benjitwo connections to the Canonical server don't work as well as one there and one here13:16
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frankbanhi hazmat 15:16
frankbanhazmat: the GUI debug server still tries to load external libraries from yui.yahooapis.com, I am making a card for that. Having https://jujucharms.com is great, but we have a problem: XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/juju-gui-17/json. Origin https://ec2-23-22-109-54.compute-1.amazonaws.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. I think we should allow all origins server side.15:22
benjiMakyo teknico bac frankban goodspud bcsaller hazmat: call in 3 minutes?15:27
frankbanbenji: ok15:28
teknicobenji, yep15:28
bacyo benji15:32
benjibac: G+ apparently doesn't like me today, one sec15:32
bacbenji: you called this meeting...15:36
bacfrankban: will you update LP for bug 108682215:38
_mup_Bug #1086822: charm is very slow to start <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1086822 >15:38
baclink to branch, etc15:38
frankbanbac: sure15:39
hazmatfrankban, hmm16:03
hazmatfrankban, so the link you gave isn't to a valid charm16:04
hazmatie https://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/alice-irc-1/json16:04
* hazmat checks the cors access16:04
hazmatfrankban, it already allows for cors requests afaics16:06
frankbanhazmat: aha! you are right, that's the link for Juju GUI. It works for other charms. Cool, so, only the debug server problem remains.16:07
hazmatfrankban, that's not the link for juju gui.. the link for the gui is https://jujucharms.com/~juju-gui/precise/juju-gui/json16:08
hazmatthe gui charm has never been through the charmers review queue for official inclusion16:08
frankbanhazmat: that's the link GUI tries to load when you click on the "charms" tab of the Juju GUI service detail page. 16:09
hazmatthat's  sounds like a bug with local charms then16:10
frankbanhazmat: filed bug 109535416:14
_mup_Bug #1095354: When using local charms, the URL used to retrieve charm info is not correct <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1095354 >16:14
frankbansuddenly debug works, no errors, no changes :-/ bac: does your latest merged branch fix something about how the project is built?16:54
goodspudHas anybody played with the demo recently? It's a big buggy in places16:56
teknicodo you mean a bit butty? OHWAIT17:02
teknicodo we serve sandwiches via http? :-)17:03
frankbanmi daresti una occhiata veloce a https://codereview.appspot.com/7026046 ?17:09
frankbancould someone please review https://codereview.appspot.com/7026046 ?17:10
goodspudteknico, can't go wrong with a bacon and sausage butty17:11
teknicogoodspud, I don't eat meat, you insensitive clo(u)d ;-P17:12
goodspudteknico: a tofu and asparagus butty then17:13
goodspudnom nom nom17:14
teknicothat's more like it :-)17:14
teknicofrankban, approved with thanks :-)17:16
frankbanteknico: :-) cool17:17
bacfrankban: i made a change at gary's request to project.json for the d3 specification.  perhaps that fixed it?17:22
bacgoodspud: what do you see that is funny?17:23
frankbanbac: hum... maybe17:25
goodspudbac. https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B1IM--9A1RkTbjFTUGwwR0lBeXc/edit17:27
frankbanbac: could you please check if https://ec2-107-20-78-229.compute-1.amazonaws.com/ works well for you?17:27
bacfrankban: the front page looks ok.  was slow to load.  anything particular i'm looking for?17:29
bacgoodspud: where'd that yellow line come from?17:30
frankbanbac: errors in the Javascript console?17:30
bacfrankban: i saw some complaints about loading from http for fonts17:31
goodspudbac, that is a "pending" relation line that persists if you move either associated service17:31
frankbanbac: cool, thank you17:32
BradCrittendenbenji, benji: either of you having slow access to the data center today?19:41
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benjibac: not that I have noticed.19:41
benjibac: I wonder if the inrush of traffic about the phone launch is gumming up the works19:41
bacmaybe.  plus PR is having an inaugural celebration right now.  maybe all of those phone videos being pushed to FB is clogging our pipe19:42
* bac -> dogwalk20:46
benjibac and hazmat: the login branch is ready for re-review (https://codereview.appspot.com/7007047)20:55
hazmatbenji, cool, just sent some comments on replies to previous21:10
benjihazmat: thanks; looking21:11
hazmatbenji, i think we should have a talk about this. i feel like there is a misunderstanding here21:11
benjihazmat: sure, let me read over your replies and think for a minute and then we'll get together21:13
hazmatbenji, sounds good.. looking over the latest as well21:13
hazmathmm.. had to go over wip limit .. the reliable test branch wasn't recorded in a lane21:55
bcsallerhazmat: I did a review of that but forgot to mention that you listed yeti as a dep but don't use it 22:08
hazmatbcsaller, gotcha22:11

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