timberwolfI used wine to run EVE Online and when I closed it the cursor locked up and when I logged out and back in the cursor worked until I entered my account, however if I log in with a different user I can use my cursor.00:09
timberwolfAny ideas?00:09
timberwolfis a virtue?00:19
TheLordOfTimeand advised given you're right around new years00:19
timberwolfI waited 10 minutes before speaking again.00:20
TheLordOfTimei'm just saying00:25
TheLordOfTimeit can take a LONg time for responses around new years.00:25
TheLordOfTimegive it a day or two, and many'll return ;)00:25
TheLordOfTimebut you usually get a response within an hour or two, but... *shrugs*00:26
timberwolfI have been at the computer for hours and I will be here hours more00:27
timberwolfyou saying patients fits your nick00:28
seliteWhat is the keyboard shortcut for the terminal in Kubuntu?01:33
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cjaeis anyone else having issues with the time being set to the wrong time?02:29
cjaewhen I issue a date the date is correct in terminal02:30
monkeyjuicewhat time is it02:32
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Linkmaster12.10amd64 install is hanging on "copying installation logs... 93%" I don't know how old the download is, it's rather new though, a couple weeks at most. It installed just fine an hour or so ago, I'm wondering why it's not working now.03:10
LinkmasterI don't want to kill the install, that'll be annoying, but it's been hanging for about 30 mins..03:12
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kotTon_kaNdiyhello..how can i find other chat rooms?03:29
nafgkotTon_kaNdiy: Google03:31
kotTon_kaNdiyokk thank you03:31
nafgkotTon_kaNdiy: What do you need?03:31
kotTon_kaNdiyi wanted to find other chatrooms03:31
Unit193!alis | kotTon_kaNdiy03:31
ubottukotTon_kaNdiy: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:31
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kotTon_kaNdiyi need help03:39
kotTon_kaNdiyhow can i access other rooms?03:43
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Basil1x12.10 on a Toshiba L755.  the sound works for a bit, then craps out.  everything insists sound is working, but there is no sound.  bog standard install.  HDMI port is unaffected, is internal speakers only that don't work.  Any help would be appreciated.04:48
phunyguy_t430so.O why does rekonq have the NFL website icon where the Facebook icon should be on the tab and in the address bar?  weird...05:07
Basil1xanyone here know how to fix kubuntu having an issue seeing a sound card?05:11
Basil1xsound stops after awhile, but thinks it's still working.05:12
hruionmy english is poor05:19
hruiondinn`er to go05:19
phunyguy_t430sfigured it out.  ~/.kde/cache-{hostname}/favicons has the png stored, so I killed the one labeled www.facebook.com.png - which indeed was the NFL logo for someodd reason.05:21
Basil1xmebbe facebook 'Like'd NFL?05:22
DutchmanBasil1x, is the HDMI and system speakers two different devices in the "System Settings > Multimedia > Phonon" setup?05:32
Basil1xMust be, without the HDMI plugged in, all I see is the internal speakers.  I believe both are controlled by the sound card though.05:33
DutchmanAre you on the computer now? Can you check?05:34
Basil1xjust a moment... checking now05:36
Basil1xthey seem to be one device05:37
DutchmanHmm... odd. Sometimes I've seen the sound do like you describe when there's two devices, can't say why with just one though.05:39
hruioni'm back05:44
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user94202I'm having a problem with screensavers not working in kde. I set them to random. But all I get is black screen. Any ideas?07:28
shadeslayeruser94202: did you install screensavers?07:41
shadeslayeryou probably want to install kscreensaver07:43
user94202shadeslayer:  Yes i fixed the problem by installing kscreensaver.  Now i see them.07:49
user94202Next problem:  File associations for .wav and .mp3 to open VLC media player, but they keep opening Audacity.07:50
user94202I want VLC to start when I click a .wav or .mp307:51
shadeslayerdid you set vlc to a higher priority ?07:52
shadeslayerit's in System Settings > File associations07:52
user94202yes i did. But it keeps defaulting back to audacity as the priority.07:52
shadeslayeruser94202: can you close your file browser and run kbuildsycoca4 and then try opening the file?07:53
user94202ok..justa moment07:53
user94202no, kbuildsycoca4 didn't help.  Still opens Audacity.    Can i set the default media player for ALL audio to VLC?07:57
user94202Actually, set the global setting for media to VLC07:58
shadeslayervia File Associations, sure, but I don't know of a global setting to do it07:58
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user94202When I select "audio" in the file associations, it won't allow me to set anything.  I have to set each individual audio file's associations.07:59
shadeslayercan you pastebin your ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list08:00
shadeslayerI added this to [Added Associations] in mine :08:01
shadeslayerand it seems to work08:01
shadeslayerheh, nvm, vlc was already taking mp3 mimetypes08:02
user94202yes, i might need to arrange the priority of that file.08:04
user94202put vlc first..checking..08:04
user94202I notice that audacity was first on the list, so i put VLC..  Testing .wav.08:06
shadeslayerthat shoul ideally work08:07
shadeslayeruser94202: you probably have to run kbuildsycoca4 once you dedit that file08:08
user94202<still testing....08:18
user94202no. That didn't work either.  I'll pastebin that file you wanted.08:19
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user94202mongrel thing. Now Reqonk isn't working08:23
user94202Going to reboot.  Clear this mess. Back soon08:23
user94202I set VLC as default media player, yet it loads Audacity.08:34
user94202Here's my ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list08:35
Wizarduser94202: When does it load Audacity?08:36
WizardWhen clicking on a file?08:36
user94202yes.. when i click on a .wav file it loads audacity. I want VLC08:36
user94202in fact i'd like to remove audacity completely from the file associations08:37
user94202except with audacity's own filetype.08:37
user94202I just want VLC as the default media player for audio and video.08:38
user94202OK...i think i got VLC as default.08:44
user94202I right click the .wav file  >>  properities >> edit filetype >>  VLC08:45
user94202I suppose i do that to each media file i want to use VLC with.08:46
brentrecently apt-get updated and uprade kubuntu raring. now touchpad settings crash. anyone know how to fix?08:46
user94202Fixed :-)   Clicking .wav opens VLC.08:48
brenttried downgrade of kde-config-touchpad. didnt help. anyone?08:49
shadeslayerbrent: looking08:50
shadeslayerprobably it's not ported to python3 or sth08:50
brentoh, i added unity desktop and cinnamon recently. and after update noticed touchpad settings crash in kde08:51
shadeslayerunrealted, I have the crash on plain kubuntu raring myself08:52
brentoh well thanks for your time so far.. usually the folks here help sort this stuff out...08:53
brentOH! i have a seperate synaptics management in the menu uder utilities. the settings launch fine!!08:54
brentputs a touchpad icon in the sys tray and gives access too settings..08:55
brentI saw the bug report for the kshell4 touch pad settings crash or whatever.. after original install it crashed. then updated and it worked. and after another update it crashes again...08:58
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shadeslayerbrent: https://github.com/lunaryorn/synaptiks/issues09:20
shadeslayeryou can report a bug there :)09:20
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eakkyI wanted to make a website about kubuntu Thailand. Created or not12:21
eakkysee Ubuntu's Club (ubuntu Thailand) is a member of Ubuntu Loco.12:22
gabinsmth is going to happen on ubuntu site12:32
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Guest1717salve ubuntu 12.10 non mi rileva l'hardware della scheda di memoria sd da2gb13:13
ovidiu-florinhello, I have a problem with making an ad-hoc connection. I'm connected to the internet using an USB modem, and I've made a wifi shared connection. I was able to connect to this wifi connection from a windows 7 machine but I have no internet access on it. Any thoughts on this? What can I test? What can I try?13:18
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phoenix_firebrdGuest1717 | !it13:29
phoenix_firebrd!it | Guest171713:29
ubottuGuest1717: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:29
BluesKajHey all13:30
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi13:31
BluesKajhi phoenix_firebrd13:32
ubottualberto: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:55
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DarthFrog /msg ubottu !alis15:47
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AMDAthlonwill kubuntu 12.10 get KDE 4.9.5 from the PPA eventually?17:09
shadeslayerthat's the plan I think17:16
TheLordOfTimehe left.17:17
tommykruseI have a bash script, /etc/network/if-down.d/test that isn't getting executed when I disconnect from my wifi connection from the Network Manager. What could be the cause of this? What program is in charge of executing if-down.d scripts?17:25
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mindspinjoin #ubuntu-offtopic18:07
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bruno_ubuntu 12.10 non riesce a rilevare l'hardware della scheda di memoria sd da 2gb19:03
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rsdIt seems that KDE does not support CUPS with authentication, is that right?  Kubuntu 12.10 + ppa19:18
Ab3Li have a problem with the clock on the pannel. if you click on it, you'll get space with a calendar of the month on the left and a description on the right. My problem is that the size of the description is too small. Do you know how to make it bigger?19:25
tsimpsonAb3L: hover over the top right corner of the calendar that pops up, you should then be able to click and drag to adjust its size19:31
Ab3Loh, yes! it was so simple!19:32
user123456hey, does kubuntu also have amazon spyware installed or can I safely switch to it?19:34
Ab3Lthank you tsimpson. (i don't know why it haven't worked before. i may have to change the batteries of my mouse...)19:35
tsimpsonuser123456: the answer is "no", though neither does ubuntu19:35
tsimpsonAb3L: it's not that obvious you can do it, but it is the most intuitive way when you think about it19:36
user123456are you on amazon's payroll?19:36
tsimpsonuser123456: no19:38
user123456just kidding.. but does it also have amazon-shopping-lense installed19:38
tsimpsonno, Kubuntu doesn't have that19:38
user123456or records any user information by default?19:38
user123456ok, thank you19:38
Ab3Lsure, i'd tried to enlarge the plasmoid with the mouse (as natural), but it didn't work. i think that's because i've to charge the batteries of the mouse, so that it can handle a long click.19:39
Ab3Lthat's the problem with wireless mouses.19:39
Ab3Lthe only feature i miss from windows, is an application that shows me the level of the charge of the batteries of my cordless mouse.19:40
shadeslayeruser123456: depends, iirc krunner tries to learn when you type stuff into it19:41
shadeslayerbut it doesn't send any info out to the internet19:41
twingWhen will the 4.9.5 version of KDE in Kubuntu 12.10?20:02
twingWhen will the 4.9.5 version of KDE in Kubuntu 12.10?20:03
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gabinubuntu phone!20:08
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anunakijust installed kubuntu live and shows no bluetooth adapter?22:06
anunakiis this common22:06
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Guest10535 i got bluetoth22:24
eth7upI just installed kubuntu for my parents, it's loading ssb for the wireless card but wlan0 doesn't exist ifconfig -a shows only eth0 and lo0 same with iwconfig23:35
eth7up3rd party drivers were enabled23:35
eth7uplspci -k shows ssb loaded for the wireless card23:35

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