jussiyofel: yeah, its strange, I cant seem to pinpoint the cause atm02:55
jussiIve had it a few times02:55
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shadeslayeranyone about? ktp-text-ui needs rebuilding against the new telepathy-logger08:24
shadeslayerScottK: is ktouchpadenabler intentionally empty?09:08
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Tm_Tshadeslayer: ynoanswer?10:48
shadeslayerno answer from where?10:49
shadeslayerTm_T: ??10:50
Tm_Tshadeslayer: steam (:10:50
shadeslayerI forgot10:50
shadeslayerTm_T: accepted :D10:51
Tm_Tthank you son10:51
Tm_Tsee, this is me doing paperwork (;10:52
shadeslayermy hands are too cold to do anything10:54
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yofelScottK: what's your progress on kdelibs? As 4.9.5 seems to be out I'll publish it later when I have time, but we'll have to add the kdelibs symbol changes later then12:42
BluesKajHey all13:30
ScottKshadeslayer: It wasn't empty when I made it.13:48
ScottKSo no.13:48
shadeslayerI see13:49
shadeslayerneeds fixing then13:50
shadeslayerScottK: one other thing, synaptiks kcm craps out on raring13:52
shadeslayerif you run synaptiks via konsole13:52
shadeslayerand click Touchpad Configuration, it works fine13:53
ScottKWhat error?13:54
shadeslayerbacktrace : http://paste.kde.org/635594/13:55
shadeslayernot particularly helpful I guess13:56
shadeslayerlemme grab the dbg symbols and I'll get back to you13:56
ScottKshadeslayer: Ask JontheEchidna.  He's most likely to know I think.13:57
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: ^ synaptiks broken, fix it fix it fix it13:57
ScottKyofel: Test building something now.13:57
shadeslayerSteveRiley: ScottK https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/make-metric-system-standard-united-states-instead-imperial-system/FndsKXLh14:34
yofelcan I sign that whithout being an US citizen? ^^14:38
shadeslayerTry creating an account? :P14:40
ScottKyofel: What a nice symbols update you just uploaded ....14:45
yofelScottK: huh? I didn't upload anything15:25
ScottKyofel: I updated and reuploaded it.15:25
yofeloh, thank you very much ;)15:26
yofelI'll update the 4.9.5 package so we can publish that later15:26
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: http://paste.kde.org/~shadeslayer/635672/15:28
shadeslayerScottK: ^ Full backtrace if you're interested15:30
ScottKshadeslayer: I think that's an "ask barry" problem.15:31
shadeslayerheh okay15:31
yofelsynaptiks does support py3 does it?15:32
shadeslayerI think I want to poke this a bit before asking him, need to understand what's causing this in the first place15:32
shadeslayeryofel: I don't think so15:32
yofelshadeslayer: well, your former backtrace was using python 3.3 libs, so that's probably the issue15:32
yofelas kpythonpluginfactory in raring is linked against py3315:32
yofelif you just run it by hand you'll probably use py215:33
shadeslayerformer? the backtrace is the same I think15:33
yofelhttp://paste.kde.org/635594/ shows /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpython3.3m.so.1.015:34
yofelyour updated trace only shows the source files, not the lib names15:34
shadeslayerthis is what I get when I go through systemsettings > input devices > touchpad : http://paste.kde.org/~shadeslayer/635690/15:36
yofelsame stacktracetop from what I see15:37
shadeslayeryofel: funny thing is, when you run synaptiks ( the binary ) and choose touchpad settings, it works15:37
shadeslayerprobably because it forces python2?15:38
yofeliirc 'python' is still python2 in raring15:38
yofelcan't check right now15:38
yofeltry running 'python3 synaptiks'15:38
yofeler, with full path15:38
shadeslayerpkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: synaptiks==0.8.115:39
shadeslayerI wonder if there's a way to force python2 in the KCM15:39
yofelno idea. IIRC userconfig has the same problem15:44
shadeslayeryofel: yeah, looks like a python3 issue15:46
shadeslayeralmost similar stack trace15:46
yofelwith synaptiks AFAIK being unmaintained though this is a larger problem though, maybe we could talk to the dev about having a py3 branch on github15:47
shadeslayeryofel: from what I read on the github issue tracker, he was looking for new maintainers a year ago15:47
yofelyeah, it's RFA, but I haven't seen any progress there...15:47
yofelAs a start we would have to first build the module for python3 though, that shouldn't be too much work15:49
yofelyou obviously can't run what doesn't exist15:49
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QuintasanThis was the best New Years Party ever16:01
QuintasanTime to get to work then16:01
Quintasanshadeslayer: maliit is still on hold for the soname magic but mikhas said it should be doable (getting rid of them)16:02
shadeslayerQuintasan: PA3 is on hold till I get a hold of an ExoPC16:02
shadeslayerprobably this weekend I guess16:02
QuintasanWhat do you need it for exactly?16:03
Quintasanshadeslayer: If you want testers then we have ScottK with his Nexus and hopefully SteveRiley16:03
shadeslayerQuintasan: there are some multi touch patches in kde-workspace that need testing16:03
shadeslayerQuintasan: no arm builds16:03
shadeslayeronly i38616:03
QuintasanAre there many resulting binary packages?16:03
QuintasanWe could just build it in ScottK's build farm16:04
Quintasanand copypaste stuff16:04
shadeslayerI didn't count16:04
mikhasQuintasan, it must have been a good party if you slept until now =p16:04
Quintasanmikhas: I've been wide awake till 8 in the morning16:04
shadeslayerQuintasan: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-active/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=raring16:04
Quintasanthen I decided to go to bed16:04
Quintasanuh crap16:05
Quintasanshadeslayer: looks like a ton of work16:05
Quintasanshadeslayer: Where are the packaging branches so I can fetch them?16:05
mikhasso +30 hours of partying … sounds wild16:05
shadeslayerthere are none16:05
shadeslayerI haven't pushed the packaging anywhere16:05
Quintasanmikhas: We decied that we ought to start cleaning up the mess16:06
shadeslayerRight now it's just a bunch of hastily put together packages as of right now16:06
Quintasanshadeslayer: push the packaging branches somewhere so I can work on them16:06
Quintasanpreferably ~kubuntu-dev16:07
Quintasansince it will be part of Kubuntu sooner or later16:07
shadeslayerwill do tomorrow16:07
Quintasanmikhas: Currently my work order is something like this16:07
shadeslayerI just want to get into the warm comfort of my bed right now16:07
Quintasanmalitt-framework -> maliit-plugins -> pa3 (it is on hold for maliiit) -> active images16:08
Quintasanshadeslayer: Sure, going to bed altogether or just a nap?16:08
shadeslayerthe formere16:08
Quintasannight then16:08
shadeslayernighters :)16:08
QuintasanScottK: Think you could copypaste resulting debs to your nexus 7 if I do the building?16:09
yofelQuintasan: if you can get an ssh key of those machines I can give you a repos where you can upload the binaries to16:15
mikhasright, shadeslayer's comment @ lwn mentioned you were blocking on Maliit16:18
Quintasanyofel: I wish I could connect first :P16:18
yofelwell, I'll keep the offer open16:18
Quintasanmikhas: It's not a dependency block but imagine using that on a tablet without a on-screen keyboard :D16:18
mikhasthat's why Bluetooth keyboards were invented ;-)16:22
mikhasBuilt-in support for BT keyboards came very early in Maliit, though it no longer exists. Imagine why ;-)16:23
Quintasanmikhas: Not everyone has one and not everyone carries one around :P16:25
QuintasanShowers are the best thing invented since sliced bread16:25
* Quintasan goes to wash dishes16:26
shadeslayermikhas: not just maliit actually, other factors like man power etc as well iirc 16:29
shadeslayerScottK: could you rebuild ktp-text-ui ? new tp-logger causes issues 16:30
yofelScottK: is there an easy way to build a python package for both 2.7 and 3.3 or do I really need to run setup.py by hand for every version that I want?16:30
shadeslayeror for that matter, anyone with upload rights 16:31
Quintasanshadeslayer: I can16:32
shadeslayercool 16:32
* Quintasan thinks he remembers how to do it16:32
shadeslayerits just that ktp-text-ui tries to find the old lib, when the so name was bumped16:33
Quintasanshadeslayer: uploaded18:22
shadeslayerQuintasan: tp logger qt also needs rebuilding 18:54
shadeslayercheck all reverse build deps and rebuild 19:00
shadeslayerQuintasan: maybe hold off on rebuilding? theres a new package that might get syncd19:11
Quintasanshadeslayer: libtelepathy-logger-qt4-1 rebuild?19:11
Quintasanlibktpchat0 kde-telepathy-text-ui are rdepends19:12
Quintasanof kde-telepathy-text-ui19:12
Quintasan0.4.0 in Ubuntu19:12
shadeslayerno, shouldn't reverse build deps for tp logger be enough?19:12
Quintasanbut it is in main and I don't think I can do anything about that19:13
Quintasanapt-cache rdepends libtelepathy-logger-qt4-1 19:13
shadeslayererrr .. raring has 0.6.0-119:13
shadeslayeruse reverse-depends -b19:13
shadeslayerapt doesn't show stuff at times 19:14
shadeslayerand only check for tp logger, not tp logger qt19:14
Quintasanwell you said qt needs rebuilding19:14
Quintasan[~]% reverse-depends -b telepathy-logger                                                                                                                                                     (quintasan@demonbane:~)19:15
QuintasanNo reverse dependencies found19:15
Quintasaneven better19:15
shadeslayeryes, but do we also need to rebuild everything that deps on tp logger qt?19:15
shadeslayerwrong package name ?19:16
QuintasanDunno, but I guess that would be the safe approach19:16
shadeslayerlibtelepathy-logger-dev 19:16
Quintasanno rdeps as well19:16
shadeslayerdude ...19:17
shadeslayercheck against the dev package 19:17
Quintasanit doesnt do that?19:17
Quintasan* cinnamon19:18
Quintasan* empathy19:18
Quintasan* gnome-shell19:18
Quintasan* telepathy-logger-qt19:18
Quintasansounds like fun19:18
shadeslayerand council hasn't taken a vote on the card afaik 19:18
shadeslayerfun 19:18
QuintasanI don't think I can touch the first 319:18
shadeslayerquestion is, do we wait for the package to get kicked from debian new? 19:19
shadeslayerbecause so version Changed 19:19
QuintasanIf we do then I won't have to do anything (probaby)19:19
shadeslayerhence package name Changed, etc etc19:19
QuintasanI'd wait and see what happens19:20
shadeslayeridk, ktp text ui is unusable at the moment19:20
QuintasanIt can't break EVERYTHING and if something happens it should be rather easy to fix19:20
shadeslayerweird situation 19:20
Quintasanshadeslayer: if you want to rebuild we would have to go around and ask maintainers of empaty and gnome-shell to make a rebuild right now19:21
Quintasanrebuild now*19:21
shadeslayerScottK: please advise ^19:21
Quintasanthose two are in main and they are not part of our seed so I can't touch then afaik19:21
Quintasandunno where the hell cinnamon is19:21
Quintasan!package cinnamon raring19:22
ubottuQuintasan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:22
Quintasankubotu: !package cinnamon raring19:22
yofel!info cinnamon19:22
ubottuPackage cinnamon does not exist in quantal19:22
* Quintasan never knows how to use the damn bot19:22
shadeslayerdesktop env like kde19:22
yofel!info cinnamon raring19:22
ubottucinnamon (source: cinnamon): Innovative and comfortable desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.7-1 (raring), package size 471 kB, installed size 1872 kB19:22
QuintasanThis I can touch after all19:23
Quintasansince it's universe19:23
yofelrazorqt made it into raring too, haven't tried it yet19:23
shadeslayernice 19:23
ScottKQuintasan: I'd have to install Ubuntu on it first.  It's still stock Android.19:24
ScottKBut I can do that.19:24
ScottKyofel: For now you need to call setup.py in a loop. 19:25
QuintasanScottK: Oh, okay. Let me know if that happens.19:25
ScottKThe Kubuntu arm boxen are armhf now, so the binaries can be built there in a raring chroot.19:26
ScottKshadeslayer: Ubuntu doesn't have package maintainers.  JFDI.19:26
shadeslayerScottK: sure, but there's a package in debian new, when that gets syncd we get to rebuild again19:27
shadeslayerso the question is , 2 rebuilds or 1 ?19:28
ScottKBuilders aren't very busy, so I'd say fixing sooner rather than later is better (i.e. 2)19:28
shadeslayervery well :)19:29
QuintasanScottK: Any idea why I can't connect to arm box?19:30
* ScottK checks19:30
yofelScottK: I'll take another look at kdelibs 4.9.4 once the arm builds are done. Symbolfiles still aren't quite right19:30
yofelhow does one even get to those arm boxes? I never tried19:31
ScottKQuintasan: I can connect here.19:31
Quintasanport 98?19:31
ScottK98 was temporary19:31
ScottKyofel: I think you'll have to hand edit the symbols files, but at least from looking at amd64, it didn't seem too bad.19:38
NoskcajScottK, ping20:36
ScottKNoskcaj: pong20:50
Noskcajcould you update the kubuntu oem testcase? we might be splitting it from ubuntu oem due to some differences. come over to -quality20:50
ScottKI have the powers.20:50
ScottKIf you tell me what to put in it, I'll be glad to.20:50
Quintasanshadeslayer: Where do I report kio-mtp bugs?22:44
QuintasanMy friend can't connect his phone  LG-E610 using kio-mtp. It just opens the notification with "mtp:udi=/org/kde/solid/udev/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.2/" as conent and nothing happens22:46
yofelScottK: next try up, I confirmed that it's correct on i386 and amd64 at least. The other archs should be fine I think.23:33
ScottKyofel: Can you build it on the armhf box?23:34
yofelhow do I get there?23:34
yofelScottK: ?23:54
Riddellyofel: ssh -p 100 arm.kitterman.com23:56
ScottKRiddell: I'm setting up his account now.23:57
Riddellah hah23:59

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