended-on package is required for the depending package to provide a significant amount of functionality.12:20
knomeyeah, i understand the theoretical difference...12:21
micahgyes, recommends can be removed on demand, depends can't12:21
micahgbut since disk space is so cheap, recommends by default makes sense12:21
knomefor most systems yes12:21
knomeyou are probably talking about non-SSD disk space :P12:22
knomei'm not saying it doesn't make sense with SSD's either12:22
micahgeven on a 16GB SSD, a normal Ubuntu system would work12:22
knomebut it makes in my 4GB eeepc12:22
knomethere used to be some gnome apps in recommends for some packages12:23
knomethat was weird12:23
knomei can't remember for which packages, but something probably ages ago pulled in another application12:24
micahgyeah, well, I think we took care of those12:24
knomei hope so :)12:25
knomereading back on my blog, it must've been late 200812:27
knometoo bad i didn't write down what happened, only the solution to disable recommends by default :P12:28
kurapikaHello happy new year / Bonjour Bonne année13:25
bluesabreHappy new year!13:27
kurapikaMy best wish for all of you :) and long live for xfce 13:29

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