nightdemon666hi. need help. anyone to help?02:02
holsteinnightdemon666: just ask.. if any volunteer can help, they will02:02
nightdemon666ok... well i have an issue trying to get two monitors to work in lubuntu 10.04. i have one monitor working. the one im using now. I configured a xorg.config file to do that. now I want to get a TV monitor working with a second video card. an nvidia. i tested with win xp. worked so easy. but im not ready to upgrade my sons computer to win xp until i get all my files moved over. im upgrading my sons PC to win xp so he c02:05
holsteinsure.. xp is not a good example02:05
nightdemon666i know, but it was a test softwarre02:05
holsteinnightdemon666: nvidia is free to make you a driver for you linux as well02:05
nightdemon666but it still worked in xp02:05
nightdemon666pissed me off02:06
holsteinnightdemon666: what would i suggest? try lubuntu 12.04 live02:06
holsteinor 12.1002:06
nightdemon666open source one works just fine, and in xp i didnt even have to install the nvidia driver02:06
nightdemon666it just worked02:06
holsteinnightdemon666: xp doesnt have the proper driver either02:06
holsteinnightdemon666: if you want support, you'll need to install the driver there as well02:06
nightdemon666did some changed get made in lubuntu 12.04 that makes dual monitor set up simpler?02:06
holsteinnightdemon666: you are bascially using the equivalent of the vesa driver in xp02:07
holsteinnightdemon666: but, this is not a windows support channel, so lets get back to lubuntu02:07
holsteinnightdemon666: the tool i use is called 'arandr' ...but i find sometimes i need the proprietary driver that i assume is available for your hardware02:07
holsteinnightdemon666: if the open source one worked just fine, use it.. but i think thats why you are here, correct? its not working fine?02:08
holsteinnightdemon666: the driver support might be better for your hardware in 12.04 or 12.10. thats why i suggest it..02:09
nightdemon666ok... so i need to tell xorg.config file to use vesa, and not the intel driver form the onboard vidoa card outputing video to the monitor and 86 the "nv" (nouveau) driver for the other monitor??? ok, hold up.. just an fyi... some of this IS an experiment. I "should" be able to get both of these monitors working in lubuntu 10.04, but i have a hunch i need to carefully config my xorg.config file... can anyone with exper02:10
nightdemon666i see. hold up... im needed, brbr02:11
holsteinsure.. you can do that as well.. sometimes i grab a knoppix or puppy live CD and config the dual head, and grab the xorg.conf from there02:11
holsteinnightdemon666: with arandr, i usually dont have to mess with the xorg.conf02:11
holsteinnightdemon666: some proprietary nvidia drivers create a custom xorg.conf for my devices02:12
nightdemon666ok... now, another thing i did was test in an ubuntu (gnome) 10.10 version to see if it would "just work" no luv :( so here is the scoop... again, I ONLY tested in win xp to see if I was limited by hardware, or software. since i confirmed the configuration works in win xp, i tossed that idea out, and back to lubuntu i went. I have messed around with the xorg.config file a number of times. I have looked for the proprie02:21
nightdemon666also, arandr? did you mean xrandr or really arandr?02:21
holstein10.10 is EOL02:22
holsteinarandr is the tool i use02:22
holsteinits just a GUI frontend02:22
holsteinthe hardware works in xp with proper supported drivers02:22
holsteinthat only means the hardware is functional02:22
nightdemon666in deed :)02:22
nightdemon666so my quest is to force feed lubuntu to get it to work too! :)02:23
nightdemon666i love these kinds of challanges, and i love linux, so thats why i cam here. i have spent 4 days on this :(02:23
holsteinnightdemon666: i sometimes use a knoppix or puppy live CD and grab the xorg.conf from there02:23
holsteinnightdemon666: i used to spend days on it.. now i just fire up several live CD's and figure out what needs what02:24
nightdemon666understood, i could do that too... would that be any different than doing that on any other distro??? who knoppix make it easier to get the xorg.conf file?02:24
holsteinnightdemon666: what would i do? isolate just the nvidia hardware and see what it needs.. with a live CD or from an install02:24
holsteinnightdemon666: i have had better luck with knoppix.. which is why i suggested it.. it generates nice xorg.conf files that i can edit if needed02:25
nightdemon666like take what ever drivers are contained in a old knoppix disk for nvidia and copy those files to a flash drive and stick em on the lubuntu filesystem?02:25
holsteinnightdemon666: no.. not the drivers.. the xorg.conf02:25
holsteinnightdemon666: the drivers are in the kernel.. unless you are going to load a proprietary blob, which you might need, and i would determine that by isolating the nvidia harware as suggested above02:26
nightdemon666i see... well the xorg config file was prety easy for me to generate. i even just went ahead and generated them one at a time for both monitors, and spliced them together into one. but lubuntu crys when i do that :(\02:26
holsteinnightdemon666: sure.. im just saying, i dont know what your xorg.conf looks like.. and if you are having a hard time with it, you shoulc consider it could be breaking things02:26
holsteinlubuntu doesnt care.. it doesnt cry or care.. it'll use a proper xorg.conf though02:27
nightdemon666well i had to just to get the one monitor to work. i have no choice. lubuntu wasnt happy with me when i went with out it. i suppose i can share a copy of the xorg config file if you want, but if you are not comfortable with that i can not do that...02:28
holsteinremove it from the equation.. move it out of the way, and try a tool like arandr.. or try a live CD such as knoppix or lubuntu 12.1002:28
nightdemon666ok... let me install the arandr package.. if apt-get will let me...02:28
nightdemon666honestly i didnt think 10.04 LTS was EOL untill this april BTW...02:29
holsteinapt-get just does package management.. if the package is available in 10.04, and you run the command, you get the package02:29
holsteinnightdemon666: 10.04 is not... but 10.10, as you mentioned trying above, is02:30
nightdemon666indeed, and got it... let me play with this a second...02:30
nightdemon666oh, yeah, that is correct. i was just playign with it as probably everyone else does when troubleshooting... brb02:31
holsteinim just pointing out what may not be fair comparisons.. since 10.10 is EOL, and 10.04 gets updates that might fix or break your config02:31
holsteini suggest troubleshooting with 12.04 and 12.1002:31
nightdemon666ok, so let me ask this... do you suggest i kill lxdm, .bac my xorg.config file and logback in, run the arandr program, and see if it works... do you think the current xorg.config file would interfere as of now?02:33
nightdemon666or run another custom xorg.config file with both monitors plugged in?02:33
holsteini dont know *anything* about your current xorg.. i know that lubuntu didnt make it. and i suggest you remove it from the equation and troubleshoot.. how would i do that? rename it and reboot02:34
holsteinbut, before all of that, i would have tested each graphics card independently and know what drivers work and what is needed02:34
nightdemon666i see, i can do that... if i need more help, you'll see me return. thank you holstein :) how much longer are you on?02:35
holsteinnightdemon666: im always logged in... but i should be here a bit longer.. cheers!02:35
nightdemon666i kinda did that, but lubuntu apparently REALLY doesnt like my nvidia card by its self :( it seem the intel one is stable... not I do have another nvidia card, and with out the custom xorg config file it was "ok" but it had video flicker02:36
holsteinthe nvidia one might require the proprietary driver02:36
holsteinif you havent tried it, then that is what i would do next. i would test with the nvidia proprietary driver on that card02:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto02:37
nightdemon666when i input the "Option     "PreferredMode" "1024x768" inot the "Section "Monitor" of the xorg.config file and "DefaultDepth 24" in the "Section "Screen" with "Modes     "1024x768" appended at the end of that section under "Depth     24" it works great with out the proprietary driver though... so you think the proprietary one is necessary anyway even though it woks fine using the opensource one after seuccessful con02:39
holsteini would try the device independently and test with vesa, open and proprietary02:40
nightdemon666without the xorg file02:40
holsteinnightdemon666: i did this with my nvidia hardware02:40
holsteinnightdemon666: correct... until the proprietary one makes one and wants it02:41
holsteinotherwise, yes.. i would remove the xorg from the equation02:41
nightdemon666ok, so enlighten me.. i didnt think about the vesa part of this equation.. how do i go about testing the vesa driver?02:41
holsteini just specify it in an xorg.conf, or i do it from the live CD menu with nomodeset02:42
holsteinnightdemon666: i doubt you are going to want to use the vesa driver, so you dont have to test that.. just know its an option02:42
nightdemon666because vesa is crap?02:43
holsteinwhen folks say "ive tried everything" i ask about the vesa driver.. and sometimes that helps find something else out02:43
holsteinnightdemon666: its not a 3d driver.. its great at what it does02:43
nightdemon666i dont need the 3d. this machine is NOT expected to be fancy.. hence the lubuntu install. this is a 1.2 ghz intel cpu, with 512 ram02:44
nightdemon666so on my current install, how to i envoke the vesa driver option on these graphics cards?02:44
holsteinnightdemon666: there are other things that might make you want the other drivers.. again... test it ans see what works for you02:44
nightdemon666in grub config file?02:44
holsteinnightdemon666: i would try it from a live CD.. nomodeset02:44
holsteinnightdemon666: in puppy linux, there is a wizard that pops up and boot and asks what driver you want to try, and you can say vesa as a test02:45
nightdemon666ok, sorry for the ignorance, at which point on a live cd shall i invoke the vesa driver? after pressing a certain key before plymouth loads?02:46
nightdemon666i do have a puppy cd though... an OLD one lol02:46
holsteinnightdemon666: i tap or hold shift... i get the old menu with the function options... i ust f6 to specify nomodeset02:46
holsteinnightdemon666: the old one is fine.. all im interested in with the vesa driver test from puppy is. does this work.. i can look at the xorg.conf as wel and play with resolutions there02:47
nightdemon666tap or hold shift at boot right? thats just a one timer though too right? like, only works once on installs, and everytime on boot live or not?02:47
holsteinnightdemon666: if it works in the old puppy cd, you know you can force lubuntu to do that02:47
holsteinnightdemon666: i tap or hold shift while the live CD boots02:48
nightdemon666ok, i think i'll go puppy first. looks like i have a lot more work to do :P02:48
nightdemon666wish me luck02:48
nightdemon666think puppy 4.0 will do?02:49
nightdemon666and does it creat a xorg.conf file or do i create it?02:50
holsteinnightdemon666: yup... there is an ubuntu based one, but 4.0 is fine.. you just wnat to test the vesa driver on the hardware there, and look at an xorg02:50
holsteinnightdemon666: theres a wizard at boot02:50
nightdemon666but it creates a xorg.conf file its self or i issue the command?02:50
holsteinnah. its a wizard02:51
nightdemon666awesomes, thanks. chao!02:51
nightdemon666well, suckage holstein... i tried your recommendation on puppy. maybe next time i should try knoppix. it wasnt so successful. perhaps because of the cards being nvidia. so i tried another card, a Virge. dont know if you have ever heard of that one. anyway, the best xorg does is have text based output on both screens, but xvesa or xorg only output to one screen. I analized the xorg.config file it generated when i did the xo04:20
nightdemon666sorry for the typos btw...04:21
holsteinnightdemon666: if the vesa driver doesnt work,then you have other issues...04:21
nightdemon666it acts like it doesnt even recognize the other monitor04:21
holsteinnightdemon666: thats why i suggest *inependently*04:21
holsteinnightdemon666: one at a time04:21
nightdemon666but i dont understand why win xp does so simple, but linux struggles to perform this.04:21
holsteinnightdemon666: xp is so simple because the drivers are created for it04:22
holsteinnightdemon666: also, you are used to it04:22
nightdemon666i did that one at a time too. i got fairly similar results as i did doing one at a time on lubuntu itsself.04:22
holsteinnightdemon666: i remember when i used XP, it was simpler.. now, its simpler for me in windows04:22
holsteinin linux i mean*04:22
holsteinnightdemon666: its not a fair comparison.. nor is it consructive, or helpful to compare to windows04:23
nightdemon666actually, ive been using linux since 2009. been using all sorts of distros. i run two servers in house04:23
holsteinnightdemon666: then you should understand that any vendor is free and welcome to create drivers for linux as they do for windows04:23
nightdemon666my sons computer runs lubuntu 10.04 with ssh and smb. another,  ssh server for now. will be smb when i get another drive. external 3tb or so.04:23
nightdemon666i suppose im a bit lazy on one side to just call or email a vendor to write a driver, instead a hard head thinking i can just figure it out on my own :/04:24
holsteinif you are 3 days in, id say you are not lazy04:25
holsteinnightdemon666: the vendors *wont* write a driver04:25
holsteinnightdemon666: if they did, they would be included04:25
holsteinnightdemon666: the drivers are in the kernel for most things04:25
nightdemon666thats why i love the linux kernal04:25
nightdemon666i dont have to install "most" drivers04:25
holsteinthe things that are not are more challenging. thought the vesa driver should work with *any* graphics harware04:26
nightdemon666but can output video on two different monitors on two different vga cards???04:26
nightdemon666at the same time?04:26
nightdemon666perhaps i suck and i dont know how to configure vesa. honestly, my experience with vesa is with OLD hardware that xorg just doesnt play well with.04:27
holsteinnightdemon666: you can do whatever you want with an xorg.conf04:28
holsteinwhat would i do? test each device independetnly04:28
holsteinOR, just hook up what i want, and try arandr for dual head config04:28
nightdemon666and usually vesa presents its self with, hey xorg sucks for you, select a resolution using vesa driver. i get that all the time with dr web antivirus on my netboot :/04:28
holsteinnightdemon666: forget i mentioned vesa04:28
holsteinnightdemon666: dont use it04:29
nightdemon666what is dual head config? ive seen this before on the webs.04:29
holsteinnightdemon666: if it comes up that you cant get what you want, consider using it for troubleshooting04:29
holsteinnightdemon666: i have dual head.. that what you are talking about04:29
holstein2 montiros04:29
holsteinmonintors*. 2 graphics cards or one that supported dual head04:29
holsteinotherwise, you would just be using your computer and not having any issues04:29
nightdemon666i see, yes im trying to configure two  monitors. two separate vga out puts two different cards. one onboard, the other pci04:30
nightdemon666did i mention OLD hardware ?lol04:30
nightdemon666and olf hp xt96304:30
holsteinright.. so if you had, like i do, an nvidia card with 2 outs, i install the proprietary driver and dual head works great04:31
nightdemon666yeah, too bad im too cheap to get one of those cards.. i have a feeling that would work better04:31
holsteinif you have, (as i also have) a laptop or to (or more) with vga outs, then the outs work04:31
holsteinif you mix brands, and try and get things working with what you got.. you might have more of a challenge04:31
holsteinand it will be specific to your hardware case04:31
nightdemon666yeah, thats simple too. ive never had so much trouble with monitors honestly. my netbook is connected to a 40inch lcd tv and works perfectly fine04:32
holsteinnightdemon666: so, this is the exact same thing.. but you'll need drivers for both and it'll be more challenging04:32
nightdemon666ive also had (this laptop im typing you on now) connected to the same 40 inch lcd tv running fedora 11. (at the time)04:32
nightdemon666i see. the intel driver seems to load fine. and the nvidia open source nouveau driver loads fine two. separatelt.04:33
nightdemon666both monitors work just fine using both cards separately and with custom xorg.conf file04:34
holsteinnightdemon666: together might be more of a challenge.. sometimes i just try knoppix and see if it works04:34
nightdemon666i see. that is next. puppy was "ok" but didnt see both monitors :(04:34
holsteini would expect to setup dual head in there with a tool04:35
holsteinthats when the xorg would get generated04:35
nightdemon666of course, xorg has NO problem logging information to the xorg.conf file when generated though. see, i just sudo service lxdm stop. then i sudo Xorg -configure. then i use vi, or just sudo service lxdm start and log in and do it graphically.04:35
holsteini would expect to boot knoppix or puppy up, and then configure dual head.. i would just keep messsing with ways til i get it as i want. then copy the xorg.conf that is "good04:35
nightdemon666yeah, i understood what you meant when you explained that. i should probably use a more resent version on puppy though dont you think? or older because of support for the legacy hardware?04:36
nightdemon666and the dual head tool you are referring to is like programs like xorgwizard and such right?04:37
nightdemon666arandr didnt work btw, and we less desirable compared to xorg.conf.04:37
nightdemon666sorry if im flooding you04:38
holsteinarandr will work when you get the drivers sorted04:38
nightdemon666also, xwin just would start x :(04:38
nightdemon666i see... so you think the kernal isnt loading and running the intel and nvidia driver well??? the best ive ever gotten this to run is one monitor loads the login screen (lxdm) the other monitor ended up with pen strips. as soon as i logged into the desktop, desktop never loaded. just left me with the blue background default to lubuntu 10.04. i ran top via ssh to that machine and saw that Xorg was running nearly %100..04:40
holsteini think you are having issues running an intel and an nvidia graphics card together04:41
nightdemon666ok, good answer...04:41
holsteinnightdemon666: i got a nice nvidia graphics card.. works great with the proprietary driver... and dual head.. it was 8 bucks at the charity shop04:41
nightdemon666i called my neighbor and got another nvidia card, but this time a gforce. the other is a tnt. and tried running two pci graphics cards instead of any onboard. no love :(04:42
nightdemon666does that card have two vga inputs?04:42
nightdemon666or one vga and one dvi?04:42
nightdemon666or hdmi?04:42
holsteinvga and dvi04:43
nightdemon666so, bottom line is, i definitely have a software problem, and it may be because of the linux kernal. my buddy gave me crap and told me im failing because im running linux. i want to show him up and tell him that i got it running, but of course, with a lot of trouble, but can be done.04:44
holsteinits open.. anything can be done04:44
nightdemon666he says linux sucks. on the contrary, i have found many better things that run on linux than on other OS :/04:45
holsteini would fire up knoppix and try the dual head. copy that xorg.conf and replace the driver lines with "vesa"04:45
nightdemon666not a bad idea. and the "nomodeset" thing, do i have to have that configured too??04:45
holsteinwell, i could argue you dont need dual head04:46
holsteinor to impress your friend ;) ..he wont care.. i mean, driver support for that device is "better" in xp... its not a big deal04:46
nightdemon666lol, i dont really. but this is for my son. he want to be able to watch movies from his tv on the wall, not just from his crt dell monitor :P04:47
nightdemon666its really more about me than anything else :D04:47
holsteini would actually do the vesa specification in the xorg.conf i would steal from knoppix.. assuming it workds04:48
nightdemon666again, ive been working hard learning linux kernel commands, and os flavors for a while now. it strengthens my skill at running my servers, and i love the open source stuff. nice to 1) not have to load driver for my hardware, almost EVER, and 2) i dont have to pay a licensing fee... legitimately :P04:49
nightdemon666i should have known to do that "vesa" driver replacement in the file. never thought of that. so having that in the xorg.config file "will" over ride all the "intel and "nvidia" driver that would normally load right? so, no "nomodeset" needed at this point?04:50
nightdemon666for some reason, i could get any other options or screens to come up when i pressed or help the shift buttons...04:51
nightdemon666i know space bar is suppose to allow you to select other kernels in grub...04:52
holsteinnightdemon666: right, that will try the vesa driver at that point.. no need for nomodeset04:53
nightdemon666sweet! i wish the 40gb drive i have lubuntu loaded on didnt make a bunch of noise. i would be remotely accesing it via ssh and vi editing the xorg.config file right now. is it dumb of me to run both monitors separately, running Xorg -configure and splicing the two together? thats what i have been doing. i will try the knoppix disk or make a new one. how old is your hardware, and since my hardware is all about 10+ years old04:56
holsteinnightdemon666: i have lots of different machines.. nothing 10 years old at the moment05:01
holsteinmostly netbooks and a few server machines, and a decent desktop05:01
nightdemon666cool :) thank you for your help... im just a 30 year old nerd :P05:10
holsteinnightdemon666: cheers!. enjoy..05:11
nightdemon666oh and correction... not ALL of my hardware is 10+ years old. sons desktop is that old. lubuntu 10.04. the laptop im on, backtrack 5 r3. about 8 years old. netbook, ubuntu 12.04 about 4 years old05:12
nightdemon666there probablu isnt anything i can teach you lol05:12
redderhslubuntu <33305:39
redderhshow i love the05:39
FonzeeIf I Install Lubuntu over Ubuntu 12.04, will it keep my settings?07:02
FonzeeAnd does it require the hard drive to be formatted?07:03
mysteriousdarenno, it keeps the settings just installs the de07:03
Fonzeewhat's "de"?07:04
redderhsdesktop environment, correct me if i'm wrong.07:05
redderhslxde would be your new gui07:06
FonzeeI have no clue :-)07:07
FonzeeI don't know much about linux at all07:07
FonzeeI got an old computer at work to run some music while I'm there so I put ubuntu on it to try it out07:08
mysteriousdarenwell ask questions and we will help07:08
mysteriousdarenuse lubuntu07:08
FonzeeBut its kind of slow07:08
FonzeeSo I found out there's a low requirements edition and I'll give it a spin07:09
FonzeeProblem is, the old computer doesn't have an internet connection so I can't update the system too often07:09
NoskcajFonzee, just run "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop" then select lubuntu at startup07:10
Noskcajethernet and wifi adaptors are $5 on ebay07:10
FonzeeI want to avoid having two operating systems07:10
FonzeeLess clicked until the boombox starts working07:11
NoskcajFonzee, its still one os, you can uninstall ubuntu-desktop afterwards07:11
Noskcajjust 2 DE's07:11
Fonzeeand internet connection cost more than 5$07:11
FonzeeI'm really not sure how to remove the ubuntu desktop07:12
FonzeeIs it possible to "upgrade" Ubuntu to Lubuntu like you could update Windows XP to Windows 7?07:13
Fonzeerun Ubuntu over?07:13
NoskcajFonzee, yes,07:13
Fonzeethe place doesn't have an internet connection07:14
Noskcajoh, then hack your neighbour's07:14
FonzeeI would rather just take the computer to my place, install and update what's needed and set it back in place07:15
FonzeeThoughts I might be able to avoid it if the old data was still intact07:16
redderhsbackups are a good idea07:17
redderhsjust incase anything should go wrong.07:17
redderhsi prefer to keep my data on a seperate partition07:17
FonzeeThe computer only have music on it, which is some of what I have on my home computer07:17
redderhswell as long as you're not afraid of losing anything.07:18
FonzeeIn case stuff goes south all it will take is one disk on key and 1 hour07:18
redderhsi doubt you will though07:18
redderhsi just take no chances07:18
FonzeeI built that computer from crap parts I had around07:18
FonzeeI don't count on it to save any info07:19
FonzeeWaiting on an S-Video cable so I could watch movies with it as well07:19
Fonzee(On the TV)07:19
FonzeeBut that's about it07:19
FonzeePlayed the pinguin carts thing once or twice, I admit07:20
FonzeeThanks a lot for your help, I'll be off now07:22
redderhstake care07:22
BWMerlinI am having an issue with my new lubuntu install10:09
BWMerlinOriginally it could see three internal hdd's10:10
BWMerlinthe one lubuntu is installed on plus two others10:10
BWMerlinhowever one of those two others was an old hdd so I swapped it out for the hdd that contains my windows install10:11
BWMerlinhowever lubuntu is having trouble seeing that hdd10:11
BWMerlinit can see is as sdc but it cannot access it10:11
BWMerlini have just unplugged my lubuntu hdd and booted sdc and it loads into Windows fine10:12
BWMerlinso the hdd is good10:12
jude0so are you trying to access an ntfs partition?10:15
BWMerlinthe other drives which are also ntfs have all worked fine10:22
BWMerlinjust this one isn't playing nice10:22
jude0did you try running a chkdisk while in a dos/winnt variant?10:22
BWMerlinI am doing that now10:22
BWMerlinonce the chkdisk is done should i try again or is there something else i should do before trying?11:09
=== mh0 is now known as derpyhooves
=== derpyhooves is now known as mh0
Elvinzhello, when I launch transmission or deluge, I have a double icon in the notification area. Does anyone know where this comes from ?13:30
RoHello. I am using an older PC, just had a major issue where I had to reinstall lubuntu 4 times (it was a graphics card that I finally just pulled out) and I got an error17:13
Rohow concerned should I be? I figure that linux is a lot different in windows in the sense that you have to take errors a lot more seriously17:13
marazdepends on the error...17:13
Rowhell the screen flashed a few times and then "Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error."17:15
RoHey so I am installing wine from synaptic package manager, and I run into a problem. On the window that shows the status of the install, under the "details" arrow, shows something that looks like it should be on a terminal17:47
Roit is a EULA for a package I need for wine I think, and it won't let me highligh "ok" so I can move past it17:47
Rowill anyone help me or is nobody here?17:48
Rowait nevermind17:49
Rohow do I change default applications in lubuntu?18:09
mysteriousdarenRo, use the arrow keys to highlight ok.18:23
mysteriousdarento change the default applications go to preferences-> preferred applications for the web browser and mail client18:24
Rohow about if I wanted to change the default application for an exe?18:25
Rolike oh say for example change it from my archive manager to wine18:26
mysteriousdarenright click the exe file, and change the open with to wine windows program loader18:31
RoI can't find the program loader in my list of programs18:32
Rothere is a category for wine but for things like "settings" and stuff18:32
mysteriousdarenRo: did you install wine already?18:33
Roand I do have it running18:33
RoI opened a program with it18:33
mysteriousdarenwhat did you open?18:34
mysteriousdarenhttp://www.winehq.org/ did you make sure the other program or exe works with wine?18:35
RoI don't really have any other programs to try it with, I really just need the one18:36
mysteriousdarenwhat other program are you using it for?18:36
mysteriousdarenor trying to?18:36
Rowith wine?18:49
RoI only need abox2. I want to use it in a studio I am setting up.18:49
RoI figure that I would have no problems using jack with wine, or would I?18:49
Ronot that I would really be able to listen to you, as I have yet to even properly set up jack18:50
Ronevermind got it18:51
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PhenniixHey i'm looking to install a D-Link PCI Adapter on my Lubuntu PC but when I put in the Driver CD in I can't figure out how to install it. When I click the Autorun.exe, the archive manager opens up and "An error occurred while loading the archive" was displayed. Very new to lubuntu and any help would be appreciated. Thanks21:30
TheLordOfTimeLubuntu 12.04 images still available?21:33
NoskcajTheLordOfTime, yep21:36
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, link please?21:38
* TheLordOfTime needs a 12.10 and a 12.04 VM, has the 12.10 image, but not the 12.0421:38
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, thank yo ukindly21:41
Phenniix_Hey i'm looking to install a D-Link PCI Adapter on my Lubuntu PC but when I put in the Driver CD in I can't figure out how to install it. When I click the Autorun.exe, the archive manager opens up and "An error occurred while loading the archive" was displayed. Very new to lubuntu and any help would be appreciated. Thanks21:50
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PhenniixIf I have a slow pc, is it recommended to get a lower version of ubuntu or does 12.04 or 12.10 work with no problems?22:05
TheLordOfTimei've got a 6 year old desktop running Lubuntu 12.10 efficiently22:05
TheLordOfTimeand its really poor specs.22:05
Phenniixok thanks22:06
TheLordOfTimebut that's a "Works for me"22:07
TheLordOfTimeso you should livetest22:07
TheLordOfTimewith a live environment first.22:07
TheLordOfTimeand not take my "works for me" as a guarantee it'll run for you.22:07
Phenniixalright, thanks for the info22:07
NoskcajPhenniix, if its old you will want either xubuntu or lubuntu, try both and see which you like22:09
PhenniixI am currently running lubuntu but I have a software that doesn't seem to be installing when I run the Driver CD.22:11
holsteinPhenniix: is the CD for linux?22:23
holsteinPhenniix: the *.exe will work great where it is intended to run.. on windows22:23
holsteinPhenniix: is this a wifi network PCI card?22:24
Phenniixunder the CD directory there is a folder labelled Linux and in it are a few files: src, MakeFile and a ReadMe22:25
holsteinPhenniix: i would read the readme22:25
holsteinPhenniix: i would just try drivers in the distro though22:25
holsteinPhenniix: is this a wifi network PCI card?22:25
PhenniixDesktop PCI Adapter. I'm installing it to run a captive portal22:26
holsteinPhenniix: is it a network PCI card? wifi? wired?22:26
holsteinPhenniix: and you hae just tried it?22:27
holsteinusually the wired devices just work.. and are supported by the kernel by default22:27
PhenniixWell the manual says to install the drivers for proper kernel settings22:28
holsteinPhenniix: then follow the manual22:28
holsteinPhenniix: unless you share the manual here, none of the volunteers will be aware of what the manual says22:28
holsteinPhenniix: otherwise, if its working, i would just use the drivers in the kernel.. test.. and try the others if needed22:29
Phenniix<Quick install with proper kernel settings>22:30
Phenniix  Unpack the tarball :22:30
Phenniixunzip r1000_linuxdrv_vxx.zip22:30
Phenniix  Change to the directory:22:30
Phenniixcd r100022:30
Phenniix  If you are running the target kernel, then you should be22:30
Phenniix  able to do :22:30
Phenniixmake clean modules(as root or with sudo)22:30
Phenniixmake install22:30
Phenniixdepmod -a22:30
holstein!paste | Phenniix22:30
ubottuPhenniix: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:30
holsteinPhenniix: that looks like instructions for how to install the driver...22:31
Phenniixyes it is22:31
holsteinPhenniix: if you feel you need that driver use it.. we dont and cant support that here since we dont have any idea what it is22:32
holsteinPhenniix: we can support the one in the kernel that is likely just working out of the box22:32
holsteinare you sure you cant use it "as-is" ?22:33
Phenniixokay, sorry I am fairly new to Linux and Lubuntu so sorry for the inconvenience.22:33
holsteinPhenniix: its not an inconvenience.. its a misunderstanding22:33
holsteinPhenniix: we dont have anything to do with the software on the disc.. if you seek support, you can share more of the instructions you are having issues with.. or ask the creator of the software/instructions22:34
holsteinOR, share what it is exactly that you need from the supplied driver22:35
holsteinPhenniix: i would test.. usually we have very updated drivers if they are made for linux and available22:35
holsteinPhenniix: there is a chance the drivers in the kernel and newer than the ones on the disc22:36
PhenniixWhat would it mean when one of the steps says : Unpack the tarbell: unzip r1000_linuxdrv_vxx.zip22:36
holsteinPhenniix: that is a compressed file. you can unpack it22:36
holsteinPhenniix: how about the kernel driver that is built in? is it working? what do you need that it is not providing? have you tested it?22:37
PhenniixI have not tested it yet. I was just looking to get the drivers out of the way first.22:37
holsteinPhenniix: if the included driver work, the its already "out of the way"22:37
PhenniixI plugged in my ethernet to the new PCI adapter and I have a connection. What would the drivers provide that I do not have now?22:39
holsteinPhenniix: thats what im asking you22:40
holsteinPhenniix: if it works, it works.. the driver you have now is included in the kernel.. and installed and working.. and running22:40
holsteinPhenniix: if you do not need the other driver, you do not need it22:40
holsteinPhenniix: it could be older than the one in the lubuntu kernel that you are using now22:41
Phenniixthanks for the help22:44
holsteinPhenniix: sure.. anytime22:45
=== Phenniix_ is now known as Phenniix

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